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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 14, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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wisconsin, it's beautiful over there. want to wish everyone a happy sunday. pete, go ahead. pete: that's right. have a great sunday, everybody and go to church. like good boys, we straightened up. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to sunday morning futures. spring is in the air and a panic is sure to follow with the number of illegal migrants coming into the country expected to spike in the springtime as the weather gets warmer. coming up this morning, texas governor greg abbott from the front lines of the open border crisis. with drugs, human smugglers and coronavirus all crossing into america. plus, governing by one party rule, democrats pass the $1.9 trillion covid package and they're hoping hr1 is next, something former director of national intelligence john
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ratcliffe to steer clear of last week on this program. >> what you see with hr1 and with president biden's executive order is they're making those pandemic voting rules permanent. no voter verification at all, voting day, election day turns into election month, and the worst part of it, ballot harvesting where any person can go door-to-door and collect ballots and be trusted even if they're political activists to turn those in to be counted. maria: this hour, texas senator john cornyn on whether hr1 will pass the senate, plus the biden agenda from the border to tax and spending packages, can the republicans do anything to stop it? plus, corruption at the highest levels of government, investigative reporter peter schweizer on who in congress is reluctant to hold the communist party in china accountable and why. plus, progressive politics creeping into school curriculums
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every day, author candace owen on the critical race tier rise s your kids could be learning. all that as we look ahead right here, right now on sunday morning futures. first up, the humanitarian crisis at the southern border with u.s. customs and border protection agents executing more than 100,000 apprehensions in february alone, that is a 28% increase from the previous month when president trump was still in office. the biden administration continues to bear no responsibility for the spike, despite overturning president trump's tough stance on illegal migration. the biden administration prepares to call it a human challenge. joining me now is the governor of texas, greg abbott, whose state is at the center of all of this. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> of course, good morning. maria: assess the situation for us. i know that you were at the border just yesterday, this
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weekend. i want you to walk us through what are the biggest and most important challenges our audience need to understand. >> two things, maria. one is, the dramatic increase in the influx of people coming across the border. remember this, as you were kind of pointing out, it's the biden open border policies that are inviting even more illegal immigration and actually have created this humanitarian crisis. as you know, i went down to the border this past week and i met with border patrol officers and here's what they told me. the border patrol officers themselves told me they informed the biden administration that because of the policy changes it would lead to this massive surge that we are now beginning to see knowing it's going to be getting far worse in the coming months. they also said that the reason for the change, the reason for the increase and the influx is because of the policy change by the biden administration. more importantly, though, maria,
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is this challenge and that is the border patrol officers told me that the biden administration policies, they are enriching and they are empowering the drug cartels in mexico who make money off of the people that they assist in smuggling them into the state of texas. the cartels make money off of these migrants that you and your viewers see on tv. they also told me about the escalating numbers of the people coming across the border. some quick numbers real quick. over all of last year, and the rio grande valley sector alone, so your viewers in texas, texas has several border patrol sectors and the rio grande sector alone all of last year they made 90,000 apprehensions. this year, the first two and-a-half months, they've made about 110,000 apprehensions including in those apprehensions are 800 criminal aliens, criminal aliens who have previously been arrested and exported from the united states.
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78 sex offenders and 62 gang members which include ms-1313 gangs. in response we had to launch what i call operation lone star. what the cartels do, they surge all these people to the border and fully occupy all of the border patrol agents and when the border patrol agents are occupied they know there are gaps along the border and what the cartel does, they surge people through the gaps. operation lone star includes national guard as well aztecs as department of public safety officers to fill the gaps to prevent the cartels from bringing across the border the most dangerous criminal elements as well as the opioids that they're trying to smuggle across the border. maria: now, this is putting our agents in harm's way, isn't it? i spoke with some border agents myself this week and last week and they told me that a local
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congresswoman, veronica escobar, told them not to carry their machine guns because the migrants are feeling threatened. i spoke with congresswoman escobar's office and they're telling me she never said this, she never put anyone in danger and she never told them. but the border agents are saying no, no, no, she said please don't carry your weapons, your machine guns to the bridge because it is making the migrants feel uncomfortable and then they won't turn themselves in. isn't that putting our agents in harm's way? is that what's happening? tell us. because she said she never said that and she absolutely is denying that she said don't carry your weapons, your machine guns. >> our border patrol agents are put in harm's way in several ways. one, because they're having to deal with the increase in the cartel activity. two, as you know, the cartels are very heavily armed and our border patrol agents have to respond to that and they need
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all their weapons. but maria, there's another way in which our border patrol agents are put in harm's way and that is the biden administration was not providing covid vaccines for the border patrol in the rio grande valley region. because of my public outcry about that when i was down on the border, now, finally, the biden administration has changed gears and they are doing exactly what i called for and that is providing the border patrol with the vaccine this needed because they are exposed to everybody coming across the border and they need to be vaccinated, finally, the biden administration is stepping up and providing those vaccines. maria: this drug war, the cartels, this is an incredibly dangerous situation happening at the border. we have expectation that's we're going to talk with senator cornyn in the next block about how much they are charging to get people across the border. he says it's from all countries, it's from all over the world and depending on where you come from it's a different price. one of the reasons is the covid
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situation as you mentioned. there is a corey from the washington -- story from the washington times that migrants are flooding ayou cross the border with as much as 10 times the covid-19 rate as americans. your reaction. >> ten times what? maria: ten times the covid rate as americans, in other words, ten times worse, the covid coming across the border. >> so, maria, i have not seen any data about what the covid rate is. i do know this fact that came from the border patrol officers that i spoke with and that is there are migrants coming across the border who do have covid-19. so you raise a point that i'm expecting answers from the biden administration immediately this week, we need the total number of migrants who have been apprehended at the border who have tested positive for covid-19, the state of texas is responsible for fully reporting out anybody in our state who has covid-19. the biden administration has
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refused and failed to give to our state the total number of migrants who have covid-19. we expect that data and we expect the biden administration to step up and assist the state of texas in being able to respond to that imported challenge, imported only because of the change in policies by the biden administration. maria: have you spoken with president biden? has he called you? >> i personally have not spoken with president biden about this. the last time i talked to him was when he was in houston, texas, a couple weeks ago. but our office has been in constant communication with their office, with one exception. and that is, we got surprise news at 9:30 last night, to 12 hours ago, we got surprise news from the federal hhs, they're going to be sending some of these migrants over to a holding facility in midland which if they're going to be working with us, the governor of the state of texas has to know what they're doing. how many people are they bringing in here?
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where are they going? what type of covid protocols are they using? what will they do to mitigate the spread of covid-19 concerning all the people they're bringing into the state of texas. maria there, are so many questions that are completely unanswered by the biden administration and the danger they're putting onto the backs of our fellow texans. maria: is that why they're sending fema in right now? are they overwhelmed by the thousands and thousands of teenagers that they say they need fee that m&a to oversee it da -- fema to oversee it. this is the latest news. >> it is the fact that they are overwhelmed. what's stunning, they expressed surprise and shock about the fact that they are overwhelmed when the border patrol and everybody in texas has known that this is coming especially because of the change in policy by the biden administration and so they are overwhelmed and they're finally stepping up and providing resource this need but it's a day late and it's really
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far short. maria: this agenda obviously has impacted texas so much and the country. governor, is there anything you can do about it? we're also talking about the administration wanting to remove the state's ownership and overseeing of elections with this hr1. can you do anything about it to not get the election oversight taken from the state of texas with hr1? >> absolutely. maria, you may remember that before i was governor, i was the attorney general of texas. and when the obama administration tried doing things like this, i filed 31 lawsuits against the obama administration. the strongest tool that we have is the litigation tool. and when you look at some of the things that they're talking about with regard to hr1, they're trying to institutionalize voter fraud in the united states of america. they want to make mail-in ballots permanent. everyone knows including democrats in texas have said
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that one of the easiest ways to cheat in elections is through the mail-in ballots. they want to make it harder to require the use of voter id. they want to protect ballot harvesting. let me tell you an amazing story because it was barack obama himself who knew about the dangers of ballot harvesting in the state of texas. under his administration, he sent his u.s. attorney for the southern district of texas as well as fbi to south texas to arrest and prosecute people who were involved in ballot harvesting that were using cocaine to buy votes through the ballot harvesting process in the state of texas. it is a way to commit voter fraud and it cannot be allowed. maria: this is absolutely extraordinary, governor. thanks very much for sharing this very important information. we of course will keep a spotlight on this subject. voter integrity. governor, good to see you this morning. thanks very much. our prayers are with you and your leadership on this crisis at the border.
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governor greg abbott, we'll see you soon, sir. thanks very much. when we come back, well stay in texas with senator john cornyn on why the cartels and criminals are benefiting most from president biden's policy. you won't believe what they're charging migrants for passage into the u.s. thousands and thousands of dollars. stay with us. back in a moment. r veterans lik. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. get 2 unlimited lines for only $70.
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almost everyone that comes across the border illegally has to pay a smuggler or cartel member to come across the border. it is very dangerous and expensive to do this. the biden administration signaled it's okay to do that because your odds are in your favor that you will remain here in the united states. maria: that was former acting department of homeland security secretary chad wolf on "mornings with maria" on fox business this past week explaining how president biden's immigration
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agenda emboldens human traffickers and drug cartels. our next guest visited the border on friday, he witnessed a crisis that is only going to get worse. john cornyn has been studying this issue for years and senator, good morning to you. good to have you this morning. >> thank you. maria: what can you tell us at this point? i know that you just heard secretary wolf say it is emboldening the drug cartels. is that what you're seeing on the ground? how do assess the situation? >> yeah, the signals that biden administration is sending by eliminating the migrant protection program or remain in mexico program that was negotiated with the mexican government and as well as the failure to enforce the title 42 public health order which basically gave the border patrol the ability to keep people out of the country who may infect
7:18 am
the u.s. population, basically they're ignoring all of that and i think sending the signal that the border is open and anybody who wants to come to texas or the united states is free to do so. i think this is the logical conclusion of that. maria: you've said that you believe things will get worse from here. why is that? do we typically see the numbers spike in the springtime? >> yeah, the weather has a lot to do with it because of course during the august heat, it's deadly and as you he know, many migrants simply don't make it from their place of origin across the border because they die of exposure and heat and thirst. but in the springtime, we usually see the numbers go up so i believe we're going to see an upward tick. one of the border patrol of estimates is we're going to see as many as 117,000 unaccompanied children alone by the end of the year. maria: so talk to us about what
7:19 am
the cartels are doing. there are a lot of stories this morning about human trafficking and that the cartels are selling kids for $3,200 a head at this open border with mexico. i want to go through some of the numbers here. we've got it on a graphic. and also get your take on where they are coming from. we've been talking about migrants from mexico. currently the fees to get somebody across from mexico between 1500 and 2500, migrants from central america, 8,000 to 15,000. migrants from overseas countries, 40,000 to $50,000. where are these migrants coming from? >> well, had they are literally coming from all over the world. what people need to understand is these are criminal organizations and they trade in things that make them money, whether it's trafficking and sex, women and children for sex, whether it's drugs, illegal drugs like the -- which killed
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70,000 americans glues the last couple of years on an annual basis. and of course the people who want to come from central america and mexico but to your point, these criminal organizations have networks all around the world and it's just a matter of price. if you want to come from mexico, it's one price, about 3 to $4,000. if you want to come from farther away, like central america, there's a premium paid for that. if you want to come from europe or the middle east and many countries of special interest and concern to the united states government, if you pay the price, $15,000 or so, maybe more, then you can make it through these criminal networks. so this is not just people fleeing poverty or violence in central america. these are people literally coming from all around the world and we don't know who they are. maria: secretary mayorkas keeps calling this a human challenge. they will not call it a crisis. do you believe this is a crisis? >> it is a crisis. when a similar surge happened a
7:21 am
few years ago, president obama himself called it a humanitarian crisis and as i suggested, this is going to get nothing but worse as the spring comes. maria: senator, stay with us. we're going to take a short break and then i've got to get your take on other issues as well, such as governing by executive order and along party lines and why you say the democrats' sweeping voter reform bill is an effort to install a permanent democrat majority. stay with us. we'll be right back. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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an amazing place to be, we'll keep bringing you a faster, more secure, and more amazing internet. xfinity. the future of awesome. maria: we are back with texas senator john cornyn and senator, we were just talking about the prices that these cartels are charging to get people over the border, kids in particular.
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weren't we doing swab tests at the border of dna so that the border agents can fully know if the kids are actually the, quote, unquote, parents that their with children, are we no longer doing that? >> there are documented cases of people renting or buying children because they realize family units can get across the border and navigate our immigration laws successfully because of that, because of the family. there are some -- some dna testing being done but it needs to be done routinely along with other biometric identification because one, we need to know who is coming across because later on if in fact there are gangs or cartel activity, drug sales, human trafficking, that we can investigate that and trace it back to its origin but it's not being routinely done. it needs to be. maria: and you said a moment ago it's drugs. and we have a heroin problem in
7:26 am
this country. did it start at the border? i also have that one other person told me that about a third of the reports are reporting some kind of sexual assault related to the travel, related to the crossing, in terms of the drugs and the sexual assault, can you confirm that? >> sadly t women and girls who come across the border in the hands of the cartel, about a third of them report some sort of sexual assault in the process and these are the same networks that do transmit fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine into the united states that have taken tens of thousands of lives. these cartels care nothing about the people. all they care about is the money and any commodity, anything they can do for a buck they will do it. maria: unbelievable. the democrats care a lot about election changes. they want the hr1 to become the new standard, taking it away from the states, nationalizing elections. do you think that hr1 passes the senate and what is the timing on
7:27 am
that bill? >> well, you're right, hr1 is a hijacking of state and local election laws. they want to outlaw things like common sense consensus ballot integrity protections like voter id as governor abbott mentioned, they want to install ballot harvesting which is fought with fraud and other problems. this is a power grab. it's that simple. they want to install permanent partisan majority in the united states when it comes to voting in elections. a lot of this is going to depend on how strong people like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, two senators who said they oppose eliminating the requirement of 60 votes in order toes pass things in the senate -- in order to pass things in the senate. there's a common sense reason we have that there. the founders believe we needed to build consensus in the country, not jam things through
7:28 am
when there was a partisan advantage. we're going to fight these things with everything we have in the senate. the courts as governor abbott said will be the backup plan. much of what they intend to do, take over redistricting process which is the purview of the states, drawing lines in ways that favor democratic majority, we'll fight this in the senate and we'll fight this in the courts if necessary. maria: and senator, you just said to jam in things that don't have full support. that's what they did with this so-called covid relief package, 1 point # trillion dollars package -- $1.9 trillion package is now law. tell me about that. and is the next package a raising tax package to pay for this. you're talking about more than $5 trillion thrown at the economy in the past year. >> notwithstanding president biden's eloquent words when he talked about unifying the country and healing the divisions, everything his
7:29 am
administration has done with the democratic majority in the house and senate have been partisan so far. everything. whether it's the unilateral executive orders of, some of which have been halted by litigation in the federal courts, or this $1.9 trillion reckless spending package, only about 10% of which has to do with covid-19, a lot of these things involved earmarks like for nancy pelosi in california for chuck schumer in new york, fortunately we were able to get those knocked out of the bill but many people including larry summers, a prominent democratic economist, are worried we're pouring so much borrowed money into the economy that inflation will be a real problem. so this was a purely political move. we still had roughly $600 billion left that was appropriated in december which hadn't even made its way out the door yet so they're just
7:30 am
flooding the zone while they they can for political advantage and i think they're going to regret it. maria: have they started working on a tax increase package yet, senator? >> yes. i think that's going to be the next. as you know, we passed the tax cuts and jobs act in 2017 which helped stimulate the economy. it helped bring money back home from overseas. and made us more competitive globally and the democrats of course are looking for revenue and they're already threatening elizabeth warren, a so-called wealth tax, looking at raising the corporate rate from 21 to 28%, maybe higher, they can do that using the budget reconciliation process that they used for $1.9 trillion bill. it's going to be a big fight. clearly, they want to raise taxes. maria: so you can't do anything about it. i mean, you voted no on the stimulus package, the covid package, 10% was co-individual and it still -- covid and it still passed. the republicans are in a spot.
7:31 am
they they can't stop any of this agenda. >> we can stop some of it because there are arcane rules called the bird rule for example that limit what you can do on a reconciliation package but you're right, a lot of this they can do if they have the political will to do it. but there's the next election, 2022, i predict that if they continue down this path there's going to be a huge political backlash which will install a republican majority both in the house of representatives and in the united states senate and then joe biden will have to deal with that. maria: all right, senator, we will leave it there. i know some of your colleagues want to move to ditch the time change, the daylight saving time. i sort of like daylight saving time, how about you, as we go, senator. >> i'm kind of ambivalent. it feels kind of strange this morning but we're no longer an egrarian economy. i'm ambivalent.
7:32 am
maria: senator, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. we'll see you soon. coming up, investigative reporter peter schweizer on the chinese communist party's efforts to overtake america. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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7:36 am
intended to do, maria, is influence members of congress to make sure they're passing laws that are favorable for china and not passing laws that are anti-china. and they've been successful. maria: that a was former dni john ratcliffe on this program back in december, warning us about the communist party of beijing's massive influence campaign which includes targeting u.s. elected officials. among those compromised, california democrat eric a swalwell whose special friendship with a chinese spy helped get him elected to congress. he will continue to have access to america's secrets, something that congressman kevin mccarthy said he will move to stop. joining me now is investigative journalist peter schweizer, he's been exposing politicians in china, with china ties for years. good morning to you. we've spoken a lot about china on this program. just a week ago, the ccp had its
7:37 am
annual legislative session where they put together their efforts for the next five years and goals for the next five years and among the goals is to overtake america as the number one super power. members of congress can be helpful in that regard. what can you tell us? >> yeah, you're exactly right. i mean, look, the chinese leadership in 1995 set up something called the central leading bureau for u.s. congressional affairs. it was designed and is targeting u.s. members of congress and the theory is really simple, maria. if you're going to have a competition with the united states, why not try to effectively decapitate part of the leadership by co-opting them. you can co-opt them in the old ways of honey traps, so-to-speak, you can give sweetheart commercial deals by enriching families. china has more money to do that than the soviet union ever did. this is a massive problem. we can challenge and stay ahead
7:38 am
of china. we can even work to potentially reform china. but it's going to take leadership and tough decisions and there are a lot of people in washington who don't want to make those tough decisions because they're making a lot of money by being he cozy with beijing. maria: well, kevin mccarthy told me that he got the briefing on what went down with eric swalwell and nancy pelosi got the same briefing and he said after that briefing everybody knows eric swalwell should not have access to america's secrets, knowing the relationship he had with christina fang or -- or of fang fang. your thoughts on what happened and who else in congress is refusing to keep the chinese communist party held to account. >> the swalwell case is so interesting. he just refuses to publicly declare exactly what the nature of the relationship was and that's not just sort of engaging in tabloid journalism. it's very important because he
7:39 am
could be compromised. as a member of the intelligence committee, the intelligence world is very compartmenatlized. nancy pelosi reappointed him to the house intel committee. look at nancy pelosi's history. nancy pelosi was actually very anti-beijing for a long time and then her husband, paul pelosi, started securing major deals in beijing. she's become a lot softer since the late 2000s, around 2,008. a lot softer. look at the experience we've had in the past. dianne feinstein while a member of the senate intelligence committee and as chairman of the u.s. senate intelligence committee, her husband, richard blum, was in beijing doing major deal with chinese state owned enterprises that have made that family very, very wealthy.
7:40 am
so the notion that you can sit on these intelligence committees and we're not going to look at any sort of entall againing relationship -- entangling relationships is ridiculous and looking across the aisle -- maria: continue. >> looking a across the aisle, you have the situation with mitch mcconnell and elaine chao, his wife, elaine chao and her family have a company called the foremost shipping group. they have deep, long ties with the chinese governments. the chinese government builds their ships for them for the shipping company, they finance the construction of those ships, they pro viewed the crews and the contracts and to show you how this goes down in 2017 as donald trump was sort of cranking up some very serious hard line policies against china, that i believe were necessary, what did beijing do? they signed a series of deals with elaine chao's family in
7:41 am
2017 to build a total of 10 massive bulk cargo ships. we don't know the terms of the deal in terms of the full amount. but the ships that they were building for the family are $47 million apiece. so you're talking about the family of the u.s. senate leader and the then transportation secretary, their family getting a multi-hundred million dollar deal from beijing just as things are coming to a head on capitol hill. that's extremely disturbing and you can't ignore it. maria: this is all incredibly extraordinary. peter, perhaps that's the reason that the democrats constantly say russia, russia, russia, russia, all the time, instead of china, china, china, in terms of the real threat. the economy of russia is about the size of texas. the economy of china is the second largest economy right after the united states and the ccp can in fact overtake the united states as the number one super power if their efforts
7:42 am
materialize. what do you want to say about this meeting next week that is happening between the biden administration officials and the chinese officials in alaska? >> yeah, look, i think the bottom line is you can talk tough all you want which is what i think you're getting a little bit out of from the biden administration, where the rubber meets the road is on these policies. it's not enough to just say we're concerned about human rights in china, we're concerned about the their expansionist policies. this is very similar to where we were with ronald reagan during the cold war. the fundamental problem here is not china. it's the chinese communist party and the nature of that party. that is the fundamental challenge and threat that we face. and so you can talk tough all you want. when you have to do is engage in policies that ensure that you win this competition. and by the way, these levers, these advantages that china has on certain members of congress and their families, look at what
7:43 am
they have done to former secretary of state mike pompeo. they sanctioned him. they didn't like what he was doing. they pressured him. look what they're doing to australia right now. australia is standing up to china and some of their expansion it policies, they're not going to buy their coal or wine. i say buy a couple bottles of australian wine today. you'll enjoy it and you'll do something good for australia as well. maria: i agree. the australian government has been incredibly tough, they stand up to the ccp and big tech as well. sounds like china won the 2020 election, peter. >> i think china's very, very happy and there are been speeches in china, you've reported on some of them, there have been others out there where chinese officials are ecstatic. they were troubled by donald trump's position and the fact that trump recognized the problem was not the individual actions of the chinese regime, it's the nature of the chinese
7:44 am
regime. president xi has confirmed what a lot of people have known that this is a brutal, tough dictatorship and it's not going to change. maria: all right, peter, it's great to get your insights on all of this. we'll keep spotlighting it. thanks very much for joining us this morning. coming up, candace owens is here on why she is not buying the democrats' new effort to turn election reform into a civil rights movement. stay with us. with oscar mayer deli fresh it's not just a sandwich, far from it.
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a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. it's our time. for more time. we asked for kisqali. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> we're about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter, and he has no clear plan and there's no prospect that there's going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the american people before the middle of next year. maria: that was president biden at the final presidential debate back in october, telling america not to expect a covid vaccine any time soon. five months later, we not only have one but three vaccines, thank you to the trump administration's operation warp speed which locked in 800 million vaccine doses, enough to
7:48 am
cover 400 million americans. interestingly enough, president biden did not utter president trump's name once during his first solo address on thursday night, marking the one year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic. joining me now is candace owens, author of blackout. good to see you this morning. let me get your reaction to what you heard from president biden on thursday night and he didn't give president trump any credit even though president trump rolled back regulations and of course introduced warp speed to get those vaccines on the market. >> well, this is the privilege of the biden administration, imagine being a president who never has to answer questions from the press, who can make stuff up as you go along. this has been one of the more remarkable things about the administration. they're not taking questions. joe biden has not taken any questions. they seem to be protecting him and insulating him from any critiques. we are correct to call this out. obviously. this is a major win of the trump
7:49 am
administration but people are wondering how is it possible that joe biden gets out there, gives an entire speech and he has not taken any questions from journalists. you know, we were lucky to have president trump leading us during this country during the time of the coronavirus pandemic and i think joe biden knows that. i don't think that he believes the things that are coming out of his mouth. i don't believe he wrote the things that are coming out of his mouth. i don't think he remembers the things that he said that came ott of his mouth when he first said it was going to be a large, dark winter many this is a man who doesn't seem to have mental faculties about him, not fooling the american people. more important thing, it's not fooling anybody abroad. right now america as a country looks tremendously weakened. maria: it's one of the reasons you had such a big showing from the black community for president trump in election 2020. let me get your take on where you think the community is today under biden policies and whether or not you see support there from the minorities and the black american community. >> if you ever want to check the
7:50 am
temperature of how the minorities are doing and what party they're treading towards, you need but read the mainstream media narrative which is already castigating hispanic men and black men and trying to come up with reasons why they're starting to vote more conservatively. they did this after the election. i remember reading a piece in yahoo news where they were talking about black american men and why they're breaking from the democrat party and making it seem because a lot of them aren't good people. we saw it in the new york times talking about hispanic men, saying they fell for qanon conspiracy theories. they don't feel like they have a leader. they're looking at joe biden, he is not a leader. they're look at the democrat policies, they're not helping them. when you say let's make the borders porous and you pretend it's knop not happening, is that going to help black americans when they have to compete with illegals for jobs?
7:51 am
absolutely not. all of this makes sense to us. doesn't make sense to people on the left as to why minorities are breaking. calling everybody a racist and white supplement activity it's get -- white supremacist, it's getting pretty old. maria: there's a resurgence of it in schools. i want to take a break and come back and talk about your take on the critical race theory being added to so many school curriculums and why learning you through the lens of race contradicts everything america stands for. we're with candace owens this morning and we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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maria: welcome back i'm back with author candace owens. candace, i want to talk about what's going on in our crime curriculums in schools these days. a friend of mine sent me a piece from her son's seventh grade
7:55 am
class saying if you identify as white come to a meeting because we want to make sure you can thrive and strive, not to be a racist. they're assuming every kid is a racist, candace. >> i know that megan kelly culled out her kids from school for similar reasons. i truly believe it's time for us to pull our kids out of school and i know people say not all of us can afford to do that. the country wasn't built on people having a lot of money when they were home schooling and we're starting to see this more and more, indoctrination that's happening, trying to fuel race issues in this country, and the bad thing is, they're replacing hard academics. the kids are not learning science and mathmatics, they're learning how to hate white people, how to hate they're country. they're trying to guarantee they have an ignore rapt group of people -- ignorant group of people that vote based on emotion. maria: this has got to stop. they're dividing us with this
7:56 am
hr1, saying that hr1 is s answer for minorities to vote. >> i'm so tired of black americans, hispanic americans being used to further the democrat power and everything that the democrats want to do and we've seen this time and time again, it's always a game of linguistics. the left make it sound good. when they're actually after the exact opposite. when i hear they're trying to combat voter suppression, what they're after is suppressing votes them selfs, making sure they stay in power. hr1 is extremely dangerous. we need to make sure we combat it and fight it any way we can. maria: how do you stop this, candace? you say take the kids out of school. how do you ensure the curriculum is not buy yafd. >> it's 100% biased. i think people need to start suing schools. they will win if they start
7:57 am
suing schools for this sort of stuff. it is blatant discrimination. maria: candace, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. candace owens. i will see you this week on "mornings with maria" on fox business and don't forget to join me all week on fox news 7:00 p.m. for fox news. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ...
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♪♪ >> it began with a critical new york times piece about the growing mess at the mexican border and this time it's president biden's mess, not president trump's. the new president is drawing plenty of favorable press for push through his covid aid bill. more on that later. and waking up to an awful situation in texas caused by biden's liberal message as times noted, more than 3000 migrant children have crossed the border and held in less than ideal facilities. when the last administration did that, there was a tidal wave of media outrage and trump was accf


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