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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. 7:00 p.m. stay with fox news and here's tucker carlson right ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." on tuesday afternoon this week, police say ali 21-year-old man called robert erin long walked into a massage parlor outside of atlanta and shot five people. he then drove to two other massage parlors and shot another four. of the nine people robert wong is accused of shooting, two were white, one was hispanic and the other six were asian women.he of those six women according to the south korean government, at least four of them were korean. police caught him within hours driving south on interstate 75. here is the sheriff's department
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press press conference yesterday explaining what happened next. speak of the suspect did take responsibility for thegs shootings he said early on once we began the interviews, he claims -- as the chief said, this is still early but he does claim it was not racially motivated. he apparently has an issue, what he considers to be a maga addiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places, that he wanted to eliminate. >> tucker: the police took a long and detailed a statement robert long and to restate what you just heard here's what they found. he immediately confessed to the crimes but while he admitted to committing multiple murders which is a death penalty offense in the state of georgia, long denied having any racial r motivation. instead he told police he had eight sex addiction and an issue with porn, he shot up massage parlors in an effort to
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eliminate his temptation to visit them. they arrested him as he was heading to florida as he planned to kill more people in the sex industry. he was fixated on and pornography, that's what he said he committed the murders. the next day information came to light that seem to confirm his story, a man called tyler bayless said he shared a room with him in a georgia rehabs. facility but long was there for sex addiction. it was something that was absolutely torturing him. speaking of his sex addiction and while at the facility, he frequently relapsed and went to "massage parlors to engage in sex acts." as a result of the torment he said he experienced, he toldse police he shot eight people, a ninth victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. according to police, hernandez ortiz had nothing to do with
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whatsoever, he happened to be walking past the massage parlor when long shot him. those are the facts that we understand them tonight. an honest reporter might follow those facts in a number of pretty obvious directions. robert long seems deranged but his violent behavior seems sadly familiar if you follow the news closely. an increasing number ofan americans struggle with mental illness, it would be worth knowing much more about his life if only to try to prevent the next mass shooting. then there is the very real question of sex addiction which we should not laugh off. why is there so much in atlanta, openly? google business listings show more massage parlors than our books outlets, who works in these places and under what conditions? that's not a hard question to answer, wikipedia has an entire entry on the human trafficking in the state of georgia, according to the doj atlanta is a major transportation hub for trafficking young girls. it is one of the 14 u.s. cities with the highest levels of child
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sex trafficking. a competent media might tell us much more about this knowing more facts and rationally assess admin might improve this country. that is not the coverage we are getting, it's not even close to the coverage we are getting. instead the usual liars are describing the massacre in atlanta as the one thing apparently was not, a racial attack. "white supremacy and hate are haunting asian-americans. david lee braun, the president of rice university in texas they have been watching this, he issued a statement. he supposed to be a scholar but he got key facts completely wrong, not the facts with a point the statement, it was making sure everyone reading it lesson.od the political "the deliberate use of such terms as the china virus to bigotry has played a significant role as if he knew that to bee true, he didn't because there's no evidence. sadly unpredictably this escalation of racially biased hatred has led tore violence.
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lihe's telling us it was entirey predictable because once you describe a chinese virus as chinese, people are naturally going to start murdering koreano women, could have seen that coming. harvard couldn't resist getting involved in this, bigotry against asians is a pretty sensitive subject given that harvard university is one of the very few institutions in american life that has publicly admitted committing it. many schools do, but harvard got caught. if over the course of many years it denied admission to asian students precisely because they are asian. if there's a clear definition of bigotry than that, it's unclear what it might be. harvard doesn't want to talk about it, and mass murder in atlanta was the perfect way to change the subject. for the last year, harvard administrators road can asians come asian-americans and pacific islanders haven't blamed for the pandemic. again, once again, if you dare toto note that the novel coronavirus came from wuhan, a mentally ill addict is sure to shoot up a brothel in atlanta.
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the white house press secretary agreed with it written >> i think there is no question that some of the damaging rhetoric that we saw during the prior administration blaming --n calling covid the wuhan virus and other things led to perceptions of the asian-american community that are inaccurate and unfair. >> tucker: so a white supremacist did it, it's such a lie. asian-americans do suffer quite a few violent attacks in this country unfortunately, but there is zero evidence of a rise in white supremacy driving attacks. we don't have to guess about this because the justice department keeps the numbers. african-american perpetrators are more likely than any other group to attack asian-americans, it happens quite a bit most racial violence in this country occurs within racial groups. whites are most likely to attack whites, blacks are most likely
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to attack blacks, et cetera. the only exception we founded federal numbers were asian-americans. asians were more likely to be attacked by african-americans and members of their own ethnicity. why is that? we can't say for sure and we are not going to speculate about it, unlike other cable news channels we will not draw divisive conclusions from this or any data about it is always wrong to blame an entire group for anything, ever. treat people as individuals first, that is the whole point of america. we can saywe this has been going on for quite a while as anyone who lives in the city well knows. tensions between african-americans and immigrant korean store owners were a central factor in the l.a. riots. nit wasn't qanon who made violet threats against asian shop owners in new york. it was al sharpton. the media has done its best to ignore it. but now they are lying at us at very high volume, why are they
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doing that? because they need to. the democratic coalition is profoundly unstableof and becomg more so. take a look at the election results. all hispanic counties on the mexican border turningur red overnight. the rise of blm and the riots they lead over the summer is a big part of why that is happening. decadent white liberals love the whole thing but no one else did. blm cameme out in favor of abolishing the nuclear family and looting and burning small businesses. if you are a bearded nihilist living in williamsburg brooklyn with a degree in gender study from oberlin, that sounds convenient but if you're an immigrant running a dry cleaners it doesn't sound great. do you care s most of all about your family can we desperately need your business. the democratic party is at risk of losing voters like this. look at the last election results carefully. at this point, the media's jober is to remind these voters they need to stay in the
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democratic party because the real enemy is straight white men, so that's what they are doing. >> i keep thinking of thatg domestic terror alert and warning that we got shortly after the insurrection, it warmed us that until the end of april we would be living under a heightened threat of violent extremism from a combination of whitena supremacists and extremists who are angry about the election results because of r donald trump's big live but alst because of covert restrictions, i wonder if you could speak to the intersection of that group we were warned about publicly in the targeting of asian-americans. >> tucker: white supremacists and militias who are angry about covert restrictions, that's who committed mass murder in atlanta on tuesday. attempting to laugh at lies like this that are so obvious and a laugh at this buffoon especially, who would believe a single word she says -- the more they say it, the more people believe it and the more power
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they can grab on the basis of those lies. we have seen that happen in the two months since january 6th, it was all most amusing to hear them call it a white supremacist insurrection. it was so stupid. but now two months later it's all but establishedd history. they are changing the country on the basis of those lies, they repeat them until people believe them and then they act. never underestimate the power or propaganda, that is why they usi it, it's not an accident. bill de blasio is wasting no time, he was already using what happened in atlanta on tuesday to justify sticking the nypd on anyone who disagrees with him, watch this. >> even if something is not a criminal case, a perpetrator being confronted by the city whether it's nypd or another agency and being told what they have done is very hurtful to
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another person and could lead to criminal charges, that is another important piece of the puzzle. >> tucker: even if something is not a criminal case, the police can respond, even if it's not a crime. what is he saying here? the mayor of new york is calling for armed thought police and america's biggest city. laugh if you want at that, he's a joke, right? just wait. t what sounds absurd today becomes established practice sooner than you think. horace cooper is the cochair of project -- he joins us tonight. i looked at the story in disbelief as usual and in horror as they take a tragedy like thii and try to divide the country against itself even more than it already is but it strikes me there is a purpose to their dishonesty and that's to keep the democratic coalition together, does that seem like aa fair guess to you?
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>> it does look like the leftti has a problem, there coalition is at war with itself. if you say let's defund the police, if you say let's allow untold numbers of migrants from other countries to come in and compete with working-class people, if you divide us alongng intersectional lines, all of those compete with one another. in this particular case, you can look at this, you can watch the other mainstream news media and what you see is this story has to be true, it's too good not to be true. it is a way to reinforce what we already believe. we believe the biggest threat in america today, the biggest is white men who are going to attack you any time you are
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vulnerable, even though as you pointed out, you can look at the department of justice fbiti statistics that have been kept under the trump administration, under eight years of the obama administration, eight years of the bush administration, all the way back to eight years of the clinton administration and further and you will see a very interesting data point. the description of the person who wass most likely to rob you, "tucker carlson tonight" you or in some way violate, your property rights is not a white male. as you point out, we don't focus on the group itself. but it's the media that says they can pick a racial narrative to explain things, have ignored for 25 years that the failing schools, the employment options thatr are presented and the way
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they have preferred elites in america over the mainstream have contributed to a very, very toxic circumstance that is easily exploited by groups like black lives matter and others that are promoting their intersectional rivalry. it is toxic, it is dangerous, unfortunately for us, the mainstream media thinks this story is so good, we just need to repeat it even when it falls apart right in front of our eyes. >> tucker: they are really playing with fire, they are creating -- i often think as i watch this they are creating extremism which we don't want. horace cooper, thank you, great to see you tonight. >> 1981, a philadelphia police officer called daniel faulkner was murdered by a black panther.
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over the last few years, kristen clarke who was jill biden's new pick to lead the just department's civil rights division has worked very hard to get him free. he even referred to him as a political prisoner. marine faulkner is the widow of that slain officer, thanks so much for coming on. >> this has been going on for 40 years, i cover the story 25 years ago, you've been tormented by it, how do you feel seeing president biden's pick for the n'civil rights division describg the man who murdered your husband as a political prisoner. >> president biden did not do his homework on looking at the background on kristen clarke. she doesn't support the man who murdered my husband, she had a conference on april 22nd 1999 at columbia university where
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leonard wineglass who is his defense attorney was there and she actually had at the bottom of the page, any questions, please call kristen clarke with her email c address. she was very involved in this. i also feel that kristen clarke through readingst about her and her ideology, she hates white people. that is my honest to god of truth feeling and she wants to defund the police, she's a vile woman and she's dangerous. i know she has said things about the jewish people and now she seems to be backpedaling on all of this, now that she's being called out on it. she does not have a place with the department of justice and the civil rights department because that is the people that
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help everyone, no matter what color they may be, what the religion is, what their disability may be, that is not kristen clarke. >> tucker: since you are the widow of that officer, i wonder if -- and you have been a semipublic figure all these years, has kristen clarke ever reached out to you to say i am sorry for calling your husband's murder were a political prisoner? >> i will be reaching out to her. >> tucker: what do you expect she will say? >> i want an explanation. i think she's going to make excuses like she has been over the past several months about anything she has done, she does not know how to take accountability for her actions. >> tucker: i hope you can press that question because the civil rights division is a powerful and essential part of the justice department and i think it's shocking that someone like this would run it. marine faulkner i appreciate you coming onou tonight.
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joe biden gave a rare interview yesterday and wasted no time and threatening the president of russia. more on what he called vladimir putin and how he responded in on the basic question, what is his obsession with putin and russia? that's all after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: donald trump is the president anymore and that means you haven't heard a lot about russia recently, that was until yesterday when joe biden gave an interview designed to remind us he's as tough as they come. >> you know vladimir putin, you think is a killer? >> i do. >> what must price he must pay? >> a price you will see shortly. >> he's going to pay because he's a killer sent the guy who sent missiles into syria for no obvious reason. we want to hear bite and outcome us let's takele a close look at russia's record, what have they done? they bought up the entire third world and africa and latin america, they are building all the infrastructure in the obama's. they are stealing our jobs and intellectual property, dumping tons of fentanyl into thef
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country which is killed more than 100,000 people. they filled our universities with spies and they are trying to dominate the world trade but wait, that's not russia, russia didn't unleash a virus that destroyed our economy and left millions unemployed, china did that, china and the dictator who runs it, gigi and ping. joe biden knows this, he knowsss russia is in the next essential threat to the united states but keeps talking about it, he says he doesn't want to talk about china. his family has made millions apparently from china, countleso others in the corporate and ruling elite have too. but it's boot and who's going to pay. you know who else is going to pay? you, you're about to pay a lot more in taxes. >> you ask anybody making more than $400,000 will see a small to significant tax increase, you won't see one single penny in additional federal tax. >> what he didn't explain is why
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he wants to raise taxes and we taaren't going to give you the conventional conservative take on taxes, the grover norquist take, you can never raise them -- that's not t the point s at all. the point is why do we have taxes in the first point -- we don't fund the government with tax revenue can we find that with money the federal reserve creates. didn't we just pay for a $2 trillion belief bill? it wasn't tax money that did that, we just printed the money -- taxes are kind of beside the point at this stage. democrats packs all the income in the united states and they still wouldn't balance the budget or pay off the debt, about $10 trillion short. they could go after your assets, elizabeth warren has been trying that for a long time. the question is since we aren't funding the government with tax revenue, we've decided modern monetary theory is real, we can justco print money, why would yu consider raising taxes on
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families making 400 grand, why do that at this point? you don't need to -- to punishvi you, obviously. individual americans paying taxes make up the largest part of u.s. tax revenue, they account forco about 42% of all e taxes the government takes in, what is the smallest source of tax revenue? the donors, corporate taxes -- those account for about 3.9% of all taxes. joe biden knows tax increases aren't going to hurt corporations or private equity, they won't touch ivy league endowments. they believe the bill and melinda gates foundation completely alone, no billionaire is going to suffer, you are going to suffer and for no good reason because to restate one more time, we don't fund the government with tax revenue, we fund it with money the federal reserve makes up out of nothing, that's true and no one says it. coming on tonight to make some sense of this interview, russia, and taxes is victor davis hanson, the wisest person we
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know. first to russia, this is not a defense of the regime, why the relentless focus on russia? >> it's always a bad idea to call a killer the head of state with 7,000 deliverable nuclear weapons. there is no standard, vladimir putin hasn't killed 20 million people likee his communist predecessors. it's not the communist party in china that has the blood of 7 million people on their hands. we could go on and on with the north koreans, there is no standard byyo which you single t somebody and not the other. it reminds me, we are missing what henry kissinger told us 40 years ago, realpolitik, we don't want china to be a better friend to russia than they are to us, we actually do have some common interest with vladimir putin. we are both wary of islamic
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terrorism and we don't want china to run the world and we along with the russians and india can check china if we don't throw away that card. this anger comes out of the russia collusion hoax but even earlier, they came b into power and they said bush was too hard on china, we are going to be set and gluten, the autocrat he is, he interpreted that as weakness to be exploited and he finally got to the surreal situation where obama was trading necessary missile-defense so that biden would behave during his reelection which he didn't even do although he gave up missile-defense. i think they are humiliated especially after 22 months and $40 million, they didn't find any russian collusion, it was ac hoax. it's an obsession now, it'sx a religion. >> tucker: russia is also a country in the world who doesn't buy our woke program. i have to ask you about taxes, we have decided we can fund a
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$2 trillion belief bill, clearly taxes are irrelevant to run the government now -- why are they so eager to tax us? >> i think it's to punish people until the base we are going to read distribute the income, we are running an annual budget deficit, we are getting up to 29 trillion in aggregate debt and the only way to get out of that is either to do what trump tried to do although he didn't address the spending -- that is deregulated and have incentives and full employment. when you mention as joe biden and his associates are they are going to raise taxes on the productive classes, they are going to more regulation, stifle energy production and yet borrow more money, then the only way out is zeroro interest rates and inflation or recession or all combined in a wayin we saw in te
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1970s that got ronald reagan elected and that's where we are headed. we have non margin of error, we can't borrow money to get out of recession because we are in debt to an astounding degree. we can't lower interest rates because they don't really exist it i don't know what stimuli we have when we hit the recession, it's all been used up. >> tucker: why is anyone payingy any taxes if they are just printing money and burdening our kids with that? i appreciate your insights, thank you. so the cause of women's equality, the cause of women as a separate category has been moved back quickly in the last two weeks. something called the equality act came to congress. our next guest tells us how destructive this act would be for women and girls, that is straight ahead.
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>> tucker: if you lived >> tucker: if you've lived in this country for more than the past two months you may have noticed men and women are treated differently almost as though they are exactly the same. you may have seen a bathroom that says women and another that says men ore separate locker rooms at your gym. if you have children or if you watch sports you may even notice the boys & girls club to plan different teams. that's how things have been for all of human history, but that may change thanks to a new bill called the equality act. the hearing on capitol hill yesterday, one witness spoke about what this bill would do to women and girls. >> for some girls, athletics is the only chance they will have to shine for the entire course of their lives. but supporters of this bill don't appear concerned about c them, they are concerned about the progressive groups will call you a transphobia or a homophobe if you don't do exactly as they say and abandon women and girls. if you vote to take away those rights, don't attend you've achieved a civil rights victory.
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in the name of inclusivity, you will have made life far less safe, far less fair, and far less inclusive for america's women and girls. >> tucker: that was abigail schreier, you've w seen her on e show before, the author of irreversible damage, she joins us now. by doing what you just did, you've made yourself in real sense a target and you've probably change the course of the rest of your life, why would you do that in public? >> i have a daughter and i want to raise her in an america that is safe and fair for women and girls. >> tucker: that is the best possible reason. to summarize if you would for viewers who didn't see it, this is an amazing statement, what you say to congress? >> i said that the democrats wanted to talk about the fact that the bill includes rights for employment and housing for transgender and americans and that's wonderful and i would've supported the bill if that's all it was but actually the democrats sneaked in this really
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radical gender ideology which they have said if you're a biological man and decide at any point for any reason that you would like to declare that you're a woman, you now have a legal entitlement to enter all of women's protective spaces, compete in women's sports and be eligible for all women's scholarships. >> tucker: the difference between men and women has been universally acknowledgedgi since the beginning of time. it's the reason we single out women for protection in some ways if we are going to be honest about it but it's also kind of the basis of human civilization. if you eliminate that, how can wewe understand the implications of eliminating that? >> we are already seeing rapes in women's prisons, they get transferred into women's prisons and some of these men are sex offenders and they can harm women and they are already doing so. we can expect opportunistic men
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to continue on this path. this has nothing to do with transgender americans and everything to do with selfat identification. >> tucker: this is such a radical positionn that they are taking, it's one of the things we are going to look back and say how did we ever allow that to happen. why do you think they are starting out this administration with this? >> it's a really hard left radical position, gender ideology and i think there is a degree of misogyny behind it, very much like critical race theory that tells white people they are not entitled to be part of any conversation or gender ideology tells women they are never allowed to speak up if they feel competitions aren't fair because they aree competing against a biological.y >> tucker: i thought about this many times, what is your life like now? i've never dealt with people more radical or more aggressive than people who support this
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idea, i've never seen anything like it. whatn is your life like nothing he'd said in public? >> i do get a fair amount of heat. the thing is i think i'm right and i do believe a majority of americans know that i'm right and all that i'm doing is standing up for women and girls but yes, that does open you to a tremendous amount of heat. >> tucker: it's a thrilling and inspirational to see someone take a stand on behalf of her own daughter, it doesn't happen enough. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. so a canadian pastor was sent to prison a few weeks ago because he dared host a church service. he has been locked up andke treated like a criminal. his wife joins us to tell that story, that's next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: pastor james coates with arrested and sent to prison a couple weeks ago in canada -- what did he do? he held a church service. he was denied bail apparently set t to release soon he still facing at least one charge. his wife said he had a very tough time in jail he was placed in a two week quarantine and only allowed to leave his cell twice for 15 minutes each time. we spoke to him earlier about her husband's case, here's what she told us. it's hard to believe, shocking that your husband is in jail. how is he doing? >> he's in prison.he he's facing all the regular
9:47 pm
things he would face there. trouble with food and i don't even really know what to say, how is he doing. he's a shepherd, he's a bible teacher, he is a theologian, he's not able to shepherd the people that he loves and challenges mind. hehe's not able to serve in a wy that he loves to serve people. this is hard on him. >> tucker: a grown man sitting in prison for preaching a sermon.. this is such obvious tyranny that i've got to ask, have any authorities in canada come to your help? this is the ruling of one judge but you have a lot of politicians in alberta, or any of them coming to the rescue? >> sure, i think there are nps behind the scenes were trying to help us but other than that, i think their hands are tied. >> tucker: are you canadian? >> i am canadian, yes, yes. >> tucker: see you grow up in the country, do you recognize it
9:48 pm
now? >> no, i don't. this is not the nation that i grew up in. >> tucker: what do you think happened? >> it's been like a boiling frog for a while, our freedoms have been slowly stripped from us and a slowly over time, we didn't even realize it. when something like a health order is put in place that takes away your freedoms, it's not shocking to people and it really should be shocking to people that there is a pastor in jail right now who is given his life to sacrifice and love other people, to worship god, that's not shocking to a lot of people and it really should be. we are in a dangerous road right now and i think because we've just been in the pot for so long, boiling -- people aren't realizing the danger we are facing as a nation. >> tucker: throughout the united states, we've seen christian ministers harassed because they are christian
9:49 pm
ministersso and therefore disobedient, they serve a higher power. you haven't seen this happen to people who run abortion clinics or strip bars are marijuanas, dispensaries, do you believe your husband was singled out because he is a christian pastor? >> i have to believe the enemy is singling him out. we have a real enemy who really hates the lord jesus christ and hates the blood party that he purchased on the cross and given new life -- we have an absolute, real enemy and he uses people to target the ministers of god, we know that through scripture and church history. i believe they are being targeted in our country. >> tucker: i think a lot of people watching this what it dismiss what you just said a year ago are now taking it more seriously. i appreciate your coming on, your husband is blessed to have a wife like you, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: not many places left on the internet where free
9:50 pm
thought is still allowed, one is called sub stack which is under attack. one of the top writers joins us next.
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>> tucker: a lot of things happening, traditional journalism is collapsing a lot of people being laid off. where do you go to write stories honestly? there is very few places one of the only places on the internet where people can publish whatever they want freely. they create their own contact and supported by subscribers. thewn arrangement makes people on twitter very angry. they hate the idea of being able to speak without filters. they're calling for substack to be banded writers to be censored. michael tracy is one of the big draws on substack, targeted for giving his opinion.
9:56 pm
thank you so much for coming on and i should say, but i think you're one of the smartest voices on twitter, a lot of competition but you're very much are. tell us what they're trying to do to substack. >> well, substack has been news that a word's independent thought.ut clearly, it infuriates journalistss on the ground, incapable of it and in the online media industry is filled with the most tedious mediocrities who could not develop on their own terms because they don't contributed anything to the universe. when the new platform comes along that incentivizes people with independent views, whatever have you, to come and cultivate the audience for themselves and not be controlled by the
9:57 pm
conformist media and they'd lash out and tried to destroy the platform itself because it's intolerable to them to not be able to control others in the industry and dictate what kind of influence that we or others on the platform can observe. it's pathetic but then again, name of the game for a lot of people in the industry. people don't trust the media. they don't respect the media and why should they given all they've gotten wrong? >> tucker: you've kind of approached it with a traditional point of view. i've noticed that you decided to be honest no matter what. you don't care, you're going to say what you think period. they can't say it out loud and what grounds are they trying to shut you and substack down? >> they developed this whole new vocabulary about what supposedly constitutes an offense that requires purging or expulsion. so for example, they inventedop this notion of online violence meaning if you criticize a
9:58 pm
journalist and in a harsh enough terms, as long as the journalist construes what you've done is violence upon them, that provides a basis for them to demands that you be removed from the internet. they have expanded the concept of harassment to go well beyond tracking somebody down to their homes and throwing rocks at the window, traditional understanding of harassment. to just repeated sometimesel vey mild critiques of professional journalists. that as regarded as harassment. the mismatch thatio they are trying to pressure substack with to say your harboring perpetrators of violence and harassment, transphobia, all these other horribly indictments.r hopefully, substack is able to resist those demands to finally upend its model and iri hope tht they will.
9:59 pm
given some of the principless of the founders but again there's other social media companies in the past who espouse similar values but once the elites media in particular has even said targets, they have a way of engendering an avalanche that falls upon you. this is an exception and we will have to see. >> tucker: we are rooting for you and a lot of other smart thinkers. you've got to think in the end smart brave people all wind up in one place. michael tracy, thank you and we hope to see you again soon. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, we are out of time but we will be back. tomorrow and every week night. the show that's the totally and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink the censorship that they engender.
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the censors are never the good guys. ever. not now, not anywhere. have a great evening. on that, sean hannity takes over.ow >> sean: hear, hear, freedom of speech. let people decide. and cancel culture, wokeness. good show, tucker. welcome to "hannity," tonight, you, we, the american people have officially been put on notice by the mob and the media, the democratic party, big tech and according to them, if you so much as mentioned the very real crisis on the southern border which you can see with your own eyes, you're a racist and we will explain all this coming up tonight. but first another day and yet another embarrassing big blunder from, yes, the frail come of the week, the cognitively struggling commander in chief.


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