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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 21, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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are you stupid too, thank you for watching. i'll be with the five monday night, see you then . mark: i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we want to talk about national security. then talk about immigration, before, a few comments. >> i am concerned about what is going on in this country. so-called fundamental tran
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formation. massive deficit spending, soon massive taxation, attacks on our constitutal system. all of the executive orders, critical this theory and that theory, as if the president of united states is takes most radical agenda and instituting them. if he does not by fiat and the executive branch, they will institute them by hook or by crook in congress. what does that do to our country when we're facing enemies aboard? this sort of tumult is taking place at the hands of this president and his party in particular communist china. iran. and thinking about our own national security. you know, they used to say about a hundred years ago, the sun
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never sets on the british empire. they said about a hundred years ago, that the british navy, controlled the seas. they don't say that any more, britain is not a top super power any more, they are with nuclear weapons and military, but not. britain's economy used to touch every aspect of the planet, i fear people of whether that u.s. will always be the most super of super powers because we were raised that way, but what hatches if or military is degraded, what happens if your economy is attacked, what happens if our enemies, are more
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efficient and more focused on their objectives, and those being, to surpass us. militarily. and economically and to threat to en us,this is a great concere facing a two front war, not a military war, at home, an idea ideological war, and overseas a serious threat by a growing country, that wants to be second to none, i think they are on their way, maybe i'm wrong, i want to talk to someone who is an expert, retired four-star general jack keane, former vice chief of staff of u.s. army, with institute of study of war,
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general jack keane, i am concerned this nation is as wore with itself, and -- war with itself. and tumult taking place. that even if we're aware that china is growing and becoming more powerful we're not able to unite and focus ourselves in addressing it, your comment. >> a couple things, certainly, china, rightfully so, was identified by trump administration. in 2017 national security strategy as most significant strategic threat to the united states and the american people, they identified correctly, the new framework in which the world is facing, a big power competition with china, and russia, and north korea and i id dealing with radical islam. this administration has largely accepted that game work. we stopped kidding ourselves.
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the second thing that is important, is that american people have accepted the reality now this china is most significant threat to american security and themselves, that holds the view of majority of the american people. that puts some wind at the back of the this new administration. they know full well, that their behavior toward china, cannot be what it was. w with obama-biden administration, this new administration was same people, for our audience to understand that we're in the obama administration doing foreign policy. biden has was in previous team, we have concerns. much more so than would be
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required for our own security. to date they send signals they get it on china. and they are not changing any of trump policies they just increased sanction on 24 officials who had somethingt doo do with the new laws. that was just done, on wednesday, prior to their meeting with chinese officials, this is a significant threat. this administration, is signaling that they appear to get it they understand it. what my concern is, all that rhetoric is good. they look for ways to cooperate with china, pandemic. global health, one of their major objective climate change.
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we're in stiff competition with china, economy like and militarily, but here is the wore tobe one, will saying will -- wl they be willing to confront china. and president xi has all of his objectives in front of him, he las been clear about what they are, he intends to control and dominate the indo-pacific region. and changing world to international order and create his own spear of influence, these are not idle words. we have a handful in dealing with president xi . i hear the rhetoric, the rhetoric sounds good. i hear what you are doing, and
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reinforcing who trump has done, what the confrontation comes when we be tough-minded enough and have the resolve to deal with that, that, i think is an open question, based on practices of obama and biden administration and this foreign security team in place. mark: let's talk about confrontation, we had in u.s. military testify the other week he believes taiwan will be attacked by communist china in next several years, and others fear there could be sometime in next year. then we read information, i am sorry to say they have gone through a number of scenarios u.s. military con front -- confronts china after it attacks taiwan, and with every -- scenae
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lose. what are we doing about it? i am concerned about it. >> you put your finger on the major problem we have, the other is cyber espionage. in history of foreign intervention dealing with the united states but the major issue in the region is certainly this issue that you put your finger on, is the military issue. here is what i think. that chinese olympics are next year. president xi is is not going to do too much to anger international suspecter on the for what he wants to be -- support for what he wants to be a successful and credible experience that help to restore image and public accept an of af china, but what shaping to us, is that the likelihood of some kind of a military action, by
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president xi to observe taiwan is increasing every year, it may the not be imminent. but the likelihood it is it happen. will. the u.s. military in the region is out-gunned, they have more military, with largest arsenal much conventional offensive missiles on the planet. the quantitative nature of our navy and air force is better, but the fact that we're out-gunned with a problem for us, that is why the war games suggested if we have that military challenge in the war games we lose. i played a war game similar to that myself. on the commission for the looking at the national defense strategy of the united states in
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2018. and we concluded this, which is confirmed by military leaders in region. that if we had a war with china, we would see losses, personnel and high capital assets we have not seen since world war ii, we would be challenged to win and indeed, we can lose. what do we have to do? what we want to do is restore the effective military deterrents that we had. we don't want china to be incentivized by lack of that, by the lack of a response, inadd inadequate and insufficient response. and so, what -- does that mean, we need more capacity in region, better missile defense for our bases, we need offensive
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missiles to reach and touch the batteries that will be firing against our ships and our bases. that has to take place. that becomes the start of a deterrent. then we need advance capabilities, that money is there to get this we have to get it quickly. we need advance hypersonic missiles, the chinese have deployed theirs, they are so devastating they could warm and take out an an entire battle group. it renders the current offenses we have on our ships and our land -- bases inadequate. there are challenges, we have to have a sense of urgency to fix challenges, that said.
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president xi does not want to have a conflict with the u.s. if we have, that all his object objectives go out the window, he wants to get it done by inkim doing and weaken resolve of u.s. leadership. so he is continue the march what he has done in tibbett and crushing democracy in hong kong, and continue this economic military intimidation of our allies in the region, we have to stand up to that, he has to see we not only have the capability
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there we don't have deterrents unless you what, your adversary and sees it as real that is real, that would impose cost on us, if we take action. the second thing is does the united states have the resolve and the spine to actually use it? their vote on this look at obama-biden administration was, military capability was being, - eroded, and they didn't believe for a minute that administration had the resolve and will to use that capability. we have to make certain they understand we will use it, they knew follow well president trump while he was moving quickly to make up for shortfalls that were handed him in terms of military readiness, he was able to cob ae
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chinese communist leadership we would use the capability we have. mark: my opinion, that is frightening. in my view, speaking for myself, the wrong man in the wrong office. at the wrong time. i'll could right back.
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mark: welcome back america, general jack keane, more on china. china is picking fights with a lot of countries, with vietnam. over their navigatable waters and picking fights with japan, what is japan doing? they are in the neighborhood. are they beefing up their military. >> yes. let me deal with the ally issue. one thing that president trump was able to do, he is never going to get credit for it from biden administration, make certain our ally know this the u.s. has their back.
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3 of the 4 largest economies in the world, like-minded democracies who have one thing in common, that brought them together, not just democracy but threat of china, this was start the by president bush in 2007, and fell dormant. he put teeth into this. military exercises are done together now on a routine basis. unites to push back on china economically. and then resist together. china's aggressive offensive cyber warfare that they are conducting and china has pushed back. they conducted serious economic
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coercion on australia. they have started skirmishes to the indian border, this actually has stret strengthened the ally. but since china aggressiveness, took hold, and under trump administration. they are in as full players. and that is a good thing. when president trump went to india. and was received in a head of state visit, he solidified india's participation, using our allies in the region, you mentioned vietnam, we have a good relationship with vietnam.
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they cannot understand what the china is doing, they are fed up with china's absolute, intimidation some coercion of their fishing rights which they are involved in every day. they are increasing their missile defense capability to deal with china's offensive missile cabebility, and they are also increasing the navy, this is significant, remember post world war ii, china by decree had to voluntarily as part of our agreements with them, give up any offensive military capability. and only have -- >> japan. >> for many years has been modest in japan, this is a big deal. what the doe -- now this
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administration to their credit had discussions with this quad group, and president biden participated in the discussions, to be frank about it that surprised me, they are saying that this revitalized alliance is something that i want to participate in, they want to increase it and strengthen it, that is a good thing, our allies matter in the region, they have been under the gone -- gun for so many years, what president trump came in and stake their tr back, and change our rhetoric in dealing with the chance communist party, and speak about their abuses. that began to change in terms of strengthening the spine of our allies, china is about coercion, they want to break your will, they don't want to have to fight
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you. that is what is happening, i don't want to be pollyannish about this. mark: what joe biden said, during an interview there are cultural differences in the country, that was his answer to the massive death camps in china, that is worrisome, general jack keane, i want to discuss iran, on the move, working hard to get their nuclear missiles built. moneys have been sent to the iranian government with a smile and a nod from our government, i am wondering if you are concerned.
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i trump administration had that country on its knees, i want is circle back when we come back and discuss it with you, we'll be right back. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. it all starts with an invitation... experience lexus. the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 36 month's, and we'll make you're first month's payment. michael: more than 100 years ago.
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>> i am jon scott, new york joins more than a dozen states with first case of the brazilian coronavirus variant, governor
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cuomo confirmed the news, saying that patient is came in her 90s, leaving in brooklyn with no history. >> new secretary was defense once to afghan today. as well as a planned may 1 deadline for u.s. troop withdrawal. withdrawal. >> and i am jon scott back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: welcome back america, we have another grave threat, we have several, one circ one -- i. this administration wants to
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reopen the iran deal, it look like they will take a different tact from the trump administration, you saw how peace was breaking out in most e east with the abraham acords and uniting -- are you concerned about what this administration is doing. >> we said in previous segment some initial steps are this area gives me concern, i believe this administration, is going to make strategic blunder early on, over iran. it is because of what they are already saying and doing. number one, it was well advertised they want to go back into nuclear deal, during the campaign. they have said, very different
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things, on the one hand, we want to lengthening and strengthen the deal that means improve it, that was what the trump administration would have wanted to do if they were negotiating with the iranians, at the same time they seem to indicate they are willing to give up some sanctions for the iranians to come back in and negotiate with them, which makes no sense. this administration, whether they would have sanctioned iran or not, they are, their economy is crippled. it is huge leverage, the number one thing that iranians want from us, why give it up before we get what we want? and secondly, the other issue is that the singles they have --
5:32 pm
signals they sent in region, they paused military army sales to saudi arabia and the uae, despite the fact they came to same collusion that president trump did with saudi arabia, do no harm to the relationship, despite the significant disapproval of the horrific act of killing the journalist. this is a different administration from each other came to the same conclusion, but why are you freezing weapons to them, and they have pulled away from designation of the houthis as a terrorist organization. we were helping them to targets and intelligence to minimize civilian casualties, but why do we send these signals to the
5:33 pm
iranians so early on in this administration this we're pulling away from the our allies, iranians is a this is look similar to what we were dealing with last time, they look like they will want a deal more than anything else, they will be very tough negotiators, which they have a history of doing. and they have a history of succeeding against the united states, that concerns me, we will put together a deal too kind of looks like the old deal, but not holding iran accountable. and the sunset clause that we have, they have to be removed, we want to prohibit them having
5:34 pm
nuclear weapons, the signals from the administration are mixed. and i don't feel the same sense of encouragement here they will figure out how to do this, i think they are listening to europeans, u.k., germany and france, more so than arabs expid israelis. mark: i agree with you, three republicans on the foreign relations committee, including romney and portman voted for her, this is worst deal. they didn't go through the treats mechanism because they didn't have to the votes to get it approved in u.s. senate, they circumvented that process under obama, so-called deal that we're dealing with general jack keane
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thank you. and everyone knows why you got the medal of freedom. god bless you take care. mark: thank you very much. mark: we'll be right back.
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. mark: welcome back, tom homan. he wrote a magnificent book, called defend the border and save lives. on the border today is anarchy and chaos, it is clearly intended, they talked about defunding i.c.e., they found out they can't, so trying to overwhelm i.c.e. as well as border patrol. they have basically taken hold holdenold, the position is overm the system. break the system.
5:40 pm
then blame the system. and take control. tom homan is this what is going on. >> correct, biden administration trying to blame trump for what is going on at the border, you cannot deny the fact he gave us the most secure border in my career, almost 35 years, i started in 1984 as a border patrol agent. and president president trump got it right, he had unprecedented success on that border, he had agreements with central america that no other president was able to get, and agreements from mexico, and remain in mexico program that was great. because president trump understood that 90% of the central americaning that come to our border, and claim asylum
5:41 pm
never get released from the u.s. courts. they don't qualify. if biden and mayorkas looked at it then they are -- facilitating, look at homeland security. report less than 3%, of all center americas who good removed by a federal judge have left the country. what is your answer? open the border, and let them come in, this is by design. i scared back in july -- i said in july of 2020, i said if joe biden becomes president, we lose the border, joe biden has sold out this country to the progressive left to win an
5:42 pm
election, he is different from the person he was as vice president. and mayorkas is a different person when he was deputy secretary. they know how to stop it. they are doing opposite. how did we stop in 14, we built the detention facilities, what are they doing now? they are releasing them within 3 day. i.c.e. has been decapitated, this is by design. this is an open border agenda that we knew was coming. >> you are saying we have a president, a secretary of homeland security, and other officials in the biden administration that are
5:43 pm
violating federal law. and they know they are violating federal law. they think by blaming donald trump, that american people will believe it is donald trump's fault when donald trump has been and was, the most aggressive advocate for securing the southern border in my lifetime, he actually did it. i think you are right. we see the hard left, that does not believe in a soft reason u.s. -- sovereign united states, we see something else. media know it but they are so corrupt, they won't report it. and the democrat party knows more likely they receive legal status and citizenship they will vote democrat. so this is a pernicious, insidious act.
5:44 pm
what is happening to the little kids who are coming across? are they safe? treated properly as a result of great human process in place for the hard left and biden administration. >> no, the policies of biden administration, to be clear, they have given a green light to child traffickers, to sex traffickers, no one celebrated more of biden winning the election are criminal cartels in mexico, they are back in, children, under trump administration, they still talk about it. family separations. we -- that were separated because the parents were prosecuted. they don't talk about right now over 15,000 children, in custody of hhs or sitting in border patrol system whose parents chose, chose to hire a criminal criminal organization to smuggle their
5:45 pm
child to united states the president scared that loving parents sent their -- said that loving parents sense their children to the border, are you serious? loving parents do not put their kids in the hands of the smugglers. u.s. government will pay the rest of the trip, to get 24e78 them toreunite with people. this -- in history of this nation, we have a president that is facilitating, illegal immigration on the border, there is no consequence. knowing they will never leave. facilitating criminal cartels, and the sexual assault, 31% of women who make this trip get sexually assaulted, and children will going to die.
5:46 pm
president trump got it. he secured our border. this president right now, is he is not talking to anyone, you have 60 to 80,000 law enforcement officers who fila-- feel abandoned by this administration. >> unbelievable. the inhumanity, the child abuse cas caused by this president, the same president who stood behind teachers unions who prevent our children from being educated, we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, tom homan. former director, of i.c.e. people are coming across this border, they are not tested for various diseases, in old days you could not get in if you didn't have a way to pay for yourself and so forth. talk about ellis island, today it is excuse me across -- come across mo necessary what.
5:51 pm
no matter what. >> we already know there were many released that have tested positive for covid, we don't know, looking at border patrol data, they say they have over a thousand got aways a day, they set off sensors, that border patrol cannot respond to, they are too busy changing baby diapers. families turn themselves over to border patrol because they know they will be be released, adult males, the drugs, the bad guys they come to the parts of border with no border patrol agents, they thousand got aways a stay, how many of them are infected with covid, we don't know, how many of them are ms-13 members, in last surge, 62,000 americans
5:52 pm
died from opioid overdoses from the drugs flowing across the border, covid is most recent disease. disease comes across that border every day, we shut down for chicken pox and measles. i this one with tb, that would not reacted to any known drug, we tried to treat that person. disease comes across that border of day. and border patrol is not testing for covid, federal government, dhs is counting on the local communities to do the testing, we know that is not being done everywhere, they say they care about covid pandemic, they want to lock us down, we wear masks, however they are streaming across the border with no tests. and once they get there their
5:53 pm
destination, they qualify for -- they will compete for some mid to low level jobs, that many americans would like to have right now, not only a while concern -- health concern but competing with american workers and our high un. unemployment situation that we're currently in. this administration has turned their backs on the hard working americans, they have been thrown under a bus. mark: i think we forget the purpose of immigration, it is to support the citizens of the united states, and objectives of the citizens of the. america does not belong to joe biden or democrat party or to the immigration activists, does not belong to foreign governments and individuals, it belongs to the american citizens, our leaders are supposed to represent the
5:54 pm
american citizens, there nothing humane about what is going on in the southern border, joe biden did not run on this he did not tell the truth. he did not say he would open the borders and there would be a flood of people coming in, they are prevents media from going into the detention center, which they now call reception centers, from showing us what is going on, it is a disaster, tom thank you, god bless you. >> thank you, mark, keep up the fight. mark: we'll be right back. just remember my motto. if you ain't first... you're last! woo-hoo!
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here you go, let me help you. hi mr. charles, we made you dinner. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am! mark: welcome back to america. what kind of country have we become? are we a federal republic? know. we don't respect to federalism and state authority anymore. in fact, we are moving more and
5:59 pm
more toward the centralization of authority and authoritarianism. are we a representative republic? not so much bid the vast majority of what takes place in this country is done by the bureaucracy and executive fiat. we have very little say in what is going on, particularly today with the way congress is conducting itself without hearings and with fences and the national guard surrounding it. are we a constitutional republic? not so much. many aspects of the constitution are firewalls have been breached, the supreme court is mostly dormant and does not stand up and does not enforce the constitution of the united states. what do we have if we are not a federal republic or represent to the republic and not a constitutional republic, what are we? many years ago i wrote this book, liberty and tyranny. are we for liberty? are we for tyranny? let me tell you something. tyranny is not a far-off concept
6:00 pm
anymore. tyranny is swelling around us. we better wake up to this. we better figure out ways to confront it. it will devour all of us. that is it. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪♪ steve: evening everyone and welcome to the next evolution i'm steve hilton and this is the time home of positive populism, profamily, pro- committee and especially pro- america. i have never seen a more dishonest set of interviews in my life than the ones offered up by homelands goodie secretary mayorkas this morning on a democrat manufactured border crisis which is now spiraling out of control. in the face of the mounting evidence of his incompetence in the biden administration's cruelty, he lied and lied and lied and lied and lied again


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