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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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clearance. how did that happen? john brennan doesn't want to talk about a. he'd rather talk about racism. they all would. that's it for us tonight, it will be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the sworn enemy of pomposity an smugness, sean hannity now. >> welcome to hannity tonight. good news is the great state of texas is now open for business and we are happy for our texas friends, but sadly, new york, california, michigan, all remai in turmoil tonight first, it wa mister and missus potato head, now the left is bent on banning dr. seuss. this woke cancel culture fight against freedom is now spiralin way out of control. it is a danger to everybody in ways you can't even begin to imagine. we'll check in with newt gingrich, haley trump and
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swalwell >> we begin tonight with a discussion discussion on cancel culture. when the knee her governor ordered geriatric patients infected with covid 19 back int nursing homes, causing a massiv covert outbreak, and a wave of deaths among new york's elderly population per no one in the democratic party or the media mob seemed to care, imagine if it was donald trump right instead they awarded him with a emmy for his press conferences, power points that somebody else probably prepared for him. they published a self-congratulatory book, they lavished him with praise, it some even referred to them i can't even believe it as the term was embraced by stephen colbert. treva noller, ellen did generou come up months later, but top
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officials literally admitted they purposely hid the nursing home death toll number very few democrats called for him to be held accountable for that great but now that the new york governor has been accused of sexual misconduct, it's now a slightly different story. there are serious real significant problems that this governor is now facing whether he survives, nobody can say as of tonight according to the lef come at the mere accusation, they are standards of inappropriate sexual harassment of any kinds is immediate grounds for cancellation, no trial, no due process, no presumption of innocence. if that's the case, if you're a republican or a conservative only. if you're a democrat, the left becomes interested in investigations and don't rush t judgment in due process and the presumption of innocence. others just pretend like it's not even happening.
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some of the loudest voices against justice cavanaugh kavanagh, this includes multipl soul called women's advocacy groups that were quick to condemn cavanagh cavanaugh, too three allegations against cuomo for the women's march to finall have a tepid response. most everyone in the media mob in the democratic party is just trying to buy time hoping this all goes away. don't take my word for it, just listen to that hard-hitting new show the view enjoy behar. >> they should use the republican model which is to basically ignore everything lik they did with cavanaugh, they had no witnesses, they had thre day investigations, the republican playbook is let's hope that this goes away, and let's not really go into a. is right, we should use the republican playbook because the republicans do the opposite.
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he needs to resign. a lot of democrats got behind that. >> keep in mind, she proclaimed cavanaugh was a coward he was probably guilty. joy, does that mean you're acting cowardly now clicks meanwhile the biden administration is also hoping t ignore the cuomo accusations. listen to press secretary circl back secretary had to say earlier today. >> at what point is the first female vice president going to say something about this? >> i know that's how the vice president continues to feel, an the benefits of doing a briefin every day as i can speak on behalf of the president and the vice president so let me reiterate they both believe tha everyone coming forward should be heard, should be treated wit dignity and respect. >> it's one thing to hear it from you, and it's appreciated, but it's another thing to hear
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it from the vice president or the president himself. should we expect to hear from either of them on this topic anytime soon? >> i'm speaking on their behalf that's how they feel. >> you see what's going on here very democrats only really care about claims of misconduct, onl if they can use the allegation to attack republicans, that is sad, for them it's all about political power, they want to silence their opponents at all costs. the radical socialists on the left, that they don't believe i liberty or freedom. they want to squash all political opposition. and then, they're going to turn their attention to you, they want to control your life, your business, your car, your house, you're child's education, what you can read and watch on tv, and everything in between. that's with the new green deal and their socialism is all abou great this is what the climate hysteria is all about. they believe we can meet you th
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american people need to be rule with an ironfisted and they're going to take care of every nee you have and they're going to take it from this group of people to give it to that group of people. they will never hold themselves accountable to the same standards. still the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, he accused of brutally assaulting his ex-girlfriend, still the attorney general of minnesota. joe biden, we played it last night, he's been accused of sexual assault in the last campaign and, kamala harris who once proclaimed that she believed biden's accusers joine ed take it without hesitation. tonight, do we have any reason to believe that andrew cuomo is going anywhere? sarah, this is interesting, thi double standard.
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>> it sure is. it's really deepening for governor andrew cuomo. we are a seeing political heavyweights speaking out against cuomo, and we are here in albany, the beautiful e-uppercase-letter about 20 degrees here, we were out at the governor's mansion today, all remains quiet except for accuser cars circling around in the media trying to catch one glimpse of cuomo. we talk to folks here in this beautiful capital and ask them how whether or not he should resign or weather there should be in investigation. this is what they had to say. >> do you think with everything that's come out recently on governor cuomo that he should resign? >> what about all the young
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women that are coming out now, how you feel about that? those allegations being made against your governor? >> i think it should be taken seriously. the way he spoke up about everybody else, it should be th same exact thing. >> do you think governor cuomo should resign? >> no, i think the facts need t come out and if the facts are proven, then yes, if what they're saying is true, and there's facts, then yes. >> do you think that governor cuomo has been transparent and honest? >> not 100 percent. i think something jazz, some things no. some white lies. >> i think it's a terrible thing . he should know better, a person of his age. i'm a year younger than him and i would never do that. >> , there was one thing that
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was certain, everybody wants an investigation. some people say you have to hol back and wait we have to see al the facts in those facts need t be presented. the governor has a right to defend himself, others out ther is a look, he accused everybody else before they facts came out so maybe he should resign. a lot of people are upset about how he handled the covid situation and they still believ there needs to be in a deep investigation into the nursing home deaths. with a third accuser out, it's all on him now. >> sarah, appreciate your repor tonight. one thing is clear, some of the biggest eye believers in the democratic party, the loudest, are now nowhere to be found including the so-called leaders in the white house. vice president harris, do you n longer believe? former senior advisor to the
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trump campaign, where a trump. before i get to this, i have a lot of friends in north carolina . you were born and raised in north carolina. your name keeps coming up as a potential senate candidate for this seat that is now open for 2022, are you considering possibly running? >> north carolina is not just m home state, it's my home. it's for my family lives for it it's a state that made me the woman i am today. not being would be a bigger honor for me than to represent the people of my home and of my own state and it is something i'm taking seriously. a guest asked about it a lot an i've really been so flattered b so many of these polls that hav come out, but we have been through a lot as a family over the past five years, so i think really we are kind of taking a step back and assessing things. taking it very seriously, but taking a little time to spend
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with my kids, with my husband, and i will make a decision on it , but i certainly am considering it. nothing would be a greater hono for me than to represent the people of my home state. >> i am doing my job, but you know what's coming there are a lot of believers out there. we watched justice cavanaugh broken on national television. pretty much broken. that's how i would describe it. we know that there we're charge and allegations made. i said at the time that i believe in due process in that presumption of innocence. i believe that today. but all the eye believers or what i say is that i believe caucus that is led by kamala harris, and the silence is now deafening for most of those people. if you have been shamed into coming out, may be a few are sincere and consistent. so let's talk about this double
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standard and what they did to cavanaugh, and then look at wha happened in the case of the allegation against cavanagh, they became debunked pretty quick. but yet, his family was dragged through it. >> it was an absolutely disgusting thing. by the way, i believe with you, i believe in due process i believe in america it states that people are innocent until proven guilty. we should let hit the governor have his day in court. but with that said, i'm old enough to remember when kamala her hair called for herself for an fbi investigation against brett cavanagh and the charges against him were not nearly as credible as these charges against andrew cuomo. the cuomo allegations are in th past couple of decades, but really, i think it has been sor of obvious to people to watch this happen. we shouldn't be surprised
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because after all, had no problem turning around a couple of months later and being his running mate vice president of the united states to him, but when she was question about tha she said it's just all politics. this is all politics for these people. they don't really care about americans, one of the women who accused governor cuomo i think worked on the biden harris campaign. they don't care about her, it's all about power for these people . but it was disgusting to see th way brett kavanaugh was treated. every single person in america should have there day in court, should have due process, and we will see what happens with governor cuomo. >> at such an important and rea issue. it's only used for the. cuomo himself wasn't i believe her.
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he said i believe. he said he wanted at the time for brett kavanaugh to take a lie detector test. shouldn't the same standards applied to him? >> if he himself said it, i don't know why he would have a problem doing that. this is the problem whenever yo make a blanket statement like believe all women. it doesn't give the space for again due process, it doesn't give any credibility to anybody at all whenever they say wait a minute, this didn't really happen. we should let the process play out, but i think it's really kind of sad to see the way it's all turned back around on people , but when you say things like believe all women and then women come after you are people in your own party, and you are silent on it, shame on you. that should never happen in the united states of america. >> big news for you tonight and i'm sure the people of north carolina, the ones that are asking me, i got you your answer
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. i got that off my chest. thank you. breaking just moments ago. after opposition from republicans and democrats, the biden ministration is now withdrawing its nomination to lead the office of omb, operas of management and budget. she was a longtime keyboard warrior constantly trashing republicans, spreading far left conspiracy theories about trump and russia. like most democrats and most of the media, lying to you. also tonight, our own chad is now the group holding reporting the house is likely to vote on the peoples act as early as tomorrow. this bill if passed into law is unconstitutional piece of legislation, would have horrifi ramifications for our country. make no mistake, another brazen power grab by the democratic party, that would allow them to control our elections on the
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federal level commit not constitutionally on the state level, mandate same-day voter registration. mandate weeks and weeks of earl voting, mandate automatic voter registration it would give democrats the power to illuminate voter id requirements , and felons would be able to vote, in other words election integrity zero would exist two. their dream scenario for the democratic party. here is newt gingrich. this is dangerous. went through it all, automatic registration voter id, massive up mail-in ballots. really, why don't we just say why don't you fill out these ballots and will just do it you way. >> i think this is the party that's run chicago for two generations. it's at the party that's the machine in new york, they built
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a huge machine in california, and i think that they know that if we have a fair election in 2022, that kevin mccarthy is going to be speaker by probably by a 30 or 40 or 50 vote margin. when i became speaker, bill clinton had been in office two years. we picked up 54 seats. when barack obama got elected two years later, they picked up 63 seats. if you watch what they're doing in the house, there doing a few things. they are ramming through every radical piece of legislation they can i think on the assumption that they think they're going to lose the house in 2022 the only have two years to get their agendas. second, they're going to try to break rig the game. i think it's going to fail, it'
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a terrible bill, and it's a bil which guarantees the opportunit to steal elections on the grand scale. i think you can see clearly wha their strategies are. tried to turn the whole country into chicago so the democratic machine can run up for two or three generations. and try to ram every radical position you can through the house before they lose it next year. >> i don't even see much legislation and that's everything seems to be done by the stroke of a pen as it relates to amnesty and now even reparation reparation by executive order. some in the administration, or using the reconciliation proces to use the minimum wage, and on top of that, you have been watching the tapes of joe biden. i see a guy that is struggling mightily right now, and i'm not
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saying that in a joking way. let me get my paper. it's in here somewhere, and let me pull it out. what my doing here? you see struggling sir. how much they're passing throug the house. they passed a house which in effect was a declaration of war on christianity and judaism. they were planning to pass another series of bill that are coming down the road. if you look at the build. only 9 percent related to covid that gives them something like trillion $730 billion to spend propping up their machine. any time you see them design a bill that pays off the teachers unions which is their biggest
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senior support, or who pays off the big stage his pension funds are impossible to manage what you're seeing as a desperate effort by the toe propped up an radicalize america before they lose power. i think most of it will crash and burn in the senate. that we shouldn't and essential hacks for this as much more tha just executive order. >> i agree. it's going to be 2010 all over again is my belief. in my right? >> i think it will be. just in the trillion dollar and hundred billion dollar bill, when you get down to the details , it passes more radicalism than the eight years of clinton and the eight years of obama combined. just that one bill. what they've tried to do is flood the system so that people
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can't track it. there so much stuff going on that the media can't track it, even the think strengths can't track it. all of it designed to make america a more radical country. >> we expect we thank you for being with us tonight. we will play the tape, the border patrol sources telling fox news tonight that the mass casualty car crash in californi today left 13 people dead.
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>> now breaking tonight, a
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southern california highway crash involving human smugglers and dozens of illegal immigrant in a single vehicle has led 13 dead and eight interpret it comes as the biden administration is bracing for another massive surge in child migrants in the coming months. it will reportedly acquire bids to address the open influx. biden says no crisis at all. take a look. >> did you get the briefing about the border today? >> yes i did. >> what did you learn? >> a lot. >> really joe, because that's all you've got to say given basically one-word answers to questions about what is a borde catastrophe? do you feel good about that cages that you and barack obama felt built for kids, kids in cages, you built that, you own that just like now we have storage containers with bars on windows, but they have beautifu butterfly pictures we're told,
6:27 pm
but the media can't see them. compare that to donald trump wh had talked to the press for literally hours at a time. as i said, i'm not making a medical diagnosis, but we have documented examples of a week and a frail and a cognitively struggling joe biden seemingly like lacking energy and mental awareness. look at this, a brand-new book that's called lucky, this book revealing how joe biden won the white house put your dumb uncle in the basement strategy. the use coronavirus is an excus to keep them in the basement an it was smart for it a trump advisor reportedly told the authors biden was able to hide his biggest weakness, which is himself, and he did it with an excuse that sounded responsible so given what we now know i think it's fair to ask a question who's calling the shot in the biden white house. biden hasn't held a single pres
6:28 pm
conference, he apparently has n plans to deliver estate of the union address. his vice president is the one doing the one on one meetings with world leaders. here with reaction on all of those marco rubio. let's talk with a guy we knew four or ten years ago. or the guy that debated paul ryan. i see their dramatic significan decline. he looks weak, frail, and obviously he's struggling cognitively, if you disagree, tell me i'm wrong. >> i remember rick perry was torn apart and marked by the press because he couldn't remember something in the debate , i myself was torn apart in the debate because i repeate the same thing three times. it just one more example of a. i also think we have to understand something. there going to make their own assessments of what they think they are doing with.
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if you're just an instrument into puppet for the radical out-of-control lunacy of the fa left end its party. there is no way they leave that meeting feeling like their dealing with a strong leader. >> you see what's going on on the borders, imagine now for a second, it wasn't donald trump that built that cages for the kids, that was biden and obama. imagine if donald trump actuall put kids in cargo storage containers on ships with bars i the window, won't let the media take a look at what's inside, but we're told it has pictures of beautiful butterflies on the wall and we should be okay with kids in cargo containers. it doesn't sound that accommodating and inviting to me . >> with the real tragedy before they get into the centers, how are these people getting here?
6:30 pm
they're getting here because trafficking networks are taking advantage of poor desperate people and saying there's a new president this new president will let you come into the unit statesmanship stay there if you show up with a child. we have no idea how many of these children are killed on that journey, left behind, die, from illness on that journey, are sexually abused on those that journey. all incentivized by a policy. what we wind up with ridiculousness. today it is easier in many ways to show up at the border the united states and gain entry in this country than it is for an american to come to the capital and see their members of congress. we've got house members that have to go through a metal detector to go vote, but if you show up at the board to your ability to stay in the country if you have a child is dramatically increased. work and i have hundreds of thousands of people that if you show up at the border with a child they're going to let you win they're going to let you stay. you're going to see more and more people coming.
6:31 pm
>> there's a lot of double standards in this world and lot of phony media reporting. we saw that with russia. we had a dirty russian dossier that hillary paid for. that happens, we had the ukrain impeachment, but we have joe biden averaging a billion taxpayer dollars to get a prosecutor in the ukraine fired because we found out his zero experience 50 -year-old son is making millions just like millions from oligarchs in russia and the bank of china, the $1.5 billion deal they are. a lot of double standards. you were there for the capital hearings, senator and we saw ho that man was treated. we saw his family frankly brutalized and we saw many people stories fall apart right before our eyes. now you've got the situation
6:32 pm
where the believers are silent on serious allegations against new york governor andrew cuomo, and two women during the campaign that came out against joe biden. he saying he wants an investigation into cuomo, shoul these standards be applied equally? >> i think they should be applied at a higher standard. the allegations have been 20-30 years ago when he was a high school student, a college student, not to say that it was never proven it wouldn't be dead , these are about a man in a position of power, a position o power, a governor of the third-largest date in the country that has power over the people that now accuse him. the standard should actually be higher, and al franken resigned from the united states senate under pressure from his colleagues because of some insensitive things that peoples people's he said to people.
6:33 pm
these are allegations of someon using their and the power structure, so you think about that for a moment and how long it took for some of these networks to even talk about it the only reason they're talking about it now. >> okay, senator. interesting times. we will see if the believer caucus starts to speak out. they are a little late already. senator, good to see you. >> when we come back, and new counsel culture. now it's dr. seuss. i promise you you're not going to want to miss this debate. later, i have some words for alec baldwin and we welcome the newest member to the fox family kayleigh mcenany.
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>>sean: learning that seals are ceasing for six dr. seuss books over what's being described as racist and insensitive imagery. the books include titles like into think that i sought on mulberry street, if i ran the zoo, the cats closer as they dr ap, these books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. that comes as the biden white house has erased literally erased dr. seuss from their rea across america proclamation thi week and follows last week's cabal full with mister and missus potato head going gender-neutral and michelle obama herself, as you can see i that picture there it wasn't long ago that dr. seuss was beloved by all. in that picture michelle obama reading dr. seuss books to children when she was the first lady.
6:39 pm
listen to what barack obama had to say back in 2015. take a listen. where all of the same. why would you treat somebody differently because they don't have a star on their belly? i think about the importance. >> yes i like green eggs and ha coming here was reaction civil rights attorney fox news contributor leo to point oh, along with doctor and professor domingo with american university . professor, thank you for being with us you support canceling these books, tell us why. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. as far as i look at it it's not about canceling the books it's about saying when you know
6:40 pm
better you do better. >> you support this effort. >> just be a straightforward part. >> i support the decisions of a company that it didn't want to offend a group of people so i'm all about supporting the spread. >> what specifically is in the books professors are, what specifically do you object to? >> i specifically objected images that depict asians in a horrible life, like people in a horrible light, and this is something. >> people that haven't read them , tell us exactly the light that they are cast in. i haven't read these books, my kids are much older. >> when you talk about these particular books in the way the make asians look, it's a classi example of what we call orientalism weather made to loo like they're exotic, like they are less than civilized rate that's also the case with the african characters that appear in the books. over 2024 characters, 45 of the are nonwhite, and 43 of them
6:41 pm
look like they are subhuman. i believe the company is making the right decision to respect o these people are abused. when you talk about hate crimes the number one, two, and three targets. >> i asked earlier in the radio show, based on your standard, the margaret sanger, the founde of planned parenthood supports racism and eugenics and once bragged about speaking to the click lexically and, i'm sure that you would support no money going to an organization that was, but meanwhile hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have gone their bright arm trigger would support canceling that, wouldn't you? >> absolutely not. we go to universities or constructed made by slaves, the white house is built by slaves. now they're doing work to be zo
6:42 pm
better. i believe planned parenthood should stay supported in the role that it is right now. >> you know, i heard rhetoric, this is a continuation of the program we have in your radio show. this professor would not tell u he is been harmed by these books . as a teacher, who knows the discrimination. those talked about the weaknesses of the country. we talk about racism. tell me where this racism exists . this city, the state, the perso in charge. how dare you come on this program and talk about racism. all ask you right now on national tv, gave me the names of the people who have been harmed by these books. first and last name so we can find out because i don't think
6:43 pm
you can name them. name them. on tv right now. >> i have a question for you. >> professor, he has to affair question. >> and i'm answering. >> we just heard from michelle obama and barack obama everything you need to know you could learn in a dr. seuss book. now leo is asking you a question . can you name any specific peopl harmed by these books? >> sure. i can name the black community that's been harmed by this book. >> do not say that. you do not represent the black community. you don't represent me. for you to see here and say tha is a lie. you do not speak for the black
6:44 pm
community. you don't speak for the black community. >> i didn't come here for that. stop spreading racism. i want to talk about society. >>sean: barack obama and michelle obama, they not only advocated the books, they promoted the books and barack obama we just played it in his own words that everything you need to know about how to treat each other is in the dr. seuss books. >> hang on. did they miss something at the time, because obviously they view them very favorably. >> i think throughout dr. seuss history, we have almost something. when you look at books like thi this has been used for when you
6:45 pm
take a deeper look. >> you told him on the radio that your kids have a dr. seuss book. why don't you tell the audience that your kids, your children have those books. why don't you tell the audience that your kids have dr. seuss books so you're a hypocrite. you're talking out both sides o your mouth. >> you really think you're goin to out battle me are out talk me . >> any time. any time. on the radio, i will debate you anytime. a personal attack. i will debate you anytime. you got nothing to say. >> we are leaving eight their bright pink you both. when we come back, some advance advice for. texas is fully reopening next week, predictably they are having a meltdown and we were welcome our newest fact fox new
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analyst kayleigh mcenany. alec baldwin get, get you ready. straight ahead. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> liberals having a full down meltdown after the texas governor announced the end of the statewide mask mandate allowing business does opened t full capacity. gavin newsom now in the middle of a possible recalls as it was reckless and by the way, he was caught again in a restaurant, but he claims i didn't eat in the restaurant. meanwhile, on capitol hill, democrats continuing to charge with their attack on election integrity with hr one that woul massively expand mail-in voting
6:51 pm
ballot harvesting, create the perfect storm for election chaos , and no id in felons get devote. no one person knows more about any of this then kayleigh mc enany who we can now officially welcome as a member of our fox news family. we are glad to have you. congratulations. >> good to join you. >> i noticed that jen saki said she asked if she had any good wishes for you or if she join you and she said sure. question, would you be open to that? if she's due willing to do a wide range of programs, i would love for her to come back on this program. do you think you were treated the way she is treated? were you treated differently? >> i think it's obvious to anybody who is watch the press briefing it was an entirely different treatment by the press .
6:52 pm
for one, she was asked what joe biden thought of the riots and her answer why she had spoken t him. if i were to give an answer lik that it would've been unacceptable and the headlands would've been egregious and appalling afterwards. i respect her first saying she would be willing to go onto networks that would challenge her as they showed. my question is where's joe? it's been 41 days. at this point, president trump had had multiple press appearances, press conference, president barack obama has as well. joe biden needs to step up and we need to hear from him. he needs to engage in the transparency he promised us. >> t went on sunday, i will mak two offers to her, she can come on with me, one-on-one, i would love to have her, or i will let her debate you or discuss the issues of the day, but i guess she will circle back with me on
6:53 pm
that, or what do you think? >> i would love to see you interview the press secretary. you would have some targeting questions. to conservatives would want to hear from. number one, why is it that unde president donald trump they tal about falsely attributed to him in the immigration context that indeed we're put in place by president barack obama and now we know these immigration facilities are opened, but there's no criticism there. i would love to see that. that would be a lot of fun to watch. >> i would like to get some the accused joe biden in this recen campaign of inappropriate hate purebred we've seen a lot of grippy videos of joe sniffing here and in people's face, and frankly bizarre, if joe support the investigation into cuomo, should there be one into joe? that's a fair question.
6:54 pm
>> all of those should be asked. on my first day if you think of the questions i was asked at th podium, i was asked about allegations of that nature that waterfalls, but allegations nonetheless against the president. i was asked if i would ever lie to the press, i said no and i kept my word, i never did. we have footnotes through everything we ever say. that's the flavor and the variety of the questions i was asked at the podium. we had two into his debate at the podium. those are the questions, we heard crickets, they just don't get that degree of scrutiny and a democratic administration as you would in donald trump a ministration. >> you did an impressive job an i don't know how you did it. there's not enough money in thi world for. actually might do it for fun. honored to have you here. thank you for being with us. we are looking forward to havin you on the lot. thank you. after the break, i have some
6:55 pm
words of advice for our old friend, father of the year, ale baldwin.
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>> sean: before we go, alec baldwin and his wife facing the ire of social media users this week after his wife welcomed baby number six just six months after having number five. baldwin clapped back with profanity laced response to people commenting on what they posted, "you should shut the f up and mind your own business." alec, congratulations on your baby. i am with you, it's nobody's business. maybe you shouldn't post it if you don't want comments. and saying f you. and i thought you quit twitter a
7:00 pm
few months ago. if you are going to quit, quit. or just learn to keep your mouth shut. with that, congratulations. we wish you well. we are always going to be fair and balanced, never be the media mob, let not your hearts be troubled. the news continues, laura ingraham, hi. >> laura: he is a hell of a stage actor. he's an incredible actor. speak to the hunt red october. >> laura: shut up and act. i was like where is this going, hannity. i was thinking, where you going with this. alec baldwin and the paternity and the timing, and then i understood. it was just your charitable way of ending the hour. >> sean: six months it was posted, people ask legitimate questions. i'm sure some of them -- i would didn't read it, so what what i know. if you don't want to talk about it,on


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