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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. now, for the 9:00 p.m. hour, the fabulous sean hannity. >> sean: you know, adam corolla employs 25 people, capped and employed all throughout covid. they want to cancel him and what are those 25 people doing for their livelihoods after? it doesn't make sense. tucker, good show. thank you. welcome to "hannity." all right, buckle up tonight because we have a jam-packed show. new york governor, andrew cuomo facing another massive scandal. we will bring you the very latest details straight ahead as the left likes to say. the walls are now closing in on andrew cuomo. these walls, well, pretty interesting. they were all built by the democrats, not republicans. also tonight, mitt romney admitting president trump will be the 2024 nominee if he decides to run. lauren trump, she will react tonight with a full preview of the president's upcoming speech this weekend at cpac.
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but first, breaking tonight in what must be a totally humiliating to joe biden, we now have dozens of house democrats, not republicans, calling on joe biden to relinquish his sole authority to the nuclear codes. you know, the nuclear football? in a letter, the democratic lawmaker states one person, joe biden, with his authority entails real risks. now, first of all, it's unconstitutional. that's first of all. there is one commandment in chief. it is not the u.s. congress. there is zero constitutional ambiguity here. but second of all, what do these democrats know about joe biden that maybe the rest of us don't? they didn't propose this even when donald trump was president and they all hated donald trump. obviously, from our own observations come as we have been saying, and it's interestid
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even occasionally when i see people in the media mob, and they are trying to act polite, they will say, yeah, we are all on pins and needles every time joe talks, because we can all see with our own eyes. you compared to joe biden 4 years ago, 10 years ago. he is frail. he is weak. and he is struggling cognitively. if he ever had a fastball, i would argue it's long gone. let me also be clear, i'm not making any medical diagnosis about joe biden and this is not about his age. for example, bernie sanders is a year older than joe biden here and he has way more energy, way more stamina, way more mental alertness, fighting every day for his insane socialist utopia. donald trump, similar age, boundless energy and alertness. joe biden always seems like he needs a nap. he also frequently confuses numbers, dates, and sometimes can barely get the words out.
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take a look. >> the idea that over 500, i think it's, i have a card. i carry a card on me every day. a number of folks who have been affected. fully vaccinate 300 americans. by the end of the summer, the beginning of the fall. but we want to make -- i want to repeat, there will be enough to fully vaccinate 300 americans to beat this pandemic. 300 million americans. going this way. thank you all. >> the senator who is a mormon. or governor. okay? we hold these truths to be evident. you know the thing. >> sean: this isn't about a few gaps. look, he reportedly goes to bed very, very early. he has few public events. vice president, harris is taking
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a whole lot of solo calls with foreign leaders on behalf of joe. a little odd in the end of itself. and he never misses any opportunity whatsoever to call an early lid on the day. in other words, we won't be seeing or hearing from the president. recently he took a snow day after the white house got a whopping 2 inches of snow. on the campaign trail, he barely had any public events at all. he cowered in his basement bunker. the media mob, they shielded him from any and all negative stories and pretty much campaigned on his behalf and went out trashing his opponent every second of every day. we called it on this program "the candidate protection program." and it was, to be honest, pretty effective. one poll conducted after the election showed that 1 and 6 biden voters would have changed their minds had they known the full details about biden's various scandals, including the, yes, very true hunter biden laptop story from
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"the new york post." but now joe biden is president and democrats are apparently so worried about his ability to fulfill his duties as commander in chief, they want him to hand over the nuclear codes? remember, this is not an isolated incident. just a few months ago, as president trump's tour was coming to an end, nancy pelosi, remember she backed up the bill that would determine a president 'asked fitness for office customer she said the bill wasn't about donald trump. well, who was the bill about? does it all mean? it really makes you wonder if the democrats are thinking about the commander in chief. good to see you both. matt gaetz, what's your take? >> well, sleepy joe wasn't just a political nickname. it appears to be a governing strategy for the biden administration was short days lacking sufficient rigor to lead
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the country. you look at a growing number of democrats who are not concerned about giving joe biden the codes for the nuclear system. i'd be concerned about giving joe biden a code to my garage door opener. but this is more than just one man. it is about the presidency. it is about peace restraint, which we talk a lot about on this program. and i oppose this letter because i do believe that no matter who -- even if it is joe biden during that time. >> sean: and the policies of appeasement, dan bongino, are back. apparently joe biden's diminished ration, they were doing secret, undermining his foreign policy. now they are pressuring south korea to appease the iranian and hand over $7 billion in assets to the iranians. but you know, the constitution is clear. it's not even, there is no constitutional ambiguity here. the president is the commander
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in chief, not a group, not a consensus of commanders in chief's. >> yeah. yeah, you are right. well, on the far policy front, which you mentioned is correct. i was reading an op-ed in "the wall street journal" today. the europeans are laughing at us, sean. the europeans right now are saying to themselves, you know, this china-russia deal, he doesn't look so bad. maybe we should partner up with these guys instead. it was a really fascinating op-ed. but on this nuclear football story, i'm not kidding. when the producers sent this to me, i had to read this twice. i thought, is it babylon b? is this the onion?" no, i'm not kidding. is she trying to be funny about this close to mark this is a real story. these are democrats. you set it opening segment. is there something these democrats aren't telling us? it was something i warned about before the election. sean, again, it gives me absolutely no joy in saying this, and i mean that.
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he is in real significant trouble, joe biden. and listen to me, everyone around him, everyone knows it. everyone knows it. this is the scandal that they are not telling you. >> sean: you are a former secret service agent. are you saying that if we were to bring on secret service agents, they would confirm what you are saying? >> to call it the secret service for a reason, but i maintain a lot of context outside of even law enforcement. and i'm telling you from what i've heard from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. everyone. it's not a mystery. it is the worst-kept secret in the white house and how they can -- think about this. we are not only in the second month of this, how bad is it going to be four years from now? this is a serious problem. it's not a joke. >> sean: that would mean a
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cover-up, concealing something from the american people, potentially. again, i'm not a doctor. i'm not going to play one on tv. i'm not going to play one on radio. my own observation, matt, as you go back 4 years, 10 years ago, he looks weak and frail and he's obviously struggling cognitively. i'm not making a medical diagnosis, but the reality is everybody sees it and there's only a few of us willing to talk about it and be honest about it. >> and what you have to realize is on the left, this is all part of a plan. having a joe biden that is too frail to stand up against their efforts to centralize power, to take over the economy, to limit people's rights, to extend the boundaries of executive action beyond what is constitutionally permissible emma they are able to do these things because joe biden is not in a position to really make decisions day in and day out. we are hearing reports that even the presidential daily briefing is taking on a different flavor as a consequence of the biden presidency. and look, i want the president
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of the united states to be healthy and happy and vigorous and vibrant, but if something different is happening, if in this case even democrats are stepping forward to say that they have some concerns about these nuclear protocols, i think we all ought to listen. because what we do know is that where there is any sort of decline, it's not necessarily linear. it can happen exponentially and it is something that the country needs to be out on the lookout for. you are right, sean, age is only a number. i just think one day as the guest host of your radio program, tv program, i was exhausted and i think you have a few decades on me. so even folks that are a little longer in the tooth can still bring a lot of energy. >> sean: you know come as as much as they hated donald trump, the dinner propose this. i don't know. i'm not making any judgments or letting people decide at home. congressman matt gaetz and dan bongino, thank you both. now let's look at some new surrounding president trump. this coming sunday at cpac, president trump is set to give
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his first public speech since leaving the white house. now, tonight we don't know whether or not president trump will make any kind of big announcements surrounding 2024 for his future. but now, even liberal anti-trumper, senator mitt romney, he sees, looks like the writing is on the wall. he wants to run again. take a look. >> well, if president trump continue to play a role in my party? he has a big impact in my party, a large voice. i don't know about his family members, whether they will continue to do that. i don't know if you will run in 2024 or not, but if he does come i'm pretty sure he will win the nomination. >> do you think he would win the nomination question mike >> welcome i think he would win the nomination if he runs. a lot could happen between now and 2024. >> sean: for the first time in a long while, i actually agree with liberal mitt romney. so, what can we expect from the weekend speech? joining us with more, former advisor to the trump campaign whose name is mentioned quite
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often as a potential senate candidate from the great state of north carolina, her home state, lara trump is with us. good to see you, laura. thanks for being back. >> you got it. thanks for having me. >> sean: it's so unfair that i started out that way, isn't it? because i know for a fact, there are a lot of top republican leaders in north carolina that are not just talking about it, but they are making a lot of outreach. is it something that you would leave open for now? we are not asking a question. let's leave the idea open in your mind. >> oh, absolutely. look, i have taken it very seriously and i have no decision to announce live here on "sean hannity" but i will tell you to stay tuned because it is certainly something that i would be open to do. i am keeping it open, absolutely. >> sean: i would predict you would win. all right, the president coming out speaking at cpap. what has happened in a month,
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foreign policy, executive orders, no legislation, amnesty at the borders, i mean, straight on down the line a direct contrast to everything that president trump did. now, i would imagine, i think i know the president pretty well, that he will be highlighting i told you so. this is what you can expect. thoughts? >> yeah, well, he absolutely will and he did tell you so. a lot of us tried to tell the american people that this would happen if joe biden became president of the united states. i think the speed at which so much has happened has really kind of shocked people to be honest. but you are right. i think for the first time in a long time, americans found that under president donald trump, they had somebody they felt like was actually fighting for them and standing up for them and fighting for america and joe biden has made it clear not only through his actions come about through what he has said, that it is no longer america
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first. he said america first is out. well, who is a president that doesn't put their own country first? it's absolutely ridiculous. but then you see the open border policy. then you see the fact that he supports a bill to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, people that are illegal here in our country, wants to give them citizenship. it's really frightening to see. i think the speed at which all of this has happened, which you can bet that president donald trump is going to talk about it. i'm sure we will hear about china. i'm sure we will hear about iran. you know, so many things have so quickly turned around and really have been incredibly detrimental to the future of america. so, i'm excited to hear from him this weekend. i think it's going to be a great speech. i know he's excited to speak to everybody there at cpac. >> sean: you know, when you look at the one issue, we are in the middle of a pandemic. the biden administration, when they took office, there were a million shots going into
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people's arms every single day. a lot of these democratic governors screwed that up. and then you look at what is happening, the position he is taking in the middle east and around the world, america lasts. but the callousness of just with the stroke of a pen, getting rid of high paying career jobs while simultaneously making us dependent on foreign energy sources, to me is the worst thing. we are now going to have all of these illegal immigrants and we are going to have people out of work and the pandemic competing with now out of work energy sector workers with very specific skills? >> yeah, it's so outrageous. day one executive order, eliminating the keystone xl pipeline, putting thousands of americans out of work on day one for joe biden. and don't forget, under donald trump for the first time in history, we were a net energy expert. we were energy independent and we actually exported energy. and aside from all the jobs
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brought to america from a national security standpoint, it meant that we weren't reliant on the middle east, on russia for anything. we did it all here at home and to see that joe biden, again, like you said, with the stroke of a pen, got rid of all the good that donald trump did, especially with in the energy sector. this is something again during the campaign that you heard donald trump talk about. joe was not going to do a good job for the energy workers of pennsylvania. and here, you know, day one he got rid of so many. it's only the beginning. i think there is going to be more disappointment for people under a biden presidency. >> sean: make middle eastern countries that hate us and china rich again, america last. scary times. lara trump, thank you. now last night, what
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"the washington post" is politely referring to is biden's brand-new migrant facility for kids. as you can see, by the way, the facility for kids is essentially a couple of corrugated, you know those metal shipping containers? you know the ones that come off boats that get unloaded on docs? yeah, that's what they are. well, you can see too. they all have tiny windows with bars on them. the biden administration now housing unaccompanied minors wasn't that long ago when donald trump was president. the mob, the media 2018, top democrats referring to scenes like this as kids in cages. biden call that one of our darkest moments in history. he said that during his time with obama, "we didn't lock people up in cages." we didn't separate families." the problem was that the picture was actually from 2014. that would be the biden-obama
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era. a matter of fact, the obama-biden administration built the kids in cages facility with the fences where the migrant kids were in fact separated from their parents. trump ultimately ended up shutting down their policy in that facility for renovations and ended the child separation policy. facts are a dangerous thing here. this holding center that you see on your screen is coming back online. but the biden administration wants you to know that the shipping container trailers with bars on tiny windows, and they are definitely not cages. today, press secretary, jen psaki, she circled back to this issue as we predict it she would. take a look. >> we are seen in photos now of containers. is there a better description? is it containers instead of kids in cages? >> let me give a broader description of what is happening
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here. we have a number of unaccompanied minors, children who are coming into the country with other family. what we are not doing with the last administration did was separate kids, rip them from the arms of their parents at the border. we are not doing that. >> sean: all right, the hypocrisy, it is out there everyday. here with reaction, syndicated radio talk show host, dana is with us. dana, i mean, the irony of this is they take on trump. this is despicable. they built it. they created it. then they trashed trump for following their system. he dismantles it. and now they bring back cargo storage facilities for kids with bars on the window? >> no, and sean, you are absolutely right. something also very important and very noticeable in that audio clip you just showed, that video you just showed, she said that while they are
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unaccompanied minors and we are not ripping them from their parent's arms, well, if they are unaccompanied minors, how would you be ripping them from your parent's arms? maybe that is something that can be followed up on in the subsequent press conference that she gives. that is the whole reason why they are called unaccompanied. to the point that you just made, when the trump administration had, and this is the springs facility that everyone is talking about and react into these photos. this is, i think, from what i read, it operated for a month before the trump administration. this is the exact same facility. do you remember the walkout at wayfarer and the boycott at wayfarer that the left staged because wayfarer was selling mattresses at the facility? this is the exact same facility. and so, trump closed it down after one month of being open and then joe biden reopens it. at the time that this is operational under trump, they were calling it kids in cages,
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et cetera. that is not a cage. we can call it whatever we want, a containment unit. but it's just amazing to me how the revolution is complete when the language is perfect. it is not a cage anymore. it is an overflow detention facility. when they put these kids in with all of the other individuals, the adults coming across the border, the reason why they are spacing them out is because of pandemic rules, then they would accuse the administration of putting them in and exposing them. it's just silly. none of this make sense. the bottom line is that it is hypocrisy. it should take the opportunity to talk to the public about all of the dangers that are awaiting children at the border. the run to kid, sean, i don't like they talked about the rent a kid where they use their children to get them in across the border. they take advantage of that so they come in with a child and then they are immediately granted quicker access and
6:22 pm
quicker process. so instead of talking about that and the dangers that it is pose into this administration, now we have jen saying what she said. we won and lost wages with all of amnesty going down. just imagine for a second that donald trump is the president and he got cargo containers with tiny windows and bars on them for children. i doubt they would get, beautiful butterflies like "the washington post" was saying about these cargo containers with bars. >> yeah. these facilities that trump come of trump opened and were open for a month before he closed them, they are a lot nicer, sean, the end the cages that obama and biden had constructed back to the obama administration. if they wanted to have that discussion. but, it's hypocrisy. >> sean: all right, great to see you. great analysis. thank you. coming up, this is really sick.
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one biden advisor reportedly saying that colbert was the best thing that ever happened to joe biden. we will explain. we will get reaction. south dakota governor is with us as we continue. i thank you for being with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: democrat's dangerous politicizing of public health as a biden advisor reportedly described the coronavirus pandemic as "the best thing that ever happened to no-show joe biden." i guess that means that he could hide in his bunker. a brand-new book that is called "lucky." how joe biden barely won the presidency. in response, joe biden's press secretary told fox news tonight "while secondhand should always be viewed with some level of skepticism, i need to has always been clear that she believes the former trump's handling of the pandemic and biden drew a sharp contrast between their approach to governing the country." of course, this is completely consistent with what this program has been documenting for months. democrats who are so consumed with their hate, their rage, their anti-trump psychosis,
6:28 pm
impeachment, impeachment, russia, russia, that they would resort to petty politics, even during a pandemic. when donald trump put together the travel ban, one that he called zina poll and hysteria, yeah, they were impeaching donald trump. remember how nancy pelosi called and all of that relief money? it all happened while they could have been fairly covering the ones that got it right. kristi noem. they protected the most vulnerable in their states. also opening safely, putting trust and faith in the citizens in their states rather than shielding, let's see, cuomo, gavin newsom, governor walz, governor murphy and others who had disastrous policies. remember, he protected seniors early on. as a piece in "the new york post" explained, "florida went out of its way to
6:29 pm
get covid-19 positive people out of nursing homes while new york went out of its way to get them in, a policy now widely acknowledged to have been a complete debacle with a full cover-up. and he also safely opened up the schools, allowed businesses to take adequate health measures to be able to fully reopen. south dakota governor resisted calls to lockdown her state and understood the importance of balancing the risk of the virus with the major risks of destroying the livelihoods of foreign working families. and are they facing impeachment? nope. are they facing recalls? not at all. joining us now with reaction, south dakota governor, kristi noem. remember interviewing you a couple of times. at one time, you said to me, i am for the people of my state and i trust that they will make responsible decisions. you had one meat-packing plant
6:30 pm
breakout. you have hot zones like every other state. but you quickly went in and put all the attention necessary and it worked for you just like it works for governor dos santos. >> well, i did. i gave my people all the information that i had. i told them i trusted them and gave them personal responsibility to make the best decision for their families and allowed them to put food on the table too. listen, what anita dunn said here confirmed exact they would have been saying for months, is that the media and democrats were using this virus to promote fear and a political agenda. they wanted to scare people in order to control them and they did it to push an agenda where really they could take over this country and change what america looks like. so, we need to wake up and understand that this was calculated. it was on purpose. what she said confirms what we have thought and said out loud for many, many months. it should be alarming to the everyday hardworking american
6:31 pm
who really do love the country. >> sean: you know, you also touched on and in in the interview -- they balance their budgets, fund their pensions, that this covid relief bill is going to be a big bailout and financial transfer of monies from red states to blue states that are not fiscally responsible. i don't think south dakota and the people of south dakota or tennessee or florida or any red state anywhere in the country should be bailing out new york, new jersey, michigan, and california. >> exactly. this bill is biden's bailout bill and all of his friends. he rewards those states that made wrong decisions, shutdown their economies, are there people, and have higher unemployment rates. it should not be formulated the way that it is.
6:32 pm
it is the wrong decision and it's the wrong policy for this country. i told washington, d.c., over and over and over again, you don't need to give us more money. you need to give us more flexibility and allow us to really uniquely respond to what the needs are in our state. but this bill that biden is trying to pass right now is a bailout for those bad actors. those bad actors in california, illinois, new york, what they have done, and it rewards them for the damage and the tragedies that they have caused to occur in their state. >> sean: you know, your state is going to be impacted by the shutdown of the keystone xl pipeline. they are talking about shutting down the dakota pipeline. you know, and you hear from pete buttigieg and all these people in the biden administration, well, we want them to get other high paying union jobs. what high paying union jobs? these are careers that people have very specific skill set for. what do you think the impact is going to be for these families
6:33 pm
that are now thought and then will be getting there payslips and losing high paying career jobs customer >> we have already seen people lose their jobs. we had people in our state that had expanded their restaurants, their hotels, their gas stations to accommodate all the workers that were here. the pumping stations for the pipeline were already built. the pipeline was ready to be built and installed. joe biden canceling that pipeline was the wrong policy, not just on energy, it was the wrong policy on safety for people. it's safer to move the energy through the pipelines than it is today on the roads and unreal. it is also safer for the environment. you know, it was just wrong. it was responding to politics, but not the facts behind what this really does to us and the country and the independence it gives us. and i am all about supporting a diversified energy portfolio, but it should be an american
6:34 pm
portfolio. this is a national security issue. we cannot import our energy or our food from another country because when we do that, that is when the control us. for one last question, governor. a lot of speculation that if donald trump didn't run in 2024, that you would consider running and people have talked about it. your thoughts? >> i'm running for reelection in 2022 and i am really hopeful that the people in south dakota will give me another four years to serve them. i love this state and i love the people here. >> sean: i love that state. it's a lot cheaper for me to live there than where i am living now. i am probably the dumbest person in the country that is stuck in new york. i will live anywhere that has lower taxes and less regulation. governor, thank you. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: and thanks for the good job you did for the people in your state like so many others. coming up, more disturbing allegations today as governor andrew cuomo, former staff are now accused of
6:35 pm
sexual harassment and some on the left noticeably silent. where are the believers? we weigh in next. ♪ ♪td a little cooped up but don't forget-- there are still rocks to be skipped; trails to be trampled; fish to be caught. the great outdoors are wide open and they're calling us like never before. in these trying times, we need nature more than ever. we need nature to remind us that like a sunrise or the turning of the tides, these challenges will pass. we need nature to help us heal and reconnect with the ones we love the most. so when you can, get back to nature. get back to each other.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now, another day, another massive scandal for andrew cuomo as a former aide, lindsay boylan is coming through with very detailed allegations of harassment reading "i was in shock, but i kept walking after he allegedly kissed her on the lips without her consent and in another incident, he allegedly said "let's play poker" on a flight. she was warned by other staffers when she joined his administration in 2015 to "be
6:40 pm
careful around the governor. new york congresswoman reacted earlier today tweeting out "governor cuomo earned his title as worst governor in america and now every new yorker knows that he is a criminal, sexual predator. he must immediately resign." ouch. ask yourself, where are all of thy believe hers? now, to be fair, governor cuomo and his office, they are denying all of these allegations, but it is worth pointing out they denied for months any evidence of wrongdoing in reporting nursing home deaths, which we all know was part of a massive cover-up. they are ramping up their calls for real accountability, real action for his cover-up. and by the way, the bullying tactics to silence those who dare to speak the truth. herewith reaction, fox news
6:41 pm
contributor, mike huckabee is with us. governor, let me start with you. i don't know about the allegations. we do know about the cover up. we do know about the executive order. we know about the shutdowns. when you take it all in and you now see the difference and we compare and contrast the actions of new york or south dakota, it's dramatic. >> very dramatic, sean, and i think his biggest problem is he is going to be known as andrew corleone. maybe his biggest problem is that he bullies people. what he did to democratic legislator is just startling. that in itself is pretty shocking. now, let's come as you say be fair to him. he is innocent until proven guilty. he ought to get something that brett kavanaugh never got and
6:42 pm
that is due process, but these are serious allegations from a serious accuser, not somebody who said gee, i just remembered something from 40 years ago. and let's not forget that kamala harris and a whole bunch of democrats say you have to believe the woman. so, i want him to step up to a microphone and say, "we believe the woman" and make some how andrew cuomo experience what brett kavanaugh had to experience. but i think most of us realize that's not the way it should play. i just want there to be some consistency to these democratic women. >> sean: the governor is right. i believe in due process. i believe in the presumption of innocence. i believe that people have a right to make their case. and i look at this. what is fascinating about all of this to me is that the attacks against cuomo are not being led by republicans. these are all democrats attacking him and exposing him. it's not republicans.
6:43 pm
>> yeah, this kind of issue, whether it's harassment or assault or losing a loved one in a nursing home who did not need to die because of an order by the governor, this does not care about your political party. a woman is a woman. it doesn't matter what party you belong to, what you believe on policy. but what you've got here, and civil or criminal action is one thing. but we are looking at a man here, who had no compassion. he has been careless. there has been no empathy in facing the nursing home scandal, no admission, no passion at all for having been wrong, no real apology, blaming everyone else, a smug sanctimony that just drips with a kind of loathing and contempt for everyone else. and let me suggest that if that is what you do with 15,000 people dead and you view people
6:44 pm
as markers on some kind of a game board, how do you think you do treat your staff? how do you view women? he is saying that he views women in the horrible, careless, sanctimonious way and there now is a state senator claiming that she has observed that behavior, that she believes miss boylan and there have been people that have been silent. and why? because governor cuomo is a bully. he threatens people. mr. kim was threatened. this was kind of a bubble of harassment allegedly, and this is a man who has an attitude, an opinion that makes it believable what she is saying and it is time, as we had many people suggest from before now, even in personally attacking janice because she lost her in-laws to the nursing home debacle.
6:45 pm
blaming everyone else. he must resign. and where is hillary? where is hillary, the friend of epstein and weinstein? why is this happening with major, there are major democratic stars, where is kamala harris? she said she believed the accusers of the now president who has been accused. they are all frauds. they all, well, at least give you misinformation about what they really mean. democrats are against cuomo now because they know they deserve better and if democrats are want to know they deserve better in the white house, and can't just be a season of outrage or theater. this is people's lives literally, whether it's the nursing home dynamic for a man who cares nothing about the lives of the people that surround him, nothing. >> sean: last 20 seconds, governor. >> well, his real sin is one of pride and arrogance that he has
6:46 pm
had is so intense that i believe if he ever put his nose up in the rain, it would drown him, because his nose is that far in the air with elitism. that is a dangerous place for a political servant to be. >> sean: i'm just, i'm thinking you might be -- i think you might like that role. and got to be careful. she might outperform you as governor. >> it's possible. >> anyway, congratulations. thanks for being with us. when we come back, after spending years opposing the idea, barack obama now supports the idea of reparations. we will explain. we will get reaction. and is herschel going to run for governor for the senator of georgia? straight ahead ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, now barack obama sat down with far left singer, bruce springsteen, saying that it was the forces of white resistance during his presidency that prevented him from getting reparation payments for african-americans. here's what he said. >> and what i saw during my presidency was that the politics of white resistance and
6:51 pm
resentment, the talk of welfare and the talk of the undeserving poor and the backlash against affirmative action, all that made the prospect of actually proposing any kind of coherent, meaningful reparations program struck me as politically not only a nonstarter, but potentially counterproductive. >> sean: joined us, heisman trophy winner, herschel along with leo 2.0. now, leo, let's take herschel out of the equation for a second. we want him to run for governor or for senator? he has a choice. governor or senator. notice there is not an option c. there are only two options here.
6:52 pm
>> i am already getting used to the word governor walker. governor herschel walker. >> sean: i'm in for senator or governor. i mean either wait here what you choose? >> come on, herschel. you are my friend. >> hey, we've got to straighten out all this foreign interference before we get to talk about voter anything. we've got to straighten all this out or no one is going to win. i think that is the first thing we've got to win. i was totally shocked to hear former president obama say what he just said, the most powerful man in the world that is telling you that he cannot get reparations, which i disagreed with in the beginning. but at the same time, how many great african-americans can do the things that they have done in america can go to another country and do that exact same thing? i'll tell you what, probably
6:53 pm
zero. so, it's kind of funny how right now a lot of these people don't want to take any responsibility to give people jobs because that's all you got to do. it's taking responsibility to do your job. that means that you hold people accountable for what they are doing. hold black lives matter accountable for all the money they have taken in from all of these big companies who have created jobs. they haven't been held responsible for anything. >> sean: by the way, you do notice that herschel literally ran right by the question straight into the end zone for a touchdown. >> let me tell you right now, he was smiling. he knows he is going to run for governor. so he was smiling. i saw that. but let me just jump on this, because barack obama, sean, he is pandering. he is pandering to the far left because he needs to stay relevant. that is why he is talking
6:54 pm
reparations and affirmative action. let me tell you right now, they tried to pass affirmative action last year. it lost in blue state california. and he is wrong. white people are not against reparations. all people are against reparations. black, brown, yellow, white, we don't believe that reparations is justified for paying people for things that happened 180 years ago. this is nothing more than pandering so that barack obama can stay relevant to the socialists. >> sean: obama mentioned it that he did it -- -- we don't have law and order run by liberal democrats for decades. we don't have good schools and most of the states either. i mean, that's on the politicians. they have failed our children. they have failed every family by not keeping a safe environment. >> they failed america.
6:55 pm
fight for america, not to fight for some race. they always say to heal the country with got to heal african-americans. my problem is whoever knows who is black today, was white today? what percentage of view is black? i have a big problem with that. >> it's a socialist talking point. it will never happen. america, we will never have reparations in this country. never. >> sean: governor or senator customer >> governor. i said herschel. i didn't say leo. >> lay all of this voting thing to rest. >> sean: thank you. ♪ ♪ those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, we do thank you for joining us. we hope you set your dvr i never
7:00 pm
miss an episode, "the ingraham angle" o'clock eastern, 6:00 pacific. we will be fair. we will be independent. we are not the media mob. news with truth behind. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it from here. laura. >> laura: we have a hot debate, sean come on the immigration issue, with stephen miller versus an attorney activist from texas. it's going to be -- given what's happening now, a real crisis on the southern border. thank you. you had a fantastic show, sean. >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: thank you. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. under trump there were kids in cages, remember? but now there are overflow facilities. as i just told sean, former senior advisor to president trump, stephen miller is here on that issue. plus, he'll respond to some breaking and reckless im


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