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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 19, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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ray is filling in for laura. have a great weekend. see you back here monday. ♪ ♪ >> i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. alan dershowitz is here on the circus surrounding the george floyd murder trial. and nancy pelosi named some illegal immigrants the heirs of our founders and politicians fall into zoom doom. have a special friday's follies guest star playing my role. year of the bully is where we start tonight. in an effort to score political points, woke politicians and some in the media are doing what they do best.
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capitalizing on tragedy. the shootings in atlanta by a gunman that killed 6 asian women and 2 caucasians. the department chief said it's too early to determine if the shooter targeted his victims and says it was not racially motivated. some are rushing to judgment. >> it looked like a hate crime. targeted asian spas. >> the political leaders have demonized china. >> is this is a challenge set up by the previous administration. >> the shooter claims he committed these murders to remove the focus of his sexual addiction. but pelosi and company decided
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it was a hate crime and donald trump branding covid the china virus inspired this tragedy. cue the tv chorus. >> donald trump did not pull the trigger in it atlanta but he was responsible for the anger fear and suspicion that exists in this country. >> trump went on hate tv and spewed his anti-asian covid slur. >> they are using terms former president trump used china flu. >> kamala harris invoked a historic precedent. >> in the 1940s japanese-americans were forced to live in internment campus in abuse of their civil and human rights. we have had people in positions of incredible power scapegoat
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asian-americans. people can the biggest pulpit spreading this kind of hate -- >> this is politics demonizing political opponents and slandering the country based on the wartime actions of a democratic president whose picture hangs in biden's oval office today. we should condemn every act of violence and discrimination especially rooted in race. it should be called out in the not only when you have begun control legislation pending but we need data. not reckless conjecture to identify who or what is driving this anti-asian violence.
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we will talk to an anti-asian person in a moment. days after biden signed an executive order committing to fight asian discrimination, he dropped a lawsuit that challenged asian discrimination. let's assume trump inspireded asian hate crimes. a lot of media outlets game that in 2020, anti-asian hate crimes increased by 150% in los angeles and new york. are we to believe they hurt people based on donald trump's rhetoric with a virus? where is the evidence.
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dr. fauci talked about the british and south african variants? did he endanger them? from 2019 to 2020, asian hate crimes in new york rose from 3 to 28. in l.a. from 7 to 15. and in boston from 6 to 14. the fbi tells us there are 158 anti-asian hate crimes in 2019 which is terrible. but for context, anti-jewish hate crimes were 953. should media are extending the narrative blaming old movies. >> so many themes from films have negative stereo times of asian-americans. mickey rooney plays an asian man and speaks with an accent. his eyelids taped wearing buck
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teeth. >> are actors in big cities moved to violence by watching mickey rooney and indiana jones movies? it wasn't until the end of the abc report they brought up the latest asian movies like crazy rich asians and parasite that won best picture last year. their culture analysis doesn't hold water. the supreme bullies. foreign adversaries are using this racial strife for their own purposes.
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yesterday chinese diplomats had a blistering exchange with secretary of state blinken. he raised human rights and the chinese fired back. >> we hope the united states will do better on human rights. china has made steady progress in human rights. there are many problems within the united states regarding human rights which is admitted by the u.s. >> including kamala harris tonight. this is what happens when partisans fuel racial discourse. it strengths our economies. china is exploiting the advertised divisions in america. especially the coverage of the attacks on asian-americans to excuse their own human rights abuses.
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they want to dominate us on the world stage. let us reject all racism and bea a united america. the guilty should be brought to justice and we should discover the motives without destroying the bonds that hold us together. only then we will have a hope of preserving this union and maybe the world. joining us now is ying-ma author of chinese girl in the ghetto and jeremy karl a former department in the trump administration. democrats are seizing on this tragedy in atlanta to fit a narrative of division. why? >> i think sadly this is
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political opportunism. the really is the number 1 perpetrators of hate crimes are african-americans. and that's not a story that the democrat want it do. it didn't implicate african-americans other than the ones making those crimes. what we have is a crack in the so-called rainbow coalition of the democrats. they don't want to talk about that. what they want to do is looking for a white guy to blame or a trump supporter to blame. it has no basis in reality. >> back in 2008 san francisco's police department analyzed 300 robberies and discovered that in 85% of the physical assault crimes, the victims were asian and the perpetrators for african-americans.
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shouldn't these politicians have conversations between those communities between african-americans and asians what what is fuelling the violence on the local level? >> a lot of the left wingng politicians for a long time could not bring themselves to admit l that african-americans were perpetrating violent attack on asians. when these crimes appeared to have a racial motive. left wing politicians like george gascon the district attorney of los angeles, he was the police chief in san francisco. when he was police chief with other left wing politicians they stood back and said there was no racism motive when there were frhorrific hate crimes in san francisco 10 years ago. the problem is worse than jeremy says.
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it's not just political opportunism in 2021. it's the fact that these politicians on the left have for decadeshe ignored a serious problem that plagues asian-americans in urban areas. now they decided there is racism going on but it's racism from trump and trump supporters. >> jeremy what impact does the hesocio-economic situation? some research made a link between economic considerations and how that might be driving the anti-asian violence on the ground. there is some of that going back to the rodney king riots in los angeles in 1992 which were the most serious recent case of mass violence that impacted the asian-american community and korea-town was devastated. they did a good job of protecting themselves with their
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second amendment rights. what i think was one of the economic tensions with the issue was simply that you had in many cases a lot of asian-american business owners in the african-american communities and there was a lot of resentment over that. i don't think that's justified resentment. but that was a point of tension. >> i want to go to something biden said today. he painted a disturbing picture of life for asian-americans in america. watch this i want your reaction. >> too many asian-americans have been walking up and down the ystreets worrying. waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety is at it's been a year of living in fear for their lives. just to walk down the street.
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>> is that an accurate portrayal of life for asian-americans or is this politicizing the tragedy? >> what the biden administration has done, they really over-hyped this. there is real concern about racist attacks. there is concern among asian-americans about a rise in racist attitudes. it's not the case that everybody is living in fear. two things that the bidenen administration can do. one is to send kamala harris to oakland which has been a city where she declared her candidacy for president and ask her to denounce loud and clear black on asian violence. the oakland-san francisco area is a place where black on asian violence has occurred repeatedly.enen
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and the second thing is to encourage all chinese-americans to come out and denounce china for the role it played in infecting the world with covid-19.. along with that the biden administration needs to be very firm in holding china accountable for doing this to america and to the world. >> that's a great transition. thank you both for being with us. we will get into just that. how this is affecting america's ability to protect human rights and advantageti our agenda. our adversaries are see seizing on this division. they say this. >> the challenges facing the united states in human rights are deep-seated. they didn't just emerge over the past 4 years such as black lives matter. f
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the united states did not have the qualification to say it wants to speak to china from a position of strength. >> joining me now is steven, the author of the bully of asia. how is china capitalizing on this systemic racism narrative? >> they are using it to cover-up their own crimes. they have genocide under way in westernho china. they have a similar program under way in tibet. christians and catholics are persecuted in china. how beneficial to point to the united states of america and say you have problems worse than ours because you suffer from systemic racism. the murder of black people in history.
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the list goes on and on. they haranged our new secretary of state blinken for 16 minutes. they were supposed to speak for 22 minutes. they went on for 16 minutes blasting f him. all he could do when he responded was say yes, we have problems.. i am so tired of these apology tours. i thought we were done with them when the biden and obama administration ended.sp now we have another apology tour on our own soil. how bad to be humiliated on our own soil? >> terrible. and china is declaring an end of america and western values. >> the united states itself does not represent international public opinion. whether judged by population scale or the trend of the world. the western worldic did not
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represent the global public opinion. >> would china have had the courage to engage in insults if a member of the trump administration were sitting across the table? >> no, and we know they didn'tld when mike pompeo met with these same characters. they were very differential and pleasant. they were trying to comply with our request to stop cheating on trade and the theft of cyber information. the altitude shift is astonishing. we have seen this with thailand and south korea. >> put putin is challenging biden to a debate. the president boarding air force one today create impresses he is not together. >> they see weakness. the meeting in alaska was supposed to sit up a summit with joe biden. i hope we don't allow our aging
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president in the same room with the president of chine because they will eat our lunch. >> is the fix in for the george sfloyd trial? alan dershowitz will break down the judge's stunning rulings next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the "the ingraham angle." i am raymond arroyo. the judge presiding over the george floyd death trial limited evidence and refused to move it out of minneapolis for this reason. >> i do not believe that would give the defendant a fair trial. i don't think there is any place in the state of minnesota that hasn't been subjected to extreme amounts of publicity on this case. >> what about other localities?
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can derek chauvin get a fair trial based on location alone? the judge ruled to allow some evidence from the 2019 arrests of georgeca floyd when floyd swallowed drugs after police confronted him. here is what is not admissible. comments about floyd being violent in the hospital. this trial is a powder keg. joining me to discuss is alan dershowitz. let's start with the judge refusing to change the venue. can chauvin get a fair trial there? >> absolutely not. the judge is focussing on the wrong issue. the issue of prejudices. he should focus on that jurors
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will be frightened if they fail to convict on murder there may be violence. no jury should have to worry if they acquit there will be consequences to them outside of the courtroom. that's why this trial should be held in a rural area. far away from where there may be violence. it should be put off several months, and everything that the defendant might have known about the victim should be known to the jury. you have to see this case through the eyes of the defendant. if the defendant knew that he was violent and knew he took drugs, then it's admissible. if he didn't know it it's a different
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there is a whole issue. what the defense should be, my defense would be this: number 1, the knee on the neck was policy in minneapolis. it was used dozens of times and nobody ever died. why did this person die? the defense should say not because of the knee on the neckn but because of his preexisting conditions. high blood pressure. >> and the drugs? >> that was the proximate cause. the knee on the neck had been used without any fatalities. >> one juror said this about black lives matter during questioning fromca the defense. listen. >> with respect to black lives matter you had a favorable response. you wrote i am black and my life matters.
11:27 pm
>> it does. >> absolutely. are you familiar with the political organization black lives matter? >> not real familiar, no. just what i have seen and heardh >> he made the cut. would you have pushed to dismiss thatar juror? >> i am not there is a challenge for cause. there many many people in the country black and white support the concept of black lives matter. he said he is black and his life matters. that's obvious. he got the high grade for honesty. he didn't hide it. it's a hard question. why didn't the defense use pre-emptories. this defend was overcharged. there is no second degree murder case at all. i don't believe there is a third degree murder case. >> [overlapping talking]. >> take a breath! >> because of the political pressure the political attorney
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general upped the charges to murder. he didn't want to charge for manslaughter because people in his community believe there was a murder. we have over-charging and charges that should never be brought. it will be very, very difficult to get a fair trial. >> thank you. this entire trial is extremely volatile. right now the fbi is partnering with minneapolis police to curb the violent crime surrounding george floyd square. it'sol an anti-cop zone. join be us is horace cooper from project 21. it's no surprise minneapolis police will need help here ahead of the expected chaos as had trial gets underway. do you expect a repeat of last
11:29 pm
summer's riots? >>e well, here's the thing. we have seen no evidence over 100 years span that when the crowd, when the mob decides they are going to determine whether or not a trial will take place, whether or not a prosecution is going to take place, when they do it that, all of the evidence shows bad things you can look in atlanta in 1906 or east st. louis. in each instance people pretended that the prosecutors failed to intervene and prosecute people that they wanted. utas a result. they decided to unleash mayhem. not unlike the 1 plus billion
11:30 pm
dollars worth of damage that we have seen in america as a result of so-called riots that were largely or mostly peaceful. it will never be a good idea to take this approach. >> i have to get to an important issue that i was not able to raise with alan dershowitz. the city paid $27 million settlement to george floyd's not only did they pay it, they announced it. what is the message there? doesn't that pollute the juror trial? >> it absolutely pollutes the pool. in fact, avenue if they are doing jury selection, they are finding jurors who are aware this stagger $27 million award occurred.g let me tell you something: tathat influences people. you could go to a typical black
11:31 pm
american and say to them, i will give you $27 million if you just vote to acquit in the chauvin case. guess what? you would get takers. that kind of information and activity has a negative effect. our system iste supposed to sayo every person they are entitled to a trial that is fair on its terms and not one that is subjected to what the mob wants. >> yes.d when 7 of 12 jurors know about that settlement you can't tell me it won't have an impact. democrats with the f-bomb and more. friday's follies with a special guest sitting in my chair. who is it? you will see. stay there. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it's friday and that means it's time for friday's follies. for that we turn the tables. joining me now is the true host of the "ingraham angle," laura ingraham. >> i am doing what trump does. applauding myself. i have a new book. it's modelled after your title a little bit. the guy who always has a book to promote by laura ingraham and you are on the cover. >> good. i will promote that next week ld after the thief who stole heaven. the biden administration shifts story lines. trump doesn't vaccinate enough people. we exceeded our goal.
11:38 pm
biden announced this. >> president harris and i took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona not long ago. >> president harris? this is not the first time we have heard this story. >> this is a person who is ready on day 1 to be president of the united states of america. >> harris administration together with joe biden. >> i am joe biden's husband and kamala harris's running mate. >> is there more here than meets the eye or the ear? >> it's the art of projection. maybe he can see into the future. he is clairvoyant. biden has many talents. he is no longer planning the in authorization of cory booker. io>> the future president here
11:39 pm
that the senator is talking about are billsab passed years ago. >> a friend of mine said slips of the tongue belie slips of the mind and slips of the heart. this man doesn't think he will be president for long. the president may not be promoting cory booker but having sin tact trouble. >> where are you? we deployed 6,000 federal personnel. we have to reach the point where we are heard immunity. a vast majority of the american people have been vaccinated.he don't let happen what you see happening in europe. >> what is the march 25th press conference going it look like? that's my one question. >> i am sure he fell asleep in the middle of that.
11:40 pm
or maybe i did. >> he didn't know where he was. that's with a teleprompter. these are short rehearsed events. i don't know how he will do in a free exchange. the pandemic made so many activities virtual even for joe biden. public school instruction and congressional hearings entered zoom doom. where people stare into the camera, can you hear me? i think we lost laura. this is from a congressional hearing today. >> you are recognized for 5 minutes. >> apparently there is a technical problem. >> doris, can you hear me? >> [muffled audio]. >> [inaudible]. >> i sent messages -- we are working on it. >> i am experiencing the same thing.
11:41 pm
>> we can hear you. if you can hear us, wave your arms. they can't hear us. >> this is the technology. wave your arms. he looks like a pumpkin. the only thing missing was the stem. kept touching his face and mask. >> i am waiting for them to say blink if you can hear me. these are the people entrusted with trillion dollars. they can't even run a zoom meeting. it's a glaring picture of how incompetent this government and people want to entrust hem with healthcare and education of their children. >> the republicans should put forward legislation that puts anent to the zoom hearings. o if you have something to say, you have your vaccinations in session, be in town. enough of this.
11:42 pm
they want to continue this remote zoom congress forever. if they had their way they would eynever come back to washington. they would keep the barbed wire >> i agree with you. something has to be done here. next time congresswoman rashida tlaib hosts a reading event for kids like she did the other day, she might tell people to check their language beforehand. >> the kindergartens. great. >> [muffled audio]. > [bleep]. >> excuse me. can you please mute your phone. >> oh, my gosh. >> [laughing]. >> i have kids on. mute your phone. >> dropped an f-bomb in the middle of the reading event. that's the staffer of a michigan state senator.
11:43 pm
a woman in her bio who describes herself as having a natural ability to be personable and relatable. her talents might be better used in a barroom and not with kids. >> the zoom doom is a great way to describe it. a web-x mess. it's not working. it doesn't work except for short insignificant quickie conversations. even then, you have to see people face-to-face. without the mask to read expressions. >> with herd immunity i want human touch. people need that. while you were not paying attention, the house quietly passed 2 immigration bills setting up a path to citizenship for million of illegals. we have reaction next. ♪ ♪ >> they all make america more
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and even live parent talks on facebook with boys town experts. woman 1: so we're constantly investing in praising children and finding those opportunities and it really helps them to have that self-affirmation and that positive thinking. and then that really reduces their negative behavior. woman 2: the answer to discipline is praise, isn't that lovely? woman 1: (laughing) who would have thought it? announcer: visit boystown dot org slash praise to receive your 10 ways to praise magnet. it's a great reminder to catch them being good and that great parenting advice is just a click away. ♪ ♪ >> they all make america more americans. they are heirs these dreamers are of our founders. >> that can be added to the border entry bridges. americans are distracted by by lockdown orders and hate crimes.
11:49 pm
the house passed 2 immigration bills to give amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants. matt, i want your reaction to these 2 bills. one would give farm workers legal status. the other gives 4.4 million dreamers a pathway if citizenship. is this going anywhere? >> i don't think in the senate as long as the filibuster holds. we have people pushing for amnesty for people here illegally. we have never had the kind of chaos at the southern border. it's worse today because when people get into our country illegally, they call home and say, it's going to work out just fine. come to what is happening at the southern border is as bad as it's ever been. it could get much worse.
11:50 pm
nancy pelosi put out a welcome matt for more illegal immigrants to come here. >> nancy pelosi said the biden administration has it under control. don't worry your head. the homeland security secretary traveled to el paso and the biden administration would not give him access. what happened to the transparency we were promised? >> [laughing]. well, i talked to border patrol agents who are under strict orders not to talk to journalists. they are under orders to process
11:51 pm
people as quickly as possible. if you are a journalist who didn't know the border well and don't know in roma, texas most people cross at night. if you there are in this the day you won't see many people. really what is happening this is becoming the invisible crisis. you can't see it but you know it's unfolding. border patrol spent 20 minutes processing people. they can't figure out who is who in that amount of time.. getting them to health and human services sending them across the country quickly. nancy pelosi sent a message, that message it's everyone's right across the world. you want a chance for the hamerican dream. anybody come here. what does that do to u.s.
11:52 pm
sovereignty and to the u.s. constitution?? that's the biggest question. most people think that the dreamers should have a path to citizenship. t if you came here as a child. it's not your fault. you grew up. you are as american as it gets. but they parsed out this bill and taking parts that they have bipartisan support for. nancy pelosi knew that. they are taking the parts that the republicans can use for leverage and getting them passed. this will only make a immigration reform bill harder for republicans to argue for. where has their leverage gone. >> matt, we have 14,000 unaccompanied minors in custody. what happened to the cries of kids in cages? there seems to be no concern at all and more are coming. >> these democrats legislators
11:53 pm
who are investigating the border are coming back and commenting and tweeting about it. they all looked hypocritical. aoc is not bent over and trying about these children. it was cynical for the president of the united states to stay to george stephanopoulos don't worry about the adults? we are sending them home am that's the dep -- definition of separating families. there is no documentation. these border patrol agency have a terrible job to do. i wish this administration would help them do their job. >> 30 seconds. >> okay.
11:54 pm
ha what we are forgetting is the people in the legal immigration system also separated from their families. i have an afghan colleague waiting for his family to come for 5 years. he is here legally. when he left his daughter was 6 months old and she will turn 6 years old. final thoughts when i come back. i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. pick up a cop of my new book. ♪ ♪
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>> i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. pick up a copy of my new book. the thief who stole heaven.
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i want to thank sam fox and tony left us this week and shannon bream and the fox news @ night team take it from here. have a wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night". i am shannon bream in washington. shannon: welcome to fox news at night. breaking tonight, reports of a new fighting children and families crossing the border. leaving the biden administration to consider flying migrants, and processing in northern states according to an email reviewed by the washington post tonight. it


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