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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  March 20, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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ask your health care provider how it can help you get in yours. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. hello, everyone. i am here with julian, welcome to the big saturday show. jillian. >> we will have the latest on the scandal surrounding new york's governor andrew cuomo as a accuser has come forward, still works in his office. >> rachel. >> the cdc issued new guidelines for getting our kids back to the bathroom and teachers unions are already pushing back. >> president biden diplomatic
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scheme to test after vladimir putin challenges him to a live debate and his administration has the first face-to-face with china. ♪♪ >> first, the biden administration struggles to contain the surge of migrants of the southern border. numbers are alarming as over 13000 migrant children are currently in custody and the figures on single adults and touring the country is up almost two 100% from the same time last year. texas governor declaring some of the facilities and migrants have a spike in covid cases and running water issues. listen. >> there's no usable running water at the location in midland and on top of that, more than 10% of migrants at that location have now tested positive for covid. >> the big question is, what is
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the biden administration planning to do to solve the problem in texas? according to a report, they consider the canadian border for processing and when the speaker of the house was asked about the work process, she blamed president trump and said this. watch. >> biden administration has this under control. it will take some time but it's value -based humanitarian in that aspect, pragmatic with a plan to get things done. >> it's great seeing your beautiful faces. hopefully we can hug each other soon. i've got to get straight to you, already. they had a lot to say right there. what is the communications strategy from the white house? you've been there, you know how they operate but it does not seem those a consistent concise
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message. what is the plan? >> there's a message from the white house, the communication strategy is to bluff, that's what this is when nancy pelosi says we got it under control, i'd hate to see what things look like if they are out of control. i'm a son of an immigrant to this country, i'm probably a first generation american. i want people to come to america. immigrants make us a better country and enrich us but we cannot lose the moral clarity of saying come here legally and make the distinction between coming illegally and break laws and come here illegally. i'm from france, do i have the right to just move different illegally expect them to treat me french benefits? no. we are a nation of laws and if we want to become an american,
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the first think you should do is come legally. we will welcome you and help you become an american but if you don't come legally, return, be deported, go back because that honors our american laws. >> it train strange because president biden of course on the campaign trail almost welcome people to come here not to a legal channel and now he's saying stop, it's too late, they're already crossing the border. one thing i've been wanting to see, julian, i'm going to play some sound, what's happening in these facilities. i'm going to go on with border patrol, the crisis happened at one time and when it got under control, here is some sound from the white house. i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> we hear from border agents they are frustrated they can't show is happening along the border, the can't answer questions about what is happening, it seems like we
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don't know what. >> i wouldn't characterize it that way if our policy keeping people quiet, it is not in our policy to prevent people. >> how long you seem to be the most truthful and transparent administration and you oversee the department of homeland security so if you want to grant access to the press, couldn't you just tell them to do it? >> we only support transparency. >> jillian, don't spit in our face and tell us it's raining. we know the reality and they are not giving press access. >> they are not. from a journalistic., when you don't provide access, there's more room for speculation and you heard jen sake talking about transparency over kristin fisher from fox news asking about transparency and it begs the
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question if the administration is promising to be transparent, why do they think the best move? the president of the national border patrol council said it best earlier today when he was on fox news a few hours ago, he said it's obviously not under control. if it was, they let you in. if you are allowed in, you'd see the same facilities we had in 2014 and 2019 when speaker pelosi said we were holding kids in cages, which we do not do, she was outraged then and not now. he said it's politics and hurting the american people and that's one of the big things, who at the end of the day is it hurting? trunk the american people, one quick note saying hhs is opening another child facility to house on a company children and texas, it will serve as a temporary influx care facility to initially accommodate 500 children. i'm just reading the highlight of this e-mail that came in a
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few minutes ago but that right there goes to show you the crisis at the border when you're talking about these numbers of these kids coming through, it's devastating when you hear that. >> is crazy they are not honest about this shifting the blame to dhs. that's the part of the executive branch. white house sets the tone, the give up instructions and decide who gets the interviews and dhs passes it on to the munication to make it happen, they don't want to see something. rachel, what is the next move? i was watching it even on the key channels, they've been showing what's happening at the border, they incorrectly reported it was god taking them across the border, that's not a god, it's a coyote. you would know that. what is the strategy from the administration's view? that got to do something. >> they want to slide into canada, imagine that.
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this is an interesting thing, with have a program where we take mexican citizens who come illegally and slide them back to the center of mexico but there's a loophole in the system you can take mexicans back to mexico but you can't take people from central america because their countries don't border with ours. it's absurd. if we can slide illegals to canada, we can certainly slide them back to their own country. that would be a huge disincentive for doing it for desperate parents to send their children to come up with them. we need that in place because what biden did, by closing the very competent functioning remain in mexico policy the trump administration put in, that was also just incentivizing people because people from central america didn't want him stuck in mexico, they wanted to
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get into the u.s. and had to wait in mexico until the cases were adjudicated so the biden administration is doing all kinds of things to incentivize people to come here illegally and they don't want to send them back. we have to ask as american citizens, what are they doing this? what's the endgame? the press is talking about the cans of the border but we also need to get to the root cause of why they are doing it and i believe the reason they are doing it is electoral reasons. at the same time their opening our borders and signaling to latin americans and central americans to come illegally to our country, they are also saying we want a pathway to citizenship millions of other illegal citizens who come, illegal citizens who have come so we need to get to the root cause and the press is not doing its job. such a great guy, ari said that is, they are lying. lawrence: we are going to see legislation, we are going to follow it but one thing i do
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know, i talked with morgan, she said the secretary of state during the transition one this could possibly happen talking to dhs, they said they want them as well so there's a lot of campaign promises, different between campaigning and governing. anyway, we'll watch all of this. thank you, panel. stay with fox news channel for the latest on the growing crisis of the southern border. greg abbott will be on "watters' world" tonight to talk about the influx of migrants which he describes as a mentoring crisis, tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern time on this channel and then judge jeanine pirro, she takes us to the front lines of the border crisis, exclusive interviews and shocking updates, "justice with judge jeanine" at 9:00 eastern time. now this. and eight accuser coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against andrew cuomo. how much can the governor cling
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to power as he deals with that? you attorney general investigation, a look at his legal battles, next. ♪♪ [chanting]
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the only way to hold the governor accountable is. the assembly must act quickly. >> come back to the big data show. former andrew cuomo eight lindsay boylan calling for his removal from office, the first and a growing this of women to accuse new york's governor of sexual misconduct. an eight accuser and current aid to the governor has come forward. an encounter occurring in his office two years ago saying i put my head down, waiting him to start speaking and he didn't start speaking so i looked up to see what was going on and he was blatantly looking down my shirt. he's denied all allegations. meanwhile, the times reported the federal probe into whether or not his administration, data on covered nursing home deaths is well underway. with all that being said, ari, there to simultaneous scandals
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happening, people on both sides of the aisle agreeing he should either resign or be impeached, a number of people from both sides coming forward saying that. as we mentioned, he hasn't had much other than to deny any wrongdoing, what do you think is happening behind the scenes right now? what are they preparing for? you think they are preparing for impeachment? >> i don't know if they are preparing for impeachment, i think they are going for it because they have no choice but to start putting those wheels in motion but i don't they have come to the actual decision we are going all the way and impeaching the governor, that's how democratic new york is. it's the right rhetoric but i'm not convinced they are behind that. back to the previous segment where we talked about immigration, just as i said we are a nation of laws and laws need to be followed, we are also a nation of due process and even
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a probable creep like andrew cuomo is entitled to due process, it should be investigated and looked into. one accusation was the most serious accusation, the one where he actually groped somebody under her blouse but nobody should be subject to anonymous accusation, you get to confront the accused. he took it due process. at the end of the day, i think the man is a creep and it were, but he is and then it will be up to him. does he resign or will the state senate impeachment? >> i just want to follow-up on that quickly, you think the governor's office, the governor himself they are preparing something like impeachment? >> i think they are should be behind the scenes preparing for impeachment, anytime the assembly starts the ball rolling, you got to be ready to turn it into a avalanche role fast. i'm sure they are and then their defense is going to be numbers counting, i don't think there
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will be sent on the merits but they have to see if they've got the numbers, a third of each assembly. >> you heard about due process here and one of the questions a lot of people have is can the government continue to stay in this role continue to lead fairly, to put new yorkers number one when he has both of these things going on? >> he's going to stay there, a majority of new yorkers don't want him to resign. that's what is so shocking. the other thing shocking to me is the need to allegations have gotten so much more attention than the nursing home allegations. if my grandmother died in a nursing home because of governor cuomo, i would be ticked right now because there's a hierarchy of outrage, it makes no sense to anybody but yes, i think he's going to see, you get the governor that you want.
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new yorkers, i don't feel sorry for him, they voted for him and still wanted him to stay despite all this and it's not just the nursing home or me too, it's mismanagement of the state during the entire pandemic. they built him up, the media did, he built himself up and now he's fallen but apparently not far enough for new yorkers. frankly, if i was one of the dumb people who bought his leadership lessons for covered book, i want my money back right now. >> yes, you said we've interviewed on fox and friends during a weekday, we've interviewed so many families who have lost their loved ones due to the nursing home scandal and they are sitting there saying what about me? one of the other questions mahood you think at this time told his political future in their hands right now? >> the criminal justice system honestly, that may be the best result. i may be the minority but i don't want him to resign because
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when people decide to resign, politicians, investigations tend to go away, almost like this compromise agreement so want the investigation to go deeper because this guy is basically witness tampering, asking, talking with folks that are actively involved with the investigation. my question is, is attorney general going to put more heat on this guy? he should not be doing that and the big questions that remain, who is going to turn? there's always somebody to turn in the people doing the dirty work, the fed need to be involved and turn these people to have a legitimate investigation. what we know right now is this. he lied about the nursing home scandal. he already admitted to that so right now, the focus should be, and i'm not trying to say we
2:21 pm
shouldn't focus on sexual-harassment investigations but right now there's not enough evidence, there's not a real criminal process right now and that. we know what we know about the nursing home scandal. that's where the focus should be right now and then we can deal with the sexual-harassment but right now we have enough evidence based on his age confessing to democrats to charge him right now what he did. >> other people would argue we should be focused on both right now and so should journalists out there covering him they should be covering both stories because of all of you know, half this story, the nursing home scandal part has been largely ignored for much of the last year end you have advisor and seeming, after trying to get answers for the families who don't have that lot of the voice. it's been devastating to watch it play out and we will continue to follow that. growing tensions with china and russia as the biden
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>> welcome back, to the big saturday show, president biden tested on world stage as u.s. tensions with russia and china grow. when asked whether he believes russian president vladimir putin was a killer, joe biden answered that he does the kremlin challenging president biden to live conversation. the white house shot down. meantime, biden administration china firms exchanged krichldz in first high-level talks in
2:27 pm
alaska former trump senior adviser stephen miller points out america's ad. >> they -- ifrn russia vebza china looking at this at united states, chief representative president of our country, unable to get through even a softball interview, without a cheat sheet? >> let me start with you about president biden's line about vladimir putin being a killer. you know technology, changes during the bush years we had drones at the beginning used for surveillance then able to arm with hellfire missiles because of technological changes bush administration used drones to kill people he around the world they said were terrorists, more than 100 civilians killed during obama biden years by use of
2:28 pm
drones going after terrorists my question to you about word kill other is it help to joe biden does it show he is tough? would you say a foolish taunting thing to say never should have said it particularly when ob biden administration has record of killing people around the world. >> i know a lot of people will point to things that president biden makes when he talks i don't know what his intent was, in saying that, obviously, was there intent behind it was it intended for him to condemn out appear talking tough? i don't know where is it going to lead? i think that is to be determined when you reservesed the kremlin recalling ambassador to the u.s. i believe first time nearly 0 years it happened, obviously, putin is coming out trying to look tough he always does, but we know sanctions on russia don't work has been proven at this point so behavior doesn't really change so i think at this point when you heard
2:29 pm
stephen miller talking about fact the world is watching what this administration does, not just watching what president biden says but the actions because words one thing acts another i think a lot still to be determined. >> why doufrn vladimir putin challenged joe biden to a conversation, a debate does vladimir putin smell weakness someone he thinks he can get upper hand if two appeared on live tv show, odd for russian doesn't debate opponents he poisons them instead inviting joe biden to dab . >> he is taunting them he knows if he had live interview, you know full traps no tell prompter could look strong biden would look weak by the way, the biden administration, already put putin on center footing shut down xl pipeline made sure we
2:30 pm
wouldn't be energy-independent anymore they are laughing at us this is what this is about i am an american obviously, don't agree with most anything biden administration is putting forward in their policies, i am not i don't like it but i am an american i'm concerned and worried, that joe biden looks so weak, and not good for us, internationally not good for us on global stage i don't wanted my president no matter what party to look weak i have to tell you i am a little angry at joe biden because i think joe biden knows this yes. go ahead. >> lawrence when you look at -- all this stuff, china he relations russian big connect complicated issues not a lot of world wants to take on nations much of the world get along go along what should joe biden do? >> well, i think a consistent message first, and to go to be this america first message, where, interests of america,
2:31 pm
it -- he cannot govern lead with globalist agenda. a story family member of mine absolutely hates donald trump always said that they felt safe with donald trump because there, was not another country that was going to run over donald trump. it is very hard to a you don't want to ever give leverage, so i want to be careful with words there seems this appearance of so worried about being world leader, in how he is perceived america being nice almost given them more leverage, to take advantage of america. you know. donald trump, did not want to be at the big kids table in the sense of invited to their dinners, er wands to be the leader and he wanted countries to know that if you mess with america, that he was going to put america first you are not seeing that messaging from this white house. they want to be loved get all
2:32 pm
the gifts and all that. but not actual be leaders, feared there is a felt fear that donald trump instilled into the rest of the world i think that is gone. >> thank you panel, good answers. facing mountain pressure cdc updates school guidelines to safely reopen is teachers union onboard will it change the number of students in the classroom? ♪♪ re the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why.
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. rachel: rachel with lawrence jones, ari fleischer cdc issuing guidelines for children in school they are
2:37 pm
saying that they can safely reopen, while manage 3 feet space between students as long as everyone wearing mask preventative measures are followed however recommending six feet of distance between adults in the building teachers unions chief randy weingarten pushing back saying it is roads in space concerns not safety. >> the issue is that this is being driven by space concerns, not by safety concerns. we got to read studies got to see what it really means, and i just hope this is not a rush, to put in twice as many desks in a place starting to get things reopened. rachel: you have been interviewing so many on "fox & friends" sinned this pandemic started do unions have a
2:38 pm
legitimate concern right here or do you think more, of -- hot air from them to get what they want. >> i mean seems like their concerns have mouptdz to keep adding concerns to the list that we he saw parents express every week the same story you have mothers saying i haven't been able to work i haven't been able to do what i need to be able to support families because they can't get kids in school, some kids in school part-time hybrid go a day week two days a week a couple days a week whatever the ways maybe different scenario but give me the option, to put my kids in school if i feel like, my parents my kids are safe at school that is all parents want right now that is at least the expression they are giving to me as they want the option, you've heard you know the fact that -- catholic schools have increased so much, enrollment because they have been open a lot of them parents have said this is
2:39 pm
where i can put kids in school what i am going to do so i know they are frustrations the boiled over, and i know that they just want to be given the snoopings ari, a good point request catholic schools 94 million chinese kids european kids proven that it is not really that big of a problem, kids aren't transmiting the disease the white house wants a summit to talk about it do you think we need a summit to talk about whether safe for kids to be in school. >> i think we should have a summit i hope they sit three feet apart instead of six feet because cdc says that is now safe for students i think what we're eshlearning is science what we know is that children who are in parochial school charter schools or private schools, their area so
2:40 pm
willized particles travel differently than private schools they are able to be open they are able all year long, from september, forward to have in person classrooms for kids in par okayial charter public schools private schools, schools not open. >> it is nonsense, hurting the kids in the public schools often poorest kids why should kids in private school, be able to go and have classes all year long? but teachers unions that representative the public school teachers not organized labor it is organized footdraging how long is is this going on how many kids hurt they should be open no science behind it public schools should have been open months ago. >> lawrence you know i heard you on prime time talk eloquently passionately as one came out of public school system what this would have done to you, and a situation, like this, with the schools shut down for you know now almost a year for some public
2:41 pm
school children especially as ari mentioned those disenfranchised lower-income families hurt the most what do you say are the unions is white house actually helping the unions? the unions truly have an agenda here. >> you know, i talked about this on prime time, 6 to 8 years behind, thank you my friend -- that these kids are going to be behind mental health issues that kids are -- and young black and brown kids. that is impacting the most because as you know in mediocre neighborhoods able to take kids to private school or have school choice in communities because they want to get back, but, you know, there was something we went past this cliff it is randy wine gart under an mbiden? >> seriously, talk about space, if she knows the science, doesn't know science doesn't understand the science the science has been consistent, all the standards
2:42 pm
that they are proposing the doctors have said they don't need that it is safe right now to go back to school, after some districts, they gave them every thing they wanted rebid tracing system, gave ppe, put up plexiglass they still didn't wanting to back to schools, so what here reimagine education they don't wanting to back to school, the unions don't want to go back to school they want this new normal and if you want to know, if that is true, just look at all the documents, look at everything they've been putting out to public look at channels where they said reimagine education put all money into school choice kids parents should be able to decide what school district what schools the teachers unions, can be bye-bye out of business. >> i couldn't agree more with you lawrence, up next even
2:43 pm
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welcome back to the big saturday show shake-ups at team vogue publications number two editor announcing exit a day after newly named editor in chief alexei was forced to resign over tweets they wrote 10 years ago when a triage for which apologized, two departments unrelated, tweet i have been sitting on the announcement for a while today is last day as executive editor at team vogue working here one of the most rewarding challenging o important experiences of my life. ari i want to start with you when you have conversations, the overly picture of this, right, is this fair to upended someone's life when they made a mistake owned up to it, when apologized for it multiple times something that happened when you are 17, and second part of that question is are
2:48 pm
17 year olds at that age are we supposed to completely know, you know the full outcome of our worth at that age? >> well, first and foremost three of you were 17 much more recently than i was so you are all much more knowledgeable about team vogue. but look. society has lost its mind we see during brett kavanaugh, hearths what is next tall editors in, rhode island to read from high school yearbooks to see if there was a quote in the high school yearbook should block them from private sector employment? >> yes when you are a triage you should extraordinarily wide latitude figure things out to make mistakes, to search for who you are, to be corrected when you do and say something dumb it is how we learn, but you should not be shunned for life should not as 27-year-old lose your job in the private sector over something you said or tweeted
2:49 pm
on social media, that is cruel. going to harm so many teenagers we just want to learn help to grow. >> we are expected to learn and grow as people, rachel to that point as a mother is it frightening for you when you see what is going on how do you fook to your kids about the impact, that their word on social media has? because we are in this age everything is social media. >> such a great question first of all, i want to mention this couldn't happen, to a worse publication team vogue is not about fashion it is a propaganda machine i want to read a headline team vogue headline amy coney barrett hates women ronald reagan sucks what team vogue is no surprise coming to woke mom out of publication here is what cards me not that she apologized they fired hup the message sending to young people emabout having independent dissenting
2:50 pm
thoughts about mistakes or expressing yourself in a way that doesn't conform to leftist ideology so many adhere to this scares me because i think we are going to raise a generation of kids i see with my kids, not new orleans with mine they are getting in trouble because not like that most of their friends even those who come from he conservative families self censure knows they can't advance if they express what they think a horrible place raising kids to live in we have to stand up to this mob now must answered this kind of cancel culture because it is going to be the end about what america is rewill be outstandingness will turn into a universal conformity. >> lawrence, people say people do things wrong say things wrong we're supposed to grow as a society and get better would you be able to grow up right now, in this world with social media what it is and
2:51 pm
with our words having impact they do on rest of our life? >> i mean, the standard is not what you did today. or yesterday. the if what you did in high school when still growing, brain was still developing. i don't need to say anything, as far as should be judged, for her actions i think this audience already knows agrees that people shouldn't be held accountable for that, obviously, grace should exist but thing that people are missing, is i the people that are defending alexei the people that disagree with many things that come out of her publication, the people that are defending her, are people that have disagreed with her reporting called out you reporting, where are the people that knew about this years ago? and still accepted her why isn't all the other women doefg her why aren't all other fox of color defending her a sad message. >> several journalists have come to our defense including
2:52 pm
axios coo side you will always be part of family she admitted mistakes, she was a strong woman with a big heart that is someone o who came out more to come clue democratic governor getting roasted verge -- vegetarian for a day. all the things they are doing and response when we come back. ♪♪ i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. when our daughter and her kids moved in with us...
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♪♪ baby, oh, baby. >> look at that beautiful skyline. welcome back cot big saturday show. -- to the big saturday school. encouraging residents to skip eating heat for one day. democrat jared polis designated today as meat out day pointing to the health benefits of not eating meat. but the colorado association of more than two dozen of the state's counties have a beef with the plan to counter with their own meat-in day including neighboring states nebraska and wyoming. [laughter] guys, so i interviewed the nebraska governor earlier this week on "fox & friends," and he told me that, you know, cattle is, ag is their number one producer of jobs as well as beef being the leading, you
2:57 pm
know, thing that they eat. so let me ask you this, rachel, does that kind of take this a little bit too far and now another state is going to benefit off of this? >> well, yeah, you know, in wisconsin we have a lot of cows, and all we want to do with them is milk them and eat them, so it's really hard for me to understand the purpose here. the governor of partner, the first gentleman of colorado, is a vegan. so maybe there could have been some marital pressure to do this, but he definitely threw the livestock industry in colorado, which is very big, under the bus to do this. we like our meat. >> so, jillian, you're a vegetarian -- >> i am. i've been a vegetarian for more than half my life, i welcome all to join me. i'm not going to make anyone, i'm not going to put my food habits on you, so eat what you want. i don't -- >> this is why we like jillian because she's, like, just do what you want. >> yeah. people don't like that i'm a
2:58 pm
vegetarian, it's offensive to people. i don't really care, that's what i'm going to eat. you do your thing, i'll do mind. >> you do you. [laughter] >> oh, man, lawrence, it is time to put a fork in this debate. [laughter] what are the governors doing, what on earth are governors doing issuing proclamations telling people what to eat or what not to eat? the jewish holiday of passover is coming up. i want governors and mayors and everybody to say you can only eat maatta on monday. this is none of government's business. i'm with jillian on this, ooh eat what you want whenever you want, and every day is bacon day. >> do you think that's what it was, ari, was that an appeal to other vegan voters? >> yeah, i really do. i think these golfs and mayors -- governors and mayors issue these ridiculous
2:59 pm
proclamations, every which one of them is an a appeal to different groups, and only sometimes you get backlash because they're usually apple pie, but then the non-pie eaters -- >> real quick, rachel. >> if they'd issued it yesterday, on friday of lent, maybe they would have had some natural buy-in from 5% of coloradans who happen to be catholic. i don't think the vegan vote's very big. >> and i also don't eat pie. [laughter] to go back to that point, ari. [laughter] >> this is great. i mean, for me from a personal standpoint, i could never be vegan. i love meat. i'm a texas boy, that's what we do, we eat meat. but i think when everything becomes about getting more votes, sometimes people just want to live. but anyway, as i said before, just do you. if you want to be a vegan, if you don't, who cares? >> i said that first.
3:00 pm
you just stole my line. >> it's been so great having you on today. we should just do it tomorrow. anyway, that does it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. i hear jon scott is cooking up next door, it starts right now with "the fox report." jon: a state of emergency right now in the city of miami beach as rowdy spring breakers, some maskless, spill into its semi-tropical streets. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: an 8 p.m. curfew is going into effect tonight and for at least 72 hours covering the south beach entertainment district which is packed with bars and clubs. and police there plan to block beach-bound roads overnight beginning three hours from now at 9 p.m. eastern. charles watson is following all of this from atlanta. charles. >> reporter: that's right, jon. at 9 p.m. local time,


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