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tv   The Wise Guys Censorship in America  FOX News  February 14, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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grace, only on fox nation. sign up now. nancy grace, signing off, goodbye downtown manhattan crammed with luxury apartment buildings and restaurant served as a stomping ground for illicit activities. crime rates spiked as a crack epidemic invokes the city. there was a staggering number of homicide.
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six times the amount we experience today despite the 21% rise in population. >> crime was a symbol of a much larger problem in new york city in the 80s. the city had just barely pulled itself out of recession that almost resulted in its bankruptcy. properties were being abandoned all over the city because the landlords couldn't afford to pay the taxes on the buildings. there were no programs available for young people. the educational system was in disrepair. poverty was rampant. >> there was fear of crime, violence with no hope of improvement in sight. it eventually spawned into anger. the criminal justice wasn't working. they failed to guarantee the most basic human right, safety. the public and officials felt frustrated by the outcome.
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the violence in new york city wasn't limited to the streets. >> there were signs of danger all over the city that still difficult to understand today. it was there in the underground tunnel, a 37-year-old electrical engineer surged from anonymity into a household name. on a saturday in december 1984, only three days before christmas, us soft spoken man pulled out a licensed revolver and killed
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teenagers who allegedly threatened him inside a subway car. >> the number two subway was going downtown and he was carrying a gun and the incident began when he sat down in the subway car across from four guys who had boarded the train in harlem and were going south. their claim was they were going to rob some video machines and they were carrying screwdrivers for that purpose. >> the teenagers wanted money and he wanted blood and revenge. >> i think he had enough like so many new yorkers but he took it to the next level. >> he completely understood that survival mechanism which is if you don't get them first, there's no way you could withstand blows from four street thugs that are more than happy to rumble with you entire you up in a not. >> most subway writers decided to put themselves on the other end of the subway but he kept himself close to these four.
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he said give me five dollars and kind of smiled like as if you had a choice. >> he pulled out a gun and shot all four teens. as soon as the subway doors open, he fled the scene while paramedics tended to the injured teens, police frantically searched for the shoot shooter back i said to guys and gals, we know these spread they ride the number two train. they're constantly praying on people. for them it's like clockwork. they like to emasculate people and occasionally rob them. we actually even compared notes. we knew them by name and almost instantaneously we came to the conclusion that if they got shot on the subway it's probably because they were
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trying to evict him down which means victimize him. >> the only description they have. get me a charger cord. >> he changed his clothes come up active overnight bag, burned his jacket, dismantled his weapon and scattered it over town. he registered in motels under various names and only paying in cash. >> there was a shooting yesterday on the train. does anyone have any information call the transit police. >> as news spread, new york city police released a sheet of the death wish.
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at that time vigilante movies were the rage. people lived vicariously through vigilante. the only thing we had heard is that just as he was jumping into the track he told the conductor those guys tried to mug me. then he fled into the darkness of the night. >> police precincts were overwhelmed. >> the city was in favor of this gunman that nobody knew. blacks, whites, old, young, he was a hero because he fought back shortly after new york mayor condemned the shooting and ordered the police department .
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[inaudible] everyone on the panel has made really interesting points. first what i would say is in your intro you said they're coming for conservatives. i agree that everyone, right now that isn't woke, that isn't radical leftists is a conservative because i know i have some clinical disagreements with some of the people on this panel, and like tammy, although before me, i was once a lefty, a bernie supporter, only about six years ago. i'm about as far as you can
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possibly be from that these days print the way we should look at this is which side is showing tolerance and which side is showing intolerance. you can be on the right and still be a huge trump supporter or a more traditional religious conservative were on the libertarian side of that. that's where i fall in print there's a whole bunch where you can disagree on the big issues and still get along. what's happening on the left. somebody give me one issue that you are allowed to disagree with woke orthodoxy on where they won't say that europe bigot or racist or anything like that. it even triples into economics. as were talking right now the biden administration is saying a $15 minimum wage print for anyone anywhere who has run a business or taken a seventh grade math class that would understand why supply and demand doesn't work that way and why especially right now with all these small businessmen and restaurants
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are struggling to get going, why you can't just artificially saved have to pay people a certain amount whether there were fat or not. imagine any liberal saying no, that's no good. what will they tell you, they will tell you you are a racist. if you don't want $15 minimum wage that means you don't want to help poor people. in their mind that means you don't want to help black people. they have concocted what i would say is a total worldview on how things should work. they don't see the world as it is, as realist, they see it as they wanted to be, and for those in your audience who saw the marvel movie, in effect there acting like the character in the avengers spread there is limited resources on this planet. barbara are you going to have to do to correct things question rick you're going to have to get rid of a lot of people which is why every time
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socialism, marxism, communism marches into any country, a lot of people get killed. i honestly think it's a big if at this point. >> it's ironic to me because the people want to take you down and turn you off and make sure you can never ever say anything. you were a newspaper publisher. it didn't used to be this way. there used to be opinions on both sides of the equation. look at the new york times. they publish something from senator cotten and a person gets fired for goodness sake. >> there were four of these cases where groups of employees attention them management sing one of their colleagues has to be removed because they used a forbidden word. can i make two very quick points. i agree very much, they are
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afraid of president trump and his ability to make a comeback print that is the only explanation i can think of of why postelection this cultural movement is actually escalating. the other point is we all come in different ways referred to the point of revulsion and this happens in sophisticated democracy with the great majority of people, the overwhelming majority of americans who believe in freedom of expression have been so silent and it's not altogether silent or intimidation and it's not altogether silent of it can't happen here. to me it's in inexpressible but it will and paradigm over old enough to remember that they censored, it happened
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print it wasn't out in the public as broadly as the. >> a great discussion print we will talk about the role of big tech and if the courts should get involved. that's next when the wiseguys cs
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big tech says they have the right to censor anyone who violates their guidelines. are they overstepping constitutional boundaries? dave, i gotta tell you, people used to be able to get online and have a discussion, but now the way these big tech companies, they want to suppress spread they want to fulfill a political agenda. they gave them special powers to limit reliability on what goes out so now they seem as if there abusing the system. >> we should be clear, there is nobody innocent here because it's not just that they built these giant systems that our founders could have never imagined. the government can't come for your right to free speech but they couldn't imagine some giant company that would make
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governmental power look meaning the spread think about it. donald trump was the number one energy force in the universe for the last five years and on one day they decided they can't talk on twitter, you can't talk on youtuber listen to music on spotify or be on pinterest. everyone watched them and all of our senators, some of whom i really expect and should we break up these companies in all of these things and the truth is nobody did anything and i'm sympathetic to the people who say hey, if trump had done something about it and got the government involved, then you have big government and big tech because trump's not the president and congratulations you've just handed this hour
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to biden. >> timeout. first of all, let me be clear, big tech being a private company got in bed with democrats and republicans and they passed that. there was only one guy. the reason i'm a republican is because of trump. they wanted to modify section 230. there's a lot of country club republicans who like big tech but they hide that fact. donald trump, before he left office was trying to get section 230 changed. you know what, from a private standpoint i believe in free enterprise but that was given because of big money given to them by democrats and republicans for the only person who saw this coming was donald j trump. >> what about warren and sanders, what about them. they were the first person to assault big tech. why can't people recognize both the monopoly problem and freedom of expression problem
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join hands and deal with it. this is a terrible problem and everyone sees it. >> if i could add, this is for some perspective for the american people, when we think about section 230 as a platform issue, think of the phone company, the idea that you can have a utility effectively provide you a platform to communicate with people, what we didn't want was if a murder was being planned over the phone, was for the phone company to be sued, but then of course, the phone company is not telling you that you can't call people in a certain neighborhood, or that you can't call these people with these numbers. they are not listening to you and cutting off your phone conversation in the middle of you saying, i think of barbara saying sorry, wrong number where you have party lines in the beginning and conversations were overheard, but what we wanted to make sure was that that platform communication was going to be
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safe. clearly now with what big tech is doing, they are interfering in the conversation. they should not have that protection because of the nature of what they're doing and manipulating the conversation. canceling people, et cetera. but here's the problem part if you eliminate section 230, it means we can expect even more controls in the names of liability protection. it means i am still on social media, the be more reasons to take people off. i would suggest and vote for changing social media into utilities, literally where there is no control in that framework, but that's where the larger conversation has to be had. >> dave, i want to bring you in here. section 230 was put in place to limit the liability. the argument always was, look, if you don't like twitter get
7:22 pm
off twitter. well guess what, another company was formed and conservatives did start to go that direction only to be denied access to even allow that to be out there and it seems to be that the arguments they were making against parlor and others for taking them down was very thin. it was not a good argument. they didn't have certain protections. why did apple and these people decide that they get to be heavy-handed to make a decision about who gets to voice an opinion in this country. >> right, so in essence what you're asking is where does the libertarian free market answer, where does that run thin. parlor might be a good example of that. i actually agree with everything they said about section 230, but the problem is once you say okay, these things are the new public square, you marry them a little bit further with government and then in essence what you are saying is twitter will kind of always be here, facebook will be here, google will be here, nothing stays
7:23 pm
forever. i believe these companies will crumble because of their own policy. now look, by amazon taking out parlor server, it's an extraordinary escalation and what big tech can do to private companies. then of course apple and google taking them out of their respective app store. it's an extraordinary escalation but i truly believe in the human mind, there are decentralized servers that people are working on, decentralized storage, block chain, we know commerce is changing because of bitcoin. >> hey dave. [inaudible] >> your true libertarian. you keep government out of it and you just let them work it out themselves if you are a true libertarian. there is no government involvement. you let these private companies, that's what were talking about, let them work it out. >> it's the wild, wild west, let everybody be out there and
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growing bipartisan support for independent 911 style commission to study the attack on the capital is coming a day after former president donald trump was acquitted by the senate. nancy pelosi has asked to lead a review of the security's process. senate hearings into the riots are scheduled later this month. meanwhile a massive winter storm moving across the u.s. tonight. texas governor greg abbott issuing a disaster declaration for the entire state calling the storm unprecedented. andrew cuomo is directing state agencies to prayer for a system that is expected to drop 6 - 12 inches of snow starting tomorrow. officials across the country are urging residents to take caution. now back to fox nation, the wiseguys. for all your headlines log on to
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>> private companies have joined big tech in the war on conservative thought, terminating employees, creating new hiring rules and boycotting businesses. unapologetically destroying lives in the process. where does this end and how do we get here? you've been a civil rights attorney and i see a lot of people, private citizens who decide they're going to have a political plot and next thing you know they're terminated. how do we get here. >> is a very mixed situation. in this situation where you're being terminated for just thinking a certain way, i find that offensive but should the government get involved? do they have the right to go elsewhere and do you retaliate by boyko having that company. i don't want government involved telling employers who they should hire and who they should fire unless it's a protected class status. what we have here is just a further extension of this cancel culture. i think right now these
7:30 pm
companies right now are denying trump employees who work in the white house, jobs because of their association with donald trump it again, i think this is a temporary situation. i think it is a trump effect but i think it's wrong and i think people like myself, i wouldn't support a company that fire someone because of their political opinion or thought. >> some of these tactics, these are things we hear of in china. >> what about these companies that give huge amounts of money to black lives matter even though it's an ambiguous organization. >> but that's their right to do so. >> yes they have a right but look at the conduct of nike and the people's republic of china. what you need is competition.
7:31 pm
one of the previous speaker said, i agree with tammy bruce about treating them as utility but we need competition. the greatest single political force in the country, he could do it. there are, i would suspect the majority of americans were appalled at this but you have to get out and lead. you have to make the free enterprise system work. i agree with leo. this isn't a government supervision, that's basically the problem. what we need is competition that backs america but where is the competition. >> is someone who started the tech company in the last two years because i saw all of this coming, we start and we are building a bottom-up internet that's dealing with all of these issues. >> we have other redundancies but there are no perfect answers. if you've ever built any business, you know you keep
7:32 pm
moving forward and i can't reveal all the way that we have protected ourselves but we do have a much better terms of service than they have and were subscription base which eliminates about 99% of the bad actors because they don't want to pay for anything. i think one of the problems we have online is that everything is free of course nothing is free, in actuality they were stealing our data and our digital soul but i can tell you although is having a great moment right now, the culture of fear is so bad that i've met with most of the big conservative and libertarian money people and they all agree we need to do something, but they're even afraid to fund things because they don't want the mob coming for them. there are people out there that shouldn't have to be fearful for having their own thought. that's what i worry about. i look at the younger generation that's coming up and reteaching them all the wrong things, all the wrong principles.
7:33 pm
i think there's a prevailing feeling that if you don't do exactly what you're supposed to do and think exactly the way you're supposed to think when you're going to be excluded. >> where competition comes in, and what frightens people is when there is nowhere else to go. americans aren't afraid of being called names. historically we are really not. unless it keeps you from being able to make a living. there's a story of a woman who does a blog for babies who was exposed for private donations she made to president trump. she was hounded off this one site. it wasn't a political thing she was doing publicly or anything else. what we've got to be able to do and what americans appreciate and i think dave is working on this, as are others is making sure that if you do stand up against the bullies, because the left had this great campaign about being anti- bully, now there's a bully. they are going around trying to kick everyone in the head,
7:34 pm
but if you know you can stand up, not even for some large global principal, but just for yourself, and you know you will have someplace to go that will be able to help you make a living because we are all using the gig society and raising money online, that has made us vulnerable. i think what leo was asking about, look, amazon has a server farm. of course there should be an alternative server farm that is for everybody whether you're on the left or the right. of course we should be able to buy women's magazines, that print media remains key. it's about ownership online and in hard copy dynamics including of course television network, broadcasting cable which are all still relevant. >> thank you. a great discussion. can anyone take a joke anymore? we know the left can't.
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we will take a look when we come back
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cancel culture is more than silencing speech, it's also dictating what jokes we can laugh at and rewriting our country's history. anything outside this narrowminded worldview is out, or should i say canceled. tammy, what is your take on that. >> clearly, that is the truth of the matter and we've seen great comedians like seinfeld, dave chapelle also refuses to do certain kinds of performances that, it's become this ugly thing. sarcasm and comedy has been used since the dawn of humanity but certainly even in ancient rome to make political points. comedy matters and yet of course it ranges from don
7:41 pm
rickles to lucille ball, there's all kinds of artistry and the framework of political or social position. of course it would have to be a target because it really does change people's mind. when you're laughing and you've got more of an open mind, you're going to be persuadable. you are going to receive information in a different way and that's why political actors have used comedy to make statements about existing leadership. existing leadership doesn't like that but it's natural. i think it should have been expected that this virus, the cancer that has moved through the left will affect everything we say and do. >> i miss the old days, i'm old enough to remember johnny carson and certainly jay leno and everyone was a target and everyone smiled and laughed and they could take it on the shoulder but that's not where
7:42 pm
were at today. >> not only could everyone take it but also not everything was political. everything in this country, everything about our natural, the things that seemed to bring us together of the same things that rip us apart where politics have leaked into absolutely everything. if you turn on colbert, it's all about politics. it's like what are these people going to do in the post- trump world. i don't know but i think don rickles is the perfect example because the legendary comedian, what did he used to do? he would walk on stage and say there's a jew, there's a black eye, there's an asian guy, there's a hispanic guy and what that did using stereotypes and funny references is made everyone realize their part of this american experience no matter what their religion or their gender or their sexuality. >> and we can laugh at ourselves. >> it lightened everything up. >> exactly. you can look at me and i can laugh at myself the way you can laugh at me that way i can
7:43 pm
do it to youtube. it's a great unifier but now don rickles, he's passed on but if he would get on stage and say there's a black eye, there's a gay guy, they'd say you can't make fun of this one or that one and what that doesn't separate us so a show like family guy which has been on for something like 20 years and made fun of absolutely everyone across the board, in the last year or two, seth mcfarlane said okay were not going to make a jokes anymore. does that help or hurt gay people? does that help or hurt by saying your part of the country and you should be treated like somebody else or you're somehow this special snowflake that we should keep separate and it's actually dangerous what they're doing because without humor we have net thing (if you going to tell people the truth you better be funny or they're going to kill you. >> the country, the majority of the country is waiting for exactly a kind of don rickles approach. the majority of the company
7:44 pm
would get up and cheer with ratings and advertising in the whole game would change if someone would make the initiative the way rupert murdoch did launching fox news. that's the free enterprise system. the country is waiting for it. >> here's the point. by the way i thought the comedy roles were more outrageous. i miss them. people, the left is now buying back and making people apologize for comedy they did five, ten, 15 years ago. one of the sad parts about this is that certain people, based on skin color can still get away with this. you can figure this out, some of the comedians like dave chapelle, he would not apologize and he gets a
7:45 pm
pass but based sometime on skin color, some of these people cannot say certain things where other individuals can and i find that offensive. >> in some ways everybody needs to take a collective deep breath and realize that not everything has to be political. we should be able to laugh at ourselves and be able to break bread and put our arms around people and say hey, were still all americans. thank you for that great discussion. coming up, the greatest proponent of the cancel culture, you guessed it, the mainstream media. more is coming up. stay with us. t on amazing thing. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study. sunosi does not treat the cause of osa or take the place of your cpap. continue to use any treatments or devices as prescribed by your doctor. don't take sunosi if you've taken an maoi in the last 14 days. sunosi may increase blood pressure and heart rate, which can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, or death.
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they've embraced it with open arms. they used it while having an unapologetic love affair with president biden. where do we go from here? the will the mainstream media ever have an independent will and should they themselves be fearful of getting canceled? conrad i want to come back to you. your newspaper publisher but i've gotta tell you, when do we get an independent voice, and actual calling balls and strikes without that political influence? >> again, there's a huge opportunity. 85% of the public does not trust the media.
7:50 pm
when we were all younger, you had highly credible and well respected media figures distributing the news. i remember everyone waited for walter's column and others had great credibility and in general they deserved it and that's all faded and there is a huge opportunity for those who put the news as accurately and again in reading and again in following and take that to the bank and greater advertising. the opportunity is there and somebody is going to do it. i am astounded. that nobody's done it yet. >> now leo, at some point someone is going to want to do straight news. i'm a little bit biased, fox news does i think report a
7:51 pm
fair and balanced product but i think that's why people gravitate to it. if you look at the media as a whole there is such an imbalance, it's almost embarrassing. >> it is embarrassing. there is an entertainment value to the newsprint i agree with you but i think fox did a very good job, they are fair and balanced but i do think there's an economic incentive and we are talking about private enterprise. the days of walter cronkite are gone. news is different. it's delivered different, there's multiple platforms. people are going to gravitate toward what they want to hear instead of objectivity. making sure you get the facts, that to me is something of the past and i think you're going to find those places rare and few. >> i tend to agree with you. what's your take on it tammy. >> i think that's exactly
7:52 pm
right. when it was walter cronkite, i remember when there were three tv stations, there was no remote, he went up to the dial and the local news was 15 minutes. there's nothing else competing for that level of information, and now it's about clicks and moving from one thing to another. everyone's in competition with something else and it's attached to online platforms, et cetera. as a result, the time spent listening and watching, people are used to immediate gratification, hearing certain things and becomes like an addiction. within that framework, look, we also have to deal with journalism school. almost two generations, certainly one generation that has been trained within this dynamic where it's not the old school about the nature of what's new, but even then i have to say this may have always been the issue and i think as an example with walter cronkite and how he covered the vietnam war that we now see so much information and we realize who's biased,
7:53 pm
what was true, what wasn't true, immediate feedback that in fact this is just bringing to light the fact that we are human beings, we all have a biased, it's going to reflect itself even though the choices of what is covered. what's not covered, the lie by omission and that for mainstream media is a big issue. >> dave project for me, we only have about 45 seconds, project for me the future. what will it look like and what should it look like? >> look, mainstream media is going to implode. in in essence it really has imploded print there's nothing i can say that will make it look worse than what they do to themselves spread no one in their right mind doesn't think that everyone who is on air at cnn isn't the democrat, they are obviously all democrats. fox says hey we are
7:54 pm
conservative network, it is what it is and i do think they do a much better job and i'm not just saying that because i'm on air but i come on the show all the time and they let you say what you want even when it's out there for a republican or conservative message. to bring this whole show home and get back to the initial point which is what will big tech allow us to do. it's great that these platforms exist for now, but if the window keeps shrinking in terms of what to talk about that we have a whole other problem. i think competition is the answer to that and competition is the answer to even fake news and all of the rest of what mainstream media has done. >> great point. competition is the answer as long as it can actually be on the same even playing field and there can be competition. stick around. more of the wiseguys, coming up.
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