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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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doubt our viewers do, i hope you come back if you do more and that because that is interesting. naomi wolf, thank you, great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: we are out of time but sean hannity is just beginning tonight and so we hand you over to him to take over at 9:00 p.m. >> sean: good to see you. i'm about to be suspended from twitter. thanks, thanks a lot. anyway, thank you. >> tucker: good luck. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight the so-called biden blitz is getting up to a very slow and a very rough start. coming up, yep, we get to show you the latest massively embarrassing bite and blunder from just a few hours ago. by the way, still no press conference but they did schedule one. got to give them credit. a week from tomorrow. that means joke in practice, practice, practice. still no plans to visit our southern border which has now devolved into what is nothing but a total state of chaos and it is a crisis. make no mistake, a crisis that biden caused and is now making
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worse every single day. joe biden stopped the border wall construction. he promised to expand amnesty and asylum. remember, he literally told migrants to flood the border, the stan mexico policy is gone, and guess what's back mac catch and release, but in a very rare, likely edited sitdown interview with former clinton hack george stephanopoulos at abc, joe claims he had nothing to do with the crisis at all. and according to joe, it's not really a crisis and also, by the way, he wants migrants to come, but not quite yet. take a look. >> president biden: first of all, the idea that joe biden said, because -- i heard the other day that they are coming because they know i'm a nice guy and i won't do what prompted -- >> they are saying this. >> president biden: here's the deal, the adults are being sent back. >> do you have to say quite clearly don't come? >> president biden: i can say quite clearly. we are in the process of getting set up and it's not going to
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take a long time. to be able to apply for asylum in place, so don't leave your town or city or community. >> sean: setting the process for you. told a whopper in there because in september 2019, i know you're quite forgetful, joe, you did tell migrants to come. one, come all, because your administration would immediately have the resources in place to accommodate them. let me refresh that memory of yours. take a look. >> president biden: what i would do as president is several more things, because things have changed. i would in fact make sure that there is -- immediately searched to the border, all those people are seeking asylum. they deserve to be heard. that's who we are. we are a nation that says if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression, you should come. >> sean: immediately, congress -- congrats, joe, more than a hundred thousand migrants were contained at the border this past month. a record number of unaccompanied
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minors are now in those u.s. detention centers. you know, the kids we keep showing people sleeping on floors, not being allowed to shower regularly, taking shifts, sleeping, and apparent with a butterfly decorated cargo shipping containers with the one tiny window with the bars on it that nobody has ever seen the inside of, so much for your promise of transparency. thousands more are headed our way. if joe actually had real compassion, he would tell the migrants not to ever make the perilous journey through mexico. we have human traffickers, dangerous gangs. the mexican cartels preying on innocent people, and especially children. exposure to covid-19 also in real clear and present danger for anyone making that track. among the multitude of other health and safety concerns. meanwhile, on this side of the border, our country is less safe and less secure. border patrol is now
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overwhelmed. dangerous gang, they now have space to operate because border patrol are quite distracted. suspected terrorists? yep, confirmed coming across the border as yesterday, axios reporting that four on the terrorist watch list had been arrested at the border in recent months. at the biden administration, they are just covering that up. according to nbc news, not exactly a conservative outlet, the biden administration is blocking border patrol from sharing details about the truth, the ongoing crisis. "border patrol officials have been told to deny every and all media requests for right lungs with agents along the southern land border. local press officers, they are instructed to send all information, even from local media, to the press office in d.c. for approval, and those responsible for cultivating data about the number of migrants in custody have been reminded don't share that information with
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anyone to prevent the truth from getting out." in other words, leaks. i added that little part. two months ago it was jen psaki promising to bring trust and transparency back to the white house, to never, ever tell a lie. i guess she is either lying or just really, really, really naive. maybe she can't see the same video you see. maybe she'll circle back with a new answer, because this is how jen psaki circled back on this issue earlier today, let's take a look. >> we remain committed to sharing with all of your data on the number of kids crossing the border. the steps we're taking, the work we're doing are doing to open up facilities. our own bar we are setting for ourselves in improving and expediting the timeline, in the treatment of these children, and we remain committed to transparency. i don't have an update on you on the timely but it's certainly something we support. >> sean: transparency but without access to any real relevant information. they are purposely denying the
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truth on what's happening. migrant detention facilities. oh, yeah, that makes total sense. i'm dying for somebody to get into one of those cargo shipping containers with the butterflies on the wall. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris -- who knows, might actually be running the country when joe biden takes his naps. didn't know anything about the crisis of the southern border because she was -- has not yet been briefed. you can watch tv once in a while. take a look. >> are you worried about the kids at the border? >> i haven't been briefed on anything today about it but [indiscernible]. >> sean: the kids in the cargo shipping containers, the barter's bars on them, one window. this might be the least transparent white house of all time. here with a full report from the southern border is in war as mexico tonight, our very own griff jenkins. i guess no more interviews. i guess no more right lungs, no more information. i've been down to the border 14 times as some in this audience
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may no, and that was always available any time i asked. >> yeah, sean, let me just tell you this. night is falling here. i'll pass on the other side, and let me leak some information that isn't public and that is in the last 24 hours in the el paso sector, 790 apprehensions. they are up 138% compared to last year, more than 62,000 already in just this sector on the fiscal year 21 in the first five months, but this river right here, let me show you where we are on the banks of the rio grande river. you can see very shallow. every night right in this area, migrants, they crossed. all they have to do is get over there to the bank. there is fencing in the distance if they are going to run, most surrendered but you can see the opportunity because the old wall here just simply ends and in the distance, the actual crossover, the official crossing from el paso to juarez. they tell me they are experience the same thing the border patrol is. they are overwhelmed. shelters here, some 20 of them
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are packed. their resources packed and they say amongst everything, all the officials i've talked to say that make no mistake, the coyotes and traffickers are preying on these migrants. they are sending a message to the honduras, el salvador, and guatemala, telling them to come appear, and they are taking advantage of them. we talked to some of the migrants, one of whom is named nelson. he's from honduras and i asked him about the white house sending a message about not coming. there was the exchange. watch. >> yes, i listened to the news that they were letting people in. >> he hasn't heard the u.s. president's message that now is not the time to come. >> no. >> in that jaw-dropping number, you mentioned, sean, the unaccompanied minors, 565 coming every day across our southwestern border, up from 313 and february, but in 2019, when dhs called it a crisis, there was only 208 per day coming across, but yet they still
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aren't going to call it a crisis and the fact is these unaccompanied minors are not expelled when they cross over. they staying, and that sends a message to send them on that treacherous journey, putting them in the hands of those human traffickers. sean. >> sean: i just want to make sure over your shoulder, that was the fence that was the wall that was built by donald trump and his it administration. that's where it stopped and biden stopped construction in the second question, real quick, did you ever get to see the cargo shipping containers that we are told have butterflies on the walls where the kids are being capped with the bars on the window? >> i haven't, sean, and i've been denied constant ride along requests almost on a daily basis. i know a lot of these border patrol chiefs in these sectors personally, because i covered it for years. they want to talk to me and they are frustrated that they are getting pushback from washington. bottom line, sean, this story couldn't be bigger and the access simple he couldn't be less. >> sean: wow, all right,
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griff jenkins, thank you for reporting, will continue on this story in our investigative reporting. divide the ministrations attempts to hide this crisis instead of actually fixing it is so bad that even texas state officials, state officials, their states, are apparently being blocked from entering this emergency facility for unaccompanied minors inside the convention center in dallas, texas. take a look at this. >> today i'm directly asking the biden administration to allow the texas department of public safety to access this facility across the street at the kay bailey hutchinson center as well as the other federally-run facilities in texas to be able to talk to these unaccompanied minors. we must get to the bottom of the human trafficking and put an end to it. >> sean: joining us now with much more, the texas governor himself, governor greg abbott. governor, i heard the passion in your voice. tell us exactly what you're dealing with don there, because number one, they won't even
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allow you as governor of your state to even enforce what is the legal law of the land, correct? >> that's correct, sean. listen, this is turned into a total catastrophe and it's getting worse by the day. you heard griff talking about the increased numbers. americans need to know this. this is just the very beginning of what's going to be a massive expansion of the number of people coming across the board. it will grow tenfold and 100 fold, especially because of the way the bike in the administration has handled this. remember during the presidential campaign when all of the candidates said we want open borders. well, guess what? biden has provided those open borders. he's inviting everybody in and the floodgates are now open and texas is at the forefront of it. we are having to deal with these massive numbers of migrants, whether it be 3,000 in dallas or however many are sitting in midland or however many they have at [indiscernible] and the
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reason i say however many is because we can't get the dash you had jen psaki talking about wanting to be transparent. the biden demonstration is not being transparent with either the governor of texas or the texas department of state health services. we need to know what the health situation of these kids are. we need to know if they've been exposed to variants of covid and if so, is that the presented variant or whatever type of variant. our law enforcement that protects us -- they need to do their job. part of their job is making sure they track down and prosecute anybody involved in smuggling. once they get involved with texas they are still involved with coyotes and smugglers. we do have the ability to put them behind bars. the biden administration is not letting us gain access to that information so that we can arrest and prosecute those that are assisting this immigration process. >> sean: so governor, let me make sure that we are clear here. people that didn't respect our laws, our sovereignty at our borders that are in your state illegally, you are now being
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prevented from enforcing the law and you are even being prevented from checking on children, these undocumented immigrant children. to number one, check their safety, to check their health, to do your job and due diligence that you would normally do, correct? >> absolutely correct. we have sought access to these shelters, and we've been denied access to those shelters whether it be involving health care purposes or talking to these children about human trafficking. you got some young children who have been traffic across mexico and maybe some other countries and who knows what horrific things may have happened to them. but i can tell you is texas has a top-notch human trafficking prosecution unit, and we want to be involved and learn information so we can crackdown on this human trafficking mission. sean, we need to expose this for what it is. because president biden continues to invite in young
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children with the promise of them being able to stay here, his children make a very dangerous track where they have to encounter cartels, drug deal, ms-13 gang members, and there could be terrific things -- horrific things happening to them. we know the legacy of human trafficking that happens to these children. it must be stopped. >> sean: let me ask you, and even the department of oman secured his secretary first that denied it's a crisis, even he now is acknowledging it's a crisis. we see her prediction is going to be a 20 year high here. you're the governor of your state. you have an obligation, a sworn oath, and a duty to uphold the law. my question to you is in light of what is happening in dallas and in light of what's happening at the border, what are the remedies and options you have available to you? >> we are assessing all tools. i will offer this up but i will
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tell you what my expectation is, because last week i was on the border and i talked to border patrol officers and they told me time that the biden demonstration had not provided border patrol officers with covid vaccines and i called up the biden demonstration and said they needed to correct it, and they did. my hope is that the same thing will happen this time and that is i've called out the biden to administration not allowing us into these facilities, for not cracking down in human trafficking, for not addressing the covert situation of these children as well as the welfare -- as well as not even having facilities capable of taking care of these children. the biden demonstration is not prepared for the massive inflow of humanity that's coming to the lone star state, and so i hope that they will respond to this plea as quickly as i responded to the one last week. >> sean: fish cargo shipping containers, could you please have your guys take pictures and give them to us? america has the right to know what's inside those cargo shipping containers because i think we both know -- both know
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if donald trump with them there would be quite a bit of an outc. we wish you the best, governor abbott, tough situation down there. now, so far from the wide open borders, court packing, filibuster reform, meaning eliminating it, d.c. statehood, puerto rico statehood, reconciliation, bypassing an entire coequal branch of government, the legislative branch, destroying the entire energy sector, eliminating high paying career jobs on our economy. you know, ending the building of pipelines i'm a ending fracking, and of course that means we all pay more at the pump, we will pay more for repeating our homes, cooling our homes. the biden administration now has been carrying the water for the radical socialist left and new taxes, new regulations galore. we did predict all this would happen. on the campaign trail the media mob never asked joe biden any of these questions. we didn't get these answers.
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they didn't ask him tough questions at all. they helped him, facilitate him and served as his own candidate protection program, hid in the basement bunker. all while they did the battling against trump on his behalf and attacking trump incessantly. biden press secretary jen psaki expected the very special treatment to continue according to a february report. look at this, this is "the daily beast," hardly conservative, but to their credit -- and i am giving real honor and credit here -- they pointed out that the biden press team wanted white house reporters to submit their questions in advance. oh, great! why, so they could pick and choose the answer ahead of time? ultimately the media mob didn't go along with that insane request, so we are told, but it's pretty telling that the biden administration thought reporters would have no problem coordinating their questions with them. the biden white house. these are some of the same reporters who helped cover up
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biden's weakness, his frailty, and his, well, struggling cognitively throughout the entire campaign. tonight things are only getting worse. tonight here's the latest example. we call it today's biden blitz where joe just can't seem to get his thoughts together and organized, for several minutes actually, it gets uncomfortable. take a look. >> president biden: i hope at this virtual gathering keeps the spirit -- >> [indiscernible]. >> president biden: am i muted? am i muted map >> you're on mute. i spent a lot of time today and he was pointing out to me that my win for the presidency was more popular in iowa than it was in the united states. and that's not too far off. when i became vice president --
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leave that alone, guys, okay? tell them not to move that, all right? i'm having troubles here. >> sean: okay. that's the guy that's tasked with the hardest job in the world running, let's see, the entire free world and the greatest country god ever gave man. god help us. there with reaction from the trump organization, eric trump. i guess i'm one of the few that just even have the courage and every time the media mob challenges me, eric trump, on this issue of him struggling, i just keep playing more joe. and that seems to silence them. pretty apparent to me. >> it's so hard to watch. sean, it's so hard to watch. i saw how hard my father worked every single day. to be the guy who would be calling people at 5:00 in the morning, he'd be the last guy that went to bed. he would work all day saturday, all day sunday and he would work tirelessly. in her opening monologue, you did it so welcome he talked about all the things that he's
6:20 pm
destroying. the military, energy. you know, taxes in this country. i could go on and on, the respect that we have along the world. my father spent literally for years getting us out of wars, securing our borders, you know, making is energy independent, bringing oil prices to the lowest prices ever come all right? saving families thousands and thousands of dollars a year in terms of gas prices and in taxes, and you know, lowest on employment numbers, benefiting the african-american community in terms of the lowest on employment -- i mean, i could go on and on and on for hours like you could, sean, and then i watch this. i mean, he's horrible with technology. he can never get technology right. every single time it is one of these virtual fund-raisers or virtual, you know, skype things, it always becomes an absolute train wreck. it is so sad to watch. america deserves better than this. my father worked too hard to see it fall at the hands of this guy. it's just -- it's depressing. the person who fought every
6:21 pm
single day, it's depressing. >> sean: you know, you look at his radicalism and bypassing an entire branch of government and now trying to aluminate the legislative filibuster, packing the courts, d.c. statehood, you know, these are not questions that the guy was asked during the campaign, because he was protected by the media. then you add to that hr 1. we know partisan observers didn't observe states that had a legal mandate, statutory language. we know one state that had dual signature verification standard, georgia. we know the pennsylvania constitution, they didn't pay attention to it, just ignored it, and without a court ruling in michigan today. yeah, michigan and wisconsin have laws against voting by mail. now they want to bake all this in to hr 1. what is your reaction to that considering what happened in the last election? >> of course they do, sean! of course they do, they know it's the only way they could
6:22 pm
win. they couldn't beat my father was 75 million votes. there's no way this guy got 75 million votes, are you kidding me? they know they got through based on all of that nonsense. based on mail-in voting and is absurdly long voting periods and people not actually having to go to the polls and mailing ballots traversing a person, no matter how many ballots they mailed to their homes and how many different states they mailed ballots to. they know that they wouldn't have had a shot against donald trump had they actually played on a level playing field. it's why they're doing this. i mean, whilst with a need to do this, sean, if they felt accountable and there victory. it's horribly sad. >> sean: think about this. there's going to be no voter i.d., no signature verification. automatic voter registration, rampant mail-in voting. you're going to bypass the constitutional, assert the powers of state legislatures. i don't know, can you think of anything worse than all of that?
6:23 pm
because i can't. >> sean, they got away with it, so why not double down? right? the supreme court can't do anything about it, the court system didn't do anything about it, so why not double down and that's exactly what they're thinking. that's the problem, they were emboldened. right? they were emboldened because they got away with it at our judicial system did absolutely nothing about it. it's horribly sad. it's horribly sad for democracy, and you know, the republicans better get very, very sharp and they better get very, very tough and the state legislatures better get very tough because the republicans don't stand a chance if they allow, you know, the radical left to get away with this nonsense. sean, we got to be a lot smarter than this and we got to be a lot tougher because, you know, this party will walk all over us if we are not. >> sean: all right, eric trump, as always, thank you for being with us. when we combat, democratic hypocrisy once again on full display. wait until you see what john kerry was caught doing. some g.o.p. lawmakers are now actually being shamed for not getting the covid vaccine. what happened to patient
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dr. privilege and medical privacy and the right to make a decision with your own doctor? lindsey graham straight ahead as we continue. ♪ ♪ verity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it.
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...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, you're going to love this. break intimate, your climate envoy john kerry on an airplane sitting in first class, american airlines, no mask, flouting his own rules, and the biden white house's own mandates for the rest of us. if got to wear a mask, wearing a mask at all times, especially on airplanes. rules for thee, but not for me. i guess that's how it works, right? american airlines say they are investigating the issue and by the way, he tweeted tonight that the story was nothing more than "st. patrick's day malarkey. him and biden seem to love that
6:29 pm
word. suggesting that you only didn't momentarily have his mask on. with covered stories right here on this program, families were literally removed from flights because their young children didn't have their masks on. you might remember back in december, we had right here on this program the family who were kicked off a united flight to newark because their 2-year-old, well, was not exactly cooperating on the mask. and recently, spirit airlines actually kicked off a 4-year-old that had autism off a flight for not wearing a mask. back in january, ten adults and ten kids, they were booted from an american airlines flight in salt lake city for flouting mask rules. but i guess if you're a liberal democrat, those rules don't apply. all right, meanwhile, an important medical ethical question. a new piece in the "new york daily news" chastising republicans for expressing, well, skepticism or saying outright that they don't want the covid vaccine, they don't
6:30 pm
want the shot. look, i'm going to get the shot, i set up publicly, i don't have to do but i wanted to share with my audience when it's my turn in line, i get the call, i talked to my doctor, i choose to share this, that's my decision. ironically, i have friends, half of them agree, half of them do not agree at all and they will decide for themselves in consultation with their doctors not to get it. president trump last night urged his fellow americans to get the vaccine on marie's show -- maria bartiromo that is. the bottom line is it's isn't really anyone's business who gets the shot, who doesn't get the shot. i thought we had choice in this country. i thought the choice to assess risk, to do what's best for ourselves and our families in consultation with our doctors, and also, what about medical privacy? never mind about choice, because i thought liberals were supposed to be the leaders on pro-choice, not on the second amendment, and
6:31 pm
recently not even on the first amendment, pretty much everything else. people, every individual, everybody out there, you need to make your own decision. be free to make your own decision, and also, you are free to not share that decision, to maintain medical privacy between you and your doctor. and as we have seen time and time again, those that shout the loudest to force those of us to comply with lockdowns, mask mandates, everything else, they also seem to often be the first to break those rules. they are with reaction, sell, and a senator lindsey graham. senator, you choose, why have you been asking senators this question? >> sean: senator, can you hear me? >> i lost you, sean. >> sean: [indiscernible] any english-language. can you hear me now? >> i hear you now. >> sean: senators shouldn't have to disclose. they should be able to say that the decision between me and my doctor, and of the questioning.
6:32 pm
>> yeah, i consider my job a bit different. i'm a senator from south carolina, i'm urging you to get the vaccination. i think will help stop the spread of the disease. i think it's safe, like president trump, but i would never mandate you get the vaccination, it's your choice. i've chosen as a leader in my state to lead by example. president trump did and i tell you this, if you're a golfer, he's 20 yards longer, so something worked for him. i talked to them today about the vaccine and he would george everybody to get the vaccine, but no mandates. >> sean: i agree. by the way, medical privacy, stop asking people. if they want to volunteer it. now, we have been told by joe manchin, he seems to be wobbly, senator, on the issue of ending the legislative filibuster and now he seems to be coordinated with joe biden, i want to make them filibuster tougher. joe biden last night it finally answered that question and said pretty much what he was suggesting. so hr 1, ending the legislative filibuster, court packing, d.c.,
6:33 pm
puerto rico statehood. the biggest power grab in history, sir. >> it would be. it would be transformational for the country in a really bad way. it would destroy the senate as we know it. anything big like this you should be able to get a few votes from the other side, right? if you want to federalize the elections and do away with redistricting by the states and turn it over to some commission that will fundamentally change how you vote, if you want to go to ballot harvesting national intake authority away from the state, shouldn't that be at least somewhat bipartisan? so i'm confident -- i talked to joe manchin today -- that is not going to vote to abolish the filibuster, but let me say this. if they pick up one more seat in 2022, if they get 51 or 52 democratic senators, they're going to abolish the filibuster and transform america. i talked to president trump a lot today. he's focused like a laser on making sure republicans regain the senate and the house to stop the most radical agenda in
6:34 pm
american history. to the audience out there, if you're worried about everything sean talks about coming true, make sure you vote republican in 2022. >> sean: you said you talked to joe manchin. this is an import question because he said i want to make it harder. joe biden last night said he wants to bring back -- if you want to filibuster, you actually have to get up and keep talking, you don't get to get a bathroom break. okay. that would be bringing it back, but then there would be an end to the filibuster. then mitch mcconnell weighed in and said it's going to be like a hundred car pileup because you're going to have to have a quorum or unanimous consent to even turn the lights on at noon, which i kind of like from mitch mcconnell. it surprises me. >> he's right. a 50/50 senate, you can't do anything without unanimous consent that matters and to have a quorum, you've got to have 51 people present and the vice president doesn't count, so if they did this, we could really shutdown the entire senate, because we just won't
6:35 pm
show up and here's what biden needs to understand. if you go to the talking filibuster, we will take the floor to stop hr 1. i would talk until i fell over to make sure that we don't go to ballot harvesting and voting by mail without voter i.d. i would talk until i fell over to make sure the equality act doesn't become law, destroying the difference between a man and woman in our law. can't do anything else. >> sean: do you believe -- so there's no way they're going to get away with ending the legislative filibuster? >> not with a 50/50 senate, but i'm here to tell you that if we do not pick up one more seat in 2022 or at least regain the house, if they had 52 democrats, they would deal joe manchin out and they would change the rules of the senate. you know, when we are in charge, they write me letters wanting to say i won't change the filibuster to protect the senate. now they are in charge, they are willing to throw everything over and at the end of the day, 2022 is the best hope for us to stop
6:36 pm
this crazy stuff. >> sean: i totally agree and by the way, you were way ahead of the curve, conversations i had with you even right after the election about the border becoming now the big issue it is. you were dead on. >> the worst is yet to come. >> sean: the worst is yet to come. thank you. coming up, as usual the left rushing to judgment before they have all the facts. this time their favorite pastime, blaming donald trump for the hacks and atlanta. leo jarrell, dan bongino, a hannity show down straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. opdivo plus yervoy is the first and only fda-approved combination of two immunotherapies
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6:41 pm
appears to be driven by some type of addiction, although authorities have yet to make an official determination of motive, but that did not stop the left from doing the usual rush to judgment and of course broad sweeping generalizations, immediately attempting to assign a racial motive to the tragedy. today they tweeted out example this image of the atlanta shooting team with the headline "whiteness is a pandemic." let's be very clear here. are there evil, sick, white supremacist in the world? sadly, they exist. they are evil, and no conservative i know wants anything to do with ever anything like them. they are nuts and they're out of their minds and they're not good people. we also have groups that chant "what do we want, dead cops," ps, "when we want them, now." is that evil too? yes, that's evil too, but their
6:42 pm
most people in all races -- i would like to say the 99% are good people, americans are good people. what was the dream of a color-blind society about? it was about good people uniting over those that are evil, ignorant. we need to stop trying to divide this country and enough is enough. you're not with reaction, fox news contributor's dan bongino, leo terrel. leo, your thoughts? >> i'll tell you right now. if the only card the democrats play. i want to be very clear, i looked at all the facts of the case. there's not a shred of evidence that the sky was motivated by race. the police say the sky had a sex addiction. addict, he was a sex addict. the democrats have basically ignored the facts and basically played the race card on this. the race card completed by all these political pundits. i'll tell you what it is. they want to brand the 75 million trump supporter's as
6:43 pm
whites or pharmacists. do i look at what's a pharmacist? i don't think so. there are more minorities voting for the republicans now than ever before. but that will not stop the democratic party. the democrats do not play the race card, they have no party. that's the only card they can play and unfortunately they play it very well. >> sean: every two, every four years, dan, i was point out we get the same playbook by the democratic party. we talk about that often. if you look at richard jewell, cambridge police, ferguson, missouri, freddie gray, baltimore, uva, duke lacrosse, those are all stories we got right on this program, but those that rushed to judgment always get wrong. why did they always do this? >> yeah. sean, i want to take this in a little bit of a different direction because the media and the democrats lying about a news story, as you just pointed out, sadly is not even interesting anymore, because it's just when
6:44 pm
the media tells the truth about a story, that's the story. breaking news, sean hannity -- right -- >> sean: but this is important. >> breaking news. >> sean: it needs to be said. it needs to be said, dan. >> no, it does. i get it. but i want to talk about why they do this, because it's important. you know, the radical left a long time ago figured out that this whole class struggle that marxists were pushing wasn't really working in the united states, so they needed to replace the class struggle with something else. and it became identity politics and the race war. there's a reason the left does this. this is -- on, this incident is a disgusting tragedy. if your first instinct -- >> sean: we know why they do it every two and four years during elections. we know why. >> they do it, sean, because there's power in it. >> sean: bingo, thank you. >> there's power in dividing people by race and pretending
6:45 pm
that the other side -- remember the left can't run on anything. all the runners we are going to protect you from the other people that hate you. that's why this works for them in the class struggle is taking second place with their race wars. >> sean: leo. >> i'll tell you right now, here's the key, with got to start fighting back. i've been on tv every day. it's not every four years, every two years, they are playing this card when he 47, 365. but we have to not let them get away with it. there's no systemic -- there are nuts on both sides but 98, 99% of americans love everyone regardless of color. that's what we have to focus on. we have to attack these clowns playing the race card. >> sean: well said, both of you. all right, when we come back, a hannity special investigation. gavin newsom in serious trouble tonight, finally admitting that he's worried about this recall effort.
6:46 pm
our very own sara carter with the investigation from sacramento, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
6:47 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: saw an update on that recall election for a failed california governor gavin newsom looks more and more likely tonight as organizers now, they have amassed over 2 million signatures by today's deadline, well above the 1.5 million that was required to trigger a recall race. gavin newsom already signaling he's in a panic, saying yesterday, yeah, he's worried, and even trying to claim that the recall is being fueled by far right wing conspiracy theorists and of course racists. take a look. >> the other proponents, the
6:51 pm
chief -- the top ten proponents are members of the three presenters, the right-wing militia group, the proud boys, supported the insurrection, folks that quite literally enthusiastically support qanon's conspiracies and so that's the origin here. >> sean: so all the people that signed at our signing on with racists, is that what you're saying, governor? no, governor, the recall is being fueled by fed up californians overtaxed by you and your party and by the way, who are sick and tired of your far left failures in your awful handling of the coronavirus situation. here with a live update investigative reporter, sara carter. from sacramento. socialist utopia. >> [laughs] it is but there are so many people in sacramento that are so frustrated with what's been going on in california and embattled governor gavin newsom is now facing his sixth, that's his sixth attempt to get recalled. i've spoke today to assemblyman
6:52 pm
kevin kiley. he is leading this effort to recall gavin newsom and he says the governor has a lot to be worried about. just listen to him. >> what, assemblyman kylie, made you want to be in the forefront, to lead the effort for the recan newsom, what were your reasons? >> well, i mean it's just everything that gavin newsom has done to our state over the last year which hasn't brought california to long-term decline in total free saw dominic free fall. this is really led by the people of california. this is a citizens movement. over 2 million people have signed this petition. >> one of the issues i've been hearing from people who are frustrated and upset whether they are republican or democrat is the issue of our children in the public school, how was that affected the recall effort? are you hearing that as well? >> absolutely, that might be one of the biggest drivers of the recall. california is 50th out of 50 in terms of getting our kids back to school. gavin newsom was one of only a
6:53 pm
few governors and the whole country who did a statewide school closure order and by the way, it's a similar story when it comes to our economy. california has had the worst lockdowns of any state in the country. as a result, we are one of only a few states that had double digit on employment for all of last year and rise of now we have second-highest employment in the country. >> yeah, sean, you can hear it with the people we spoke to today on the streets in sacramento, whether they were democrats, republicans, independent, they are frustrated. they are frustrated with the way the crisis has been handled in a state of california and frankly, they are frustrated with the lockdowns that have taken over their lives for the last year and a half. just listen to this. >> what are your thoughts against the recall effort against gavin newsom? >> i think is doing a fairly good job. everybody makes some mistakes. this is a big job. >> a lot of people are happy about it and they're kind of going forward and that's just
6:54 pm
the consensus i've gathered. >> that most people that you know -- >> pretty happy about getting him out. i think if you are requesting that people stay at home and be safe and be careful, certainly it says something about you if you don't oblige by your own words. >> and he was talking about that incident where they caught up in her at french laundry. it was actually their mask less, not abiding by the, you know, the separation or the distance, and he was actually there with some lobbyists for the medical community. it caused a big scandal here in california, sean. you know, april 29th is the date that they should have all of the signatures checked. that is the 2 million signatures, the deadline was today, but they have until aprie signatures. >> sean: we got in a reaction from most people that are being now called racists by the
6:55 pm
governor? >> well, i can tell you this, sean, people are very upset. they told me there's no way that 2 million -- 2 million signatures or 1.5 million signatures are done by racists or by people that belong to the proud boys or any other extremist group. they say this is californians just very sick and tired of what's been going on in the state and you know, he's got a real fight on his hands. >> sean: investigative reporter sara carter, great report for us tonight, we appreciate it. this is going to be interesting to watch. i have two words for california. ric grenell, just saying. when we come back, the saga about the biden -- the bidens and their dogs continues. we got an update on the dogs, straight ahead. ritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we end with a piece of positive news. biden announced that his dog, major, will be making a return
7:00 pm
appearance to the white house after this recent little biting incident adding "85% of the people there love him." biden said the dog encounter to people he didn't recognize, move to protect. joe, get the dog trainer. >> laura: are you buying the beitgate story? >> sean: is there a conspiracy here? >> laura: are you taking the bait or the dog biscuit or whatever the pond is going to be. you think it was a run-of-the-mill, ran into someone he didn't know? >> sean: hang on. wait a minute. i stood up to the family member, the biden family member, the dog is part of the family. people are asking is the dog going to be euthanized? what are you talking about? leave the dog alone. i am pro-life for the dog. >> laura: just a few stitches. not a big


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