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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 16, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. tensions escalated in the middle east. jillian: 7 rockets in the middle east, 5 of them toward a military base all us contractors we you are watching "fox and friends first". benjamin: this strike comes after a series of recent attacks on american troops in the region is let us get to jerusalem with the breaking update. >> i spoke to one contractor who said the explosions were so loud they woke him out of bed. 5 rockets were fired at the
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facility in iraq that houses dozens of us contractors. a new group that has taken responsibility for the attack but reports indicate some of the rockets are used by iranian backed iraqi shia militias operating in this area, called to a civilian house next to the airbase though no casualties were reported this after a rocket attack last month in the kurdish city killed one contractor and injured us servicemember. there have been a series of rocket attacks on us interests in iraq over the past year, this led president biden to launch targeted airstrikes in syria just last month against hezbollah positions, grew partially responsible for the ongoing rocket launches. the regional tension does come amid a stalemate between the west and iran regarding the nuclear deal. they said time is running out to reach a new agreement while americans are saying the iranian's very careful about using their proxies in the middle east to provoke further escalation. benjamin: overnight at least 80
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killed in a head on collision during i >> to the border. officials say a red pickup crashed with a white ford trying to get away from texas troopers. the pickup driver was arrested after he attempted to leave the scene. two people including the driver were transported to a hospital and are in stable condition. fema stepping in to manage unaccompanied minors at the border amid the overwhelming surge. >> casey steagall has the latest. >> birdseye view from the rio grande valley of south texas shows no end insight to the wave of migrants making their way across the southern border. many our children traveling alone and officials say the system is struggling to keep up. >> the workforce are stressed out, overwhelmed and it is backed up. >> 4000 unaccompanied children are now currently in us custody,
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up 31% from just a week ago. agents say they are averaging more than 500 juvenile apprehensions week. the us department of homeland security asked for fema's help over the weekend, that agency normally tasked with assisting americans during disasters will now help, quote, safely received, shoulder and transfer unaccompanied minors for the next 90 days. local leaders say any help is welcomed as their own resources are tight with many communities now providing covid-19 testing and isolation for sick migrants. >> the difference is we are dealing with a global pandemic and the idea of how to manage this global pandemic. >> minors may only remain in federal custody for no more than 3 days and officials say with the extreme backlog thousands are waiting much longer than that. that is the latest. casey steagall, fox news. jillian: republican lawmakers
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are slamming president biden after visiting migrant detention facility in el paso, texas. kevin mccarthy calls it human heartbreak as he calls out biden's border policies. >> you need to come to the sport, look what has happened, what he has created and change it. these coyotes are making tremendous amounts of money, these cartels, things we haven't seen before, this is what is happening. this is what is going on on our borders. >> the white house blames the trump administration. texas attorney general ken paxton disagreed when he was asked about a light at the end of the tunnel. >> no. i think i was on your show after biden was sworn in and i predicted we would have a crisis and the spread of covid-19 whitaker and we would have more
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crime and now we have 3000 people in the convention center in dallas all packed in. we don't know what their condition is or their health status and he's about to issue national rules about wearing masks that work for citizens of this country, doesn't make sense. >> last week in brownsville, texas, 1700 migrants were tested for covid-19, 200 for positive. >> two men charged in the death of brian sickneck, they appeared in federal court yesterday accused of assaulting the officer. officials initially said sicknick was flattered hit in the head during the firing signature during the capital right. >> today a fallen tampa police officer laid to rest. jesse madsen sacrificed his own life by driving into the path of the wrong way driver last week. the 16 year veteran of the force also served in the marines. the service will include a 21 gun salute, playing of taps in the final radio call. he leaves behind a wife and 3
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children. now to this. the biden administration taking a victory lap after signing the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. benjamin: mark meredith live in washington where the president reportedly now eyes the first major tax hike in 3 decades. >> reporter: later today president biden goes to a small business outside philadelphia to drum up excitement for his american rescue plan, $1.9 trillion stimulus was signed into law last week, now the president wants to sell americans on why it matters. >> if we can get our economy back on track by helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses open and stay open and get people of this nation a fighting chance again. >> vice president harris on the road touting the money provided for the pandemic, she was started in los angeles before heading to denver later on. 's republicans argue the country
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is spending too much too fast democrats are eager to spend more including on infrastructure but to do it appears tax hikes may be in the works. we can see a repeal of portions of the tax cuts, potential increases of the corporate tax rate as well as tax hikes on wealthier americans but the exact details are not ready yet. democrats may be looking to bypass republicans to get this done. one democratic senator's conversation was picked up on a hot microphone. he said it is likely democrats would use the process to get this bill to the senate by a majority vote instead of needing republican support. >> republicans be with you at this point? >> the conversation could lead republicans to accuse the president of skipping his unity pledge and focusing on the far left agenda like canceling student loan debt. florida republican senator rick scott is urging congress to stop spending so much was even want some governors to reject
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billions of dollars in aid already approved. >> we know you need help. we will give you help on everything that has to do with covid but we can't keep wasting this money. >> reporter: some republicans are on the record saying they are eager to work with democrats on an infrastructure bill. we have to wait and see what is in it. benjamin: starting today all mississippi residents can get their hands on covid-19 vaccine, kate reeves expanding eligibility just in time for spring break saying 10,000 appointments will be available in the next three weeks. the new york times reports 20% of mississippi residents have received one shot. 11% are fully vaccinated. time is 8 minutes after the hour. it has been a bitter battle to get students back in california classrooms but some schools
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looking to cover teacher bonuses with covid refunds. up next we are joined by the man who uncovered the memos and apparently says enough is enough. shannon: take a chance on me, the story behind this viral cover letter. we will show you. that has employers everywhere writing to say you are hired. we will show you that. we will be right back. ♪♪ take a chance on me
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hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home
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i knew there would be a lot of orders to fill and i wanted them to ship out fast that's why i chose shipstation shipstation helps manage orders reduce shipping costs and print out shipping labels it's my secret ingredient shipstation the number 1 choice of online sellers and wolfgang puck go to and get 2 months free >> the california school districts reportedly discussing ways to cover teacher bonuses using covid refunds this according to leaked memos. when reading and part, quote, because of the influx of onetime dollars from state and federal government related to covid relief for schools committee members are asked to service
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their work on a 1-time off schedule payment to employees. shannon: joining us live, the facebook page that leaks those memos and california parent kimberly hendrickson. thank you for joining us, pleasure to have you on the show. we have to have a look at this memo that was suggested. it says it asks how you might spend the $2,000 bonus on ppe, technology, childcare or anything else, an airplane trip to hawaii when this is over. as a parent, how does that make you feel? >> it sounds amazing. i want the trip to hawaii, i have been working really hard this year. jillian: what has it been like to be working as you mentioned,
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to have kids, to figure out how to give them the best education possible at home, can you expand on what the last year has been light? >> child with special needs, on the autism spectrum, the education classroom for 70% day today, on zoom for the past year, today he went back to hybrid. i cannot work past a certain hour of the day because he is approaching meltdown mode at a public childcare facility. i think we should all get a stipend for returning to life but that is not realistic. shannon: a lot on your plate. benjamin: you've discovered a number of others issues to do with the teachers union. how do you come across this information and what do you make of it? >> the desert sand bonus was shared with me, i was getting
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inundated with a lot of different messages including the ones from dublin. parents are furious. we've been told this government money was needed for schools to open safely and to have the suggestions was very upsetting and many of these parents have been working really hard, many have quit their jobs and gone into debt so families, kids, kids especially made the largest sacrifices. shannon: let's look at these statements, this reads in part the desire to recognize the effort through some form of a one time work -- is in public announced by the administration and governing board but no amount has been proposed. here's what the teachers association says, quote, we welcome a real partnership with the community to prioritize our students, their safety, their learning, their complete well-being. diversions like this one for political gain or our students
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and our community. i want to go back to you, kimberly. it talks about the trials and tribulations you've had at home and i know a lot of parents across the country echo that sentiment. we've heard that story over and over again. who is not hearing it. is it the teachers, the teachers union? where are you seeing the problems and what do we do about this? >> we need to show californians are not anymore superior human beings and we need our school's open fully 5 days, not just-5, we need every school, no hybrid, hybrid is not good for everyone. we need a platform that is not just zoom. we need in person school. i want my school district to understand unified school district to open fully, this is not fair. mental health and disparity, not
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just for the parents obviously but for our children and our children should be the ones that come first. benjamin: you say that's not fair. things like food service workers, special education, to be back in person, not the teachers, how do you square that circle? >> you don't. those are the lowest wage staff and they have been back, exposed to kim jong un for this whole time. in san juan the bonuses were less than 200, the superintendent got close to 3 k based on one% of pay. so really those are the heroes, of those personnel and teachers, they've gone back full-time and we appreciate that is what we really need is all the teachers to be back and once we get all the programs back full-time, then let's talk about that hawaii trip. shannon: i'm curious about this. you started that reopen california facebook page that
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leak these memos. of you heard from anyone on the other side of it upset these memos have been leaked? >> i have heard director from dublin but that is about it. for the most part these institutions are embarrassed of it and so hopefully can change behavior on school boards and unions, we will do what is right for our kids after the stuff gets exposed. benjamin: thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it, best of luck, hope your kids get back to school as soon as possible. shannon: still to come gyms were among the hardest hit when covid-19 closed and many gym owners are fighting every day to keep their doors open. >> we been open two month total in the last year. >> we want to help people get healthy. benjamin: we continue our series on the american business owners who are refusing to give up.
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shannon: a search warrant served in connection to the disappearance of elizabeth smart, the prime suspect's father in california, ground penetrating radar used in the search. the last person seen with smart near her dorm in st. louis. she was 19 years old. benjamin: the investigation into tiger woods's car crash under scrutiny. evidence suggests woods was inattentive or asleep behind the wheel despite the la county sheriff saying he showed no
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signs of impairment, there were break marks on the road and woods telling deputies he didn't remember driving or how the crash happened. in 2020, gyms were forced to shut their doors as owners were left behind for months. >> small businesses are struggling to navigate through the harsh restrictions so we paid a visit to gym owners across the country to hear their story. >> the issue dropped in march. we will never forget the day. >> we been open two month total in the last year. >> i believe we haven't seen the worst of it. look around the gyms. it is empty. >> how helpless we felt to the process. >> i had to sell my house. it is brutal what has been going on. guys are in different careers, they lost the gyms they works for their whole life. i refuse to do that. >> it is a serious concern for
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small businesses, we could lose everything. it is clean, it is safe. >> what go to a father's mind with the government says we can't help your child and you, you can't help not only a child but a bunch of other kids who are seeking out your institution? >> after april when i felt the curve was being flat by said i want to see if i can open my special needs jim, my sons assisted, i have a big group of children with challenges and we have a hard time being home and i want to get them into the gym. the fastest response i've ever gotten from government. they literally refuse to me within a couple days and i wrote it is for mental health, children's parents crying to me, they just didn't care. >> what we want to sell people get healthy. i don't understand how this pandemic hasn't taught a lesson of how important underlying health is. >> what is this entire experience taught you about government? >> the virus is real, no
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question but the way other handling it is ridiculous. i'm health and wellness professional. i'm not going to listen to the government tell me because of what he heard. i go by the science of the science says it is safe to work out as long as you're socially distant and wearing a mask, period, end story. >> look at this room, these machines are socially distant so if you have people they are not going to be within 6 feet of each other, you have classes outdoors, seems you're more than happy to comply with any rules you have to just to be able to be given an option and that is >> how many chickens do we have? >> 18,000 seconds. >> no covid-19 cases because we are being safe. we are in the health and business. >> your best defense is a healthy body. >> was there something you look back on now? >> different emotions we are dealing with.
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at first, oh my god, it is our business, our baby. >> time away from our children, our families. we sacrificed so much and having it ripped away is tough. >> i can see your pain even when you are wearing a mask. i just met you today. >> my parents always told me about the land of the free. it meant a lot over there in germany. too much government control. always told me usa, that is -- i'm proud to be here. >> is this what you envisioned? these are unusual circumstances number of us have experienced in this past year. >> this pandemic has impacted my life by a lot. but i never regret where i am, what i have done. i still have hope. i love this country, wouldn't want to be any other place.
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shannon: it is emotional when you talk to these business owners and these gym owners, the last family, they were so sweet, they pour their life story to me to tell it to america because they are struggling among so many others in this country, they wiped out their savings, maxed out their credit cards, the same-store you are hearing over and over again, jim owners saying we are the forgotten man, the forgotten business, somebody please listen to us and our story and as you saw in the video that wasn't just -- everyone in the gyms happy to wear a mask or do what they need to do, just to be given a chance. >> you hear so many stories about the money and investment people made in their business to make covid-19 safe and not allowed to open up, this is about staying healthy and wanting that will be covid-19 is being healthy and that is what they are trying to do, make society healthier, they lost their whole life's work they worked for decades towards out the window, you just think what
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are they going to do next but hats off, kudos to that man who said not for him, he will do whatever it takes to keep his jim open and they are just waiting to get people back and hopefully everyone will get back to the gyms, restaurants, shops as soon as they can because they need business and that get the economy moving again so fingers crossed, we will find an uptick soon, heart wrenching seeing that, truly is. shannon: still to come new york city mayor bill deblasio refusing to work with andrew cuomo as allegations of harassment and corruption mount against the governor. is the white house giving cuomo a free pass? we will have a live report. two biden cabinet members making the first trip abroad to focus on concerns with china and north korea the national security aide for donald trump joins us next.
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shannon: good morning and welcome back. in the report feeling new jersey governor phil murphy's office ignored warnings henry admitting nursing home residents with covid 19 would lead to death in march 2020 call healthcare providers are poorly told the state's health commissioner it was not possible to keep virus patients separate as suggested. the order is believed to have led to 8000 death. michigan governor gretchen witmer is under fire for similar order but the state attorney general says an investigation is not warranted at this time. 5000 of the state's virus deaths were linked to long-term care facilities. benjamin: nursing home death one of the scandals new york governor andrew cuomo is facing, cuomo under investigation from his attorney general and state lawmakers as they luncheon impeachment pro. shannon: one of his accusers meets with investigators. what is the latest? >> reporter: charlotte bennett reportedly spent four hours with
1:33 am
investigators, 120 pages of records, one tidbit reveals, quote, the governor's preoccupation with his hand size of the large size of his hand indicated to charlotte and other members of his staff, 7 women accused cuomo of inappropriate behavior, detail their experiences on new york radio. >> there was a lot of vitriolic screaming, shouting, name-calling, he never asked me about my work, never spoke my name. he did make flirtatious gestures and approached me. >> embraced me too tightly, too long and was aroused. >> new york state lawmakers say the harassment allegations will be just one part of the impeachment pro with the state nursing home death and corruption allegations also under scrutiny. it comes as cuomo's office and i reports claiming the state's vaccine czar called county
1:34 am
executive to gauge their loyalty to the governor while prominent democrats like bill deblasio say they've given up working with the embattled governor, the white house says they won't strip cuomo of his role in leading the weekly covid-19 calls. >> new development seem to happen every day. we find them troubling. our objective here continues to be to get the covid pandemic under control and we don't want the people of new york or any state to be impacted negatively. we will continue to work with a range of governors including governor cuomo.
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shannon: factor fiction?
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joy behar getting attention for her latest view. benjamin: claiming antifa isn't real. carley shimkus is here with more. carley: we have seen the violence in cities across the country firsthand but several people on the left including president biden have said antifa doesn't exist, criticizing senator ron johnson the view cohost joy behar repeated that talking point. >> people carrying weapons, erecting loses her, screaming hank mike pence, bludgeoning a police officer to death. i might be a little scared but ron is not scared of those people. he scared of this fictitious idea of antifa, a thing that doesn't even exist. shannon: ted wheeler disagrees, he moved to push against antifa after another riot rocked the
1:46 am
city new year's eve. dave rubin tweeting i like the way i would achieve a chat with her on the street in new york city, she has officially lost her mind. post your favorite antifa videos below and maybe she will realize there more than an idea. president biden said during one of the debates, it is an idea. >> quite a correction from the washington post. >> that is right, the washington post issued a massive correction on a january report about a phone call between donald trump and an election investigator in georgia. they now admit they wrongly attributed some quotes to the former president. they write trump did not tell the investigator to, quote, find the fraud or say she would be a
1:47 am
national hero with she did. trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots asserting she would find dishonesty there and told her she had the most important job in the country right now but that allegation that the former president told that investigator to find the fraud was all over the media in january, trump did respond to this correction, he says you will notice that establishment media errors and outright lies always land one way against me and against republicans, this latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlet should be regarded as political entities, not journalistic enterprises in any event i thank the washington post for the correction was a muted, measured response from the former president. shannon: we will hear more about that in the next hour. this is one of the most touching that as i heard in a while. >> a young man in virginia going
1:48 am
viral for his open and honest linkedin cover letter, 20-year-old ryan lowery told future employers he had autism writing i realize someone like you will have to take a chance on me. i don't learn like typical people do that i would need a mentor to teach me but i learned quickly and want -- once you clean and i get it. i promise that if you hire me and teach me you will be glad you did. guess what, his resume has over 6 million views, more importantly he also has been inundated with people interested in hiring him. ryan's proud parents saying he's speaking with fortune 500 companies in a few weeks so congratulations to him. . we are coming right back.
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should pay more to meet the needs of the economy, the spending we need to do. >> in the reports is president biden is for the with the first major tax hike since 1993 throwing huge amount of money to infrastructure and climate initiatives. will this throw a wrench into an economy that is already struggling to recover from covid 19. good to see you, thanks for being here. >> happy to be here. shannon: let's pull up this
1:53 am
proposed tax hike that includes raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, pairing back tax preference llcs, raising the income tax rate on individuals earning 48,$000, the list goes on. could a tax hike like this especially when you are talking about the corporate tax rate increases could that have a trickle-down effect to middle-class america because it is kind of a domino affect. >> it is. $1.9 trillion, this tax increase is looking to be $4 trillion of federal confiscation of wealth. this is going to be part of the bill back better plan so in a way it is designed to harm middle america because what they are trying to do is essentially level the economy and build it back up in this green image so this is going to affect everyone and everything in our economy and what president biden has done is he is going to be sneaking extra goodies into this
1:54 am
you wouldn't normally expect. this is there climate policy with his $4 trillion tax hike coming up. jillian: $2 trillion in clean energy spending over four years, achieving a carbon free power sector by 2035, upgrading buildings over four years, creating 1.5 million energy efficient housing units and incentivizing gas powered cars trading. i want you to respond to this clip between senator ben cardin and pete buttigieg on monday. >> reporter: surf parts of it, ultimately put together something similar to how the plan was put together. this will be with you up to a point. okay. shannon: could you hear that?
1:55 am
could you hear that >> i couldn't hear exactly. i heard them talking. jillian: i will read part of it for you because i want you to react to this and this is the senator saying we have to use reconciliation. the republicans will be with you up to a point and he's trying to continue, pete buttigieg says let's clear this and they move off the path the fact they are having this conversation out in public and pete buttigieg saying let's move along what is your reaction to that? >> nancy pelosi is famous line obamacare, we won't know what is in it is a web we pass it, you don't know what the tax increases and impact on the economy will be until after they pass it and try to smooth it over between the houses. this is in a sense a progressive dream, what happened with the
1:56 am
lockdown and the massive spending and now massive tax increase on top of it. what it is doing is getting more and more americans dependent on government, it will harm more and more americans economically which gives justification for more government aid, more government handouts, more government programs, more power by the progressive politicians who want to wield all of these -- redefining now spending, talk about redefining spending to include pretty much any topic they want and particularly with this it will be climate energy environment. jillian: pickup #apps will green fraud which comes out next tuesday. in the next hour of "fox and friends first" a group of republican lawmakers getting a firsthand look at the biden border crisis. they were part of the visit and will join us live. sadly, not anymore.
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>> -- >> housing us contractors, you're watching "fox and friends first". carley: this strike after a series of recent attacks on american troops in the region. let's get to trading in jerusalem. >> reporter: i spoke to one


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