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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 16, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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at a station near you, will tell you more when. in the meantime i have good news. set your dvr for the next hour because let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. >> laura: thank you, sean. i don't have to say it now. you did my homework for me. >> sean: apparently you didn't know to say that so now i'm trying to help out my friend and colleague. >> laura: i am learning. i'm on a curve. greatly on a curve. hannity, awesome show. i love dan bongino and i'm lucky they'll make glad he's doing so well. that news about his health was so great. was grateful for his help. thanks so much. this is "the ingraham angle." why is the judge not looking to withhold potentially exculpatory evidence? and masks for two years old's
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and vaccine trials were those as young as six months. have our health officials stop to think what they are doing to our kids? but first, democrats for segregation. that's the focus of tonight's angola tonight's angle. public humiliation, public shaming, and finally public shunning. tactics used by the hard left to advance their political agenda but sold by the media as the path to personal growth and enlightenment. this twisted ideology is policed by members of the new purge party. critical race theory is a driving force behind all of this and we are seeing the fallout in ways both serious and absurd. what happened last night on abcs the bachelor is a little bit of both abc's "the bachelor" is a little bit of both. the bachelor gets his pick of dozens of gorgeous women who try
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desperately to impress him. and this season for the first time, mr. eligible was a black man named matt james. he ended up choosing rachel carr connell heinsisted he loved her and imagine raising children with her down the road. but that all changed after a 2018 photo of her surfaced in an antebellum themed college party in georgia. she apologized. but in 2021, this is a type of sin for which there is no real absolution. she needed to be put in today's equivalent of the stock. >> had i knew that... i had to take a step back to put the work in that you outlined. that's something you have to do on your own. and that's why we can't be in a
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relationship. >> laura: america, they want you to know that her wanting to marry this black man isn't enough to save her. she had to appear pathetic and helpless. >> you are the only reason i decided to do the show. and that includes every single part of you. and that obviously includes you being a black man. i never experienced a love like this. i don't see anyone else out there for me. >> is the door even slightly open? for a relationship, reconciliation here? >> i do not want to be emotionally responsible for those years. they work and reconciliation that needs to be done is work
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that i cannot do for you. i want you to do this work because that's the best thing that can come out of this. that is something that you do on your own. >> laura: and the humiliation of the work that she has to do continues. >> i think god >> i think god for putting you >> i thank god for everything that we shared in the time we had together. >> laura: that worked out well. love on the rocks, reputations destroyed, and careers made. again, these are the spoils of the beliefs that america is systemically racist. it drives people apart and increases alienation and
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suspicion among people who would normally get along just fine. if you believe that individual experience, background, talent, character, family upbringing, are all secondary to skin color and that america is at her core come again, systemically racist, then most of society including whom you date is going to have to be refashioned to accommodate that. if the founding is corrupt the entire system has to come down to be radically restructured. always and forever has to be changed which of course just ends up driving us all apart. columbia university considered a certain type of separation though acceptable. after its main graduation, its holding ceremonies were native, asian, latin another dubbed graduation is for first-generation and low income communities. the school hosts a lavender
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graduation for lgbtq i a q plus lgbtq are a plus communities. columbia defends the celebrations as important. not the only one to offer segregated graduations, more than 70 plus schools often are separate graduation ceremonies including harvard, california irvine, it is arizona state, berkeley, ucla, and yale. and think about it. these are among the most prestigious institutions of higher learning on the face of the planet but they are still selling racial grievance to students enrolled there. squad member ayanna pressley spoke at harvard's black graduation a few years ago. >> it really just gets me when pendants and analysts talk about how identity politics are ruining our nation. identity isn't ruining our
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country. whites of messy and hate are ruining our country. white supremacy and hate are ruining our country. i am reclaiming my time. i am reclaiming our time. our truth. >> laura: not to be outdone by harvard, the princeton theological ceremony has mandatory segregated antiracist training sessions for students and faculty. now listen closely. >> the work of antiracism is to identify, describe, and dismantle. two pandemics demand we reimagine our society and infect our seminary. >> we recognize antiracism formation is a critical proponent. >> a program that's being embedded as a way of life. >> laura: critical race theory
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meets the great reset courtesy of the pandemic. it's a trifecta. something into a accountability space. the attitude they are avoid our believing they earned what they have rather than acknowledging white privilege or asking people of color to repeat what they have said. last august, nyu students were demanding black only student housing. a group called black violet said it's not about inclusion but creating a space where black students can feel included. north carolina's elon university set up a white caucus that meets on zoom to talk about how racist america is and their own guilt and complicity in that bigotry. now what is obvious at this point is that this whole old-fashioned notion for fighting for equal opportunity, that's long gone. they want institutionalized
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segregation. it's so far gone that the woke joke have essentially purged moderates from the democratic party. charles blow at "the new york times" demands that democrats now atone for bill clinton. clinton's record with respect to black and brown americans and the poor was marked by credits topic miscalculations, betrayed the minority bases that so heavily supported him. well, perhaps mr. blow forgets that democrats were wiped out in 1994 because they overreached and bill clinton misread his mandate. the crime bill and welfare reform, they are not perfect, but they helped him study the course and where the products of compromise with the new house majority. unlike today, the parties at that time didn't self segregate on every issue. my question is, it will bill clinton i'll be accused of white privilege next? in those days, the prospect of critical race theory was just
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confined to college campuses but now it's embraced by corporations, churches, obviously the entertainment industry. you watch the grammy awards. or you didn't. and government at all levels. local, actual racism is horrific. and the first president i ever voted for understood this. back then a republican president could be invited to speak at the naacp. >> to those individuals who persist in such hateful behavior, you are the ones who are out of step with our society. you are the ones who willfully violate the meaning of the dream that is america. in this country, because of what it stands for, will not stand for your conduct. >> laura: that's what he had to say about racial bigots back in 1981. when i was growing up, liberals accuse conservatives routinely of being judgmental and
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uncaring. it is the liberals who do not believe in free expression or forgiveness for that matter. they literally segregate people based on skin color in order to train them, train them to kill correctly. this is perverse, intolerance, and its own kind of racism. in their brave new world, you have a right to feel oppressed and generously rewarded even if you are already rich and married to royalty. as long as you are the right race. but you have no right to other one word out of line if you are sharon osbourne. in that case, you have to be destroyed. just like that sad woman from "the bachelor." the left will continue to do this. to divide and demonize until it ends up costing them politically. but until then, we are going to continue to work towards
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developing a multiracial, multiethnic movement that believes in an agenda of freedom and economic nationalism, where no one's future should be restricted to race or ethnic background. and that is the end goal. joining me now is carol swain, former professor at vanderbilt and princeton university and author of "we the people: a call the reclaim american faith and promise." also here is jeremy hunt, west point grad and army veteran. carol, let's start with you. did you even think given what you seem in your lifetime that in the year 2021, we would have activities on campus segregated by race, including at ivy league schools and your old place of work, princeton university? >> they have been having segregated activity for minority students for a number of years. i never thought i would see a time where they would be so widely accepted that we would reject the integration model and
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the national motto, e pluribus unum, out of many, one. that is what is shocking to me. the segregation we see pushed by the democrats and by the leftists to me, it violates the entire civil rights vision as well as civil rights laws and in some cases the equal protection clause of the constitution, there are lawsuits waiting to happen. >> laura: jeremy, there was a very disturbing moment over the last few weeks for so many americans, i think, who believed our military leaders, they aren't political, they are here to preserve the country, part of a fighting force, leading the fighting force. but now we have seen that that is changing. the u.s. army has sent out a tweet saying that extremism can tear apart cohesive teams. colonel timothy holman, the
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chief diversity officer, and his make the force as diverse as a nation it defends. jeremy, i think a diverse military is something we have, thank goodness. but she diversity officer but chief diversity officer? >> let me first say that the army has a long way of leading on the issue of race. the army was the first to desegregate its armed forces as a whole desegregate it, and we've always been for that. i just left my time in service and i can tell you that the spirit is one team, 15. you might be wondering why is the biden the administration suddenly panicking about culture in the military and you have to wonder you have the word diversity is a code word to rush in policies.
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we have to be aware of that and see what's actually happening behind the curtain. >> laura: chief diversity officer in the military and princeton university, not trying to pick on princeton but this is happening in corporations, jeremy said we see it in the military. at this theological seminary, there is mandatory training sessions. and this disturbing moment, watch. >> it creates a space where we can really grapple with our whiteness and how we have been socialized in a way that does not harm our colleagues. this is a space open to students who identify as black, indigenous, or a person of color. we are not a monolith. we come to this work with a wide range of experiences. >> laura: i like her last comment. we are not a monolith.
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that's pretty good, carol. but white spaces and biopic spaces. >> theologically trained people for the seminary and the christian church should be leading the way on race in the very idea that they would turn to a critical race theory and secular humanism which is a rejection of god, that is absurd. critical race theory and the racist agenda of diversity, equity, and inclusion has also infected churches and many pastors have no idea what they are dealing with because they get blown away by the code words of social justice. >> laura: jeremy, i want to play with don lemon said on cnn about americans on the view just yesterday. just watch. >> we admit we are in a post-racial area, we weren't. we were living in a lie and donald trump, hate to say it, showed us the truth and showed
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us who are neighbors, many of our neighbors are. >> laura: jeremy, if america is systemically racist, the whole thing has to come down or be radically altered including the military. >> i think what we are seeing unfortunately today is another page out of jim crow's playbook. what we are seeing now is with new injustices and you segregation as you talk about it and you racism and prejudice today, somehow that can atone for the past and that is a lie. while it's important to acknowledge the past, you cannot atone for it by creating new inequalities today and unfortunately every civilization that has ever bought that lie is ultimately destroyed them. we cannot allow that here in this country. we have to stand for truth and just like we tell them, i be telling my daughter two wrongs don't make a will write right.that's what we have to kep championing for the next
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generation. >> laura: fantastic conversation. thank you so much. so it turns out that residents of a small texas town were not told that illegal immigrant teens were about to be dumped in their own backyard. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick is here on that. plus the george lloyd george in that horrible murder case decides to conceal potentially critical evidence. we are going to explain in moments.
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>> >> it's not just a message. it's also providing the legal and safe attitude to come and we are rebuilding that with tremendous speed. this is what we do. we know how to secure the border. >> we are doing everything we can to make sure we have facilities that are appropriate for children so they can be processed quickly and moved to sponsor families' foster homes. >> laura: by now it's obvious what this biden the administration's real goal is with the migrant surge. i think they knew exactly what they were doing when they ripped up trump's policies and announced they would no longer be expelling illegal alien minors. name created a massive crisis at our southern border and last week the ap grown stomach warned about growing reports about
11:24 pm
sending their children across the border alone while they remain in mexico or central america. what does that mean? they are going to come in by the biden the administration. they've got 117 migrant kids expected to rise this year. the democrats are happening the day luge would create enough political pressure to force the g.o.p. to choose between the status quo or amnesty. so put plainly, our country is at the tail end of a pandemic, we cannot have thousands of migrants as desperate as her situation is sent to a convention center while millions of our own kids still aren't in school five days a week. joining us now, texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. is there anything texas can do to push back on these disastrous decisions by the biden administration. >> let me tell you the lay of the land where we are positioned. opening up a facility in
11:25 pm
midland, texas, they didn't report to any local officials so we have a thousand kids, 250 today, going to hold up to a thousand kids in this facility. no one knew they were coming. no one knows who they are, no one knows how they are going to be there, and where they are going. to my understanding, there is the red cross volunteers, that's it. who keeps these kids inside, do we want them roaming in our neighborhood? 3,000 are going to dallas, they may be opening up another camp in san antonio. you just played a clip where there is safe travel, the biden administration, the president himself, doing something i think is just as bad as cuomo did when he sends to people in nursing homes. they are sending children into this country no idea where they
11:26 pm
are going to end up in some of these children are going to end up in sex trafficking. when they send them up to uncle bob in new jersey, wherever they become a they do not have the staff to track them, we have children being brought over with the drug cartels in charge. not the families. the president of the united states is sending children from mexico and central america into sex trafficking operations in this country. we do not know how many but we know it's happening. we arrested 9,000 people on the border, just in texas. the numbers are out of control, this is a designed disaster. the president of united states should be ashamed to put children in harm's way. this is not humane. not only america at risk but children at risk. >> as you mentioned, there is a sinister aspect of this push. >> sinister. >> laura: complete disregard not only for kids but the well-being of local communities.
11:27 pm
the people in midland totally blindsided. the mayor there, patrick payton spoke out. >> literally by the thousands. for me, we have the strangest >> laura: you said it. outrageous doesn't begin to describe it. crisis doesn't even begin to prescribed it. they made a decision period. >> a designed disaster. look, if we are apprehending roughly 800 8,800,000, they areletting the d but a small amount of criminals in the country, that's
11:28 pm
2-3000000, three more years before the next presidential election, what do we do with these kids. if you take a 15-year-old kid from central america, at a minimum you can't put a 15-year-old in the fourth grade. his self-esteem collapses because he can't keep up, barely speaks the language, three grades behind. goes out in the community and what does he do? maybe he's a great kid and i'm assuming most of these kids are great, they try to work, the gangs recruit them and we are expanding the ms-13 gangs. this president is absolutely destroying this country, destroying their lives, destroying our communities. no matter what state you live in, they are coming to a community near you. >> laura: they are being sent all across the country. thank you. and we turn now to the derek
11:29 pm
chauvin case which is already off the rails things to the city of minneapolis giving george floyd's family $27 million in the middle of the selection for the jury. judge peter cahill deciding to delay or moving the trial to a different city due to this payout in the message that sends. on top of that, the judge now says he will personally interview these seven jurors seated to see if they can still fairly adjudicate the case. here to break it down is john hinder judge cahill also denied the request for full sequestration during the trial anyone allow jurors to hear about the 2019 arrest of floyd for drugs, both of those things seem problematic. >> tucker: what you are talking about is the fact that just about exactly a year before this confrontation last may in
11:30 pm
which george lloyd died almost y the same thing happened. it's amazing. he got arrested, in the backseat of the squad car ingesting drug spirit he super excited, he sobbing, emotional, and he's so overwrought that a paramedic says to him, you've got to settle down or you are going to have a stroke or heart attack. the defense wants to get that story in front of the jury because they think it bolsters their defense that the police officers didn't kill george floyd at all but rather he died of natural causes. of course, the principal one being an overdose of fentanyl that he had taken. you cannot make this stuff up. the city of minneapolis smacked in the middle of jury selection above the board, press conference at city hall, they are paying george floyd's family $27 million to settle a wrongful death case. if that doesn't poison the jury pool, i don't know what will.
11:31 pm
>> laura: alan dershowitz set a couple of weeks ago on this show that the fact that there wasn't a change of venue already was a joke. it's just -- i don't know. every body should get a fair trial pair but one attorney described the jury selection process this way. >> you need at least two black jurors to have a likelihood of success. they manage is that you don't have to orient their point of view. they already had a visceral response and that makes them fear for their own personal safety of the right outcome is not achieved in this trial. >> laura: "the right outcome." we determine that before a single witness has been the term. >> everybody knows what the white right outcome is. everybody has declared derek chauvin a murderer.
11:32 pm
several times every day that these police officers killed george floyd. business isn't down to minneapolis have been told to get there important papers off site for a fear they may be burnt down if the wrong verdict comes through. everybody knows what people want this jury to do is to convict derek chauvin. i do not think the facts are going to war into that but that's what people expect is going to happen. >> laura: they are getting worried about this case for a whole bunch of reasons. invaluable. thank you so much. why has cdc director wishon a lenski forharmful incorrect guidance. is it a good idea to start vaccine trials and kids as young as six months? berenson and kirkman way in next. policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought
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>> laura: when it comes to
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advancing the principles of pseudoscience, rachel wilensky wins all the top awards. >> one of the things that has always been emphasized in the school reopening is how unsafe some of our school ventilation systems are. that's a problem not just for sars covid-2, i think there is a lot of work that we need to do. >> laura: the mold pandemic is upon us. any excuse to keep schools closed is good enough for her and if that's not all, despite covid waiting for weeks earlier this month fearmongering over come way for it, the variance. >> i remain deeply concerned a potential shifts in the pandemic. the latest cdc data suggest that recent declines in cases have leveled off. these variances are very real threats to our people. >> laura: cases have come down
11:39 pm
another 18% pure and hostile relations, deaths also falling 27%, 32% respectively. it gets worse. last friday the cdc cronies issued guidance that 2-year-olds should be mad. >> this guidance has been intended for all child care providers. the importance of mask wearing for all children older than two years old. >> laura: she's also reading. if that child abuse wasn't enough, the drug companies of course, is being done in collaboration with the agency headed by none other than dr. fauci. joining me now, fell kirkman, author of "unreported truths about covid-19 and lockdowns: part three." is it necessary to test the brand-new vaccine as you called it an experimental drug, on
11:40 pm
babies for a virus that poses almost no risk to them? >> well... look, there is a concept in medicine called political epic clinical the question you're asking is a good one where do we even get to clinical apple paw given the weak evidencethat sars dangerous to them as it is, they should do the clinical work to demonstrate the vaccine is not going to be dangerous to these little kids before even testing in them. i think the answer to that question is yes. the big trial committed a touch so i do not know if they did better work in the last couple
11:41 pm
of months. we know that there is not an emergency in terms of children. it's very, very rare. >> laura: i don't know what you are saying, alex. are you saying it's unclear whether it's dangerous to children? we know the percentages. the percentages are incredibly low. very low. would it be more dangerous to give a vaccine to a baby -- >> that's right. that's right. >> laura: which we don't know. >> we are in agreement here. what i'm saying is they should be forced to show that the vaccine is not going to be very dangerous to children before they can even put it in a clinical trial. >> laura: what about one
11:42 pm
doctor promoting this idea? >> children can die from this disease. we see these so-called unusual disease in children, this inflammatory disease which can be pretty upsetting and devastating. there are many reasons to vaccinate the children. >> laura: your reaction? >> it's nonsense. this respiratory disease in season, we got last time i checked 99 total pediatric covid deaths and that using this broad definition of any death within any cause within how many days of a positive test. that's how much we have with influenza deaths. as we've been told repeatedly, this is a far less dangerous for children then influenza and my preference in terms of doing a vaccine trial on children would be to wait until we have full approval for adults, not just
11:43 pm
move forward with a new trial when we are still in this emergency use authorization. let's get a couple of years of data before we do anything with children because if they do get the virus themselves they'll be better in a few days and multi-inflammatory syndrome is code for kawasaki if you are also tested positive at some point for sars-c oh-2. no differences from kawasaki without sars-co-2 which is just called kawasaki. >> laura: very concerned about spring break. >> it's almost a level of criminality going on here. >> there are a lot of people on the beach with no mass on congregating. we have been distancing ourselves from that because it makes us feel uncomfortable. >> the idea of that many people wearing no masks on the streets is frankly terrifying. >> laura: is it terrifying?
11:44 pm
>> it's terrifying to me that we are hearing this a year after this started. we know that this disease doesn't spread fast outdoors. we know that kids, teenagers and young adults, are very, very low risk from this. why are we subjecting ourselves to this panic? if they get covid, they are likely to not even know it. >> laura: no. no fun allowed at all period. >> i'd like to congratulate our cdc director to get back to your original answer because she actually made me miss the "mask is better than a vaccine" guy. she's reached a level of shocking astonishing incompetence and/or corruption throwing all the science out to do the bidding of the teachers unions. very well done for her.
11:45 pm
i actually missed the "mask is better than the vaccine" guy. >> laura: she has me checking my events for mold. gentlemen, thank you so much. the media rot exposed by a singular fake "washington post" story made by trump that a phone call with a georgia official is stunning. the head of the georgia republican party is here next. don't go away. future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> laura: remember when "the washington post" dropped as anonymous bomb shall report, saying the official would be a national hero. the posters had to admit that none of what i just read to yous true. trump posed the investigator to scrutinize ballots asserting that she would find dishonesty there. if that was wrong, why were others able to corroborate it so quickly? >> supported by "the washington post," the president called one of these investigators in the state of georgia who was mr. getting election fraud and urged him to "find the product." >> it's be if i made another call to george election officials pressuring one to "find the fraud."
11:51 pm
>> laura: what are the on-air apologies from these guys? those networks have only offered a pathetic editor's note. but this lie had ramifications far worse than a malicious narrative. it contains a key point of former president trump. >> december 23rd, trump told the chief investigator for the georgia bureau of investigations. conducting an audit. trump urged him, find the fraud, and claimed the official would be a national hero if he did. >> laura: a story that is defamatory, one on its way into the democratic's impeachment article against a sitting president, should the american people be, expect more than a scant edited notes? joining me now is david shave
11:52 pm
explain it for our viewers. >> apparently the investigator made a tape recording of this telephone call. they made the decision in the cemetery of states office to mischaracterize the contents of the call. set up we could go in trash folder in the investigator's laptop during an open records search. >> laura: i have a question. i never understood what's going on in georgia. what's going on with the georgia secretary of state. is there something wrong with him? he doesn't seem to be able to report things like this in a timely fashion. he knew the truth of this or what the investigator did, correct? >> of the instance that joe biden pulled ahead in the vote count and started to report
11:53 pm
every report citing like it's a big siding, none of the claims have been seriously investigated, none of the evidence has been objectively examined, and i think the secretary of state has failed on many levels. the secretary of state has acknowledged that vote fraud is endemic in georgia. he says it occurs in every election. but he has refused to quantify. that's what frustrated the president. the president was behind 11,700 votes in the final count. secretary of state acknowledged it was wrote down my vote fraud and refuse to get it out of the way. >> laura: the consent decree getting into the weeds here. your fellow georgian stacey abrams is attacking georgia g.o.p. bill that would require a voter i.d. and limit absentee balance. >> do you agree that it's
11:54 pm
racist? it is a redux of jim crow in a suit and tie. we know the only thing that precipitated these changes, the only connection that we can find is that more people of color voted. >> laura: your response, david? >> it's ridiculous. there is nothing racist of requiring people to show voter identification. it's surprising to me that stacey would practice the racism of expectation that somehow people of color are not capable of obtaining photo identification. >> laura: thank you so much. plus a clip, a new one with biden's sit down with abc. we have it. the last bite next.
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[crunch] >> laura: joe biden's first solo sit down to air tomorrow and we have a preview. he granted it to all around friend, the democrats love him,
12:00 am
george stephanopoulos. joe doesn't need to face tough questions to make things hard on himself. >> the idea that joe biden said come because i heard the other day that they are coming because -- i'm a nice guy enable -- here's the deal. they're not. >> don't you have to say quite clearly don't come. >> yes i can say quite clearly don't come. we are in the process of getting i can say quickly don't come. we are in the process of getting set up. >> getting set up, we are working on all you migrants into time, we will have enough beds soon. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. shannon: we are picking up where you left off. numbers are staggering. 565 unaccompanied children reportedly crossing


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