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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 18, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: are villain of the day. adam schiff, eric swalwell. despite eric swalwell's ties to allege in chinese asset. adam schiff is assuring everyone he's a trusted member of the intelligence committee. and that to a long list of schiff's lies. laura ingraham, sorry it took your time. >> laura: my own camera? >> sean: [laughs] >> laura: it happens to the best of us, hannity. those moments are cute. the forever real of the real candidate. we want to know you. >> sean: my son calls me and goes down, he made barstools. my daughter says dan, that's humiliating. you can't please everybody. >> laura: the real sean hannity.
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awesome show, sean. [laughs] >> sean: enjoy it, everybody at my expense. >> laura: fine, with you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham of this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. what a show we have. florida governor ron desantis. newt gingrich, candace owens. after screaming about former president trump's efforts to challenge the 2020 voting results, the democrats are now trying to steal a twice certified house seat in iowa. the republican in their crosshairs is here today. first, fauci unmasked. that's the focus of tonight's angle. on day 367 of 15 days to slow the spread, we know for certain these three things are irrefutably true. number one, lockdowns do more harm than good. never two, states with mask
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mandates haven't done better than states without them. there's a heck of a lot a public health officials and politicians who seem to be enjoying this crisis. when people are scared and uncertain, they look for reassurance and solutions which usually come from faith, family, and friends. but when covid hit, they looked to anthony fauci. but when covid hit, wow. ego tripping became his newfound celebrity and power. he started contradicting his own pronouncements, most notably on masks and herd immunity. he can find himself usually to friendly venues where he dispenses guidance not driven by science but by a desire to terrify and confuse americans. >> at minimum, wear a mask, okay? make sure you wear a mask.
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you wear a mask. he wanted to fit better. one of the ways you could do it if you would like to at least a cloth mask over, which here and here and here, you can get leakage, it's much better contained. that's all there saying. >> laura: but every now and then, fauci can't avoid facing someone who actually know something, like dr. rand paul. >> dr. fauci come in a recent british study, david wiley and others found that no symptomatic reinfection's from covid-19 after following 2800 patience for several months, our virologist at the la jolla institute concludes that the amount of immune memory gain from natural infection likely prevent the vast majority of people from getting hospitalized, severe disease for many years. given that no scientific studies
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have shown significant numbers of reinfections of patients previously infected or previously vaccinated, what specific studies do you cite to argue that the public should be wearing masks well into the 2022? >> i'm not sure i understand the connection of what you're saying about masks and reinfection. we are talking about people who have never been infected before. >> you're telling everybody to wear a mask whether they've had a infection or vaccine purity for not spreading the infection, isn't it just theater? you have a vaccine and you're wearing to masks, his in that theater? >> here we go again with the theater. let's get to the facts. the studies that you quote look at in vitro examination of memory immunity. >> what can you point to? there are no studies that show -- >> let me finish. >> laura: infect "the new york times" reported on a major study out of denmark.
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it found that out of 11068 people who tested positive for covid during the initial outbreak between march and may of 2020, only 72 of them tested positive again during the second wave from september to december. that's a 0.06% reinfection rate. the times noted that protection from symptomatic illness was likely to be higher. the danish analysis included anyone who was tested regardless of symptoms. at this point, it's pretty much beyond obvious that if you had covid, you're extremely unlikely to get it again. even fauci knows it's impossible to argue against the evidence on this point. >> i agree with you that you would very likely have protection from wild type for at least six months if you're infected. but we and our country now have variants that are circulating.
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>> there is no evidence that there is significant reinfection after vaccine. i don't think we have a hospitalization in the united states after the two-week period after the second vaccination. >> you're not hearing what i'm saying about variants. we are talking about wild type versus variants. >> what proof is there that there is significant reinfections with hospitalizations and deaths from the variants? >> laura: proof? ouch he can't handle the proof. he is used for softball interviews from his cable fan boys with furled brows who naturally rushed to his defense. >> if somebody is gone both vaccines, why does that person need to wear a mask question rick >> exposing vaccinated people to the virus you could inspire more and more mutations which is something you don't want to do. masks will be recommended. >> the only theater was what rand paul was doing in that
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hearing. >> laura: i like those glasses. i don't care what anyone says. the fact is we are approaching herd immunity in the united states. if ouchi knows this and knows there is no data to counter the mountain of evidence. so he resorted to his favorite new talking point. >> we don't have a prevalence of a variant yet. we are having one -- can i finish? we are having one it's becoming more dominant. >> policy based on conjecture. >> laura: it's actually worse than conjecture. it is blatant dishonesty. the fact is the variant that fauci is referring to is the u.k. variant. it is already in the united states right now. was there any evidence that it's causing a new wave of infections? certainly hospitalizations, deaths, no. the opposite is the case. nationwide cases are down 15% over the last two weeks. likewise hospitalizations fell 21%. that dropped 32%.
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after unpacking the science on why all the hype about reinfection and variants is bogus, senator paul took fauci to task for his duplicity on vaccine and masks. >> you've been vaccinated and you parade around into masks for show. you're defying everything we know. you should be saying there's no science to say we are going to have a problem from the large number of people who've been vaccinated. >> let me state for the record that masks are not theater. masks are protected. >> if you already have immunity, you are wearing a mask to give comfort to others. >> laura: rand paul is 100% right. forcing americans to wear masks who been vaccinated or already exposed to the virus is really more about domination and control than anything else. it is certainly not about science. the same can be said about forcing children to wear masks.
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the cdc is recommending that kids as young as to wear them. let me say it plainly. keeping toddlers and masks is abusive and it's cruel. i know what you're wondering. did fauci offer any evidence to rebut senator paul? well, you be the judge. >> i totally disagree with you. >> laura: okay, this point i begin to wonder when the ref was going to call the fight but he threw in the towel. >> the point that senator paul was making was that if you look at wild type only, there is some clear-cut credence to what he is saying. but we are living right now in a situation where were having a dominance of 117, the original u.k. >> laura: there we go with the variants again. before you start bubble wrap in your body and putting on ski goggles to go to the grocery store, there is no
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evidence here or in england that the new variants are more deadly or that the vaccines don't offer some protection against them as well. this exchange showed us two things. number one, there should be mandatory retirement age in the federal workforce. number two, interviewing a powerful person who wields outsized influence requires knowing the subject matter and the willingness to ask a follow-up question. it wasn't just anthony fauci who was schooled by senator paul. the american media was as well. and that's "the angle." joining me now is someone who has been hammered for bucking dr. fauci in the medical herd mentality, florida governor ron desantis. governor, great to have you on. today you convened a roundtable with the authors of that great barrington declaration which the show has highlighted. why did you think that was important? >> well, laura.
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we are in a situation in florida. we vaccinated almost 70% of our seniors, over 3 million seniors. as you have said the trends in the u.s. are generally positive including in florida. it was important to take stock. it's been a year. there's been different policy approaches. which approaches have been successful? in florida, we followed a strategy to focus protection on elderly and vulnerable people, having the economy open, having schools open. the result is our unemployment is significantly less than the national average. our covid mortality per capita is less than the national average. and we have 100% of the parents that have the ability to send --send their kids to school. that approach was the right approach. the lockdown approach where people are constantly feet over the head with these directives where you have massive unemployment, you have to close schools for a year and some of e places. not only has it been absolutely destructive to those societies.
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the covid results per capita have been worse in places like new york and new jersey and pennsylvania. these are some of the top experts in the world being able to validate that florida's approach was the proper approach in the lockdown approach is a failed approach. >> laura: paris just announced tonight that they're locking down down for another month. germany is still in lockdown. paris and other parts of france also going into lockdown for at least 30 days. governor, not everyone's happy with your refusal to allow local control on things like mask mandates. i am talking about the mayor of miami. watch. >> the governor has taken some decisions. i have been very public in terms of my disagreements and maintaining local control. particularly fining people for not wearing masks in public. i have to commend him because he did take some decisions that were courageous in the fact of the matter is the economy is relatively open and booming.
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>> laura: even your critics tend to give you props for your handling virus. liberals in your state are annoyed because they like to be masked up and they like to do mask shaming. tonight will you give them just a little space to do some more mask shaming in your state, governor? >> well, a couple things, laura. we have local governments that do certain things but the reason why some of those places are booming is because i came in many months ago and said every floridian has a right to work and every business has a right to be open. you can't close people down. as soon as we did that you started to see those places really thrive. i also think just generally speaking and this is true going forward, health guidelines should be advisory. it's totally fine for health departments to recommend certain things. but you should not have these things be mandated. you shouldn't have science. heck, there are some places in the u.s. where they actually could throw you in jail for not
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wearing a mask. give me a break. we believe in the advisory nature. you're not allowed to lock any buddy down or shut anybody down. >> laura: yesterday announced the state civics curriculum. i want to play a key moment. >> let me be clear. there is no room in our classrooms for things like critical race theory. teaching kids to hate the country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money. >> laura: you were blasted today by the usual suspects. diversity consultants and so forth. they are making big money across the country lecturing in schools. your reaction to their criticism? >> i absolutely welcome it because i don't want our curriculum to be politicized. it's not about smuggling in your political agenda. it's about teaching floridians,
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florida's use, the foundational principles of our country, teaching them about some of the great folks throughout american history but not to try to pit some americans against the other and not to run down our country. we are not going to use taxpayer dollars to do that in the state of florida. >> laura: governor, great to see you. thank you so much. traveling with kids is hard enough, we bawled on that. the owners covid mandates of committed a complete nightmare for some families. the family was kicked off a spirit airline flight because their 4-year-old son was not wearing a mask. carter is nonverbal with autism. the family even had a medical note stating that carter was exempt from mask mandates due to his condition. doesn't matter. carter and his father were removed from the flight anyway. carter's parents join me. thank you for being here. cameron, as i understand, the airline has reimbursed you.
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did they offer any other form of apology or explanation? >> not at all. they refunded $180, movie 25% of their total ticket. nothing towards having to get home. >> laura: what happens when your son has a mask placed on his face if you've ever tried it? >> that's what i was fighting them about. we have sensory disorders. very much autistic. he just freaks out. he just doesn't understand and he has meltdowns. the panic will cause him to go into those meltdowns that you saw the video he will harm himself so that's what we were trying to avoid. once he gets on the plane, he's
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fine. he loves it. >> laura: callie, you weren't on the plane but as a mom, and a someone who, you deal with difficult circumstances often. oh, there he is. oh. of all, i just want to play with him. i just want to hang out with you guys. i forgot i was doing the show for a second. callie, timmy his reaction is a normal reaction. o, i just want to play with him. as a child, being constrained by a mask, it's tough for any child. how does this make your family feel that apparently you're not going to be able to travel under certain circumstances. i guess there will be an exemption coming forward by the federal government in some period of time for cases like this. are you supposed to not travel
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on a plane? >> not traveling for us is not an option. cameron is from utah and i am from arkansas. our families live on opposite sides of the country. that's why he was there the first place. we have actually flown spirit pretty much every single time that we have flown because it was inexpensive. kids friendly. and they never had an issue with his mask. we went to las vegas twice last year. >> orlando as well. >> it took him to nasa. we all were a mask. was safe. but carter can't. not traveling didn't even cross my mind ever until this whole issue. >> laura: let me understand. cameron, or other passengers complaining to your knowledge? >> there was a lot of other passengers that stood out for us
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but there was no one really complaining about him. one of the things that i was talking with our attorney about was we went to the front desk where you have to talk to someone from spirit to check your bag and no one said anything. you go through the airport and security, no one says anything. he's running around in front of the gate, no one says anything. it was one lady in particular at the gate that just did not -- >> laura: apparently these rules don't apply to the biden administration. you saw john kerry on the plane without a mask but he was just eating although it didn't look like he was eating. it's very curious. we are not understanding what's happening here. it's completely on acceptable. callie and cameron, i hope you get to travel and i hope your son gets to travel in comfort. thank you so much for being here tonight. it turns out when you repeatedly
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call the country systemically racist like the left does, our enemies turn around as we predicted and use it against us. newt gingrich joins us on the biden team disastrous first meeting with china. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> laura: are we are going to get to the latest from the border but we want to hit some breaking news. the angle has warned the left when you disparage the u.s. is irredeemable and systemically racist, what's going to happen? our enemies are going to use that against us. fast-forward to tonight. anchorage, alaska, side of the first face-to-face meeting between biden team and chinese officials. how do you think it went? it started off a bit rocky with chinese officials alleging america is a human rights hypocrite due to its mistreatment of black citizens. here is newt gingrich. should anyone be surprised that after he said this about ourselves, china would turn around and say don't lecture us? >> it's been a very weird week for the biden foreign policy. not only in alaska did he have the chinese break the agreement,
7:26 pm
go on a 15 minute tirade when they had committed that the opening statements would be 2 minutes. i think it shook secretary of state blinken. he thought he could rely on the chinese to follow the rules which is totally naive and at the same time you have pulling back the russian ambassador of the united states and publicly challenging biden to debate. you have the russians and the chinese confident they can be an offense against the united states, those are very dangerous signs about how bad the world could get in the next five or six months. >> laura: in a million years with the chinese have pulled this on a delegation that included bob lighthizer, mike pompeo and any of the other top officials in the administration? would they ever have pulled that? >> no. we know they didn't pull it because president trump operated
7:27 pm
from a position of both moral strength, economic strength, and military strength. they follow the reagan rule which is that if you're strong enough then the other person is going to negotiate with you because they have no choice. but if you're weak, particularly have to recognize china is an expansionist nation. they say it every single day. xi jinping, the head of the chinese communist party, is very clear that their goal is to replace us by 2049 is the leading country in the world. at the same time, putin has a kgb agent has said publicly the collapse of the soviet union was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. you have people who deeply deeply disliked the united states and when they sense weakness, they look at a biden administration where his son was getting money. we also told things are going on. the contempt they have for the
7:28 pm
american governing class is a must be on her understanding. >> laura: newt, i want to turn to the border crisis. this is the white house press secretary. she said two weeks ago about the administration's approach. >> we don't take our advice or counsel from former president trump on immigration policy which was not only inhumane but ineffective over the last four years. we do really? "new york times" reporting that the biden administration is quietly pressing mexico to curb the stream of migrants coming to the border. newt, is it them saying that we need to reinstate the remaining mexico policy that biden acted? >> their core policies is so crazy and out of touch with reality, so deeply believed by
7:29 pm
their most intense activists that they have to pretend that the world can work with totally insane policies. gallup warned us two or three years ago that up to 65 million people would like to come to the u.s. if the border was open. 65 million. not just from central america or mexico. to think you could take down everything trump was doing, the common sense steps keeping people in mexico while you verified whether they were allowed to have asylum, having a wall that really worked. take all those things down. notice the total hypocrisy that the biden administration will not allow reporters to visit any of the detention centers. there is really an effort here to lie systematically to the american people. >> laura: that's what putin and xi would do.
7:30 pm
isn't that cute? great to see you. as we mentioned, the biden administration might be going back to some trump era policies but they are not going back to the trump hero transparency. "the federalist" john davidson revealed the extent to which biden is going to shroud the entire crisis in secrecy. border patrol officials have been told to deny all media requests for a ride along. those responsible for cultivating data about the number of migrants in custody have been reminded not to share the information. nbc was forced to admit at the height of the border crisis in
7:31 pm
2018 the trump administration still let the media in. where the heck are they media guardians? the same ones with the furled brows? i think going to demand an end to the secrecy or during the campaign? joining me as mollie hemingway, fox news contributor, senior editor at "the federalist." what is the take away? the media never really cared about those kids in cages, did they? >> if they cared about that we would know that because they would be caring about it to this moment. it was a big deal. now they are very quiet about it. it's not the hysteria that we sell. it is also the during these last four years we had a media that said that if you were to criticize them for their shoddy journalism, fake stories, fake quotes, fake narratives, if you were to say that that was problematic, that was supposedly a huge threat on the ability of the media to do their jobs. as you just said, as john davidson reported, you have a real black out of the border where there is a crisis where reporters are not allowed to get photos, not allowed to report details. not allowed to get facts about something that's very important to the entire country. people are pretty silent about what a big problem that is.
7:32 pm
>> laura: the media applied a similar standard to the migrant facility during the trump administration. they didn't complain about those. >> a blackout on press access being implement a net government detention centers. >> we haven't seen how it is. access this week has been incredibly frustrated. >> we have no access to these facilities. >> what's happening behind close doors is horrifying and we don't really have a good grasp on it. >> laura: [laughs] do they think we don't have those clips? i guess we don't have archives? it's embarrassing. >> i actually didn't even know that there was that specificity of what they were upset about in terms of limited access to these facilities. i think people would find limited access understanding that children that are held there need their privacy but reporters need to be able to get
7:33 pm
into tell the american people about what's going on. i'm also reminded that much of the controversy about the trump euro situation when there was a crisis there several years ago was based on photos that were taken during the obama era. that was something that was not put into context when this hysteria broke a couple years ago. president obama who had also encourage people to cross the border illegally and was letting people come in and be released until they had their hearing, it incentivized border crossings. and there were children detained. it wasn't a problem in that it was a huge problem during the trump administration now it is back to not being a major problem. this is a type of double standard threatening to the republic makes people see what's happening. more than that we have this very big problem of the border and we do not have people who are focused as they should be. >> laura: we don't have a press. we do not have an independent
7:34 pm
working press with the exception of a few people here and there. that's what we don't have. we just don't have it. >> that's true in every story that we see. corrupt, partisan media and we do not get good facts and good information and it's not helping the republic. >> shannon: mollie, thank you. are we fast approaching a future where every crime no matter how heinous or what the facts, it will only be viewed through the lens of race? maybe gender. so let's rush to judgment on the atlanta shootings, it's a preview of what will come. candace owens ways and next.
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>> laura: by now you've heard about the mass murder of eight including six asians in atlanta. it was horrific but was it racially motivated? neither the authorities nor any investigative body has offered
7:40 pm
evidence that they were. that has not stopped the media from declaring it so. >> it's clear to me that the targets were no accident. in the aftermath of a year of donald trump calling on the covid-19 the china virus. >> it's hard to ignore that six of the victims were asian women. he was going into asian establishments. speak with his terrorist targeted three asian massage parlors. asking the assailant whether this was racially motivated and taking his word for it seems like a joke to me. >> laura: then don't take his word for it. reporting says that long's own family recently kicked him out of the house for watching internet porn. neither roommate heard long use racist language or disparage people of color but none of
7:41 pm
these pesky facts matter to the liberal friends. when in doubt, blame trump. >> this is the collateral damage of trump-ism and it continues. >> donald trump didn't pull the trigger in atlanta but donald trump certainly was responsible for the anger and the fear in the suspicion that exists in great degree in this country. >> laura: joining me now is candace owens, host of the candace owens show on the daily wire. how many other people are involved in this conspiracy they are referring to? >> it's getting ridiculous and their obsession with trump is never ending. he gets more coverage than the current president which should be problematic. what the left does with his obsession with race is important because people go, how do you bring up race for the person is telling you it wasn't racially motivated. tell you we had a sex addiction. everyone is saying he has a sex addiction. what are you making about race?
7:42 pm
making a distraction for the other ills that we should be addressing in this country. they keep using race because i don't want you to look -- they want you to look the other way. this could be a story about sex trafficking. it could be a story about pornography. it could be a story about sex addiction and how we are propagating it in america. the left wants to ignore all of those symptoms because they want those things to thrive. they want to ignore the things that we can't fix that we should be actively talking about because they don't want society to get better. they are obsessed with race because they don't want to fix anything else in the society and they think they can keep distracting us with these bogus claims. >> laura: what's amazing is the media were just embarrassed, humiliated over the georgia secretary of state called by donald trump. you would think they might take
7:43 pm
a moment to kind of say that was pretty bad. maybe we should be a little more careful, take a little time and do a little reporting. but no because they can't let a moment pass without trying to remind people that donald trump was x, y, or z. whatever insults you want to throw. >> at the end of the day they are not very confident. when i sense is tremendous and security. they don't feel confident. for people that won the election they sure are acting like losers. they want to force censorship and keep talking about race and how bad trump was. they want to make sure trump can never run again in the future. i sense their insecurity and that's why they are still trying to constantly move on. they don't want to remain focused and they keep wanting to create new targets. the left is not confident in this country. they know half the country does not stand with them and realize how harmful and toxic everything they are after right now with their ideologies is to this
7:44 pm
country altogether and i think that a lot of americans were realizing that. >> laura: it's produced a troubling and gain. listen to new york mayor de blasio. >> if someone has done something wrong but not rising to a criminal level, it's perfectly appropriate for an nypd officer to talk to them and say that that was not appropriate. if you do that on a higher level, that would be a crime. it has an educating impact on people. it has a sobering impact that we need. >> laura: [laughs] this is a police state. the police walking around giving everyone manners education? i don't understand what he's talking about. >> i have no idea either. we kind of saw this with covid-19 going in this direction. we've been talking, saying the left wants full and complete control over everything they want to do. they want to raise your kids
7:45 pm
through various institutions. they don't want people thinking critically. as i said i remain confident. people now in america are feeling apprehensive. seems like things are getting really crazy. i have a feeling is because more and more people are waking up to with the democrats are after. >> laura: very quickly, cardi b has scrubbed her when her account of full sun and vulgar tweets about you and your family after you threaten to sue her. your response to her? >> it was not an idle threat. we are suing cardi b. any person who would use doctored tweets to try to libel and slander my private family members and think i'm going to take it sitting down. by the time i'm through with her, i think i will be an investor in wap, laura. >> laura: this is going to be good. we'll see how tough she really is.
7:46 pm
for all their bluster about donald trump having to steal the election, the democratic party is attempting to do just that. we talk to an elected republican house member who the democrats are trying to sabotage and unseat. stay there.
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>> we are going to fight and not let donald trump steal the election. >> a blatant attempt to steal the election results in disenfranchised michigan voters. >> the efforts are an attack on georgia voters. >> laura: after weeks of lecturing us about the sanctity of elections, democrats are trying to overturn the results of one. oh, no. despite losing her bid to represent iowa's second district, the democrat has appealed to nancy pelosi to seat her instead of the g.o.p. candidate who did the thing called win. joining me now is that democrat target, congresswoman, democrats that are behind the effort said they don't care about the optics. your response? >> i think they should care about the optics, as we all should. it's an election where i won on election night. i was ahead of the county
7:52 pm
canvas. i was ahead at the end of a recount. despite a bipartisan three-member recount group. i am up winning by six votes and i was certified by my state in a bipartisan, to democrat and three republican executive council and i was sworn in on january 3rd. on swearing-in day every democrat voted in order to seat all the members that were elected in the november 30 election. no one contested my being sworn in. so i'm serving in congress, doing my best for iowa's 2nd congressional district and our opponents declined to look at any balance she thought were not legitimately counted. all legal ballots were counted and recounted and certified and here i am. >> laura: pulled on, hold on, hold on. do you have a legal strategy? if they go ahead with it and try
7:53 pm
to unseat you do have a legal strategy ready to go? >> we have been working with a legal team throughout the process before the recount started. since last november working with a legal team and working with individuals. >> laura: okay. chad pergram did confront pelosi about this possibility of unseating you after all of their bloviating about the election results. this is her response. >> do you see a scenario depending on what they find of unseating rita hart? >> can you see a scenario? we don't do press conferences on "can you see a scenario?" >> laura: touching the mask again. it sound like they already made up their mind. >> it's unfortunate. it does sound like they'd made up their mind. difficult people need to remember is that it was an election that was an efficient
7:54 pm
election under iowa election law. our opponent declined to go through the iowa courts. even the newspapers in iowa said should have gone through the iowa courts. she should not have appealed this process without going to the iowa court said even though they endorsed her she should concede. why are votes of the committee on administration enough to overthrown election? we are working hard to keep his seat. >> laura: congresswoman, you are much more diplomatic than i would be. this is why i couldn't be in congress. this is outrageous. if the shoe were on the other foot, they would be claiming antifemale bias. whatever. it would be some bias. congressman, thank you. we'll be following it. up next, the last bite with anthony fauci.
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[crunch] >> laura: if you thought the shellacking from senator ron paul would humble dr. fauci, guess again.
8:00 pm
on hand to stroke fauci's ego again. >> did you know that on social media, people are referring to the vaccine as the fauci ouchy. >> it was not my idea. [laughs] >> can you prove it was not your idea? >> laura: tough and penetrating questioning. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon. >> shannon: we are going to see if we can follow up on that. thank you very much. breaking tonight: the first diplomatic meeting between the biden administration and china is not going well according to both sides. the chinese are accusing the white house of making moves that "only show weakness" on the part of the united states. they then told the secretary of state sitting right across the table that many americans have


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