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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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magnificence. >> tucker: mark stein, thank you very much. well, that's it for us tonight. we are moving on. back tomorrow night. 8 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. sean hannity takes over. .>> sean: it's traumatic for the audience. you are not sorry. welcome to "hannity." tonight we are tracking multiple breaking scores including horrific details from the 6th woman accusing andrew cuomo of
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sexual misconduct. a report from the albany times union out tonight. this staffer not named yet was allegedly assaulted inside the governor's private residence while she was on location to fix an issue with his mobile phone. she claims he shut the door and fondleder body under her blouse. governor cuomo is denying the allegation but if true this could spell the end for governor andrew cuomo. plus the latest from our crisis at the wide open south florida. -- southern border. senator mark kelly, where are you? people of arizona deserve to know. later a full report on the
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democrat's latest effort to destroy your second amendment. this is not a test. this is a clear and present danger on your second assessment rights. first just after 9 p.m. on the east coast, 6 p.m. on the west coast. it's 2 hours after joe biden's bed time. he's likely fast asleep after a long and exhausting week for the president. yesterday he managed to have one agenda item and hold one public event. again today, just one very short, scripted speech where he was struggling to keep his focus on the tiny little letters and words in the teleprompter. look at his eyes here. he is digging in deep. locking in. just to get through the prepared remarks. joe does one event a day. it looks like he needs a nap
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desperately. still no press conference. no joint to congress the state of the union and his vice-president kamala harris is taking solo calls with world leader which is the commander-in-chief's job. the biden blitz is coming. an article biden has been hunkered down for weeks not because he is frail, but because he had to organize the vaccination distribution plan, the one donald trump organized and handed over to him with 3 different vaccines and joe had nothing to do with the 1.9-trillion dollars schumer and
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pelosi pay off bill. biden will probably hold more public events in coming weeks including tomorrow's remark about covid-1919. he has been practicing and he will be fine. it will be over. he will have practiced all day today. it tell be a short, scripted speech. they will make the font really, really big so he doesn't have to squint and dial the way we saw today. joe can survive the state of the union address. you read 2 lines, then you pause for applause and read 3 more
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lines and pause. it's perfectly suited for joe. slow, comfortable pace for joe biden. suited for somebody that is week and struggling. people will say, see, sean hannity, he is totally fine. there is one big problem. anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear joe is not fine. sources close to it the white house are describing how complete panic set in all things in biden's world. yesterday's new poll revealed half of the country is worried that joe biden is not physically or mentally up to the job has added dramatically to the behind-the-scenes panic in the biden white house. an op-ed in the washington "times" resides:
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it's time to question biden's mental health. there won't be a blitz. mr. president, will you answer a question? thanks, we have to go. it will that kind of blitz. president trump talked to the president every day. frankly he might have talked too much to the press. i don't think donald trump was ever asleep before 1 a.m. during his presidency. this biden blitz will probably consist of him giving a few speeches written by his staff. kept short along with orchestrated and controlled public outings. it won't matter. we can already see that joe lost his fast ball, curveball, and
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knuckleball and even a slow pitch. we have video to compare joe biden in 2012 and 2016 from the last 3 weeks. this only video of joe from the last 3 weeks. as always we let you decide. >> he sent me 2 letters saying by the way can you send me some stimulus money for companies here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. >> you know, the idea that, hmmm -- carry a card with me every day with the full number of folks. >> sean: now they have a new plan tcht won't trust you anymore. follow your instincts. >> i want to thank the former general. i keep calling him general. my guy -- the guy who runs that
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outfit over there. i want to make sure we think the secretary. >> they put one foot in front of the other. they keep going. that's the unbreakable spirit of the people of america. that's who we are. >> and representatives, hmmm, lee and green and garcia. excuse me. pin -- what am i doing here? i am going to lose track. >> sean: lose track again. we will ask the question the media mob is afraid to ask but know is happening. what is going on with the president of the united states of america joe biden. is there something medically wrong here. we the people have enough to know. people told me, you need to be
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more compassionate to joe. this is supposed to the leader of the free world. this is supposed to be our commander-in-chief. it's the hardest job on earth which is where the media job and big tech should not have created the candidate protection program. this matters big time for the entire world. you want to talk about compassion? i would argue compassion should have come from all the people around joe biden that knew of his struggles and worked over time to hide and cover-up all of this and hide vital information about a presidential candidate from you, the american people. where was their compassion for joe? like, for example, joe's friends in the media mob, had no problem
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raising cognitive concerns about ronald reagan and john mccain. >> if we wins the general election he will be the oldest person to it assume the presidency. >> he is getting up on upper end of the comfort zone for americans who wonder if he will have the vigor and the health as president. >> mccain's obama barack obama will soon be 47. >> sean: there were many more questions raised about ronald reagan in 1984. the "washington post" wondered if reagan lost his old fire with age. an article in the "new york times" titled the age issue claims that reagan's advisors knew he was struggling and this is why they keep him out of press conferences as much as
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possible. age may have been a factor in his faltering performance. what does the "new york times" say about joe biden being kept away from the press? watch this. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> [shouting]. >> we are going to move on. >> mr. president, can you pass voting rights with the filibuster? >> [shouting]. >> [overlapping talking]. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> mr. president, when will you unveil the build back better program? >> i am happy to take questions if that's what i am supposed to do. whatever you want me to do. >> [beeping].
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>> sean: who made that decision to go to bars and tone? the "new york times" or "washington post" they report on joe biden's obvious struggles or are these outlets just a propaganda wing for the democratic party? the answer is obvious. in the meantime americans deserve ton. you the american people have a right to know who is in charge here. if you are looking at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the lights are on, they are always on, but it appears tonight we can report that nobody really seems to be at home. here with reaction a congressman and fox news contributor dan bongino. dan, this new book comes out and stays the strategy of the biden campaign was keep the crazy uncle hidden in the basement.
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the media mob and big tech protected him and went on the attack for him against all things donald trump. now the question is: if he is struggling cognitively, do we have a right to know? is it a legitimate question to ask who knew and why didn't you tell the american people? >> yes, it's a concern. a president a fingertip away from the nuclear codes. is there another question that matters right now? it's a critical question. number 1, the media knew. anybody telling you during the campaign that people in the media were unaware of the condition of the joe biden because it's worse than you
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know, they are lying to you. let's throw that out of there. a couple of indicators how bad things are. did you notice, sean, begin my prior line of work, i can sense patterns in presidencies. i worked for 3 of them. there are no off the record movements with joe biden or few. they are unscripted movements where they go out. you don't see many of those with biden. why do you think that is? they need everything scripted all the time because god forbid he good off script and gets asked a question. he doesn't have the capacity to answer it or they don't trust him to. >> sean: matt, what is your take on all of this? >> dan mentioned the nuclear codes. democrats on the house armed forces committees sought to
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democratize those codes so joe biden can't launch a first strike in his current condition. he is our president and we hope he is well, but we have eyes. 2012 it was fired up and ready to joe. now it's ready for nap time. >> sean: a lot of news coming out of the white house -- >> you saw what happened to the biden dogs. they were sent back to delaware. imagine what they will do to joe biden. if they after to take you back to a farm, don't go. they might not mean it. >> sean: the thing is, it's painful to watch. i know people -- i defended by the way. i didn't want the family dog euthanized. it's painful to see.
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i am being blunt, dan bongino. i don't take any joy. this is the president of the united states of america. but this is nuclear codes and our commander-in-chief. i am hoping that it's nothing. james cliburn was on with neil cavuto yesterday and suggested he had an issue with stuttering. but he didn't have that in it 2016 or 2012. when did this it problem start to emerge? i don't like the fact people put him in that position and i don't like our enemies -- russia, china and japan -- thinking we are being led as a country by someone who is struggling like this.
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>> there is nothing funny about this. this is a tragedy in lifetime. number 2, this is a national security issue. let me add china, russia and let me add isis and others. the man is collapsing. the worst part about this is these conditions deteriorate. in other words, it gets bad really, really fast. we are only 2 months if. -- in. how will he last 3 years plus? we are only 2 months in. >> sean: i want american presidencies to seat. socialism will fail. but i want the american president strong and second. for the sake of the country. now the southern border where every day the crisis is getting worse and worse. because joe biden is asleep at the wheel the administration
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rolled out an advisor to address the on-going crisis. she accidentally admitted the truth. how did that happen? that his policies are causing the crisis. take a look. >> would you describe what is happening on the border as a crisis given how these numbers are spiking so much week by week? >> i am not trying to be cute here, but i think the fact of the matter is we have to do what we do regardless of what anybody calls the situation. whatever you call it would not change what we are doing. >> is it a coincidence as soon as trump and his immigration policy were on the way out and biden was on the way, this historic surge at the border started? >> well, we have seen surges before. surges tend to respond to hope. there was a significant hope for
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a more humane policy after 4 years of pent-up demand. i don't know whether i would call that a coincidence. >> sean: a rare moment of truth amid a pack of lies. joining us now with a report from the border in tucson, arizona, fox news contributor sarah carter is with us. you have been out all day. what is going on and compare the differences between texas and arizona. >> well, sean, border patrol agents are warning this is a serious crisis. not just last week with a humanitarian crisis with young people crossing over the texas-mexio border, but here there is an increase in drug trafficicking.
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the cartel controls this area that borders mexico. there is concern that the border patrol agency are using taking care of family units. the drug cartels are using open spaces to bring drugs in. i spent the day with the vice-president of the southwest region for the national border patrol council. >> what cartel controls this territory? >> this cartel is in charge of this area. his people, there is a serious drug war going on just south of us with two different factors fighting for control of this
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area. those drugs are not just affecting the border. they are going into middle america and across the country effectaing kids. this is a true epidemic affecting high school kids and heroin. -- >> you go to the end. you can see where the mountain ends up. that's smuggler's gulch. and this is smuggler's canyon. >> you are seeing more of an increase? >> in everything. people think it's just central american but you are getting people from all over the place coming through here. >> romania? >> everywhere, pakistan. you don't know who they are. the big issue is who are you not apprehending? they don't operate on a budget they want don't have a budget. >> right. >> you don't know how much they are putting organizations to bring people across.
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my biggest fear is not who we are apprehending but who we are not apprehending and americans don't understand that. >> sean, shortly after we left, the area near smuggler's canyon, over 60 people were apprehended come into country around the corner. i got the latest numbers from border patrol union. people they don't know. this year alone 39,000 got aways is what they estimate. probably closer to 40,000. where we were at in texas they estimated 17,000 got aways this year. this is a crisis in arizona. not everybody is coming from central america. we have people from all over the world. >> sean: the cdc said americans
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should not travel to central america right now. you see a lot of these images. no social distancing and no masks. one town 25% covid positive rates. nobody will let us in? >> that's true. i talked to federal law enforcement where those cargo containers are. they were told that no photographs are supposed to leak from there. they watch it like a hawk. the dhs secretary refuses to call this a crisis but is asking for volunteers to help out at the border. imagine the frustration of the border patrol and dea and fbi and everybody else working on
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this border. >> sean: sarah carter reporting. when we come back, as biden continues to unfold his most radical agenda, senator cruz said 3 words, boring but radical. he is next. stay with us.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: texas senator ted cruz summed up the biden presidency: boring but radical. biden's opening borders and prioritizing amnesty over law enforcement. the remain in mexico policy is gone. catch and release is back. wall construction stopped and jobs right here in america were
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lost. cutting down on asylum fraud is gone. migrant surges are back and bigger than ever. it puts us one step closer to becoming the united states sanctuary states of america and biden and the democrats passed a massive spending package filled with far-left partisan pet projects and bailouts for failed blue states that over-tax and over-spend and don't fund their pensions. people in red states will be paying the price. instead of focussing on covid relief for struggling americans and last but not least pelosi's hr1 overhaul is an assault on the integrity of our elections and would mean mass mail-in ballots and legalizing voting
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for convicted felon and sending federal dollars to fund campaigns. and joe biden on board with all of it. our u.s. constitution read: the times, place and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives shall be predescribed in each state by the legislature." -- that means state legislatures determine how elections are run in their states and this has judge job searching will be rigged. here with reaction current texas senator ted cruz.
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now my question for you is let's start with hr1 is that unconstitutional that it granted on the state legislature? >> i think it's terrible policy. i call it the universal fraud law. we saw multiple instances of series allegations of voter fraud. the democrats and the media said voter fraud doesn't exist and anyone that says it did is engaged in a conspiracy theoriy. -- here theory. the democrats want no it photo i.d. if you want to tell the registrar your name is eric holder and james did that in
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d.c. and asked for holder's ballot and they gave it to them. can you do that. the democrats made a cynical decision. they believe they benefit from voter fraud they are trying to take this moment in time, which is limited, but they have the white house and both houses of congress. they are trying to take this moment of time and lock their control in permanently changing the rules to steal election results. hr1 is a terrible bill. the number 1 priority of democrats is keep democrats in power. that matters more than to them than covid and jobs and kids in school. they want to stay in power. this is all about stopping the voters from voting them out of
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office. it's a dangerous bill. >> sean: voting but radical sums it up. explain. >> you think about the last 2 months. joe biden made a political decision. it was probably a good political decision to be very boring. the last 4 years donald trump was anything but boring. in the last 2 months can you remember anything joe biden said? he doesn't do press conference. he is as boring as paint tries. -- dries. he is doing that on purpose. a lot of folks are relieved. they don't worry about what the president said. but it's all a mask designed to hide a radical policy agenda. if you look at the cabinet
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nominees biden put forward they are extreme. this 1.9 trillion dollars bill that the democrats forced through. they could have passed a bipartisan bill. last year we passed 5 through congress. republicans were ready to go to work on getting people back to work and distributing vaccines. democrats had zero interest. we want to pay off our buddies and adopt radical policies. three amendments we voted on all tight. all night. -- the $1400 stimulus checks should not go to violent criminals in prison. every democrat voted that again. murderer and rapists in prison
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will get a $1400 check from the american taxpayers. another amendment said if you are here illegally you should not get a check. every democrat voteed it against and wanted to send the checks to illegal aliens. and the third example is an agricultural bill that says if you are a farmer with an agricultural load and you are african-american, hispanic or asian, your loan will be forgiven and at the rate of 120% want 20% more than you owe will be forgiven -- under the terms of this provision, there is no test on income or health.
6:36 pm
a minority billionaire farmer who is african-american, hispanic or asian has their loan forgiven. and pay poor white farmer doesn't qualify. i am hispanic. i joke i need to get a farm because they are shovelling out cash illegally. >> sean: you have known joe biden for years. am i wrong that he is struggling? >> i don't think he is struggling as much as some people think he is. he is not willing to tell bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc no. it's getting more and more
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radical. that's dangerous for the country. the good news, the worse they get, the more it wakes people up. i believe we will have a fantastic 2022 election and 2024 election. >> sean: i agree on that final point. thanks senator cruz. democrats continue their assault on your second amendment rights. we will explain straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: now we are learning more tonight about the democrats anti-second amendment agenda. the house is set to vote on bills this week to expand gun background checks. we already have background
6:42 pm
checks. prompting push back from conservatives and republicans alike who explain it's part of the larger effort to restrict our second amendment rights to firearms and increase government surveillance of gun owners. this is a texas congressman chip laying it out on the house floor. >> after my democrats colleagues after defunding the police and opening our borders want to take away our god given rights to defend ourselves under the second amendment. this is go creating a gun registry to track guns of the american people. >> sean: joining us with reaction a radio host and a fox news @ night weekend co-host. i believe in the second amendment. i had to in the state of new york at one point, i have been
6:43 pm
a pistol marksman since i was 11 years old. my mom was a prison guard and my dad worked in family court probation. i obey all of the laws. the point is it's so restrictive in states like new york already. where do you see this going? >> yes. sean, that's a great point. come to texas. we are freer here about some states around texas are doing better than we are with second amendment rights. these two pieces of legislation that looks like it will get voted on tomorrow. they are looking at what congressman chip roy said there. you can't have criminalized private transfers and not have a gun registry. what you talked about the limit on magazine capacity, i would
6:44 pm
not be shocked if they tried to pass that. i think it's unconstitutional. i could swap out a mag, one handed in a second. then you have hr8, you have the criminalization of private it evers. -- transfers. a right delay side -- delay side a right denied. we will have a compromise. >> sean: i don't know what the compromise it. i have had to literally meltdown guns that i owned and buy other guns that meet the new standards. oftentimes only cosmetic differences and nobody knows what they are talking about in
6:45 pm
washington relateing to any gun. >> i had to do the same thing moving state to state. it's illegal and now it's legal. it would not be a progressive take over of our country with the left if they didn't make a soiled run at the second amendment. -- solid. right behind what dane is talking about is another bill from representative sheila jackson lee which would create a gun registry. the left doesn't believe in the second amendment. while they unlock our ballot box and open it up in every way, they want to lock and raid our gun cabinets because they don't believe in the second amendment. they are going for it. they don't have the votes right
6:46 pm
now. do they go with the filibuster, they might. >> sean: kamala harris said she would use executive orders. i suspect she has influence to use executive action. when we come back piers morgan hitting back hard tonight at woke and cancel culture after living good morning britain. candace owens has reaction straight ahead. succeed ♪ ♪ and so are lost for good ♪ ♪ and some of them are pretty flawed ♪ ♪ and some of them are slightly odd ♪ ♪ but many are small businesses that simply lack the tool ♪ ♪ to find excited people who will stop and say 'that's cool'♪ ♪ and these two, they like this idea ♪ ♪ and those three like that one.♪ ♪ and that's 'cause personalized ads ♪ ♪ find good ideas for everyone ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: piers morgan walked off the set of his top rated show good morning britain and left
6:51 pm
the show. meghan markle complaineded to the network after morgan's criticism of her sit down with oprah winfrey. >> i believe in freedom of speech. i believe in the right to have an opinion. if people want to believe meghan markle, that's entirely their light. i don't believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth. the damage she's done to the britain monarchy and the queen when prince phillip is lying in hospital and enormous and contemptible. if i have to fall on my sword for expressing an opinion about meghan markle, so be it. >> sean: now piers morgan's comments are being investigated under their harm and offense
6:52 pm
rules. that's a government reglull attor. should you care about that. in the democrats hr1 bill it will create a speech czar chosen by the president who can pick and choose which campaign finance laws get enforced against whom. it's dangerous and destructive. it's not at all surprising. it's right in line with the democrats and their far left socialist censorship cancel agenda. here is candace owens.
6:53 pm
i like piers morgan. i wish he would have stayed. it was interesting television. i find it compeling to watch and i can't stand anything about the royals. it's their thing and not mine. i respect it. here's the question: government regule at ors who would fact check the fact chugers? >> in the united kingdom they don't have first amendment rights. piers morgan was all of us when he called meghan markle on the lies she's told. she can't keep her stories straight. three years ago she said she doesn't read newspapers or check social media. that's not true because she said she was suicidal because of the press racism. you would not be able to discern
6:54 pm
she is black. they are saying you are not allowed to critique meghan markle. to put in her phone call to have his voice silenced because she is unhappy with the press, she is a typical leftist narcissist. saying that has history and tradition, i will call it racist. i have the grounds to call it racist because as meghan markle says i am 25% black. my son -- if you have seen a picture of archie and you believe he suffered anti-black racism. then i have a nigerian prince and give me your credit card. >> sean: there are hateful racist people on this earth. i would like to think it didn't happen. i don't know. you don't know. nobody knows. the fact si am very worried i am
6:55 pm
worried about the language in hr1 and what we see over there could happen here? >> it's regard happening here. -- it's already happening here. the fact checkers. in america the speech is tighter and tighter. he believes that meghan markle was lying. i agree with him. why aren't we allowed to have an opinion anymore? it's danger. >> sean: if you want security and privacy and live in a $15 million mansion don't go on the oprah winfrey show. >> great idea. >> sean: so happy about the baby. >> thank you very much. >> sean: more "hannity" after this. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tomorrow joe biden delivers his big prime time address, practicing all week committee of the american people. i don't expect major blunders, probably been practicing, rehearsing all week long.
7:00 pm
he's going to knock that sucker 15 minute speech out of the park tomorrow and people are going to say c, hannity, he's fine. no he's not. we will always be independent, fair, balanced, we are not the media mob and let not your heart be troubled, here's laura. how are you? >> laura: i'm doing very well and i think biden is going to discuss the laws of physics and the laws of politics and privilege and i think it's going to be astounding and amazing. i'm going to look on the bright side. explain all the bills, all the legislation backwards and forwards. charts. >> sean: i think it shows our kids it's a good example, if you practice really, really hard over and over again you can do it. >> laura: we shall see, sean, thanks so much, we will see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. his white privilege really at the heart of the while dustup? is there another insidious force at


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