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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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should in question. >> that makes too much sense for that to happen. >> too sensible. >> thank you. it will be back tomorrow 8:00 p.m., sean hannity takes over. >> sean: d.c. statehood is simple, democrats morning to more democratic senators in perpetuity, that's their hope, simple. good show, thank you. welcome to hannity and tonight, we are going to have the very latest on that shooting in colorado, the left rush for judgment and biden's plan to destroy the second amendment now bypassing congress yet again, that other coequal branch of government and using executive action but first breaking tonight, investigative reporter sara carter has never exclusively obtained for this show a shocking email with exclusive details about the migrant facilities in texas. it is now clear that the
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conditions are even worse than we thought. and the biden administration has clearly been lying to the entire country. the email sent from one border patrol official working in the facility to the chain of command that customs and border protection, this is nothing short of what is a desperate plea for help and desperation has set in. since the biden administration will allow the media zero access to this facility, i will read the section of this email so you can get a full complete idea of what is really happening according to the sport of official on the scene working at this texas facility. "it is extremely unsafe and unhealthy for the detainees, agents, civilian workforce, the overcrowding is inhumane especially for the children. pod three a is designed to hold 80 people in on this day, we have 694 unaccompanied children
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with two agents maintaining custody. it is 867% of the stated capacity of this detention space. the agents cannot possibly provide the care, the help, the safety of the undocumented children in our custody, nor can we reasonably do so far ourselves. then the agent continues the detainees are also stressed and fatigued and becoming more agitated each passing day, one girl told me many, many more complained they have been here for more than two weeks, the email goes on to learn the detainees are often laying on top of each other because there is no room to sleep, the unaccompanied children have to sleep on their side in order for them to all lay down in the small space available, so much
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for social distancing. if we have a fire, a carbon monoxide leak from the generators, a stampede or any number of potential and likely occurrences, many people will die. this situation is a disaster waiting to happen, someone with the proper authority much to do something immediately to alleviate the severe overcrowding before we experienced a tragedy. following this dire warning, the border patrol chief emailed back saying that he hears this morning loud and clear. in a statement tonight, customs and border control have confirmed the validity of these emails, praise these hardworking agents, they all vowed to continue to protect the nation and to enforce the laws and do it humanely. they reiterated a border patrol station is no place for a child. it clearly, the biden administration knows this is a real crisis, they know the situation is out of control, they know that we now know
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they've been lying to you the american people. that means joe biden and kamala harris, their policies are inhumane, hurting children, it is a crisis by now the question is what are they going to do about it? it's one of their making and you'd better believe that the hhs secretary -- dhs secretary has been briefed about these conditions and yet he continues to lie to you the american people in the entire world to save his boss joe biden from the kind of embarrassment frankly he deserves. that's why the cameras have not been allowed in my that's why the media is not allowed to speak with border patrol officials and now it's time to step down and resign for a complete failure of his duties. he was clearly unprepared for this job, he's not up to the task now and the human toll obviously can be quite significant. we also know cartels are making
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$14 million a day by trafficking these migrants and many of these migrant facilities and according to one estimate come up to 50% of all migrants crossing are in fact infected with covid-19. we are not testing them all and of course, there were a real national security implications, the border patrol is dealing with a massive surge of migrants, the border is less secure and less safe than it's ever been. we have the drug problem, the opioid crisis, heroin, fentanyl, weapons, terrorist, cartels, drug dealers, human traffickers, those young kids in, you name it. likely entering our country undetected because of the crisis. all the resources are now being used just to try and help these areas where the kids are. but according to democrats none of this is really happening. don't believe your lying eyes. here with us will report outside of the migrant facility in
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texas, investigative reporter fox news contributor sara carter, i don't think i can get any more alarming or any more revealing more dire as to what's really happening on the ground and the magnitude of the danger and the lies that have been told to the american people. >> i don't think there's any way to express what i'm hearing from border patrol agents anymore than what the letter already stated. i obtained that exclusively from a source that was made privy to that email and the reason is because its enormous frustration here at the border. people feel like they're not being listened to. the employees feel as though their calls for help to washington, d.c., are being ignored and they want washington to start listening. this is a facility that they are talking about. to put it in perspective, there is roughly 4,000 people and right before you came on the
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air, two more busloads of people were brought into this facility which actually really looks more like a prison, when they are being processed into the tent because there is no windows on any of those tents but to put it into perspective, roughly 4,000 people in this facility increase the population of texas by 25%. if based on the most recent numbers as a population in texas and it's expected to increase exponentially from there so you can imagine as they are frantically building on the backside of this facility, we have construction equipment, we have people working day in and day out, expecting thousands and thousands more and this is just one part. >> sean: my sources tonight telling me just to be clear that
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well aware of the conditions on the ground which then raises the question why he hasn't done anything about it and then again, we still have circle back to jen psaki and everyone in the biden administration suggesting to all of us that there is not a crisis happening, but they've all been made aware that in fact it is happening and that we have the images to show what is happening so now that we've been able to get group brave whistle-blowers to show us what's going on inside now that we obtain the letter you've been able to obtain, there's no ambiguity anymore. if at what point does joe biden now have to be asked maybe thursday it's come on we now know these are the conditions, what are you going to do about it? >> right. and you can hear earlier today, we could hear some of the children actually playing in the open ten and when i'm talking to
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sources and whistle-blowers on the ground is deep concern for these children, their exposure to covid, other diseases or possibly other viruses, they've been through enough already, some of these children are as young as four or seven years old, some of them have traveled all along across three countries to get here to the united states, some have been brought in by people that are not their guardians, they've been smuggled into the country so you have to imagine the stress on these children as they are sleeping in these cramped conditions inside these tense, they look like they are the size of football fields and they are quite big but inside some of these alone are roughly 700 people lining up right next to each other, there is no air, there's no windows to look outside, it's a very stressful situation not only for the people inside being held but imagine for the border patrol
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agent, the civilian workers, doctors and other medical professionals that are here. >> sean: and think about if trump had an outdoor rally, that's a super-spreader event, videos and the ones you've got on the one fox has gotten i guess we are looking at a real super-spreader event and brand-new cages that they filled except this time with plastic and then having kids living on top of each other. but is not a crisis. last word, go ahead. >> it is a crisis, right. >> sean: investigative reporter sara carter, much more throughout the week. we turn to the horrific events out of boulder, colorado, where i was ago we witnessed a contentious senate hearing on what the second amendment as democrats now rushing to capitalize on yesterday's horrific mass shooting without any details as usual, many in the media mob under the blue
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check mark keyboard warriors on twitter in their basement almost giddy after assuming the shooter was an angry white man. today we learned that the suspect in custody as a man 21 years old, syrian born, named ahmad alissa apparently charged with ten counts of first-degree murder, his motive is not fully known at this time. on social media, he reportedly railed against donald trump and his islamophobia is apparently he was muslim. his family describes them as severely paranoid, mentally ill, claims he did not have any political motives, much more in my monologue in just a moment but first running is for the latest details, trace gallagher. >> witnesses say the shooter walked into the grocery store, did not say a word, open fire, pause, and open fire again including boulder police
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officer. the 21-year-old suspect is ahmad alissa born in syria, moved to the u.s. when he was three. his sister called him quiet, his brother calls have been disturbed and paranoid and social media shows the suspect did believe he was being followed and that his former high school had hacked into his cell phone possibly for islamophobic reasons. he also posted anti-trump statements including how he deeply disliked of the former president for his response to immigration and refugees posting "trump such a d word." former classmates of the alleged shooter said he was short tempered, violent and once after losing a wrestling match threatened to "kill everyone." he also sucker punched a classmate for no reason and was sentenced to probation and community service. the weapon used in the shooting was reportedly bought by the suspect last week. >> sean: trace gallagher,
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thank you. we look at the fact that they hate donald trump, this guy hates donald trump so much, we'd say they're responsible. no, he is responsible just like when steve scalise got shot in the ball field by a bernie sanders supporter, i don't blame bernie sanders and i don't blame socialist radical democrats, i blame the person responsible. liberals, if this guy supported term, they'd say see, conservative radio made it happen. no, that's not the case and i want to make the same phony allegations against liberal democrats. we do send our deepest condolences and prayers to those who lost loved ones and those that are suffering and border colorado tonight. sadly, many on the left want to use this horrific event for political purposes within minutes of the shooting without knowing anything, many taking to twitter again as usual predictably rushing to judgment
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and a now deleted tweet, the vice president's adult knees tweeting "violent white men of the greatest terrorist threat to our country. one editor for deadspin and wrote "extremely tired of people's lives depending on whether a white man with an ar-15 is having a good day or not. a race and inclusion editor at "usa today" responded "it's always an angry white man, always. i can go on a nonwith tweets just like this but now that the shooter has been identified, syrian born muslim, the left simply moved on to another political attack tactic and that is never let a crisis go to waste my now the hysteria surrounding gun control has predictably taken over washington, d.c. chuck schumer vowed to bring a new gun control restrictions to the senate floor, joe biden is now promised to bring so-called bad assault rifles to rule by
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executive fiat once again bypassing that coequal branch of government known as the legislative branch, barack obama was weighted who loads the second amendment and is speaking out. he is making in impassioned plea for new gun bans and of course, the media mob, the extension of all things radical socialist democrats are demanding broad new gun bans. take a look. >> i remember the newtown massacre and feeling if not now, when? and those efforts largely came to not at least federally. what can you do now to make a difference this time around? >> countries around the world say what is wrong with you, united states of america. >> i feel like a hostage of the selfish people that feel like owning these types of weapons. that is not freedom in this country. you are not a patriot because you think you have the right to own these types of weapons.
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>> there laughing at us, they think we are crazy in this country which we are and now that we have democrats in control, they need to do something about it. >> sean: okay, i know that hard-hitting news show the view. let me ask you a question, whatever american supposed to do for an armed intruder enters their home? just sit around, call 911, wait for the police that may likely be defunded where they live and do nothing to protect their families? god forbid i never want this to happen to anybody but what if somebody god forbid broke into your house, wants to bring harm to you or your family? what are you going to do? and don't say call the police. remember, new york city just cut $1 billion from the annual police budget. what god forbid would you do? how would you protect yourself? i know what i would do. i will protect myself and my
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family. someone might want to inform joy behar and barack obama and joe biden, they have full-time security but most americans do not have access to private security detail in the second amendment is extremely important to them. so they can have protection like all of these politicians and rich hollywood stars have. earlier today during a senate hearing on gun control, senator ted cruz summed it up like this. take a look. >> every time there's a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders. after every mass shooting, a democrat proposes taking away guns from law-abiding citizens because that's their political objective, but what they propose not only does it not reduce crime, it makes it worse. i agree it's a time for action and i don't apologize or
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thoughts or prayers. i will lift up in prayer people who are hurting and i believe when the power of prayer. the contempt of democrats for prayer is an odd sociological thing but i also agree thoughts and prayers alone are not enough. we need action. >> sean: joining us now with more as the texas senator himself ted cruz. i love that line, i'm not going to apologize for thoughts or prayers nor will he will apologize for the right of the people to keep and bear arms and protect themselves and their family, thank you for standing up for our constitution and the second amendment because apparently many are not an joe biden is threatening executive action. >> that's exactly right and the modern-day left as more and more extreme. they had this bizarre and to god your prayers. the first thing you do when someone has lost a loved one as you reach out and say i'm lifting you up in prayer, and praying for you, your family, i
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know your hurting and may god's peace be with you in the left treats that like how dear you believe there is an omnipotent god who could actually love you and care for you. but more broadly than that, we see this cynical pattern whenever there is a mass murderer and i have to say we have had a way to many of these mass murderers. i represented texas in the senate for nine years now. i have been santa fe high school, less than an hour away from my home. i was down at santa fe high school with an hour of that shooting. it was horrific, the crazed madman who murdered those kids. el paso, the crazed racist bigot who murdered the people at that walmart, i was there for that. dallas, 15 police officers were murdered by a radical leftist, i was there for that i have to tell you sutherland springs, the worst church suiting in u.s. history, i was there the day after the shooting in that sanctuary, i saw with my own eyes the blood and shattered
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glass on the agony and the incredible love of that community. there have been to many of these and we need to stop them but the democrats proposal every time is always the same which is take away guns from law-abiding citizens. if that is their political agenda every single day, it doesn't work, and in fact it makes it worse because it disarms the potential victims and makes them vulnerable to criminals. if you want to stop them, what works is you target the bad guys. you go after felons and fugitives among those with serious mental illness to stop them from getting guns and when they try to illegally buy a firearm, you lock them up and put them in jail and back in 2013, i introduced legislation that targeted the bad guys and direct the department of justice to prosecute felons and fugitives that try to illegally buy guns. the democrats in 2013 filibustered, got 52 votes on the floor of the senate, nine
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democrats voted for it so it was the most bipartisan support of any of the comprehensive legislation and yet here he read in the democrats, chuck schumer and the rest of the liberals filibustered it, he didn't pass. i'll tell you if it had passed, there was a very good chance sutherland springs wouldn't have happened because the criminal who had committed a felony and was ineligible to buy guns, never reported his conviction to the background database and when he tried to illegally buy the gun, his conviction wasn't there and he murdered those people. if it had passed, they would've prosecuted him, would've put him in jail and he would have been in a jail cell instead of in that beautiful sanctuary. >> sean: currently is the democrats also when we were watching bricks and rocks and bottles and frozen water bottles and molotov cocktails and nearly 3,000 cops injured, 30 people
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killed, arson, looting, taking over of police precincts, burning them to the ground, allowing city blocks to be taken over, autonomous zones, summer of love, spaghetti potluck dinners, are they the same ones that were telling us every day that these are not riots, these are peaceful protests, that's what i remember from last summer. >> that's exactly right and these are rich liberals who have their own security detail would say that you shouldn't be able to protect your own family. we had a hearing that in 2020, the rate of gun buying went up dramatically and it may not particularly among minority communities, hispanics and asian-americans and one of the questions i asked at the hearing was how much did the riots of 2020, antifa, black lives matter riots that were burning our cities looting stores and murdering police officers, how much of that contributed and the witness testimony was quite a
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bit. i could tell you when houston when these riots were happening, there were stories about how violent mobs were going to come into the suburbs and raid people's homes and in houston that would not work out well because people believe in the right to keep and bear arms and if you come after their families, you're going to meet the business end of a firearm and that is a fundamental right for texans and the bill of rights. every year, firearms are used in a defensive situation to stop a criminal about a million times a year and the democrats want to take that away which endangers you and your family and they opposed targeting the bad guys in the criminals. you want to stop gun violence? go after the bad guys, that's what works and protects the second amendment. >> sean: amazing how joe biden thinks he can bypass congress again. constitutionally, he doesn't have the authority. great job today, thank you. when we come back, the far left policies continue to have
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horrific consequences. senator lindsey graham will join us to react to the crisis at the border, the latest on the left radical agenda spending 3 trillion more of your hard-earned dollars, a lot of it on the green new deal straight ahead.
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>> sean: joe biden's border crisis is worsening by the day, frankly by the hour and what we are seeing playing out on the border is entirely self-inflicted, entirely a creation of his open borders agenda, just look at this, now learning tonight the biden administration reportedly has only expelled 13% of migrant families in the last week and according to axios, that means just 13% of nearly 13,000 family
6:29 pm
members attempting to cross the u.s.-mexico border illegally will return to mexico between march 14th and march 21st and that's under title 42. that's open borders plain and simple and biden in the democrats destructive agenda is on full display all across the board as the biden team is now plotting to unveil yet another reckless spending package, this one with a price tag of 3 trillion more dollars on top of the 2 trillion they just spent an that's expected to be packed with a lot of green new deal climate measures and that's not all because the efforts could also to give d.c. statehood appears to be gaining some steam among democrats on capitol hill which again would be nothing more than a blatant and shameless power grab the stack the senate with two more democratic senators. here was a reaction to all of this and much more, south carolina
6:30 pm
senator lindsey graham. following the laws that your branch of government passed on immigration, now they want to bypass your branch as it comes to the issue of guns than they want d.c. statehood in puerto rico statehood, they think that will give them for additional democratic senators in perpetuity and that means a majority in perpetuity. your reaction. >> it's insane at multiple levels but congratulations to sara carter and your team. if this is proven to be true and i have no doubt it is, all i can say -- let me tell you this, according to your reporting is supposed to hold 80 people, they were 694 children in pod three a being managed by two border control agents. god bless the border patrol, god bless the custom agents who were dealing with the biden
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administration show at the border. i am going down with 18 senators friday and if i deny the ability to look into anyplace i want to go, we are going to shut the senate down. where is aoc, elizabeth warren, vice president harris who basically protested outside of the facility in homestead, florida, during the trump years holding migrant children? here's my message, president biden and vice president harris, with all due respect, go and look and see what you have caused by policies that will not work, quit denying the obvious, this is not a crisis, it's beyond a crisis, it's a national security disaster in the making, inhumane situation caused by bad policy, it will never change, president biden, and until you tell everybody to go home and stop bringing people into the united states. if you're not willing to do
6:32 pm
those two things, we will have a million people at our border by june. >> sean: i wish i was wrong. i predicted they would implement the most radical legislation in history, i told this audience they would try to eliminate the legislative filibuster. george biden said he now supports that. i talked about they would try to pack the courts and they now have a commission studying that very thing. i mentioned d.c. in puerto rico statehood and that is also happening. i also predicted they would rule by executive fiat, they want open borders and amnesty. so far, 4 for 4 and 5 for 5 if you want to add they destroy the energy sector. >> right. this is big news. can you imagine what would be happening tomorrow morning if we found these emails on president trump's watch? can you imagine the news tomorrow when you had 694 children in a pod meant for 80 people managed by two border
6:33 pm
patrol agents, can you imagine the problems with covid we are experiencing at the border? 14,000 unaccompanied children a month coming because the first thing they did was decide to exempt unaccompanied children from title 42 deportation. have a child makes it into america, they will stay in america and won't be sent back. that's being abolished. if you get to america, they will release you in america. they have created this problem because they change policies. where are the liberals going to the border and looking at the kids like they did with trump? all i can say is i'm going down with 18 senators and if they deny me the ability to go where i want to go and see what i want to see, we are going to shut the senate down. >> sean: you are going, senator ted cruz is going, going this friday, we will be there with you and our cameras will be there and i want to ask you this -- i don't want to hear any
6:34 pm
more lectures about mask wearing and social distancing after looking at these videos, 900% over capacity here literally sleeping on top of each other and frankly those plastic containers, those pods are the new kids in cages and maybe because i've asked and i've been trying and we've had reporters try them i can you see if maybe you can get inside the cargo shipping containers that they are also dumping kids in the mother one with a tiny window with bars on it? i like to see what those conditions look like. >> i'd hate to be the guy that told me know that is not the border patrol agents, they are doing a terrific job under terrible circumstances. president biden needs to get to the border along with his vice president right now. you need to go to the border, mr. president. you need to take a good nap and get to the border. >> sean: he has to prepare
6:35 pm
most of the week for his big press conference on thursday, finally one agenda item today, just one, most days he spent sleeping. senator graham, thank you. we will be watching closely on friday. when we come back, florida governor ron desantis is hitting back against indoctrinating our kids with what's called a critical race theory, continues to thrive through the pandemic well new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, california, michigan have done disastrous jobs. governor desantis next. by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear.
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>> sean: florida governor ron desantis is once again showing bold decisive leadership taking action to eliminate the destructive
6:40 pm
critical race theory from florida schools and also under his proposal teachers would receive a $3,000 bonus for getting credentialed in civics education which would not include "unsanctioned narratives like the far left critical race theory which seeks to inject racial divisions, hatred, resentment for america into our school kids and the response just like i've been saying, he mobilized every agency in the state and he used it to protect the most vulnerable, elderly population of florida. those were pre-existing conditions, while governors like cuomo and bill de blasio, governor wolf and murphy and gavin newsom got it wrong. of florida took early steps to protect the most vulnerable, blue states to the opposite. here with reaction, florida governor ron desantis.
6:41 pm
how long have your schools been open because they just opened in new york city this week. >> they've been open all year down here in florida when you set all those great things and it makes me wonder when you will pull the trigger and become a florida resident because there's a lot of great stuff. >> sean: i own a piece of property. i'm in the mix. >> there you go. there's a lot of parts of florida that are handed a country so i know a lot of us would love to see you but we've had kids in school the whole time, we've had businesses open, everyone has a right to work in florida, operate businesses and as a result, unemployment rate 4.8%, national averages 6.3%, the lockdown states like new york and california are eight and 9%. >> sean: i have those numbers while you are describing them, go ahead. >> so you have the economic success, you have the school success which is maybe going to be the most important thing out
6:42 pm
of all of this but as you mention, we focused on protecting elderly people so florida, there's 40 other states in her country that have higher for cavity mortality in the state of florida, we went with the nursing homes, we protected them, provide testing for seniors and then seniors first on the vaccination so our approach was superior to the lockdown states, florida is doing well, obviously we have more to do with finding things like critical race theory and also taking on big tech, one of the only states to be willing to do that so we have more work to do but we are much better off right now than anyone would've predicted a year ago. >> explain why you made this decision on critical race theory. >> it's two parts. i do think we need to rediscover in our k-12 system the founding of the country, what makes the country unique, our constitution, our founding fathers, some of the great
6:43 pm
figures throughout our history with her a lincoln or mlk or reagan winning the cold war but when you do that, it has to be true when solid and effectual and you can't let it become infected with left-wing ideology like critical race theory. critical race theory is basically teaching people to hate our country, hate each other, it's divisive and an identity politics version of marxism's right of think it has anyplace in the classroom, certainly shouldn't be funded by tax dollars so as we are doing this bold civics initiative which is important, i think people like that but a lot of people look at it and say they'd better be teaching the right stuff we will have it depoliticize curriculum, not going to let that stuff in there and that will serve students well in the state of florida for years to come. >> sean: i read that your ranking is significantly low when compared to other states in terms of education and the schools are doing a lot better than some of these blue states,
6:44 pm
throughout this pandemic, there seem to be moments where andrew cuomo was taunting you saying if you're coming from florida, you need to show us that you have a negative test or whatever the criteria was at the time, now that we know that he literally allowed, brought covid patients into nursing homes when he should have been protecting the elderly population and also sent them by executive order into group homes and then when they discovered it was an utter failure rather than ask a bad decision, they double down on it, then the cover-up started, then he wrote a book on leadership. i know it's not a contest between you and andrew cuomo but certainly the different approaches, we've learned a lot in the last year. >> we band sending covid positive residents back to nursing homes because we knew it would be hazardous and we wanted to protect those folks so we did that right and we were able to
6:45 pm
save thousands of lives as a result. >> sean: all right, governor, great job. i'm stuck up here. >> could get you a driver's license in 2 minutes, nice florida driver's license, just let me know. >> sean: you may regret this offer because i'm not one of those new yorkers coming down that is still going to vote for the crazy policies that they voted for up here. if i come to florida, i am staying a conservative, you don't have to worry about it. you may regret this because i'm going to be your worst nightmare. i have potholes in my street and need to have them fixed. i'm teasing. but thank you your warm invitation. half the country is moving there already so i know it's growing by leaps and bounds and rightly so, great job, thank you. after weeks of hiding from the public, biden is finally holding his first press conference on
6:46 pm
thursday. we will preview this looming disaster for the white house although joe was practicing so much it may not be the big total disaster, it's those unscripted moments where joe i need my car, my name is joe, my wife's name is jill. i live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it won't be like that, that i can tell you. lara trump his neck straight ahead.
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>> sean: joe biden finally scheduled to hold a solo news conference on thursday waiting the longest to do so of any president in the modern era now before thursday's presser, i have a few questions of my own for the ever so weak and frail and cognitively struggling
6:51 pm
joe biden. joe, have you and will you take a cognitive test and beyond biden's cognitive struggles, many other questions he needs to answer for example mr. president, can you guarantee that every migrant that comes across the border illegally will be tested for covid, not now realized the mistake of the border policies and may be reinstitute the stay in mexico policy, may be and the idiocy of catch and release held the same standards that apply to the rest of us, shouldn't they apply apply to illegal immigrants? i don't see you complaining about their lack of social distancing inside those overcrowded facilities you are showing earlier in the show. the cargo shipping containers that allegedly had butterflies on the windows, do you believe that your policies and rhetoric encourage the southern border, many migrants on camera are saying you encouraged all of this.
6:52 pm
here with reaction, lara trump is with us. the fact that he had nothing on the schedule saturday, sunday, monday, and one event today tells me i'm guessing just conjecture on my part that joe is likely practicing because he needs practice before any big moment. >> it sort of reminiscent of the campaign. he sort of hid out in his basement. we didn't see him for a long time during the campaign. he went weeks at certain points without ever coming out of his house in delaware, so this is no different. we thought maybe we would get a little more transparency from joe biden should he ever get to this point. we haven't. you just said it, this is the first time in over 100 years that it has taken this long for a president to do a press conference and i sure hope that the mainstream media is ready. i sure hope they ask him questions about the southern border. i'd like to ask him does he
6:53 pm
think any of his policies so far have benefited the american people? go far, we've seen energy jobs leave america, auto plants are now going back to mexico when under donald trump they came here to america, he got people back to work, he got things up and running, joe biden is turning it all around. does he think it was positive that he has effected a generation of young women with this equality act taking away opportunities that they might have via women sports scholarships and their future? but i suspect that what we are going to hear from the media when they question joe biden and something more along the lines of what flavor milk shake had he gotten that day, so we will see. >> sean: i'm expecting what do you find enchanting about the office, a question barack obama. vladimir putin took shots at his
6:54 pm
cognitive abilities. the chinese lecturing our delegation and our secretary of state in alaska on the issue of human rights, do you believe that the things that i see, joe being weak and frail and struggling cognitively are enemies and are taking liberties that they wouldn't take if your father-in-law were still president? >> i'm sure that's playing a big factor in absolutely, they see a much weaker person and joe biden being president of the united states than they ever did in donald trump. when he drew a line in the sand, he meant it and they knew it. they knew not to test him and to push him or boundaries but with joe biden, it's pretty clear they could do whatever they want and there's really nothing that joe biden is going to do, he hasn't stood up to anyone so far. he has a complete disaster on the southern border, he is making us look like a bunch of fools as americans and we want
6:55 pm
strength. peace through strength was always donald trump's motto and it worked. we did not enter one unnecessary war under donald trump's tenure as president of the united states, he brought the troops back home and we were out of the endless wars. under joe biden, i think they see exactly what you're saying, he is weak and frail and somebody that can be pushed around and it's really scary to be an american right now. >> sean: it's embarrassing, good question. still considering a run for senate in north carolina, your home state. >> always your exit question, yes. i am still considering it, absolutely. >> sean: lara trump, thank you for being with us, more hannity after this. of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1
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>> sean: our villain of the day, but cancel culture mob. apparently calling for boycott
7:00 pm
of jeopardy because dr. oz is filling in. really? game shows, doctors being subjected to the hate, the range of cancel culture. that's sad, very sad. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. we are always independent, not the media mob. >> laura: they are intellectual pygmies. they can't debate. they can have actual conversations so i have to block everything else out. it's very mature and shortsighted and it's backfiring. i'm glad we are documenting this but i don't think it's working. they are starting to eat their own which is what we predicted. anyway. all right, hannity. we've got to roll. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. democrats are coming for your guns and they will use any tools at their disposal no matter how unconstitutional. senator josh hawley is here the potential backlash. the border crisis isor


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