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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  March 17, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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great show. good one last night starts right now. maria, i give you 10 seconds extra tonight. >> maria: well, thank you for that, bret. have a great night. [laughter] >> maria: and good evening, everyone. welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm maria bartiromo. tonight, the democrats far left agenda is headed for a tipping point with a fight over the filibuster ahead. the filibuster senate rule requires 60 votes to pass legislation. getting rid of it would mean a simple majority of senators required to pass law. meaning if all democrats are voting, 50-plus vice president harris could sway the decision on any legislation. joe biden, who promised to be a unifier and reach across the aisle signaling this morning that the time for bipartisan isp is over before it even got
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started. you are for that reform and bringing back the filibuster. >> i am. that's what it was supposed to be. the idea is almost getting to the point where there is, you know, democracy is having a hard time functioning. >> maria: democrats have been pushing to kill or reform the filibuster since with biden took office knowing it is truly the republican's last line of defense against their radical agenda. but they heard biden's comments this morning and now they cannot wait to get to work. >> biden's remarks are a major shift in his position. he has given new energy and potential movement to the reform effort. he recognizes his program will be stopped unless we reform the filibuster. >> maria: don't like the rules of the game? change the rules. apparently that's the democrat motto when in power. mitch mcconnell has seen it
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happen over and over again. >> so i guess where they stand depends on where they sit. and so when they are in a position to advance the ball, they don't care. they are prepared to steam roll the senate into a majority tarren body just like the house because it inconveniently gets in the way of all they want to do to run up the debt, to raise taxes. >> maria: the democrats already managed to jam through $1.9 trillion relief package of which only 10% is actually targeted to covid relief. and that was just with a simple majority. no republican support. here's what's coming down the pike if they do get rid of that filibuster, a massive tax increase, possibly valued at up to $4 trillion. that would raise taxes for households making $400,000 or more initially. and raise taxes on corporations and investors. potentially doubling the capital gains tax to close to 40%.
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that would drive business out of the country. a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure deal that will be sure to address all of the democrats' favorite pet projects. hr 1, an election reform law that will federalize elections, standardize mail-in balloting. do away with an i.d. to vote and fundamentally change the way this country votes. solidifying power for the democrats for years to come. and then what? how about another crack at the $15 minimum wage? a green new deal? the sky's the limit when it comes to the left's plan for spending your money. democrats keep saying that they are doing this for the good of the people. that they have a mandate from the american voters to advance joe biden's agenda. which is fast becoming the most progressive agenda this country has seen since fdr. but the senate is split 50/50. democrat have a raiser thin margin in the house. donald trump got 57 million votes in november. that doesn't sound like a
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nationwide mandate of the democrats' radical policy to me. let's talk more about it joining me now republican senator of texas ted cruz. senator, it's always a pleasure to see you. thank you very much for being here. >> maria, great to be with you. >> maria: what are your expectations for this filibuster fight? >> well, listen, i think the track party right now is controlled by the radical left. joe biden doesn't have the courage or wherewithal to stand up and say no to bernie sanders, to elizabeth warren, to aoc. and if democrats succeed in ending the filibuster, they will ram through the most dangerous radical agenda this country has ever seen. if they end the filibuster, we will see amnesty for every illegal alien in america. if they end the filibuster, we will see them coming after our guns and attempting national gun registries and confiscation. if they end the filibuster we will see two new states district of columbia and puerto rico. they belief that will give them four new democratic senators. if they end the filibuster, maria, they will pack the u.s.
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supreme court. they will take from nine justices to 13 justices and put four new radical leftists on the court. you and i have talked about my latest book, one vote away how a single seat on the supreme court can change history. if they pack the supreme court, those leftists will take away our religious liberty, our free speech, our second amendment, our fundamental rights and that's what the radicals are pushing the democrats to do right now. >> maria: can democrats do anything to end. >> if they hold their conference they be can end the filibuster. joe manchin from west virginia and kyrsten sinema from arizona. right now the whole weight of the world chuck schumer, i'm pretty sure he has thumb screws rack in his office he is pounding on him. everyone on the left is pounding on manchin and cinema. they are pressing on them to end
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the filibuster and pass this radical agenda. if you are a person of faith, you need to be praying for spinal fortitude for manchin and sinema. i will tell what you concerns me is they end up playing some sort of game and you showed this in your monologue a minute ago where they say okay we won't end the filibuster but do a talking filibuster. a talking filibuster is a fancy way of saying end the filibuster because when the person stops talking then they will pass their radical agenda through and so i hope they don't do that i hope they don't play those kind of games. if they do, i think you can expect republicans doing everything humanly possible to fight but if they can hold their 50 votes, that will be a very, very dangerous time for our nation. >> maria: i want to get your take on the economic agenda in a minute. but, first, let's spend a moment on the border. you are leading a senate delegation to visit the overcrowded facilities. what are you expecting to see?
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i understand that these facilities are expected to hold 200 people but there are upwards of 800 people jammed into these buildings. the president will not allow the press into these centers, citing covid. so we don't know what these overcrowded facilities look like. do you? >> well, and that's why i'm leading a delegation to go down to the border. we are going next week john cornyn and i together have invited our colleagues. we will bring a number of senators to go down to the border to meet with border patrol agents to meet with leadership and meet with law enforcement and meet with community leaders and to tour the facilities directly. i have spent a lot of time down in the valley on the texas border. i have spent a lot of time with border patrol. we are seeing an absolute crisis unfolding. we are seeing the numbers skyrocket. we are seeing the numbers of kids. the number of kids in cages, joe biden is building new cages because his amnesty policy is resulting in thousands upon
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thousands of little boys and little girls being handed over to human traffickers and abused in the hands of human traffickers. indefensibly this is the result of joe biden giving into radicals. when joe biden began president he immediately halted the construction of border wall. ended remain in mexico policy great foreign policy victory president trump negotiated with mexico for illegal immigrants crossing up from central america crossing through mexico seeking asylum in the u.s., they agreed to remain in mexico. biden ended that and said send them all in and reinstituted catch and release. so now when we apprehend illegal immigrants we let them go and it's producing a crisis because of joe biden's political decisions. >> maria: hr 1 is something we have been talking about a lot. what are your expectations on this election bill which it's called for the people. i wonder if it should be called for the politicians? >> it is the single most
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dangerous piece of legislation before congress. what i call hr 1 is the corrupt politicians act. it says something. hr 1 was the very first bill that pelosi democrats took up in the house. it's the number one bill. it's not about code. it's not about evenings or getting people back to work or getting kids back to school. it's about ensuring that democrats remain in power and control for the next 100 years. it is a radical bill. what does it do? it federalizes all elections. it strikes down every election reform protection at the state level. so photo i.d. laws right now in a lot of states you have to use photo i.d. to vote. the corrupt politician act strikes that down. it sets up automatic voter registration which would result in millions of illegal immigrants and criminals and felons being able to vote. the democrats believe if illegal immigrants and felons are voting that that benefits the democrats and keeps them in power. not only that, it mandates universal mail-in balloting.
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it mandates ballot harvesting. this is all designed to facilitate fraud. it is also welfare for politicians for every dollar they raise they get $6 of taxpayer money. it is all about keeping democrats in power. and the threat is to take away your right to vote by allowing millions of illegal immigrants and felons to vote. i think it is a profound threat to our democracy and to our republican. republic. >> maria: senator, i want to get your take on "the washington post" correction this week and really look at how the media is driving this as well. but, before you do, let me just say that i misspoke last night and said that the call in question was a call between president trump and the secretary of state of georgia. no, no, no. it wasn't. it was president trump and a georgia election official. but the bigger story here is the fact that "the washington post" reported on that call and reported that president trump
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said find the fraud. and all of these other networks and reporters came out after and said yes, yes, we also independently confirmed this. when, in fact, this week we saw the actual tape, president trump didn't say anything at all like that. what strikes me is how all of the media went behind "the washington post" and also said he said find the fraud, which he didn't at all. watch this. it's incredible. watch. >> nbc news confirming a "the washington post" report revealing that president trump placed a separate call to georgia election officials pressuring them to, and i quote find the fraud. >> first reported by "the washington post" and confirmed by our colleague jason morris that the president called one of these investigators and urged him to, quote, find the fraud. >> nbc confirmed reporting that trump made another call to georgia elections officials pressuring one to, quote, find
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the fraud. >> maria: i mean, we have the tape now, senator, it said nothing of the sort. and, of course, this is very impactful because this was used as evidence at the impeachment trial against president trump. your reaction? >> look, donald trump broke the media. the mainstream media is now they hate donald trump so much that they don't pretend to be objective. they dent intend to be impartial. they don't pretend to be journalists. they are partisan propagandists. they are liars. this wasn't a small detail in the story. the quote, find the fraud, which all those clips you just played and i quote find the fraud and i quote find the fraud, well your quote is a lie. it wasn't said. it's made up. it's not true. but, it was too good to check. it fit the narrative too much. and so the post this week was forced to correct it and say yeah, you know, the central point in the story we ran that was the blockbuster accusing the president of doing something
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yeah, never mind, that wasn't true. and, by the way, you know, there is the old line that a lie can make it all the way around the world before the truth even gets its shoes on. in this instance the correction the post put out yeah, what we reported that was used. and you rightly pointed this out, as evidence by the democrats in the impeachment trial against donald trump. that evidence was fraudulent. it was fabricated. and the news, "the washington post" and every other outlet that echoed it bear the responsibility for reporting what was quite literally fake news. >> it's quite extraordinary. senator, it's good see you don't. we will keep spotlighting all of it. thank you, sir. quick break and then come up house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here with what he just experienced at the southern border. plus, how democrats are now fully supporting eric swalwell serving on the intelligence committee despite concerns he may have been compromised by a chinese spy. that's next.
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♪ >> it's not just people from mexico or honduras or el salvador they are findings people from yemen, iran, turkey people on the taste watch list they are catching. and they are rushing it all at once. >> maria: republican leader kevin mccarthy's warning to president biden apparently did not sit well with democrats. congressman reuben galago tweeted mccarthy's tweet either wrong or lying. texas congresswoman escabar accusing mccarthy of quote trying to fuel the divisions we have learned that border patrol has in fact picked up more than a dozen individuals from yemen, serbia and iran among other areas. joining me now the man in the middle of all of this
4:20 pm
congressman kevin mccarthy who just got back from his trip to the u.s.-mexico border. congressman, it's great to see you don't. thanks very much for being here. what can you tell us about what you saw up close and personal? >> maria, i know you have been to the border and you have been there when there was crisis. it's worse than ever seen. president biden has created this catastrophe. i went to a brand new facility, a processing facility. 98,000 square feet. it was built where it could never hit capacity it. hit capacity by more than 1040 people. mainly unaccompanied children. as they walked in, they would take our phones. you know, those who are processed through there, they are not tested for covid. this is becoming so overwhelming that they are moving these children to other cities throughout america. 1,000 to midland. 3,000 to the geneva convention 3,000 convention center indalla. now coming to a city near you. a president who refused to meet with the republicans when we asked to meet with him about this problem refuses to travel to the border himself to see the
4:21 pm
problem but now he is telling the border patrol not even to talk to the press. this is worse than at any time we have watched in our nation. and it is true that we are catching people on the terrorist watch list. democrats are denying it but the border patrol is showing that it is true. this all started midnight january 20th when they would stop building even if they needed a few miles left of that wall. remain in mexico said no, come into america. i ran to this one family from honduras i asked them how long was their trek up here? 22 days. put that back because 30 days ago they heard joe biden tell them if they came he would make them a citizen. >> maria: right. why did the democrats block the bill to require covid testing for illegal immigration? i don't understand why block that bill? >> you know, it was authored by dr. marinette military meeks the one they want to overthrow her election. she was the public health doctor
4:22 pm
for iowa. she traveled to the border with me. why would they want to block that because what's happening now as they modify these children throughout the cities across america, they are also moving covid. as i talked to one medical doctor there his guess was more than 10% of them have covid. but they have been housed together. so it may be 10% today but three days later it will be 30%, 40%. when i talk to the border patrol agents up on monument three they said they never have seen anything like it. more fentanyl than at any given time. they are seeing something much different where hundreds of men at a time rush an area to try to break through that didn't get finished. and what they are finding, they are finding cattle ranchers on the other side that they're burning down the americans homes so they can come across. it's the cartels that are making money not only for drugs but the trafficking of these young children, which could be the saddest thing i have ever watched. one border agent told me a situation where he had a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a
4:23 pm
5-year-old holding hands walking up to him with no one in sight for miles around. this is what happens when president biden tells you to come and you are freely able to enter this nation. at no time is it right to enter our country illegally. >> maria: and i guess the drug lords are the same networks that are passing or doing drug business in mexico. we have got a graphic here showing how much the cartels are charging people to cross apparently from our sources at the border. if you are coming from mexico, it's 1500 to $2,500. central america it's 8 to $15,000. migrants from overseas 40 to $50,000 putting people in incredibly dangerous positions. greg abbott told me on sunday that about a third of these situations are also including some kind of sexual assault before they actually arrive. >> yeah. how do they put children through
4:24 pm
this? and how many don't make it of these young children? i wish every american could see this but more importantly i wish the president would go there. instead of taking air force one around code package that had no money for covid but money for prisoners. i think he should see the border and look at what he created this catastrophe? >> maria: well, by the way, some of those people may be getting stimulus checks. >> oh, they are. but they are not just getting stimulus checks. there is more than billions of dollars there, they are getting free healthcare. >> maria: you are right. yeah. congressman, it's great to get your take on all of this. thanks for going to the border and explaining to us what happened and is happening right now under our eyes. congressman kevin mccarthy, good to see you don't. >> thank you, maria. >> maria: coming up, is biden truly ready can to take on china? what the u.s. needs to get from the biden administration's first big meeting with the chinese leadership tomorrow in alaska.
4:25 pm
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4:31 pm
and now even the left is joining me. here is bill maher last week. >> do you know who doesn't care that there is a stereotype of a chinese man in a dr. suess book? china. all 1.4 billion of them could give a crouching tiger flying [bleep]. on a national level we have been having infrastructure week every week since 2009 but we never do anything. half the country is having a never ending woke competition deciding whether mr. potato head has a [bleep]. [laughter] and the other half believes we have to stop the lizard people because they're eating babies. >> maria: he is partly right but what mar fails to say is the why. why is china appearing to win? how can they put up a skyscraper in 19 days and build their economy so fast? the answer is because the ccp has no moral compass. there is no fairness. there is no equality. there are no property rights. the decision comes down from the
4:32 pm
hardliners jay xi jinping and communist cronies. if you are the one living in a spot where they want that sky scraper to go you will be moved and they will put you where they want because they are building a skyscraper and that is the priority and you should know that and know how to show your loyalty to the ccp. if you do not follow the rules, well, then you could be sent to reeducation camp or worse. the ccp has been very clear the priority is returning china to its rightful plates overtaking america as the number one super power economically and militarily by the year 2049. they will do this through the belt tan road initiative through civil military fusion and other avenues. if you are a business operating in china, you will also turn over all documents and data of your customers should the cc. want it. these are the rules. the party is the priority. not the people. all companies that can be helpful to the military and strengthen the ccp will do as
4:33 pm
they are told. civil military fusion and the new national security laws are central to the communist regime's strategy. if you criticize the ccp, you are subject to jail. if you do not adhere to the rules you may be disappeared and trashed in the state run media. we're all still wondering what happened to chinese billionaire jack the founder of china's jewel alli ba ba. he had his gigantic ppo of the ant group scrapped and he was not seen publicly for two months after making a mistake of criticizing the ccp financial services rules. we do not know what happened. we do not know if he was learning obedience. this is an important angle to understand for all of those u.s. companies who are right now gearing up to enjoy the licenses that they have been granted by the ccp. to operate 100 percent opened businesses in china. here is the former attorney general bill barr told me about
4:34 pm
that last year. >> i was talking with one money manager the other day and he said look, maria, i'm not going to call good guys and bad guys. it's not in my role to call out good guys and bad guys so, yeah, the growth is in china and that's where i want to invest. >> well, you know what? we are not speaking german today because the american business in the past didn't think that way. they stood with the united states. and all the privileges and the benefits and the stability and the rule of law and the ability to profit as they do both as companies and individuals, comes from the strength of this country. >> maria: remember, when operating under communist rule, the foreigner is not in charge. you will never have 100 percent rule not under xi jinping's leadership. the ccp has become more inward, more nationalistic under xi than anyone expected over the past 50 years of engagement. the united states evidenced a
4:35 pm
partnership with china. the u.s. and world ignored china's broken promises and efforts to steal from the west. our leaders thought maybe the ccp will see the benefits of democracy and freedom in hong kong and come to the middle? open up their markets to foreigners and encourage free and fair trade? adhere to the rules of the global road. that has not happened. the opposite has occurred. china bullies its neighbors. steals to win. and commits genocide on its people. according to both secretaries of state mike pompeo and anthony blinken. the other thing not mentioned by mar is another reason for beijing's success. they apparently steal it. the trump administration tried hard over a three-year period to get a trade deal that had teeth. one that included the ccp agreeing to stop the intellectual property theft which has been costing u.s. companies hundreds of millions of dollars every year now for decades. the ccp even refused to admit they were stealing our trade
4:36 pm
secrets in ip despite a countless number of lawsuit settlements in plain sights between u.s. and chinese companies over ip theft. how can you get them to stop stealing when they won't even admit to doing it? hopefully the biden administration understands all of this and will not allow beijing to continue taking advantage of the u.s. and the free world. otherwise, the ccp's strategy of rob, replicate and replace will continue to worsen and, yes, bill maher will be right. we will have lost to the china empire or more precisely democracy and freedom will have lost. and the result will be felt by all americans. do you really believe that your children and their children will have the same opportunities that you had growing up in a world where the chinese communist party is the leading super power of the world? where surveillance and a government issued personal score will dictate whether or not you can even board a train? this is why the entire free world should want to stop the
4:37 pm
chinese communist party from winning, from taking over. the sooner corporate america gets the memo the better. the sooner our largest companies stop putting profits ahead of national security risks the better. by rolling over and allowing the abuses the giving away our great country. by investigating in those companies it tied to the ccp's military, you are funding this expansion. let's talk about it now with former white house trade adviser peter navarro. peter, you have spent so many years working on this. your reaction and what should be happening in this upcoming alaska meeting? >> really over 90% of americans now understand that communist china existential threat to this country. yet, we have and we know this that over 20 of the top officials in the biden administration are compromised in some way through money pods by the chinese communist party. what's going to happen tomorrow
4:38 pm
in alaska, i can tell you that the architecture of the trump negotiations was what you and i have talked about many times as the seven deadly sins of china this intellectual property theft which mentioned forced technology transfer currency manipulation but, maria, we have to add several more to that the ccp, the chinese communist party infected this nation with a deadly virus and they spread a pandemic around the world. will blinken confront the chinese about that? ask them let us into those labs, let's figure out how that started and charge them a bill for the trillions of dollars that they put on it. will they hold china accountable for the concentration camps that has 2 million uighurs behind bars making products that wind up in our walmart or sacrificing their organs that get shipped off to europe to rich people? will blinken talk about that? will blinken lay a red line down
4:39 pm
in the sand and say no, no, no, no; no, no, no, no, you are not taking taiwan on our watch. joe biden the sickest i have been over the last year and it wasn't with the china virus. the sickest i have been is when i heard joe biden laugh and smile and say it's okay to put uighurs in concentration camps because china has different cultural norms. >> maria: yeah. he said it was a cultural norm. he said it was a cultural norm. let me give you two pieces of news tonight. "wall street journal" is reporting exclusively tonight that beijing plans to press washington to reverse many of the policies targeting china that were introduced under the trump administration. we'll have to wait and see if, in fact, they agree to that. also, i might mention to you, that tonight we are getting news that china has banned the live
4:40 pm
oscar broadcast after hong kong protest film was nominated. they are banning it. >> yeah. i wear a badge of honor on my sleeve that i have been sanctioned by the chinese communist party. so, look, if biden bends to the pressure and by the way, the "wall street journal" is just as eager as the communist chinese party is to dismantle trump's tariffs. so time to stand strong, maria. time to stand strong with the chinese communist party. america wants that. hear me joe biden on that. >> maria: well, look, we have got a lot to talk with you about. we will do it next time. thank you for all of the work you did in terms of getting that vaccine out in the market in 10 months period. we will see you soon. peter navarro joins you don't. >> take care. >> maria: why is president biden still putting off his first press conference. why the white house is waiting until his 64th day in office to
4:41 pm
put the president at a podium to field questions from reporters. michael goodwin and joe concha are here to take it up. ♪
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♪ >> maria: welcome back. the preparations are in place for next week's big press conference. president biden will hold his first formal news conference since taking office. biden is behind recent past presidents who all had a news conference within 33 days of taking office. what's the holdup and will biden take any tough when he finally faces voters? joining us is michael food wynn and joe concha. great to see you, gentlemen. so happy to have you hear. joe, what are you expecting this upcoming week. >> to review what you just said by the way president trump held five news conferences both solo and joint at this point. president obama two. george w. bush three. bill clinton 5. joe biden 0.0. so what do i expect? i expect a few lids along the way to this press conference you remember in september alone to prep for a debate joe biden took 12 lids in one month for that.
4:47 pm
here's the thing. joe biden is at his worst when he has to handle questions extemporaneously in other words without a teleprompter without any sort of script. it has not helped, maria, that he is like a boxer going into a match without having sparred against anybody or even trained for that matter because you see these events time and again where is he being whisked out of a room reporters are being shouted questions. communication team is saying no more questions. please leave. so, this is going to be very interesting. it's going to be a big challenge for the press as well, maria. because, look, all eyes are on this right now. not just the country but our adversaries, china, russia, iran, they see a 78-year-old president who is being largely hidden from the press and the public in general and they want to see exactly who they are dealing with besides the guy they see reading a teleprompter to this point. >> maria: i think, look, i think you make great points and michael i read your op-ed this morning. it was a great op-ed in the neww york post" bubbled biden clearly not up for tough questions or
4:48 pm
the job. i will also point out something i thought today that is joe biden went home to wilmington delaware again today. so he is going home for the fourth time since taking offers sleeping at home in delaware one day before this press conference. your expectations for this press conference next week, michael? >> well, my expectations are low. that's part of the problem here. for some of the reasons that joe detailed. but, the reality is, maria, that this has been a very consequential presidency already. we see what's going on with the border. you are talking about the meetings with the chinese. the iranian deal that he is playing with. and, of course the $1.9 trillion stimulus package and all of the things they are talking about trying to ram through the senate may be do away with the filibuster. so, there are a lot of things to ask joe biden and the fact that reporters have not been able to
4:49 pm
raises the stakes on this moment. and i suspect that we will be disappointed because i think the questions will be preselected and just as they have been doing all along. they will go to the friendly reporters. i think biden prefers george stephanopoulos when he wants to have an interview. because he is guaranteed a friendly audience. stephanopoulos basically is a democrat agent with a press pass. so i think that's the nature of what we are seeing coming up here with this press conference. i'm afraid we won't learn very much important but we will get a sense of whether joe biden can actually string together answers on complicated topics. >> maria: well, i mean, what are the implications of all of this, joe? >> the implications are that by waiting this long, right, nine weeks, interest is a lot of to michael's point, a lot of hype and anticipation around. this they drew all this attention to this for no reason. i would have self questions for
4:50 pm
mr. biden as far as the covid bill. you said that you want to reopen schools and this covid bill is essential for it but, yet, most of the money for that won't be spent until 2022. what do you say to parents, mr. biden? that's one fair question i think, maria. >> maria: yes, yes, for sure. i think there are a lot of them. gentlemen, good to see you don't. thank you so much. we will be watching and continue spotlighting it. coming up, why a lot of democrats are not happy tonight. how the crisis at the southern border could hurt democrats' push for immigration reform on capitol hill. florida congressman matt gates is here next. ♪ ♪ not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of,
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feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. ♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back. the biden administration continues to struggle with the crisis on our southern border. congress takes up to immigration bills on capitol hill tomorrow. the first would provide a path to citizenship for two and a half-million dreamers. the second bill would allow more than 1 million undocumented
4:56 pm
farmworkers to apply for legal status. joining me right now, for the congressman matt gaetz. congressman, great to see you tonight. how will your photo on these two bills tomorrow? >> i'll be voting no. he brought us the error of catch and release. now house democrats want to bring us to the air of catch, release, and vote, because mass immigration that is uninvited by our country is there a mechanism seize power at the border. our goal is to ensure the american people are protected, that the american worker is protected and that we protect our national security. leader mccarthy's trip to the border exposed that we are not just sink central and south american's traveling our border. you've seen west africans, folks from the middle east, special-interest aliens. this is a real problem and it's a terrible time to be offering amnesty in the congress. we should be focused on border security and protecting our country. >> maria: well, i'll tell you that the biden administration is certainly giving us a lot to talk about with this agenda and there will be more to come to talk about with you.
4:57 pm
i want to ask you about your request that the judiciary committee hold a hearing on the court ordered conservatorship. this free britney spears movement has been going on. what are you looking to achieve? >> there are millions of americans who are abused by the guardianship and conservatorship process. just today in fact, maria, justus was delayed and denied to britney spears. she was just seeking an accounting of her assets and yet again it was another additional act of abuse against her and so if this can happen without one time the most popular pop star in the world, imagine how it can treat someone who is elderly or infirm and subject to a family member or a caretaker draining their assets. i think there should be a bill of rights for people in guardianships and conservatorships. that would free britney and it would free millions of our fellow americans. >> maria: i mean, it is pretty extra ordinary. i was looking at the story earlier. she's a grown woman and she doesn't have access to her own
4:58 pm
fortune that she worked incredibly hard to make! >> she doesn't have access to it. today the hearing was about whether or not she could get a financial accounting just to see where the investments have been made and whether or not fiduciary duties have been breached and the court even kicked consideration of that. i think that anyone who has their finances managed by another person ought to have a right to transparency and review of those things and the case of britney spears highlights how limited someone's rights are once they are in one of these conservatorships. congressman burgess owens, famous nfl player, said even athletes who grow a little bit older are often times of this type of abuse, so we are looking for democrats who are willing to work with us in a bipartisan way, fans of britney, those who care about reform to the system should contact chairman jerry nadler. in congress we don't just have the power to legislate, we have the power to convene and if we convened around these ideas, we would create more freedom for our people and britney spears
4:59 pm
would be an excellent witness to talk about the abuses in this system. >> maria: yeah, i'm glad you're doing this, really, i am. let me ask you about this bipartisanship that you mentioned. is there any to speak of at this point? so much legislation getting jammed in, so many ideas being talked about with no republican support at all, congressman. >> democrats have the power in washington and they intend to use it. if they are not consulting with republicans. they are not working towards any compromise. they are going to pull our country is far left as possible and they're going to use coronavirus as the wrapping paper for all of it. i really believe the coronavirus has become the trojan horse for socialism. we should stop voting for bills that continue to subsidize these lockdowns. we should be for open, free american people, that's our country thrives. >> maria: yeah, but you can't do anything to stop it, right? >> that's why i'm here. we've got to excite the american people around these ideas. the american people should not
5:00 pm
tolerate an invasion that our border, they should not tolerate a left-wing government. >> maria: congressman, it's good to see her tonight, we will be watching. thank you, sir. thank you for watching fox news prime time, i'm maria bartiromo, i will be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. stay with fox news, here's tucker. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy st. patrick's day, one of the american traditions that still exists. we are grateful for all american traditions that we still have. just got back from el salvador a little over an hour ago. before we left central america this afternoon we took a covert test, the one where the nurse rams the q-tip up your nose and routes around trying to find your frontal lobe until your eyes water. you've probably experienced it. pretty unpleasant, trying to be responsible though, so you endure it and of course anybody entering, we had no choice anyway, the airline demanded. we couldn't come home until we took the test and that's because, as they often tell


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