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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 6, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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have left this evening. please set your dvr and never miss an episode. we're always be independent. let in the your heart be troubled. laura ingraham up pursue on whd at getting back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in the stimulus message. for now, "the five." >> jesse: hello, everybody, i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, gillian turner, greg gutfeld and dagen mcdowell. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the consequences of rolling back common sense border policies are blowing up in joe biden's face. his incompetence is creating catastrophe like we've never seen before and a scathing indictment of creating a
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spiraling tsunami of migrants, and unaccompanied kids showing up at the border, but the white house as they won't be taking any advice. >> we don't take advice or counsel on former president trump on immigration policy, which was not only inhumane but ineffective over the last for two years. we are going to charge our own forward and that includes treating children with humanity and safe and ensuring they are safe when they cross our borders. >> jesse: republicans in congress have had enough. speak of the democrats and joe biden want more illegal immigrants crossing the border. as soon as biden took office he ripped up agreements with mexico, the very agreements that were stopping this crisis. speak of the narratives seemingly inviting people to come and the numbers are starting to show it. >> a huge mask security issue that the bite administration is saying is only a challenge. now, this is a crisis and disaster of their own making.
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>> jesse: may be the white house should try listening. things getting so bad the administration is reportedly looking at a military base in virginia and axios is reporting to the cdc, they are letting the child migrant facilities fell to 1% capacity despite covid concerns but hey, we can't call it a crisis just yet, i guess. greg gutfeld, joe biden is transferring kids in cages to a military base named after a confederate general in a state governed by a democrat who wore black face. you can't make this stuff up. >> greg: and these facilities are going to go to 100% capacity but our restaurants can't. but what i learned today, which is amazing is that the migrants are actually ignoring advertisements telling them not to come here, so only democrats would think that a wall doesn't
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work but ads do. that's like saying okay, folks, don't put locks on your doors, just put up a sign that says "please don't come into our house and take all our stuff. dems do not see the value of friction and is incentivizing behavior. think walls don't work strong wall to slow down progress but they don't understand that. so now they have got a problem. they can't take any advice from trump because he is evil even though his advice would actually save their butts. >> jesse: they are so arrogant they can't admit a lot of the policies and deals that trump cut with central asia and mexico helped slow the flow of unaccompanied minors but biden created this crisis and i don't think he has a solution, do you? >> dagen: no because this is biden and company, this is a
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policy of come on in, we are going to create a vast welfare state for you and the bigger the government is, the more power we have. you can bloat vu vote blue and iwill one of you, the restaurant 100% migt facilities can go to 100%, cramming those migrant children in there but our kids in this country can't get back to school. because that is not safe, so joe biden and cohave created this perverse incentive for children and their families to put their lives at risk, or rather smugglers and traffickers to put those very children at risk, but you won't hear him call it a crisis or chaos. it's a challenge, that is one thing about democrats and then others fascist-like tendencies.
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it's the language. they try t democrats governed bo their true opinion of the american people. they think that we are all stupid, that if they call it a challenge we will just sit our watch or wind ourhether to ass, we will just sit there and not like it is true in the media will pick up the language the democrats are using it all is well and good while children are suffering at the border at fort lee and virginia potentially. >> jesse: i want to play some sound of a border sheriff pretty upset about the fact that they dropped wall construction and then the cartels can funnel right through. listen. >> when president biden rescinded the emergency order on the southwest border it stopped resources and stopped construction on our border. as a result of that, one area where the fenceswe get five or y
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coming across there. it opened up the border, it opened it up for them to come in this country. >> jesse: that's just common sense, right? >> gillian: certainly pausing if not halting forever construction on the southern border wall was one of the first things president biden did in the white house upon becoming president. what i don't understand is that every four years the u.s. government has this fate of collective amnesia where they have to wipe everything that came before, pretend they are starting from scratch and they have to come up with an entirely new slate of policies to solve these really big, intractable problems but the reality is the vast majority of americans have held very consistent views on the immigration issue for many years, upwards of a decade in poll after poll after poll from republicans, democrats and everything in between, about 70%
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of the american people want to stricter enforcement of the existing immigration laws, the laws that are on the books, coupled with some kind of a pathway to legal citizenship, or a process for pursuing legal citizenship for would-be immigrants to this country. i will say that what we are seeing now, this spot of emergency versus crisis versus challenge versus obstacle is just political theater, i don't think anything we are talking about really matters. somebody who did have a smart new proposal that i have seen in this go around of the same old argument on the merry-go-round is senator romney who said one thing we are not doing that we really need to be doing is focusing more on domestic issues and focusing on businesses. he proposed this idea that businesses who want to employ undocumented immigrants have to have a special visa in order to do so. that would solve a lot more problems than haggling over the border wall. >> jesse: i don't have a problem with seasonal workers
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coming in and doing that kind of labor, but it's just the flow right now is unsustainable, and they are predicting it's going to get even worse in the next three to four months. what is biden going to do about it? >> juan: i think we should look at it in terms of what jillian was just saying. it doesn't matter who is in office, republican or democrat, the busiest border in the world, we get surges, we have some problems, could be a congress problem, immigration problem. of course, the whole issue of who we grant amnesty to in terms of crises down in the south, south of the border, but again, the whole thing should be congress acting, congress should act, so jillian was saying hey, the american people, republican and democrat say hey, look, we want border security but we also want a pathway to citizenship, especially when dealing with the young people, the dreamers.
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2013, we came close to comprehensive immigration reform on a bipartisan basis. to think we got to 63 votes in the senate, it passed in the house. today we are farther away from any compromise because we are so politically polarized and i think people use this immigration issue to demonize the other side and say the other side, you know, biden doesn't want to let people in, he's the one guy who stood on a democratic primary stage and said he was not for decriminalizing illegal crossings of the border, so keep that in mind, that joe biden is trying to work on problems -- >> jesse: he is forgiving illegal immigrants free health care too. >> juan: i tell you what, i'm just saying, using your voice, my voice across partisan lines, we should be saying to congress, let's solve this problem is. republicans want to focus on
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border security, democrats want to focus on resolving the issues for not separating families and for people who are here including the dreamers, that is the basis for a deal. stop with the rhetoric. >> greg: i've got to respond here because whenever there is a push for comprehensive immigration reform, the word "comprehensive" is only really the new word for amnesty. the people on the right actually are -- >> juan: no, it's not. >> greg: the writer always willing to compromise and listen because all they want is a process, something that isn't a free-for-all. that is what republicans like. the dems, when it comes to student loans can be don't care about the the loans and for those who immigrate lawfully and do it the right way, too bad! just go to the border! if you actually respected process, we might trust you! but you don't, because dagan
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says, you keep changing the language. you will -- >> juan: it's not the case. a large percentage of it comes from visa over stays and the like. congress. we have to work on this issue sincerely. >> greg: there is no "we" when it comes to democrats, that's what i'm saying. >> juan: but when it comes to republicans? come on. congress. >> jesse: we got to go. we got to go. joe composed and immigration deal and it's doa because there was no border enforcement, so up next, the huge development andy cuomo cover-up. a report to hide nursing home deaths while he was working on his book praising pandemic leadership. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: more proof the media's one time messiah is actually a steaming dirtbag. when he was busy writing this book praising pandemic leadership's top advisors were reportedly busy trying to cover up and hide the real number of nursing home deaths. they did it by leaving out patients who died at hospitals after being infected at those facilities. oh, then there is his other scandal, one of the three women accusing cuomo of sexual harassment is speaking out. former aide charlie bennett is describing allegations against
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the governor. >> he is a textbook abuser. he lets his temper and his anger rule the office, but he was very sweet to me for ar and hope that maybe one day when he came onto me me i would think we were friends or that it was appropriate or that it was okay. >> dagen: he is still hanging on. >> greg: it's amazing that the cover-up was all about this book. like they didn't want the dad to interfere with his successful book launch. like may 1912, we are doing a book on the captain of the titanic but don't mention the incident with the iceberg, it will make him really unhappy. again, what he really should have been apologizing over and over and over again is the mountain of debt, not the sexual harassment, he should be apologizing for that too but
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it's like apologizing for using a foul language while mugging a seed in senior citizens.where are chelsn jimmy fallon, the slobbering celebrities that turned him into a sexual icon? aren't they somewhat guilty and shouldn't they be tested? >> dagen: yes, they should. >> juan: i don't think that is anybody's call to make but cuomo's. it's interesting, democrats are highly critical of cuomo and if you follow even the liberal media, i specifically would point you to "the new york times," they are aggressively, aggressively going after cuomo, not only on the sexual-harassment front but as you saw on this morning's front, going after him on the nursing home deaths cover above that the numbers. i think you're going to see more of that, i think you will see the attorney general investigation both on the
2:19 am
numbers and on the sexual-harassment, so it's not going to be any shortage of that. and republican or democrat, be honest about the health care of our country, about covid. right now, calls for government descent is down in florida to be investigated for apparently allowing areas with wealthy donors early access to the vaccine. of course, he had trouble with his own numbers. he fired the a -- >> dagen: can we stay on cuomo? can we stay on cuomo? >> juan: you asked as if it was just one side, i'm just telling you, that type of behavior is not good, i don't care if you are a republican or democrat. i would say that it was bad policy on the nursing homes and that's distinct from the bullying behavior that he engages in, and not only with women but apparently with other democrats. that is what you see so many democrats calling for his --
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>> dagen: on that note he had his goons calling grieving families the death called, he had his goons going after janice dean and other people who had lost relatives in nursing homes. jesse, before we applaud the mainstream media and the democrats, we knew he was covering up with the number of people who died in those nursing homes because of his order. they died because of his hand. they were covering up those numbers. we knew starting last may that it was happening, so where were all of these people, standing up for grieving loved ones and standing up for the dead? they were nowhereville. >> jesse: too little, too late. juan, leave desantis out of this. cuomo signed a death warrant for these nursing homes and then doctored the evidence for profit for a $700,000 book advance.
2:21 am
that's what he did. that's what he did. he did this for money. he had the body count for money and wrote a book about how he aced the pandemic. that is like o.j. writing a book on the me too movement. no, juice, you're not the guy. speaking of this, he says he has never touched anybody inappropriately? on the same day there is a picture of him in "the post" like a sexual frankenstein grabbing a woman's face appeared where in the world is that an appropriate greeting for a stranger? even vladimir putin's thinking this guy went a little too far. here's the difference, juan. this alleged victim went on network television this morning, she went on cbs. cbs news doesn't usually put on victims of democrats. this had to go to the cbs's president desk and deborah katz, the same attorney that
2:22 am
represented christine blasey ford is now representing one of these alleged victims. she is pretty high-power in democrat circles. you have the whole democrat establishment now turning against this guy. the next couple weeks are going to be brutal. >> dagen: i am not diminishing the claims of these women but if cuomo is going to go down, it should be at least in part because of the 15,000 elderly people he had a hand in killing and the fact that he covered it up to burnish his image and sell a book. >> gillian: it would be a tragedy to miss out on the forest for the trees, as that expression goes but i think we are still missing an important point about the sexual harassment allegations. i don't mean this panel, the media in general. there is a question of how perpetrators respond to accusations of sexual assault and harassment but then there is also how workplace responds to these accusations. according to the testimony of
2:23 am
charlette bennett, the second woman to come forward, she told the office, she told cuomo's chief of staff that he had sexually harassed her in the workplace and their thought there was to buy her silence by giving her a huge promotion. it went from being an executive assistant in an administrative position to being a health policy advisor. the excuse was moved her to a different building, created some physical separation between her and the governor, which of course is necessary but we have to have the conversation about, is this the way to handle and respond to young women with real, potentially legitimate claims of sexual harassment, may be sexual assault? is buying their silence by giving them increased responsibilities and bigger job titles and pay raises a president we want to set in this country? >> dagen: it was how the untouchable man of power cuomo handled it.
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i have called him every name in the book, the only one i'm waiting for his former governor. ahead, the hypocritical places democrats will go. ebay bands the sale of dr. seuss books but you can dr. seuss books but you can still buy hitler's -- ♪ and a little bit of chicken fried ♪ ♪ cold beer on a friday night ♪ ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger. only at applebee's. ♪ ♪ water? urgh! (rocket ship) hey! hey! heads up. thank you! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio
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♪ ♪ >> juan: critics say cancel culture is getting out of control and getting more ammunition for their claims. ebay stopping the sale of six dr. seuss books that were pulled over offensive imagery, but you can still buy hitler's "mein kampf," the unit
2:29 am
bomb- -- removing documentaries such as one on conservative supreme court justice clarence thomas. i'm glad you're here, dagan because i want to have an adult conversation about the cancel culture, we have been talking about it all week and it just occurs to me, what would dagan say if we had a charlie chan movie and we said we are not going to put that on the air. would that be cancel culture? >> dagen: yes, it would be. any kind of trying to wipe -- you know, these things that were made or created years ago, yeah, they are clearly offensive to people in this day and age but they are still historic artifacts. and if we wipe away that history, then we are doomed to repeat it. we need to see where we come from, where we are right now and where we are going in the future. and quite frankly, i don't understand with ebay, like, this left-wing bozo bubble their income who was sitting around a
2:30 am
table and says, banning books, double thumbs up here that has never ended well in history. and now we are talking about you can buy coins with a swastika on them and some hitler stamps. i don't know how that helps their business but the real danger isn't what i call the four horsemen of the apocalypse, it's amazon, apple, google and facebook because they control 9% of the internet activity. they know way more about us than the government does, and when did they decide to start banning people, destroying people, businesses if you bought a maga t-shirt. aiken happened and it's sooner than you think. >> juan: i was thinking something like "birth of a nation," that movie celebrated the klan years ago, but we don't
2:31 am
like belittling people, we don't make fun of irish or italians or whatever, but isn't it appropriate that we would evolve and say some things are not appropriate by 2021 standards? >> gillian: you would think one of those things would be the "mein kampf," which is still readily available for distribution around the world, but i will say there is something deeply problematic to me about amazon banning certain books as opposed to publishers, because publishers no longer, sadly, rival amazon when it comes to exposure and book sales. amazon in terms of books dell macbook sales has outpaced all major publishing houses combined every year combined. when amazon decides to ban a book already in print, they are helping to shape the national discourse around this material. they are helping shape public awareness. to me, there is an element here to which we are entering new
2:32 am
dangerous territory with amazon and ebay, the resellers coming in and making these decisions, even more so than the individual publishing houses. >> juan: all right, greg, what should the rules be? because i think, do you think it matters if people say they are offended by the content, something, you know, go back to the '50s and you just don't see that, you just don't see it on the air so which of the rules of the road be? >> juan: that shows adults can handle this without getting rid. this is big brother, not by government. it's big brother by private companies and we have to understand, as dagan said, there is no public option to facebook or google or amazon. they control, they are the conduits. six years ago we were debating government surveillance in the age of the snowden story and somebody said something
2:33 am
unbelievably wrong, could have been me, i don't remember. but that person said if you're not doing anything wrong, why should you be worried about surveillance? and that is now the defense of cancel culture. it you shouldn't worry about being canceled if you're not doing anything offensive. but the problem is, who is deciding what is offensive and what needs to be canceled? the people deeming the standards for offense often lack the experience or wisdom of an adult who has led a real life. a lot of this is coming from young people who just got out of college you don't even understand what the person meant by it, don't understand free speech. it's up to the adults in the room, the people who have been on this planet a long time to tell you, you know what, offensive things will exist and some of this stuff might hurt your feelings, but you know what, it's in there so you can decide and you can talk about it and you can write about it. but banning things only makes it more interesting. it only makes it more
2:34 am
interesting. >> gillian: and you would know because you have been on the planet a really, really long time. >> greg: that's true, i'm almost 30. >> juan: i thought you were talking to me. let's talk to someone who has been on the planet a good while, jesse. what would you do? i'm just trying to explore this, elevate the conversation. say, what is it that should be the case? i know, for example, i went to see "merchant of venice" on broadway. they had a discussion about stereotypical depictions of jewish people about the play was there. is that appropriate? is that the way to handle it? >> jesse: i like how you went to me to elevate the conversation, juan. >> greg: he's trying to elevate it because we are all neanderthals. we are all really stupid here. thanks, juan! [laughter] >> jesse: when i see stories like this i feel like i went to a palm reader and the palm reader looked at my hand and
2:35 am
then looked at me and said, ""watters' world"" is on borrowed time. the mob is going from the 50s to the 60s to the 70s. do you remember what i was doing on the streets in the 2000s? the whole waters world catalog is cancel -able by today's standards. i'm going to have johnny start scrubbing the internet. greg is laughing but have you ever seen red eye? you are next, bro. we needed to share the risk here. we need to preapologize or do something because we can be in some serious trouble. and everyone else on the show, you guys are complicit to because you guys didn't speak out. >> gillian: i just wish there was tape we can roll right now. maybe there's an archive somewhere. >> jesse: there is no archive, doesn't exist. >> juan: thank you all for elevating the conversation. "the fastest" up next for you on
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if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. ♪ ♪ >> gillian: welcome back, it's time for "the fastest." first up, technology is pretty cool but if you've ever logged onto twitter you know people can be mighty creepy. just ask this guy pretending to be tom cruise. >> i'll show you some magic. the real thing. [laughs] >> gillian: deepfake videos like this have been watched by millions of people over the last couple of videos on tiktok and you can see why experts are warning, this could get very dangerous. tell us how this could become dangerous. >> greg: you don't want a deepfake of me because god knows what that will do to america.
2:41 am
imagine a deepfake where a world leader is assassinated. this would be something ideal for foreign adversaries to create total unrest so you actually don't need bodies for war anymore, you could have some really smart geeks. what we need are incredibly harsh penalties for anyone who creates deepfakes to harm a person. if you actually do something to destroy somebody's life, it should be the death penalty. if you do a deepfake that shows jesse committing murder and he goes away to prison, you should get the death penalty. >> gillian: should jesse go to prison? >> juan: absolutely not. >> jesse: i'm the one guy juan wants to lock up. >> juan: that's not true. i would lead the fund to get you out. we would be character witnesses. >> gillian: that was so nice! that was so nice. >> juan: yeah, i think this tom cruise fake is just evidence you can't believe your lying
2:42 am
eyes anymore with the internet. we know they have scams for money and dating and everything else, but now it's just like, you know what, you really have to use your critical thinking and critical seeing because these people will fool you. greg is right, this could be serious stuff. there are people out there who probably think that's tom cruise. >> greg: i think it's him. >> gillian: i think it's him too. it's far from the creepiest thing tom cruise has ever done. he's the last guy you need to make stuff up about. remember him on the couch with oprah? >> jesse: i do, i do. he was in love, it was overwhelming. >> gillian: we forgive him. >> jesse: i like these videos because these videos give me an out. say somebody has a video of me hugging alex jones not wearing a mask and he is wearing a "stop the steel" t-shirt. that might not have been me, that was a deepfake.
2:43 am
it buys me time and i think that's a good thing. you've got to look at it selfishly it selfishly. >> gillian: plausible deniability. do you think jesse should be in prison? >> dagen: never. you could actually do the show from prison. >> gillian: and during covid. >> dagen: i like fake tom cruise over the real tom cruise. you don't see fake tom cruise yelling at people, i don't ever want to see it again ever! >> gillian: let's move into our next topic, if your pooch has been packing on the pounds, you should blame covid because just like people, the pandemic is taking a toll on america's pets. the main culprit is humans working from home and sharing their snacks. i'm going to bounce back to you because america wants to know how dale stays so fit. >> dagen: dale and charlie walk two hours a day.
2:44 am
>> gillian: charlie is more fluffy. >> dagen: he is fluffy, not fat and actually they shame me, they were giving me the stink eye when they saw me eating half priced valentines candy from the grocery store. i'm the one who is fat. >> gillian: oh, stop. how much has your dog gained? >> jesse: he has gained the pandemic 15, so we put him on the greg gutfeld diet. he looks quite trim now. >> gillian: good for him. juan, do you have any dogs in your family? i don't know. >> juan: i think dogs are getting more exercise, more exercise, but the anti- animal kingdomin general, fewere road, i think it is been a good
2:45 am
time for animals. speed it with your advice for dogs? >> greg: i think a fat dog is easier to take care of. less energy, but i am suspicious of anyone who is trying to deliberately fatten up their dog. >> gillian: why? it makes them cuter. i love a good, fat dog. >> greg: you love the taste of a good, fat dog. >> gillian: that was really gross. >> greg: that's my point, it could be a conspiracy. >> gillian: we've got to leave it right there about "fan mail friday." stick with us. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. ♪ and a little bit of chicken fried ♪ ♪ cold beer on a friday night ♪ ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: love the beatles. it's "fan mail friday," we are answering your questions. this is from robin, i believe you are referring to the dreams you have at night, what are most of your dreams about? i think this is an interesting question. what are most of your dreams about? >> dagen: work and coming in late and not having make up on.
2:50 am
>> greg: i dream about not having my notes and they change the subject of the last minute and i show up and i am not prepared. >> gillian: high school, i'm supposed to graduate and then i found out come other stuff going on and i can't get it done. it's all traumatic high school dreams for me. >> greg: it's like i forgot a year of college and i have to go back. i am in my early 40s, like now, but i have to go back. juan, what are persistent dreams for you? >> juan: all of you are talking about dreams come in textbooks as the dreams of high achievers. i have them, you have them but the other one is chaste. i am always being chased or dropping off a tall building or something, i'm dealing with all of my anxiety. >> greg: that's caused by
2:51 am
"the five," you're constantly trying to escape us. what about you? besides dreaming about yourself what is it that you dream about? >> jesse: same with you guys. i am like last semester, senior year, i do not have the right credits, i did not take the right classes, i have to make up for something somehow and it's not coming together and it's of the same dream every time. terrible. >> greg: i'm telling you, there is a solution to this. it's called melatonin. it makes your dreams lucid so when you are in the dream you can actually control that. melatonin is the scariest drug when you are asleep. time for a real quick one right? who would you like to see as the new host of "jeopardy?" that was my suggestion, jesse. >> jesse: i haven't watched -- [laughs] you know, i'm good at quiz things. i can pretend to be smart, but i
2:52 am
know all the answers beforehand. i nominate myself. >> greg: who would you like to see? >> gillian: i've been watching it lately and i don't know his name but the executive producer has been filling in because people couldn't get to california or whatever and he is really good, i like him, i vote for him. >> greg: what about you, what do you think? >> juan: i just missed the old guy, that's all. >> greg: what did you say? hologram. >> juan: oh, a hologram, yeah, i was saying out of the box, he could bring in celebrity people, let's say you brought in mike tyson, would that be different? that would be unexpected. not good. >> dagen: dave chappelle. or kanye. >> jesse: that's too outside of the box. >> greg: who should not be
2:53 am
host? ken jennings should not be host, right? yes. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. (all together) me too. hey! you really outdid yourself. yes, we did. the all-new buick envision. an suv built around you... all of you.
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who's working hard to make me look so good they are not working hard enough. to. >> or maybe it's world 8:00 p.m eastern saturday night we have all of the six band dr. seuss books. we will show you the exact illustrations that are driving people so crazy that they reall are offensive. tuna into that. then later watch genie, and ed and greg bear had. >> save some of those books for me because i have some exciting and terrifying personal news in case you can't tell from my chubby face, i'm going to be a mom for the first time. i'm very excited.
2:59 am
my husband and i are expecting baby girl due in july. there is my husband and i with the first baby gift. we are very excited. one of us as very chunky and we hope she is as as pretty and smart as all of you guys. there is my husband with our firstborn. our first children, olivia and connor. >> congratulations. that as very sweet. >> i think your parents are going to be happy. to give very happy. >> look, after a year of living through this pandemic, i bet yo want to scream, right? take a look at a new device tha can quickly text you the coronavirus. instead of having your nose swabbed, you just go into an
3:00 am
airlock cabin and scream if you have the virus, the machine can conduct detected from the particle spray. and entrepreneur and as trying it in airports and offices.


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