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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: how cute she sings affirmations with her students. the california teacher has been doing this every day for the last 10 years. incredible. carley: amazing. how about that? jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> multiple people are dead including an officer after a shooting in a will supermarket in boulder, colorado. >> my heart goes out to the victims and i'm so sorry about the loss of officer hally. >> overnight terrifying scenes of a massive fire ripping through a new york nursing home. >> texas democrat henry cuellar has released photos of a crowded overflowing facility. >> in the country would it be okay to have 400 people in a space for 260 during the pandemic. >> we are closely following the cdc guidelines. >> do you intend to visit the border? >> not today. [laughter] >> there are rumblings of
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another massive spending program, and that could mean major tax increase. >> administration may want $3 trillion in new infrastructure spending. >> gives it up, goodwin if be slams it down. steve: good morning. it is tuesday, march 23rd, 2021. we start this hour of "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. overnight, look at these pictures, terrifying scenes, that is of a massive nursing home fire in spring valley, new york. >> oh, oh, the firearm. the firearm. rachel: the fire causing the roof to collapse. evergreen nursing home in spring valley. an explosion apparently sparked the flames with at least one firefighter and two civilians injured. will: several residents were evacuated. some shown here seeking shelter
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in a bus. we will have more on this story as it develops throughout the morning. good morning, again, and welcome to "fox & friends." steve, rachel. steve: good morning, will, rachel, good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. we start with another fox news alert this time in colorado as you went to bed you heard about this, 10 people killed including a hero police officer after a gunman opened fire for some reason inside a colorado grocery store. rachel: police say they have a suspect in custody. will: jeff paul is live outside that supermarket with what we know so far. good morning, jeff. >> yeah. good morning, yeah. the shopping center where all this shooting took place it was fairly busy when those first shots rang out and as you can see they still have a lot of police tape up around the entire perimeter of the shopping center. a lot of the survivors had to leave their cars behind as they ran to safety especially as the gunfire continued. somens withs describe hearing the gunshots, not knowing first
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what was going on after quickly realizing they either tried to find cover or ran to safety. some even jumping off the back loading dock of the grocery store. soon after calls started flagged into the local 911 dispatch where some of the first police officers to arrive started getting shot at. >> we have report of a shooting in progress. it's a white male, middle aged. in front of the king is ooper the party is wearing an armored vest. >> shot at twice. officer down inside the building. >> one of the 10 people who died is being identified as officer eric tally who is a father of 7 kid. investigator say he was one of the first to arrive on scene saying what he did was heroic, procession was held where first responder from all over the area saluted him as his body was taken away. we are also hoping to learn more
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about the nine others and story of the people who were killed. authorities not releasing their names as they contact family members. they haven't haven't released the name of the suspected shooter. all of that is something we could learn about this morning during the next news conference. back to you. steve: all right, jeff. we thank you very much for that live report. >> a lot we don't know. steve: there is a lot we don't know but there is a lot we do know. we do know according to the chief out there, that that particular officer, officer tally did nothing short of absolute heroic action in running toward the gunfire, clean-up is what those people do and things like that. somebody spoke to officer tally's father overnight. and i'm sure that was a tough interview. and his dad said he loved his family more than anything. rachel: of course. just imagine, a father of 7. dan bongino was on the network last night. he is a former secret service officer, as we all know. he knows what goes into being a
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police officer. he says we should never forget that police officers run towards gunshots while we all run away. take a look. >> none of them are getting rich off, this okay? they are certainly not doing it for the fame, the notoriety and the basket of riches they get at the end of the day. you know, i haven't ever gotten to say this on your show. one of the greatest lines i ever heard from the spouse of a police officer the greatest sound in the world is the sound of velcro at night. a lady police officer's spouse know what is that means body armor wear. that velcro makes a loud sound. you know your husband or wife is home safely. that sound, someone is not going to hear that southbound for this officer. will: officer tally ran towards those shots as you mentioned, rachel. unfortunately for his family and his seven kids as you mentioned, rachel, they won't hear that sound. it's a sad day in colorado. steve: one of the guys who worked with officer tally said
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it did not surprise him that he was the first one there. he was the first one who responded and the first one killed. rachel: our condolences go out to his family and of course to all his colleagues that work with him. meanwhile, over at the border. we have a crisis top biden border official will visit mexico and guatemala this week to assess migrants overwhelmed by the system. will: as vice president kamala harris literally asks when asked this question in jacksonville. >> do you intend visit the border? >> um, not today,. [laughter] but i have before and i'm sure i will again. steve: okay. griff jenkins is back in tijuana with more and, griff, we heard from the podium at the white house yesterday that what is going on there is not a crisis. it is a circumstance. griff: that's right, steve, will, rachel, good morning to
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you. we are on a pace to hate two decade high surge on our personal recognizance. more than 4,000 unaccompanied minors in custody. nearly 100 percent bed space full and they are racing to open more shelters but, yet, at the white house, it's still not a crisis and apparently not a challenge anymore. here's what jen psaki said. watch. >> we feel that it is our responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance griff griff this as the "new york post" reports that the cartels are using these unaccompanied minors to smuggle their members into the united states and as we spend more time in the swelling migrant camp we are learning more about the treacherous journeys they are making. we met one migrants who says will tijuana he was kidnapped. watch this. >> i was getting up in the first day i came here. i load everything, i load a lot of things that i bring.
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griff: meanwhile, as this camp here, tries to figure out how they will get across the border, hoping that president biden will help them despite the administration saying don't come, the business owners and residents around this migrant tent camp are getting very frustrated. here's what one pharmacy owner told us. >> that's my question every day, what's going to happen with these people and the business. because it's killing us one way or the other. i mean, besides being the border closed for over a year now, now this. griff: meanwhile, guys, the administration has dispatched roberta jackson, the president's border czar and some officials to go to mexico traveling to mexico yesterday and then on to guatemala to try to figure out how they will get this under control. steve, will, rachel? will: thanks, griff. this meanwhile as these pictures came out yesterday during "fox & friends." pictures of these crowded migrant facilities.
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these are unaccompanied migrant children in many cases in cellophaned wrapped pods. pods designed to hold something like 260 individuals, holding north of 400 people. when you spend years demagoguing your oppositional party as putting kids in cages, you will have questions to answer when your administration puts kids in cellophane pods. jen psaki tried to answer those questions from our own peter doocy yesterday. it did not go well. listen. >> what's the concern about this being a super spreader event where you have got 400 kids stuffed into a pod build for 260? >> these kids are tested. they need to be quarantined, they are quarantined. we also follow cdc guidelines to ensure that they are kept safe. steve: where else in the country would it be okay to have 400 people in a space for 260 during the pandemic? >> oh, again, peter, we are closely following the cdc
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guidelines. steve: i don't know that there are cdc guidelines that say you can be open. >> we want to move these kids as quickly as possible through these facilities and into the shelters. steve: that first stop is not happening. >> we are expediting the timeline because these border patrol facilities are not made for children. steve: well, you know, and peter tried, but, you know, she is really good at not answering questions. and we did not get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that the federal government is on the case because right now they have got two problems. the administration does. you have got these democratic lawmakers in border states telling the administration you have got to stop the flow because the people are just flooding our streets and we are overwhelmed. but, at the same time, they have got human rights activists saying you have got to treat the people humanely. and i was reading this morning in the "the washington post,"
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and they were referring to these images, will, that you set up and they talked about how these images echo donald trump's handling of the border. but then "the washington post," in the news pages. this was not the editorial. >> the news pages the reporter said but the current conditions are far more humane than during donald trump. you know what in the reporter has not been there to see it with their own two eyes. but, for my money, what is not humane about what is going on, is just like during donald trump, there were people who were forced to sleep on the floor who were not getting enough to eat, or being held past 72 hours. which is the federal law. but the one bonus thing is this is all happening during a coronavirus pandemic. ainsley: right. steve: there is a pandemic in that room and across the world. come on. rachel: the other thing that's inhumane is we are boosting
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criminal cartels who are using these children, basically as commodities to enrich themselves and our policies are assisting in that. here is tom homan. he was on "fox & friends first" this morning talking about that. >> no one celebrated more the biden presidency than criminal cartels because they heard the promises he made. and the promise he made was will going to cause a surge in the border. the criminal cartels are back in business. i understand now what we have a humanitarian issue what you like to tell people the humanitarian issue could be turned into a national security issue criminal cartels they will purposefully send a group of 200 family units to one area to tie border patrol assets up and move their fentanyl and opioids and the bad through an unguarded area that don't want to be caught. these criminal cartels are ruthless and people don't see the friendship side of that. they see illegal immigration a victimless crime. it's far from victimless.
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will: what is stunning editorialization, steve from what you just read to us from "the washington post because your point need to be underlined that reporter has not been to the border. also a not been to the facilities. we know this because there has been a media blackout from the biden administration. the images on your screen are only available to us pause they were released by the office of democratic congressman henry kay are a. by the way he will be on "fox & friends" coming up at 7:35 a.m. eastern time today. i like how you put this into two categories, steve. two different crises going on at the border. one created by the biden administration with the rhetoric and incentive. there is a flow of people flooding the southern border. second, what do you do with them once they are there. what the biden administration is doing is you can demagogue your opposition party. once again i said this a moment ago, demagogue political opponent as putting kids in cages. what happens when you are in charge you call them something different but they are still in cellophane pods as you point out
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during a pandemic. now is the time for leadership. let's see what you have biden administration. rachel: she told peter doocy well, we can't send them back across on this dangerous journey. well, how about flying them back to their parents where they belong? they just talked about flying immigrants illegal immigrants other to canada. why can't we change the law that allows us to put these children back where they belong because as we know, she said herself, they come with a piece of paper in their pocket and they are going to unite them with people? this is like a pedophile's dream. a sex trafficker's dream the way they have set up this system to use children as a way to get across the border because once the children come across, they can't be sent back. so anybody who is with those children gets to stay with them. steve: keep in mind, it's not a crisis. it's just a circumstance. but it seems like the administration was responsible for these circumstances, doesn't it? we are going to revisit this throughout the day hear on the channel. in the meantime, "the washington
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examiner" did a story and they have examined cigna, which is the great big healthcare insurance company. 13th largest, i believe, business in the united states of america. and what they found is that employees are routinely subjected to critical race theory lessons. and you know critical race theory means everything is racist. they are also asked not to consider white men while hiring -- in hiring decisions. they have internal policy of quotas that creates a demoralizing effect. and apparently, according to leaked documents and chat logs after the death of george floyd they started holding mandatory town halls described as giant white guilt events and they revised the dress code to allow black lives matter attire there at cigna. rachel: interesting. will: cigna employee told "the washington examiner" in that
3:16 am
story given the hiring practices they have in place where white male candidates are blocked. i have to say yes there is obvious discrimination at the company. now, in response to this senator marco rubio has said the following you have to wonder how a corporate culture so consumed by dividing americans can effectively serve our nation and its people. it is grotesque and unamerican. grotesque is the beginning of the description of what we are seeing go on in corporate america and in american culture at large right now we are tempted, i think and i have read this in several stories describe this as political correctness. it's not political correctness. what we have to describe it as is what it is segregation, modern day bull conner. it's modern day jim crow to define each other to superficial characteristics and divide us and hire us and then separate us is nothing short of modern day segregation and modern day racism. no matter what you call it northern day racism comes to you in the guise of anti-racism and
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we have to start addressing it for what it is. rachel: we do. we have to ask why is this happening? some think corporations are cowardly and they are afraid of these activists these woke social justice warriors coming after them so they do. this i think it's a lot more sinister. i think there has been a plot, some sort of takeover of corporate boards by the left. conservatives fate for ideas. i believe that liberals and radicals fight for territory. and the corporate boards are the ones approving these kinds of, you know, social justice corporate wide practices. and so this is why we are seeing critical race theory come into corporate culture and take hold the way it has in our culture. steve: the ceo of cigna in june of 2020 spoke about racism to the organization and how he, a white man, felt discrimination as a child because he was not allowed to play basketball with black players. so that's the guy who is running cigna, how he felt about that.
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so perhaps that explains a lot. cigna did release a statement to the channel and the tucker carlson program and said cigna stands for equity and equality. while we have not been able to validate the internal exchange highlighted in the washington examiner's story, we encourage all colleagues who have concerns or questions to contact our 24/7 confidential ethics office. will: really quickly, steve, the trick in that statement and what everyone needs to understand is the word equity. equity and equality are two words with will opposite means. they are not the same meaning. inside that definition of equity they are packing every single new critical race theory segregation theory that they can. steve: we thought we would highlight something going on at cigna. all right, going on here at the news channel we have some news. and for that we turn to jillian. jillian: good morning. let's begin with this. chart bennett's lawyer alleges
3:19 am
andrew cuomo's office is using in-house attorneys to meddle with the independent investigation. this as the top democrat face backlash from new york democrat for this comment. >> all right. i'm not going anywhere. i'm staying. jillian: a lien ripping into more controversial behavior surfaced. >> i thought that that was unbelievable. number 8 comes forward and still acting very cocky. jillian: eight women are accusing the governor of sexual misconduct. a chicago subbarred the first in the u.s. to pay reparations to black residents. receive $25,000 for home repairs or down payments. they have to prove their ancestors lived in the city and suffered discrimination. the program is being funded through donations and revenue from sales tax on recreational marijuana. new overnight, a possible
3:20 am
tornado touches down in texas leaving some communities in rubble. this video shows damaged buildings in enter trump, including one -- bertram. thunderstorms and strong winds reported across austin and surrounding cities. no injuries have been reported. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: thanks, jillian very much. miami beach in desperate need of a break from spring breakers as curfew chaos it for a third night the cdc is doubling down on their warning not to travel there. is that a party or a super spreader. that's coming up. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need... is a road.
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♪ will: residents and business on owners in miami beach reeling
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after a stampede of spring breakers in the city. rachel: carley joins joins us. >> a proven recipe for disaster in florida right now. miami beach police reports making more than 1,000 arrests during this year's spring break season so far. half of those being out-of-state visitors. >> the problem is we don't have enough space for every single person in the united states over a period of time. we obviously are managing and helping them manage a surge of people that is well beyond the capacity for any small city like miami beach to be able to management. carley: swat teams and law enforcement officers swooped in saturday to disperse tens of thousands of party goers in south florida. >> we have had approximately 5 police officers that have been injured. they are doing okay and they are
3:26 am
expected to recover. but, i will tell you, this has been challenging for our police department. carley: sunday the city ordered an emergency 8:00 p.m. curfew. >> that new curfew expected to extend well into april after spring break season is over and business owners are furious. now blocked from trying to make up for pandemic losses. tourists who travel to miami beach were sent text messages warning to vacation responsibly or be arrested along with a list of lengthy rules. guys? steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. you know, traditionally spring break is when cooped up college kids wind up going to, you know, some place warm just to blow off steam after a very cold winter. but what we're seeing down in miami, particularly in the last week or two is that people from across the country trying to have a good time after a very
3:27 am
bad year. and the city manager of essentially said that given the fact that you can get a really good deal to go to miami right now, a lot of those people are taking advantage of that. rachel: you saw the video of the clip of the cop there, you know, with the beautiful palm tree behind him made me want to go to miami. maybe the answer is not the only great beach in america. open up america. open up the beaches and maybe there won't be so much pent up energy of people going to miami. we can spread out the fun a little bit more. will: imagine that. coop people up in their house for well over a year now. and the minute there is a slight lift of the pot on the stove. a minute lift restrictions people have steam they need off. college manager saying this is not college students. well beyond college student. americans at large coming down to miami. we should say this is beyond college student. this is beyond a masking issue. what it looks like rowdiness
3:28 am
verging into accurately. steve: what the city manager said of miami was simply that right now because a lot of people are not traveling can get a really cheap air fare ticket down there and there are a lot of hotels that they haven't had customers for a year. so you can get a good deal there. will: can i vouch for that. steve: i think i'm talking myself into going to florida right now. rachel: miami looks great. steve: i was there a week ago and the weather was perfect. the people social distanced. not a lot of masks outside. it was lovely. will: i have seen and might have bought a few $75 round trips. steve: yes, you have. will: all right. it's the nearly 2 trillion-dollar relief bill wasn't enough, the biden team is planning another get this $3 trillion agenda of spending items. so what will had mean for your taxes? we're crunching the numbers.
3:29 am
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. we begin your headlines pinged maintains will communication with former president barack obama. >> they're friends and consult and talk about a range of issues and, you know, i would expect that continues through the course of president biden's presidency. jillian: jen psaki did not reveal how many times they have
3:34 am
spoken about but discuss the affordable care act. >> follow new jerseyens lead and pause reopenings. >> it's time to reassess for sure a good example is with indoor dining. the city now getting up to 50%, certainly we have got to stop there. jillian: de blasio said new york needs more time to study the new virus variant which make up half of the city's case. phil murphy announced there would be no further reopenings at this point. jillian: going to march madness gonzaga for the sweet 16 for the will sixth straight year. clock here gonzaga. he does it all jiff jiff sophomore scoring a high 30 points as the bulldogs beat oklahoma 84-70. meanwhile top seeded michigan holding off lsu 86- 78.
3:35 am
beating kansas. alabama rolling over maryland 96-7'. and oregon topping iowa 95- 0 after sitting out the first round due to their opponent having several covid-19 cases. that is a look at your headlines, steve, send it to you. steve: thank you very much, jillian. the state of new york, california, and illinois are some of the states seeing residents leave for some reason. meanwhile, several red states are seeing their populations blossom. it's why our next guest has written a new op-ed that conservatism's center of gravity is moving to key states away from d.c. matt schlapp is the chairman of the american conservative union which hosts cpac as you know and a former political director for gwb. he joins us right now from in front of his fireplace.
3:36 am
good morning to you. >> i want you to know i'm in florida but i'm definitely not on miami beach. steve: good. because there is curfew. actually the curfew ended 35 minutes ago. >> good. steve: matt, what are you saying is happening? because when you look at the states that are gaining congressional seats you have got texas and florida, arizona, colorado, montana, north carolina and oregon. and then the ones lazarusing states in yellow, alabama, california, illinois, michigan, minnesota, ohio, pennsylvania, rhode island and are west virginia. why are people heading out of one state and going to another? >> first, it's important to know that these census numbers are not finalized yet. so we won't know for sure until a little bit long his or her gets what seats. what i thought was so interesting is l.a. and new york and san francisco just 10 years ago, that was like where every young person wanted to go and get a job. these cities were great. chicago a great place to live.
3:37 am
think about it for the first time in our history california is actually going to lose a congressional seat in redistricting. that's just revolutionary. i think it tells a bigger story. as a matter of fact, it presents what's going to be a year or two from now things will be much worse from california. these mega blue in-depth states with these big cities they are failed states and they are failed cities and people are flocking away from them. steve: sure. it's not just people but also corporations. over the last six months we have been talking about how big corporations are leaving blue states and going to red states for a variety of reasons. you are down in florida right now. why are you there? the weather is great, obviously. but when you think about there is no state income tax, which is a real boost. i would imagine there are a lot of people in your neck of the woods and i don't know what woods you are in who are like-minded and it's hard to find that up in the cultural
3:38 am
northeast for a conservative like you. >> that's right. lack, i run a nonprofit so i have to raise funds for that nonprofit. the number one destination would have been go to new york city to raise money for a nonprofit like mine. and now the center of gravity is to come to florida. do you want to go meet with dopplers? they have either moved here or just spending a tremendous amount of time here. steve, when you talk about these corporate headquarters. read the press releases there is all these euphemisms about regional synergies and how this helps with distribution chain. that's a euphemism for we are fleeing the insanity of a depleted police force and defund the police and your story on reparations in a chicago suburb and the taxes and regulations and insanity of cancel culture. these companies even though they are woke they realize it's impractical way to run a company. steve: i heard donald trump rattle off a list of the next wave of republican leaders and
3:39 am
one of them was ron desantis who is governor down there. you have got the texas governor abbott. have you kristi noem in south dakota and the list goes on and on. these are the new leaders of the new wave of the conservative movement. >> that's right, steve. and it's -- you know, we always wonder like what is conservatism? at the end of the day, conservatism in a modern context represents very practical solutions to give you the power to control your life and ron desantis is like america's governor right now because he is simply using logic and common sense to try to guide us through a very difficult time and people want that leadership. they are not looking to the senate and house for that leadership. they are showing that's governors are showing these these practical government slitions. i think it's the greatest part of this very troubling year. steve: all right. matt schlapp, speaking very loudly at his home down in florida. i hope you didn't wake mercedes, just saying.
3:40 am
>> she is in the background, steve. she really is in all candor. steve: really, can she hear me? >> she can. >> hi, steve. steve: that's more like it. mercedes, nice to see you or hear you at least. schlapp family, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. if the nearly $3 trillion relief bill wasn't enough. the biden team is planning a $3 trillion spending bill. a lot of taxes are going to go up. do you know whether a? charles payne doesn't like it. he will break down the numbers coming up next. ♪ ♪
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it will help you hit shots from anywhere, unlike those other subs. my sub has steak. wait, what did he say? steak! choose better be better and now save when you order in the app. subway eat fresh. will: on the heels of $1.9 trillion stimulus biden's economic team is reportedly eyeing a sweeping $3 trillion economic package and it could
3:45 am
include some massive tax hikes to help pay for it. here what it means for your wallet is fox business making money host charles payne. charles, good morning to you. 3 trillion, i mean 1. was something. 3 trillion is a whole different ballgame. how do you pay for that, charles? >> taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes and more taxes it. and if anyone watches think they will escape this barrage of taxes you are kidding yourself. they have advertised things like the corporate tax rate going from 21 to 28%. also hitting corporations at a multinationals so they do business around the world that tax will go up to 21% from 13%. raising the rates on everyone else. but, other things, you know, think about this, will, the government is going to somehow have to put a device inside everyone's automobile to monitor how many miles they drive so they hit them on the driving tax as well. everyone watching this show your
3:46 am
taxes are going go up. i'm not sure if you would call this an economic bill, or what you call a progressive wish list bill. it's certainly is not an infrastructure bill. will: let's get to infrastructure just in one moment, charles. that's what they want to spend the money on. this idea how do they pay for it you mentioned it on your screen. we will show you what charles is talking about some of the tax hikes. reportedly the biden administration is talking about including raising income tax making over $400,000 or couples $400,000. company levies on companies. expansion of estate tax. is the rich going to pay for. >> it that's not what is going to happen. everyone will pay for that a lot of regress are tax inideas sneak through. this gargantuan bill forced through reconciliation. when people see it they will be shocked. the average person out there will see their taxes go up in some way, some shape, some form. we are talking $3 trillion, will, this is, you know, this is
3:47 am
not -- they can never really truly pay for it. ironically some liberal economists think they shouldn't raise taxes at all if they were to too a true infrastructure bill you can pass it off as an investment. you call it an infrastructure bill. it's not an infrastructure bill it's a progressive wish list that happens to include infrastructure. just like the covid rescue package wasn't about covid. it was 9% about other things. will: pete buttigieg, for one, has called it an infrastructure package, you are right, charles. i'm sure infrastructure will be part of it but with $3 trillion to spend they will find every progressive wish list agenda item in some way. here is what pete buttigieg is saying. some of them sexy in the policy world roads need to go on a diet. that's just some of his quotes. here's what he had to say a quick flashback when it comes to infrastructure, our new transportation secretary. listen to this, charles. >> i think it's very important that we recognize the importance of roadways where pedestrians,
3:48 am
bicycles, vehicles and any other mode can coexist peacefully. >> coexist peacefully, charles. that's a lot of happy talk for i don't know what this infrastructure package might look like as a part of this $3 trillion in spending. >> it's goofy happy talk. the roads aren't going to be a lot thinner the way they are going, no one will have a job. imagine being in one of these sexy roads with two lanes and the bike lane is empty and you are 30 minutes late for work all because we have reserved this for the elitist who know how to do things right and somehow can afford to ride their bike while everyone else is going to work. it's not sexy at all unless you believe in this utopian world that pete buttigieg believes. in check the track record in south bend where they have the most potholes of any city in the statement work on the potholes first before we start talking about sexy. will: let's work on the potholes before we start with the bike lanes. all right, charles, that's
3:49 am
pretty sound advice. look forward to talking to you again next time, charles. thank you. >> thanks a lot. will: amid calls for responsibility at the border. under president trump says the biden team is lying about why they are keeping journalists away. he joins us next. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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♪ ♪ rach the biden administration still has no clear answer on blocking the media from the border facilities as these images from congressman henry cuellar. the next guest response cybil for dealing with the media request during the trump administration. public affairs at the dhs alexa joins me now. welcome. you say where there is smoke there is fire. you think there is a cover-up. tell us about it. what are they covering up? >> yeah. well, when there is a situation like this, usually the truth sets you free. and the fact that there is there media gag order tells everyone the american public and the media themselves that the fact on the ground is likely much worse than any of us know. and that's the only reason they are covering up and they want media nowhere near any of these facilities. rachel: what do you suspect the conditions are like based on the
3:54 am
photos that you are seeing here that you believe this is much more widespread? >> both in magnitude but how widespread it is. so likely it's worse. so, if there is a member of congress invited to a facility, they are only being invited to the facility that has the best conditions that is least likely to have any type of political risk. right? so you got an invitation from congress, you are going to take them to the one that they are going to -- everyone everything is going to be in order. if you are a member of congress, make sure you break out of the village. talk to the people that they are not inviting to you talk to to get real firsthand testimony. rachel: yesterday will interviewed julio an independent reporter going with a congressional delegation and they allowed the congressional delegation in and then they cited covid as the reach they went let julio in who is a reporter. here is what mayorkas had to say
3:55 am
blaming covid on lack of access. >> let's not forget that we are in the midst of a pandemic. and we are focused on our operations, executing our operations in a crowded border patrol facility where hundreds of vulnerable migrant children are located, number one. and number two, we are working on providing footage so that the american public can see the border patrol stations. rachel: that goes to what you just said they are working on providing footage probably the best footage they find. how far up the chain do you think this order to block the media comes from? >> yeah. at a minimum it comes from secretary mayorkas himself. i think that this is a matter that congress should investigate and find out what information he has that he is not sharing and also explain why he is making this decision and it can even go as high as president biden himself.
3:56 am
stay behind the scenes a little crisis like these getting regular briefings almost up to the minute numbers and policy analysis. and we really haven't been getting much information from the white house. and it just tells me that everything is much worse than any of us know. rachel: yeah. it certainly doesn't smell right. well, there are senators going this week. a large group. we will see if they get to the bottom of this media blackout. thanks for joining us. very insightful information. all right. still to come, we are joined by senator john cornyn, congressman henry cuellar, miller meeks, represent mariannette miller-meeks and nancy grace and bret baier. stay with us. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine!
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♪' >> terrifying scenes. that is of a massive nursing home fire in spring valley, new york. >> we have heard reports that there were people trapped inside of this huge facility. >> tragedy in boulder. 10 people are dead including a police officer after a gunman opened fire inside a grocery store. >> goes out to the victims and i am so sorry about the loss of officer tally. >> the "new york post" reports that the cartels are using unaccompanied minors to smuggle their members in to the united states. >> do you intend visit the border? >> not today,. [laughter] >> this is not a laughing matter for our country or for these people.
4:01 am
>> the biden administration reportedly considering a new $3 trillion spending package. >> taxes, taxes and more taxes. everyone watching this show, your taxes are going to go up. >> krispy kreme is offering a sweet incentive for people who get the covid-19 vaccine, free donuts throughout the end of the year. rachel: fox news alert. we are learning that one firefighter suffered a heart attack at the scene of a raging fire at a new york nursing home overnight. >> back up. back up. will: unclear if anyone was trapped evergreen nursing home in spring valley. explosion reportedly sparked the flames. number of residents evacuated as you can see some of them that appears to be a school bus. we will have more on this story
4:02 am
as it develops throughout the morning. the sun is coming up here in new york state and i'm sure we will have a live reporter and live pictures very shortly. rachel: to another fox news alert. 10 people killed including a police officer after a shooting inside of a colorado grocery store. will: a suspect is currently in custody though. steve: but we don't know their name or any of the circumstances jeff paul is live outside that grocery store right now with the very latest. jeff? >> yeah. police have the entire area surrounding the grocery store where that shooting happened pretty much blocked off and you might even in the behind us as we take a closer look in at the scene a few cars in the parking lot, a fairly full parking lot that's because many of the survivors didn't have much time to get away and had to physically run away to get to safety leaving everything behind. those first shots were reported monday afternoon whether the retail area was full of people running are rapids.
4:03 am
some were buying groceries others eating at nearby restaurants. we have heard reports of people trying to get their covid-19 vaccine. witnesses say at first they didn't really grasp what was happening. but they soon realized it was gunfire. those inside either tried to find cover or somehow managed to managed to run out of the store going out the back and jumping off the loading dock. >> after that second shot i was like okay, there is someone up front shooting people. my first thought was i needed to get my wife out. >> it went like 15 to 20 shots in like it 15 second. it was really fast. >> in all, 10 people died. but investigators credit the police for getting to the scene quickly to get folks to safety. one of those officers, the first on scene, is among the 10 who died. officer. >> eric: officer eric talley. police haven't released the names of the other nine victims.
4:04 am
we hope they do so we begin to tell their stories. they haven't released the name of the suspected shatter. >> all of those unknowns now. maybe weigh can get clarity in the morning at the news conference. will: jeff, thank you very much. steve: jeff, real quickly before you go, did you say they were giving covid shots at that frozery store? >> we heard reports there were people not necessarily inside the grocery store but this is a big shopping area. there is not just a grocery store. as you go around the side, i believe there is a pharmacy. there is a couple restaurants around. so it's like one of those mega kind of retail areas. and it's fairly big here in boulder, there is a gas station across the street. apartments all over here. this is sort of the center of this kind of particular living area where people come to eat, come to shop, come to do all sorts of things. and, you know, in an afternoon you can imagine how many people were out here and just seeing all those cars in the parking lot gives you an idea of how many people were here and how many people survived.
4:05 am
will: thank you so much for that, jeff. of course, our condolences, thoughts and prayers for the family of officer talley. now to the border crisis. top biden border officials will visit mexico and guatemala this week to assess migrants overwhelming the system. rachel: griff jenkins is live from tijuana, mexico with more. griff? griff: good morning, rachel will and steve as the administration is doing with this two decade record level surgeon at the border. we are getting new startling images released by a democrat congressman henry cuellar inside that unaccompanied minor facility in donna, texas. you just see an unbelievably overcrowded situation in cellophane here. it's coming as the administration continues to >> referee: to call this a crisis. first it was a challenge. now here is what white house press secretary jen psaki is calling it. listen. >> we feel that it is our
4:06 am
responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance. gruff griff this as the "new york post" reports today that the cartels are using these unaccompanied minors to smuggle their own members into the united states. we spoke to some of the migrants here in the tijuana camp about the threat of cartels emanuel from honduras told us his story. watch. >> use it for other things. might sell part of your body or things like that, you know. they might use you to cross drugs or do other bad things that i don't want that for my family. griff: emanuel very worried president cartel violence. meanwhile while these migrants are stuck between the life they left behind and the future that reach across the u.s. border, the resident here around this camp are getting quite frustrated. we talked to one neighbor, here's what she told us.
4:07 am
>> so loud every day. [inaudible] every day. they came in to pee three times in front of the house. many [inaudible] >> that delegation you mentioned roberta jackson the president's border czar leading one to mexico and in to guatemala to try to figure out some solution on this situation here in tehran tijuana and all the way teese texas where they have started process migrants without issuing a court date for their asylum hearing. will, rachel, steve? rachel: thank you, griff. that's so interesting. he had an interview earlier we put of a pharmacy owner complaining about the conditions that they can't, you know, their businesses aren't working because of all the crowds and the people there and she mentioned urinating in front of homes and businesses. you know, of the mexicans originally very skeptical of trump's policies and now they are coming out and saying including the mexican president that the policies were working
4:08 am
and were better for mexico and that they are now concerned about these changes that the biden administration has. steve: sure. rachel: enacted. steve: i wonder if when ambassador jacobson meets with the leaders of mexico and as griff says goes on to guatemala they are going to say why did the biden administration change things because things were working out just fine? apparently what she is asking the leaders of guatemala and mexico is help us out. we can't handle this surge or these circumstances now at our southern border so do whatever you can. jen psaki was asked yesterday, you know, how are you getting out the word now is not the time to come? and she said well, we are running radio ads. it's lake as i hook at the images of the migrants heading towards the united states, i don't see anybody listening to a radio. obviously has that has not been very effective. what they need to have is have joe biden the president of the
4:09 am
united states just have a major address about the trouble at our southern border and just make it very clear. do not come right now. the problem for the president though is for years he has been saying if i'm elected come. if i'm elected come. he got elected and they are coming. ill will will i'm afraid cake has already been baked. he spent a year campaigning talking about all the services that would be offered. the up i have station has essentially been sent. steve: environmental protection agency doors. will: we have heard from migrants themselves say they feel like more inviting environment to come to the united states. we have been talking the last several days about the various congressional delegations that have made their way down to the border to witness the crisis. and many more congressional tells going in the coming weeks. in fact, somebody who just made a trip to the border, representative henry cuellar who is responsible, his office releasing the photos you are seeing on your screen right now will join us a little later on "fox & friends." that leads to an obvious question. when will joe biden or his vice president clarifies make their
4:10 am
way to the border? kamala harris was in jacksonville, florida, yesterday, and she was asked that question. >> do you intend visit the border? >> um, not today. [laughter] but i have before and i'm sure i will again. we were left with a very challenging situation. we have got to treat this issue in a way that is reflective of our values as americans and do it in a way that it is fair and it's humane. rachel: she was not laughing when she was on the campaign trail and saying we have got to get these babies out of cages and now she is calculate ling when she is asked when she is going to go down to the border. >> in answer to your question, will, senior border officials have said off the record as many of them are afraid to speak they said they are not trying to stop the flow of immigrants but manage the situation. steve: bad optics because they have got all these kids in what looks like outdoor dining here
4:11 am
in no, no social distancing during a pandemic. rachel: that's right. will: i think that clip and many are speculating why kamala harris would laugh off that question. i think that clip reveals the sensitivity of the topic to the administration. kamala harris has the tendency to pull the conversational relationship cord when she wants to pair shoot out of the question that's been asked. have you seen her do it on various subjects at various times. what that tell or that laugh about is i don't have a good answer. i don't know when i'm headed to the border and i understand this is an embarrassing situation. then patrick texas lieutenant governor talked about this on fox news at night. >> kamala harris must think that's amusing to her. she must think that the sex offenders who are coming into this country who will be coming to communities all over this country to assault children is funny to her. this is not a laughing matter for our country or for these people or for future victims.
4:12 am
so far they won't call this a crisis. it's a designed disaster, shannon. this is their plan. rachel: that's what i was just saying. i'm glad he is bringing this up again they are wrapping this up in humanitarianism. you have people who know the border who are saying children are the new dope. in other words, smugglers are making more money smuggling children who are high commodity because they get to stay in america once they cross the border. they basically run into the arms of the border patrol and anyone with them who claims to be their parent does, too. so we have policies where our u.s. government is basically complicit in human trafficking and child trafficking and this is basically a pedophile's dream. steve: and, you know, to the point about how much money they are making on human smuggling, it goes to the rioters report of a couple of weeks ago where the border patrol is in thing that so many of these people who are being smuggled across the river
4:13 am
and as soon as they touch the american soil, you know, they are going to get processed. they have got these wrist bands on so the cartels know okay, who paid? you got the red arm band, that means we don't kidnap you. you got blue arm band that means we don't kill you. and it just goes on and on. rachel: ends in indentured servitude if they get here and haven't paid. will: one of the biggest stories in the coming weeks. it's already started. biden administration planning a $3 trillion spending package. inside of that $3 trillion i promise you there will be every progressive wish list agenda item. they are calling it an infrastructure bill. certainly that will be part of what that $3 trillion will be spent on. of course that leads to this question. how are they going to pay for it? well, shear at least some of the tax hikes the biden administration is considering. tax hikes for families making more than $400,000 boosting income and capital gains taxes
4:14 am
on top earners, levies on companies and expansion of the estate tax. charles payne was on earlier talking about how all of this will get paid for. >> taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes and more taxes and if anyone watching thinks they will escape this barrage of taxes, you are kidding yourself. it's going tore a gargantuan bill forced through via reconciliation, when people see it they will be shocked. the average person out there will see their taxes go up in some way, some shape, some form. we are talking $3 trillion. i'm not sure if you would call this an economic bill or would you call it a progressive wish list bill, it certainly is not an infrastructure bill. rachel: i think that one of the biggest mistakes that the trump administration did was they took on healthcare instead of infrastructure when they first got into office. i would much rather have donald trump the builder leading infrastructure than mayor pete buttigieg. already he has talked about as
4:15 am
you mentioned in your interview with charles payne, will, earlier it's a lot about bike paths, it has a lot of climate change stuff and as charles said there is also not a lot of infrastructure in the bill. there is going to be a lot of other stuff just like the covid bill. steve: that's the key there is so much other stuff they will break it into two parts. it's going to be the infrastructure thing but the more expensive thing is going to be everything else. free community college, free pre-k. you are going to have at least half a trillion dollars in all sorts of climate control things and stuff like that. but to pay for it, the "new york post," if you have got a smart device, you should read the op-ed this morning in the "new york post." it talks about how if these federal income tax increases go into effect, along with the ones for albany the state capitol here, they say that would put a total cumulative tax rate on successful earners here in new york state at 63%. think about that.
4:16 am
63%. so, if you work five days a week, right? three of those five days every week you will be working for taxes. so you will work for your family for two days a week. is it worth it? are you going to kill yourself to be making two workweek days of salary a week? will: taxes are one side of the equation when you spend 4.9 because we are counting the 1. trillion-dollar rescue package as well. when you spend $4.9 trillion you can absolutely transform the country. steve: well, everybody got a check, and that was important to a lot of people. so that has given the democrats cover. but, nonetheless, there is a lot of stuff that people just don't know about. rachel: so true. steve: all right. jillian knows all about the news and she joins us right now from the mezzanine level, good morning. jillian: that's right. good morning. the man accused of killing 8 people in the atlanta massage
4:17 am
parlor shootings now faces charges including malice murder and aggravated assault. the 21-year-old could face more charges. georgia state patrol says the suspect surrendered within 30 seconds. they tracked him through his cell phone. state troopers used a pit maneuver to stop his vehicle. questions are now being raised over astrazeneca's covid-19 vaccine after it revealed a u.s. trial found it to be 79% effective. the data and safety monitoring board is concerned the british drug maker included outdated information in its recent trial providing a, quote: incomplete view of the data. this may delay or prevent the fda from getting emergency approval to the u.s. if you gand weight during the pandemic, you are not alone. a new study reveals adults gand an average of half a pound every 10 days spent under stay-at-home orders. university of california san francisco researchers blame it on changes in physical activity and patterns of daily living.
4:18 am
more than 200 people from 37 state took part in the study from february to june of last year. good to know that we're not alone. rachel: covid gets blamed for everything. we can blame our weight gain. steve: no wonder my pants don't fit, covid. rachel: it's covid. all right. well, iowa congress wong mariannette miller-meeks beat her democrat owe opponent by six votes. months after swearing in house democrats are considering challenging those results. she will join us live as she fights to save her seat. ♪ i'm not the kind of girl who gives unjust like that ♪ oh no,
4:19 am
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will: after multiple recounts mariannette miller meeks beat her challenger by rita hart by six votes. a report reveals quote a source close to the process confirms the process to oust miller-meeks in favor of hart has been blessed by the top echelons of house democratic leadership mariannette miller-meeks joins me now. thank you for being with us. >> good morning, will, how are you this morning. will: i'm doing well. if i have my details straight, your election has been certified by the state of iowa. you were sworn in to congress in january. you have been doing the job of a congress pepper for two months and yet your election might be overturned. >> that's correct. >> article one section 56 the constitution allows congress to
4:24 am
authorize the seating of its members. and so i won on election night i won in the 24 county canvas a week after the election. i was ahead after a three-person bipartisan recount board in every county. i was then certified by a bipartisan executive council of three republicans and two democrats. i was sworn in on january 3rd and if people will think back to the event on january 3rd on swearing in. there actually was a motion brought up and every democrat voted to see the every member of congress from every state. there was no contest about my particular election my opponent was in a tv interview and had said that they had to do what they did. they had to skip over iowa court and go directly to congress in order to get the results we need. not the results of the voters of iowa. they would disenfranchise 400,000 iowa voters in order to get the results they need.
4:25 am
this is under scored by the response of her attorney mark allies yesterday in which his response said the committee should therefore exercise its discretion to depart from iowa law. will: you did a good job laying out not just the hurls but the finish line have you already crossed in winning the election. you have been through multiple recounts and several democratic congressman said this should be over. here is an example dean phillips a democrat losing a house election by six votes is painful for democrats overturning it in the house would be even more painful for america. because a majority can does not mean a majority should. congresswoman, you pointed this out, it's important to highlight. they are not looking to the court system to challenge this election. they are going directly to a democratic controlled house. they are going to nancy pelosi to correct in their terms, correct this election. now, here's the last safe hold i want to ask you about.
4:26 am
how about democrats own standard the hypocrisy their words when it came to the presidential election. you don't challenge a certified election. you don't overturn elections. you would think their own principles and words they exercised a few months ago would also say put this election behind you it's over i do feel like ever ending campaign. they skipped over the iowa courts and i think it's obvious now they skipped over the iowa courts because they thought they would lose and then they would take that losing petition to the, you know, committee on house administration. it becomes a partisan political process not an election process. and it disenfranchises iowa voters and further undermines people's faith and confidence in our election system. we put forth in legislation in iowa law things that would make sure that we had confidence and faith in our election system and trust in our election system. so i think rightly there is concern under members of congress on the other side of
4:27 am
the aisle that this is going against everything that they have said especially in this election cycle. so, i think, you know, they are filing underscores what they want to do and that is they don't want to count every legal ballot. they want to get the results they need and everybody should be outraged about this because it may be iowa this year but it could be another congressional seat in another year. so i think it's important to people that and i have been very encouraged by people who have contacted their representatives and people can sign a petition at pelosi will: principled about the sanctity of election results and certification of elections took less than two months to show that was all just a quest or pretense for maintaining power. it took your congressional seat to show that. all right, congresswoman, we will be following, i guess, your race i don't know if we will continue to call it your race but thank four the information this morning. >> thanks for tell our story.
4:28 am
will: we reached out to rita hart for a statement and have not heard back. chicago suburb becomes the first in the nation to pay black residents reparations. where that money will come from. one vaccine for one doughnut. delicious deal krispy kreme is promising for those who get their shot. ♪ ♪
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4:32 am
jillian: good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends." we have headlines for you now. a chicago suburb become the first in the u.s. to pay reparations to black residents. qualifying evansston households
4:33 am
will receive $25,000 for home repairs or down payments. they have to prove their ancestors lived in the city and suffered discrimination. the program is being funded through donations and revenue from sales tax on recreational marijuana. a 9-year-old boy is bitten by a shark on miami beach. the boy's mother says they were body surfing when the shark went after the boy's shoulder. the family pulled him out of the water. he needed more than 120 stitches but is expected to be okay. the shark attack comes as spring breakers flood miami forcing the city to put an emergency curfew in place. look at that check out this catch an indiana fisherman set a new state record after reeling in a new white fish on lake michigan. beat the previous record by more than a pound and a half. indiana fish and wildlife say the record has been broken 8 times since 2012. so who is going to break it next. maybe you, steve? steve: i doubt it. all right. thank you, jillian.
4:34 am
meanwhile, this is the sweet story. krispy kreme is offering a sweet incentive for you to get your covid vaccine. now through the end of this calendar year, customers who simply show their vaccine card will get a free glazed doughnut any time any day. here with more krispy kreme ceo and got red hot light on behind him, mike at that time tersefield. mike, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you doing? steve: doing okay. where did you come up with this idea? >> you know, we came up with the idea because last year, you know, in 2020, we moved the brand to do a lot of what we call acts of joy. we did that by first helping out the healthcare folks on monday where you get all the donuts that they wanted. just got to show their badge. that extended throughout the area. we helped out teachers and helped out seniors not able to have graduations. coaches, transportation workers. it's really the generosity of
4:35 am
the brand and the team came up with this opportunity america seems to be moving in a positive way towards getting ahold of the pandemic and vaccine rollouts and moving along. why don't we help with what we can do. if someone shows up with the vaccine card, they can get a doughnut any time any day every day. steve: that's fantastic. the incentive plan is you get a free glazed doughnut with your vaccine card. it can be used any time for the rest of the year and employees can receive up to four hours paid time off to get vaccine. i thought there was going to be a graphic for that mike, let me ask you this. so, it doesn't sound like this is a one-time only thing. if i wanted to play the system, i could come -- i could stop by every day with my vaccine card, right? >> you can. but, again, you know, we don't do it for focusing on that. we actually like the generosity of the brand and it comes through every day just little
4:36 am
things, saint patrick's day and are donuts. if someone decided to dress up in green we gave you a free green glazed doughnut. steve: it has been such a rough year. >> the krispy kreme doughnut is a little piece of lesson. we love them at our house. how was the doughnut business during the pandemic? >> so we're a global company. the u.s., you know, we are behind just retail shops. we have an omni channel business digital delivery, we actually serve donuts in also the grocer business. the u.s. performed really well. it had bumps just like everyone else did in march. i think a lot of the work that the acts of joy did shows the generosity and people wanting to take a break. it did well. and parts of the world followed the u.s. lead acts of joy great
4:37 am
to see how the brand can behave the same across the world. some countries are tougher on operating they had would be where we struggled a bit. all companies are on track overseas as well. the benefit of what we did last year is continuing this year. steve: and it is a very nice thing. as a public service, to get people to roll up their sleeves and get the covid shot. stop by any krispy kreme, just bring in your vaccine card and absolutely free. mike tatterfield. >> you guys in new york so hopefully you can get by and visit our flagship on times square. i would like to thank all the krispy kremeers. thanks very much. appreciate it. steve: i drive by the new store on the way to work in the morning. mike, thank you for joining us live. >> take care. bi. >> great. get a shot, get a doughnut. all right, straight ahead. texas congressman hadn't henry cuellar who gave us the first harrowing glimpse of the crisis inside our southern border.
4:38 am
the photos he leaked showed the packed holding fittings that the biden administration does not want the press to see. well, now we see it. and we are going to see him coming up next. ♪ that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. ♪♪
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steve: we have been sharing you these leaked photos shared by our next guest showing the inside look of overcrowded migrant facilities as the border faces a record surge. rachel: democratic texas congressman henry cuellar joins us now with more. congressman, welcome to the show. tell us. >> thank you. rachel: quickly why you released these photos. >> same reason did i in 2014 when i released photos of very packed facilities. keep in mind this is a border patrol facility. they are not equipped to handle, you know, young people and families. they were set up to handle
4:43 am
adults. and i think under the pandemic it makes it even more important to understand why this is important to understand what's happening at this facility. the administration just has to move to the health and human services facility. will: congressman, the old saying a picture is worth a thousand word is obviously true. images are compelling. you have been there and toured these facilities. weigh talked about in this morning the facilities that congressional tells are shown or are allowed to see you would also assume are some of the better facilities out there. you would assume it's some of the better conditions. tell us with your own eyes with what you witnessed what's going on down there. >> well, you know, there is different facilities. there is what we call the border patrol facilities that are supposed to be holding people up to 72 hours. but if health and human services doesn't take this unaccompanied kids, then border patrol is just forced to stay with the kids for longer period of time.
4:44 am
that's why we are seeing those packed facilities. they are not moving them out fast enough under health and human services. and on top of that the reason these pictures are important to show how packed they are, somewhere close by that same weekend there were about 150, 150 people that were released without a notice to appear. to me, that's unprecedented. how do you release somebody to the country without a notice to appear? now i have to say they were not adults. they were not unaccompanied kids but they were family units. steve: yeah, but, to your point, that has never been done before. it makes it look congressman cuellar that our immigration system is the honor system. okay. we're just going to let you go and at some point in the future call ice and say you know what? i feel like i should probably appear before a judge now. that's not going to happen. >> it's not going to happen.
4:45 am
even with the ones that have the notice to appear don't show up. i mean, a lot of them do, but there is a good amount. steve: most don't. >> yeah. and imagine somebody who doesn't even have the paperwork how they are going to show up in the honor system without all due respect the honor system doesn't work in immigration. i agree with you. rachel: congressman, earlier, kamala harris vice president kamala harris was asked when she was going to come to the border. let's take -- do we have that footage here? >> do you plan to visit the border? >> um, not today. [laughter] but i have before and i'm sure i will again. rachel: she seems pretty glib about it. you live on the border. i know lots of people who live in huma, arizona and mission, texas. they are really worried that people in far away places like washington, d.c. are making decisions that aren't just affecting the children and the
4:46 am
illegal families and individuals who are coming across the border but that are affecting the communities that you live in. how important is it to you that joe biden and kamala harris get themselves over to the border to see what their policies impacts are? >> well, i was with kamala harris back i think it was back in october at the mcallen, area, at the border. but i have to say this. look, i say this both to democrats and republicans, coming in and just visiting the border for a few hours is not a substitute for a lifetime of experience for people like sheriffs, mayors, other people, ngos that live on the border and see this every day. and it's very, very, very important to get the input from the men and women on the ground on the border instead of letting somebody 1,000 miles away make a decision for the border. i would make a decision for the northern border of canada. i think the people up there know
4:47 am
it better than i do. rachel: good point. steve: congressman, you have a unique point of view because you are representing one of those districts right along the border. and, you know, the biden administration also a not been vocal enough in saying don't come now. because, for a lot of the migrants, the message is joe biden was elected and he wants me to come and now is a good time so i'm coming. but, for your district is in a pickle because the people who run the district, the mayors and the town councils and stuff like that, they have thousands of migrants dumped on your streets with little help from the federal government and you just can't handle it, either. >> well, you know, it's very important to understand that what we see here in the ground is different from what somebody else might see in a different place. by that i think it was within a week of the inauguration, i was already calling my white house
4:48 am
contact saying hey, i need for you all to pay attention what's hang here. i'm hearing from my ngos and hearing from my friends in border patrol and this is what is happening. y'all need to take a look at. because if you look at the numbers, they have been increasing since last year but certainly in february the numbers increased and, remember, march, april, may, june are the peek months traditionally. we are about to hit the peak point. i would tell you this that if we have a large month this month we look at the numbers, then we are going to have a very, very, very hot summer. will: congressman, coming into this peak point as you described them the months are about to get worse, i keep going back to what you said a few moments ago you witnessed 150 people released without even a notice of to appear. what we have there is effectively a revolving door. the notice in and of itself is ineffective in asking people to come back and adjudicate their
4:49 am
case. now in many cases not getting that ineffective in the to appear? what's the difference at this point, congressman, between the current system and completely open borders? it seems right now all we are putting on is a show. >> well, i don't believe in open borders, you know. i want to see law and order at the border. if somebody has an asylum claim, a credible fear claim, then i think they should ask for that. but i would rather have them do it in their country instead of coming down here and then being released and not knowing if they are going to show up later at a different time. but, look, you know, we have got to understand two things. by letting people in too quickly and just releasing them, it feeds to the message. there are three messages real quickly that are heard down there, one is the administration message which says don't come. come later. i think they calibrated that to don't come now. that's better. then you have the message of the networks, family friends that
4:50 am
say hey, guess what, pedro, i got across, come over. then they see images on tv showing people coming across. the third message, this is the most important one, the aggressive marketings by the drug cartels, criminal organizations because every time they make a lot of money. those last two messages is what is being heard down there. i know that asked some of the people when i was in springs i asked them which message they heard it was the last two messages. rachel: congressman, really quick, we interviewed people on the other side of the border, the mexican side of the border griff jenkins did. they say they liked the way the policy was before. i talked to people who live on the border who also said that the policies prior to the biden administration, the trump policies at the border were working. have you dismantled the biden administration has dismantled them. were they working? did they need to be dismantled? did you agree -- do you agree with what the biden administration has done? >> well, i think they should have taken a more conscious
4:51 am
approach before making big changes. i would tell you this, title 42 i support. imagine if we were not -- if we were allowing all the adults in without the title 42. we are returning most of them back. i think the app could have been done reformed or done in those countries and then the third thing is agreements with those countries and i'm glad that roberta jacobson and her team are going to central america, you have an agreement with those countries, otherwise, you don't stem the tied and play defense on the one yard line called the u.s.-mexico border. that's not very good defense. steve: congressman henry cuellar, thanks for leaking those pictures so we could all see what's going on there it's not good. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, a desperate search for a missing woman hits a stonewalling boyfriend. nancy grace next. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently.
4:52 am
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♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." well, the search continues for a 41-year-old british woman who has vanished in the u.s. virgin islands on march 8th. police now say her birdie won't let them search his yacht where she was last seen saying quote soon after reporting her missing mr. bain required the services
4:56 am
of an attorney. he exercised his constitutional right to remain silent and denied officers' requests to search the vessel. here with more on this fox nation host nancy grace. if my husband went missing i would want them to search everything. this seems pretty fishy. >> yes, it does. fishy does not a murder case make. i agree with you 200 percent on that. i have worked with so many literally thousands of crime victims' families, they say take my d.n.a. take my fingerprints. do anything. but help me find my missing child, wife, girlfriend. you know, it's very interesting in this case. sarm heslop is seen having dinner. she and boyfriend go back to the -- i might add a little bit of research it's a very expensive yacht around $700,000 plus. and they take people out on crews and he always seems to
4:57 am
have a first meat who is typically a woman that helps and does the cooking. and i believe that's where sarm got involved here. so he says he comes unmoored around 2:00 a.m., hears an alarm and calls police. they direct him to call coast guard immediately. 10 hours later he finally does. this is my thought. if she went overboard, why hasn't her body been found? those are very clear waters. i have dived in them myself. they have got to take into account the winds and the currents. but it's moored in a bay. how far would she have gone? also, she didn't walk off that boat because her passport, i.d., everything is left behind. we're now learning, got ahold of his wife and he has a history of domestic abuse breaking her teeth. actually went to jail for it. beating her up. in fact, she was so afraid she tells us she left her honeymoon early, cut it short she was so
4:58 am
afraid of him and went home. that's not good. rachel: no. doesn't sound good at all. what does sound good though, nancy, you have another episode of america's most wanted overtime that profiles the fugitive who may be hiding in your backyard. that's available on fox nation. let's take a look at a clip right now. >> we learned that my brother's lower half had been found by ohio department of transportation. >> how long did it take for that to sink in to you? >> i mean, it sank in right away. they had only found his lower half in a sleeping bag along i 75. rachel: wow. nancy? we're excited to see this episode. it's heavy stuff. >> just so you know you heard her right. her brother had been dismembered and his body half was found thrown off the side of the interstate. that was carter.
4:59 am
and the killer camera williams has probably changed her appearance. and i appreciate you bringing me the chance to bring that to light right now. rachel: absolutely. thank you, nancy. you can sign up by the way for fox nation now to see this and plus get exclusive access to other original content events and your favorite personalities on any device. your show is nancy at 8:00 and it starts. >> 10:00 and follows america's most wanted overtime. so thank you. rachel: of course. thank you, nancy. more "fox & friends" coming up.
5:00 am
>> at first they didn't grasp what was happening but realized it was gunfire. >> darling images inside that unaccompanied minor facility. >> important to show how packed they are. people released without noticeable. >> iowa congresswoman mary beth miller meeks peter opponent. democrats want to challenge her victory. >> confidence in our election. >> 85 to 51. >> throws it down. steve: welcome to "fox and friends". a fox news alert, new details revealed in the raging new york noticing home fire overnight. one resident was killed in two
5:01 am
firefighters injured. fire crews on the scene this morning to keep this under control. >> the building is a total loss, difficult fire and that is working in hotspots. steve: last night it was out of control. authorities believe most people are accounted for, the roof did collapse and that caused a lot of damage and total destruction. explosion sparked the flames, 130 people lived in spring valley, new york. ainsley: we will have more on that story as it develops. steve: ten people did in colorado after a gunman opened fire in a grocery store. police have a single suspect in custody at this hour.
5:02 am
>> hours and hours after the first shots rang out, investigators out here facing the scenes to gather. they have crime scene tape all around the retail shopping area. in the parking lot, folks who were basically run for their lives in order to get to safety, and whereas the gunshots continued, others finding shelter in the grocery store. 10 people were killed including officer eric talley, father of 7 kids. the first on scene calling his actions heroic. >> my heart goes out to the
5:03 am
victims of this incident, i am grateful for the police officers that responded and so sorry about the loss of officer talley. >> police released the name of the other 9 victims, who share their stories, also haven't released the name of the suspected shooter. we should mention white house press secretary jen psaki said joe biden has been receiving updates and the president will continue getting those updates as this continues in boulder, colorado. steve: let's go to the southern border, top biden border officials visit mexico first and guatemala this week to assess the migrants overwhelming the
5:04 am
system which is a nice way of saying it has got to be fixed. pete: griff jenkins has more. >> reporter: there seems to be a crack in the wall of transparency. we have just gotten two videos and 33 still images in el paso, texas. outside the facility, already at capacity. henry cuellar released images in the facility in texas that are startling and shocking. it is a crisis, they are still not calling it that. it is the latest word that jen psaki is using to describe the situation.
5:05 am
>> it is our responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance. >> the new york post is reporting they are using these unaccompanied minors to smuggle in their own members. in many cases encountering cartels, one migrant name the manual told us. >> >> and we wanted that. >> this has been swelling since biden came into office and migrants hoping the president will help them get across. the borders were closed.
5:06 am
some of the residents and business owners particularly a pharmacy owner who set up a situation as to when they will be here. >> that is my question every day, what is going to happen with these people. over a year now. >> in that delegation to mexico, to qualm him all our, how to deal with the border surge at two decade high levels. it is good to see they are starting to release the videos, and access is the next step and we are very hopeful in the media we will get that eventually. steve: let's go to special
5:07 am
report anchor bret baer. i want to share with you the point of view of two of our colleagues when it comes to this border crisis. the major question going forward, who knew what when. another colleague of ours, mark levin, said the answer, will go back very early and it will go up very high because this entire thing is by design. the administration knew it was going to happen and everything since then has been to manage it. the response is to manage the processing, not stem the tide. they made the same point, this is largely been by design. >> reporter: don't know if we are there yet but it is heading that way. they could have seen this coming and i do think these photos from
5:08 am
congressman cuellar change the dynamics. for the longest time the administration was moving forward without these photos if it changes the emotional look of things. it is harder for democratic congress lawmakers to not say they are outraged by these pictures, and outraged by similar to this. i don't know if it is part of the plan. will: we had congressman cuellar on 20 minutes ago and had this to say. >> health and human services doesn't take unaccompanied kids then border patrol is forced to stay with the kids for a longer
5:09 am
period of time, they are not moving them out fast enough under health and human services. on top of that it is important to show how packed they are. there were 150 people that were released, that is not unprecedented. how do you really somebody to the country without this would appear. steve: makes it look like the honor system. to your point with henry cuellar pictures. the administration didn't want to this out. the new video shows one of the facilities with children and people draw parallels. people trying parallels between that and the trump era with kids in cages. one of those people, it is chain-link fax -- fence with
5:10 am
green on it. that is the same chain-link fence that donald trump got in so much trouble over, i wonder how the mainstream media will react. >> it has changed in recent days. the media started to do this story more vigorously. at the beginning it didn't. now they are on the border with reporters asking migrants coming in why they are doing it and most are saying because joe biden gave me the invite. there is that disparity about what was said at the beginning of the trump administration and what is said now but this is a full-blown crisis and the biden administration politically is in a worse spot. ainsley: they are trying to say we didn't cause it, this is trump's fault. they haven't explain how that
5:11 am
is. what is hurting them as well as you talk about visuals, it is very apparent those who are crossing over who are wearing biden campaign shirts and flying flags from president biden's campaign they are saying they made a decision to come here thanks to biden. >> it was a race against time. they wanted to get kids out of there before those pictures surfaced and this is changing the dynamic. >> we talked to congresswoman meeks, possibly being overturned, in a way it is underwhelming to realize politicians do whatever it takes but the brazenness of the contradiction and hypocrisy of the language from nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders from where they were in the presidential election and the seemingly principled stand they
5:12 am
took and the way they are approaching this race is so brazenly hypocritical. steve: a couple moderate democrats are saying this is unacceptable and cannot go forward. hard to believe that it will but there are some saying they will overturn the second congressional district race and unseat the congresswoman who won by six votes in ohio. watch this closely. it is a big story that was not covered but is getting more attention, democrats started to speak up. steve: in addition to working on the channel, he moonlights on fox nation and you have just finished a great special that i'm looking forward to watching. talk about the attempted assassination of ronald reagan.
5:13 am
>> you have worked with the longform units and i have been here 23 years, 41 our specials, this is the best because this moment in time when the attempted assassination of president reagan happened. all the different elements, if we talk to these different people at stitches this moment in time back to gather a lot of people remember at the beginning of the reagan administration is what happens after that for president reagan to bounce back in the country rally around him, flipped from that. >> wasn't clear whether or not the president appeared to be heading back to the white house.
5:14 am
>> if he was badly hurt, that -- >> we veer off, the motorcade came to a sharp turn. don't know where we were going but we were not going to the white house, we are going to the hospital. steve: in the car, did not realize the president had been hit under his arm, came out with blood saying we are going to the hospital. >> it is moving and exciting, there's a lot of never before seen footage before. a lot of audio that has never been stitched to gather, he thinks he hit the side of the hump of the limo and that is hurting him on his ribs but he
5:15 am
is shocked. he is so concerned about how everything looks and will walk into the hospital. he waves to everybody and sits down, they have a surgery. ainsley: exciting documentary and the attempted assassination of ronald reagan is on fox nation, to get exclusive access to other original content events. thank you so much. >> he gets a little over time today. >> other than all of us. >> very dark when i woke up. see you at home. charlotte bennett's lawyer alleges new york governor andrew cuomo's office, using in-house
5:16 am
attorneys to middle with the independent investigation and sexual allegation as the top democrats faces backlash from a state lawmaker for this comment. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> gunther ripping into cuomo after more controversial behavior surfaced. >> that was unbelievable. number 8 comes forward and we are still acting very cocky. ainsley: eight women accusing the governor of sexual misconduct. the white house reveals president biden maintains regular communication with former president barack obama. >> they are friends and they consult and talk about a range of issues and i would expect that to continue. >> jen psaki did not disclose how many times they have spoken but they will discuss the affordable care act.
5:17 am
extreme weather, tornado touches down in texas. this video showing the most expensive damage in bertram. several buildings were destroyed including one that was a century-old. other parts of central texas, hail and thunderstorms. march madness action, undefeated as they return to sweet 16 for the sixth straight year. >> later off of the window. he does it all. >> scoring a high of 30 points as they beat oklahoma 34-70. top-seeded michigan holding off lsu 86-78, usc crushing kansas, 85-51. they totaled 27 points, rolling over maryland, causing iowa 95280 after sitting out the
5:18 am
first rounds due to their opponents involving several covert cases. will: that gives me an opportunity to return a favor. that is how you walk off. steve: not well. criminals are cashing in on the border crisis with traffickers starting with $14 million a day. lara logan taking advantage of the system joining us live next. fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one.
5:22 am
move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. will: the numbers are staggering, border patrol
5:23 am
sources estimate $14 million is a from criminal organizations and trafficking on the us mexican border including women, children and families being trafficked. lera logan has smuggled the crisis at the border. the cartels, we think about drugs, narcotics, narcotics smuggling. that is only a portion of their business, human smuggling and an increasing piece of the pie would touch their revenue. >> absolutely right and this has been going on for some time. this is a multibillion-dollar business, the most powerful organization, what most americans don't understand is when they see the mass flow of
5:24 am
people across the border, in slavery in the world, i've seen this with my own eyes, so many people coming across will have a little card in their pocket or a number written down, a bank account for the cartel. if you haven't paid all your fees by the time you cross they will collect. you and your friends talking about working two jobs and so hard-working, guess what, they are working two jobs a lot of time because so much of their money is going back to those cartels and now some of them are wearing wristbands linked to databases in computers, the cartel was able to track you wherever you are and they can keep track of your family on the other side of the border. no escape from these things. will: that is just a segment of the population. it is the most valuable stretch of ground in the world and the
5:25 am
fact that whether or not you are from mexico or central america, they are paying another rate. >> the cartels are extremely good at exploiting every avenue. if you're coming as an adult male it is harder and they can charge more money. the mexicans don't want chinese people there so when the us tries to send them back mexico is not taking them. china, anyone with customs and border protection special-interest aliens or other victims, they travel with much higher numbers and something else interesting we just learned, in different parts of the border, just across from del rio, texas, the rate is lower than it is in mcallen and rio grande valley, what this
5:26 am
indicates is the cartel concert whatever price they want to, when you have people coming from haiti or countries like that they know you're more desperate, and they charge you more. will: i want to access -- the press access, blocking out supporters from seeing what was going on, photographers covering this for years saying it has never been like this. what is your reaction? >> that is an extraordinary photojournalist, he wrote an editorial in the washington post who said he never encountered this using a long lens. what this is really about is hiding the inescapable fact that the biden administration is doing what biden did in the obama administration and what the trump administration did which is they have to at some
5:27 am
point hold people, when you hold women and children whether it is behind bars or in a cage or chain-link fence or plastic pods, released yesterday, in photographs they showed and congressman henry cuellar releasing photographs from the border it never looked, it plays on your heartstrings, it is emotional. i have been down there so many times in my heart is broken for these families but it doesn't change the fact that there is an extraordinary level of hypocrisy. the biden administration doesn't want the country to see the scale of the crisis. they don't want to acknowledge it is a crisis and don't want to acknowledge they are doing what donald trump did using the same agents, the same protocols except one distinct difference. they are releasing a number of people into the country without giving them a notice leaving it up to those people and bypassing the illegal situation and made the border effectively open. i had a colleague who has been
5:28 am
waiting for five years to hold his children. he is here legally, 6 months old when he left, she is turning 6 in april and that man has been tortured. he loves his children more than anything and i don't hear anybody talking about families that have been separated in that way by illegal immigration is what happens to them now. todd: lera logan has no agenda, return to the border, what you just heard on "fox and friends". fox nation, you can get it on any device. chicago's suburb the first in the nation to pay black residents for vaccination and marijuana taxes. it is flat-out unconstitutional next.
5:29 am
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>> welcome back. we have some headlines. the tragic boulder shooting on the minds of colorado's basketball team as they go to the second round of march madness. players wonder of the deadly incident just one hour before the game. >> it puts basketball in its proper case. win or lose tonight, and emptiness in my stomach. will: david: people were killed when shots were fired in a grocery store, the suspect is in custody. democratic congresswoman rashida
5:34 am
tlaib links opposing dc statehood to slavery, squad members saying to the suit house oversight and reform committee if you oppose dc statehood you support taxation without representation and, quote, the authoritarian system implemented by a bunch of thieves who thought it was okay to enslave people for their selfish monetary gain. astrazeneca responding after federal health officials came down on its latest covid vaccine trial data. the company save their efficacy data is consistent with the trial analysis refuting claims it may have had outdated information. doctor anthony fauci saying the vaccine is likely very good, he called the issue a matter of data suppression. that is look at your headlines. back to you. ainsley: chicago suburb the first in the us to pay reparations to black residents. will: qualify residents will receive home repairs. they have to prove their ancestors lived in the city and severed dissemination. the program is funded through
5:35 am
donations and revenues from sales tax on recreational marijuana. steve: let's turn to leo terrel. >> reporter: how are you? seeing you shaking your head, why are they doing this? >> they are doing this to divide this country based on race, neighbor versus neighbor, employee versus employee. i am begging someone to follow federal civil rights lawsuit. chicago is a democratic city, run by minorities. this is unconstitutional. i would challenge any democrat in chicago to show me systemic discrimination, those who at the victims who cannot do this. it is illegal. following the lawsuits and making the city of chicago proving it in a federal court.
5:36 am
they will lose. >> talk about dividing the country but also perpetuating this victimhood minorities which is so self-defeating. >> it is part of the democratic playbook, one of the reasons i left the democratic party and voted for donald trump when joe biden said if you vote republican you ain't black. it is insulting, racist, the democrat party plays the race card. i give them in a because they do a very good job of it. >> it is decades removed from victimhood, then i look at the cigna story, one of the largest healthcare providers in the country, seeing critical race theory, discriminatory hiring practices, and as you pointed out continuing to divide us based on superficial
5:37 am
characteristics like race. where are we headed in this country? what comes next? >> this is a war based on race. of democrats believe they can only stay in power by dividing this country and raising up the anger trying to create an argument people are being treated in a discriminatory manner. the cigna situation is a perfect example. questioning someone's whiteness saying if you believe in a certain religion, these are social issues that divide the country. a civil rights act because basically it is discrimination because of one's race or religion. that is the democratic playbook. it works but we have to challenge it. me being a civil rights attorney i am challenging it.
5:38 am
i beg you guys, it is something politically they cannot win in a court of law. steve: we will see if somebody challenges both of the cases, however does has a really good case. thanks for getting up at 5:30. you will be the first one at work. thank you. steve: i love having him on. steve: mounting migrant crisis but kamala harris thinks it is funny. >> will you get to the border? >> not today, but i have before and i'm sure i will again. steve: john cornyn does not think it is funny and he joins us next.
5:39 am
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>> it is important to show how packed they are.
5:43 am
somewhere close by that same weekend there were 150 people released without a notice to appear. that is unprecedented. how do you release somebody without notice to appear? will: congressman henry luis palau, texas. john cornyn, ranking member of the judiciary committee on immigration on immigration and border safety. you heard the congressman, 150 people released without notice to appear, a flood of migrants walking through a revolving door. >> it is an invitation to human smugglers who charge roughly
5:44 am
$500 ahead are cross the border into the country, to successfully make it here. that is the definition of losing control of the border. a good democrat, exactly right. >> those images cuellar released yesterday caused customs and border protection to release new video today because that came out yesterday. it shows another one of the kids processing centers if we look at the video in texas and el paso, in the background is chain-link fence. it covers chain-link fence. you can see it quite there.
5:45 am
this administration said these, it was referred to in the donald trump sarah. >> we all believe children should be treated humanely and under these circumstances there is no choice but to try to protect them from sex offenders or criminal aliens or others mixed in with the population that were coming across the border. we are share that goal to be treated humanely, and they are packed in like sardines but so many of them the border patrol can't process them fast enough not to mention the fact the cartels understand when border patrol is off trying to process these children they are not here to stop the heroin and methamphetamine efforts. ainsley: representative cuellar
5:46 am
talked about the frustration that so many live in texas and border states, that these policies are being made in faraway places of washington dc and the people making these policies, joe biden, vice president kamala harris, have not come to the border since they changed trump era policies on immigration, here's a clip of vice president harris being asked when she would come to the border. >> did you visit the border. >> not today. but i have before and i'm sure i will again. >> i am concerned not just with her coming down. senators, to the border this week, are they going to get access? will they take pictures or will they be sent to some facility that seems to be running better and not getting a real picture
5:47 am
of what is happening to these facilities. >> i was the vice president and president would come to the border, the border patrol, health and human services as well as officials and stakeholders bearing the burden of this open border policy of this administration, taking 13 colleagues from the senate to the border to try to help them understand and get exposed to the same expertise and advice as i've been there on numerous occasions. you cannot build enough facilities or capacity to keep up with expected increase in flow. the green light is out and the administration sending no
5:48 am
signals that you won't make it successfully cross. will: senator john cornyn, thank you for getting up with us. an upcoming government report, difficult to explain ufo sightings, former head of the pentagon's secret of aerospace unit joins us next let's check in with bill hammer for what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> we are waiting on a press conference in colorado, the border is no better today. to make this case here, attempted the border to show you which state is crushing it on a vaccine, join me in 12 minutes. , a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment.
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>> and now for something completely different. the former national security intelligence directors revealing a new government report on ufos, never before seen or heard intel. >> a lot more sightings than have been made public, we are talking about objects but frankly engage in actions that
5:53 am
are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don't have the technology for. steve: the former director of the advanced aerospace thread program that studies ufos. part of the evidence is going to show ufos or unidentified flying objects breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom. how is that possible? >> i think that is the crux of the problem. we are seeing let's call them vehicles if you will, in us airspace that are displaying performance characteristics well beyond anything we can either replicate or in some cases understand. steve: were talking how these
5:54 am
things are able to do things. given the speed and altitude and turns. i'm sure you have top physics experts in the world. can they come up with any explanation? >> we are beginning to realize a lot of this isn't breaking the laws of physics, it is breaking our understanding of the current laws of physics that we are looking at. if you look at quantum physics there's a lot of modeling that suggests this performance can be explained if you have a deep understanding of quantum physics. you are right, these things are displaying instantaneous acceleration, hypersonic velocity, the third one is an oxymoron but low observability in the fourth when is transmedia travel, the ability to operate in different environments in the last is if you will this weird
5:55 am
antigravity where you have vehicles with no wings, no control surfaces, no engines and somehow they are able to fly and outperform the very best aircraft we have in our inventory. steve: when people say you are in that business, how do you explain these ufos? >> my business is an investigator. i was an intelligence officer for the us government so my business is to find the truth whatever the truth is. we apply the same methodology we did investigating terrorists operations and operatives as we did with this. the information is compelling. steve: are they from another planet?
5:56 am
>> too early to tell. the three options that have been presented, our secret technology but we have done a terrible job coordinating the testing of this technology for decades which is highly unlikely, the second option is an adversarial technology which if you were to ask me would be a huge intelligence failure of this country because we were technologically product or the third is something completely different. of it is not ours and not theirs than it is someone or something else. steve: i can't wait for the report to come out. thank you for joining us. we will be back in a flash.
5:57 am
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>> i just talked to the bosses and they've renewed the show. we'll be back tomorrow same time, same place. >> thanks for being with us today. don't miss a moment. talking about the qr code right here. >> bill: good morning, everybody. 9:00 here in new york. fox news alert now. the tragedy in a crowded supermarket still looking for answers. a gunman opening fire killing 10 people including a hero cop. police are trying to identify nine other victims. we expect an update this morning. as we say hello from new york. tough story. we'll work through it together. >> dana: i'm dana perino. so many people this morning waking up with the grief of their hearts that -- the biggest of their lifetime and lives changed forever. an update from the authorities around 10:30 eastern this morning and have it


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