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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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shannon: it is friday march 5th his new bombshell reports claiming governor cuomo's team changed the state coronavirus support to hide nursing home deaths, the scandal piling up for the governor as one of his sexual-harassment accusers speaks out. >> he was on tv nearly every day. >> do you think all this national attention may have do intend? >> absolutely. he felt he was approachable in a lot of ways. jillian: we are live with the powerful interview. >> the president's team heading
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to the border, facilities flooded with unaccompanied migrant children but still not calling it a crisis. live report. jillian: right around 2 am on the east coast the u.s. senate finally wrapping up a 10-hour reading of president biden at 628 page covid-19 relief bill. we are live in dc had another marathon day. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ >> produces are sending a subliminal message of something we are talking about in 2 hours, 2 hours. jillian: want to share the message? neil: great to have you back from your on assignment travels, you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: we began with that fox news report, top advisers to
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governor cuomo altered a report on new york nursing home deaths. neil: as one of the women accusing cuomo of sexual-harassment speaks out. carley shimkus joins us live with more. >> top 8 to governor cuomo pushed health officials to underreport coronavirus related nursing home deaths. a july report focused on residents who died inside long-term care facilities leaving out those who died in hospitals. as a result, 6432 nursing home residents died but the initial version reported nearly 10,000 deaths. the wall street journal writing, quote, the change they made to the nursing home report which hasn't been previously disclosed revealed that the state possessed a fool or accounting of out of facility nursing home deaths as early as the summer. the health department resisted calls by state and federal lawmakers, media outlets and others to release the data for another eight month. this report was published at the
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same time governor was writing his book on his successful response to the coronavirus. ron kim responding this is criminal, they pushed health officials to strip a public report of the data showing more nursing home deaths, the changes to the report revealed they had a full accounting of nursing home deaths but a senior advisor to the governor pushing back saying the facilities it was omitted after the city could not be adequate be verified. this did not change the conclusion of the report which was and is that the march 20 fifth order was not a driver of nursing home infections or fatalities. state officials say 15,000 presidents of nursing homes died due to covid-19 and all of this is happening is governor cuomo is facing sexual harassment allegations from three women including charlotte bennett who
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spoke out in a televised interview. >> without expressly saying that he implied to me that i was old enough to him and he was lonely. >> reporter: did you watch his apology? >> i did. it is not an apology. it is not an issue of my feelings. it's an issue of his actions. the fact is he was sexually harassing me and has not apologized for sexually harassing me. he can't even use my name. >> the governor facing mounting pressure to leave his post, 31 new york lawmakers of called for his resignation. >> as the scandals pile up, senator marsha blackburn says the latest reports on the nursing home deaths certainly point to intentional cover-up. listen. >> what we are seeing is that they chose to manipulate this information to serve their purposes or to serve the governor's purposes. how heartbreaking this must be and certainly is to people who lost their loved ones, the way
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this nursing home scandal was handled, by putting these individuals into these nursing homes when they knew they had covid-19, not using the other facilities that had been made available, in new york and now you have the loss of life, a cover-up that seems to be developing into intentionality by the governor and his advisers to manipulate this data and hide the facts. >> in the caribbean university poll finds and most new yorkers think governor cuomo should stay in office at 59% say he should not seek reelection next year. overnight, 620 page coronavirus release on the senate floor. jillian: senators will meet to debate the measure. griff jenkins live in c.
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>> reporter: the senate will finally begin the 20 hours of debate on the relief bill at 9 am. for senator ron johnson of wisconsin, forcing those senate clerks read about all 628 pages of the american rescue plan. >> i ask consent to dispense from the reading. >> objection is heard, clerk will continue the reading. >> reporter: he says the reading was necessary so americans can know what is in it and it has changes from the house version. for example the senate bill removes the $15 minimum wage increase, removes policy and schumer's transportation projects, lowers the income threshold for stimulus checks, offers $400 a week federal unemployment benefits and provides the house bill but with stipulations, president biden was optimistic of its passage
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through the narrowly divided 50/50 split chamber. >> i've been talking to a lot of my republican friends in a number of meetings on the coronavirus bill in house, senate and combination of both, keeping everybody informed. >> reporter: it faces stiff opposition from republicans, mainly the massive price tag. >> what we are concerned about is in writing this $1.9 trillion bill down the throats of all-americans and following up with a massive transportation plan could mean higher taxes for all americans. >> reporter: if no republicans back the bill it will take democrats to back it with vice president harris breaking the tie in the clock is ticking as unemployment expires march 15th. fox news learns the national guard presence at the capital will be extended. a memo from the capital police
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chief to leadership saying, quote, in eight days the national guard is scheduled to leave the capital complex. if it is our intention to request they maintain a presence they will request it and that request is forthcoming for reduction by 46% but be on march 13th, we are learning more about the security recommendations became from the retired general, chief among those recommendations establishment of a law enforcement version of a quick reaction force to be maintained 24/7 in the nation's capital. todd: with no timetable for its removal. conservative author candace owens says all the troops around the r what democrats plan. listen. >> reporter: doesn't look like our country anymore. because of january 6th capital rights were only trump supporters died but democrats are terrified, you're out of your mind by saying two weeks to slow the spread.
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that is what these fences being erected around dc, they will keep kicking it down, keep saying now because of this threat, this threat, there are always going to be details because what they want to dc under military lockdown and that is what they are getting under joe biden, our most popular president ever. >> troops not being treated very well. raw and moldy food being served and making them sick. speaker pelosi asks for a probe to that tainted food. senior members of the biden administration head to the border for a look at the influx of minors crossing into the us. a leaked hhs report revealing on average 321 children are entering the us every day, that is up from 47 per day when donald trump was in office. jillian: the numbers show the agency had 7700 unaccompanied minors, the highest number since 2019.
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fox news contributor sarah carter is on the ground in texas and encountered young children by themselves crossing into the us. take a listen. >> the hardest part was running into the young children. there were children as young as 4 years old in this group many of them traveling by themselves without any adults, some met up with adults on the journey to the united states was all the children i ran into were from honduras. they had been traveling for approximately three months. many of them and spends time on top of the trains. they talked about a train that runs through mexico that the kids jump on top of and try to make their way to the us-mexico border. they told me horror stories about children that had fallen off the train, children that disappeared when they were on the road with them, that this was a real humanitarian crisis. todd: absolutely horrible situation. it is happening in a pandemic, 180 illegal immigrants have
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tested positive for covid-19. jillian: do your member when president biden said this about red states rolling back covid-19 restrictions? >> the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking, it is fine, take off your mask. jillian: texas lieutenant governor dan patrick calling the president a hypocrite. >> how dare him attack texas for our policies when he is allowing the border to be overrun in testing positive and coming on a bustier state. jillian: the white house defending the president's comments saying it is a reflection of his frustration and exasperation. >> president biden congratulating the nasa team on the landing of its rover on mars but it came with some head turning comments. >> it is amazing, americans taking over the country, my speechwriter. >> imagine if trump said that.
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nasa will provide its first update on the perseverance rover. >> a space hurricane, 600 miles wide discovered for the first time. invisible to the naked eye, scientists are analyzing weather satellites, the phenomenon hovering over the north pole raining down electrons. it doesn't pose a threat but is a big step forward in understanding space weather. that is fascinating. they are busy working. >> stop won't stop. jillian: 12 minutes after the hour. if president biden's team shielding him from the press? >> i am happy to take questions, whatever you want me to do. jillian: he gets cut off from question that is yet to hold a formal press conference. giano caldwell said the president lacks the stamina for enjoyed is next.
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todd: six dr. seuss books deemed offensive pull off ebay but hitler's manifesto still making the cut. that story ahead. ♪♪
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>> thank you. i am happy to take questions, whatever you want me to do. jillian: oaks. >> cutting over to briefing the just as president biden asks speaker pelosi for permission to take questions. jillian: he say facing criticism for not holding a single press conference in his first 7 weeks in office. a lot of people are saying does this surprise us?
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joining us to react is fox news contributor giano caldwell. thanks for being here. let's pull up the graphic here and you will see past presidents and their first press conferences, george w. bush it took 33 days, barack obama 20 days, donald trump 27 days was the fact that it has been 44 days since biden's inauguration leaves people wondering when we will hear from him. >> it seems more and more unlikely we will hear from him anytime soon. i know for some of the time when he was running the campaign they used covid-19 as an excuse but it appears he lacks the stamina and mental acuity to focus and have a targeted press conference, one which every president does and we have seen when he had a moment to speak to the press the other day and was asked about the crisis on the border, what have you learned?
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i learned a lot. certainly he doesn't want to be held down from a policy standpoint and maybe there's something he could not answer. you see where his press secretary goes and tries to defend comments he method he throws her under the bus, seems like a confusing administration, one which needs protection from his aid in cases of his campaign come his wife as well. todd: mike pompeo says it sends a bad message to the world. >> donald trump talked to the media all-time, to questions from everyone. when a leader can't take questions, can't explain the policies they are engaged in. todd: how worried should we be? >> it is a serious statement. we are in a time when coronavirus, thank god for the vaccine, warp speed under the previous administration but
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these are serious issues where a lot of places are still shut down and we are trying to get them to reopen, texas and florida which is where i am right now. they -- a real need for leadership and that is what he promised on the campaign trail, that he would have solutions and the biden administration, they have hoodwinked and bullied so many voters who believed -- there seems to be a lot of focus. >> activists in ferguson are demanding $20 million from black lives matter. remember michael brown killed in a police involved shooting in 2014. listen to what these activists have to say. >> what kind of movement building when families are left
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behind, we are asking if black lives matter leadership, $20 million for ferguson, what we deserve. jillian: this happened after the ap reported the organization brought in $90 million last year. what is your reaction? >> black lives don't matter, greenbacks do. that is unfortunate considering they benefited largely from the george floyd death. corporations tried to absolve themselves from white guilt by giving money and this money which should have gone to the cause of sending to chapters not just the ferguson the chapters around the country who have been yelling and screaming saying the organization had not provided them any funding for initiatives they were looking to pursue. it is dangerous and confusing and corporations better take note. you give this money and attach your name to an organization
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that doesn't do the right things with the money. it is a necessity for cases like this. jillian: we appreciate it. a call for a new pandemic pro. todd: 2 dozen scientists asking for a new investigation claiming the first was flawed when we come back. policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we sold our policy. now we can relax and enjoy our retirement as we had planned. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy.
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will: fox news alert, sirens sounded four earthquakes rock new zealand. the most powerful magnitude quake hitting 600 miles off the coast of two meantime is, triggered tsunami warnings for thousands of people to evacuate coastal areas. thankfully little damage to report. 2 dozen scientists call for new
1:25 am
investigation into the origins of covid-19. >> a number of things not done properly. the letter provides a strong mandate. >> the probe has flaws, they are -- to release the full report this month. speech california mother is racially profiled after calling for schools to reopen. >> i was shocked to be targeted like that. i've been a teacher with this school district. i've been a teacher in the public education system. my background in afghanistan, i have seen firsthand what it looks like to deprive a generation of education.
1:26 am
we are closing schools because of the public crisis and ucla is going back and hell-bent on keeping schools closed so kids are suffering, being abused. jillian: an email asking, quote, can you tell me how you racially self identify your point to a citation on your identity, universities are hostile toward conservative students. todd: she joins us live.
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todd: the white house sending officials to the border amid a surge of children crossing into the us illegally. jillian: jackie ibanez reveals the seriousness of the situation. >> reporter: the biden administration refusing to call what is happening at the border a crisis. the us department of health and human services reports the agency, 70 million unaccompanied minor since 2019. according to ask io's documents show the border patrol referred to hhs custody an average of 321 children per day, a jump from the weekly average of 203, under the trump administration. >> one of our concerns, as we are talking about earlier and
1:31 am
influx of kids, going to require us to make considerations where we are going to safely house them. jillian: the white house releasing the statement saying, quote, president biden has asked senior members of the team to travel to the border region to do this on the government's response of unaccompanied minors. the safety and care of these children, people in the border with a surge of activity given cause for concern? >> we see more illegal traffic at least and scattering all over your land, wondering who is running around. jillian: texas governor abbott claims the biden administration is not doing enough, releasing covid-19 positive migrants into
1:32 am
communities and putting migrants who tested positive in texas. >> the biden administration was spreading in suffixes yesterday. >> reporter: when asked about the claims, jen psaki said they are inaccurate. todd: thank you as always. judge janine says this problem is biden's in making. >> we have a humanitarian problem. a drug prices at the border. a national security crisis at the border. biden invited those people to the campaign. they are wearing t-shirts that say biden, please let us in and demanding to be let in pursuant the campaign problem. jillian: president biden's
1:33 am
immigration bill, nancy pelosi struggles to get democratic votes. our college campuses hostile towards republicans? todd: when in 3 congratulate -- graduate students report being disciplined or even threatened for their views. a student at the university of florida and campus reform corresponds and, great to see you. for a lot of our viewers the intro, they don't understand, they think of it as a welcoming environment where all these are discussed. describe how this plays out on campus in the year 2021. >> i'm not surprised at the results of the study. we have seen this play on college campuses for years. they are afraid of speaking out
1:34 am
and see what consequences other conservatives place when they do it in the classroom students will lower their voice to get a higher gpa average and the teaching assistant doctor student's great on her essay for being a conservative. outside of this, extracurricular at the university of connecticut, the president was accused of white supremacy for opposing efforts to defend the police on campus. the leadership institute campus reform has been reporting on the stories for more than ten years was nice to see some data to support this trend. jillian: you are at vanita gupta -- let's talk on the back end. >> when everyone found out i was a conservative and more so that i voted for trump i was basically asked to leave the club. a couple friends on campus
1:35 am
posted things on their dorms, women for trump as simple as that, my friends were receiving backlash from the university and kids that was not peaceful and they need to take their stuff down. >> reporter: does any of what you heard surprise you? >> absolutely not. it doesn't surprise me. i had the opportunity to talk with dozens more students at cpac last week and a lot of them are discriminated against for being conservative. it is important to realize students aren't alone in this fight and the professors as well scared to speak out about their beliefs according to the study, 10% of students, reported firing a professor for speaking out publicly about his or her conservative beliefs. it should concern every single american regardless of political affiliation. these higher education institutions are supposed to raise the next generation of leaders and the leaders will be
1:36 am
withholding and upholding our freedom of speech and vibrancy in this country and a difference of opinion makes our country so great. >> how vital is it for conservative voices on campus to stand up to the mob? >> soft of authoritarianism is not what america is or stands for. conservative students and professors cannot self censor because if they do they run the risk of their ideas -- universities will become echo chambers only one viewpoint, that is what the left wants and we encourage any student and professor to do things to face dissemination, to report these instances of clear and apparent hostility toward conservative students and professors. jillian: appreciate it. todd: two gang members arrested for killing a teen in chicago for his haircut. he shot and killed the
1:37 am
16-year-old, one of the suspects was out on bail. a judge allowing him despite a criminal history and impending felony over reckless discharge of a firearm. jillian: nancy pelosi asked to investigate the raw chicken moldy bread and metal shaving that left national guard troops sick. congressman joined us yesterday to speak about his concern about the quality of food. >> bad leadership, bad contract and a contractor is not doing his job. jillian: congressman chris smith said that a group of new jersey gardeners got sick, deployed to protect the capital and to investigate the private supply of tainted food. todd: the department of justice dismissing a third of cases in
1:38 am
portland, 31 of 90 cases, protesters clash with federal agents have been dismissed including misdemeanors and felony charges, felony assault of a federal officer. jillian: california parents left outraged as a baseball team is suspended for senior teen photos on school grounds which it has been a tradition for two decades, the photo op was organized. they suspended all 8 seniors from back of masks and social distancing. the rest of the team was suspended from practice for week despite not participating in the photo op. it is 38 after the hour. dr. seuss books flying off the shelves, buyers pushing back on efforts to cancel the beloved writer. todd: before more states rollback covid-19 restrictions, that story next. ♪♪ taking care of business ♪♪ taking care of business
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jillian: welcome back. ebay removes all listing selling the canceled dr. seuss books, titles surging in price, some reaching $600, the books violated their offensive material policy, the decision drying quick outrage. consumers asking why the site is cracking down on this when copies of hitler's books are still being allowed. dr. seuss books dominating amazon's best-selling titles list, the tech giants showing 9 of 10 of their top books are dr. seuss, the cat in the hat ranking number one, 6 books would stop being published for containing racist or offensive imagery. matt walsh says cancel culture is having a domino effect leading to censorship.
1:43 am
>> major corporations that now have the ability and are exercising that ability to shut down speech they find offensive. of amazon and ebay and these other companies say we are not going to call dr. seuss a conservative offer but they are shutting down conservative books. amazon as a blanket policy, conservative books are hate speech, meaning publishers say there's no point publishing a book that isn't going to be distributed, that is shut down entirely. jillian: before dr. seuss, cancel culture went after mister potato head and the muppets. what is next? vaccination rates are nearing 2 million per day. todd: the cdc is going after people with disabilities. >> reporter: the us is administered 80 million covid-19
1:44 am
vaccinations with 16% of americans receiving at least one dose. vaccination rates are approaching 2 million per day. >> the implementation of the vaccine program noticeably in the direction of going back to normality. >> the cdc is encouraging states to prioritize people with disabilities or cognitive decline for vaccination. california announced it will set aside 40% of new vaccine doses for neighborhoods with high transmission rates. a federal official tells fox news the cdc is not finished with its upcoming recommendations on social activities that fully vaccinated individuals can resume safely. after an encouraging downward trends new cases in the us appear to be leveling off at 60,$000 per day. greg abbott is defending his decision to lift a statewide mask mandate next week saying he is focused on rapidly vaccinating people 65 and over, the group at highest risk for
1:45 am
severe illness in death. >> by time you order the goes into effect, 50% of the population will have been vaccinated. >> reporter: economic data shows southern states lead the nation, states yet to reopen lag behind, a day after mississippi lifted its state mask mandate alabama announced its mask policy will remain. >> i'm convinced a mask mandate is the right thing to do, i also respect those who object and believe this is a step too far in government overreach. >> reporter: governor iv says alabama's mandate will remain in effect to give businesses time to on their own policies. kroger, target and other major chains say they will continue requiring masks in their stores even in states without mandates. todd: happening today the army
1:46 am
is deploying vaccine shots at the new mask destination site, the united center. it is known as the screaming eagles. jillian: it is home to the city's major sports team. 15 until the top of the hour, signing a bill banning transgender athletes from competing on women sports teams. todd: several states taking up a controversial issue, lawyer and lawmaker join us next. ♪♪
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sippy's governor set to banner
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bill banning transgender athletes from competing in females parts. attracts are fighting for equal opportunity at her university. angela hill, idaho state university cross country runner madison canyon and alliance defending freedom legal counsel join us with their fight for an even playing field. how did you enter this fight? >> be the question. todd: i apologize. how do you enter this fight? >> i've been against the biological male 5 times and lost every single time. the biological differences between males and females is not something i can ignore. i thought the best way to reinforce my opinion and let girls know we need to speak up about this, to get this fair competition the weather do. todd: here's what you're
1:51 am
governor kate read had to say. i will sign the bill to protect young girls from being forced to compete with biological males for athletic opportunities. is crazy we have to address it but is forced the issue. adult, that is on the but the push for kids to adopt transgender is just wrong. under mississippi law how would athletes like madison was competing in idaho be protected? >> he would be protected because she would not have biological males be allowed to play on her female team. the governor is going to sign a bill & extreme you pleased about that and 79% of mississippians who agree with please we pass this bill to protect female athletes from unfair competition from biological males identifying as females so we are hoping every state will follow our lead and go ahead and pass this bill and show these female athletes we are on their side
1:52 am
and they deserve our protection. todd: many on the left are not happy with this mississippi bill, there's no justification for banning transgender girls and women from participating other than dissemination. like all girls transgender girls just want to play and be part of a team with their friends, history will not look kindly on this moment in mississippi. why do you say this is not discrimination? >> to make competition between the two unfair, in 60 years on title ix. biological males have inherent advantages over female athletes. if we want a future where you women like madison can compete (level playing field, turn those college scholarships to direct the integrity of women sports. todd: as the state senator said
1:53 am
it is not just mississippi considering a ban of transgender athletes in high schools. it is a movement that is growing. you are on the field of play across country, where should transgender athletes be allowed to compete? >> to keep competition fair biological females should be competing against biological females and biological males to be competing against biological males. todd: the transgender athletes you say in this case, if you identify as a female you should be competing against the males. >> it is about fairness in women sports. advocating, when it comes to fair competition biological women should be competing against biological women. todd: same question to you.
1:54 am
where should transgender athletes be allowed to compete? >> biological males are biological males whether identify as females or not. protect female athletes in the past 50 years. we cannot ignore their physiological differences between biological males and biological females. that is why we created female sport so they can play on their own right against other female athletes so that is what we are discussing here, biological female athletes need to enjoy the same competition they have for the last 50 years without biological males coming in and cleaning up and taking their metals and scholarships and making them spectators in their own sport. todd: same church different view type question, should transgender athletes have their own league? >> what we are about us protecting the female category because they are the ones most
1:55 am
at risk of not having a very level playing field. everyone should have the opportunity to compete in sports. the question is where it is fair to compete. they are standing up to -- todd: it will be interesting to see how it takes hold throughout the rest of the country. we appreciate your time this morning. jillian: after 10 long hours the senate wraps up reading the 628 page relief deal overnight, the migrant surge at the border, plus free britney. what her dad is saying about the ongoing battle over her conservatorship. ♪♪
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to breaking details in the nursing home cover-up fox news has been following for months. the report accuses governor cuomo of hiding the truth. jillian: this is personal for janice dean who join us live to react. no vote on the stimulus bill after and all minor in the senate that there are major changes that could affect your stimulus checks.
2:00 am
todd: i feel like we have been living on another planet for the past year. what about booking a vacation at a space hotel? "fox and friends first" continues. ♪♪ todd: it is out of this world. jillian: i said i was an alien last week. to be determined. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: clerks reading 648 page coronavirus relief bill on the senate floor. jillian: in a few hours senators will be on the floor to debate the measure. griff jenkins has the latest. >> reporter: that is one votearama time begins.


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