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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 23, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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filling in. really? game shows, doctors being subjected to the hate, the range of cancel culture. that's sad, very sad. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. we are always independent, not the media mob. >> laura: they are intellectual pygmies. they can't debate. they can have actual conversations so i have to block everything else out. it's very mature and shortsighted and it's backfiring. i'm glad we are documenting this but i don't think it's working. they are starting to eat their own which is what we predicted. anyway. all right, hannity. we've got to roll. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. democrats are coming for your guns and they will use any tools at their disposal no matter how unconstitutional. senator josh hawley is here the potential backlash. the border crisis is worse than
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you imagined. illegals are getting stimulus checks. thousands of others released into american communities. that is near you. while this is unfolding, who is running the country? dinesh d'souza has some thoughts. inconvenient truths. that's the focus of tonight's angle. before we knew much about who the suspect allegedly was that killed ten people in boulder, colorado, yesterday, the media, the twitter blue checks and assorted leftist hacks couldn't help but jump to conclusions. screenshots from those who seemed almost giddy at who they thought the suspect flows. tweeting "a white man killed ten people and was planned by the police completely unharmed. human rights lawyer says comparing it to the death of tamir rice. police shot him in 1.7 seconds
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left into suffer an agonizing pace. colorado terrorist. cops arrested him alive. the lovely feminist activist all over the internet saying that the shooter was taken into custody. in other words it was almost certainly a white man again. if you're black or brown, you'd be dead. one of the most disgusting tweets came from camel here is his niece saying the atlanta shooting was not a week ago. violent wightman of the greatest terrorist threats to our country. every single one of those people chose to inflame an already horrific situation with the kind of race baiting that sadly a lot of americans have gotten used to. >> we still don't know much about the person in custody.
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we did see footage of an individual clearly wounded. barely wearing any clothes. he was a white male. >> a white male without pants. one leg notably bleeding. >> laura: one man without pants prayed about 12 hours later we learned the facts. 21-year-old ahmad alissa, a muslim born in syria whose alleged facebook posts appear to reference his own mental struggles. according to "the new york times" he was known by the fbi praise connection to another person under investigation. his social media was examined and preserved by concerned citizens before being waived by facebook from the internet. he seemingly disliked president trump, referring to him as the d word over his handling of immigration refugees. a former teammate in high school told the denver post that alissa had an explosive temper saying he yelled out in the wrestling
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room that he was going to kill everybody. my question, why didn't anyone report him. maybe because the same former classmate recounted that alissa would talk about it being muslim and how if anyone tried anything he would file a hate crime and say they were making it up. alissa was trained early on and on how to feign victimhood to get his way. at one point he was arrested for a senseless assault against another classmate. he was put on probation. the left likes to use the phrase angry white male to denigrate millions of american men whether they have committed wrongdoing or not. today we heard no angry middle eastern man, no talk about the need to connect the dots to a broader problem of his islamic extremism. when the shooter's background didn't fit their narrative they moved on.
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they shuffled biden to the canvas to push for immediate gun control. >> still waiting for more information regarding the shooter, his motive, the weapons he used. i don't need to wait another minute let alone an hour to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future. we can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again. >> laura: you will hear that a lot over the next few weeks, the phrase common sense gun laws. the democrats want you to think that they really truly care about violence in america and saving lives. we know the real truth. the fact is there real priority is taking guns from law-abiding americans. not stopping future violence. if they cared so much about violence, they would demand more, not less immigration enforcement when illegal immigrants are released into america unchecked.
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we have no idea what their real backgrounders. in some cases they going to rob, murder and rape. they ignore stories like this one and ms-13 gang member was arrested in 2019 for murder, again arrested for being involved in another murder. if democrats cared about violence they would've demanded last summer that antifa be called a domestic terror group. anyone remember in portland when an anti-for member shot and killed this man? a trump supporter, aaron j danielson. if liberals were agonizing over violence, they would set up shop in cities like chicago and baltimore with outreach and mentoring to address the social dysfunction that has led to countless deaths with most victims and assailants being african-american. they branded the january 6th riot is an insurrection almost immediately. then they walled off the capital and brought to the
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national guard. but they heralded the leftist takeover of the wisconsin state house as a patriotic footrest. after the death of george floyd when violent, destructive unrest gripped the nation all summer long, they praised it generally asked peaceful protests hijacked by a few bad apples. there weren't any atvs put out by the mpa seeking help in identifying the criminals. all federal resources were not marshaled to solve these crimes. that's a sharp contrast to what the dhs is reportedly considering doing in the aftermath of january 6th. according to politico, the biden administration they begin to monitor the travel of domestic extremists and expand its use of the no-fly list. the discussions are part of the biden administration strategy treating domestic terrorism national security threat and not just a law enforcement problem.
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what does this mean? who defines domestic terrorist? is mr. alissa being called a domestic terrorist? i haven't heard it yet. i think that they basically intend to treat the g.o.p. going forward as a terrorist organization because it is amazing to me that republicans on the house and senate appropriations committee aren't doing more to protest the democrats use of government funds to attack their political opponents and trash their political opponents. the ultimate inconvenient truth is that our government doesn't like many of us. they believed that about half of america is racist, maybe more. that our movement should be severely restricted. they vet our national guard and military for extremism when a few veterans turned up at the capitol on january six but these same democrats drawn no conclusions and take no meaningful action about crime
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committed by their own supporters or special interests. that's "the angle." joining me now is mollie hemingway. fox news contributor. kurt schlichter, retired army colonel. kurt, no matter what the boulder shooter motive, if it can be discerned, do you have any doubt the biden administration is going to remain committed to targeting conservatives and trump supporters? >> absolutely, laura. that's the whole purpose of this entire exercise. it is to trash the opponents of the present regime. they can't beat us with rational thought, evidence and facts. look at what's happening on the border. look what's happening with china. look what's happening with energy independence. everything they're doing is turning to ashes in their hands. i am looking back on jimmy carter fondly.
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it's not like they have a case to make. so instead they pivoted to demonizing americans for simply opposing them. it's getting worse. the good news is we are awake. we are woke, laura. we understand what's happening we're not going to let it happen. were going to keep speaking out. room going to keep opposing them and i can't wait for 2022. speak to the media quickly turned their attention back to r favorite topic. watch. >> january 6th seems like a pivot point at the justice department. refocusing on a new larger target. they are going to throw their time and attention behind the problem of domestic terrorism. pushed to deem some of these groups terrorist organizations. there will be a lot of things that we will have to assess. >> laura: mollie, there are not even hiding their eagerness
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for the doj to start targeting trump supporters are terrorists. domestic terrorists. >> it's clear this is what the government wants to do to take a political class and criminalize the criminal class. you can point to january 6th the nuke can look in the years prior. you can be hillary clinton and your associates could have been brought up on charges that they declined to do it out of deference because of how politically sensitive it was. the trump administration, anyone remotely associated to donald trump was prosecuted within an inch of their life. even though that same standard would've meant they could've let these things go. they are looking into criminalizing conservatives in part because it's much easier to do that than to do their jobs. with the boulder shooter, the sad news that he was known to the fbi. the fbi has known of a lot of
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massive shooters and been unable to prevent the shootings. they are good at going after generally law-abiding people on the right is part of a political operation. a judge today had to call out the doj for getting -- being way too much in the media, talking about these cases they are bringing against people who are involved in the riot. most conservatives thinks anyone who was a lawbreaker, violent, doing anything wrong shall be prosecuted. when you're in the doj, you can sign a warrant to spy on an american citizen. you can repeat late the data and you don't really get punished. yet they are going after average americans. you could kill people, riot, commit arsons in the summer and the department of justice said there's not much we can do. >> laura: a big yawn. kurt. relate to what mollie just said, i want to get back to something.
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at the suspects identity previously known to the fbi because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau. if only these massive shooters would start talking to some low-level russian officials. this is sick and twisted. there were other tips that were missed in other mass shootings. tip lines were called. i believe the parkland shooter, two planes were called if i'm not misremembering that. mollie to me remember. who is caught with their pants down here? the fbi again. they are trying to blame trump supporters? >> the fbi has a unbroken track record of failure. a disastrous problem with their crime labs to what happened with the fisa warrants. in this horrible investigation of the trump administration.
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we keep seeing these killers. if you happen to be a guy who runs around with viking horns has a weird diet, they are all over you. they are going to get you for trespassing and you're going to pay. but some lunatic out there who's threatening to hurt people, well, you know, it's not really a political issue. we will focus on the low-hanging fruit. we will go hassle some protester anti-trump rally. didn't go in the capitol but we will show up at their house and arrest and bust down the doors with the s.w.a.t. teams just like we did to roger stone. it's ridiculous. speech we've got to roll. or we say that the shooter was bullied. so that justifies it, he was bullied at school. mollie and kurt, thank you. if you think democrats nuking
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the filibuster was out about budget reconciliation, think again. >> we need to do away with the filibuster. what we are seeing happened in america is republicans in the senate are more interested in eroding voting laws and increasing downright when it really should be the other way around. >> laura: for the biden white house, that might not be fast enough. >> we are considering a range of levers including working through legislation, including executive actions. >> laura: executive actions to take away your second movement rights. joining me as a missouri senator josh hawley. senator, have the democrats -- i mean, i guess they have consider the backlash going to get for all of this. but they don't care because they are singularly focused on the gun issue. >> yeah they are similarly focused on control. that's what this really comes
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down to at the end of the day. they want to have control over the political process. they don't care about the second amendment. they don't care about the first amendment and if you disagree they want you out of the democratic process. look at what their gun control, their proposal come down to basically heading towards a national gun registry. that's the only way to make effective the kind of so-called reforms that they want is to register every firearm in america. talk about that infringement on second amendment rights and what that will lead to. we know they also want to confiscate guns. all the democratic presidential candidates ran on that just last year. it's a massive power grab and it's downright in constitutional pay >> laura: for the outrageous falsehoods, this one was really quite something. it was amplified by senator alex padilla. >> in a majority of states new voters are able to attain a
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rifle quicker than they are able to cast their first ballot. it seems to me we have our priorities entirely backwards when it comes to this. making it easier to buy a gun then cast a ballot. >> laura: senator, that is not remotely the case. but he gets repeated in the fact-checkers are nowhere to be found. >> of course. that's always how it is as we see the left-wing establishment media amplify, whether it's the second amendment, claims on religious liberty. i sat on the judiciary committee and listen to the same democrat senator status. the freedom restoration act was something that no longer serving the purposes that it was meant to serve any needed to be updated. all the same talking points. it's what they say about the second amendment. whether it's your right to worship, right to bear arms, they want to limit them, take
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them away all in service of their political control and their radical left-wing agenda. what we are seeing is they are willing to steamroll anything that stands in their way. the rules of the senate, the will of the voters. it doesn't matter. they are going to implement their radical agenda and nothing is going to stop them. >> laura: the other thing that keeps getting repeated is that all the republicans, all you can do is offer thoughts and prayers. they have kind of had it with the whole prayer thing over and the u.s. senate when it comes to the democrats. >> thoughts and prayers are not enough. and yet thoughts and prayers is all we have heard from my colleagues on the other side. thoughts and prayers must lead to action. >> laura: is that all you think we should do in the wake of these shootings, is that all the republicans want? >> how about we put violent
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criminals behind bars? how about instead of releasing criminals onto the streets, how about instead of looking the other way as violent crime has soared in this country which is what the democrats have done for the last year. pretended it isn't happening. pretending the assaults on police officers isn't happening. pretending that the murder rate isn't exploding. how about we face those facts and do something about criminals who get guns and use them in violent ways. that's what we need to be focused on but they don't want to do that. they want to talk about taking away firearms from law-abiding citizens. this gets us back to the national registry which is what they really want. it is about law-abiding citizens second amendment rights. that's what the democrats are focused on. it's the wrong focus. we should be putting people behind bars who commit violent crimes. but the democrats, they are more interested in their own political control and their radical agenda. that's what they are pursuing. >> laura: senator, we understand according to politico that the dhs is considering
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putting some of the people who they find to be extremists, part of the extremist groups in the united states including the capitol riot or types on a no-fly list and subject them to further surveillance. is it time to ditch the patriot act? >> i think it really is time to ditch the patriot act and have a hard look at the surveillance state that congress stood up over 20 years ago and has been expanded and expanded and expanded. laurel, this is something we were told was going to be temporary. but we have seen for years how things like the secret surveillance court, the fisa court has been abused. the last administration lied or i should say two administrations ago, the obama administration lied to the fisa court in order to get wiretaps. doj did the same. this stuff is out of control. >> laura: being used against their political opponents. senator, thank you. great to see you tonight. however bad you think the
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>> laura: it's not just the surge of illegals, it's the violence, drugs, covid. the biden administration is incentivizing all of it. the covid relief package that biden is bragging about, he is apparently using it to play santa claus to illegals. according to the center for immigration studies, illegal immigrants could receive an estimated $4.38 billion with a b in cash payments from this relief plan. joining us now, kris kobach, former secretary of state of kansas, former chair of the kansas republican party. is that right? how can illegal immigrants beginning $4.3 billion? >> it's not a mistake. the left has been doing this for the better part of a decade. during the obama administration we saw this in california during the trump administration constantly handing checks to illegal aliens and it's part of a very long pattern of giving
7:27 pm
incentives to illegal aliens trying to make it easier for them to come here. you might think why are they doing this? let's look at the so-called crisis. it's not expected crisis. it's a planned event that ended up being, yielding slightly larger result in the biden team expected. they did two things they had to know. would bring more illegal aliens income of the end of the remaining mexico policy which meant that if you make a bogus asylum claim a 90% are bogus, you get to come in and wait four to five years for your hearing. the second thing they did is announced a 100 day moratorium on deportations. >> laura: we have gone over this, yeah, yeah, yeah. i don't mean to show -- two magnets right off the bat. this was known. they planted. they might not have known the exact numbers so that's why they were overwhelmed in the facilities. but they knew what was going to come down the pike. texas democrat congresswoman
7:28 pm
escobar reacted to governor abbott's concern about covid and the surge of the border this way. >> the words of governor greg abbott are really dangerous. the idea of immigrants bringing disease, that is an old, racist trope intended to inspire fear and hatred. he has done it before. it's absolutely reprehensible. >> laura: wait a second. so being concerned about covid coming into the country is now racist? essentially that's what we are saying? >> yeah. apparently that is now it not only that, these unaccompanied minors and others who are being processed are being housed side-by-side, super close. they are coming in, many of them. it was confirmed last week they are not being tested for covid as they are being released into
7:29 pm
the united states. many not being tested. at the same time that for the first time that i can remember u.s. citizens are having our own right to come home restricted. it's a fundamental right that comes with u.s. citizenship in any country. a person has a right to always reenter his country of citizenship. americans now, we can't come back unless we have a negative covid test. but illegal aliens can come in and make a bogus claim of asylum and walk right into the united states without a covid test. >> laura: i'm going to make it really simple. the democrats prefer illegal immigrants to anyone who ever voted for trump. okay? that's just a fact. they prefer people who walk into the country and need a bunch of help to republicans who want an american to be self-sufficient, believe in freedom and independence. by the way, they did confirm in the biden administration today that they are releasing illegal immigrants into the country now.
7:30 pm
it looks like they are not requiring court dates or even giving all of them slips of paper that say you're going to have to come back at some particular time. they are just being released into america. good luck, public schools. >> yeah. let's put it this way. it's a bad idea to release illegal aliens in the country but if you're going to do that, let's do three things. get a negative covid test, get a court date and maybe let's put a bracelet on there and call to track them in the united states. of course the biden administration is not insisting on any of these. >> laura: no, they just want to track people who voted for trump it looks like. kris kobach, thank you so much. >> franklin roosevelt. give it to you straight from the shoulder. the american people can handle anything if you tell them to truth. >> laura: when it comes to that, biden is more like fdr than he would like to admit.
7:31 pm
blocking access to reporters as his administration obscures the true toll of the crush of the border he's not alone. remember what is dhs secretary told us. >> our message has been straightforward and simple and it's true. the border is close. we are expelling families. >> laura: oh, my god. i'm going to call him the ministry of information from now on. according to axios, the biden administration expelled 13% of families in the last week. he is still saying the borders close question are joining us now, senior writer for julio, the biden administration, i think they would have us all think that there are kids coming here, just little kids. but you have seen or experienced something quite different. explain it. >> right. in the time that i've been in the rio grande valley, i've consistently seen unaccompanied minors but they are usually
7:32 pm
teenagers. more often than not alongside them are also family units. in one case a family unit that got lost and we had to go out and find them with a border patrol agent. she was carrying a 7-month-old. what we are seeing and as your previous guests have been pointing to is that there are incentives for coming from the biden administration because they know they're not going to be deported. they know that it's worth the risk of crossing, the risk and the investment of paying the cartels because they know they are pretty good shot of not just making it to the border but being able to stay in the united states. >> laura: when they hear the border is close to or don't come, which biden says in that abc interview, don't come now or don't come. they know they're not telling the truth. even the migrants in central america, the cartels, traffickers, they know that's not true. they know they're not going to be enforced. is that what you are seeing and
7:33 pm
hearing? >> yes, absolutely. i'm glad you mentioned the cartels because the cartels are the ones telling the migrants that yes, it's a good time to cross. that's why we have seen. the illegal immigrants i've come across and ask them, is president biden one of the reasons why you're here, they always say yes. under president trump it was a general assumption that you're not going to be allowed into the country. if you are caught, you're going to be deported. now we have covid and title 42 working towards that. the biden administration is not following through on some of these things. exactly. the family units are being allowed in it being allowed to be released. they are so overwhelmed, especially in areas like the rio grande valley, they are being released without even getting a court date. >> laura: oh, my god. julio. let me just jump in. we've got to roll in the second.
7:34 pm
"the washington post," i tweeted this out earlier tonight, they have a piece an analysis piece that says there's no surge of the border. this is kind of the regular ebb and flow. then there's the people waiting to come in until biden got in but they literally have a headline in "the washington post" tonight that says there is no surge at the border. you can say definitively tonight that is a false headline in "the washington post," correct? >> yes and we can tell because the surge typically happens in the springtime. the surge has been happening since late february. the numbers don't lie. >> laura: on pace for a 20 year record. julio, thank you so much. on friday night, this show is going to be hosting a town hall with experts, parents, teachers and students who say that educators dragging their feet on these school reopening are badly damaging this country's future. up next, we expose one of the biggest impediments to getting our kids back. american federation of teachers
7:35 pm
head randi weingarten, a pal of biden. stay there. aliens are real, alright. there's just too much evidence. but ghosts? not so much. i mean where's the proof? show me the data. ooh, iced tea! kill weeds not the lawn with roundup for lawns products.
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>> i do want to debunk this myth that teacher unions, at least our union, doesn't want to reopen schools. >> my union has been trying to reopen school since last april. we know how important in school learning is. if we care about our kids enough, let's make sure that we have these guardrails. this time. >> it's a complicated issue. it's complicated. randi weingarten. >> thank you. >> they care about the kids. >> they care about them a lot. >> laura: i love it when an anchor says it's a complicated issue. yes, it is, everything is complicated. teachers really want to go back to school? despite the loss of an entire
7:41 pm
year of in person learning teachers unions are still not playing ball. that sound that we played from randi weingarten, head of the 1.7 million member american federation of teachers, she said unequivocally that her teachers want to be back. yet today and setting using the cdc's guidance to do just that, the union is indignant. she told the biden administration today that they are not convinced that it's safe to cut school social distancing. our concern is that the cited studies do not identify the baseline mitigation strategies needed to support 3 feet of physical distancing. the science crowd is now rejecting the science because they might have to go back to work. the tantrum didn't end they are. she indicated that the roughly 122 billion, again with a b, sent to schools, biden's rescue plan, may not be enough money to get them back.
7:42 pm
why is the teachers union so bold? in the 2020 cycle, democrats were the recipients of 99.7% of all teachers unions contributions. in fact, that figure has been above 97% since 1990. i hope parents are starting to understand that this shakedown by the teachers unions is never going to end. that the democratic party is going to continue to put demands on the unions over the unions over the interests of your kids. every single time. joining us now dr. ben carson, former hud secretary, founder of the american cornerstone institute. dr. carson, r unions finally going to pay a price this time? our parents going to get involved and demand that they actually teach in person? >> i hope so. i've had a lot of very good teachers who really helped transform me as a student.
7:43 pm
i think a lot of teachers are forced into these unions. the unions are the ones that are really problematic. they are not putting the interests of the kids first. they are certainly not considering what the science shows. science shows that the mortality rate for the 0 to 19 age range group who contract covid is .0097. that is very close to nothing. it's not an issue of danger. it's an issue of their preferences in their ideologies. those are the things that really have to be fought. we need to be paying attention and people need to be going to the meetings and meeting with the legislators, the school board, giving them a piece of their mind. don't let them get away with this because who is suffering? the children. this will have a devastating impact on them. not just for a year but for their entire lives. particularly the children who
7:44 pm
are in disadvantage situations who don't have computers, don't have high-speed internet. don't have all the other types of wraparound services. they are going to suffer tremendously from this. the teachers unions, do they care about those individuals? >> laura: i don't think the democrats care about those individuals clearly. at some point the democrats coming up to put it on them. there are a number of kids from pennsylvania schools who spoke out on the damaging effects of being out of school. watch. >> if you like high school is our chance to still have our childhood, to be kids. no i don't have that. >> i don't even know where the school life and every day life is blurred. i feel like i'm always in school. >> my mental health. >> i just got a therapist. >> laura: dr. carson, when will we really know the full
7:45 pm
effects of all this? >> depression, suicide, self-esteem. not to mention the fact $122 million wasn't enough and they want more. we continue to increase the national debt so that we can justify enormous taxes which will destroy their future in another way. it's almost as if they don't like our kids. they don't think about them anymore. thomas jefferson said it was a moral to steal from the next generation. i wish people would just settle down and start thinking about something other than themselves. >> laura: dr. carson, great way to end. thank you so much. you might have voted for joe biden. but easy really the one making the decisions? dinesh d'souza is next on why americans deserve answers right now.
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>> laura: who is really in charge? yesterday president biden called a lid at 1:13. at the same time, his vp kamala harris was in florida trying to sell their stimulus package. okay, well we are living under these covid restrictions, borders being overrun, china embarrassing our diplomats, democrats are trying to ram through gun-control measures.
7:51 pm
major decisions being made. joe biden seems like a passive observer at best. why's that? joining me now is dinesh d'souza, author, filmmaker and host of the dinesh d'souza podcast. we have any real proof that biden is actually making any of these decisions or even aware of what's going on around him? >> none whatsoever. it seems quite clear over the past couple months that biden is riding in the canoe but he's not the guy manning the oars. it's kind of a serious problem in a democracy because the democracy we elect a president and it's his job to chart the course of the country. he is perfectly free to bring advisors to give them ideas about what to do, make suggestions about this option are that one. we don't want to be in a situation where the advisors are directing him instead of him directing them.
7:52 pm
we didn't elect ron klain org jen psaki or any of these other sidekicks to run the country. they are not accountable to the american people. joe biden is but it's not obvious that he's calling the shots at all. >> laura: 31 democrats sent a letter to biden asking to relinquish control of the nuclear launch codes. they wrote that investing one person with this authority entails real risk. that's not all. the vice president is playing a bigger role in the white house than you'd expect, making calls with foreign leaders. dinesh, does any of this reveal what they really think of biden's capabilities at this time? >> the letter from the democrats is extremely telling because the reason the president is entrusted with nuclear codes, it's a president who is the representative of the american people. in the letter, democratic congressman say you need to have kind of a team of unelected people and you could submit to
7:53 pm
their authority when you should not be able to act unilaterally without them. think about how unprecedented is. no one dreamed of saying this about earlier presidents and it's quite obvious that what it means is that that the democrats kind of knew that you've got this comatose character. they kind of dragged him across the finish line. they propped him up into a chair but it's not clear he has the capacity to make these life or death decisions for the world. that's why they are calling for the formation of a kind of committee to decide once again for him. >> laura: there are two recent examples of unelected staffers deciding when the president can speak. >> we are going to move out. let's go. let's go. let's go. >> thank you, thank you. i'm happy to take questions if that's what i'm supposed to do. whatever you want me to do.
7:54 pm
>> laura: that never gets old. dinesh. it takes your breath away. he's not the one making the decisions. if someone cut you off when you were giving a speech, i think you'd probably have something to say about it. >> think about it. this is the way parents treat children. shakespeare spoke kind of dotage of being a second childhood. the sheltered way in which biden is being managed by his aides is almost as if they all know and we know that he is going through a second childhood. >> laura: thanks so much. up next, prince harry a michelle obama. do they have something in common? the last bite explains.
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8:00 pm
>> living in the white house is like living in a nice older hotel where you can't get out unless you call 20 people. >> it almost feels like you were living a sort of quarantined life before all of us. speak of this is what i tell people. welcome to our world, everyone. >> laura: that's not ungrateful at all. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: thank you very much. the new cycle moves from one deadly shooting to another. the atlanta massage parlor morphed into a debate over white supremacy. we were told by law enforcement that the suspects motivation might have been self-loathing over a addiction. in boulder, the suspect's motives are unknown. his identity does nothing to bolster the whites primacy narrative so the focus is shifting to gu


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