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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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o there's no tradeoff between my dreams and paying student loans. student loans don't have to take over for the rest of your life. thank you for allowing me to get my money right. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy friday, qanon, everyone's saying it -- you may be wondering just how dangerous is qanon? here's the answer. the district of columbia national guard announced today that all troops who took part in the mission to protect our democracy from internet conspiracy theorists will now receive metals in recognition of their heroic sacrifice. the primary metal is called the presidential inauguration support metal, that's for people
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who were there for president biden's inauguration. that metal will be supplemented by the emergency service ribbon. if you're a d.c. guardsman who's been on duty in the city since january depicting america, you can add another metal to your chest and more may be coming. according to air force lieutenant colonel robert karp, we aren't making this it up, other federal decorations will also be considered. wow, that seems a big deal. here's some context. more than 60,000 american soldiers and marines fought on guadalcanal in the south pacific, about 15,000 died or were wounded there but not one of those got unofficial guadalcanal metal for the experience because the pentagon didn't offer it. it may have been horrible and bloody but it just didn't justify its own ribbon.
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guadalcanal wasn't north capitol street, the imperial japanese weren't as fanatical as trump voters, no metal. so yesterday, the war against qanon is likely to escalate intensely. march 4th would be the tet offensive in the fight against right-wing insurrection. it was something called a q1 on inauguration day and we had never heard of that before but we don't work for the fbi, the fbi has been monitoring the enemies signals intelligence, that means tweets, facebook posts, tick-tock, james bond stuff. according to what our guys were hearing in the field, qanon was preparing an invasion of washington, that means thousands of bearded, groovy shaman in viking hats marking across the bridge to pillage and end our democracy. needless to say, nancy pelosi stopped work in the house of representatives so members of congress could flee the city for their lives and many did.
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andy kim for example is a congressman from new jersey, he wrote this -- poignant. this would all seem absurd if it wasn't frightening, he prepared to flee the capital on march 3rd and wrote his diary on twitter, now our legislative plan tomorrow has been canceled as we are rushing tonight to finish the work we planned to do. thousands of national guard and capitol police will be on edge as they stand watch over the capital, they will worry about possible attacks by american citizens. he was panicked, sounds a command preparing for the worst. another wave of sadness comes from the fact this is not getting better. the fbi director said this threat has metastasized and do so and became a refugee in his own country. not everyone ran from the sound of the approaching qanon, a few hard-core war correspondents ran toward that sound, that's what they do, chris bedford at "the federalist" is a man like that, while our elected
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representatives were clinging to the last chopper out of the city, he was at the capital itself, the center of the battle. here was the scene there. >> i was told that all of us conservatives were insurrection today, i might have the wrong place? >> tucker: you want to the wrong place, there was simply nobody there. it took "the washington post" five crack reporters to determine this, they rushed to the scene. their conclusion? on capitol hill road the five post reporters, the streets were quiet, people walk their dogs in the morning sun, construction crews continued with their projects. that was the dispatch, jeff bezos spared no expense. one reporter assigned to monitor the construction crews, another on the dog walking beat -- no one there. why wasn't there anyone there? where was that you went on? what qanon battle, no one really
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thought there was going to be a cue in on battle, watch. >> have we learned more about any specifics of this threat or are you starting to think this is under the umbrella of maybe we are being a little more per cautious since we under reacted on january 6th? >> definitely the latter, no question about it. the intelligence that was gathered by law enforcement i'm told was of a specific group talking about the idea of doing an attack on the capital today on march 4th, talking about an idea -- in other words aspirational. i don't think anybody expected anything to happen today but nonetheless, abundance of caution seems to be the watch phrase here. >> being per cautious said chuck todd totally unfamiliar with his native language. the key line from that clip and when you need to remember is i
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don't think anybody expected anything to happen. on march 4th at the capital. wait a second! you sticklers for precision, didn't the fbi issued a bulletin warning the country that a military force was planning to seize control of the capitol building? didn't they put up razor wire around the whole place and send in thousands of soldiers with rifles? didn't congressman kim and his friends run away in sadness and terror and tweet about it? that all happened but it wasn't a big deal, it was just a drill, you can act as you were. that's one explanation for the empty capitol yesterday but by the time night fell and the city remains quiet except in the poor neighborhoods where people will still shooting one another in ever-growing numbers -- by the time night fell, s msnbc decided that in fact they had saved the day. it turns out cue in on didn't because neoliberal cable news
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anchors successfully defended our country, what joshua chamberlain was too little round top, chris hayes was to cue in on inauguration day, watch. >> this was the scene in washington, d.c., were two months after the insurrection, the area around the capital was still on lockdown. thankfully, nothing happened. >> i will say media coverage on how silly the soul is made it less palatable for cue in on people over the last week. it's a lot, it always is with these people. >> it totally makes sense, it turns out qanon's battalions looks to msnbc and after watching chris hayes and randy is a draw's knee flexed their intellectual muscles, they
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realize they are totally outgunned. these msnbc people are just too clever so cue in on decided to stay home and fight another day. "newsweek" was not buying that explanation, a reporter came up with this explanation -- q and nontheorists switch to the date to march 20th after no-trump inauguration, they called the march 4th date a false flag. how did "newsweek" know what qanon was up to? a man called ken had told reporter david weigle that donald trump would be inaugurated again on march 20th, it's a dave weigle story -- forget everything you heard about march 4th. it he told dave the real invasion is going to be march 20th. so be afraid. at some point listening to these various explanations, the hysteria never ending, you've got to wonder how the democratic party and its minions in the news media are different from any other doomsday cult,
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always telling us the world is going to end whether it's global warming or white nationalist insurrection, and when the world doesn't end, they don't even pause and they don't seem ashamed. they just change the date of the world ending. it's all pretty embarrassing but they never seem embarrassed. jean dixon used to do this, she was a professional psychic, i had a calm and hundreds of papers. she once predicted the world with end on fourth 1962. did it end? it didn't. the world and end in 1962 and when it didn't, she very cleverly extend the timeline and predicted armageddon in 2020. luckily, she was long dead by 2020 and she didn't have to explain why the world still exists. it looks like nancy pelosi is our jane dixon, a batty soothsayer who just happens to run the congress. how long until that can guy who
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talked to dave winds up in an fbi bulletin justifying another indefinite extensive occupation of the capital, more razor wire -- i don't think these guns are powerful enough, let's bring in howitzers. i'm not even joking. remember, the fbi isn't concerned with what is actually going to happen, they are concerned what one or two random people right online and as long as what those people put on tick-tock justifies more power for the people in charge, the fbi, their slavish servants will put it all in a terror alert and scare the out of the country to justify even more power. how did they do this? they've done it a lot, the media repeated without any hesitation whatsoever. >> here's our breaking news, the fbi warning protests are being planned for washington, d.c., and all 50 state capitals in the days leading up to joe biden's inauguration next week. capitals all across america come
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all 50 state capitals under the threat of armed protest in the run up to inauguration. >> the worry now is the targets could expand. from the u.s. capitol to all 50 state capitals, to so-called soft targets, mirroring those from he terrorists. if an internal fbi bulletin obtained by cnn now says the bureau has received information indicating planning is now underway for armed, repeat armed protests not all 50 state capitals in the u.s. capitol living up to president-elect biden's inauguration. >> tucker: arm, repeat, armed. the dummies were terrified, they had a news alert for you. qanon was coming to all 50 state capitals in the u.s. capital, it's 51. according to the fbi, qanon was about to go national if not international. the sleeper cells were going to activate. it wasn't simply cnn who obtained the memo, don lemon had
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at and nbc had too. >> a new fbi memo warning about the possibility of armed protests across all 50 state capitals have inauguration day. >> starting on the 17th of january, there's going to be a potential for armed protests in state capitals. >> tucker: armed! all 50 state capitals in the u.s. capital! according to the fbi bulletin! whatever happened to those 51 armed protests? they came down actually to just one guy. a dude called mark who was waving a flag at albany, new york. >> i wanted to be part of the patriot party, joined supporters of trump and i find myself kind of by myself out here. i came out here with nothing but
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peaceful intentions. i wanted everything to be peaceful. >> tucker: you ever noticed how all the scary internet conspiracy theorists and you actually see them on camera or jail cells as a lot of them now are, they are confused and limited the wrong ideas but they are all gentle people waving american flags, they like the country. they are not torching wendy's, they aren't losing retail stores, the art of shooting cops, that's not them. it's other people doing that. that guy with the beard? good thing he wasn't shot to death by the police. he might be if he tried that today. what's amazing is that even as they lie to us again and again and again about the threat of qanon and the insurrection in the white supremacist militia, hyping it all beyond recognition and doing it for psychological reasons obviously but also for political reasons. even as they do all of that, they downplay and ignore actual
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violence in this country. violence that is rapidly accelerating in every city in the nation and killing a lot of people. it's been going on for months. watching an ap reporter deny that there were violent blm riots this summer, this clip is real. >> in june, these were nonviolent protesters, racially mixed fueled by the black lives matter outraged by the death of george floyd, a black man kill under the knee of a white police officer in minnesota. there was no violence there. the biden white house has made clear, they say the threat posed by domestic terrorism is equal to that posed by international terror groups like isis which is such a sobering thought that fellow americans could be perceived as a dangerous threat to their countrymen and women. >> tucker: there was no violence in minneapolis? have you been there? we were there two weeks ago, go
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to where george floyd died outside the market where he died on the sidewalk, it's trashed, the whole area is trashed, the police station down the road is still boarded up the lunatics burned it. but there was no violence -- it was more like a pepsi commercial, it was multiracial, they were holding arms. it was qanon who did it, it was qanon who burned hundreds of buildings, killed more than 20 people, shot more than a dozen cops during the george floyd riot. it must have been qanon, everyone knows that because q anon -- repeat after us now 15,000 times. qanon is the real threat. who better to speak to about this threat than chris bedford of "the federalist," the first correspondent on the scene of yesterday's insurrection and he joins us tonight fighting his way through the ptsd to tell us what he saw. chris bedford you're a brave man and tell us what you saw there. >> i am very brave, thank you for acknowledging bats.
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i saw joggers, i heard birds, that was interesting. it was mild weather and i am lighter skinned so i did have to wear sunscreen down there and i saw a whole lot of reporters, camera crews set up and there were also some national guardsmen behind the razor wire that goes across the street and they looked more bored, i think they were less on edge than the congressmen and congresswomen who were scurrying beneath tunnels as opposed to walking through hallways, a hundred meters were any american could get within range of them. i do have to wonder, here in washington, d.c., it feels like the world did end in 2020, i'm starting to wonder if that reporter did sober up when he found out half the country are domestic terrorists, it doesn't sound like he quite did. here in d.c. we are occupied but because of the police force, was largely been trained to check tickets and check badges was unable to hold back a mob, as opposed to a normal army, they
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had three people die of heart failure in this group, it wasn't a healthy army coming at them. they are unable to hold that back and now they're acting chief is trying to blame the american people, trying to politicize this for nancy pelosi, her boss and trying to say this city should remain occupied for the next two months at least. >> tucker: we are going to blow this up into a much bigger segment next week but what i'm hearing tonight from sources in the police department that the capitol hill police, the new chief is requesting a budget multiple that of the city's police force just to protect members of congress, 535 people whereas the rest of the city's police force is abandoning the city, hundreds of cops have already quit. the police academy is a virtually empty in the city is getting way more violent. you will live there, is that what it feels like to you? >> it does feel like that and our neighbors talk about it, i don't live in a very conservative neighborhood in
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washington, d.c., and our neighbors are concerned, looking out their windows and they want to make sure this rise in crime, mothers with their children getting carjacked, the kind of crime we haven't seen in a number of years wasn't happening. the capitol police is not a traditional police force despite their elite name, a lot of those officers aren't given the training that you need for an example to even transfer to a local police department, they want won't accept that training because it's not up to their standards, same thing with a physical fitness. the capitol police officers know this, they don't like their leaders. they had a vote of no confidence in the leaders including the current acting chief, if you walk in and out of there they will shake their head and say our leaders are not watching out for us, they are just using us as pawns to help out the democrats. >> tucker: we've seen this before in the leaders are going along with it and so was chris wray at the fbi. i appreciate your bravery for being physically on the scene
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with those five "washington post" and reporters drink you in on inauguration day, hope we see you soon. mckinsey and company is a global company, a huge effect on how business is done around the world, they will tell you they have a lot of core competencies, what are they? one of them is covering up frame mass murderer in china but now we are learning the mckinsey may have helped andrew cuomo try to avoid responsibility for killing thousands of nursing home patients, that's straight ahead.
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. >> tucker: mckenzie and company is o >> tucker: mckinsey and company is one of the biggest consulting firms in the world but more than that it's an employment agency for the children of our ruling class. bill clinton's daughter worked at mckinsey, our new transport transportation secretary pete buttigieg worked at mckinsey. they've made a ton of money and they've done it on a single principle, make as much as possible from your clients by telling them whatever they want to hear. in april of last year we saw this on stark display, we talked to a long time mckinsey executive called peter walker. he had no problem explicitly
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defending the communist party of china and its response, totalitarian response to coronavirus. he repeated the propaganda word for word. >> look at the results, i know there's always going to be questions about exactly what the numbers are. i think the harsh action that they took given the scale of china and the number of big cities was exactly what they needed to do to be able to prevent the outbreak from going any further and the reality is, the outbreak hasn't gone much beyond wuhan. >> tucker: that was in april, by the way. the outbreak hasn't gone much beyond wuhan -- right. it's not a transmissible person to person are learning that they may have also helped cover-up deaths in nursing homes in new york. according to a report from, mckinsey played a key role in the july 6th
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report in the new york state department of health that deliberately lied about nursing home deaths. you're not supposed to know any of that will focus on because it doesn't really matter, instead you should focus on the fact that andrew cuomo may have said naughty things to women. that's a much bigger deal than killing a lot of elderly people with the help of mckinsey. yesterday one of those women spoke to cbs news. >> do believe he was propositioning you? yes. >> for what? >> . >> the pandemic was stressful for all of us and he was on tv nearly every day talking about it. >> you think all of this national attention may have emboldened him. >> absolutely. i think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways. >> did you watch his apology? >> i did. it's not an apology, is not an issue of my feelings, it's an issue of his actions. >> tucker: do believe he was
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soliciting you? who cares compared to killing thousands of elderly people in nursing homes and wrecking the state. do you believe? the faked solemnity is repulsive. net orion is the founder and ceo of american majority, talk about missing the story every single time. do you understand what's going on with andrew cuomo? i think there's all kinds of very good reasons to think he's one of the worst governors along with gretchen whitmer in the united states. to get him on the fact that he propositioned that she's married, i'm not saying he should do it, i've never done anything like that, however, is that really bigger than killing people in nursing homes? what is this? >> it's fascinating that mckinsey has cropped up yet again. the super-spreader vulture capitalism that has decimated the middle class in america, now settling for $600 million, their
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role in the opioid crisis. this is all a distraction, let's hold this shiny object of me to to distract from the absolute embarrassment of his policies decimating and killing over 15,000 elderly in the state of new york and it's embarrassing for the media and the left because this is a guy they were lauding, they were holding them up, they gave him an enemy and now all of a sudden as this starts to unfold, he's become an embarrassment to them because they don't want to admit it, if they actually addressed, let's meet to him to death because then we can take him out at the same time distract from our lack of coverage on this scandal we knew about unfolding in may of last year, the other thing they get out is that scum you get this embarrassment out of the way and take them out of the running for the presidential run in 2024 and help clear the deck because we all know biden is a one-term president if that. >> they don't want to talk about mckinsey because their kids work there, 100% right.
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ned ryan, i appreciate you coming on. >> you might have thought open sesame was an innocuous phrase, you've probably set it growing up but a better praise for kids to use -- was former pup congress meant patrick kennedy is here to tell us why an amazing story, big marijuana is trying to shut him down, that's straight ahead.
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>> tucker: the president of the speaker appeared at something of a call the democratic caucus virtual issues conference. it was mostly unremarkable of them but there was one moment that stuck out to. for the beginning of it, nancy pelosi declared that her grandchildren no longer use the phrase "open sesame. >> we don't say open sesame, we say open, biden, it's our magic.
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>> i love it. we don't say open sesame, we say open biden, what does that mean? we have no idea waiting for response from the speaker's office. patrick kennedy is a former member of congress. like so many people you know, he struggled for years with substance abuse. unlike a lot of people you know, he beat it and he turned his life around completely and he's devoted the rest of his life to helping other people who struggle with drugs and alcohol, if there's one thing this country needs it's more people like that. it's not about politics, it's about saving people from their demons. patrick kennedy might be a perfect person to serve as a drug czar in this administration but "bloomberg news" is reporting corporate marijuana interests is doing everything it can to keep him from getting that job and we thought we would ask him -- patrick kennedy joins
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us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: what is it that corporate interests don't want you to say about marijuana? >> as we know, we love our addictions in america. i think it's a big, profitable business and the real profit comes when people do not drink responsibly. i don't think alcohol makes money off of people drinking responsibly, they make money off people like me who drink more than they should. we know they also make money off of kids and we've seen in the past, both big tobacco and big alcohol really market to children. you see hard lemonade and hard liquor advertised on cable television, we all remember joe camel and we know the flavored
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tobacco and now we have all the vaping that's going on. it's not surprising that all trio which is the owner of marlborough and all those cigarette brands invested in the largest vaping company. at the same time they invested heavily into the cannabis industry. they are making a strategic bet that we are going to legalize and commercialize marijuana in this country. interesting, we've seen lots of pictures of people smoking at but that's not how most people ingest marijuana today. they eat it through something called edibles where it's thc infused foods and they drink it through something called elixirs, those are your fanta grape aid but infused with thc. i've got five kids and i know they are going to be very prime
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do suffer from addiction. part of addiction runs in your genes but the other part is when it happens because young people's brains aren't fully formed. kids today are panicked, they are anxious, depressed, why wouldn't they be given the unsettled economy and covid and impact of it. it's natural for people to want to self medicate. in america now we are seeing a much higher consumption of alcohol, much higher prescription of enzo diazepam in an antidepressant. the thought is that we almost have a perfect storm for people wanting to consume marijuana, let's be honest. as a nation we are to be thinking about the long-term impact of this, your previous speaker was talking about mckinsey pumping up purdue pharma, we all remember purdue pharma was marketing so much more oxycontin than was really necessary for people with
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cancer. the reason they did that was because the prophets were real, the greed it paid off for purdue until the settlements came. many people scratch their heads and said how can we ever let purdue pharma and the other big pharma manufacturers just flood the marketplace. all i would say to them is it you think that's awful, why are you about to let it happen all again? some people might say marijuana isn't as addictive as oxycontin and isn't as addictive as alcohol. it's all about degrees, the fact of the matter is we know if a young adolescent is suffering from stress and anxiety, uses marijuana, they will feel better and if they are anything like me and if there's just the percentage of them that are prone to be addicted, have the disease of addiction, then we are going to see that many more
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people ultimately suffer the disease of addiction. in their lives and i know it is a plague. i know addiction is a plague, i've seen it up close in my family, i've suffered it in my own life, i've seen it with my friends and i don't think our country is up for this trade-off in order to have a commercialized product that's so addictive and being able to pay the price for that down the road with all the people that are going to suffer from this disease. i don't think people care, i'm really concerned that we are not as sensitive about the disease of addiction. >> tucker: nobody is saying what you're saying, the social pressure not to say what you're saying is intense, we have no debate about this in public right now and that's why i'm so grateful you came on tonight and i hope your voice remains in public challenging people to answer the questions you just raised because no one is being forced to, patrick kennedy, thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: does google have more power than the u.s. constitution? how about this story? one high school principal was suspended for criticizing silicon valley and defending the principle of freedom of speech. that principle fought a battle to get his job back, he joins us to tell us exactly what happened, next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: martin thorne is a high school principal in tennessee. after the riot at the capitol on january 6th, he noticed some of the country's most powerful companies that begun a campaign of mass censorship. twitter and youtube deleted accounts didn't like including the president's accounts, amazon, google, apple forced parlor off the internet entirely. that's one he decided to deliver this message to his students. >> they are so powerful and they have unilaterally made a decision on what you can and cannot see on their platforms. that is a major issue and i want you to understand that, i want you to understand the problem that's going to face you and your generation if there is no
9:47 pm
longer a marketplace of free exchange of ideas. >> tucker: every word of that is true. no one can credibly claim otherwise, it's factually correct. but for the crime of criticizing silicon valley, the publicly traded monopolies that control our intellectual life, for doing that he was suspended by shelby county school district and then filed a lawsuit and was immediately reinstated. he's a brave man and joins us now with his attorney. thank you both for coming on. first to you, what was the justification? i thought we were allowed to criticize whatever we want but criticizing billion-dollar monopolies that control speech? that is now a crime in shelby county? what did they say to you? >> thank you for having me and first i want to say i'm here as a private concerned citizen, not
9:48 pm
in any official capacity as a principal. when all this came out, i give a monday message to all of my students, i try to encourage them to motivate them, challenge them to think and this seemed to be an appropriate topic. there was a few people that made some anonymous complaints and when i was asked about it, i specifically asked what was it that i said, what is the issue and what was told to me was it wasn't what i said and when i set it come the timing of it, i never really got that answer. we were concerned about where this is going and where it's heading, just a regular person like me can espouse american values and what has been core to our country for hundreds of years. it somehow now that is taboo and off-limits. we are concerned about that and
9:49 pm
not really well done mike willing to lay down about this one. to be what i want to ask your attorney, is criticizing google a fireball offense now in the united states? >> of course not, this is one of the most blatant examples of cancel culture that we have seen in our country to date. the irony here is that principal thorne was telling his students about the dangers of cancel culture. about the speech police that come after every day regular people and he's the one who gets canceled. >> tucker: i hope you sue these people into oblivion, you don't have to comment on that but that is my fervent hope. i'm grateful you came on tonight it's one of the most shocking stories we've ever put on the show, thank you. >> thanks for having us, the can have an hi and have it any one. >> tucker: amen, godspeed you should fight back. no one is talking about it but
9:50 pm
we had been in afghanistan for 20 years now -- why are we there? is it because of national security? it's not, actually. we found out why we are there, doug mcgregor joins us to fill in this tale.
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>> tucker: the >> tucker: the investigation of afghanistan because of the harboring of saudis. theta question is why do we have troops there almost 20 years later? the answer is, not for national security reasons but because the leaders see afghanistan as a handy place to conduct the kind of social science experiment, the kind that george soros might find. the leaders believe afghanistan is being bought into submission so the culture changes. maybe we should bomb them until they accept gender-neutral pronounce. at that may be one of the
9:56 pm
objectives at the pentagon. at a recent meeting, the chairman's of the chief of staff, hopelessly over his head, got emotional during a meeting about withdrawing from afghanistan. we can't do it, he said. if we leave afghanistan, women's rights wills "go back to the stone age." at the white house, people ask what does it have to do with the national security objectives? one white house official called the speech a lot more emotion then substance and not super logical. but there's a logic to it in the u.s. government, the pentagon and the state department, both which hopelessly captured by the left while we were paying attention, they've been implementingin these plans aroud the world and particularly in afghanistan. a report last month from the inspector general outlines the governments efforts to achieve "gender equality in afghanistan." youf thought it was defeating
9:57 pm
terror, no. it was changing the traditional afghan family structure. that's the real goal, why is that our business and job? isn't back cultural imperialism? and shut up, we're doing it anyway. the report notes that the u.s. government disbursed more than "$787.4 million" to support afghan women and girls. that doesn't sound bad, everybody's for women and girls. has it improve their lives? has bringing third wave feminism to afghanistan been good for the people of afghanistan? no evidence that it has, cause disruption.e there's no word for gender or gender equality inf any of thea languages used in afghanistan, it's not their culture. we don't care. the inspector general found that there is quota systems for female politicians. it has backfired.
9:58 pm
many of the politicians never visited the provinces they "represent." what are we doing and where are we using the military to do it? colonel doug mcgregor is a combat general and senior advisor to the secretary of defense, he's been around the world his entire life and joins now to explain. thank you so much for coming out tonight. why are we using the military to change the afghan family structure? >> i know the justifications sound lofty and moral, but in reality they fall flat. afghanistan for the last 20 years has become the leading supplier of illegal heroin in the world. the heroin production industry in afghanistan employs at least 400 afghans and more people in the afghan military and security police. it's hard to take it seriously, i think the real point as follows. welo have a globalist ruling ele in washington, d.c., and it now includes the senior leadership of the pentagon as well as the
9:59 pm
state departments, the intelligence community. people on the hill. they decided that wherever we can we should always intervene. we institutionalize intervention. interventionism. interventions can never end, when to intervene you have to stay because privately, i think everyone knows e that the moment you withdraw or disengage, couple things happen. number one, everything you claim to have achieve falls apart instantly. secondly, it ports the fourth structure weather in the marines,ne the army, the special operations command, anything at risk. you have incentives in a perverse sort of way to do the wrong thing in perpetuity. >> tucker: but, i mean, it's our military. we can't allowow this. i know you fought against this kind of thing for decades and i really appreciate it. i'm glad to see you back on the show. douglas mcgregor, thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we will be back. it's the weekend starting
10:00 pm
tomorrow and we hope you spend it with the ones you love. that's most important thing of all.l. the show will be back monday night and every weeknight, apm, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best weekend. here is "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." cuomo is refusing to resign or admit to any misconduct whatsoever. this as we're now learning that top cuomo aides purposefully covered up and rewrote a nursing home report to hide from the new york legislature the true covid-19 death toll number in nursing homes, plus one of t cuomo's three sexual misconduct accusers has now come forward in a brand-new interview with very disturbing allegations.
10:01 pm
take a look. >>


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