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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 10, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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15 minute speech out of the park tomorrow and people are going to say c, hannity, he's fine. no he's not. we will always be independent, fair, balanced, we are not the media mob and let not your heart be troubled, here's laura. how are you? >> laura: i'm doing very well and i think biden is going to discuss the laws of physics and the laws of politics and privilege and i think it's going to be astounding and amazing. i'm going to look on the bright side. explain all the bills, all the legislation backwards and forwards. charts. >> sean: i think it shows our kids it's a good example, if you practice really, really hard over and over again you can do it. >> laura: we shall see, sean, thanks so much, we will see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. his white privilege really at the heart of the while dustup? is there another insidious force at play?
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nigel for roger reacts in moments. plus as sex traffickers, other criminals exporting our southern border, senator josh hawley is calling for hearings and a lot more. he's here in raymond arroyo has a question. why isn't the debate over the 25th amendment ever brought up for biden? hill tell us in seen and unseen, but first, the ultimate privilege, that's the focus of tonight's angle. critical race theory m of age on college campuses in the 1970s and that's where we got the term "white privilege" to explain any negative trend or scenario playing out in black america. it goes like this. even if you're a poor white kid living in, let's say, a trailer in arkansas struggling in a dysfunctional family, you are still benefiting from your skin color. you thus have a moral obligation to devote your life to overcoming your privilege and even then, you're never going to
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be cured from your inherent bias. it's like a religion where there's original sin, but no hope of redemption. >> white privilege is the automatic taken for granted advantage bestowed upon white people as a result of living in a society based on the premise of white as the human ideal. >> critical for white people, for people in general to stop denying their racist idea, to stop denying the ways in which policies have benefited them. stop denying their racism. >> laura: but now this warped mind-set isn't just limited to college seminars. it's infecting everyday life. now, why? because in corporate america these days, victimhood is extremely lucrative. diversity and equity consultants pull down six-figure salaries. blm raked in more than $90 million last year.
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hollywood, they are pledging more funding for inclusivity in films and tv, which just means that skin color and gender trump talent and skill. meanwhile, traditionalists, they are seen as enemies who need to be driven out of society and shamed. so there is a privilege dominating society today. it props up certain americans and punishes others. but it's not grounded in race. it's elite privilege where liberal elites reward and protect other liberal elites where professed victimhood" left-wing political status guarantee permanent protection, big payouts, or both. now, we've had a lot of recent examples of this type of privilege. hunter biden 'his new book deal, kamala harris' stepdaughter and niece getting really big time modeling gigs and if you criticize, by the way, any of them for reaping these overlords, you are viciously
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attacked by their fellow privileged elites. so i wasn't at all surprised to watch the duchess of sussex chatting with her neighbor oprah about how unfair life is. what better way to guarantee a permanent number ship in the club of liberal privilege then a generic charge of racism against the monarchy no less? now, when someone dares to speak their truth in response to that suppose a truth or even heaven forbid criticize the supposed victim, they are pilloried. such was the fate of good morning britten's piers morgan, who was unrepentant after leaving the show he coanchored. >> i believe in freedom of speech. i believe in the right to be allowed to have an opinion. if people want to believe meghan markle, that's entirely their rights. i don't believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth, so if i have to fall on my sword for expressing and honestly held
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opinion, that diatribe to be 29 she came so be it. >> laura: he may be blustery at times and blunt, but he should be free to express his own views. but my friends, those days are past. by saying what half the world is thinking, that megan is a spoiled, entitled brat, he became the elite's enemy number one. so he was canceled. but at least in australia they still have a semblance of free expression left over at sky news. >> she said there were concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be, condemn everyone, name no one, the tactic of an unworthy person. prince harry it would appear is long gone, captured by the untruths spread by miss markel in the victimhood she professes to endure. and what of the royal wedding we are all sucked in to watch? now learn the two were actually
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wetted in a private ceremony three days before the televised event. that about sums it up, doesn't it? the wedding was a fake. the lady is a fake. >> laura: part of a great agony stem from the fact that her son archie wasn't going to be given a title or palace security. she implies it was based on race, some kind of racist plot and oprah of course didn't challenge her body a posture of his claim because elites don't challenge other members of the club. the truth gets lost until someone honest dates it. >> a granddaughter of the queen. that's the name, zara phillips, the brother, peter phillips played rugby for scotland. no titles. they weren't seeking -- normal decent, polite and achieving. >> laura: the daughters and son of princess anne. didn't get titles, and didn't get security and didn't
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complain. but in the world of elite privilege of course achievement is secondary. it's secondary to cash. you know, you don't need talent or hard work. political loyalty, phony victimhood and connection is what really matters. actual discrimination is pernicious and evil. we all know that. but this entire racket cynically uses claims of discrimination to reward members of the club and diminishes all of it. elite privilege is poisoning america. it's sabotaging our sense of fairness. a sense of entitlement without an accomplishment, it's paralyzing otherwise-same people into silence. we see this in the reporting of barry white, who recently resigned from "the new york times" after she said she was bullied by colleagues for not being a hard leftist. now, in a fascinating city journal piece, which you should all read in its entirety, she describes the perversion of education at the hands of leftist ideologues.
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and she says that parents sometimes to object to all of this meet in secret and they are like soviet era dissidents. these are the rebels, well off l.a. parents who send their children to harvard westlake, the most prestigious private school in the city. there are many more to afraid to speak up. they worry about losing their jobs or hurting their kids if their opposition to this ideology were known. the school can ask you to leave for any reason, said one mother at brentwood. another los angeles prep school. then you'll be blacklisted from all the private schools and shall be known as a racist, which is worse than being called a murderer. even democrats are at risk, by the way, unless they are buying into all this nonsense 100%. so it's go woke or go broke. and it's turning kids into nervous wrecks. for them it's not just a fear of getting a bad grade or being turned down for a college recommendation, it's the fear of social shaming. if you publish my name, it would
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ruin my life, people would attack me for even questioning this ideology. i don't even want people to know i'm a capitalist, a student at the fields in school in new york city told me. the kids are scared of other kids, says one harvard westlake mother. these children, even if they are well-off kids, are closer to being victims than megan marker will ever be. -- meghan markle will ever be. they know that one wrong word can have devastating consequences. but markle is a liberal feminist with a long record of trashing donald trump and she's friends with oprah. she's in the club. so she can speak her mind, even to fame her husband's royal heritage, and if anyone like piers morgan calls her out, she cries foul. new reports reveal that markle has filed a formal complaint against him. elites like markle, they love the idea of regulating other people's speech, just not their
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own. the former royals are just byproducts though of the twisted world of elite privilege. i actually feel sorry for them. imagine getting netflix and spotify deals reportedly worth more than $100 million just because you turn your back on your family and then claim victim status on the way out the door. that's just really embarrassing and that's the angle. joining me now is nigel farage, former u.k. brexit party leader. nigel, look, hurling unsubstantiated claims of racism on national tv at your royal in-laws and then getting your critics canceled, is this not the ultimate privilege? >> oh, yes, it certainly is and you know, she married into the royal family, i think it was clear from day one what her intentions were. she was very interesting. at that wedding three years ago which fox news covered so well,
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oprah winfrey was aghast at the wedding despite the fact meghan markle at only met her once before, so i think their intentions were clear. to accuse the royal family, to accuse the queen, effectively, who next year will have reigned 70 years, but not just over the u.k., she's the head of the commonwealth, over 50 countries, 2.3 billion people, the vast majority of whom are asian or black, our royal family has done a huge amount to people of color all over the world. that was unsubstantiated. much else of what she said was simply untrue. her grandson, they wouldn't give poor little archie a prince dumb but a great-grandchild of the mother does not get one of those titles. it was a false claim. prince harry said my father cut me off eventually, but only when they left the u.k., given up there royalty on going to the west coast, so the whole thing,
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the whole thing was a fabrication. it was with meghan markle and acting performance to emote, to plead with people that she had victim status and also of course to say that she suffered badly from mental health problems and thought perhaps about taking her home life. all i can say is that young woman the other night didn't appear to me to have any mental health problems, but it is shocking that if you attack somebody who claims they got a mental health problem, you are suddenly the villain. i don't want to underplay the importance of mental health, but people using it as an excuse to -- >> laura: bottom line -- enemy to cut you -- but you can't claim racism generally, not name anybody, and then just kind of go like this and say thanks, oprah, for the interview. you cannot do that. but she did it and she got away with it because she's an elite club. they cover for each other, they protect one another and then they signed lucrative deals and
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then we are supposed to, you know, why all the way to the bank for them? it's just ridiculous and it's demeaning to true discrimination and hardship of all these people suffering around the world and here in the united states. i just -- it doesn't sit well i think with a lot of folks who want them to have great lives and be happy. it doesn't sit well with folks i don't think but you're not going to be surprised, nigel, that hillary clinton weighed in on the big drama. >> the british tabloids, their cruelty in going after megan was just outrageous. this is 2021 and she wanted to live her life. it was heartbreaking to see the two of them sitting there having to describe how difficult it was to be accepted. >> laura: nigel, considering how the british press treats you, should we expect to see you
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sitting down with oprah sometime soon? you'll be given the same treatment, right? how did you feel, nigel, when they attacked you? how did you feel when i called you -- >> i've been called all the names under the sun, but i challenged the establishment. megan arrived in the u.k., had a fairy tale wedding, the press were gushing with praise about her. i tell you when the criticism started. it started when she and harry started lecturing us on carbon emissions and climate change yet flying around the world in private jets. and frankly, you know what the british press are light, the printed press, everybody in public life gets a tough time in the u.k. nobody is tough as me, but everybody gets a tough time. and again, hillary clinton saying all she wanted to do was live her life. no! she married into the royal family. she married into what we call the firm. she married into a job. >> laura: and she knew what she was getting into, and she
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should have googled how to curtsy or at least learned that an acting school. nigel, thanks so much. the idea that the u.k. government through an agency called off, can investigate and intimidate tv presenters for merely expressing opinions? that's terrifying. it was even more terrifying is that the american left is absolutely envious of wielding this kind of power. now, this isn't speculation. just last month, house democrats featured a so-called journalism professor spouting anti-american nonsense. >> i think you apply some pressure hopefully to the companies to allow much greater auditing, what public broadcasting is in the digital age, [indiscernible] media elite and the technology elite to actually kind of do the right thing. >> laura: joining me now is missouri senator josh hawley.
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senator, the right is mocked -- mocked for being concerned about this, but this is crazy. i mean, there is clearly a desire on the part of the so-called liberal elite class to regulate speech and demonize those with whom they disagree. >> and they have the ability to do it now. you look at our country, we don't have the regulatory body they have in the u.k. but we have big tech and it's the same thing. i mean, big tech is in league with the liberals, with the democrats. it's the big tech-big governor alliance. they basically do whatever the liberals want. in some ways it's even more efficient because it's the private sector, but you see tech bending to the will of their liberal masters in washington. they censored the sitting president of the united states just a few weeks ago, so that is -- donald trump, that is, so that is what tech is doing and they are doing every thing that
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the u.k. regulatory authority is. this new age of censorship is upon us. >> laura: they used to make fun of my old book "shut up and sing," how could you say shut up and sing but they are literally canceling the former president of the united states on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. i mean, we forget about that. i mean, may not like them but the fact that the former president still cannot post on twitter? it's shameful. >> and he was the sitting president at the time. i mean, at the time, twitter, facebook, instagram, all these platforms, the sitting president of united states and as you say, laura, if extended their ban and have done that to many other conservatives, whether they are throttling down the circulation of their post with their stories new stories for journalists, "the new york post" of course or whether it's just outright d platforming them and this goes back to the left loves the big corporations. the left loves big tech. they love this corporate power.
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they love it because they can control it. this is the big story of our time, that the left and the corporate -- the big corporate power are in league together and that's how they intend to basically exert social control over the country and this is why conservatives have to stand up and say first of all, we are not going to roll over and let you destroy the first amendment and secondly, whatever happened to free and fair competition in tech and every other sector? and this is why we need to break these businesses up. >> laura: it should have been done when the republicans had the house in the senate but they were all married to big tech as well, or hoping to be buried senator, today wrote a letter to president biden saying in part that there's a crisis on the southern border, full-blown emergency. i urge you to immediately send the department of dhs secretary to congress to testify to the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee. senator, what do you expect to get from him? is obviously in an agreement that this is an evolving
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situation to challenge, but it's not a crisis. >> we can't use the word crisis. they triple this month laura, then it was a year ago. triple. there's been a big change between last year and this year and that change is joe biden what we are seeing is this administration's policies are acting as a magnet and they are creating a full-blown humanitarian crisis at the border. trafficking is up through the roof. it is through the roof, the exportation of children in this it administration is doing nothing. there will looking the other way on the president, he won't even have a news conference. he won't answer any questions at all. the least he can do is actually sent his administration chief to capitol hill and make them answer questions. what are they going to do about this crisis and just looking the other way is not a policy. >> laura: you've been watching president biden over the last few weeks. are you concerned about his mental competence and watching the way he's dealing with reporters are not dealing with them? >> i'm really concerned abut the
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fact that he won't answer questions. i just think it is bizarre -- >> laura: just looking at them, senator. you've been around all the people, we all have been. we've all had aging parents, are you concerned? >> i think that the facts, laura, that this is a guy who is the president of the united states and he apparently cannot have a single media availability where he is not staffed with handlers who will let him answer a single unplanned question and let alone to actually have a real press conference, that is very telling and it's very concerning and it extends all the way through their administration. i'm concerned about their policy direction, i'm concerned with are doing at the border and i'm concerned about his ability to answer questions and provide leadership. it's time for him to answer some tough questions and actually show he's ready to do this job and take care of the border among many other things. >> laura: senator, thank you, great to see you. the biden ministrations border cover-up continues to blow up in their faces. so they keep trotting out new
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oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy.
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this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: biden's border cover-up is falling apart faster than you can say daca so in
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today's briefing they brought out a new spin doctor, roberta jacobson. first she tried to blame the mess on the trump administration. >> president biden has made clear from day one that he wants to change our immigration system. doing so means truly building back better because we can't just undo four years of the previous administration's actions overnight. >> laura: oh, my god. there's that phrase again. but the excuses didn't stop there. she picked up right where jen psaki left off yesterday. >> we know how to get money to communities that are most likely to send migrants, but that are also suffering the greatest effect of two hurricanes. >> laura: you got it? hurricanes from several months ago are responsible for the current chaos, that's what she was referencing there. but the coup de grace, this
7:27 pm
gaffe. >> you cannot come through irregular means, that leaves me to want to reallocate -- reiterate positive before. >> laura: this administration about service policy is as confused as the ambassador to the southern border. joining me now is harrison, former hh staff -- texas congressional candidate and jose, former obama official and former dnc deputy national press secretary. jose, as a former press secretary yourself, how can you spin what's going on at the border, given that kids tonight are sleeping on cement floors, which is what they complained about the trump administration doing? >> look, laura, first and foremost there's no question that this is challenging. migrants urges happen every single year. this happened year after year, it happened year after year with obama.
7:28 pm
there is nothing new here and i get it, republicans are upset, they lost the white house, lost the senate, lost the house, they are losers, they lost, but they've got to look for something to weaponize democrats to make sure biden is the bad guy. they can't do it. >> laura: one small fact -- >> over 50% of americans -- >> laura: talking over me isn't going to change the fact, okay? this is not me, this is i believe the ap reporting, this is a 20 year surge. okay? this hasn't happened for 20 years. i know you don't like trump, i'm not wild about biden, but the facts are the facts, okay? so that's the problem we are dealing with here, we have a major managerial crisis and, you know, your experience at hhs as chief of staff there, and, you know, you're going to run for congress in texas, so how are you going to deal with this
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issue if the biden administration will not? >> a couple things on that, laura, thank you so much for having me. after know that your guest use that word again, challenge, when in fact the word you just used is absolutely right, aware that biden will use these are, it's a crisis. it's not just a small crisis, it's a full-blown humanitarian and public health crisis on the southern border of these united states. one completely of joe biden's own making. when we in the trump administration confronted an issue on our own, which of bold, swift, and decisive action to actually solve the problem once and for all. we restructure the way we handled our asylum claims. we said if you want to come to the united states and make an asylum claim, can do that but you've got to remain in mexico. biden trash that policy and it further, the agency that i oversaw, hhs, used a public health authority to actually locked on the border, not just to illegal immigration finally, but also to covid-19. we said we are in the middle of a full-blown public health emergency, the last thing we need to be doing right now for this country is to be leading the border be completely wide open, flooding with thousands
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upon thousands of immigrants while we are bringing covid-19 into this country. >> laura: biden senior advisor cedric richman, jose, said this about the administration apostate's immigration policy. >> do believe there is a limited into how many of these unaccompanied minors we can place in the united states? >> well, i'm not sure that that's the question. the real question is, you know, what are they fleeing from. they present themselves at our border, we are not going to turn -- we are not going to turn in unaccompanied minor around. >> laura: jose, the problem is, that's being seen by the migrants and they said someone camera as an open invitation to come to the country and doesn't it also help the human traffickers making all the dough by bringing them up? >> i agree with you that the messaging has to be very clear and it's got to be strong. we are a nation of immigrants but we are a nation of laws and we got to continue to be tough on the border. we are going to bring more money to secure the border, but at the same time, we got to change the
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immigration system all together. [indiscernible] getting that done unfortunately, but, look, there's a challenge of the border, yes, there is. you want to call the crisis, i don't really care what you call it. it's a problem, we got to fix it. republicans and democrats have to work together. but i get it. president about -- is about to sign checks, dollars to millions of americans. republicans all of a sudden say there's this huge crisis. they are trying to score political points, they don't really care was happening. they don't care was happening at the border. >> laura: do you think -- jose, do you think that illegal immigrants should get checks? or any financial assistance if they are currently living in the united states illegally? >> illegal immigrants are not going to get checks. >> laura: i was asking do you think they should gimmick because a lot of people, democrats actually think they should get various benefits the
7:32 pm
armed emergency care and beyond so forth. >> moderate centrist democrats, i've never seen that happen. i've never seen that point. the answers americans need to get the checks, the americans that need it the most. biddle class americans, those of the people that need the money. >> laura: but i don't think -- what i don't think americans need our people coming into the country with covid at a time where we have millions of people out of work, so brian, i'll end with you. what are republicans going to do given the fact that you don't have the majority in either house and you have potentially several hundred thousand people approaching our southern border this year and effectively being waived into the country? what you do, real quick? >> it's a great question. we gave joe biden the most secure border this country has probably ever seen and he's torn up every success we've had and here's one thing i think we can do. i wish i was an attorney general right now of a southern border state, maybe ken paxton in texas
7:33 pm
or some other attorney general is watching. they're tearing up our title 42 order, which shucked on the border to illegal immigrants into covid-19, but they're doing so in a way that is flatly illegal. somebody needs to challenge this in court. i firmly believe they would win because they can't talk out of both sides of their mouth. the order still stands but they are behaving arbitrarily and capriciously not enforcing it when it comes to these thousands of illegal immigrant children that they are letting them, so there is something that we absolutely could do. i hope some but he brings this to court tomorrow. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you both for coming on tonight. and here's the question. why isn't the 25th amendment ever brought up for joe biden? raymond arroyo investigates in seen and unseen next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for a seen and unseen segments where we reveal the stories behind the headlines and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo, author of the just released the thief who stole heaven.
7:39 pm
now, raymond, we have been way ahead of the curve reporting joe biden's cognitive difficulties, but it seems to be getting worse. >> there's always a chance that we will encounter unexpected challenges or there will be a new need for a vaccine effort or vaccination effort. your company is working closely with the men you've both privately brag about, jeff. jeff is in the front row here. i was telling the gentleman we were at a facility yesterday, the veterans outreach and there were four -- there were three members of the veterans community getting shots. one was getting each of the three vaccines. >> this is pitiful. at this point biden presents more of a danger to the west wing then champ and whatever the other dogs name is. >> laura: major. >> when you're the president, laura, you have to make snap decisions, you have to be on top
7:40 pm
of the news. you have to know who the people working with you are, to deploy them, and if you watch biden closely, when the staff isn't running the press out of the room, you'll notice he collapses into this repetitive -- it's almost a jingle of emotive talk. watch this from a hardware store the other day. >> president biden: we are going to get through this. we are going to get through this. >> he just says it over and over again. we heard this on the campaign for weeks, laura, so they given these very scripted conscripted events and then he repeats himself in this way. i don't know how he's going to hold this meeting with world leaders on friday or tour, he's going to pennsylvania to sell his plant, we will see how this goes in the days ahead. >> laura: or clutching the masks. save lives, not a political statement! thank god he has that mask. that's like a crutch, the mask. turning to the culture, raymond, there's a lot of outrage over
7:41 pm
disney plus 'his decision to kind of wall off some of the classic films from younger viewers. too sensitive, movies like dumbo and peter pan are being singled out? what? >> the good news is they're not editing or cutting is moving down, they're just putting warnings on them, they are walling off from younger viewers which tells you they were embarrassed or somehow they don't think these films should be viewed by everybody. look, this is part of the disney canon, these films. these aren't some side projects and my problem is, what's next? is captain hook owing to get cited because he's not a good representative of people with prosthetics? where you draw the line on this thing? and if you want to look at national cultures being used in a stereotypical way, look no further than it's a small world. the attraction disney build. i mean, look, these were created at a certain time in our history. this is how people saw various nationalities. we have to put it in context, share it with young people, tell
7:42 pm
them why these depictions have changed, otherwise we are going to see this repeated. let's warn them and walk them through it, but there's a lot of good here to throw up for the few things you might have problems with. >> laura: remember when i got stuck on it's a small world for like an hour once? remember? and the puppets just went back and forth. even pepe the pew is on the chopping block. the looney tunes character is being cut from the new "space jam" movie and "new york times" columnist charles blow said the character contributes to, and i kid you not, rape culture. >> who made charles blow the commissar of skunk romance? when did this happen? i've never seen anything. p was this cute character, a little overbearing, he chased down cats and dogs, trying to find companionship. he was based actually on a character actor, french character actor that chuck jones said i love this guy, we will turn him into a cartoon, and he did. he appeared in 1938 in a film
7:43 pm
called algiers. watch this. >> your beautiful. that's easy to see. for two years i've been lost, like walking in my sleep. slowly i wake up. you see where they got his voice from. you learn a lot when you take a moment and absorb this rather than just throw it all out as no good. >> laura: i want to congratulate you on something that we are not going to cancel. it's not -- your new book, just outcome of the thief who stole heaven. was the thief, by the way? >> the thief is the good thief, i didn't realize though is a lot of historic ratings about the background of this good thief, so i created an adventure for the whole family. it's redemptive, and the message here is mercy endures forever, laura. and none of us are ever given up on and that's the message i think we all need to consider, particularly at this moment when so many people are suffering.
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the first guy who broke through the gates before apostles or popes or anybody else and i thought wow, we should capture this for families. >> laura: congratulations, the thief who stole heaven, in bookstores everywhere. and at the start of covid, there were certain leaders who saw this crisis as a chance for fame, but now their stars are falling. alex berenson tells us why fauci and friends, well, their power and their first board have begun to backfire. every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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♪ ♪ >> laura: from the beginning of the pandemic, can you believe it was a year ago, the angle warned you that certain heroes of the day were actually frauds. they were interested in seizing power and hanging onto it for as long as possible. and they liked to invoke the science. the science, but now that the science shows that we are approaching herd immunity, well, people's ulterior motives are becoming clearer. first there's california governor, gruesome newsom. even with the virus baiting, he still doesn't want you to get your old life back. >> in this pandemic ends, and it will end soon, we are not going to go back to normal because i think we all agree normal was never good enough. normal except in equity, so our journey back must also be a path to close those inequities. there is no economic recovery,
7:50 pm
no economic recovery without economic justice. >> laura: it was never about the virus, was it? by the way, justice, tell that to the count was businesses you destroyed or the kids' lives you destroyed due to your covid edicts. second, there is america's favorite doctor, anthony fauci. after spending the last year lecturing us about the importance of following the science, is inadvertently coming clean. >> what's the science behind not saying it's safe for people who have been vaccinated received two doses to travel? >> that's a very good question and the cdc is carefully heading in that direction. they want to get science, they want to get data, and then when you don't have the data and you don't have the actual evidence, then you've got to make a judgment call. >> laura: a judgment call? well, that nicely sums up what his guiding light has been this whole time.
7:51 pm
we are just guessing at this point. here now is alex berenson. alex, that last statement was stunning. basically saying we don't know, which is say what we whatever we need to say. >> it was stunning but honestly it was stunning in its honesty. the truth is all of this is a judgment call. the truth is that a year ago we thought briefly that this virus was much more dangerous than it's turned out to be. there were estimates, you know, that the death rate from infection might be one, two, 3%, which would have been hundreds of millions of people around the world potentially dying, up to 10 million americans dying if it were 3%. it's turned out to be much, much lower than that. there was a new paper in the british medical journal that said in britain in people over 30 or more at risk, it was about 0.25%, that's one in 400, so we know that this virus is much less dangerous than we initially thought and what that should
7:52 pm
have led to over the last 12 months is an understanding that we didn't need these society-destroying and school-closing measures. these very tough restrictions that have really warped our society. instead of backing down, people like fauci are doubling down. >> laura: and for newsom to admit what we have been criticized for saying for now ten months, 11 months, that this was in some part never really about the virus, they saw the virus is an opportunity to cram down climate change, all these other things, racial injustice, equity, he's saying it! i mean, he's just blatantly saying we are not going back to the old normal. we were promised going back to normal with the vaccine, we are not getting it. >> it is amazing to hear him say that because, you know, there's this recall election potentially on the horizon for him and it's something he's decided to tacked to the left, not to the right,
7:53 pm
that he's openly saying i don't think we are going to get back to normal is very strange. now, to me, what we should be saying is the vaccines, you know, they are likely to do some good, but they are not 95% effective. that's pretty clear from the data out of israel, so we are going to have to live with this, we are going to learn to live with this. you will get your lives back, and we should be happy about that. instead, you know, they're going the other way. the vaccines are -- you know, you have to get the vaccine because it's completely effective and yet it changes nothing. i don't understand the messaging at all. >> laura: well, when they lose the crisis, they lose their power. they need the crisis to continue, never let a crisis end. that's the new mantra. now, the former covid advisor for biden, michael osterholm, made an astounding claim about vaccines over natural immunity. >> the early data clearly supports you get much more protection from the vaccine then you actually do from having the illness itself in the developing
7:54 pm
your own natural immunity. the question will be how long does the immune system actually stay in a place where it can in fact quite often asked infection. >> laura: quick answer, alex, does the data really support that conclusion? >> that's a technical question but the answer is broadly no. the w.h.o. a few months ago said that we could get to herd immunity with a combination of natural immunity, recovering from infection and vaccines, they quietly change that to say only vaccine immunity counted. the politics of vaccines, we could do a whole segment on them. >> laura: we will for sure because big money, big money and big promises. alex, thank you so much. i did you hear about the bargain the daily teachers union reached to reopen the schools? turns out it was a fraud. using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: parents and students in los angeles have been hood winked by the unified school districts and teachers union. it so-called plan to reopen
8:00 pm
schools a crock. fox 5 reported moments ago that under the deal to physically reopen schools, middle and high school students got the short straw. they are virtual only. in a home room 2 days a week with headphones on while the teacher zooms from a separate location. what a fraud. the teachers union should be ashamed of themselves. this is child of themselves. this is child abuse. shannon bream and fox news @ night take it away. >> shannon: more on that coming up. thank you very much. breaking tonight significant developments, new allegations by an aide of democratic governor andrew cuomo that he groped her. the governor blows off calls for his resignation and talks about raising taxes des


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