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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  March 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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piece every day. and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. "life, liberty and levin". ♪♪ steve: evening everyone and welcome to the next evolution i'm steve hilton and this is the time home of positive populism, profamily, pro- committee and especially pro- america. i have never seen a more dishonest set of interviews in my life than the ones offered up by homelands goodie secretary mayorkas this morning on a democrat manufactured border crisis which is now spiraling out of control. in the face of the mounting evidence of his incompetence in the biden administration's cruelty, he lied and lied and lied and lied and lied again.
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>> the border is secure, the border is closed. steve: that is a lie. the border is obviously not secure and obviously not close. illegal border car scenes are heading for the highest levels in 20 years. what's our thoughts for that claim? the biden administration. >> we are expelling families, we are expelling single adults. steve: another lie. one of biden's first executive orders explicitly aimed to reduce deportations. >> we are safely processing the children who do come to our border. steve: that's another lie. a truly sick one. even nbc news says the 500 migrant children have been in custody for over ten days, way over the 72 hour limit in overcrowded facilities bread and other facility meant for 250 people of all ages has over 3300 people in it. what are you talking about,
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secretary mayorkas? >> border patrol agents are focused on operations, on securing the border. steve: focused on securing the border? and other outrageous live. the administration is pushing border patrol to do the opposite reportedly considering releasing illegal immigrants in the u.s. without a court date. >> we are also working on providing access so the american public can, in a safe way, without jeopardizing our operations see what is going on. steve: what? they've thrown the press out and it is a media blackout, even cnn noted that under the trump administration you can only see what was going on and of course, mayorkas tried to make amends with his flailing dishonest performance by trying to ingratiate himself with his boss in truth north korea deere elitist style. >> we are in the midst of a pandemic and we are because of the extraordinary leadership of
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the president climbing out of it more rapidly than ever before. steve: old, please. we are not climbing out of this pandemic because of biden. we're climbing out because of president trump and his operation warp speed which gave us vaccines in one year, not five. whatever else may think of the inhumane chaos the biden demonstration has created at the southern border at least they have a clear message to migrants, watch. >> they are not saying don't come, we are saying don't come now connect i can say quite clearly, don't come. >> frankly, the message isn't don't come now but don't come in this way, ever. steve: so, they are not saying don't come except when they are saying don't, or when they are in fact, saying do, but not yet, or actually, not yet but not like this. got it? in any case, it doesn't matter what they say. it matters what they do and all their policies are screaming come now, even democrats have
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acknowledged this but here's texas kern whisman gonzalez quote, when you create a system that incentivizes people to come across and they are released that immediately sends a message to central america that if you come across you can stay. exactly for that is what biden did. he stopped all construction of the border wall and scrapped terms remain in mexico policy for asylum-seekers but he imposed a hundred date moratorium on people or on deportations or that was blocked by the court but reversed trumps public charge rule on nutrition and welfare benefits on and on it goes, executive orders, rule changes, guidance, policy memos, all of it with one aim in mind. to make people think that the democrats are compassionate but look at the result. the very opposite of compassion, young children, the vulnerable, the week, yes, the tire, the poor, the masses huddled at the southern border brought there by
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biden, brought there by the revolting self-righteousness of the democrats open border policies and these are the people paying the human price for the lefts reckless despicable verdure signaling. biden's kids, biden's cages, biden's crisis and an entirely voidable unnecessary military and disaster. follow us at steve hilton and share this message. joining me now while i calm down, fox news analyst and former white house secretary kayleigh mcenany. for we get into it, i was to redo the statement from your old boss, president trump, he said this today quote, the pathetic clueless performance of mayorkas on the sunday shows was a national disgrace. it's self-satisfied presentation in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer is yet more proof he is incapable of leading the hs. i think we all watch the
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performance today, kayleigh and just thought what is going on with this administration. >> yet, president trump his exact rewrites. i mean, it was his administration after all that warned of the incoming biden demonstration that this would happen should they rollback the policies and what did they do? they did the diametric opposite of what they were warned about and they pulled back all the policies and now they have a crisis but what is stunning, steve, is just the absolute refusal to admit it. you played some very interesting soundbites by the former or current excuse me, secretary opponents gritty but another thing he said today was the word crisis is not applicable here. this is the same man that said we are about to have a 20 year high of encounters on our southern border but the word crisis, in his words, quote, not applicable. that is absurd in all of america can see that. steve: by the way, kayleigh, i thank you may actually be right there when he described him made, maybe the soon-to-be former secretary because on the
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basis of this performance i don't know how long he can stay in that job. i want to play you something else, it relates to the argument of being late by democrats now as i said, is that this is entirely created by biden's policies. this is incredible when you see this quote from biden himself talking about a surge at the border but let's watch this. >> i would, in fact, make sure that there is or in immediately surge to the border and all those people are seeking asylum and they deserve to be heard paired that's who we are paid we are a nation that says if you want to flee and flee in you should come. steve: he was trying to make out that this is nothing to do with what he said. it's unbelievable. >> it's unbelievable. there's that soundbite that there's also the soundbite in 2019 debate stage, similar format, where he, along with his current vice president, along with his current secretary of transportation all stood on the debate stage raised their hand and said i want, not only
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illegal immigrants to come to the country but we will give them healthcare when they arrive here and they have created this disaster which has put kids in perilous situations separated from their families and my former colleague stephen miller was on today and brilliantly observed that they've created a global separation of families and incentivizing parents to part with their children, send them across the border and hope they would get to america and have the white house prosecutor saying come, kids, we will accept you if you are under 18 and it's a heinous state of affairs when you are incentivizing that kind of perilous journey with smugglers, coyotes and the disastrous sexual abuse that comes with that, physical abuse and it is not any journey any child should take, nor should be incentivized by a sitting government. steve: that is what makes me so angry about the moral preening of these democrats. the reason they are doing all of this, as noted, to make themselves look compassionate and kind and what they are creating is the worst kind of
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cruelty. last point to you, kayleigh, from your order from your former professional role in terms of the committee occasions around it paired what you make of the way they are just kicking the press out and not allowing anyone to see what is going on in terms of the media access? >> it's a cover up. that is what it is paid we know that because we have senator murphy who is said the images he saw brought him to tears, he's a democrat and he is one of the few people who have gotten his eyes into those facilities to see what is happening but it's a cover up where, you know, you have the white house telling us that very few families are being processed into the united states when, you know, again, stephen miller is here from his workers import a patrol 90% our families are being processed into the united states and there is so much we don't know and we won't know until people get access to these facilities to see that inhumane treatment that is going on in the facilities where kids are being shoved together, regardless of covid restrictions, regard us of anything and senator chris murphy, democrat, said he was brought to tears if only the media could see as well and we know more.
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steve: exactly. these are the people that promise to be transparent. kayleigh, wonderful to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you, steve. steve: journey now florida congressman carlos gimenez. sir, you wrap the border this week and i hooked heard you talking about that. i would love to hear you describe what you saw but the other part of this that i'd love for you to convey to our audience was something i heard you say on the radio this week when you really, in detail, laid out the problem here in terms of the percentages of people who show up to court hearings once they are in the country and that whole process you laid it out so clearly i love to hear you do that again. >> thank you for having me. let's go to the process paired the process before of the trump administration was that you asked for political asylum and were kept in mexico. 90% of those asking for political asylum were denied by the courts. they are in mexico and getzen back to their country well the
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new policy you are allowed in the country and you are released into the country because these hearings take anywhere from 18 months-two years to happen and they do come back for that hearing but what happens is again 90% are denied and then they are allowed, those 90% are allowed couple of days, couple weeks to finish their affairs here in the united states and supposed to show up for the deportation but they never show up. so there right there the immigrant communities in central and south america will know that hey, before we used to have a 10% chance of getting into the united states but now we have a greater than 90% chance of getting into the united states a what do you think will happen? exactly what is happening. look, what i saw at that customs and border protection facility hundreds and hundreds of children, boys and girls and i'm talking boys and girls, i'm not talking 17 or 16 but i'm talking boys and girls, five, six and
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seven. they come across a border by themselves and that little pieces of paper telling them call so-and-so but here is the thing. a lot of these girls, young girls, are being molested may be up to 30% are being molested. a because their parents four or $6000 to get them across and a chinese immigrant trying to get across $35000 and we estimate that the cartels and the multinational cartels are making close to half a billion dollars per month and they use these migrants to divert customs and border protection agents to a certain section and then they go ahead and rush the other sections that aren't protected and they bring us drugs and all other kinds of mayhem that they bring in so it is actually, this is great for the multinational cartels and horrible for the migrants who are being, some are being murdered on the other side of the border and they can't come up with the money and they are being extorted and they are also being used —- if they get
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across hey, you was $6000 and you are now their indentured servant here in the united states until you pay them back. basically as modern-day slavery. that is what is going on at the border and it's outrageous. steve: such a fantastic benefit of what you observed there for our audience to hear that. thank you, sir. one thing i want to quickly play you. this is the president today, i think, talking about his plans to visit and see what is going on the way you have and so let's just hear that and get your reaction. >> are you thinking of going to the border? >> at some point i will, yes. steve: at some time i will, yes. what to think of that? >> this is a crisis but right now of his own making and he needs to go to the border and listen to those customs and border protection agents. they will tell him what he needs to do. he needs to give them more agents and he needs to finish the wall and he needs to give them technology and needs to change his policies. it needs to be changed back to what we had.
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he also needs to hire hundreds of additional judges so that we can adjudicate these claims of political asylum. if we do that then we can get a handle again on the situation on the border. steve: congressman, fantastic. we thank you for joining us tonight. >> yes, my pleasure. steve: alright, joining is now the author of hillbilly elegy j.d. vance. j.d., i wanted to have you join us tonight is you wrote a really powerful piece and we've got a lot of reaction this week and we put this whole border story in its overall context in terms of our economy and society and the impact of uncontrolled immigration and would love you to lay out your argument for us tonight. >> steve, it's pretty simple. we have a border crisis in this country because it's good for the political donors of both our major parties, especially the democratic party to have a border crisis but you ask yourself who does this affect? who is harmed by this? we know that it's american
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service workers who have their wages lowered by illegal immigration and we know that it is people in my community who don't want math and heroin flooding into the communities who are harmed by a poor southern border and who benefits from it? the global multinational corporations who love cheap labor paired that is what this is ultimately about. certainly it is the fall of the biden administration but this is a unit party decision to have a flow of cheap labor across the southern border that is causing all of this misery on our side of the border but of course, also for the central americans trying to come across. steve: that's right. this is again, it's so outrageous when the democrats present it as a compassionate policy. it is the poorest being hurt by this, both in terms of those coming to the border and as you just noted here in america and there is one particular story i thought that was powerful that brought this home to you and i think it was a hotel executive talking about how this impacts their business.
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>> yet, this was 2018, steve. i heard a hotel executive at a dinner i was out with my wife and i complaining that trump's immigration policies were causing him to raise the wages of his hotel workers and it struck me how preposterous it was that we have these global leaders and corporation some of the wealthiest and most powerful in the world who hate restrictive immigration because it means they have to pay their people more money and that's exactly why we should have a restricted immigration policy in this country. unfortunately we forgotten those lessons and we have allowed the oligarchs to set our immigration policy and again, now we have all this misery on both sides of the border, drugs flowing in, wage competition for workers in these girls that are being sex traffic, human smugglers being an rich and it's just a terrible crisis and we should call it for what it is. it's a crisis that is borne by people who want to cheap labor and unless we push back against it and unless we call it what it
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is idyllic we delete we will have the courage to actually definitively get this debate on the other side. steve: would you say that the republican party i don't want to say the establishment but the party generally in your observation you've talked to a lot of people within the republican party on all sides and how they got this message? president trump really shifted attitude but what about the party today? >> absolutely, the grassroots of the republican party is firmly behind a strong border because they know it does lead to these problems but unfortunately you do have some folks, especially in the donor class of the republican party or very allied with the donor class of the democrat party who like the cheap labor and like the open border policies and so you do have this internal struggle but the good thing about america is that the majority often wins and hopefully it always wins and in this particular issue the republican majority is very clearly on the side of the strong border.
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steve: exactly. actually that is the morally righteous and noble position and that is the thing that we have to keep emphasizing a key, back to the cruelty that is on display at the border and democrats want to make themselves look like the compassionate ones but they are not. j.d., great to see you and thank you so much, but appreciate it. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right, coming up, in january 1 of the most significant pieces of evidence pointing to the true origin of the pandemic was published and the details are stunning that researchers at the wuhan institute of herbology became sick with covid like symptoms in the fall of 2019. this was before the first cases were reported. straight ahead, we talk live with a man who released that ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks
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♪♪ steve: welcome back. the delayed report is not expected this coming week's what to think the chances are it will be honest and transparent in the entire investigation has been a fix by the chinese regime right at the start of the pandemic china stalls of providing critical details about the viruses genetic sequence that could have helped other countries save lives. when the who investigative team itself was set up, turner was
12:24 am
given the power to veto any american scientist they did not like. the u.s. government proposed three expert scientists, not one of them was excepted and they did not even get a phone call but instead unbelievably, this man ended up as our representative, peter who for years funded that corona research on behalf of doctor anthony fauci's and a aig. who said that's quote, good experience for the team and did not represent a conflict of interest. they literally said that. that's the very definition of conflict of interest. once the investigation started they wasted time on the wuhan west market theory, despite china's own cdc last may ruling it out as the origin of the virus. the whole investigation was a sham. after months of delay, weeks of quarantine one of their first field visits was to an expedition celebrating how
12:25 am
president xi led china to victory over the virus but they weren't given the data they asked for, studies, the blood samples and they spent a few hours at the wuhan lab talking to cheap for religionist who denied any connection to her lab. but last year when hearing about the outbreak the first thing she thought was that it came from her lab. she literally said that on the record. the chinese regime has systematically undertaken one of the biggest and most brazen coverups in world history, stalling for time, silencing witnesses, destroyed evidence, spreading misinformation to distract from their crimes but one person in particular has never shied away from calling out the resume for this and he's been very clear about why we need an honest investigation and it is not about pointing fingers or placing blame. >> the details of where patients zero and where this began are things that are acknowledged in the possession of only the
12:26 am
chinese communist party and the world needs answers to these questions for, not only the current moment but so that we can make sure that we reduce the risk of something like this could ever happen again. steve: exactly right. joining me now is former secretary of state mike pompeo paid mr. secretary, great to see. let start with that report to be expected next week. what are your expectations? >> steve, you give a great summary of it. it looks to be a whitewash and i'm happy to read it inconsiderate and i'm happy to hope i'm wrong about that but everything that you laid out, every selection of who the committee was in all the things they weren't permitted to see and all the pile of information we again today suggests chinese from his party has no intention of the world ever being able to definitively prove where this came from. we know since the wuhan virus there was an enormous stack of evidence suggesting that the lab and the highest security lab
12:27 am
inside of wuhan is a likely source for what is now devastated so many lives so much of our economy here in the united states. steve: exactly. what do you think can be done to try and move towards a genuine open and honest investigation? >> we worked hard on that. you mentioned earlier the sheet we put out in january and we laid another set of facts that also just that the wuhan institute of herbology was like the place that the virus came from. chinese, and his party has a response ability in the world must demand of them to share with us what happened, how it came to be that this virus spread around the world while the chinese closed their own borders and allowed people to travel to milan, italy and all across the world and in fact enormous number of people when they knew that the risk from human to human transmission was real. they need to be held accountable for this and they have repeatedly violated all the basic norms of the international
12:28 am
health regulations and morality when they put the world determine his risk and we are still at risk today, the chinese will allow something to happen again. steve: that's right, it so brazen. i mean, it just keeps going with this. let me ask you, that was a really important step forward. we've been following this closely when you release that admiration the infections at the lab. is that other information to your knowledge of the divide and a ministration now possesses that it could relieve that help us understand more clearly where this came from? >> steve, i think we got most of what we knew out in the january 15 fact sheet but i'm confident in the now eight weeks that we've not been in office with their continuing to learn that we had a deep program to make sure we were continuing to garner whatever induration we could through intelligence gathering, i hope that intelligence effort continues and anything that they learned and needs to be shared with the world and needs to be shared with other leaders so that, again, the central point here, they are still engaged in this
12:29 am
research still conducting activities of conflict viruses of still doing it lavatories that don't remotely meet global standards. those of the things that put us all at risk in the united states has a responsibility to push back and that's why we left the who and that's why we must unite so that the world can come back what china and the who did to us. steve: what leverage would be available to get the allies and rule the countries of the world to really make this happen? >> steve, you know, i think the people in every country who are locked down and who had their loved ones parish and who had the job destroyed, i think people all across the world will rise up and demand that their leaders are held accountable. the perpetrators of this, the people that at the very least cover this up in the precise moment when the world could have acted jointly to prevent this thing from spreading all across the world. i hope that is the case there is economic pressure and to pull back pressure in the medical
12:30 am
teams all across the world have a responsibility, not to participate in chinese studies and chinese research when they are engaged in this dangerous biosafety activity and there are lots of places that leverage and things that need to happen in the united states must lead this effort. steve: well, i so agree with you and i really appreciate your role in bringing this information to light and continuing to be out there to fight it because as you say, they turned the whole world upside down and it's incredible that we don't have a proper investigation and the one that is coming next week we learn it looks like to use your term, looks like it could be a whitewash and we hope not and we wait and see but mike pompeo, great to see you this evening and we appreciate you joining us, thank you. steve: thank you, steve. have a good evening. steve: coming up, what is the serious substantive policy points find biden's falling up the staiririririr
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♪ ♪. steve: joe biden is quickly turning into the most structurally dishonest president in american history. the democrats and the media servant and endlessly trump a liar but was there ever a more direct and transparent
12:36 am
president. in office he was exactly what he promised during the campaign. biden, on the other hand, was sold to us as a centrist but is now being used as a decrepit fig leaf for a bernie sanders elizabeth warren agenda. they pretend it's for the people but it's fundamentally elitist. it's nothing to do with a carefully crafted life of the middle-class joe from scranton. he disappeared a long time ago and that following friday said it all, stumbling and bumbling around and this man is obviously not the one in control. >> yeah, what am i doing here? i will lose track years. i want to thank you sitting in the former general and i keep calling him general but my, my, the guy who runs that outfit over there. president harrison i took or, i'm having trouble here. steve: yeah, we can laugh and we should but don't feel sorry for him. as we've told you he's been plotting and scheming to get to
12:37 am
the oval office for half a century and is the worst type of corrupt machine politician and he knew he wasn't capable of doing this job yet still, he grasped for it so yes, we should mock biden but here is the serious part. if biden's president in name only and he's not in charge, who is? we say this often because it's important and it is true. the people in charge are the power centers of today's democratic party. government unions, permanent bureaucracy and the woke left. with trump, the democrats and the media servant barely stopped waving around the 25th amendment for far less than this but when we have a president in name only, obviously, a front for a far left agenda that no one voted for has there ever been more justifiable argument for using it then now? joining us author of they never let a crisis go to waste, the truth about disaster liberalism, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. jason, your reaction. >> thank you, steve. i think we are witnessing and
12:38 am
joe biden one of the weakest presidents this country has ever seen. literally, the wind is blowing this man over. it worries us that there are a lot of people out there who are behind the scenes, who are puppeteers that are controlling this person and that is the concern is that he does not have the same cognitive capability that he did a few years ago, not a doctor and cannot give an analysis but i can watch the tape and i have met with the man when he was much more vibrant, much more in tune. i have spent personal time with him in the white house and compared to it now, it is just absolutely night and day. i think behind the scenes you have a kamala harris, susan rice, you have the chief of staff and you have a lot of these other people behind the scenes that you never ever hear from but are pushing a progressive agenda that is so far left it is further left than anybody ever thought it would
12:39 am
be. steve: that's exactly what is so undemocratic about it and that is why it's a serious substantive confirm as much as we laugh at biden it's much worse than that and that's why use that phrase structurally dishonest but they got this from person who just signed off on everything and one of the biggest clues to that was the fact that on the first day joe biden who sold himself as a centrist sign that executive order about biological males being able to play it girl sports. whoever thought that was the first on the list? >> no, he was dishonest about that and did not tell us it was coming and totally dishonest about his immigration plans and moving so aggressively on just totally opening up the borders. he wants to raise taxes, he wants to do all these progressive leftist things but what they sold heidi and joe biden when he hid in his basement during the campaign is that he would be returned to normal well, it is anything but
12:40 am
normal moving forward right now. he is not given a state of union address, every president in my lifetime has gone before congress and gone before the world and america and spent an hour, hour and half, close to two hours explaining where they are going and what they see in this nation. joe biden has not done that and he is supposedly on thursday going to give his very first press conference and i have doubts if he has the ability to take those questions. he is just not there like used to be in the past. steve: finally, jason, what is the remedy for this? as i said, there is constant talk of the 25th amendment in relation to president trump. you may not have agreed with president trump and a lot of people didn't but there was no disputing the fact that he was in charge and he was capable of doing the job but they just did not like you the way he was doing it. with biden, isn't that more relevant? >> i think it is relevant but i don't think we are there yet. it's an extreme measure to take
12:41 am
it and i don't think we are there yet but what we don't have is an aggressive, fair, honest media that is doing their jobs, calling balls and strikes and working behind the scenes to reveal and expose these things before it becomes too late. they are totally in the pocket of joe biden in the left and the democrats, they need to do their job and thus far, they have not. steve: exactly, well put. thank you, jason. good to see you. >> thank you. steve: coming up, one democratic pollster fought a reason why so many latino voters defected from the left and voted for trump in the last election. we show you what it is, next.
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♪♪ steve: welcome back. in the aftermath of the 2020 election, one statistic shocked democrats to the corporate president trump transforming the gop into a multiracial working-class coalition with his support significantly increasing among nonwhite voters. democratic pollster crunched the numbers and found the roughly one in ten hispanic voters switched from the den of comets in 2016 to trump in 2020.
12:48 am
why? because quote, in the summer following the emergence of de- fund the police is a nationally issue, support for biden among hispanic voters declined and second quote, asking voters whether they leaned toward biden and trump and emphasizing the democratic position on immigration often called biden share of support among latino to decline. joining us to discuss, janelle king. i thought this was so fascinating because the democrats on the left have been so carried away with all they are going to blm and their woke agenda and they think it's all great but actually according to this crunching of the numbers, by democratic pollster it is those woke left positions that cause the drop in support among latino voters. >> absolutely. i think it's important to understand that hope is exciting but hope that is empty is not. hope that has delusions attached
12:49 am
to it is where we really see the actual embracing of what is happening and that is the fundamental difference between president trump and president biden and the democratic party. president trump, instead of trying to rally people to promote equality he decided to treat people equally and that is where president trump stands at this and i think that is why there was such an increase because we were tired of hearing the same old things in the same old messages of what should be done when in fact, we needed someone who actually could get it done when we had president obama and even with president or vice president biden at the time, they were promoting prison reform for it president trump, we actually saw people walking out of prison cells. that goes much further than it when it comes to the minority community. we want solutions, we want to make sure that when we see things that are out of place that we have a president that can fix them. steve: that is such a profound thing he said there, by the way.
12:50 am
i will really remember that. instead of promoting equality just treat people equally. the other thing you test on their end janelle, let's close with this. your point about practical measures that help people in their lives, help them with their businesses and help them with their taxes and give their business prospering and keep their community safe, that's the agenda for the future of the gop. don't you agree? >> i totally agree. this is all about solutions and even when you talk about the latino community or hispanic friends, it's important to understand that they want to be safe as well and ultimately we all want the same thing. that is to protect her family, provide for our family and live in america where it provides us with the opportunity to do those things. at the end of the day we have a message that speaks to that and you are the person for our community but if your message is simply to make us feel good and speak to our emotions and that is not the message that will provide change. we need to make sure that we put our emotions in check and go with candidates that are
12:51 am
actually offering solutions. steve: exactly. and you know, the democrats go on their far left ideological stuff and republicans practical solutions to help you in your life. janelle, that was so great. we really appreciate it. we will see you soon. >> thank you so much. steve: coming up, biden's swamp just gets deeper and dirtier as just gets deeper and dirtier as the families of his top aides
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the guidance will stack. joe biden brought the swamp directly to the white house. he and his brother have been part of the revolving door between business and the white house since the late '80s. now jeff is cashing in. in the 11 half months since he clinched the nomination he signed 12 new lobbying clients. almost the same number he signed in the previous nine years. one of them is jeff who wouldn't help trump during the pandemic but went out of his way to help biden with vaccine
12:57 am
distribution. he needed his own lobbyists inside the oval office. 2021 is shaping out to be better. general motors is the latest big money client. they are stocked full of lobbyist and swamp creatures who spend their entire career spinning around the revolving door. it's clear this administration is shaping up to be one of the most corrupt in history and the most disgusting example is steve which eddie. now jason has reaction. >> jason, what do you think. >> this is the disgusting part of washington d.c. prevalent, brazen, wrong but it is out there. government officials have to file a document. those documents can be traced back and tied to the lobbyist because lobbyists also need to make certain disclosures. i can't promise you one 100% of them are accurate but it gives you a glimpse with organizations that will go in and dive in and look closely at those ties. you have to just follow the
12:58 am
money. there are trillions of dollars going out the door when congress got rid of earmarks, they suddenly rushed over to the executive branch because they realize that's what's happening, but nancy pelosi wants to bring back earmarks. the lobbyists are just going to have a field day on both the congress and joe biden. it's a dream come true for them. >> and the concept of the revolving doors so central to the way the swamp works. so many people in senior positions in the biden administration, they were in the obama administration, they went out, they joined lobbying firms or consultant firms or they start their own and it straight back into government credits total corruption. great example anthony had one literally on their homepage their website says from the situation room to the board room and now he's back in the situation room. >> yeah and the hades people hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit in on the
12:59 am
sideline until there back into office and probably nothing's worse than joe biden's brother frank. this starts at the very top. frank is not an attorney but he works for a law firm who says hey we have great ties if you want to lobby congress and executive branch, use us, the president's own brother. it runs from the very top all the way down. >> wait, that's right now. >> yes, that's going on right now as we speak. the law firm in florida, the day of the inauguration running ads saying hey look at us, look what's going on, frank biden's brother is going to be the president. if you want, setting up and color. >> we did something about brothers, that's another segment you gave me an idea for. it's great to see you as always. thank you. >> thank you.
1:00 am
>> all right, don't forget to set your dvr so you never show. we will see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> the prior administration dismantled the orderly and safe way that these children could make their claims. we are rebuilding that process. jillian: it is monday, r march 22nd. the biden administration backed the blame game as fox news learned illegal border crossers are being released into the u.s. without a court date. we're live in d.c. with the lack of transparency out of the white house. >> miami mayhem, overnight police break up massive crowds as spring breakers deny curfew you. .jillian: sweet victory for loy for lay


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