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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 25, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." joe biden finally gave his first press conference this afternoon. no president has ever waited this long to answer questions in public. just as of yesterday we were not still entirely sure it would happen. a reporter at the white house saw biden ambling around and asked him if he was ready for his first press conference? what press conference, biden replied? f apparently in the end somebody told him a staffer pointed biden toward the tape mark on the floor and gave him a shove. biden shuffled forth and started talking and pausing and talking some more and pausing. you heard the term pregnant pause. joe biden's pauses were third trimester quintuplets.
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these pauses were ready to burst. here is one of them. >> president biden: the best way to get something done, if it holds near and dear to you that you -- like to be able to -- anyway. i am it -- we are ready to get a lot done. >> tucker: got that, america? we will get a lot done. of course we will get a lot more done and confuse far fewer people if we go ahead and read our policy positions from smalld pieces of paper that others have painstakingly prepared for us. that way we won't lose consciousness in mid sentence or accidently start a war. when the topic of north korea s arose, joe biden knew exactly what to do. he found his piece of paper and he started reading the words that had been written on it. we are consulting with our allies and partners and there will be responses, if they choose to escalate.
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um, we will respond accordingly. but i'm also prepared, for some form of diplomacy. >> tucker: that's got to be pretty intimidating to the north koreans who, of course, are watching it in realtime. they have nukes in pyongyang now and that means they probably have cable tv, too. don't under estimate these people. they are crafty. of course the north koreans were already deeply afraid of joe biden. they know that he means business. they remember the time that biden beat the crap out of the entire kim family with a chain. he and nelson mandela in 1986. you have heard the story they lived it. it's part of their lore. now this, north korea is facing not only joe biden's masculinity but an entire piece of paper with instructions on it that joe biden is perfectly willing to read any time he needs that cue card is joe biden's secret weapon in the fight against nuclear proliferation. can you breathe easily, america. that's good news because we havi problems of our own in this country. one of our biggest problems is
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voting. it's getting harder and harder to vote. there are some people in america, the bigots, let's call them who they are, they are demanding we know voters identities before we let them. they want people to show ids at the polls, if you can even imagine 2021. these bigots, joe biden explains today, are republicans. >> president biden: i'm convinced that we will be able to stop this because it is the most pernicious thing -- this makes jim crow look like jimmy eagle. >> tucker: jimmy eagle? who is jim eagle? a comic book hero from the 50s? a dog-basedr? pony shoulder comc soldier question mike we didn't know who tamika was. we went scurrying through google machines to look it up. then we realized dew, way too literal here it's analogy crow eagle both birds but eagle is much bigger than a crow. that means asking people to show
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a driver's license when they vote is much more racist than segregation and lynching. segregation and lynchings were jim crow. voter ids are jim eagle. way worse. and that makes sense when you think about it. most black people don't have government issued ids and that's why they can't drive cars or fly in airplanes or hold jobs or stay in hotels or go to the doctor or cash checks or sign rental agreements or buy homes or open bank accounts or purchase sudafed at cvs? black people can't do any of those things because they don't have ids. millions and millions of them don't have ids and it's sad as joe biden often points out.t' now, you might think the solution to this tragedy would be to make it easier for americans to get ids, subsidize them if you have to. no, joe biden has a better idea. just make sure that no one ever has to show an i.d. in order to vote. and that way the millions and millions and millions of african-americans who somehow
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don't have ids won't feel bad or left out. they still won't be able to drive cars or have jobs or bank accounts or live anywhere, but at least they can vote a lot. and the rest of us won't be racist. problem solved. as joe biden just told us he is going to get a lot done. and not just in the next four years, by the way, but in the four years after that. joe biden is running again. he told us that today, too. by the end of his second term, joe biden will be 86 years old. that's a full decade past theea life expectancy of the average american man, which for the record joe biden has already exceeded. but there is nothing averageasce about joe biden. time improves him like certain varieties of artist sanal cheese joe biden is meanton to be aged. he just gets more sharper and more pungent. his next campaign will be tastier. >> have you decided whether you are going to run for re-election in 2024. you haven't set up a re-election campaign yet as your predecessor at this time. >> [laughter] my predecessor need to. [laughter]ti
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my predecessor oh, god, i miss him. no, the answer is yes. my plan is to run for re-election. that's my expectation. >> tucker: my plan is to run for re-election. now, we weren't in the room when joe biden said that but, according to those who were, there was an audible gasp of horror from behind the curtain.r sources said it sounded very much like kamala harris. we can't confirm that but we can tell you that joe biden has already picked a theme for his next campaign, the theme is unity. now, wait a second, you might be thinking, wasn't unity the theme of biden's last campaign the one that just ended in november? yes, it was. but that wasn't enough unity. there is more unity on the way, ladies and gentlemen. bucket loads of it. tractor-trailer loads full. imagine every swimming pool in malibu topped to the brim with unity and that add all the pools in bellaire that's how muchh t unity unity policies that make americans hate each other more than they ever have.
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that's what joe biden has so far and soon we will have more. >> president biden: the third reason i said i was running was to unite the country. and generically speaking all of you said no, you can't do that.. well, i have not been able to unite the congress but i have been uniting the country based on the polling data. we have to come together. >> tucker: oh, the polling data. the real currency of washington. now, we haven't checked the polling data ticker today, but we have it tell you that we approached this one specific claim with some degree of s skepticism. not everyone of joe biden's unifying policies has fully unified the country just yet. there are still some crotchety hold out deep in the american interior who aren't fully sold on fresh new program of being humiliated berated, disarmed anl taxed into poverty and powerlessness. those people are bigots obviously. probably friends with the snake handling evangelize freaks dude
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shows up at 8-year-old daughter's locker room,nd whatever, you can't please everyone. do you know how can please though if you are joe biden? the media. the reporters are highly pleased. they're one group that remains utterly united in love and support of joe biden and the polling data show it. joe biden knows this well but hd is not pandering to reporters. joe biden is bigger than that it's not like "the washington post" is a credit card company from delaware. he doesn't need to slobber on them.ny so today joe biden explained that despite his massive successes on our southern border, the ones you are seeing on tv. he is not ready to show reporters exactly what he is doing down there. that's for him to know and them to find out. >> we haven't seen the facilities in which children are packed together to really give the american people a chance to see that will you commit to transparency on this issue? >> president biden: i will commit to transparency, and as soon as i am in a position to be
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able to implement what we are doing right now. >> tucker: well that's kind of unusual.l. you don't often hear a politician admit that he isus rejecting openness and embracing secrecy. they usually lie about that. not joe biden. biden tends to say the unspoken things out loud. we are as opaque as a shower curtain he told the press corps today and there is nothing you can do about it. pretty provocative. of course it is. but provocative in a way that reporters they are naughty, those reporter. they like to be teased. deny them what they ask for and they want more. here's a lady from state media "national public radio" flush with wonder as she describes the remarkable personal qualities of her boss, joe biden. >> you have said over and over again that immigrants shouldn't come to this country right now this isn't the time to come. that message is not being perceived instead the perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and trusting you with unaccompanied minors.
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>> tucker: when you call a man moral and decent in your question for him sets the question. a moral and decent man is running this country, ladies and gentlemen. that's the message of unity. by the way it's a required message so repeat it to yourself five times and repeat to toeq everyone that you know if you don't you are racist. one person we suspect might not might not be fully unified is mark steyn he joins us now to assess joe biden's press conference. mark, it's great to see you don't. i guess the headlines here are unity, four more years. what's your reaction to that? >> well, thank you for that question. i had a staffer write it out for me on this piece of paper. but, you, h, anyway, you -- you, you make jim crow look like nigel pair gram falcon. you know, i didn't buy -- i
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didn't buy all this stuff about cognitive decline, but i think it's catching. because the cognitive decline i saw within those fawning lick spittles of the world's most press the cork unities of the american media. biden said things our infrastructure needs we have to raise every highway by 3 feet because of global warming. because of climate change. every road in america needs to be raised 3 feet. and they took that. they nodded. they are on board with raising every single road 3 feet. and then, of course, the trucks won't be able to get through the bridge under the railway line so we will have to raise all the railway lines and overpasses 3 feet, too. there will be no -- and he said, he actually said that all the people who have been laid off
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from the keystone pipeline all these people can be gainfully employed raising every road 3 feet. and these people the court units of the democrat party and the american media the cork units sat there and went along with it. they are the ones with the t cognitive decline issues. is he doing brilliantly. this whole geezer things he has the cards and peers at the cards and gives up in the middle of the words, how would you feel if i just stopped in the middle of a -- [laughter] >> tucker: do you know what? i would probably call you moral and decent and applaud your plan to move america's highways up 3 feet and not ask what barack obama is going to do with his $30 million estate on the water in martha's vineyard. i doubt he will raise it 3 feet. he doesn't believe it. no one >> no, no. >> tucker: do you think is he serious about another term? it's a little early by the way
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to announce that and what do you think kamala harris thinks ofbo this and should he get a food taster? t >> i think he is serious about another term. i have no idea right now who the government of the united states is. but if the deep state could get away with, this the deep state can pull anything off, because,u basically they are saying we don't need anyone in the oval office. he is not in the oval office. he's down in the basement with the tapioca and the andy griffith reruns all day. deep state saying if we can pull this off we don't need anyone id the oval office that's supper plus. >> tucker: deep and true. hard to get angry at biden happily feeding cashews to his dog in the bedroom. that's fine i respect my elders but this is a display of strength by the permanent state. four years ago i didn't even believe in the permanent state having spent my whole life in d.c. i think you are absolutely right this is the people behind theho curtain saying we are in charge.
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>> by the way, tucker, i don't want to go all monarchial on you again the queen did a panel with the chief public health officers in england, scotland, northern ireland and wales and she was going let's go to belfast now and tell me, nigel, and she was like bret baier in a tiara and she is 20 years older than biden. there is no reason why he shouldn't be doing this for a fourth, fifth or sixth term if this the bar the cork units of the media will put up with. >> tucker: i can't hear a word you are saying bret baier and the tiara. it's just lingering -- i can't do the rest of the show actually i'm bowing out. mark steyn, it's great to see you don't. thank you. >> anyway, tucker. -- [laughter] >> tucker: so good.r] well, it was quite a press conference today, and during it biden weighed in to some policy issues not reading from a card,
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including immigration, clean-upu is no matter what they are telling you a crisis the administration recognizes it is. and at one point biden told us that the vast majority of the kids they keep telling you about, his administration keeps telling you about are actually not kids at all. they are like 17 years old.g >> i realize it's much more 1 heart wrenching and it is, to deal with a 5 and 6 and 7-year-old. but you went down there and you saw the vast majority 1% are 16 years old, 17 years old and mostly males. >> tucker: now, you would think if you caused a crisis of this magnitude that was going to change your country forever, possibly for the worse, you would feel a moral obligation tf learn a lot about it.d because it's your crisis. you own it, you did it. but, biden hasn't. he said things totally untrue and checkably untrue. he says surges like this happen everywhere time around this time of year. >> there is a significant increase in the number of people
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>> president biden: there is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of january, february, march. it happens every year.r. >> tucker: oh, it happens every year. you just haven't noticed. hundred of thousands of migrants coming across the border living in the san diego civic center in hotel rooms, the administration, whichever administration happens to be in office. paid for. no, it doesn't. actually, border crossings typically peak in may and a lot of other things. town senior writer is he live at the border for us tonight and joins you now. julio, it's great to see you, what did you make? you are there, you are watches this unfold. you saw the president on television today address it. did you notice a difference between his perceptions and the reality you are looking at now? >> well, tucker, right behind me is half complete border wall system and the rio grande river. yesterday we were with the county constables in a span of 35 minutes by the river we encountered approximately 69
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illegal immigrants who literally had just crossed the rio grande river.ra we saw the smugglers using the rafts to bring people across. the night wasn't over south of la jolla 1 chock and 5:00 a.m. we counted pretty close to 400r illegal immigrants who had, again, just recently crossed th0 river and were turning themselves over to border patrol and to law enforcement partners. you know, i can say tucker, and the short time i have been back in the rio grande valley, this surge that we have been seeing this year doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.g >> tucker: julio, do you get a sense that immigration authorities, the u.s. government has a handle on this and can process this inflow, whatever that means? >> well, i mean, we have been seeing, in fact, in the time that we have been waiting to come on air, we have seenin approximately three buses filled with recently apprehended migrants coming from theat processing site that's about a mile away from where we are right now and the reason -- one of the reasons why they had set up that processing sites because
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inundated with so many people just crossing day in and day out. and, like i said, we have got close to 400 in a span of four hours in just one area. and so, they, you know, they were processing some of the people and literally right out of the woods another group, in fact, one group was 50 that just came up and they had to start processing them, too. it just happened hour after hour after hour. >> tucker: it must be so strange for you standing there watching, this being in the center of it and watch the president and his lackeys and minions in the presi corps acting like this isn't happening. how weird is that?s >> well, you know, what i can say is that this is real. this is happening. you know, typically as you mentioned earlier we see a surge in but it's happening right now. >> tucker: julio, i appreciate you coming on tonight. live from the border for us. see you soon. thanks. >> thank you. >> tucker: so while the president was speaking for the first time answering questions>>
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from the media, such as they are, a lot of other things were hang. for example, a couple of big tech ceos were testifying on capitol hill and, of course, that was fascinating. these are the people who are really in charge. we will tell you what they said after the break. ♪th
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, the ghost of george orwell emerged from the grave today to orchestrate a hearing on capitol hill with the ceos of twitter, facebook and google. they testified at the capitol and at that hearing the ceo of twitter jack dorsey told us thah actually he believes in free speech. it's one of his main principles. >> i would rather us focus on principles and approaches toto address these problems. i will start with ours. we believe in free expression. we believe in free debate and conversation to find the truth. at the same time, we must balance that with our desire for our service not to be used to sow confusion, division or destruction. this makes the freedom to moderate content critical to us. and we believe the best way to face a big new challenge is toe narrowing the problem to have the greatest impact. disinformation is a broad concept. we need to focus our approach on where with we saw the greatest risk if we hoped to have any impact at
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>> tucker: jack dorsey, ladies and gentlemen there, used to be some debate in the medical community whether dropping a ton of acid had permanent effects that debate has ended. he did make a good point, disinformation is a broad. concept, yes, it is by design. it's a slippery concept used for political purposes and if you b use twitter you know that if you watch the news you know thatnd remember jack dorsey is the guy who literally shut down the sitting president of the united states and silenced him. twitter sensors accounts all the time of people whose politics they don't like. they suspended people for sharing the "new york post" story hunter biden's laptop right before the election. obviously it's a risk when people are reporting things that are bad for joe biden's political career and such as twitter. facebook does this. facebook is one of the most powerful companies in the world. it effects politics in countries are you have never heard of and couldn't locate on a map. and it does this because facebook and most of these companies have found a way manipulate human behavior through technology not guessing at this not a conspiracy theory
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it's true. facebook conducted a an experiment that tested influencing the emotions ofce hundreds of thousands of its users. a man who helped invent facebook's like button justin rosenstein admitted that the tool he invented led to political polarization and to teens getting depressed. as you watch the suicide rate climb you have to ask yourself is social media imindicated in that of course it is. facebook's former director of modernization tim kendall recently testified to congress that facebook engineers tried to make the platform aaddictive ast cigarettes and of course it is more addictive than cigarettes. how many people smoke as opposed to how many people use facebook? which is worse for you? he also added that facebook's algorithms helped spread i disinformation and division. he fears because he is a thoughtful man that facebook is pushing us towards, quote, the brink of a civil war. mark zuckerberg isn't worried. none of this is true. it's not his fault. don't believe the people who used to work there. >> the democratically agreed
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rules for the internet. the reality is our country is deeply divided right now. some people say that the problem is that social networks are polarizing us. but that's not at all clear from the evidence or research. others claim that algorithms feed us content that makes us angry because it's good for business but that's not accurate either. i believe the division we see today is primarily the result of a political and media environment that drives americans apart. >> tucker: that's pretty funny. save that tape. remember the tapes from the 1960s. remember the books that tobacco companies had commissioned where guys with a straight face i'm a doctor and i'm tell you cigarettes do not cause cancer. and then 20 years later all that tape was revived. all those lies reemerged. when the tobacco ceos sat r before congress they had to answer for them. that tape will play the same role in future hearings when we all admit what is obvious which of course social media ise dividing us. it's destroying us. zuckerberg says he has nothing to do with it.
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neither does google ceo sundar. twitter does deserve some blame says jack dorsey. >> i want to start by asking all three of you if your platform bears some responsibility for disseminating disinformation related to the election and the movement that led to the attack on the capitol. just a yes or no answer. t mr. zuckerberg? >> chairman, i think our responsibility is to build systems that can. >> mr. zuckerberg, i just want a yes or no answer. okay? yes or no do you bear some responsibility for what happened? >> congressman, our w responsibility is to make sure that we build effective systems. >> okay the gentleman has notak answered the question. mr. pichai, yes or no? >> we all have a deep sense of responsibility but i think we worked hard this election it was one of our most substantive effort.
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>> is that a yes or a no? >> congressman, it's a complex question. >> okay. we will move on. mr. dorsey?e >> yes, but you also have to take into consideration a broader ecosystem. it's not just about the i technology platforms we use. >> tucker: now, wait a second. do we have news here? did ethereal buddhist techno- god jack dorsey emerge from his haze to admit culpability for the january 6th riot at the capital? of course he didn't. not in a real sense he took no responsibility and he will pay no price. unlike hundreds of other people who were there that day, some of whom did nothing wrong, jack dorsey isn't going to jail. he is not going to be fined or charged with sedition. an anonymous capitol hill cop isn't going to shoot him. jack dorsey has admitted nothing. what he has done instead cleverly, smarter than he looks, is created a justification for even more censorship on twitter. people who oppose the regime use
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my platform.m. that's what jack torresy is saying. it's okay to shut themhe up. and he will shut them up. they all will. you can be certain of that one of the smartest people in that city joins us tonight with his reaction to this hearing. vince, thank you so much for t joining us. what did you think of this. >> well, it's amazing to hear jack dorsey to say jack dorseyey has culpability. i remember a scrappy media start up called parler accused of that very thing and banned by the internet, amazon taking off servers, a.m. and google both removing them from their app. stores. meanwhile twitter will face no consequence like this because they are powerful and well-connected. it's interesting watching theseu it's interesting watching these three guys show up yet again. feels like deja vu. they keep testifying before congress and nothing happens. almost like by design, maybe if we keep calling them in and browbeating them the public will think we are against them when in fact all the people at that hearing on their side they have been taking their money for
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years, joe biden administration stocked with big tech executives in washington on the inside advancing their interest as well. you know, it's interesting. they are talking about disinformation.. disinformation is the pretext by which they want to censor and they have been censoring american citizens. this all started back in 2016, mostly, when donald trump surprised the world by winning the election. and it was one of hillaryri clinton's 600 explanations for why she lost. one of them was big tech. i can't believe donald trump could communicate with his base there. and as a result, democrats have been threatening to regulate these companies for the last few years unless they censor american citizens. so where does the censorship happen? where does is the stopping of the disinformation happen?oe it's on the powerless people. it's on independent media p companies. >> tucker: that's right. that's so smart. google is incompatible with democracy. if you are not for breaking up google you are not for protecting democracy. it's that simple, you are right. vince, thank you for that perspective.
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>> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so there used to be things on late night tv that were pretty funny in real life they were. a lot of people watched. almost nobody watches anymore because it's not funny. why isn't it funny? what happened to comedy? that's next. ♪
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>> tucker: late night television used to be a cultural force in america very funny and talented people in some cases running tho shows. everything changed during the trump years, comedy not just on television but nationwide became overwhelming politically. that isn't necessarily bad, political comedy can be pretty funny. what's definitely not funny is watching people slavishly suck up to politicians. that's not comedy, it's embarrassing, but it's everywhere. >> of course, the big story from the weekend is that joe biden has been elected the 46tht president of the united states.e [cheers and applause] of course 745 million americans
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the announcement was like the greatest unpoxing video of all times. it's biden, it's biden, it's biden. >> yes, joe biden has been elected the next president of the united states, but, hey, look on the bright side, trump, at least you got to tell an immigrant she has been evicted from her house. senator kamala harris has become the first woman of color to be elected vice president which is pretty big jump from no color ar all. oh, ladies and gentlemen, joe biden did it. ♪ he is our next president. ♪ celebration. >> i want to share this moment with you. >> tucker: man, if you are ara comedian the upside is you get to tell the truth. that's your job. you don't always have to be mean.s but if you find yourself slobbering over the regime inbu charge, sucking up to the most powerful people in the world, you are not doing your job right.ld you are humiliating yourself. you are a toady.
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sometimes it gets repulsive. here is chelsea handler on at&t's hbo. >> strong and deep sexual feelings i have developed for andrew cuomo. [cheers and applause] i mean, i know we all feel it, a lot of women are feeling it. when he came on the scene he looked like the incredible hulk, also, you know that big italian gorilla put on your mask. i will put my mask on, oh, yeah, i will.ll i will put on my mask he is the kind of [bleep] i will [bleep] for. you know that's what i like about him. like an old fashioned [bleep] he is going to tell me to sit down and shut up. i want him to flatten my curve and then i want to flatten his curving.g. >> tucker: wow, isn't art supposed to be brave? that's the first requirement of art that it be brave. that it tell the truth in t whatever medium. that's the opposite of brave. that's craven. adam carolla is an actual median of the author.
9:40 pm
join us what happened. this must make you sad as hell. you perform stand up a lot. you probably do it for free because you recognize it as an art form as it is. it must be weird to be in the middle of that world and see it dying in a lot of places. >> well, you know they have got to everybody when they have got to comedians. i mean, think about that. >> tucker: right. exactly. >> professors and cops and politicians, they now, the fact that medians have caved meant they got to everyone. if comedians are scared, then everyone is scared because they were really our last hope. they are the last sort of truth tellers in society. and the fact that they are all scared of the woke mob suggests that every human being in t america is now scared of the woke >> tucker: that is such a deep and terrifying point. g you are not scared. and i'm not sucking up to you. it's a sincere question, if you are not scared, why are they scared?
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>> well, i saw this wind blowing this direction over a decade ago. so i just set sail on my own pirate ship and i have been doing a podcast for 12 years now.p so i saw, i live in this town. and i was like an indian who just put his ear to the ground and heard something ominous coming my way. and it was this woke bull crap. and i knew it. and, also, my feeling is that if as a comedian i can't speak my mind or i'm scared what people will think i'm going to say or i start governing or editing myself then i shouldn't be a comedian anymore. i should go back to swinging a hammer. >> tucker: yeah, or right political speeches. the saddest part is some of these people are legitimately talented. i don't think they are all bad people but they're terrified and it's kind of like if you are a tight rope walker, you know, or work on the high steel, you can't be afraid. why wouldn't a fearful comedian just resign and do something
9:42 pm
else? >> well, first off, comedians have no legitimate skills other than telling jokes to drunk people. it's -- they are not accountants or attorneys or carpenterrers, they don't build ships. they don't throw pots on a potter's wheel. there is no comedian i know good at anything other than eating brunch and getting high and telling jokes later on that night. so there is no fallback to fall back on, but if you want to know what goes on in comedy, andd especially the late night world, here's how it works. if you were a late night comedian and you came out and said i support donald trump, your bookings would dry up immediately. there would be no more lebron d james, no more jane fonda, no more jennifer aniston. you would not get bookings,o welcome back for a third night in the row ben shapiro and tucker carlson. >> tucker: man, that's just so depressing. i think the people who start to>
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find their courage will really thrive. i certainly hope so. you have thrived and that's heartening to watch. adam carolla, great to see you. thank you for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so, according to a very detailed new report, that is not russian disinformation, it looks like hunter biden committed a fairly serious felony. h it's interesting because the felony that he apparently committed is one that his father's administration is talking an awful lot about. the fact it's a felony that they might try to get you for some day. we should pay very close attention to what happened to hunter biden after he apparently did. this we will give you the details after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: the biden administration is yammering a lot this week about gun control, they are taking your assault weapons. you have to submit to a background check if you want to give your boy a .22 for christmas, et, et cetera.ndhe with that in mind a fascinatinga story in politico today, 2018 hunter biden, private citizen didn't have secret service protection. hunter biden gets in dispute with girlfriend all theva president's daughter-in-law very complicated story. she takes his .38 revolver andll throws it big kerfluffle about where itis is. delaware police begin investigating and secret servick which work for the bidens gets involved and goes to the gun shop where he bought the gun demanding the gun shop owner turnover paperwork with the sale of the weapon. no you have nothing to do with it. i'm not giving you the paperwork. they were trying to take it
9:50 pm
apparently. corruption. politico obtained the firearmsmm transaction record received for the gun. and hunter biden responded no, if you ever filled out one of these forms have you ever done this, you have ever done that hunter biden is asked as all gun buyers are you are you addicted to or user of unlawful substances he was. booted out of the navy for it. he lied about it. that's a felony. you tried that under federal gun forum, you would be i jail like that chewbacca guy. hunter biden? book contract simon & schuster. weird how that works. host of the jesse kelly show joins us tonight. jesse, thanks so much for coming on. how do you think it would work if you lied on a federal gun form? >> i think i wouldn't be on your show right now unless they were allowing me to do it from fort leavenworth somewhere. >> tucker: exactly. >> we both know how this works. it is item number 1,000 in proving to people that there ari two different sets of rules in this country. rules for powerful democrats and rules for people like you and i. this is what they do and people are sick of it. it's making people feel hopeless.
9:51 pm
it feels like there is no p justice out it feels as useless as going to a feminist rally and trying to find a woman who can cook. >> tucker: i think you make a really solid point about the sadness and the powerlessness that people feel in the face of this. and some point people are going to say why should i follow the rules? why should i be a good citizen i if they don't have to follow the rules. i mean, things kind of break down at some point, don't they? >> they will break down. they're breaking down, tucker. i have said this before and i'mm telling you i'm worried that i'm right. the right is going to pick a fascist within so to 20 years they are not going to be the p only ones on the outs. there are 60, 70 million of us. we are not a tiny minority. if we are all going to be treated like criminals and all subject to every single law while antifa black lives matter guys go free and hunter biden goes free then the right is going to take drastic measures. it's not about hunter biden and his drug use. nobody cares the guy was bumpino burger sugar lines european hookers on the weekend. it's about justice not held accountable for and none of the
9:52 pm
bidens are you and i would, tucker.ut >> tucker: so well put and absolutely right. we are moving toward actual extremism because they'relu undermining the system that kept extremism at bay. i don't think we can say thatt enough. i'm so glad that you just said it.i' jesse kelly, thank you. >> you bet, tucker. >> tucker: please come back. so we are getting inflation. everybody knows that it's already in progress by the way. look at the prices. the federal reserve isn't worried. they are causing it. our next guest knows a lot about this subject. he will explain what's actually going on. next.ub ♪ ♪ and i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed. is scotts turf builder rapid grass. rapid grass is a revolutionary mix of seed and fertilizer that will change the way you grow grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass in just weeks. after growing grass this fast, everything else just seems...
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>> tucker: we don't talk enough about inflation on the show. washington tells you it's not happening. of course. you name it. they are all going up. what isgt going on here and what is going to happen next? peter schiff knows a lot about the subject. he is the ceo at euro pacific capitol and economist.
9:58 pm
thanks for coming on here but are we watching? you see this is clear to consumers that it is happening paired will get worse? >> oh, it's going to get much worse, tucker. you have to remember that inflation really is nothing more than a tax. when government spends money, they need to get the money. the public has to pay for it. normally the government wouldd raise taxes and taxpayers send money to the government and the government spends it but we just passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. nobody's taxes got raised but we don't get all of this government for free. what happens is that the federal reserve prints the money and the government spends it into circulation here but when that happens, the value of the money that is already out there goes down and the price that you want to buy goes up. and that is basically the inflation tax. >> tucker: it feels like it's intentional. i mean, is this the way that we are going to pay down the debt, by making it more costly? >> certainly as you have -- the real problem is the amount
9:59 pm
of money they are going to have to spend just to finance all of their current commitments. and this is a massive amount of money printing. it is unprecedented inflation because it is the moneyen supply that is being inflated. at as a result, everything costs more, because we are not producing more. it is actually the result, the opposite. americans are at home. they are not producing goods and services. yet, we are creating more money to buy the goods and services that fewer people are producing. more money, fewer goods, prices are just going to keep going up and it's not goingey to stop. >> tucker: just in 10 seconds, is this as crazy as it looks from an outsider's perspective? >> well, i don't know how it looks to an outsider, but i think everybody that is living in the united states, it is not going to look pretty. and the real problem is the fed pretend that it is -- but when they have to admit that it is not, the inflation will rate will be far too high for the fed to do anything about it
10:00 pm
--because if the fed actually raises rates to fight inflation, they will create a much bigger financial crisis and 2008 and the u.s. government will be forced into insolvency. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, welcome to "hannity." news breaking all over the place this thursday night. it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. now, despite weeks of preparation, even fake new cnn admits it, cheat sheets with 14.5, and of course a compliant media mob with one softball question after another. it still was not enough for joe biden. the frail, the week, cognitively struggling clearly commander in chief, or is he, did not do well today to say the least.


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