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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 21, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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e. the best value and award-winning customer service. only at t-mobile. howie: it was a story based on an anonymous source that damaged donald trump in his final weeks in office. the washington post reported he called georgia's topple exes investigator, francis watson, and told her to, quote, find the fraud in joe biden's victory and if she did, she would be, quoting again, a national hero. that piece reverberated across the media echo chamber. >> a report reveals president trump placed a separate call to georgia election officials freshing them to -- pressuring them to find the fraud.
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>> the president spoke with another georgia official asking that person to find the fraud. >> to quote, find the fraud, saying that official would be, quote, a national hero. howie: now the wall street journal obtained the audio recording, the post says, that this story was flat wrong. trump didn't say those things. he told the official he thought she would find dishonesty in fulton county ballots and she had the country's most important job. you can't level such a serious accusation against a president with no recording and no transcript without having it absolutely nailed down. when trump says such media mistake seem to run in one direction, he's right. some on the right looked at another piece by the post which had the recording of trump urging georgia's secretary of state to find 11,000 votes. that's the problem with running
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the unconfirmed report. the unnamed source turns tout be georgia's secretary of state. had this is media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. howie: the horrifying killing of eight people in atlanta area spas, six of them asia american women, sparked a raw and emotional debate about rising discrimination and violence against the community and part of it quickly descended into partisan finger pointing involving donald trump. >> the asian american community has been on edge because of increased hatred and racism brought on during the pandemic, the fact made worse by the commentary. >> if you can imagine -- >> i can't stand talking about
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donald trump anymore. as you said, he just called covid-19 the china virus again last night and now eight people are dead. >> i'm just astounded that people are jumping to that scenario from the white house on down when the investigation is not revealing that. do we have to create it. >> seems a race to make it a hate crime. isn't it bad enough? howie: joining us to analyze the coverage, in new york, will p cain. willcain and mara liasson. will, is it fair for anti-trump pundits to suggest even an indirect link between these heart breaking lawn murders, however law enforcement ends up classing them and donald trump's use of china virus and wuhan virus. >> it's unfair. it's agenda over the truth, narrative over facts, always
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about the story and the story of course when it comes to the media is always about donald trump. it's probably best encapsulated in a cnn headline that said white supremacy and hate, what's behind the rise in crime against asian americans. it goes on to talk about donald trump calling coronavirus the china virus. all of this divorces itself from the facts of the case. the killer has said it was about a sexual addiction, about things other than race, that it wasn't motivated by race. we'll wait to find out if that's true. there's no evidence to suggest this is a hate crime. this is the media starting with the conclusion and going in search of it and actually it's a pretty weak search, finding the supporting evidence to support the conclusion they went into this with and it's white supremacy, that it's donald trump. it's exactly as tucker carlson
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said, it's a concerted effort to continue to divide us on the lines of race. howie: i hear you on that. it's also a fact obviously that tragically six asian american women were killed. mara, joe biden went to atlanta on friday with kamala harris. said we can't be complicit in this. his press secretary, jen psaki, told reporters that trump's china virus rhetoric led to inaccurate perceptions and elevated threats against asian americans. i haven't seen reporters push back on that. >> there's a lot of things being conflateed here. to point out that donald trump used divisive rhetoric, a lot of it cast china, chinese american as somehow related to the spread of the virus, that's true. to connect donald trump directly to this crime i think that's out of bounds and i don't think the
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entire media has been doing this. in terms of a hate crime, a hate crime is a legal definition. i don't know if this will rise to a hate crime. six of the eight were asian women. seven of the eight were women. there was a lot of hating going on. whether it actually becomes a hate crime is a different matter. >> if i might, facts are very, important. when people talk about an uptick in crime when talking about asian americans, they point to a you study that suggests there's a 150% increase in crimes against asian americans. if you dig into the data, the vast majority of the rise in crimes occurred to some extent in california, primarily in new york. if we're interested in facts, we would need to know who the perpetrators are and what their motivations were in that rise in crime but nobody really cares about the facts that because it gets in the way of their conclusion. one last very, very important
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point, howard. this is best illustrated by what fox did this week. they clipped a cherokee county sheriff behind the investigation in the atlanta shooting, they clipped him saying it was a very bad day for the shooter. everyone in the media landscape parroted that. if you're listening at home you probably think the sheriff was excusing the shooter's mindset. if you play that clip one minute longer, he's explaining what the shooter was thinking. he was explaining how the shooter explained his motive to lawn enforcement and -- lawn enforcement and jet everyone thinks the sheriff said he was at the end of his rope. it does not follow the facts. howie: i thought that as well until i you saw follow-up reporting. i can't stand it when politicians blame politicians for what crazy people with guns do. rush limbaugh was not responsible for the oklahoma
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bombing. barack obama was not responsible for the shooting of police officers and donald trump is not responsible for this insane guy going into a bunch of georgia massage parlors. there's been enormous coverage in the media. asian americans, whatever the statistics are, seems to be way down on the radar screen. do you think that's in part because asian americans don't have much visibility in the media? >> i think that's part of it, although that's definitely changing. it was changing before this attack. now after this attack it's getting a lot of scrutiny. that story's about asian american man being stabbed, asian american people being verbally attacked on the street, saying take the virus back to china. so i think that's going to get more visible. but every time we have one of these horrific mass shootings, we get a similar kind of debate. democrats want to focus on
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whether it's a hate crime, on gun laws, the shooter apparently bought the gun that day. so there was clearly no waiting period. republicans tend to want to focus on mental health. it was a kind of isolated lone crazy guy. it's very, very hard to have reasonable civil debate about this big problem when we're so polarized around it. howie: all right. i want to turn now you to the growing crisis at the texas border. it's growing by the day. it's actually a humanitarian disaster right now. let's start by taking a look at president biden being asked about this in a sit-down with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> was it a mistake not to anticipate this surge they. >> first of all, the idea that joe biden said come, because i heard the other day they're coming because i'm a nice guy -- --shall. ->> do you have you to say quie
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clearly don't come. >> yes, i can say quite clearly don't come. >> you didn't encourage migrants to come over and in the same breath you say don't come yet because we're not ready, like america is a rock concert and doors don't open until 9:00. >> the tough spot they're in, it's because president biden said he would be more humane. howie: did you focus too much on his words, telling migrant families not to come, as opposed to policies. >> it's a combination of both. they both need to be focused on. before christmas, the incoming biden administration was saying don't come yet, in the quote i believe is guardrails need to be put in place. then on the policy side after following up on that rhetoric, howard, on the policy side his first day in office, inauguration day, he took down the guardrails, took down the remain in mexico policy and by the combination of rhetoric and
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policies opened the door, threw out the welcome matt to what we're seeing, it's undeniable the rise in migrants along the southern border. stephanopoulos pressed him there. they're absolutely saying we're coming because we think we're going to find a more friendly environment under joe biden. howie: mara, when biden said people who want asylum in the u.s. will soon be able to apply from their own countries, shouldn't george have said that was the old trump policy you threw out? >> right. biden owns this problem now. he sent two messages, one is don't come yet. the other is, we're going to be more welcoming. if you're a desperate person in central america, guess which message resonated more loudly to you? it's the welcoming part. he's got a problem. he has to solve it. it's a mystery why the new biden administration didn't anticipate they would have a bigger surge than normal at the border.
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howie: homeland security chief alejandro mayorkas was on four sunday shows today including fox, mostly blaming it on the trump administration and of course was asked by chris wall flays the fox interview you why aren't reporters allowed to see the facility. he said we're working on it. i don't understand that as a matter of transparency. will, we now have 14,000 unaccompanied minors at the border being housed mostly overcrowded facilities. is the press holding the biden administration to the same standard as it held the trump administration during the surges during those years? >> well, definitely not. i think everybody watching he knows that's the case. when it was president trump it was hyper ventilating about kids in cages. now i think the press is going to want answers. i would say this. mayorkas said more than that to chris wallace. he said we can't allow press coverage of what's going on at the border for two reasons, the
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coronavirus pandemic. how many people are flying, are going about normal activities every day. yes, you can definitely make it safe for reporters to witness what's going on at the border. the second thing he said, was more ridiculous, is we will give you footage. we'll get state sanctioned footage. howie: that jumped out at me. we don't want government provided footage. we want journalists to see what's going on there. ahead, jason miller on the former president's fox interview and much more. when we come badge. back, anotheraccuser against ano gets no support ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with oscar mayer deli fresh it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good.
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howie: with andrew cuomo under daily assault from the media including damaging new disclosures, president biden was asked in that abc sit-down about
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the state probe of sexual harassment allegations against the democratic governor. >> if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, i think he probably will end up you being prosecuted too. .it may very well be there could be a criminal prosecution that's attached to it. howie: will, i've got to say, for the president of the united states to even speculate in that interview that the most prominent governor in his party might end up going to jail was very surprising. >> yes, surprising, you could possibly even say irresponsible. politicians have it to follow the crowd, follow the mob, follow what's popular. in the previous section, they said democrats focus on race and guns and republicans he focus on mental health. what we should focus on is the
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facts. crimes are individual instances. they are fact based pursuits of justice and the only way to do that is to really, really hold people to a standard where your claims and accusations have to be backed up. that's what justice is. we live in a society where we do trial by media, trial by mob, trial by politics. the appropriate approach is wait and see how it bears out. at least legally. politically, the nursing home scandal, politically, that's the real stinker in the room and the one -- howie: in the meantime, the press is pursuing this after much of the press being indifferent in the beginning. new york times reporting that a second current aide accusing cuomo of ogling her body, making inappropriate comments, what do you think of the drip of discloy closures -- disclosures. >> that's what happens. we saw it happen with al
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franken, other men who have been accused. the things tend to come out bit by bit. women come forward one at a time to tell their story. due process is really important. a lot of democrats have had rethinking to do after al franken, feeling that everyone deserves their day in court. i do think politically the story of andrew cuomo is just how few friends he has. it's a cliche to say if you don't make friends on the way up, you won't have any on the way down. it seems like the only people that are supporting him are the voters of new york who don't want him to resign but don't want him to run again. howie: those numbers are changing. will, nobody can force andrew cuomo to resign. but now that you have schumer and aoc and now even president biden suggesting he might have to or he should depending on the outcome of the probe, it almost seems like there's a bandwagon
8:20 am
effect in the media. your thoughts on that? >> what's what i'm talking about, howard. it doesn't have anything to do with justice, what's right or wrong. it's more popular now or it would be unpopular to have andrew cuomo's back right now so joe biden can't do that, schumer can't do that, gillibrand can't do that. so they're going join the bandwagon. justice should be pursued regardless of popularity or not. let's not forget the nursing home scandal. my suspicion when it comes to the nursing home scandal, that's the justice that will do him in. howie: there's an fbi investigation. briefly, mara, the first accuser spoke at an anti-cuomo rally in new york yesterday. new york times has another story saying that cuomo and top aides circulated a letter aimed at discrediting her, talking about political motivation and using information from her personnel file, but to he me that's as troubling as sexual harassment allegations. it speaks to potential retaliation. >> there's no doubt about that.
8:21 am
that's going to be a mark against cuomo too. you go after your accuser and turns even more people against you. howie: yeah. all right, mara liasson, will cain, thanks very much for joining us. up next, why the incoming editor of teen vogue backed out of the job over her past tweets against asian americans and later, frank luntz on why many republicans don't trust media coverage of the covid vaccine. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear.
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[typing sound] i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life. it was the easiest application process. sofi made it so there's no tradeoff between my dreams and paying student loans. student loans don't have to take over for the rest of your life. thank you for allowing me to get my money right. howie: msnbc contributor, the editor of teen job backed out of the job, she faced a staff revolt overs racist tweets from a decade ago, now says that's over shadowed her work. joining us from new york, kat timpf and, kat, these tweets, especially the slanted eyes stuff about asian americans are
8:25 am
absolutely awful. let's see her apologize and apologize and she still couldn't get the job. >> she was a teenager at the time. there was a piece in the atlantic, it basically made the argument of if you can't make a mistake as a teenager, can you ever make a mistake? it's sort of said teenagers are supposed to make mistakes and learn and grow. if teen vogue isn't going to allow someone who made a mistake as a teenager and apologize, over and over again, then you're arguing for the abolition of the teenage years all together. howie: hiring teenagers who are so boring never had a wrong opinion. it's like a life sentence for usual stupidity that can never be commuted. it was 20 liberal staffers that got management to back down, reminding me of the revolt where the times management fired the
8:26 am
editorial page editor. are they no longer in charge of their media properties? >> the level of perfection their demanding, and no mistakes, it's hard for anyone to keep up with. one of the people who spoke out, saying there's no way she should work in this newsroom, tweets surfaced that she tweeted in 2009 using the n word even though she is not black. so even the people calling for this, a lot of the people can't stick to that standards themselves, especially talking about things you said when you were a teenager which is before you have a full formed brain. you're not fully developed. you're going to make mistakes. howie: i'm still working on brain formation. let me turn to cbs which has put the show, the talk, on hiatus for another week, after investigations that sharon sharonosborn called one of the a
8:27 am
excellenty eyes, she denies it. let's take a look at what she has to say. >> i was so angry. i cannot begin to tell you. not with cheryl, not with elaine, not with anybody but a company that i've worked at for 11 years. i decided with piers, though it's the cancel culture, isn't it, throw her under the bus. don't accuse me of something that's a lie. howie: so has sharon osborn blown up her career at cbs? >> look, it remains to be seen. if you remember last summer, ellen had scandal after scandal and she's still on the air. there really is this question of are you allowed to make a mistake and rectify it, apologize, maybe learn from it and then move on. accountability is one thing but canceling is another. especially if you are one of these people saying say, we need
8:28 am
to have these conversations, people node to be educated. how are we going to have those conversations if people are so terrified that if they happen to ask a question the wrong way or say the wrong thing that they'll be canceled. howie: we'll see what cbs does. sharon osborn vigorously defending herself. kat timpf, great to see you. in a blistering dissent, judge lawrence silverman eviscerated a ruling saying actual malice is too high libel standard. they called it virtually democratic party broad sheets he cited serious efforts to muzzle fox news calling this network, the new york post and wall street journal editorial page exceptions to democratic influence. his words may have no impact on libel law but they are already sparking a debate.
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ahead, frank luntz with a focus group on covid vaccines, coming up, donald trump goes after the washington post, gives a lengthy international view to fox and much more with his spokes american, jason miller. ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at howie: the washington post as i mentioned at the top had to correct a false report that donald trump had told a top georgia election official in january to find the fraud after a newly released audio contradicted that. here's what he told maria bartiromo. >> i was very happy that the washington post had the courage or of whatever you want to call it to at least admit their mistake. i hope it was a mistake. i think probably it came from the people in georgia that run an election process that frankly is just absolutely terrible. when you look at the things that went on in georgia. howie: joining us now is jason miller, senior advisor to former president donald trump.
8:33 am
trump said that media mistakes always seems to go against him and the republicans, don't presidents always get the most flak? >> good morning, great to be with you. i think in this case it's a little different, it's an extension of the witch hunt, the hoax, where folks in the media have been coming after president trump for years. we have to give credit where credit is due. the fact that the washington post corrected the story, not that they corrected it but put a massive paragraph at the top of the story, they did the right thing. here is who has not done the right thing, the secretary of state's office. whoever the source was for this has not yet stepped forward. they should be held accountable and fired once they're identified. howie: in a statement yesterday the former president called the supreme court, a third of which he appointed, gutless for not dealing with what he calls the rigged election. here's you how he put it in that
8:34 am
interview. >> it is a disgrace. it's like a third world country our supreme court and our courts didn't have the courage to overturn elections that should have been overturned. we're talking about hundreds of thousands, millions of votes. howie: how does it help him or the party or the country for him to keep talking about these unproven claims of a rigged election? >> well, i would have to disagree with your assessment, your description of what happened in 2020. in swing state after swing state, a number of these voting rules were changed outside of the state legislatures. u.s. constitution is very clear that all elections have to be set forward by the state legislatures, the fact that they were sir sum vented i think is -- circumvented is reason for reform. i think it's fine for president
8:35 am
trump to be upset. i'm upset. millions of supporters are upset. we have straighten it out going forward. howie: does president trump plan to get back on social media? >> it's interesting the fact that the president's been office of social media for a while. his press releases, his statements have been getting more play than he did on twitter before. i'm not sure if that's because the length of them are longer, even had one reporter say she thought it was much more elegant the way that the president was able to communicate his thoughts and very much looked more presidential in that longer form but i do think we're going to see president trump returning to social media and probably about two or he three months here with his own platform and this is something that i think will be the hottest ticket in social media. it's going to completely redefine the game and swerve one
8:36 am
will be waiting and watching to see what he does. it will be his own platform. howie: just to follow up, will this be a platform that the former president will create himself, working with another company? obviously he'll be starting for scratch. he won't start out with 88 million twitter followers. >> i can't go much further than what i was able to just share. i can say it will be big once he starts there. have been a lot of high powered meetings he's had with teams of folks that have been coming in. it's not just one company that's approached the president. there have been numerous companies. i think the president knows what direction he wants to head here and this new platform is going to be big and everyone wants him. he's going to bring millions and millions, tens of millions of people to this new platform. howie: we'll watch that space. is the former president begin to continue to make endorsement of republican challengers for the 2022 primaries. we're still pretty early in the cycle. >> you got it. i believe since january 20 ofth
8:37 am
when president trump left office, he's had over 20 senators, over 50 members of congress either call or go to mar-a-lago to ask for donald prt trump's endorsement. there's never, ever been this type of endorsement that carried this much weight. this week i think you'll see incumbent senators who are endorsed once again but really importantly pay attention to georgia tomorrow on monday. there's a big enforcement that's coming, that's going to really shake things up in the political landscape in georgia. it's big. it's coming tomorrow. be sure to tune in. howie: i'm sure you don't want to go further than that and upstage the former president. i want to give you a chance to correspond to this criticism by some, seizing of the awful murders in the atlanta area spas, somehow tying it to president trump and his use of
8:38 am
china virus or wuhan virus. >> this is really disappointing. i think the fact that there's finger pointing and trying to assess blame to president trump on this i think as a country, i think as a culture, we need to get past this effort to try to blame somebody else any time there's a horrific event. of to be very clear, what happened in atlanta is terrible. what we've seen around the country happening with so many asian americans is absolutely terrible and that should never happen with anyone from any background. i think it's worth pointing out that president trump actually did 5 points better with the asian american community in 2020 than he did in 2016. that's because of these policies for growth, for economic improvement, for national security, for local community security. the fact that president trump has been so anti-mob violence, he supported small business owners whether it be in minneapolis, whether it be in atlanta, whether it be anywhere. but why does the media try rush
8:39 am
to try to blame president trump? i never -- when president trump took over, i never heard the media rush to blame president obama for something that happened even after he left office. howie: right. i want to slip in one last he question which is joe biden tripped on the plane steps the other day, got a lot of mead mediaderision for that. you're going to say this is a nonstory and give biden a break, right? >> yeah, something like that. but here's the thing. joe biden can't even make it up the flight of stairs. i mean, how youy, it was-howie, it was three times. who knew it would be such a challenge for the current leader of the country. on the world stage we were disrespected by china this week, when we look at how tony p blinken was disrespected and so see joe biden wipe out, karma's
8:40 am
a you know what, howie. for those in the media who focused on president trump and who ignore what happened to joe biden this week, let's call it what it is, joe biden doesn't have the fortitude for this job. howie: i wouldn't over-play even incident. thanks for coming by this sunday. after the break, frank luntz on why the media aren't persuading many on the right to get a potentially life-saving vaccine. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. get 2 unlimited lines for only $70. and now get netflix on us with your plan. and this rate is fixed, you'll pay exactly $70 total. this month and every month. plus, switch today and get a free smartphone for each line. the best value and award-winning customer service. only at t-mobile. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments.
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howie: nearly half of republican men tell pollsters they don't plan to get vaccinated for covid-19. here's what trump supporters in a frank lunes focus group say -- luntz faux just group say about the media coverage. >> i think people who have doubts and concerns about how this is handled are so unfairly called covid deniers. >> people who you thought were intelligent people were like i'm going to die from the virus. and so the media totally feeds on that and wants to sell that. .>> i don't he know who to trut and that's not the america i grew up. howie: joining us now is frank luntz, the veteran pollster, who is working to encourage conservatives to get vaccinated. why is there so much suspicion and skepticism among conservatives when the media say
8:45 am
the vaccines are safe and effective and getting them protects people around you. >> the problem goes back to the election. trump voters believed that covid was used as a political weapon to undermine and eventually destroy the trump campaign and so they're not willing to listen to the media because they feel like the media's got an agenda, that it's got a goal and it was to destroy donald trump. and even now i listen of to media coverage and they put on doctors who complain about republicans being anti-vax, that republicans being simply hostile to covid and i would remind viewers that it's bobby kennedy, junior who is the leading anti--vax advocate. howie, i understand it. we have to address it. we have to speak to them straight, look them straight in the eye, give them the science,
8:46 am
have doctors deliver the message rather than politicians and we have to do it right now because it's the only way to reach herd immunity. howie: donald trump did tell people to get shots in the interview you the other night with maria. why are president biden's appeals falling on deaf ears? >> because he gives no credit to donald trump. the beaumont foundation who paid for the he research, they're truly nonpartisan. truly committed to reaching every single segment of the american population they the ways they need to be reached. what they're telling us is important, that doctors need to deliver the message, not the ex-president. we are spending millions of dollars on an advertising campaign by the ad council that have the ex-presidents without donald trump telling americans to get vaccinated. that has no credibility whatsoever. similarly, it should come from the biden -- howie: let me jump in. since you mentioned that, i want
8:47 am
to play a little video of these four former presidents, obama, clinton, carter and bush, urging americans to get vaccinated and then let's hear from some of your focus group people when you played that ad. >> it actually kind of annoyed me. >> they're presidents, not actors. >> turn off. howie: the president's of both parties and yet turned off seemed to be the reaction in your focus group. >> what we need and we learned this through the focus group that we did is we need your doctor of to deliver the message. i would be filming 60 minutes, 60 seconds video clips of local doctors delivering the message and send it out to patients. they've got the e-mail addresses, telling their patients, this is what is going to have an impact and they also
8:48 am
need to know that the science that, the research, that they cut bureaucracy, they didn't cut corners. once again, the beaumonts focused on the messages that would work and the messengers that will have the most credibility and there's not enough focus on too many of these media hits feature doctors or medical professionals beating up trump voters. that's not going to get them to take the vac seen that's going to get them to turn off the tv. i know from my life that i made mistakes a year ago and it made me sick. i have to live with this for the rest of my life. i know if you get covid, it may not go away. you may have shortness of breath, may lose taste and it may not ever subside. i'm trying to use the mistakes that i made in my life to teach others to get the vaccine. the virus is random as we learned from chris christie. the virus is random. the vaccine works. 90% of doctors have taken it who had the opportunity.
8:49 am
all the messaging would work if the president would just deliver it from the pulpit and emphasize your local doctors, your personal doctor says do it so listen to your doctor. howie: well, obviously you've made this a personal mission so-to-speak based on your own life experience and when you were ill. i think there's no more important cause. frank luntz, we appreciate you coming and sharing this today. too much of this has become a political debate. that's not what we need in this pandemic. >> thank you. howie: still to come in the wake of the atlanta spa shooting, asian american journalist joie chen on what the media doesn't get right or get at all about her community. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements— neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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howie: the lack of focus on
8:53 am
bigotry and violence against asian americans until the awful atlanta shootings may be related to business. do you think the limited coverage of violence and bigotry against asian americans until these awful shootings is because in part there are relatively few people who look like you in the media business in the top ranks, especially on tv? >> i think there's certainly a concern about that. i see right now at this very moment asian americans, pacific islanders really throwing off the cloak of invisible. todd: . ity. i think people are more aware this is the moment to be active. you see daniel day kim or jeremy lynn, folks who you don't think of in the public speaking
8:54 am
environment in this way now coming forward and saying okay we're going to be part of that conversation and i've got to say, people would say well, do apis have to cover the story, of course not. anyone can cover the story. i would also say that the very best coverage, the most insightful coverage of what happened in atlanta came first from the korean language press which was right on top of the story which had insight and all sorts of things and secondly from some of the asian pacific american correspondents and reporters around the country in some of the big cities. howie: interesting observation. let me ask you, what is it that the media misunderstand or completely missed about asian american women in particular who often, i've been reading about this, reduced to sexual or other stereotypes? >> i would say, howie, not a single asian american woman i
8:55 am
know has ever been on television hasn't been the subject of some fetishizing. there's always some kind of depiction of asian american women in this way. it's diminishing, it undermines who they are, undermines the stories they have to tell. even this notion, some of the diagramming of asian massage parlors in atlanta and in the shootings, you know, that can mean a lot of things and to depict the women who work there frankly one of these women was in her 70s, i'm not sure that that's necessarily the image people carry. what we're trying to do is get people off the notion of hyper sexualizing asian women and to think about the stories they have to tell. that's the business of better journalism to understand the communities better. howie: i've got less than a minute. does that fetishizing something you've encountered in your career and what's behind what you describe as the cloak of
8:56 am
invisibleity. >> we could talk for many hours about that. certainly i don't think i'm unique in that i certainly think that i have received those kinds of inappropriate e-mails, contacts from people and of course specifically that goes to my identity as a woman, an asian american woman. i don't think you can talk to any asian american woman on television who hasn't had that experience in any place. so i think there's that. i think there's this depick shun --depiction of this is the only story we have to tell. this goes back over 100 years, throughout the history of asians in america. howie: a long history. we have to leave it there. joie chen, thank you so much for coming on and great to get your perspective. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm outer kurtz. we hope you like our facebook page. we post daily columns there. we can continue the conversation on twit evidence. check out my podcast, you can subscribe at apple itunes,
8:57 am
google podcast or your amazon device. we had a lot of ground to cover today. we tried to cram in as much as we could in our humble 60 minutes. we'll see you here next sunday with the latest media buzz.
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