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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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california, 38% of the population has natural immunity and circling antibodies. >> harris: dr. macario, thank you very much. good to see you. thank you for watching. it's been an action-packed hour and i'm glad you are with me. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ here is where we will begin. a border patrol official is no warning they cannot keep up with the surge of migrant children crossing the southern border saying they're arriving faster than they can be processed. the white house is maintaining there is no crisis. as we've also learned agents are experiencing 560 unaccompanied minors per day. in february it was 313, lower than that of the month before. president biden says he has no plans to visit the southern border. in a new interview he denies that migrants are coming here because of the policy.
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>> a lot of the migrants are coming here saying they are coming here because you promised to make things better. it seems to be getting worse. was it a mistake? >> first of all, there was a surge the last few years, 19 and 20 there was a search. here's the deal. we are sending back people, first evolved. the the idea that joe biden said come because i heard the other day that they are coming because they know i'm a nice guy. here's the deal, they are not. >> harris: and making news now moments ago, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell telling me on the "the focus" is denying it. >> my definition of a crisis is when you send the management
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agency which only goes to emergencies down at the border. it's by definition an emergency. this is a crisis, i don't care what the director wants to call it. it's a crisis. that they created. this administration. >> harris: you are watching "outnumbered." my cohost emily compagno, host of kennedy. joining us on the virtual couch for the first time, former white house press secretary and fox news analyst kayleigh mcenany, new member of our family and in the virtual center seed, even the virtual couch is crowded. "washington times" opinion editor charles hurt. welcome, everybody. i will start with you. wouldn't it be nice to ask the president about these things? maybe next thursday the white house press corps can have at it.
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>> absolutely. and they should. what i watch this morning, i was stunned. we are the fact-checkers? when they said apprehension was up, there is a article that will detail all the federal data how there was a surge in 2019, he took control and in 2020 there was a plummeting apprehension. for him to say that his policies didn't create this. he rolled back all of the trial policies. these migrants are arriving in biden t-shirts for a reason because they are attracted by his policies, he's responsible responsible for this crisis, and next week you should be asked hard questions the same way that trump would have been. >> harris: kennedy? >> they said people are coming because they have hope. the hope is there is a new administration who is going to make it easier for people to
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emigrate to the united states. there is hope because there is a great deal of confusion. congress has enacted, they won't act. they're not going to take up of their responsibility and tell the world, countries to the south of us what our immigration policies are and how we can get into the country illegally. the chaos is because of this new administration. at some point very soon, not only does he have to own it, but they have to change their words and their tone to meet the crisis. speak to charlie? >> it's truly incredible and just listen to the way that george asked that question which was, they're coming here because you will be such a great president and they're hopeful everything is going to be so good. it's a bizarre way to ask the question. joe biden is telling a lie when he says at any level that he is
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not responsible for this current crisis. he's responsible for it short-term and that he reversed a lot of the common sense come out of the box, logical things that president trump put in place to stop the incentive, to bring people across the border. he reversed those things such as the remain in mexico policy and working with mexico to enforce their own border. i thought that was interesting. one of the things that the secretary said yesterday is, one of the problems, the fact that mexico is no longer cooperating with the united states. where are they no longer cooperating? because joe biden scrapped the deal. there is a larder thing. joe biden has been a part of this problem for 50 years. we can go through. all the way, congress has failed
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to address this problem. going back to the 1986 bill and beyond and before that! joe biden has been a part of the entire time. i get this is not his fault, short-term and long-term. it is his fault and there are things he can do to go back. i will never understand from a political standpoint, i will never understand why he decided to create this problem, this headache that's going to cause him problems not only on the general population, but among regular democrats. >> harris: it's tremendous what you point out, all of his decades in the senate. i talked to them about this last hour. imagine what democrats will be able to do even on this issue as an example if they killed the filibuster. if they start to change the parameters by which things work in the box of the capital, what
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will that mean on issues like this? last night he had a message for migrants thinking about coming to the united states. >> yes, don't come over and in the process of getting set up, don't leave your town or community. >> harris: back in 2019 during a primary debate, he took a different stance. >> what i would do as president is several more things because things have changed. i would make sure that there is, we immediately surged to the border all those people seeking asylum. they deserve to be heard. that is who we are. if you are fleeing oppression you should come. >> harris: immediately search to the border, emily! that is pretty clear. >> crystal clear and you know
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who got that message immediately, the drug cartels, the human smugglers, those that capitalize and spread the word and collect the migrants and harness them to come north weird i have to develop a point that charlie just made which is the allyship we had in mexico under the prior administration. part of the reason it was managed is because we had an ally in mexico who held a strong border and whose policy mirrored ours in our shared interest connecting the two. now we speak about title 42 expulsion, mexico has refused to accept most of the families we've been trying to export under title 42. i have to point out that he talked about how he will have dhs fond 100% of the cities for their testing and the quarantining of migrants, but remember in this conversation, many of the facilities for these
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children are nowhere near the southern border. they are in silicon valley. final point, the secretary will be testifying in front of the house homeland security committee. stay tuned for comments and coverage he has there. >> harris: when you look at this, it's clearly a dismantling of the former policies. i would like to look at pure motive. any thoughts on that? >> motive is a reckless policy to appease the far left wing. a moment from the primary debates, i remember another moment where the democrats were asked, raise your hand if you want free health care. guess whose hands went up. the current president joe biden, the current vice president kamala harris, the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg, what magnet are you saying not only can you come, but we will
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give you free health care? it's deeply irresponsible. they have set a fire that's raging and they're saying, i wish that fire would have not have started. they let that fire and america knows it. >> harris: the proverbial fire, don't you have to see the flames to further the metaphor, what engines you need to put the retardant on that, water and everything to get that under control. what you make of it? >> exactly. and they're heading, they won't say the word. while the secretary, while the secretary of homeland security is saying this is going to be a 20 year record, he says he won't go to the border. kamala harris was asked yesterday and she goes, i haven't been briefed. that's not an answer! mike pence wouldn't have gotten away with that answer. you're exactly right. you have to look at the fire and
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acknowledge the fire if you ever want to solve it. >> by the way, we are on fire to get charles hurt back into the mix. they are working on his audio. i like the reverb that was going on. it was a back beat, but will bring it back. as we learn more about what's going on with governor cuomo and the claims against him, there is word of his aides were working to retaliate against a couple of his accusers. what did they do? plus, new warnings or democrats about their power grab in the senate as senate minority leader mitch mcconnell tells me getting rid of the filibuster could have some devastating results for america. whether the president could be bending from pressure from the left. >> the fact that they get rid of the filibuster doesn't mean the senate will work better. it means the senate will work
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musical >> harris: fox news alert as we get reactions to the filibuster fight, president biden seem to ship his position. now indicating he wants the senate to change that rule, saying he's in favor of talking filibuster, but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's standing firm in his opposition to taking any privilege to changing it. here's what he told me moments ago. >> the senate was created on purpose. not to function like the house, to slow things down, to kill bad
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ideas, to force bipartisanship. all the things the democrats believed in as long as there was a republican in the white house. conveniently thrown aside as soon as they take this chance, that they can advance the steamroller agenda. >> harris: charles hurt, the senate was created on purpose not to function like the house, pass it and you can read what's in it later. that's bad. >> indeed. democrats should be careful about what they wish for because when they initially blew up the filibuster for nominations they thought they were doing something that would help them, but that also paves the way for president trump to get three supreme court nominees. i do think they should be careful about it. i think they should be careful because they have a wing of their party, they're clamoring for a crazy radical agenda, free
9:18 am
health care for illegals as part of the platform that their people are pushing right now. if you remove the filibuster they will have to start pushing all of this, help in getting it through which is going to be a long-term damaging for the democratic party. here's the other thing, we have these centrists like joe manchin, every lawmaker, the person everyone goes to to get a vote through. the problem with that is, if the single vote, if you are the single boat that determines whether or not you get free health care, suddenly that goes from being something where you can get goodies for your state or whatever your projects are, suddenly it becomes something, it's an angle around your neck you have to answer for back home. if you're talking about these issues in this agenda, that
9:19 am
creates more of a problem i think than it does a carrot for a lot of these senators. >> harris: what you are talking about is this requires someone to be a lone wolf, someone stand out, someone do the job they said they were going to do when they got hired. someone do the job. that's what you're talking about? >> i'm still mad about those two georgia races. i'm not going to give up my resentment there for a long time. all of this may be fueled with goodwill and the idea of taking care of people, but if you pass things like that, more entitlements, it's impossible to unring the bell and two, the revenue requirements are such that the middle class is going to get hammered, no matter what elizabeth warren says about a wealth tax. something they're starting to talk about as well. the money you will have to raise
9:20 am
to fund these projects, not to mention the 6 trillion we already have, but it's totally attainable. i'm looking at people like kyrsten sinema and joe manchin because they become two of the most powerful people not only in the senate, but in the country. i've always said legislate like you're never going to be reelected. speed to make a friend like you're going to know them for t. that's what my mom told me. just to follow up with joe manchin, has he proven to be the type of person on the hill, the type of leader, nice guy, the leader who would do what you are saying, who would stand up there. we know kristin's and emma's record, 60% of the time she voted with president trump. joe manchin had a shot here recently with the relief bill, didn't do the things he said he might consider doing. >> he was shielded by the parliamentarian and it was the
9:21 am
$15 minimum wage that poisoned it. if they kept it in there he would've voted against it. he still wants to be a part of the caucus. they want it both ways. they want to be liked by everybody in the most important thing is to be liked by the people in your state. west virginia is not northern california. >> harris: i see that big smile from charlie. >> i remember talking about the filibuster with president trump and he was spot on when he said, if the g.o.p. doesn't get rid of it, guess who well, chuck schumer. here we are, 56 days into the administration and we are talking about getting rid of the filibuster. he was simply looking at the playbook for 2013. charlie alluded to it, back then they got rid of the 60 votes. they have set the playbook. we knew this was coming. it was predictable.
9:22 am
the only thing that has changed is power. now power changes, so to do democrats. >> harris: just to double down with you, mitch mcconnell said when it was his idea he said, no, it's a bad idea, i'm not doing it. is that a mistake? >> that's right. i'm proud of republicans for being consistent on this, mitch mcconnell on principle and not in the convenience of the moment. i'm proud of republicans, but unlike republicans, kamala harris signed a letter saying, don't change the filibuster. now she's on the other foot. she changes with the wind unlike republicans. >> harris: we will get to the commercial like the wind. president biden is said to hold his first solo news conference since taking office, but reporters will have to wait another week. why the delay? and are the serious
9:23 am
accountability questions? plus, a new report says andrew cuomo, eights plotted a smear campaign against one of the seven woman accusing him of her harassment. we will talk about it. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. with the seven woman accusing andrew cuomo of sexual harassment, a report says that aids intended to smear and retaliate against one of his accusers by creating a letter applying her allegations were motivated. that accuser was the former aide, the first woman to publicly come forward with allegations. reporting "the initial idea with the former aide, signing their names to the letter and circulate it fairly and widely. multiple jobs were created and he was involved in creating the
9:28 am
letter. those quoted they were aware of another harassment issue involving mr. cuomo that had not become public. that is referring to charlotte bennett who six months earlier told to senior officials that he had harassed her and asked her inappropriate personal questions. he has since apologized for his comments to the woman but has denied any other wrongdoing. kennedy, i would like to start with you on this. clearly not only underscores the notice he was under, but it points to an insidious nature of the entire administration. this is not just about his conduct, his allegations of wrongdoing, but spreading much further than that, retaliating. >> that is exactly what this is. we know well enough as far as the me too movement that this is not how you support yourself
9:29 am
when you accuse with the wrongdoing, the criminals that the government had. i want to know who wrote that letter, if he took part in writing that letter, there's no way he didn't know about it. that is something that's a top-down reaction and one of the lowest things you could do that -- and his total sanctimony has claimed he would do in order to protect woman. according to these allegations he's a serial harasser and he's a political bully. that extends to his personal life when he's being accused of some really disgusting behavior. the fact that he would try and hurt the reputation of someone who worked for him to save face and, it's disgusting. >> as a former white house secretary, how do you see what's going on with the podium and the
9:30 am
press corps as a relates to kamala harris? >> it's extraordinary to not have a comment for vice president harris and where is the steady drumbeat from the media? it's their job to press, to try and get an answer, where you stand on cuomo? that's interesting to watch. a detail in this story which is interesting, and unfortunate, they apparently, they were leaking her personnel documents to the media. they said, albany reporters were stoned. normally it takes months if not years to get a freedom of information request, but they were bullying this woman, leaking her records and accusing her of being a trump supporter when she's a democrat running for manhattan. i would love to read the letter. i would love to see exactly how egregious this letter is because it sounds quite appalling.
9:31 am
>> what is fascinating, her initial allegations, she received a momentous political blowback, that was before we knew the details. at every point now, especially as we are being taught by these explosive reports, these women were wading through peanut butter with a tidal wave coming at them to have their voice be heard and to give them that amplification. your thoughts? >> it's the old political adage, the crime is bad, but the cover up is equally disgusting. of course, the larger issue is the degree of sort of double standards you have among top democrats and in the media's coverage of this and their reluctance to cover this before these people came forward. you know, it puts a lie to this
9:32 am
notion that these people are concerned about victims of these, this heinous behavior as opposed to people wanting to make political hay out of it. when you have clear victims, break people coming forward telling horrific stories about what this guy has done and the behavior has dominated his office for quite some time. for all of that to be sort of, you know, overshadowed by the politics aimed at people like brett kavanaugh, it's really disturbing. >> part of what was so shocking and difficult to stomach about the harvey weinstein issue was not only his behavior, but the realization of how far his machine operated, how deeply the roots were, how many industries expand. are we seeing another one of these and will depress cover it
9:33 am
adequately? >> what is interesting about the question you asked has to do less with what crime may have been committed in terms of harassment and seven accusations against him, most of them falling within the statute of limitations. it has to do with those around him who were complicit. that is why the story has so many legs and lives. even if he were to resign tomorrow, this becomes a perpetual problem. because there were people in his leadership constellation that were complicit. that was the problem for harvey weinstein. it wasn't enough for him to leave the production company, not enough room to face charges where the stuff happened, his workplace, under the guise of his leadership. they live on and on.
9:34 am
that seems to be what will happen with andrew cuomo long after he's the governor, the complicity of those people around him. those are separate cases. that letter, that's interesting. >> what we are learning in no way is that it began after the harassments concluded, after the behavior concluded. these women have targets on them. really it's extremely troubling. we will stay on it for you. minutes from now we will test as governor about the growing crisis on the southern border. the date has been sacked, president biden will finally face reporters next week at his first solo news conference. what kind of questions can he expect? kayleigh mcenany will give us her take next. ♪ ♪ uncertain times, money in the bank can bring you and your family
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>> harris: it's only been a month's! president biden said to hold his first news conference a week from tomorrow. he's been in office for eight weeks, 56 days, on that day it will be 64. we are counting. he's now the first president to go this long without facing reporters. his press secretary is insisting he's been accessible to the press all along. take a listen. >> of the president takes question several times a week for them to asking about what news is happening. >> harris: he takes questions! is that inside his own residence? >> it's extraordinary that he hasn't taken question so far. it's also confounding to me as dana perino, one of my predecessors pointed out that they chose to announce at nine
9:40 am
days in advance! a lot can happen then and one of the advantages is you gauge the messaging, he said it was the rule. he didn't announce the press conference till the morning of. the rule during my 10-year, you want to see what the new cycle is. no one knows what the news cycle will be. no one knows what will happen and to put this pressure on it and have this build up where we will all be watching this, it's an extraordinary way to go about things. a confounding strategy and i'm not sure why they chose to deal with it. >> harris: the other problem with this much time and space is that the speculation starts, i would imagine among some of the public, is there an opportunity to get a heads up on anything. we know that's an automatic no no because it takes away the power from each person in the situation. the reporter can't be spontaneous and go with whatever
9:41 am
is breaking news and the person answering is going to be gated by their talking points which makes them less transparent. is that fair that people would ask. is this going to be live? >> i think that's very fair to ask. also, something else, these reporters, will they get to the nuts and bolts of this issue? will they just check a box and say, what are your views on what is going on? will they say, your secretary of homeland security said this is going to be a 20 year record. he said president trump didn't leave me a vaccine program. his own senior covid advisor went on the white house lawn said i tip my hat to trump. full day be that detailed and nuanced to wedge him in that corner? those are the things we prepared for her. i hope the reporters put them in those corners.
9:42 am
>> harris: i have a laundry list the size of a cvs receipt. >> those are long. >> harris: your last thought? >> it's amazing, we want from the most wide open administration since the invention of electricity to the most scripted and opaque administration and i don't think one press conference is going to change any of that. the sad part is the media is behind that and it's very disturbing in a free republic. >> harris: we will move to this because we are going to head out to a commercial. former president donald trump giving credit to "the washington post." he wrote that statement after what they printed. he is praising the post for its courage for correcting a story and saying its misquoted. highroad, the debate you don't highroad, the debate you don't want to miss is coming
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>> president biden said to hold his first conference and announcing it nine days in advance. ari fleischer is here to react. the latest on biden's border crisis, the events at the southern border. greg abbott will be holding a
9:47 am
press conference there moments from now on the record surge in minors. we will have that for you and we could hear from andrew cuomo moments from now. will he to resign? we will see victory hours, join us on st. patrick's day. we will see you top of the hour. >> thank you. fresh reaction from a former president trump, walking back the story about the phone call with the top georgia election investigator. the newly emerged recording found the post fundamentally misquoted than president trump. he spoke exclusively with them last night on fox news prime time. listen. >> it probably affected the senate race, but it was a terrible thing and i was happy that "the washington post" had the courage to at least admit their mistake. they were told something that
9:48 am
didn't exist and it made me sound bad and i think when i heard it i said, that's ridiculous. i never said that. >> you served in real time while this was playing out. your thoughts? >> it's a single anonymous source only to be contradicted months later. it's extraordinary. he took the high road, he certainly did, "the wall street journal" found the audio which was reportedly in the trash and box of the official. would it not be for a finding that we wouldn't know this happened, we would just have false reporting. the american people deserve so much better than a single source based on political motives. >> i think it remains to be seen the level, rising to the level of maliciousness, but is this
9:49 am
repetition, not confirmation something we are coming to expect, especially when covering for former president donald trump. >> i don't give them credit for correcting this mistake, the idea that they took a anonymous quote from a anonymous source who had a ax to grind, made it up and ran with it, that's the same as "the washington post." they have a tremendous responsibility to tell the truth and they failed to do it. and said what they did is they peddled this fake made up quote that did enormous damage in terms of covering everything that occurred in the weeks and months after that. in terms of the georgia election. here's the other thing, they very quietly put out this correction. the last i checked, if you go to the website it still hidden
9:50 am
behind the wall! talk about democracy dies in darkness, it dies in darkness at "the washington post"! >> kennedy, you did such a phenomenal job with tying in the national situation we are in back down to that georgia senate election. charlie talks about the importance of having faith and maintaining trust in the media, but this illustrates or underscores the power it has and perhaps that election might have had a different outcome. >> power and money because it's owned by jeff bezos. here's the thing, i do want some journalist misquoted in joe biden. i do want to see this tit-for-tat. i think that's incredibly unfair and it's a really bad look for journalists, i hope journalist go back to betting their sources and making sure they investigate the source material. they get it right the first
9:51 am
time. the correction has maybe a tenth of the eyeballs and that's being very generous than the original story that did so much damage. some of these journalists who were very hard on president trump are also hard on this administration. i hope they remain skeptical. i hope they do their jobs and remember how to be journalists. >> to kennedy's point, the narrative fits regardless if there is a correction issue. most people might not even know. >> that's because they don't sell at the same way. they didn't put a headline on that. they didn't take down the pay wall as charlie talked about. we want to clarify this. i know from experience when i make a mistake on the air and i want the audience to understand that mistakes get made, that is not what were tearing down here. to find something in your trash bin and your email, what triggered you to look for that?
9:52 am
when he found that, why isn't that news, the truth cell set you free. >> moving forward, their teams run to the final for three years ago and now she's back, 101 years old wasn't going to let covid restrictions get in her way. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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ncaa tournament is back after a year long hiatus, the chicago's good luck charm who attended every game in the team's 2018 cinderella run to the final four, the 101-year-old team chaplain says he will attend the team's first game in indianapolis. status was up in the air due to covid restrictions but sister jean said she was able to persuade administrators to let her attend. sister jean says she has already received her two vaccine shots and had about 30 covid tests. i love this so much. >> i love this, she is so inspiring. the fact that she is 101 years old, she follows college basketball religiously, she is a little disappointed in their bracket, but now i'm invested in this story and i want to see loyola chicago go all the way after ucla. >> 100%. i'm reading all the way for them because my huskies aren't in it.
9:58 am
>> i love the story too to echo that. it's amazing, i was reading about her bobblehead. by the way, it goes for $300, so that is incredible and they sell t-shirts, actually, with their motto, which is worship, work and win. that is a life motto set up for success. >> she is getting more and more incredible the more you learn about her. charlie? >> i think sister jean should be america's mascot for coming out of the pandemic, all the necessary precautions, you be fearless and you have faith in something greater and a brighter future and if we would all do that and follow sister jean's lead, i think we would have a very bright future indeed. >> harris, it's so nice to have something positive to roof or and remind us what actually
9:59 am
unites us. >> something positive and blaine, those are like my two favorite things together in the. did you see that loyola ring? can we flash of that back up? she is rocking some rocks, people. that hand is completely iced and bringing luck to everybody else. i can't wait to see her actually there. imagine that. 30 covid tests, she is ready to go, she is a walking billboard for where we can go. i agree with charlie, that is amazing. we can get back at this, people. although jayhawks, not loyola, for me personally. >> her spirit is undampened and i think this will be the first of many beard we will start being inundated by all the stories and messages and icons of hope and things that unite us but i'm pretty excited that the first one we are hearing about or among the first is her come
10:00 am
america's good luck charm, we are rooting for you, loyola chicago. thank you so much for joining us at home. we love having you here, kennedy, and of course, my cohost harris faulkner. entre "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. any moment now we are expecting an update as the crisis at the border explodes under the biden administration. the number of unaccompanied children doubling in just the last month. hello, everyone, i am sandra smith and happy st. patrick's day, john. >> john: good day to you too. i'm john roberts in washington, d.c. we discovered as we got up to the top of our rooftop location, as pointed out by my floor manager that my time matches the color of the fountain at the white house. >> sandra: beautiful. the flowers are blooming as well. hello, spring. >> john: happy s pri


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