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tv   FOX News Live  FOX News  March 20, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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(car horn) ♪♪ turn today's dreams into tomorrow's trips... with millions of flexible booking options. all in one place. expedia. >> thousands of migrants children now in custody as officials struggle to contain the crisis on the southern border. still, several top suspects say the biden administration had the situation under control. welcome to fox news live, i'm kristin fisher live in washington. alicia: i'm alicia acuna in denver. we have fox team coverage on this crying coverage. david spunt is at the white house following president biden's response and griff jenkins is tracking the conditions at the southern border. griff, let's begin with you. >> hi, alicia, i'm standing in front of the el paso central processing center and it's the first time we've been here to
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see exactly where it is and we're seeing i have not seen yet. let me pan over here. you're looking at what is some upwards of 40 or 50, all females, many of them clearly must be unaccompanied minors because they're by themselves although just looking from a distance and we don't want to look too closely or show any of these faces for their privacy, you're seeing maybe some women that could be in their 20's as well. now, this is the location where dhs secretary mayorkas came and visited with portman, peter, capito, from the family unit, a mother and her children, these migrants were flown over from the rgv sector, because this is the el paso sector.
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the el paso secretary is at its capacity and house minority leader kevin mccarthy, when he visited said, and the u.s. chief said the esent surge of awn accompanied are reaching capacity. i mentioned the rgv. if you go there, they're at capacity more than 600% holding some 5200 individuals. if you look at the last 24 hours, in the apprehensions, i learned this morning that 2, 307 individuals were apprehended in the last 24 hours, that's up 195%. you can see photos cvp now putting out from rgv, 10 or more large groups. a large group is consisting of 100 or more.
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in del rio, one of the business owners there described the situation on the ground as this. watch. >> we are seeing a lot down here. we're seeing busloads of people every morning. we are seeing numerous traffic accidents. we are having tons and tons of just a lot of illegal activity. >> they say in that, in creo, they're up according to the latest data. it's quite something to be here alicia and kristin to see they've got people outside. we've seen buses coming and going, really a firsthand perspective of the problem they've got with surging numbers. alicia: and griff, your perspective is incredible the
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entire time you've been there. the and the numbers keep going up, griff jenkins. kristin: they're urging president biden to do more in response. david spunt, hey, david. >> still no plans for president biden to visit the border in person though there are growing calls for him to do so from both sides of the aisle as griff just said in his report, homeland security secretary mayorkas and senators went to the border. the president has no plans to do so at least publicly now. this white house continues to call what's going on at the border a challenge. refuses to call it a crisis though republicans say it's clearly a crisis. white house press secretary jen psaki used the word crisis unaware and corrected it and changed to challenge when a reporter mentioned that word. fema is already placing unaccompanied children into
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housing as the number of adults, but specifically children alone with no family or possessions continues to rise. >> i think that the administration a pulling this thing under control and i think that it's important to know that. the difference between the attitude toward the people and the children is so different in just these two months versus what happened in the past four years. >> republicans are not so optimistic as the speaker of the house, house minority leader kevin mccarthy who made a trip to the border last week, trying to meet in person with the president. he sent them a letter a couple of weeks ago. >> the administration, the president didn't even respond with a meeting, nor did the administration respond. so i sent him another letter yesterday after going down to the border with 13 members and what we saw, it's more than just a crisis. this is a human tragedy. >> looking ahead to this week, president biden will have his first news conference in more
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than two months on the job. you can expect the border will be a heavy, heavy topic coming from reporters, but for right now, it seems that homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas is taking the lead as far as physically going to the border what's going on. kristin: it sounds like president biden, the first chance to field questions from the press corps about what's happening at the border. david spunt live from the white house, thank you so much. >> thank you. kristin: joining us tennessee senator and member of the senate judiciary and armed services committee, marsha blackburn. she's also going to be visiting the southern border tomorrow to get a firsthand look there. thank you for joining the show and i'd like your response by getting to what house speaker nancy pelosi said yesterday, saying that she believes the biden administration has this under control. >> this is eerily familiar
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words from nancy pelosi. in 2015 when the border started getting out of control after president obama's daca order, which by the way, it's not the law, it was an executive order. and she would say it's all under control. that's the first year i visited one of these facilities. came back, this is out of control, we need to do something. oh, you know, you're just saying that because it's -- you disagree with the administration. but here is the thing, we have a humanitarian crisis on our border. there are the cartels who have been so emboldened going through central america and mexico and around the globe. you have international drug cartels, human trafficking, sex trafficking cartels, and where are they all coming to work? the northern part of mexico, just south of the u.s. border. and for the drug and human and
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sex trafficking, this is out of control. so, no, they do not have this border under control and there are steps they need to take immediately to get it back under control. >> so senator, you bring up these humanitarian-- a humanitarian crisis down at the border and it's been tough for journalists to get a firsthand look at what's happening there, especially in the facilities where the unaccompanied minors are being housed. the biden administration is not allowing the press in. they're working on it and we're having to rely on the white house and local leaders to find out what the conditions are like and listen to what texas governor greg abbott said yesterday. >> what we learned in midland just in the past hour is two things, one is they have no proven clean running water at the location. they were using well water that the texas commission on environmental quality has informed the federal government has not proven to be safe.
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more than 10% of the migrants at the midland location have now tested positive for covid-19. >> so in midland, no clean water for migrants, 10% according to the governor testing positive for covid, are these the types of issues and concerns you're hoping to look into when you visit the border tomorrow? >> certainly, we want to look into this. it is a concern. if you have individuals with covid that are coming in and then also, you do not know what is coming in via the cartels, with biologics with weapons. and when you have this policy, obviously this is the biden administration immigration policy, is open the border. he said he expected about two million people to come, but to not make the preparation, to not give the tools so this the borders can be protected and american citizens can be
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protected. this is outrageous. they make every town a border town and every state a border state because there is no control, there is no testing for covid. the treatment of these young girls and women, kristin, not knowing what they're walking into, this is absolutely outrageous. kristin: so the flip side of course, you have the biden administration saying and blaming a lot on the trump administration's policies saying they dismantled intake facilities. how do you respond? >> well, this is just not true and people know that that is not true. the trump administration did build some new facilities, those facilities are now overrun. there were places and programs that had been put in place going back to george bush's administration that had been there, systems that were in
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place. what did the biden administration do? they chose to dismantle that. they dismantled remain in mexico. they reinstated cash catch and release and good rid of the migrant protocols, why did they do that? they wanted to throw out the welcome mat and say youall come. kristin: president biden will be pressed on this and please let us now after you visit the border. for more, chris wallace will be talking to alejandro mayorkas and howard kurtz taking to senior advisor to the president jason miller on media buzz 11 a.m. eastern. alicia: an eighth accuser is now coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against new york governor andrew cuomo. alex hogan is live in new york tracking the story for us. hi, alex. >> hi, alicia, the latest woman
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who come out says the governor would make inappropriate comments and some of the behavior that she would try to either avoid or brush off. alisa mccraft is the eighth woman to come forward with allegations of either sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior pat the hands of governor andrew cuomo. in speaking with the new york times, mcgrath says he had a way of making you feel comfortable around him almost like you're his friend and walk away from the encounter or conversation in your head saying i can't believe i just had that conversation with the governor of new york. he says he's sorry if he made any one uncomfortable, old-fashioned behavior, but critics are sounding off
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including mayor bill deblasio. >> we've seen this pattern, we have to understand it's had an impact on the lives of millions of new yorkers. the decisions made around the nursing homes and the coverup of the truth, that affected people's lives. people's lives were lost. you know, families have lost a loved one. >> a second investigation is underway into the handling of nursing home during the pandemic where more than 15,000 people died. tomorrow loved one of those who died plan to meet. today there will be two separate rallies here in new york city. one calling on the governor to be impeached. the other one take place from the supporters of the governors saying they're standing by him during these two scandals, alicia. alicia: alex hogan in new york, thanks, alex.
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and joying us for more is one of the 135 new york state lawmakers calling for the governor to resign. democratic new york state senator john lu. thank you for being here. now we have a current aid coming forward about the governor's behavior. we'll put up more from the new york times article. she said there was a work try ingle with her and her friend, the co-worker he allegedly groped a professional relationship with unwanted attention. now, i find interesting is that cuomo's attorney gave a response even after he has apologized for some of his behavior saying the governor has greeted men and women with hugs and a kiss on the cheek, forehead orhand and posed for pictures with arm around them and uses an italian phrase ciao
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bella. and his attorney sounds like she's trying to normalize some of this behavior, what's your response? >> none of this behavior is normal or can be normalized. this is a clear pattern with eight women coming forth. one was enough, but eight is clearly enough and at this rate, who knows how many more will come. the point is that this person is no longer in a capacity to lead and to govern the state of new york where we still have a jn going pandemic, we have the crisis going on and trying to roll out vaccines, and so many other issues including not the which the state budget for the fiscal year in less than two weeks. alicia: with regard to the nursing home scandal which we cannot forget here. we know the fbi is now investigating whether or not his aides altered public data on this. what is your response to that and what steps are your
9:16 am
colleagues going to take. you're calling for him to resign. what are the steps, what timeline should we expect from you? >> what has happened with the nursing homes across new york is a real tragedy, literally and unspeakable in terms of some of the potential behavior that took place leading up to the investigations and now the disclosures. first and foremost, we need it put our nursing homes back on the right track. the legislature for the senate and the assembly have enacted new roles that rolled back many of the emergency powers and given to the governor at the height of the pandemic and we're trying to make sure that people and families are better taken care of in nursing homes and when things-- when bad things happen that at least the families and the public know about this, which was part of the problem, the secrecy the lack of information and the possible changing of data. going forward, we're looking for the attorney general to
9:17 am
continue the investigation as you mentioned, there's a federal investigation going on, so, we'll look to get clear answers from those investigations, but notwithstanding, we have already taken measures to put the nursing homes back on the right track in new york. alicia: do you think there's something to be said for having a transition of power in the middle of trying to close down with the pandemic response? is there something to be said for that? >> there is -- there is no transition of power per se. if the governor steps down and i think he should at this point, you've got a lt. governor that has the confidence of many legislators and the public at large, lt. governor that steps in and hits the ground running. >> so you feel confident that it wouldn't cause any further interruptions to the folks of new york? >> there are, short of the governor, as one person, there are some very capable people in all levels of government,
9:18 am
including the department of health and other state agencies. the state legislature we're taking a much more hands-on approach with what happened and we want to make sure that people are served and people are protected. >> new york state senator john liu. thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. thousands of protesters in london today. demonstrators marching through hyde park and speaking out against the lockdown measures there. the police are urging people to stay home and adhere to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions and current government regulations make gathering in groups of more than two people against the law. the c.d.c. is relaxing its social distancing restrictions now that will change. how that will change the number of kids in the classroom up next. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here!
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>> a scathing dissent from d.c. circuit court lawrence silverman warning that bias in the media is getting dangerous, remarking in a partial dissent of a libel case, revisiting the sullivan ruling and gives the media protection from being sued by public officials, that one party control. press and media is a threat to
9:23 am
democracy. the c.d.c. changing their social distancing guidelines yet again. now saying that children can sit three feet apart in classrooms instead of the six if they wear masks. lucas tomlinson is tracking this for us, he's got two kids of his own. >> that's right, the c.d.c. relaxing social distancing in the classroom and many people hope that it will get children back to in-person learning. and it was six feet apart and revised guidance three feet apart in classrooms if they wear masks. the big plastic shields are no longer required. it will be kept in the common areas of the schools and a recent study in massachusetts found no significant distance in covid infection rates between students sitting three feet or six feet apart. the c.d.c. director cited another study from florida which found a majority of students who contracted the
9:24 am
virus got it outside the school. >> and the third study looked at covid-19 among students in florida and found that 60% of cases in students were not related to spread in schools and found at that resuming in-person activity was not associated with pre-portion nat increase in covid-19 cases. >> 1.2 million children who tested positive between march and december last year, only 2 to 3% required hospitalization, less than 1% died. and here is the president of the second largest teacher's union in the country. >> the issue is that this is driven by space concerns not by safety concerns. i just hope this is not a rush to put in twice as many desks in a place where we're really starting to get things reopened. >> according to a study as many as 3 billion children have gone
9:25 am
without any education, neither in-person nor virtual, since the start of the pandemic over a year ago. kristin: lucas tomlinson, thank you. alicia: and teen vogue's editor is out of a job, the panel will weigh in and other top stories of the day next. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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>> new details on tiger woods horrific car crash last month. the golfer may never have hit the brakes as his car veered off the road. the l.a. sheriff's department concluding that woods was not impaired during the wreck that led to multiple leg injuries. the five time masters champion is recovering at his home in florida. new concerns of the rise of cancel culture following the abrupt resignation of teen
9:30 am
vogue's editor in chief. >> hi, the political correctness microscope seems to be on everyone these days and the polls show most americans view it as a threat to freedom. look what's happened to accomplished journalist alexi mccammond and she's apologized for decades she posted when she was 17 years old. she has worked for axios and contributor for msnb c & n -- nbc. and conde-nast said they were aware of her remarkable work and excite today welcome her into the community. some teen vogue staffers were upset with tweets when she was a teenager and they suspended
9:31 am
her publications. and she resigned, saying it overshadowed the work she's done. >> and here is a comments from a former colleague at axios. >> i was sad, if we can't as an industry accept somebody's sincere and repeated apologies for something they tweeted when they were 17 years old, what are we doing? >> also, there is awe substantial concern over the growth of cancel culture, a new internet poll show 64% of americans view cancel culture as a threat and 36% do not and shows that democrats are split almost evenly on this. meantime most republicans, 80% of them view cancel culture as a problem. conservatives have been very vocal about their disdain for silencing people. >> christina coleman in los
9:32 am
angeles. thanks. kristin: let's bring in our panel, the host of mornings on the mall, vince, and democratic strategist and fox news contributor, jessica. thank you for being here on a saturday. >> thank you. >> let's start alexi mccammond essentially lost her dream job. do you think that's fair? >> i don't think it's fair for her. first of all, canned conde nast made a huge mistake, talking to her and understand and didn't take it to the staff of teen vogue, they should have taken it to them ahead of time, and it hurt her career, she's only 27 years old. and as someone a decade old, i
9:33 am
don't think i could of dealt with it much less in the 27. and people apologizing for anything, it doesn't make a difference. i'm not excusing what she did, but she didn't excuse it either. and makes me think of a similar one, a miami heat player who said in a tweet while playing a game. >> and his was to invite him to a shubot dinner and talk about the slurs meyer used. and why it's wrong. we should be teaching people not punishing them like this when they've been remorseful. >> is she the latest victim of cancel culture? >> she certainly is. a lot of conservatives, they're mixed. some say we should react with grace and expectations that we can have a culture that
9:34 am
actually rewards a redemptive quality, if you're sorry for something, if you express that, you shouldn't just be, you know, hurt again, your apologies shouldn't be used as evidence of your sin, it should be a pathway towards redemption, but others thinking, good, this is the left finally being subjected to the same rules that it's actually put on the right. and i can see why both responses exist because there has been at censorious, fascistic they're using for anyone that doesn't lose in their ideology. and from teen vogue who was running saudi propaganda and advocated in the past for marxism, for revolutionary principles and anarchy and for the legalization of prostitution in the united states. this is the same news room that says alexi mccammond shouldn't
9:35 am
be there. kristin: i didn't peg you as being that well in. and president biden has his first formal news conference and he'll be hammered for the border. you're a strategist. what does the president need to do to get this challenge, crisis, situation, whatever you want to call it under control on thursday? >> well, there are two parts you put under control. there's the media narrative part and what's actually happening on the border. i think it's important to acknowledge this is a crisis. i do not think that this will hurt president biden or his allies, chris murphy. the senator was down there a couple of days ago and acknowledged this was a crisis and tweeted out what he saw. it's heartbreaking, a problem, we've seen spikes of unaccompanied minors coming over the border and they need to be taken care of. i think that biden should acknowledge it's a crisis and layout a plan, and the
9:36 am
secretary under president obama has spoken about this issue and take a page from his book. layout a plan how to address this, new technology and border security and frankly more people out of these facilities, kids should not be in them they're not in cages like a few years ago, but the conditions are not acceptable. kristin: vince, what do you think that president biden needs to say and do on thursday. >> well, if the president wants to address the border crisis he has to shut off the magnet and enforce the law, no, they can't come eventually. the position of the biden administration lately has been, well, you can come, but don't come right at this very moment and the magnet remains on. journalists who talk to people who crossed the border discovered that many people crossing seem to be under the impression if they can get in within the first 100 days, then they will be granted an amnesty
9:37 am
biden administration only for those before january 1st, these are undocumented immigrants, the idea to prove you were or were not in the country january 1st is something else and this is a real crisis that obviously needs to be confronted and this is a white house that's very embarrassed by it. that's why they don't want to use the phrase crisis and why we found out the new york times, that they were begging for assistance from behind the scenes and they better get a handle on and better have answers this week. >> i've got 30 seconds left. one of the outstanding things that the biden administration needs to do is to allow the journalists to see these facilities firsthand. there's reports of an unofficial gag order that the biden administration placed on, and do you think they'll finally reverse course and allow the media in? >> i hope so, that's democrats and joe biden have been arguing for throughout the trump
9:38 am
administration that it really set us back, and i think they should be allowed in there and that's the way you'll get the true story, for the people i believe have legitimate cause for escaping conditions at home. >> president trump was an open book with the press, especially on the immigration side. at the height of the surge. >> vince, he was a big liar. >> at the height of the trump, surge on immigration at trump years reporters were constantly allowed access to the facilities and not now. >> now you guys want to start going at it as i'm getting wrapped. we'll have to leave it there. thanks, jessica and vince. >> thank you. >> have a great day. alicia: growing anger over covid lockdowns with thousands of demonstrators marching in london. a live report on these demonstrations next.
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>> thousands of protesters who are upset about the country's lockdown measures are marching through the streets of london right now. kitty logan following from our london bureau. the scenes of crowds marching through hyde park right now are pretty impressive. >> yes, this is the largest protest of its kind in london so far, since the restrictions began during the pandemic, and demonstrators are angry about the current lockdown which has been in place in the country since january.
9:44 am
we're seeing thousands gathering on the streets of london and of course, large public gatherings of this nature are banned because of the pandemic. and there were some scuffles with police who were then trying it stop this protest. although i must say that some restrictions in the u.k. will be starting to ease over the next few weeks, beginning march 29th and throughout april there will be a slow reopening and lifting of those restrictions because around half of the adults in the u.k. have now been vaccinated at least one time. we're seeing the number of deaths here falling rapidly, less than 100 fatalities due to covid-19 announced today in the u.k. so the lockdown restrictions have been working despite the visible frustrations today amongst the public, but other european countries have got a lot more worries to worry about now, they're facing a third wave of coronavirus cases, and new lockdowns put into place in
9:45 am
france and italy and raise in cases in germany, too. there's real problems with the vaccination program in other european countries and it's slower here. there are concerns in the u.k. the spiking case we're seeing in other european countries could come over here, too, once travel restrictions ease in summer. and many here in the u.k., they are still impatient and angry that this lockdown has been in place for so long and that's what we're seeing play out on the streets of london today. of course, people are separately frustrated they can no longer protest and voice their objections. that's a real issue here. in april, we will see a further lifting of lockdown restrictions in the u.k., that includes restrictions on hospitality and shots, they will be allowed to reopen. so hopefully some of that anger will dissipate as things are coming here. kristin: kitly --
9:46 am
kitty logan live in london for us, thanks. alicia: growing tensions with china and russia as the biden administration takes a tough stance with these two world powers. for more insight let's turn to fortunately u.s. ambassador to iraq and turkey and the chair at the middle east program at the wilson center, james jeffrey. also the former representative for syrian engagement. thank you for being here today. i want to begin with what happened in alaska because both sides got off to a rocky start with the delegations not even able to get through a photo op before they both started flexing, essentially. the chinese diplomate essentially criticizing the u.s. saying you have your own domestic problems. he said quote, let me say here in front of the chinese side, the united states does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to china from a position of strength. and here is u.s. secretary of state antony blinken.
9:47 am
>> we certainly know and knew going in that there are a number of areas where we are fundamentally at odds. it's no surprise that when we raised those issues, clearly and directly, we got a defensive response. alicia: ambassador, clearly some of this was just performative. where can both sides go from here? >> first of all, thanks for having me on. as blinken said we have a mixed repertoire with china. we compete on things such as north korea and afghanistan and we are opponents on some things such as china's behavior against taiwan, hong kong, south china sea, zen zheng and tibet. more importantly what the biden administration believes and blinken was blunt, china is a real threat to the rules-based
9:48 am
global order we put in place since the 1940's. it has to be confronted, but not just by america alone, but with all of our partners and allies and that's what the administration is trying to do is to build up that kind of coalition. alicia: and then you bring in the biden administration's approach to russia with the president in an interview agreeing with george stephanopoulos that vladimir putin is a killer and president puthen putin saying takes one to know one. i haven't used that phrase since i was driving. and how for the president of the united states to poke another leader in the eye so early on? >> i'm sure that president biden and i and many others with them regrets that kind of outburst, it's one of the things he's well-known for. the russians will get over it. more importantly, the biden administration sees russia not in the same category at china,
9:49 am
as a ability to maintain a sustained threat against the global order, but it does see it as a bad actor that will disrupt the global order for its own advantage. and partially while we're underestimating president putin's ability in the middle east and making trouble for us and our allies, i'm worried about this. alicia: and during the campaign trail, president trump went after that warning voters he would be week weak on china and weak on russia, and is this for him that he would be a strongman on this position. >> he's taken a position with russia and-- after extending the nuclear arms agreement and showing russia, a, we're not going to have business as usual with you, and b, we're going to ignore you to a significant degree. that's all in all the right
9:50 am
policy. it would have been better without calling putin a killer, but he is, in fact, a killer. so, how do you get around that. alicia: ambassador james jeffrey, thank you for your time and perspective, we appreciate it. >> thank you. kristin: fox news alert, there's a man suspected in the deaths of his ex-wives and four others telling he killed 16 people in total. shaun michael lannen was arrested earlier this month after a multi-state manhunt. according to his concession 16 were killed in new mexico and the other in new jersey. so far he's been charged with one of the murders, but based on the confession, it sounds like he could be charged with a whole lot more. alicia: and police in two states searching for clues in the disappearance of this woman. what we know so far next. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone,
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>> now for a look at some of our top headlines. a strong earthquake hits just off the coast of northern japan. the u.s. geological survey says the 7.0 quake hit just around 6 p.m. local time setting off a tsunami advisory for the northeastern part of the country and shaking buildings in japan. officials there say no reports of damage so far. so some good news there at
9:55 am
least. the judge in the derek chauvin trial says he will not move or push back the start of the trial. the ruling comes after the former officer's attorney asked to delay or change the location of the trial over concerns the city's 27 million dollar settlement for george floyd's family could impact potential jury members. jury selection will now continue on monday. finally, police are looking for a missing massachusetts woman. the 41-year-old was seen walking her dog last week. her car was found in new hampshire on monday. anyone with information is asked to call police. alicia: the crisis on our southern border growing bigger by the day. we get our first look inside of border facility in texas coming up. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ keeping your oysters business growing
9:56 am
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[ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the biden administration and scrutiny as they struggle to contain the surge of migrant on the southern border. the top democrat insist the situation is under control. welcome to fox news live. >> we have team fox coverage, david fund following the biden administration response from the white house and dave jenkins has a closer look at conditions on the southern border.
10:00 am
>> reporter: we've seen the conditions at the migrants coming across the border. we have been doing this for two weeks but let me take a look at the processing center in el paso that we cannot get access to, cannot get photos from inside but this is the center, alejandro mayorkas came and visited in four senators, peters, murphy,ittube. this was inside the processing center. migrants in the rio grande valley over here. senator murphy tweeted this today, quote, the biden team doing the best they can. they stay so long in detention because the surge which started
10:01 am
last fall, the asylum system including the ability to apply for asylum before the us. on this program, minister blackburn wade in. >> they chose to dismantle that, remain in mexico. the migrant protection protocol, because they want to throw out the welcome mat, they are come. >> when we were on the ground, it was apprehended thursday night into, and
10:02 am
>> do you think more will found, more will come under the administration? >> >> >> a gentleman here making social media videos. he lives here in the neighborhood, and the prison holding children, they didn't have 45 minutes outside. and we are letting them interview the border patrol chiefs. >> it continues to be such a frustrating point for journalists, not just uber
10:03 am
journalists and reporters from ultimate news organizations. thank you for sticking with it and trying to get access. look forward to seeing you in dc whenever you get back here. >> reporter: thank you. >> lawmakers are calling on president biden to take action is the surge of migrants at the border. david spent is live at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: it is the beginning of month number 2 for joe biden and there are growing calls from both sides of the aisle to personally go to see what is going on on the southern border, no indication he's going to do so, at least not publicly at this time. fema is in charge of sending unaccompanied children to find proper housing on the southern border, children with no possession, no family, those numbers continue to rise, the biden administration using title 42 to send those who cross the border back to mexico and other
10:04 am
countries under the coronavirus emergency to stop the spread of covid in holding shelters, senator chris murphy's back from the border left the broader processing -- processing facility, and the kids backed into rooms, a 13 year mac boy southern controllably explaining for a translator how terrified she was having been separated from her grandmother and without her parents. house minority leader kevin mccarthy said democrats are confusing the border crisis with immigration reform. the two are separate issues. leader mccarthy wants to meet in person to president biden. >> the president didn't respond in the meeting nor to the administration response. what we saw is more than a crisis. it is a human tragedy.
10:05 am
>> reporter: the democratic led house passed bills on thursday, remains to be seen what will happen in an evenly divided senate 50/50 is that comes up in the coming days and weeks. alicia: border agents reach a breaking point as the biggest migrant surgeon 20 years with 14,000 migrant children in custody. brandon judd, thank you for being here today. regarding this crisis, and texas governor greg abbott. >> the biden administration has this under control but the plan to get things done. not just divergent or a tactic on the part of republicans because they are bankrupted. >> what we learn in midland in
10:06 am
the past our is two things. they have no proven clean running water at the location. they were using well water the texas commission has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe. more than 10% of migrants at this location tested positive for covid 19. >> that is quite the disconnect. what is your take on this? >> speaker pelosi throwing out partisan political punchlines. it is political rhetoric, to diverge from what is going on. unfortunately that might work for her to get reelected in her district but doesn't help the american public, doesn't help border patrol secure the border unless she is willing to step up and recognize this is the biggest emergency the border patrol has ever faced in history
10:07 am
than we are not going to fix it. governor abbott talking about legitimate issues. dealing with this surge in this emergency and that is why fema is there. emergency agency. they are there because this is in fact a crisis. unless speaker pelosi is willing to stand up and tell the american public the truth we are not going to get this under control. alicia: calling a situation under control but not allowing reporters in, photographers in, what does that tell you? >> that tells you it is not under control. if it was they would let you in but if they allow you into these facilities you would see the same facility you had in 2014,
10:08 am
in 2019, when speaker pelosi was saying we were holding kids in cages, that is extremely upsetting to me because we do not hold kids in cages. these are the same facilities under the biden administration we were holding children under the trump administration and she was so outraged about it but now she's not outraged. it is politics and it is hurting the american public. alicia: what needs to be done here? >> it is not rocket science. a lot of things can be done. we are hearing the biden administration is trying to work with the mexican government. i applaud him for doing that. president trump was successful in working with the mexican government to try to stem the flow on the southern border which did not allow so many to get 2 hours but that is just a band-aid. what we have to do is set up ports and adjudicate these cases on asylum claims, if we allow
10:09 am
people to cross borders illegally, pending a future court hearing which could be years down the road we are never going to get the situation under control. if we adjudicate it's like the doj said we could with a 180 days, hold individuals in custody than those people who have legitimate claims, we are compassionate country and want to do that but we have to deport the people, we are not doing that. >> they don't have clean drinking water in these facilities, thank you for your time. alicia: andrew cuomo facing claims of sexual harassment as a current date in the governor's office is coming forward. alex hogan is live in new york city with the latest on this case. >> reporter: we heard about this story for weeks, more women coming out. this is the eighth women to
10:10 am
share her story. now speaking out against the governor, the report by the new york times, she accuses the governor of making suggestive comments and commenting on her looks, something her lawyers that is an acceptable behavior from any boss, telling the times once she was alone in his office, quote, i put my head down waiting for him to start speaking and he didn't start speaking so i looked up to see what was going on and he was blatantly looking down my shirt. more lawmakers are speaking out today. >> eight is enough, piling on scandal with the governor and sexual harassment claims, a hostile work environment from a legal standard for sexual harassment but again the governor is entitled to his due process. >> the governor has repeated he
10:11 am
did nothing wrong, he did apologize for making people uncomfortable. cuomo's attorney responding, quote, none of this is remarkable but it may be old-fashioned. he never made inappropriate advances are inappropriately touched anyone. sweet rallies are set to take place surrounding the governor, one saying he stood for us, we can for him. let your words translate into action. the other rally calling for his impeachment. tomorrow there will be a separate gathering. a vigil for the family members, 15,000 new yorkers who died in nursing homes, people gathering together in brooklyn tomorrow. >> the two brothers coordinating that are joined by us right now. daniel and peter, two new yorkers who lost their father to covid 19. thank you for coming on. so sorry for your loss.
10:12 am
i know you've been on fox news quite a bit exciting what happened but for those who may have missed it can you walk us through who your father was and what exactly happened. oh dear. it seems we do not have -- >> sorry. >> we? now. >> try it again. >> my father was a vivacious 88-year-old known for sitting on the soup, a very brooklyn thing to do. the fifth-generation on the block, he was well-known and beloved. he got sick on and off through january and february in and out of the hospital, rehab is stronger, at the hospital they wouldn't take care of all his bills so we sent him to rehab but at the same time he was gone for a couple weeks, 3 or 4.
10:13 am
march 20 fifth order by cuomo came out and we were told take him home, took 5 or 6 days to get him home, he caught the virus. we got him home, didn't know if he had the virus or not, had him for 10 days, love to mental care of him but he died of the virus on monday. that same week, that same week we had all family members, my father, my uncle in two close cousins, all of the virus. in a nursing home, only one counted. kristen: you are the most vocal critics of that march 20 fifth order from governor cuomo. we are approaching that anniversary and you have been doing something special to mark that order and what it did to so many families. where does that take you tomorrow? >> we erect walls and requested
10:14 am
pictures of lost loved ones because it is -- if your family died in march or april people don't realize there were no funerals, no church services, nothing, no burials, no mercy meals, no gatherings so we want to put the faces and pictures of the people that perished on a wall to memorialize them because the governor made this very political and talks about the numbers like they are nothing. 28% to 30%. who cares where they died but we care. we want to put faces of these beautiful people that unfortunately passed away and maybe bring some closure to some people. the governor has not given us any closure. kristen: no closure, no real apology. let me play a clip from governor cuomo a few weeks ago and get your response.
10:15 am
>> i wasn't elected by politicians. i was elected by the people of the state of new york. i am not going to re-sign. i work for the people of the state of new york, they elected me and i serve the people of the state of new york. kristen: when you watch news conferences like that what goes through your head? >> i think the governor was elected. i'm a democrat, i voted for him and i asked for an apology on a disastrous mistake. he gaslight it us, called me a republican operative. when he says he was elected that is correct, we elected you to be truthful and we elected you to care. that is your first job as governor is carrying and to say you don't care where they died is just unconscionable that he has such a lack of empathy for the families. we have invited him to our
10:16 am
father's house, we have invited him a dozen times, we speak for thousands of families, very fortunate that fox has given us this outlet but we speak for more people than ourselves and it is very unfortunate that this is political. covid knows no political party. kristen: thank you for sharing your story. let us know how that vigil goes tomorrow. alicia: we have new surveillance video showing the suspect in the atlanta shooting leaving one of the squads where gunshots were reported. charles watson is live in atlanta with everything we know so far. >> reporter: the security footage appears to show the suspect going to one of the atlanta area massage parlors before the first shooting was reported tuesday, according to the washington post analysis of the footage.
10:17 am
the 21-year-old suspect -- he is seen leaving the establishment, getting into his car and driving away more than an hour later. authorities say the suspect claimed response ability for the shootings. ~tweeeight people, most of them asian, his alleged sex addiction may have been a motive. authorities are not ruling out something else as well. the shooting comes amid a national uptick in violence perpetrated against asian americans. hashtag stop asian hate has trended on social media platforms for days as people mourn the death of the victims. president biden and vice president harris visited the area yesterday where they met with leaders and addressed the hate. >> whatever the motivation we know this. too many asian americans walking up and down the street and
10:18 am
worrying waking up each morning, the past year, feeling their safety and the safety of their loved ones are at stake. they have been attacked, scapegoated and harassed. >> reporter: the families of the victims are receive an outpouring of love as strangers say they respect the makeshift memorials and donate millions of dollars to support the victims families as they are ready to lay their loved ones to rest. >> one day at a time, i don't think we will fuel the full shock until we go to the funeral. >> reporter: there are a number of marches and rallies all across the country including one that is just getting underway in atlanta and another one that is expected to take place later today. alicia: thank you.
10:19 am
kristen: california governor gavin newsom pushing back against recall efforts as organizers say they gathered more than 2.1 million signatures to try to remove him from office but one california small business owner has to say about his politics has hurt his business next. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah. andy and i made a good plan. find your own andy at schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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10:23 am
.com for money. my dad was first-generation here from the philippines. >> so out of touch. >> you are literally killing me. >> these are californians and you work for us. we are going to hold you accountable. kristen: several small business owner speaking out against governor gavin newsom's covid policies as a recall effort against them gains speed. joining us is the woman who shot that emotional video. the owner of a saloon and grill. thank you for being here. we just sigh you in that video. i want to play a portion of a political attack ad it is going around claiming the recall effort is the work of republicans and beyond.
10:24 am
>> who is behind the partisan be, governor gavin newsom? anti-vaccine extremists, violent white supremacists and the proud boys who attack the nation's capital on january 6th. kristen: does this ring true? >> absolutely not. it is shameful and disgraceful that instead of looking at the devastation and pain that it caused by mismanagement that he wants to blame it on race or anything other than his own bad choices in this state. signatures collected in la county alone are democrats. only a little over 17% of the signatures in la county are republicans if you can believe that. the facts are there, just more
10:25 am
gas lighting and trying to shift blame away from him and change the subject. kristen: some folks may not recognize you but you made the video that went viral showing your frustration in the lockdown, you had a video we are showing right now. you spend money and at the same time. and they get together, it was very insulting. can you give us an update to how your business is doing? >> for me i am very fortunate and blessed because of that video. people donated and i wouldn't be here if not for the donations. i had a bigger patio than most and saint patty's day was a
10:26 am
magical day and we had a very wonderful day for the first time in a year. my business is doing well, 25% in site and i have a huge patio. i have a bit of survivor's guilt. i have fellow business owners that are not allowed to be open because they don't have food. the bars here haven't been opened last june, and a bittersweet so i am very blessed. >> when talking 25%, more expensive to be open at that rate than it is to stay close and that is frustrating. >> and we knew in november.
10:27 am
and in a controlled environment. and if you are following all the rules, we can look at florida and other states and know that we could be open and we are 25% and in california with the nicest weather ever. i don't understand it. i really don't. alicia: what response did you get with that video? you received some backlash. >> i have death threats. in the beginning, again, when it went viral, i don't know how it did. it was a blessing but i had people calling me saying i was in it, i hope i got covid and shocked on it with my staff. several death threats. what are you going to do?
10:28 am
i am trying to tell the truth. >> we wish you and all the small businesses the best. governor andrew cuomo's lawyering up as he faces an attorney general investigation and an impeachment probe. we will break down the legal battle next. . consider pain, delivered. pain says you can't. advil says you can. tempur-pedic's mission is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning... because only tempur-pedic's proprietary material adapts and responds to your body. so you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. during the luxe event save $300 on our most premium mattresses.
10:29 am
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10:32 am
>> andrew cuomo is facing an fbi probe as to whether his and gave false nursing home data to the justice department along with an attorney general investigation and an impeachment inquiry. joining us to discuss this is chief legal correspondent and author of women of the bible speak, shannon bream. so much to get to.
10:33 am
let's begin with the legal ramifications of these investigations going on right now in the justice department. i want to start with the fbi investigation. could this lead to indictment for the governor of new york? >> anything is possible. we know federal investigators, prosecutors subpoenaing documents from the governor's office talking to people who are senior members of the health department in new york. there has been interaction with the lawyers top aides so this is a full court press at this point to find out what exactly is happening in new york, they are starting to raise serious questions and demand answers about the lives of their loved ones that were lost. since then a lot of information has leaked out. you got to think there have to be some insiders who are on to the phone calls and others who have become concerned who allowed this information to get out. it is enough for federal
10:34 am
prosecutors to probe on several fronts. he has legal trouble on a number of fronts, the nursing home is part of it. >> you have sexual misconduct allegations and those in the new york assembly, 135 saying they want to push for impeachment or he will resign, the governor said he's not going to re-sign but from a legal standpoint are both sides prepping cases for impeachment? >> it is possible. anyone in the governor's office would caution him he needs to be ready for that possibility. he has had so many prominent democrats in the state, the federal level come out and say he needs to resign. saying he's not going to resign daring state lawmakers to impeach him as a tougher hurdle for his critics, to get enough democrats in the state house and state legislature to say we are going to proceed with this thing. it gives cover in some ways to the prominent democrats that he needs to resign, and the rubber,
10:35 am
it is not going to be fairly done, people too close to him, he has a lot of fires going on a lot of fronts. as long as he says he's not going to resign and he's confident their won't be enough democrats to mount an impeachment against him he is probably not going to go anywhere. kristen: we will bring in kristin fisher to continue this conversation with regard to your book. kristen: i can't let you go without talking to you about your second book, women's history month and on march 30th another book called women of the bible, tell us about it. shannon: we include 16 women, a more in-depth study but an additional chapter of several women we didn't want to leave out, so many stories was if you are not a person of faith or intimidated by the bible we
10:36 am
bring you the stories in a way you can enjoy and understand. they are approachable, they are flawed like all of us are, some are deeply faithful. think of mary the mother of jesus, hannah and her faithful -- some, we remember a prostitute, a queen, and god uses all kinds of people looking through their circumstances. i hope it will have the same on people who need a bit of a blessing, a bit of inspiration and hope to entertain them and give them a lot of hope. kristen: do you have a favorite story? do you have a favorite? benjamin: i changed the answer every time i get asked because it depends on the day. i like deborah from the old testament. she was leading the entire nation of israel and a lot of people don't know about that. they don't think of women in the bible as being in leadership roles but she led them into a battle nobody in the world stage would have thought they had a
10:37 am
chance that. they have an enormous victory. it was because she was brave enough to follow the direction. a great example of moving forward when scared and odds are against you and this leadership, as a woman who showed leadership. kristen: you can preorder it now and it is out on march 30th. good to see you. great to see you both, goodbye. asking for forgiveness may not be enough for a star reporter who resigned from his dream job. latest fallout from the controversy next.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
over cancel culture following the abrupt resignation of teen vogue's editor in chief. christina, hello. >> reporter: cancel culture at its worst. she was officially said to start next week. she has apologized multiple times for some racist and
10:43 am
homophobic tweets she posted a decade ago when she was 17 years old and over the past few years has worked for actos and served as a contributor for msnbc and nbc. and executive with the company that owns teen vogue said they were aware of the past tweets and felt her apologies were sincere. the remarkable work, they were excited to welcome her to their community but some teen vogue staffers and readers were upset with her for the tweets she posted when she was a teenager, and two major advertisers suspended their campaigns with the publication so she resigned saying her past deeds have overshadowed the work she has done. here is reaction from her former colleague jonathan swan. >> i worked with her for four years. if we can't has an industry accept somebody's sincere and repeated apologies for something they tweeted when they were 17 years old, what are we doing?
10:44 am
>> reporter: major concern over that, not just people getting canceled but brands like and jemima and gloria are part of these boycotts and some substantial concern over the growth of cancel culture, a new internet poll conducted by harvard shows 64% of americans view it as a threat while 36% do not. it shows democrats are split almost evenly on this. most republicans, 86% view cancel culture and silencing people is a big problem. alicia: thanks, christina. the cdc is releasing new guidelines that shorten the distance required between students in classrooms from 6 feet to 3 feet while wearing masks. lisa tomlinson will break down the latest. >> reporter: the sound the cdc has given the kids a lesson in contraction in the process but
10:45 am
using social distancing guidelines ahead of the cdc apps, taking any heat from teachers unions over the decision. >> i have spoken to the teachers unions. they know we need to follow the science and make our guidance based on that science and they are respectful of that. >> reporter: everyone is pleased with the move. the largest teachers union in the country says it wants more details. we are concerned the cdc changed one of the basic rules for how to ensure school safety without demonstrating the change is justified by the science and can be implemented in a manner that does not detract from larger long-term needs of students. the study in massachusetts found no significant inference in covert infection rates when standing 306 feet apart. the new cdc guidance so students can sit 3 feet apart in classrooms if they wear masks,
10:46 am
plastic shields or other barriers. 6 feet should be kept in common areas like lunchrooms, teachers should remain 6 feet apart. 1.2 million children age 17 and under were testing positive for the coronavirus last year. only 2.3% required hospitalization. less than died. and it has urine estimated 3 million children received no education at all. the cdc says the majority of covid debts for the elderly, 80% of covid that's 65 or older. kristen: thanks so much. nasa is moving faster put american astronauts on the moon. the artemis program past a key test yesterday. we will have more on what this means after the break. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do.
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that's why we always look for new tide hygienic clean free. it removes the visible and invisible dirt. it's got to be tide hygienic clean free.
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10:50 am
>> nasa completed a critical support artemis program paving the way to send the first woman in the next man to the moon. acting nasa administrator steve jervis, the big rocket, the sls, absolutely massive, the biggest rocket nasa has ever built or contractors ever built.
10:51 am
explain to folks who don't know what a hot fire test is and why it is so important. >> the hot fire test was the first time we started off all four engines and random for eight minutes on the core stage or the first stage of the space launch system. this proves the system can complete the first flight which is artemis one, and it is the first an crude flight test over the vehicle. this was a tremendous milestone in moving forward with our artemis program which is aimed at landing the first woman in the next man on the moon. this time we are going back to the moon sustainably to stay. kristen: when will this rocket fly? >> the target, with covid and eight named storms in the gulf
10:52 am
the disrupted preparations, and fonts artemis one by the end of calendar year. kristen: the other big news at nasa, the biden administration, president biden formally nominating his pick for the next nasa administrator, former florida senator bill nelson who of course flew on a space shuttle in 1986. he has been a huge champion of the space program for many years during decades on capitol hill and i wanted to share with you a small piece of the statement president biden put out about why he chose to nominate bill nelson. he said most every -- in the senate he was known as the go to senator for our nation's space program. explain why it is so important to have the nasa administrator
10:53 am
that has such strong connections to the president. and what nasa really needs. >> >> the president proposes a budget. it is important to have that good relationship with the administration as well as authorizing appropriations committee and staff on capitol hill. what we do takes years and decades and so having continued support over a fairly large period of time with a budget that supports the golden objectives for the agency is superimportant and critical to be successful to do the amazing research that we have planned for an agency. kristen: you have gotten vocal
10:54 am
support from the biden administration that they are going to keep the artemis program intact, they like it and want to stick with it. that is great news. a lot of programs don't survive the presidential transition but for artemis to really thrive the president has to allocate enough funding in his budget. do you think he is going to do that? >> so far we have gotten very strong support for the artemis program and our goals and objectives from the biden harris administration. talking about budget details, we are in the process of balancing the president's request for 22 which will go into the april may timeframe, a difficult transition year but we've gotten a lot of support not only from the administration but the f
10:55 am
120, all of those include artemis. kristen: hope that money stays in there. so much, congratulations again. alicia: even during a pandemic there's a new way to see dolly parton, how she is being drawn in a whole new light next. right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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10:59 am
to the coronavirus pandemic. the approximately 1 million people who bought tickets will be given refunds according to organizers. march madness may look a little different, but loyola chicago's sister jean is in the stands. the 101-year-old chaplain received her two covid vaccines and had a chance to watch the ramblers beat georgia tech yesterday. they will play number 1 seed illinois in the next round. and country music icon dolly parton is getting a new coffer, this time -- cover, this time in her even comic book, honoring her as part of the female force series. parton's edition will be released at the end of the month and, kristin, gotta love that. dolly parton on a comic book, i love it. and i've also loved working with you today. kristin: i know, i was going to say, remember dolly parton didn't want that statue erected outside the statehouse and with
11:00 am
everything going on in the world she doesn't need it, at least she's getting a comic book. it's been great working with you. thank you so much for sticking with us, i'm kristin fisher. eric and arthel are up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas making the trip to the southern border as the biden administration continues to take heat over its handling of a migrant surge that seems to persist. mayorkas, along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, getting a firsthand look at the crisis as the dhs secretary says the u.s. is on track to face the biggest surge of migrants at the border in decades. hello, everyone, welcome to "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hi, eric. i'm eric shawn. we are also following two other big stories at this hour. the centers for disease control giving new guidance on social


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