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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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have a great night, and now, from new york, the great sean hannity about 12 seconds early. >> sean: it's 8, but who's counting because i'm looking -- i'm kidding. i appreciate the extra time great show as always, thank you. welcome to "hannity." buckle up, we've got a lot of breaking news tonight, it was a big week and for the president at cpac. 97% approval of his policies just 24 hours ago he delivered a powerful speech in orlando florida. meanwhile, president biden was in houston, texas, where my yeah, once again he provided yeah, once again he forgot what he was doing and who he was with during a very rare public appearance away from the white house. we have the highlights, the low lights, coming up but first another day, another scandal for new york governor andrew cuomo and only moments ago it got exponentially even worse. not only was cuomo forced to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent him in the probe surrounding the covid nursing home cover up, but now, just
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breaking as we come on the air, yet another woman is now accusing cuomo of making an unwanted advance at a wedding. here is a photo obtained by "the new york post" of the alleged incident. one note, by the way, we have not independently verified that image. we did reach out to cuomo's office for comment. we have yet to hear back. another woman, a former staffer has also now come forward with more sexual harassment allegations, telling "the new york times" that cuomo asked questions about her sex life. whether or not she ever had sex with an older man. these were comments she interpreted as clear overtures to a relationship after she complained to cuomo's chief of staff, she was transferred to another job away from the governor. cuomo is denying any and all inappropriate behavior. he's also denying another allegation from another former staffer accusing him of kissing
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and touching. he's also denying that he bullied and threatened politicians and reporters in an attempt to cover up various scandals, and he still denies and takes no responsibility for the nursing home scandal and subsequent cover-up. but breaking tonight, yet another person has come forward to accuse the cuomo administration of using threats personal attacks, and other intimidation tactics and while the governor denies any wrongdoing, cuomo said, well he's truly sorry if anyone misinterpreted his conduct. of course cuomo does have a reputation for making very strange comments, including this joke about another person's anatomy. take a look. >> state senator leroy congreve was going to get his vaccination today, and that's a great sign because part of this is about trust. i'm going to be doing the vaccination.
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i am a certified vaccinator. i took a 20 minute course yesterday. i get to select the part of the anatomy where i do the vaccine and you'll be surprised. maybe not, when you see the part of the anatomy that i pick. >> sean: what were you suggesting, governor? look, let's be clear. we are consistent on this program. unlike the media mob, big tech democrats, we are not going to rush to judgment on the show. we won't do it. we are consistent, independent we believe in the presumption and innocence and due process. and that's why we end up being right so often in the media mob ends up being wrong. like we were right with justice kavanaugh. like we were right, duke lacrosse and uva and ferguson and baltimore and richard jewell and the list goes on.
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oh, yeah, and the russian hoax. do need to be investigated, due process needs to be afforded and not rushing to judgment. it matters in this country. you know who doesn't believe in those core principles? well, cuomo and kamala harris. now vice president harris is totally silent about the claims against cuomo but when kavanaugh -- remedy allegations that he was facing in misconduct? harris wanted him to walk the plank. harris even one of the to investigate kavanaugh for the far-fetched, uncorroborated lies -- remember julie swetnick about kavanaugh? alleged drug induced gang-rape parties, kids lined up in the hall in suburban maryland that would happen almost every other weekend and she was in fact, along with cuomo said that kavanaugh should take a lie detector test and said that he believed his accusers, well, she should -- by the way, she was the biggest believer in the entire the country, just to
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remind you. >> i believe her. listen, first of all, anyone who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the united states senate against someone who is being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the united states government. that takes an extraordinary amount of courage. >> i want to thank you, i want to thank you for your courage and tell you i believe you. i believe you. and i believe many americans across this country believe you. >> sean: so kamala harris, do you believe the accusers of andrew cuomo? or do claims of abuse not matter when levied against a democrat? now, of course the vice president's moral cowardice is shared by many of her colleagues. look at your screen. these are some of the top democrats that viciously rushed to judgment, no due process, smeared and slandered kavanaugh. they are all now silent about the cuomo accusations. many other i believer wireless calling for an investigation and due process and their also asking for the presumption of innocence, something they never provided kavanaugh and that
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would include hillary clinton who is now supporting an independent probe into the allegations against cuomo. i guess hillary has come a long way from calling claims of sexual assault a vast right wing conspiracy against her husband from day one. so did hillary ever -- did you ever acknowledge juanita broaddrick, kathleen willie? paula jones? or any of the others? do you disavow this claim from your longtime strategist and friend james carville? you know, the guy that suggested that some clinton accusers were motivated by money, you know drag $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you're going to find. and of course the biggest hypocrite happens to be joe biden himself. he's also calling for an independent probe of cuomo allegations but i haven't forgotten, maybe the media mob has. biden himself has been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer. you might remember.
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>> [indiscernible]. against the wall and his hands were down my skirt and up my skirt and it was very -- [indiscernible]. he was trying to kiss me and i was pulling away and what i remember of that time is feeling really shocked. i was surprised, there was no real conversation right before hand. i was obviously [indiscernible] and he pulled back and said i thought you liked me. >> sean: that was tara reade and while biden denied her claims, she is not the only woman with serious accusations against joe biden. 2019, a democratic lawmaker from nevada accused biden of unwanted touching and kissing. we have that tape too. take a look. >> very unexpected land out of nowhere, i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get
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up very close to me from behind lean in, smell my hair, and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. to have the vice president of the united states do that to me so unexpectedly and just kind of out of nowhere, it was just shocking. >> sean: so a question for the world's worst press secretary, jen psaki. yeah. if the biden administration calling for the independent probe of andrew cuomo, i have a question for jen psaki. when does the probe against joe biden start? i'm hoping she will circle back on this one and get back to us. we all have seen the tapes of creepy joe, yeah, very creepy loving to sniff hair, give unwanted back massages, squeeze people he doesn't even know. the claims that you just heard are far more serious, but don't these women deserve to be heard? don't they deserve to be
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believed and taken seriously? that's what the liberal left tells us and will anyone in the mob and the media now have the courage to ask the biden administration these questions? here with reaction, nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch and fox news contributor tammy bruce. good to see you both. dana, we will start with you tonight. it's interesting it took a lot of shaming of people to get them to say anything but the list of people still not saying anything is long and it is flagrant hypocrisy. >> yap, sean, and you made a really good point about consistency as well and this whole -- this whole issue. democrats need to stop using women's struggles and their experiences as victims of sexual harassment and assault as a political football. the reaction should be consistent. you and i, we all believe -- tammy believes as well that yes
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due process, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. however, the left does not afford the right of this same courtesy of this same treatment. consistency says their own -- their own logic says they should be completely immediately demanding his resignation. let's just bypass any kind of investigation and let's immediately assume guilt. but no, i mean everybody from aoc to i think nancy pelosi shockingly, had some of the harshest words. someone who really hates andrew cuomo and who actually still likes him in new york. watching bill de blasio rhetorically shank him every time he goes on television and does any kind of interviews like he's accepting any and all press just so he can do this. there are a lot of people getting their kicks in. and last point on this, sean. what really -- it's sad -- these allegations, if true, it's really sad and it's infuriating. however, what's also sad, sean where were all of these people
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talk about andrew cuomo when you talk about andrew cuomo when you had the elderly dying in nursing homes? it was crickets on the left but is it safe? do they feel safer in speaking up for #metoo? what gives? >> sean: yeah, let me go to tammy. democratic new york senator kathleen rice says the time has come, the governor must resign. what's been fascinating too tammy, beyond the hypocrisy is these are democrats that have been leading the charge to get cuomo out, not republicans. >> well, you know, this is what's fascinating too with cuomo. it's a good lesson that they always say be nice to people on the way up because you're going to see them on the way down. the cuomo administration seems to be run like a racket where there is intimidation, where there's threats, where there's heavy hand, where you're afraid to come out, to say things, to do things, and i think that's
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why you had silence up until now and when that breaks, we are going to see, as we arty have as you reported regarding the wedding and there was a young news reporter who spoke to fox news about having her experience with cuomo. this is like potato chips. you don't do just one. this is about character and if you're of the character, as i've noted with you before, sean where you are willing to have 15,000 people die and try to blame other people that it was based on your direct policy that is not just a character flaw, this is a gaping hole in the nature of someone's soul and that of course would make sense that you would treat your staff horribly but particularly women and what about the democrats. you have to ask with hillary clinton, right, weinstein, epstein, the former ag of new york who had to resign because of physically abusing women. now cuomo, this seems like men and women who abuse other people, who will do whatever they want for power, now are using, and have been, women's
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issues saying we are the champions and if you confront us, you will lose on the issues. you have learned nothing with harvey weinstein that they didn't care. they learned nothing with bill clinton and hillary clinton seems to be a relic of this framework but i think that in albany it's overwhelming in albany, it's the democratic party. democrats deserve better liberal women deserve better and you've got to step up and say enough is enough. we know we are being gassed with, we don't want these kinds of people in charge of our lives. because when they are, you get policies that destroy states policies like the nursing home policy, a destroyed state like california. it becomes a disaster. >> sean: the saddest part these are serious allegations and need to be taken seriously. i actually thought in the case of kavanaugh, the republican party actually is a party for once handled something the right
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way. they took it seriously, they did a full investigation and they moved forward. watching this, does this now -- i played two women that have made these serious allegations against joe biden, dana. now, does joe biden -- casino now, does joe biden -- does he now have questions to answer? where the women that made the accusations against him, will they now be believed? >> well, that's all the story goes. his own vp has said that before he has to believe all women. they've gone from "believe all women" to "well, let's get us out, let's investigate, let's see how this investigation pans out." it's incredible situation which i think goes to show a lot of people just how serious they take women's issues and this issue, period. they use it as a political football and when someone does that with such a serious issue you have to question their sincerity of it. i mean, it just -- it was awful to watch what happened with brett kavanaugh, especially with this woman, they couldn't even prove he had ever even met her you have, and i think pelosi has said it, i cannot even believe i'm going to be agreeing with pelosi, these are
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pretty credible accounts that are coming forward. of these women seem pretty credible but let's have due process and let's investigate and if guilty, the let's have him pay the penalty for that but you know, sean, just back to the point, [indiscernible] and everybody else's right. >> sean: let me ask you this question and i only have 30 seconds, tammy. when they politicize an issue like this, selective feign moral outrage, they are minimizing issue and they just want to use it as a weapon to bludgeon a political opponent. but if they're going to be consistent, joe biden has a lot of questions to answer tomorrow as well, doesn't he? >> well, he does, but he won't and look, he was moved -- they knew what his problems were when they moved him into the presidency, kamala harris said she believed his accuser. so he won't have to answer them and this is the problem. i would assert that they knew what andrew cuomo was doing for years and all these people say we've got to have an investigation. they knew, like they've known about bill clinton. they knew about joe biden and
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that's their complicity in this. >> sean: we are going to get back to that issue. tammy, thank you, dana, as always, thank you as well. now we turn to other disturbing news surrounding joe biden. he has until the single press conference, has no plans to give a state of the union address. his vice president has apparently taken over the duties of talking one-on-one and having these meetings with world leaders and last week, during a rare public appearance, biden struggled, and i mean struggled mightily. take a look. >> i promise you we are going together beat this and i think that -- you know, but the idea that over 500 -- i think it's -- i have a card, i carry a card with me every day, the total number of folks who have been affected by the -- as of yesterday, there are 500,071
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people who have died from this. >> sean: what else is on the card? that was not a hard number to remember because they had a vigil the day before. my name is joe, my wife 'his name is jill, i live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this is getting scary. over the weekend it got worse. during some rambling remarks he completely forgot what he was talking about and, well, i think congressman sheila jackson lee is pretty well-known and her name is not shirley. take a look. >> i want to thank you governor, mrs. abbott, for your hospitality and your friendship and representative -- senator cornyn, i think he had to go back, i think is getting on a plane, he told me he came in to see me last event and representative sheila jackson lee, al green sylvia garcia -- excuse me and what am i doing here? i'm going to lose track here.
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>> sean: what am i doing here? her name is sheila jackson lee. congresswoman sheila jackson lee. according to a report in the hill, there are no whispers at biden's chief of staff ron klain is actually running the show while joe naps. remember he looks so exhausted. oh. i carry a paper with me to remind me every day. just go back four years ago and look at tapes of joe. go back ten years ago, which brings us to a very serious but real necessary question. of his joe biden -- is this far worse than we were ever told? is he fit to serve? because these are the same questions the democrats, the media, they had no problem asking about ronald reagan, the age question, they called it in the late '80s or about john mccain during his presidential campaign. the media, the democrats, they all talked about it openly. given what we now see from joe biden day after day after day, this is now a fair question that needs to be asked.
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joining us now with more, former white house aide to the trump administration, also president trump's leading speechwriter, steve miller is with us. all right, let's talk about the joe question and then we will quickly go to the transition of the speech. this is -- look, we used to get criticized when i said weak frail, and struggling cognitively. i'm knocking and criticized any longer. you know i think that is you know i think that is, stephen? because everybody sees it. >> this would be comical, sean if it weren't so truly terrifying. the question is, who is actually making the decisions running this country now? who made the decision to start a border crisis in the first month of this presidency? who made the decision to rejoin the paris climate accord, stop the keystone pipeline? shutdown energy production nationwide? who made the decision to start funding abortion overseas with your taxpayer dollars?
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clearly somebody is making all these decisions and it's not joe biden and it's affecting real lives and real people and we are entitled to answers. >> sean: yeah, i totally agree. all right, let me move on. so what i liked a lot at cpac 97% support the president's policies. that kind of tells you the direction of the party. i think those in the establishment wing that think that that -- that the party is going to go backwards away from the trump america first, make america great again agenda are wrong. the agenda is what it is and it's fairly simple. now, the president spelled all of that out and he also added to it the things that we have to fix with elections so people have confidence and integrity in our election process. it is very clear on that as well. >> he gave a powerhouse speech sean, that rally republicans and rallied conservatives around the values that are going to win back the midterms and win the white house in four years and he
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was especially effective and lacerating in condemning joe biden's cowardice on school reopening's. children are hurting across this country and i applaud president trump just as a citizen for saying what needed to be said, get the schools open, get our kids back in school! is joe biden so terrified of the teachers union that he's going to sacrifice literally the futures of millions of young kids all across this country? it needed to be said and donald trump said it and he said a lot more, about our economy about energy, about recovery about covid, and he was especially effective, in my view, in him -- in his detailed takedown of joe biden's border policies and what he's done along the southwest border where we had a secure border and now we have an unprecedented crisis. what you saw with that speech was what everybody needs to be doing nationwide. ineffectual, detailed issue by issue rebuttal of the first month of the most far left administration we've ever seen.
10:22 pm
>> sean: well said. stephen miller, thank you appreciate you being with us. coming up senator lindsey graham. we would get his reaction in light of his position on the kavanaugh case, what's going on with cuomo, what it means for biden. also his reaction to the president's speech at cpac. also dan bongino geraldo rivera, they'll weigh in on the scandal surrounding governor cuomo in the battle in the border, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ in on the scandal surrounding governor cuomo in thehehehehe
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: president trump, he delivered a rousing speech at cpac in orlando yesterday slamming and laying out the case, prosecuting the case against the biden agenda. he laid out the future for what is the american first, make america great again agenda and of course he also talked about
10:27 pm
party unity and even responded to rumors of a 2024 run. take a look. >> joe biden has had the most disastrous to first month of any president in modern history. that's true. already the biden administration has proven that they are anti-jobs, antifamily anti-borders, anti-energy anti-women, and antiscience. in just one short month, we have gone from america first to america last. with your help, we will take back the house, we will win the senate, and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house. and i wonder who that will be. who, who, who will that be? i wonder. >> sean: it's clearer than ever donald trump is the leader
10:28 pm
of the republican party, the america-first agenda, make america great again is not going anywhere and as the former president won, let's see, 97% approval in terms of his policies on the straw poll by a whopping 34-point margin. now the battle is ahead. that's the battle for the soul of the country. either we are going to believe in liberty and freedom and capitalism and prosperity, or we will buy into what are the lies and false hopes of socialism and move further down into economic decline. what do we conservatives care about? liberty, freedom, lower taxes less government, less government bureaucracy, so businesses can thrive. constitutionalists on the bench secure borders, energy independence, free and fair trade, the first and second amendment, law and order and safety and security in every town and city. we need to repair schools
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school choice is the answer. peace through strength and have a kick ass military. that's the america-first agenda that's the make america great again agenda and while the fake news network didn't want to take and didn't take the president's speech, that didn't stop so-called journalists from finding more ways to destroy their credibility. so-called fact-checker over "the washington post" tweeting out "trump complaining about kids not being back in school. who was president a month ago"? glenn, joe biden was the president a month ago, just pointing out. who checks the fact-checker guide? joining us with reaction south carolina senator lindsey graham. before i get to this, i think one of your finest moments in the u.s. senate was during the kavanaugh hearing and you had had enough. now, you've got all these new allegations against governor cuomo.
10:30 pm
i don't know the truth of -- i -- don't know if these things are true. i thought the republican party frankly, for once actually handled that situation with justice kavanaugh the right way okay? serious allegations. we are going to stop, pause, and investigate. and they did. we found out a lot of lies were told and you had enough. i don't know the case here. i believe in due process presumption of innocence, senator. >> well, number one, the idea that cuomo would appoint his own investigator tells you a lot about his mind-set. so the democratic party is now piling on andrew cuomo because he's made a lot of enemies along the way, but you've been consistent and i've been consistent. we allowed dr. ford to be heard. if there were five accusations against justice kavanaugh, three were literally made up and when it comes to dr. ford, i think
10:31 pm
something happened to her, but i don't think brett kavanaugh had anything to do with it at all i'm asking my democratic colleagues who believed every word dr. ford said, even before judge kavanaugh spoke, and we did an investigation, you're now giving cuomo a complete pass. schumer went on the floor of the senate day in and day out accusing all of us republicans of supporting sexual assault. have you heard him say one word about this? so the double standard is pretty obvious, but the one thing that i can't explain to you, i couldn't walk 3 feet during the kavanaugh hearing without some reporter sticking a microphone in my face, what you think about the new accusation? and the idea that kavanaugh was guilty was pervasive. the accusation was self proving. if i haven't had one person asked me about the accusation against governor cuomo from the media, not one. >> sean: serious allegations made by tara reade and another woman out in nevada. now do we go back and take those allegations seriously? in other words, you had a whole i believe her caucus and the risk of people, i will scroll again, that are silent now that
10:32 pm
were so vocal then is pretty darn long, senator. >> well, here's what i would tell my democratic colleagues to do. follow the republican model. we had a republican nominee for the supreme court be accused of something the day before we voted. the moment before we voted. we could have gone ahead saying this was too late, you sat on it, you didn't tell us, this is not fair. we stopped the entire process. we had days and weeks of hearings, we had another fbi investigation, we took it seriously and what should you do as democrats regarding cuomo? do exactly what republicans did. call for an independent investigation, take it seriously. >> sean: all right, let me move on, we will keep scrolling and aims because it's pretty long, so people can get the full picture. the president's speech at cpac no third party america-first agenda, make america great again agenda. all mitch mcconnell, to his
10:33 pm
credit, said, yeah, i vote for him as the nominee. disagreements at times ronald reagan said we agree 80% of the time, you're not my enemy. is he right? >> yeah, reagan was right and i just talked to president trump just a few minutes ago and i said listen, it's not necessary for everybody to like each other. i actually like president trump. he's been very nice to me. he's allowed me to be in his world, he allows me to give my two cents worth about different issues when he was president. this is his party. if you don't get that, you missed a lot at cpac. donald trump has the nomination right now and nobody can take it away from him if he wants to run. and i think he's got a good chance of getting reelected again based on what the democrats are doing to the country. but what i would tell president trump, the real test for you and the republican party is 2022. let's make sure we have our best candidates on the field, let's don't have primaries of people who think good republican conservatives, let's unite, and if we will follow president trump's lead that we are going to be united
10:34 pm
republican party, we are going to put our best team on the field in 2022, that sets the stage for a 2024 come back. we've got a lot of talented people in the party, sean. did you find one person at cpac criticize donald trump? i thought it was amazing that you had so many people wanting to be president on our side but not one person would say anything bad about him. that tells you a lot about the strength of president trump. >> sean: will you help me draft herschel walker to run for senate donna georgia? i happen to be very fond of him. >> i talked to him today. stay tuned. >> sean: that's amazing! great minds think alike. all right, senator, thank you. when we come back, biden continues to push his dangerous america-last, open borders amnesty, immigration agenda. you won't believe what his dhs secretary said today. it dan bongino, geraldo rivera. dan bongino, geraldo rivera. they will weigh in on that and the new sexual harassment allegations against governor cuomo and now calls for him to be impeached or resign or getting loud and the interesting
10:35 pm
part of that story, democrats are leading the charge. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ the charge. the c- hi, friends, straigmichael youssef here.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: despite overwhelming evidence of increased chaos on our southern border, the biden administration is insisting oh administration is insisting there's no crisis at all and they are actually encouraging illegal migration. just listen to the dhs secretary earlier today. >> we are not saying don't come. we are saying don't come now because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible. >> do you believe that right now it's a crisis of the border?
10:40 pm
>> i think that the answer is no. i think there is a challenge at the border we are managing and we have our resources dedicated to managing it. >> sean: now, those comments came despite the fact that the number of unaccompanied minors at the border is expected to end up being, what, 50% higher in february compared to last month even prediction from inside the biden administration, they are expecting now more than 13,000 migrant children alone to come to the u.s. border in may and don't forget, biden has already rolled back president trump's successful remain in mexico policy, which quacked down on asylum, fraud, and helped keep our nation safe and secure. more just ahead but just breaking moments ago we have a democratic congresswoman kathleen rice, now calling a democrat -- now calling on governor andrew cuomo to resign and in the story is growing by
10:41 pm
the second. wow. joining us with reaction to all this, fox news contributor dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera and i'm not even bringing up the cargo containers with bars on the windows geraldo. we'll get back into that. this growing scandal with cuomo when you include the nursing homes, now you have yet another accuser tonight. then you have videos that are coming out that people are like really? and democrats asking and pushing for him to resign or be impeached, will he make it through the week? >> probably. he's a tough guy and you know he's in a solid position. he was in a solid position before he started getting killed with a thousand cuts here. you know, it's -- it's rough. i'm glad you mentioned nursing homes. that is by far the bigger
10:42 pm
scandal. the scandal of, you know putting infected people back in nursing homes and then covering up the total death toll. to me, far more serious, but it really deserves prudent reasonable, in-depth investigation. now, and various and prophetic to these young ladies who have come forward. none, as far as i have heard yet has alleged, you know, conduct that would be called sexual assault in the classic sense of it. i feel sorry for each one of those ladies, her story deserves to be told. i think though that andrew cuomo -- i mean, i know this is the most unpopular thing in america to say right now is a 63-year-old single guy living in albany, the most boring town in america, he's all by himself and single women -- i'm not saying anything is appropriate. i'm saying there's human nature and we have to recognize that he is not -- >> sean: you say that, you're basically saying i'm old-school i'm kind of used to that. the world has changed here.
10:43 pm
>> the world has changed and what's he going to do? i don't know what is going to do. i don't know how -- >> sean: we know what he did with kavanaugh. >> this wave of extraordinary publicity. >> sean: dan bongino wanted kavanaugh to take a lie detector test and he went out with i believe i believe i believed himself too. dan? >> yeah, that's all crap, what geraldo just said. listen, i'm sorry man. this guy has put himself on the totem pole of morality. he's put himself at the top. kavanaugh, who had the most ridiculous accusations you've ever heard leveled against him debunked by every credible person who understood what really happened and cuomo was out there, he needs to take a polygraph test, a lie detector test. no, man, i'm sorry, geraldo. he can be lonely all he wants. >> what are you going to do with him? you're going to arrest him?
10:44 pm
>> i'm not doing anything, he's disgusting and he's agree. i wouldn't even have a tequila shot with this guy. go get a freaking dog, man, if you're lonely. stop putting your mitts on people! it's probably not a -- not a good idea to be doing to see play with people who aren't interested. it's kind of gross! i'm really sorry, it's super creepy. can i talk? >> i don't know anything about your personal life. but that sounds like staged morality to me. i feel horrible for what he did to these young women. they seem -- they seem to be fine in terms of their mental health. they're going to get him forward -- whatever is to be gotten, they're going to get him. believe me. letitia james, the attorney general is no friend of andrew cuomo. >> the only person guilty of fake morality is andrew cuomo for lecturing people about fake
10:45 pm
sexual harassment charges when actual real sexual harassment charges have emerged and keep in mind, unlike andrew cuomo, i actually believe in process. andrew cuomo is innocent until proven guilty. even though i dislike the guy as much as i dislike any human being on planet earth. having said that, there was never a scintilla of credibility to the charges against kavanaugh. ever, ever! these charges are actually credible! i'm not saying they are proven there credible. >> treated unfairly, treats andrew cuomo with impunity. >> cuomo can plant one on my caboose. it's disgusting. >> dad was one of my favorite guests on my show. >> i don't know his mom or his dad. >> mother, a wonderful person. i feel bad for the way that the guy's life is unraveled. >> we won't feel bad. i'm sorry. good, feel bad. you're a sucker, i'm sorry. you're getting played for a full. i'm really sorry you feel bad.
10:46 pm
he doesn't feel bad for you. him and his brother are laughing at you right now in the air. i'm really sorry you feel bad. >> stop it with me! it's not about me! street corporation reach her. if are a street corporation preacher with your fake morality, you're going to be lecturing everybody, shame on you and shame on you and you get out and you get out of here -- >> i don't do any of that. did you miss the whole segment? you missed all that. you missed that whole part of the segment. >> let's leave it. >> sean: i'm going to send you back to your corners, we will continue this later this week. but serious issues here and i think the republicans got it right in the case of kavanaugh. they took the charges seriously and did a full investigation, that's how this has to be handled. all right, when we come back biting continues to show he's nothing more than a trojan
10:47 pm
horse. vince ellison, leo jarrell straight. ♪ ♪
10:48 pm
♪ if i could be you and you could be me ♪ ♪ for just one hour ♪ ♪ if we could find a way to get inside each other's mind ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ ♪ well before you abuse, criticize and accuse ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: more evidence tonight that the far left is setting the biden agenda as white house senior advisor cedric richmond says he's already seeing first-term progress on reparations for african-americans and they're not going to wait for congress. as he told axios "we don't want to wait on the study, we are going to start acting now. there is this other branch of government, coequal branch called the legislative branch. joe is in the executive branch and you have the judicial branch of government. here with reaction, fox news contributor leo terrel along with author of the iron triangle, vince ellison. leo, you've got to give vince a hat. we haven't had vince on in a while, i miss you, and i love you, brother.
10:52 pm
you've got to get in the hat. >> in the mail! in the mail! >> have the trifecta. >> sean: first constitutionally, okay, you're going to bypass, vince -- are going to bypass the constitution and a whole branch of government? everything is executive fiat now? no votes on anything? >> look, sean, it was william faulkner that's of the past is never dead. it's not even the past. you know, the democrats have been doing this ever since they reneged on the [indiscernible] back in 1865. if and lying about it. if black people want to sue for reparations, they should be suing the democrat party because when you look at our history you will find that from 1800-1865, it was the democrat party that had the slaves. from 1865-1965, the democrat party had the jim crow laws.
10:53 pm
when you look at martin luther king jr. and the civil rights movement was protestant, everywhere they went they were protesting democrats. they weren't protesting anybody else. when king went up to chicago, a democrat consoled city, he said there was more hatred than he had ever seen in the south at all of the former confederate states were all democrat-controlled. the democrats are very good at taking their sins and casting them on all of america. we do not have a race problem in america, we have a democratic party problem in america. everywhere you look in america today whether you have failing schools, the ghettos, the majority black districts in the cities, you'll find that democrats are controlling them and they are keeping people from defending themselves, they are keeping children locked in these terrible schools, won't let them go, bring illegals down to take jobs. this is the democrat party and this is lucy moving the football again on the black community. they are lying and they're doing it with sinister intent. i don't intend to give black people anything except more and more lies and this is what they've done for the past 220 years.
10:54 pm
if satan is walking on this earth, he is resting his head at the dnc because that's what they are. >> sean: your reaction to that? >> he is dead on. let me say this as clear as i can, of civil rights attorney who knows more about civil law than mr. richman. there is no disk termination in this country, that is the biggest democratic ally in this whole reparation commission that is so the democrats can keep playing the race card. let me tell you the person in the last five years who has done more for black americans donald j. trump. the first step act, sean, was to undo the joe biden crime bill in 1994. there is reparation right there because he's giving people a second chance. the lowest unemployment, funding historical black colleges something that obama and biden did not do. let me sit here and say this is a black american, is an american, donald trump did more
10:55 pm
for black americans in four years than what the democrats have done in 100 years! period! end of story! >> sean: 15 seconds, vince. >> you know what, sean, my mother and father had a song called [indiscernible]. that's what we need to be more concerned about. we spend so much time concerned about why america think -- what anyone thinks. we should be concerned about ourselves, controlling our own conduct. the democrats have planted envy hatred and strife among us. >> sean: vince, welcome back we missed you. thank you. coming up, democratic hypocrisy on full display, you won't believe what was caught on camera in california last week. we will show that next. on camera in california last week.
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>> one last example of far . >> sean: one last example of hypocrisy. matt meyer led an exercise to keep things closed. dropping off his daughter for a
11:00 pm
private preschool. prompting backlash. he said the video was very inappropriate. no other public options for kids his daughter's age. we'll let you decide. let not your heart be troubled. laura, fair and balanced, she takes of right now. hi. >> laura: just looking at that guy, he's on the school board, ahead of the school board, okay. all right. it's san francisco. >> sean: keep the schools closed. >> laura: no. this is the way it always is. they don't support school choice so other kids can take their voucher and go to those schools. they want to keep their schools pristine. they don't want the rabble at their school. >> laura: a best seller,