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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 24, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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testing for the governor's family and political allies in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. yeah, i don't think that was in his book. we will never be the media mob come always independent, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, how are you? >> laura: i'm doing well, how are you? >> sean: i'm good. i didn't get in trouble and i paid attention to the end of the show. joe biden. all the way through. >> laura: after 25 years in the media, you are almost ready for prime time, hannity. a good, great show, enjoyed the appearance don't have a great show. >> laura: we will see you tomorrow i packed "the ingraham angle" from -- laughing off a border, come a la ha ha hall harris was named biden's point person and newt gingrich reacts plus after a murder rate in america approaching levels not seen in decades. ed mullin tells us what the
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emigrating cops had to do with that. joe biden delegates more of his duties so who is really running the white house? we will continue what we started last night with dinesh d'souza and raymond aurora will have that in "seen and unseen." but first government went wild is the focus of tonight's "angle." since 9/11, we have flown true billions of dollars and destroyed freeman until my freedom freedoms with super security state. well, it is now getting very obvious that americans hope to be a fortress to protect us from danger has just become a very expensive prison for us. the vast apparatus created and championed by republicans for years during the bush era is being used against their own voters. >> domestic violence extremism is one of our most urgent
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threats to the homeland. >> there is also an ongoing review of domestic violence extremism that is wide-ranging. we need to be wide-eyed and clear eyed about this threat of covid to. >> we begun an intensive review of strategies and resources towards the threat posed by domestic violence extremists. >> dough makes me want the pentagon chief ordered a stand-down of the military to address extremism. the report is due in 30 days or so? this means they will keep an eye on anyone who has ever posted anything positive about donald trump. that is what is going on. they are not saying that. some members of the national guard deployed in d.c. were purged without much of any explanation at all. but now the radicals are looking for new ways to punish and get rid of traditionalists from the military. >> why do you think stripping veterans is the right move right now?
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>> because it might actually be the only weight to stop further insurrection. you will see more and more militia, rattle allies recruit members of the military. and then those people, those veterans they can sick on us january 6th. threatening veterans with having benefits pulled? but remember, they are just getting started. and so pretty much anyone who ever complained about, i don't know, lockdowns or maybe you question mail in ballots or argued for gun rights, all of you will be considered potential domestic terrorists. according to politico, dhs is considering monitoring the travel of domestic extremist and expanding use of no-fly list. according to the officials who spoke to politico, conversations about domestic extremism and no-fly list are not just limited to people who attacked the capitol on january 6th. this is all very curious. but trump supporter's, i think
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you better put your down payment on right now those rvs because the skies may be getting much less friendly for you. now, as we saw for the entire trump presidency, democrats did witch hunt and trump voters, they even casted the witches, just as the soviets did come with the party of biden and harris want to turn neighbor against neighbor, family member against family neighbor. 911, my daddy is coming and what i'm proud to be an american and wearing that red baseball hat again and it's very, very -- come on if you think the federal authorities will not abuse their authority or constitution, you have not been paying attention. the former lead prosecutor in the capital rights case appeared on "60 minutes" on sunday. in typical showboat arrogant fashion, he implied that he had a case against the defendants not borne out by the evidence. >> individual militia groups
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from different -- proud boys did have a plan. >> the way i read this statute commits is that sedition occurs when anyone opposes by force the authority of the united states or by force hinders or delays the execution of any law of the united states. it seems like a very low bar. >> i don't think it is a low bar, scott, but i will tell you this i personally believe the evidence is trending towards that and probably meets those elements. >> laura: oh, my god! talk about poisoning the process. has he actually caught up with his ethics reading for the continuing legal education? the judge overseeing the capital riot case is not amused by that interview. these defendants are entitled to a fair trial, not one conducted in the media. these kind of statements in the media have the potential to
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affect the jury pool. the government, quite frankly, should know better. that judge, by the way, was an obama appointed if you can believe it or not, and is not alone. judges have balked at the evidence of the note keepers showing the prosecutors have yet to show the members intended to breach the capital to disrupt the mandated counting of electoral college vote. and you know the cases falling apart when even cnn is admitting that the biden doj doesn't have a case with wide range conspiracy with hundreds that reach the capital. >> to what extent was this cooperation? >> at this point it was just communication, coordination but they are not prepared to say this was overarching conspiracy between the keepers and the cowboys. they are just not there yet. >> laura: not there yet. we will keep the investigation going for years until we find something. as the feds expend unmanned told
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ours over january 6th, real national security threats are costing american lives. now consider the horrific grocery stores shooting in boulder, colorado. we still know very little about what the fbi knew about that alleged mass killer, 21-year-old syrian immigrant named ahmad al aliwi alissa. all that has been reported is that he was previously known to the fbi due to links he had with another individual under investigation. so what is that other individual under investigation for? where does he live? is it an islamist terrorist threat? is it that serious? at this point, i don't know what you think but with ten dead, the public deserves to know more. if the shooter was a member of the proud boys come i tell you, they would be releasing whatever they had. our security establishment is supposed to preserve our way of life, not destroy it.
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the pentagon should focus on stopping the ccp, not harassing and punishing americans who disagree with washington. in the fbi? they should focus on real threats to american safety, not targeting law-abiding americans by abusing an ever-expanding definition of extremism. for too long, when you really look back on things, republicans on the hill, they have just been cheering and urging the growth of the national security state. and they failed to protect our ancient liberties. going forward, the g.o.p. must commit to the following platform. number one, repealed the patriot act and replace it with new measures focused on cyber threats from china and its allies. senator josh hawley is already on board. number two, and were in the middle east. close all bases and redeploy the troops based on the principle that the ccp is our major concern. number three, the fund any
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effort to spy on americans baset conservatives are terrorists. remind the security establishment that the american people are their masters, not their servants. if you are congressmen and senators are more suspicious of conservative activists than they are of illegal immigrants, then it is time to send them packing and restore our lost liberty. and that is the "angle." alan dershowitz, law professor and host of the pod request, fbi director. allen, reuters reporting that federal prosecutors handling january 6th cases have acknowledge that evidence they have offered on the report turned out to be a lot less than they initially claimed. where are all the civil libertarians out there tonight other than yourself? >> every civil libertarian and every liberal ought to join you in condemning for security
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state. that is a danger to all of us. we remember when they used the term sedition against people on the left during the weatherman period of the 1970s and liberals and several tearing ends up in arms. now they are using this addition to describe a riots but not something that was part of a seditious conspiracy. fisa needs to be overhauled completely. you cannot allow americans to be subject to 24/7 surveillance based on ex parte communications from agents who then acknowledge that they didn't tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. liberal conservatives have to work together to challenge the security state which poses a danger to all of our liberties. today it is the right, tomorrow it is the left and the day after tomorrow it is the center. we have to fight back. >> laura: this new calling it a police state might sound like
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an exaggeration, but given what has happened over the last really for years, five years, it's not much of a stretch to say that, but they will not just be monitoring social media or travel. but some even want to look at political donations. watch this. speak with the funding is going to be within the scope of the investigation and the old adage "follow the money" will follow here and all of that after the election will be tracked and monitored to see exactly whether or not it was used to fund this very insurrection. >> laura: chris, this guy had a similar position to you of the fbi. thoughts about this. >> yeah, we know and we just finished the time period where the fbi, the cia, then to lunch domestic intelligence committee the most egregious abuses in history. and we know domestic security, the rubric of domestic security
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is an area where the potential for abuse is extremely high because by definition involves u.s. citizens. so i'm not in favor of taking some of the tools away from law enforcement. yes, tweaking them, but i'm very much in favor of holding people accountable. we haven't seen really anyone held accountable for those egregious abuses that we saw under jim comey and andy mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and that will era. i think visible deterrents are needed, civil suits, even criminal culpability if it is warranted. we need to save some people who abuse those rights. >> laura: the problem is, the problem is and we will get to this in a moment with alan but who gets to define the word extremist? so antifa setting fire to buildings and people ending up dead and at an antifa event, they are not domestic extremists? but the people who went into the
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r. that definition seems to be politically convenient and ever shifting. that is the problem and so you put people on the no-fly list, qualified to be on the no-fly list today, so that is the concern, alan the house armed services committee said something on msnbc today. watch. >> white supremacy is a concern. there is also this growing antigovernment notion to take back our country. how to identify the people who hold these beliefs and how do we get them out of the military? we need to look at we train what goes on within the military. and really start taking a closer look at the men and women who are serving. >> laura: allen, everyone is rooting out dangerous radical islamist, right, but taking back the government, that is what the democrats were saying for years during trump. >> you know, this reminds me when i was growing up,
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mccarthyism. people really felt that the dangers of communism justified going after people's contribution records, going after people's political views, snooping on them, having children raft out their parents. we are seeing it repeated the pier today it is the left going after the right. when i was growing up, it was the right going after the left. every person who calls himself or herself a conservative or liberal or civil libertarian without party affiliation, we have to get back to the constitution. take fisa for example we need to create devil's advocate position where somebody who has a job with security clearance stands up on behalf of the american who is going to be surveilled and says no, no, no, you don't have the evidence. let's cross-examine the fbi agent. let's find out if they really have the authority. let's make sure they are acting neutrally and not politically. that would be tremendous reform
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for fisa here there are others. i agree we don't want to deny law enforcement legitimate tools to get out terrorism but we have two separate legitimate from a legitimate and constitutional from unconstitutional. >> laura: chris, they were something fbi should learn and should have learned from the past experience in recent decades that applies right now today with ever-expanding surveillance tape. >> we went through this into '60s, '70s. i was along to mike young lawyer and the fbi and got drug back in the legal division and defending lawsuits from the abuses that took place under the guise of domestic security. so what we ought to be punishing his action, not words, not ideology. the only thing that should be relevant as violent acts and actions that take place, not thoughts and deeds, not thoughts. >> laura: political affiliation does not equal sedition, thank you very much, gentlemen, good to see you both.
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while biden turns national security against national securities. he let the border become a national nightmare. on track to take a record 16,000 migrant use. and they are all in custody. but have no fear because biden announced he was wasting this job on to vice president kamala harris. the same person with political expediency said something a little disturbing a few years ago. >> i would not put children in cages. speak with the human rights being committed by the united states government. >> we are not going to allow this to happen, not on their watch. >> i thought children lined up single file based on gender being walked into barracks. these children should not be treated like criminals. >> laura: she is criticizing her own administration back then. newt gingrich former house speaker, fox news contributor. is that kind of the kiss of death giving the vice president of the of
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fixing the border given her past comments about the way the border was enforced? >> first of all it is very clever biden on thieve of the press conference to turn it over to her so every question tomorrow about the border, he can say that is vice president harris' job and you need to talk to her about it, next question. in that sense, he ducks all responsibility for what is not a crisis but a disaster. it is getting worse. 92% of hispanic-americans want every person who comes into this country tested for covid. 90%, overall, of all americans want them tested for covid. there is no possibility of this administration will do that. i think what will happen is, vice president harris is a very good politician and presently will explain the wonderful things are, and that trust me it
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is okay. she will go on to something else. her future is not dependent on what happens on the border. her future is dependent on what happens in the white house with president obama. the one breaking tonight, the pentagon is approving an hhs request to temporary house unaccompanied migrant children embankment dormitories in san antonio, texas. and an area of land in fort bliss to construct a suitable temporary housing facility. newt, why the heck does a military get involved in this? >> if you are not going to build the wall, you are going to build a lot of dormitories. that is a simple equation. they are presently, they are going to drowned and people who come north. and every time there is a tv story about this, more people
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come up. they are not off in central america who are finding people from africa, from china, from india, from turkey here there is a continuing wave coming to the u.s. there is essentially a peaceful invasion by a huge number of people by the summer there may be well over 100 people. the biden administration will not be able to handle it. this whole thing will fall apart. but what they will do is what they do all along. they will just lie. >> laura: newt, are we to believe this will not affect the poorest americans the most? the influx of mostly poor and obviously nonenglish speaking migrants into the united states? >> well, first of all, this is what i support for testing for covid high among hispanics and all-americans. the first that will be effective is relatively poor people who will have infected people who
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have not been tested, have not been tracked, who have not had medical help showing up in our neighborhoods. you know, through all of these things at the airport, all of these tests at the airport, then we have a policy under biden that allows people to come in here. second, you are exactly right. the poorest americans will have their wages suppressed by this competition. and third, every taxpayer will get hit. we will provide shelter, food, we will provide education. then we will provide health care. we are taking on here billions and billions of dollars in additional costs. >> laura: and 42 a million want to come, the latest gallup survey of people who want to come to united states. we are not systemically racist after all. newt good to see you, thanks. why is murder historic levels and what is denigrating the police? the idea of america herself have to do with all of this? and will taking guns away make
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♪ ♪ >> laura: you when you deprive people of their basic freedom, you denigrate your own country. why would you expect citizens to follow the law? according to the fbi, the u.s.
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just saw the largest year-over-year increase in homicide ever recorded and a murder rate that has crept back to level not seen since 1990s. over 20,000 homicides were recorded in the year 2020. even left-wing atlanta magazine openly supported the blm movement seems to see the error of its ways. a violent surge last year after the protest when social order depends on the police dominating public spaces and that form of social order is question and starts to break down. it can lead to a surge in violence. well, we kind of predicted that. we want everybody. so what is the result of all of this? it is run this economic effects of the most vulnerable people in the country. nine months after george for george floyd rioters and the police budget slashed and targed come at the store target announced to abandon its headquarters in downtown minneapolis.
7:27 pm
joining me now and president of the new york benevolence association who witnessed this horrific situation spiral, ed. is this the new normal for the united states with blm continues to dominate the narrative on policing? >> apparently, it is. what it really comes down to is failed leadership. and continues to listen to blm, which is really a small voice getting a very large boys to the media. at the end of the day, we see an increase in homicides in chicago avoid endemic an increase in new york and 50% increase from a 50% in los angeles. so when you look at what is occurring across the country, the stats are indicative of the decline in policing. a police the country are being held back and told to stand down. contrary to what these elected officials tell us in public,
7:28 pm
they are lying and putting policies in place and tying the hands of the police. you know, the police always respond to violent crimes or second-guess. they are often indicted for political reasons. and they have now put them in jeopardy of making decisions as to what is right and wrong. most people don't want to be police officers any more. new york city are losing members on a daily basis. and this will be reflected on the streets in the city and the streets -- >> laura: ed, it goes beyond what is happening in the streets, which is obviously given the new news about the crime rate, really disturbing. this is being taught in our classrooms to kids. i mean the narratives that the police are just willy-nilly out there shooting african-americans for no reason. people are dying for no reason. no new ones, no, no contact,
7:29 pm
nothing. that is disturbing. >> it is complete lies being taught in his classrooms. the statistics of police officer shooting and killing young african-americans is an outright lie. it is not true! the numbers do not support the news media coverage. they do not support the rhetoric of the police that are being blamed across the country. and no one is talking about the murder rates of young, middle blacks that are being killed like other young male blacks. where is blm right now? >> laura: they don't want to talk about that. i can tell you, you know what they didn't want to talk about today, which was two cogirls d.c. accused of dragging, basically, a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old, trying to get the car jacked, a car, dragging a motorist to his death. i think it was near the navy yard in d.c.
7:30 pm
this just happened yesterday. i mean, these are kids. they are not in school, i guess, i guess i don't know what's going on. >> this is an amnesty to promote crime. and she month the teachers who continue to teach this. shame on the teachers union in support of this. they are lying to the children of america. and they bash the police. they have nothing but been liars and should not be continued and our elected officials are allowing it. >> laura: everybody needs to take these school boards back from george soros sympathizing left-wing nightmares. ed, thank you. and taking the police up the street, demonizing them, the left also wants to take your way of defending yourself, your guns and the process. but what does that look like in practice? joining me a w for breitbart. a wr, biden said yesterday that congress needs to pass an
7:31 pm
assault weapons ban like bill clinton in 1994 but what happened when that did pass? >> laura, that band was largely there and was cosmetic. there was no drop in crime that can be seen. the department of justices, institute of justice released a report as the band was expiring. and they noticed there was no discernible reduction in the interest of this. i didn't make that word up, of gun violence. in other words no reduction in crime that could be credited to the 1994-2004 assault weapon ban. >> laura: awr, did you notice the conversation about motive and race and ethnicity of the shooter in boulder just disappeared? just disappeared.
7:32 pm
>> i've also noticed that the left has not been quick to talk about the fact that at least one of the guns he acquired six days ago. that goes against that push for a waiting period. and i'm sure someone cannot get it done the same date. this is a six date time frame and it did not do anything to cool him off. >> laura: by the way, kamala harris is insisting that law-abiding americans, awr mama they have nothing to worry about, sort of. >> right. >> this is not about getting rid of the second amendment. it is simply about saying we need reasonable gun safety laws. there is no reason why we have assault weapons on the streets of civil society. stop pushing that everyone will come after your guns. that is not what we are talking about. >> laura: your response. >> in september 2019 and again november 2019, we covered her support of mandatory gun buyback. recover the same thing within candidate biden in early 2020,
7:33 pm
his support of mandatory buyback. and so you see it in support of beto o'rourke type gun control and tell me i don't have anything to worry about it as a gun owner. if you control safety support he supports, you are coming for our guns. >> laura: awr, thank you. president biden is clearly not running the white house? it doesn't look like it. who is? congress is working to give your money to political supporters. we have the explosive video, raymond arroya has it next in "seen and unseen" next. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we rebuild the stories behind the headline and for that, we have a doozy one for you tonight and we turn to the author, fox news contributor raymond arroya. biden held two events today, what? but he seemed a little weary at both of them.
7:39 pm
>> raymond: if this was the warm up for his conference tomorrow, ready the paddles and the red bull. here is tonight's freestyle and biden. >> joe, where are you? come here. ♪ ♪ >> what happened was that we found that -- hunter can tell you. i said when he got elected that the vice president is going to be the last person running. she didn't realize that that mean she gets every assignment. [laughter] >> raymond: he's not lying, laura. there was a memo from the biden team to every federal agency demanding the administration be officially referred to as the biden/harris administration. harris is taking the lead on the border. she is consulting with world leaders alone.
7:40 pm
she travels the country while joe is calling lid at lunchtime. there was a story on "the hill" and he sees himself as a two-term president and he's not a two-step present at this point. we will see what happens but she's clearly moving to the floor. >> laura: and love first of all how he says she gets all the assignments. he's admitting it. i have to tell my -- >> raymond: i haven't seen anything like it. >> laura: i have to tell my kids not to say awe all the time so maybe it's a tic. >> raymond: laura, it's hard not to make the case that biden is losing control here. it is becoming more apparent who is. watch this moment from the start of his border meeting at the white house today. >> now, we will get down to business. and who am i turning this over to? >> thank you very much, mr. president. it is time for the president to
7:41 pm
leave now. thank you. spoon oh, my god! >> raymond: who am i turning this over too? the american people voted to turn it over to you, joe. he is the man supposed to be running this. did you notice how they treat the president almost like a presiding position? oh, thank you mr. president. now you people leave. it is going to be fine, mr. president. this is scary, laura. >> laura: dinner is at 5:30 in the cafeteria, okay? make sure to have your special jell-o this afternoon, i mean, come on. >> raymond: it is frightening and after 10-year absence, you will be happy to know earmarks are back. and supporting house republicans i might add to direct your tax dollars to specific recipients on their own authority. this is better known as the poor can reelection machine. the american accountability foundation tapped into a zoom
7:42 pm
earmark training session. now, this is a member of rosa dolores appropriation staff teaching other congressional offices how to rob your tax dollars to supporters. watch this, it is unbelievable. >> you have somebody building a project and the company contributes to your bosses campaign. is that a conflict of interest? i think the optics are bad, but the rules of the house would be suffice because there is no immediate interest. >> laura: are you kidding me? >> raymond: so it's not an immediate family. are you kidding me? if it's not an immediate family, feel free to throw cash their way. talk about unseen, this is how the government is misusing our tax dollars well the president is off shoring all of his duties to other people. i've never seen anything like this. it is unbelievable with a $3 trillion bill on infrastructure waiting in the wings. >> laura: how does nancy pelosi get by with the
7:43 pm
immediate family member? is that an issue there or any of them? this is why washington, we have to take the power from d.c. and give it back to the people. this is -- our founders are rolling in their grave. i don't know, triple listens and their grade. the 256% of the republicans are opposed to these earmarks. 31% of democrats so there is a majority they are of people that don't like this. if this is boondoggle central, we had up for ten years. look, you know things are getting back to normal and am not sure that is a good thing at the white house, at least. today, celebrities once again using familiar backdrops taking selfies and agile leading themselves. olympian megan rapinoe played press secretary with the real press secretary. look at this. >> also, i will sit here and want to know what it feels like to be a reporter.
7:44 pm
and we will circle back. exactly. >> raymond: i'm glad jen psaki has time for megan rapinoe. forget the press. we are taking selfies with megan rapinoe there, unbelievable. >> laura: again, jumping in the lincoln bedroom and the same old stuff. just the same old movie. we know how it ends. it means you will get poor, the country will get weaker, and the elites will get richer. that is how it will work out and the celebrities will be happy. it is unfair. a very unfair. raymond, great to see you tonight as always. and ahead of biden's first press briefing, why is the media rooting against themselves? former trump senior advisor steve miller is here on that, plus the breaking covid news at mthe border. with a vengean. we've edited out the violence.
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no, it's not violent. i'm just using sophos to defeat cyber threats. we'll never fully understand how "just" an i.t. manager does it. i use soph...(beep) "just" an i.t. manager doesn't have to tell us how he does it. we just know he does. ( ♪♪ )
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well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪ ♪ >> laura: biden border crisis is not just a national security threat. it is now a public natural disaster. fox news confirming the hhs that nearly 3,000 unaccompanied minors in their custody have tested positive for covid appear to fox has told currently 319 covid positive migrant remain in isolation.
7:50 pm
separately "newsweek" discovered 37 of the 44 migrant shelters in texas have reported covid case is the last two weeks. joining me now stephen miller white house senior advisor to president trump. stephen, my bleeping from central america make you immune to the virus given that much restrictions they are putting on us? >> the only way to explain this, laura, the biden administration is under the impression only american citizens and lawful residents can spread covid. if you come across the border illegally, you inherit magical properties that keep you from infecting others with the coronavirus. i will also know the numbers are worse than they found because they are crammed together in such close quarters that for everyone who tested positive, you can be sure the people that are released around them will all be testing positive in the days to follow. >> laura: today the chairman and ceo of gallup and i
7:51 pm
mentioned this to newt gingrich early hearer, 33 countries in latin america and caribbean apparently roughly 450 million adults live in the region so gallup asked them if they would like to move to another country permanently if they could? of those that want to leave their country permanently 43% want to go to the united states. so stephen, essentially an open border. people walk in and are taken care of and released into the country. what does that mean for us? >> well, it means we don't have a country right now. how many americans, laura, do you think they realized voting for joe biden and voting literally for the in-depth nationhood as long as joe biden is in office? having a country means that if you trespass onto eric territory, you are returned home. politely, you mainly, but yes, you are returned home. and not just latin america but a global phenomenon. one that i learned firsthand on
7:52 pm
the front lines of the border crisis. is that anyone in the world who can afford a plane ticket to panama can afford a plane ticket to guatemala or mexico city can pay a smuggler to get to the rest of the way of the u.s. border. so if you don't have a firmer page creation policy you are not getting illegal aliens from this hemisphere but every single corner of planet earth and they will keep coming and coming and coming until the policy changes. >> laura: well, have to say another point is that biden and president over door from mexico seem to have different views on who is responsible for this current crisis. we will share both sound bites back to. watch. >> this new surge that we are dealing with start up at the last administration but it is our responsibility to deal with it you mainly and to stop what is happening.
7:53 pm
>> the conditions we are creating and the government of president joe biden has cause central american migrants and those from our country willing to cross the book of thinking it is easier to do so. >> laura: so the president is saying it is biden and biden is saying it is trump. >> well on this one i would trust the president but amazingly, the mexican president is a liberal and much more conservative than joe biden much more opposed to central americans illegally transferring through the atmosphere in the rest of the world than joe biden. we set on the program, laura but it has to be repeated endlessly until the point gets across. when donald trump was in office if you will legally brought a child to the country, if you illegally traffic a child to the country, those individuals were still returned back to the home country, shutting down those networks. catch and release was finished,
7:54 pm
it was done. joe biden's decision to reopen catch and release is the sole, exclusive singular reason for this current crisis. >> laura: yes or no, will the media asked questions about the border and will biden answer them tomorrow? yes, no. yes he will ask him but no, biden won't. my urging to reporters, my urging is as follow ups. don't let biden waddle onto the stage with four reporters prescreened and say i'm calling on whatever list he's been giving about his staff. if you are in that room, ask a question and if he doesn't ask, ask another follow-up, you are entitled to. >> laura: thank you, up next, "the last bite." don't go away.
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our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. >> laura: remember how the dashboard was made the covid pandemic their parlor game? >> official from the basement, cleared by tdc, a little sweaty,
8:00 pm
i just worked out. >> this was the actual swab that was being used. was at this, or was at this? tell people the truth. >> laura: of course the cuomo comment distracted from the deep-seated corruption. the washington riposte, host said cuomo's family members hadl access to covid testing including his brother chris who was swabbed at his hamptons home. shannon bream, the fox news at 19 have it all, they take it from here. >> shannon: we got more on those allegations coming up just a little bit later in the show. we will pick it up there, thank you so much. for the first time during the biden-harris administration let a tv news crew into a border processing facility for young illegal immigrants. when the press was allowed to


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