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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> he told them to fight like hell and they brought us hell on that day. to continue to act as insider in chief, not commander in chief. todd: democrats making their case to convict donald trump with dramatic new video from the capitol hill right but the trump team turning the tables reviving the tires democrats supported violence. >> reporter: the by demonstration building a tent city at the border, we are live on the influx of immigrants. >> tampa bay buccaneers, tampa
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bay buccaneers celebrating their super bowl win, tom brady proving there's not a single pro that is not complete. they were banged up. hopefully we are not in the same shape. "fox and friends first" starts right now. shannon: that is awesome, right? wouldn't you love to be there. todd: you take the trophy, i will take brady. >> i have nothing to say about the trophy. todd: class travis said it best. he is every 43-year-old father of three who gets one day with
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his buddies a year. that was it. you saw the video. looks like he had some fun. sean: reminds me of fun in the old days. todd: you got that silly in the old days? no more questions, your honor. jillian: good evening. >> house democrats opening arguments resuming on day 3 of the impeachment trial. >> to make their case against the president they used shocking footage from inside the capital during the riots. griff jenkins live in washington dc with the latest. >> shocking to say the least, house managers laying out a detailed timeline of the attack on the capital showing never before seen footage of rioters smashing windows and opening doors as they entered and former vice president mike pence's family fleeing the senate chambers, on security camera.
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mitt romney is saved in one of the scenes by hero officer, eugene goodman. the managers make the case that all of this was a direct result of incitement by the former president. >> trump became the insider in chief. >> trump ran out of nonviolent options. >> trump's conduct leading up to january 6th was deliberate and premeditated. >> this attack never would have happened but for donald trump. >> trump did not send help to these officers who were badly "outnumbered". >> reporter: emotions ran high but afterwords david shown reacted to opening arguments accusing democrats of just attacking trump. >> seems if you want screen time
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they are hoping to drum up emotion and got the last shot senate donald trump. >> at the end of the day's presentation fireworks flew in the chamber as senator mike we forced impeachment managers to withdraw evidence they presented over statements attributed to him. the senator's office putting out a statement that house impeachment managers make false payments mischaracterizing senator lee's account of the phone conversation between donald trump and senator tomerbill, house managers agreed to withdraw those statements. the trial resumes today at the beach house managers continue their argument, they have about 8 hours left of their allotted 16 avenues that have a bit yesterday but they could choose to rapid earlier. at that point the defense team will start 16 hours of rebuttal. if it is any indication what that may look like the trump twitter handle was tweeting last night using phrases he accused the former president of using like, quote, fight like hell.
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>> we are going to get into that with a few of our guests in the next two hours. we appreciate it. >> republican congressman devon nunez says when it comes down to a democrat simply don't have the proof to impeach the former president. take a listen. >> they just don't have any evidence, they haven't had evidence for five years, they corrupted our intelligence agencies, we just did and impeachment a year ago and the same holds true today. we should know exactly how many people into that capital. we should have an idea who was breaking the windows, we should actually interview with those people and they did you talk to donald trump. what is happening here is you got the radical left in total control of the government now, they don't want donald trump to win, they fear his rallies, they fear 74 million people voted for donald trump, that's what is going on here. >> senator lindsey graham said after yesterday's arguments that the, quote, not guilty voters growing.
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fox news alert rioters tried to break down the door of the portland police association, police saying there was some vandalism don't building but no arrests were made and no one was hurt. in seattle police released surveillance and body camera video of the deadly police shooting of a suspected killer. >> we said that three times, please send paramedics. >> the man first so two inside a car killing one and seriously injuring the other, the suspect then started shooting at officers. it is unclear what led to the shooting. >> chicago schools reopen their doors, special needs students expected to return to class today, the teachers union narrowly approving a plan to resume in person learning following disagreements over covid-19 safety protocols. elementary and middle schools will return to class in march, no date has been set for high school students.
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the biden administration handle the influx of illegal immigrants crossing our border. republicans now urging the president to act to prevent a crisis. >> jackie ibanez live with how the white house is responding. shannon: good morning. tent city is up and running in texas, the facility along the us-mexico border is designed to process illegal immigrants. in a statement of fox news a spokesman for us customs and border patrol reveals the reason it opened this makeshift location is renovations are underway at its processing center a few miles west. according to cbp, 78,000 people were stopped while attempting to cross the border last month. that is up 6% from december many believing they would be welcome to the biden presidency. >> the fact that we cannot at the time as an administration to put in place humane, comprehensive process for
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processing individuals coming to the border, now is not the time to come and the vast majority of people will be turned away. >> former un ambassador nikki haley taking to twitter writing biden reinstituted obama's catch and release policy releasing illegal immigrants back into the us. illegal immigration has a crisis levels overwhelming border patrol facilities and maximizing community resources like kim jong un protests, we should take care of americans first. the surgeon numbers triggering several dozen members of congress to call on president biden to reverse his stance on immigration. they write, quote, this is not a political game, we employ you not to let ideology, blind you to the need to secure the border, and prevent another cartel in parity manager increases, representative ted but is one of those 51 house republicans calling attention to the urgent crisis at the border. he will join us live coming up in a few minutes. >> let's talk about the weather blanketing the country impacting
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tens of millions from texas to the east coast. overnight a plane skidded off the runway before taking off from pittsburgh. everyone was evacuated from the back of the tilted plane after several hours. the preconditions cause this vehicle to slam into parked cars in west virginia. todd: dallas mavericks playing the national and the last night asking following an mba mandate. ♪♪ todd: mavericks owner mark cuban wants to make it clear he didn't cancel the national anthem after not playing it for the first 2 games of the season. he says it was a product of conversations with players who felt the tradition did not represent them. >> during the first preseason game we decided to not play it and see what the response was, knowing we were going to have ongoing conversations about it, there was never any final decision that we would not play
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the anthem. >> for nfl star herschel walker weighs in on the controversy. >> what happened is we have gotten spoiled. we gotten spoiled and forgotten about all the blessings we have been in the great country we are in america that we are not fighting for america and that is what we need to do right now. >> walker went on to say everyone should put our country first. shannon: a party on the water is the buccaneers celebrate their super bowl win with a boat parade in tampa. he is like i have had this in my hand so many times. that is tom brady tossing the lombardi trophy over the water. brady at 7 super bowl win and growing's third. >> ago little bit of flack
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online but wouldn't you be torn up like that? they were a little money. but wouldn't you be if you had just won the super bowl. >> i'm not offended by that. let's not cancel fun. on that note still ahead president biden holding his first official call with the chinese president but will he be as tough on china as the us needs? congressman ted but says beijing is only becoming more vocal. he joins us next. >> close it is the catastrophic zoom call we cannot get enough of yesterday. >> i can hear you. i think it is a. >> i don't know how to remove it. i'm not a cat. >> turns out the faux pas doesn't end there. the latest fiasco coming up. ♪♪ e, and bank balance are... far from glamorous.
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they use our flag, the american flag to batter. and, i heard that terrifying banking on the house chamber door. >> democrats using emotion during the impeachment trial of donald trump as the defense team gears up for their case where they will argue the trial was unconstitutional. >> ted but joins us live. thank you for being here, good to see you this morning. did that emotion from yesterday change anyone's mind? >> know. it underlines the fact they do not have a strong argument, they are just relying on emotion, another swing and miss for them. the second failed impeachment. they are just trying to cover it
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up with the motion. it was an emotional day. i was on the house for when this happened but the facts are not with them in regards to impeachment. shannon: as for the trump strategy, one of the trump lawyers says the following, we will argue that the entire proceeding is unconstitutional, bad public policy and setting a bad precedent for the nation and goes on to basically site due process arguments. do you think that is the proper strategy? we are he had a vote on constitutionality. it does look like the president is going to come out of this cleared by the senate, they just don't have the votes on the democrat side. shouldn't they be focusing, the trump team, on the element of incitement, specifically the violence and the likelihood to occur based on the president's words? >> emotion is very weak, trump isn't even president, trying to impeach a private citizen, there
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is no due process. go back a week later to vote on impeachment there is no more evidence gathered, trump was exercising his first amendment rights not just as president have citizen at the time on january 6th and he said peacefully protest. nothing about riots. what this shows is democrats, even though donald trump is not even president but private citizen they are still obsessed with him, wasting the country's time with another failed impeachment. jillian: talk about us china relations, president biden has the first call with xi jinping, they talked about countering the covid-19 pandemic and the challenges of global health security, climate change and
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preventing weapons proliferation, president biden committed to practical oriented engagements when it advances the interests of the american people and those of our allies. how important is it president biden stated tough course that donald trump had the last few years? >> very important. remember china is not a force for good in the world. they covered up covid-19, they took over hong kong and are threatening taiwan. can simultaneously have trade relations with them but we need to treat them like the adversary they are. >> you are one of 51 republicans warning a growing border precrisis, numbers in january to february rising, 2000 per day in january, 3500 so far per day this month. is anyone listening? does anyone care about this?
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>> absolutely. people in texas do. i care. what biden is saying is it is not illegal to come into the country illegally. he brought back catch and release, illegal immigrants like trophy bats, refused to deport illegals that come -- commits duis, stopped building the border wall. it is a major problem and he is simply abusing his left-wing base at the extent of public safety. >> is anybody in the biden administration anybody who has ultimate decision on this? >> that is a very different question and i would say by evidence of what they are doing, no right now. it seems they want to appease the left-wing base, the ones they made promises to leading up to the campaign, and right now it is hurting the country and hurting texas, hurting north carolina in this and the rest of the country so it is concerning what is going on inside the administration.
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shannon: thank you for waking up early and joining us. we appreciate it. democratic leaders in connecticut facing back lash for defending police as crime skyrocket. >> our next guest says they would rather make excuses than admit their liberal agenda failed. he joins us after the break.
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>> a former gubernatorial candidate is calling connecticut's libra leaders saying a strong state need strong cities. joining me with changes he wants to see made in his state, bob, great to have you on the program. why don't liberal states run the country including connecticut have strong cities to begin with? >> it has been decades of failed
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democratic leadership in connecticut. the agenda hasn't worked. friends and families are struggling to find jobs. they don't have access to affordable healthcare, the education gap in connecticut is one of the highest in the nation. to give you a quick example in hartford, connecticut, we spend $400 million on education every year, $1,700,000 for student and 18% of the kids in hartford tested the age-appropriate level in math so the promises democrats make year after year on the campaign trail to cities where the main voting block are failing to hold up and cities are starting to realize it. >> a little inside connecticut baseball, you've been attacked for the last 6 weeks for two articles and publications basically saying our city needs to improve, democrats of gone after you hard-core but take a look at these numbers. $1.7 million from the hartford
1:25 am
pd budget in june following the george floyd stuff and look at crime spike in hartford, murders up two from 2019 to 2020 but look at the shootings up 56.3%, shooting victims also up 56% and then take a look at this, the unemployment rate, hartford versus the rest of the state, 8%, those numbers actually should be switched around, i think it is a present of connecticut, 12.9% in hartford but the point is why are democrats so sensitive on this topic? >> the reason as i point out the facts, the wall street journal editorial, none of the comeback was debating facts, they were mostly personal attacks and other things that were not relevant, what you hear when you go into the cities is democrats come around one time a year at campaign time and make a bunch of promises and then go away and you never hear from them again into your point violent crime is up more than it has been up in
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the past decade and to pander to the left they cut the police budget by 6% and three weeks later the violence spiked so much the governor had to send in the state troopers so we are not doing the right things for the cities, the urban agenda hasn't changed in a decade and the reason democrats react as they did because they are scared somebody's going to deck out the facts and there's going >> in the cities and they will lose their constituency. neil: did a pretty good job on the financial aspect but then you raise this situation. you heard people say, this is that this is the point, you just received an naacp award for your work in trying to bring masks to underserve communities with individuals throughout connecticut and couldn't afford
1:27 am
masks. how would you quickly improve the lives of people in these inner cities? >> when it comes to education the funding to follow the child. we need to give parents the opportunity to send their kids to the school available, charter schools, magnet schools. when we handed out 1.9 million surgical masks across the state and a lot of those were in cities and what you hear when you talk to people is they want jobs. i grew up in newhaven, connecticut. people want jobs. they don't want to move out of the see, they want conditions to get better where they are so they can stay close to their friends and gives their kids an opportunity to succeed. neil: you did that mask thing under the radar. you kept quiet, didn't want publicity. thank you. jillian: still to come 3 people stranded, rescued after 33 days. what they did to survive.
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mark cuban nixon the national anthem before games, us marine who served in iraq next. ♪♪ pushing down on you ♪♪ no matter who ♪♪
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it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> house democrats using never before seen footage from the capital right to make the case on why donald trump should be convicted and incited in his direction. the second day ended in chaos after mike lee demanded house lawmakers strike misattributed quotes from him off the record. congressman jamie raskin quickly withdrawing those comments lose the trump war on twitter turning the tables on house managers after unearthing tweets which said things like fight like hell. these tweets were from raskin and other democrats who spent hours blaming the capital right
1:32 am
on trump's violent language. >> the dallas mavericks playing the national anthem before last night's home game after the nba released a statement requiring all teams to play the star-spangled banner and of kickoff. a direct response to reports that owner mark cuban next the tradition. here to react, concerned veterans for america director dan caldwell, good to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> you serve the country and take great pride in our national anthem. what was your response when this news came out the last few days? >> one of the things i take great pride in as a veteran is i swore an oath to defend the constitution of the united states and one of our most important rights is freedom of speech and freedom of association. i personally think it is a good thing that the sports team plays the national anthem before game but an individual team has the right not to play the anthem.
1:33 am
more importantly fans have a right not to go to the games anymore, or to buy the team's merchandise and use their power to send a message they don't support that so it is a good thing because you have private citizens standing up and saying to integrate with this decision and ultimately at the end of the data dallas mavericks made a decision to start playing the anthem again because they want to keep those fans. that is freedom of speech, freedom of association working. shannon: if i can interject, i want to make sure everyone gets story right. let's go ahead and take a listen to what mark cuban had to say about this yesterday. >> during the first preseason game, we decided not to play and see what the response was, knowing we were going to have ongoing conversations about it. there was never a final decision that we would not play the anthem.
1:34 am
>> that is what he said yesterday. is what the nba says on this, quote, with nba teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas all teams will play the national and them in keeping with long-standing legal policies. it has been a long-standing league policy for the national anthem to be played. however in recent weeks and recent months, it is my understanding anyway you can decide what is best for your team on pregame activities. that is just i want to make sure people understood the lay of the land especially when it comes to something like free speech, it is the nba policy and they are going forward with that that it will be played. just wanted to get your reaction on that. >> the nba's a private association of different teams and they have a right to collectively make those decisions. i do think that a lot of fans were kind of upset with the drama that has occurred over the past few years around the national anthem, the kneeling
1:35 am
and things like that and i think the nba is responding to that and generally a good example of people basically voting with their feet and their pocketbooks and sending a message saying we want this played before the game, this is the government coming in, this isn't a group of individuals trying to silence somebody. it is the nba responding to the fans and market forces which is how it should work. shannon: i want your opinion on this. the new va secretary has been confirmed by the senate. that was on monday, dennis mcdonagh. what is your reaction to this pic? >> first of all, all of us should want the new va secretary to succeed. it is a very important institution that takes care of those that step up to support our country. secretary mcdonough served during the obama administration. he was obama's chief of staff
1:36 am
during the 2014 weightless game with veterans dying across the country waiting for care. i hope you learned lessons from the failures of the obama administration. i hope he continues the successful policies of the trump administration, specifically getting veterans more healthcare choice through laws like the va initiative act. he's not very clear on what he's going to do around that law but he supports giving them the ability to choose care in the private sector. that the critical reform and i hope they continue it and continue to build on the successes of the trump administration on that issue. >> thank you for your service and for joining us. appreciate the conversation. >> police in connecticut searching for person of interest in the deadly shooting of a yale grad student. he was fatally shot on a new haven street saturday night, police say they are looking for mit graduate who is considered armed and dangerous. he was last seen at a best western hotel. there is an arrest warned out for him for possession of a stolen vehicle but police say he
1:37 am
has not been named as a suspect. a colorado and all rights attorney being held on a $3 million cash bond in connection to a murder for hire plot against her husband jennifer any being charged with solicitation of first-degree murder. police say a ranch and tipped off her husband and police are plan to legibly pay 50 to 100,$000 to have her husband killed over his alleged affair with their nanny. >> the coast guard rescued 3 cuban nationals after spotting them on a deserted island, the trio surviving 33 days on coconuts which helicopter crew spotted them waiting was a makeshift flag routine patrol around the bahamas, their boat fairly capsized in rough water so they swam to the audience can all 3 were flown to the hospital to be checked out. they are in ice custody. >> still had people heckling governor newsom calling to boot him from office. >> since last october when we began the process of changing our protocol.
1:38 am
>> as californian years the number of signatures for recall. that update next. >> pushing the pandemic lockdown to the extreme. the new ban on exercise. ♪♪ sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm. -just like that. -wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? no, we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation. so you're calling about the $9.95 a month plan -from colonial penn? -i am. we put it off long enough. we are getting that $9.95 plan, today. (jonathan) is it time for you to call about the $9.95 plan? i'm jonathan from colonial penn life insurance company.
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>> california governor gavin newsom at latest press conference interrupted by a chance for recall. >> fastest way to open businesses permanently is to eliminate and end this pandemic. this deadly disease, progress in vaccinations and interventions. >> this is a petition to oust the governor gains steam. carley shimkus here with more on this. >> reporter: not a good time to be gavin newsom was the recall
1:42 am
effort gains steam over the last few weeks, 1.4 million signatures though many need validated, 100,000 more signatures are needed by march 17th to trigger a midyear election. when asked about the recall effort governor newsom discussed his focus on businesses and safely reopening the economy. social media way and let brian tweeting this should be fun to watch. shifty tweeting gavin is about to have a lot more time to spend at the french laundry, the restaurant he attended during the pandemic, president biden weighed in, he does not support the recall effort against governor newsom. todd: a bunch of rich celebs talk about shutting down oil pipelines. >> reporter: we know how president biden feels about keystone xl pipeline and dozens of celebrity sign this letter asking president biden to shutdown the dakota access pipeline for good. the letter says the administration takes action to
1:43 am
address the climate crisis and the relationship of indigenous communities we respectfully urge you to reverse another harmful trump administration decision and immediately shutdown the dakota access pipeline during its court ordered environmental review. 200 people signed that letter including many celebrity like alyssa milano, leonardo decapua, scott johansson, brian reynolds, robert downey junior, a lot of those names should not come as a surprise. fox news contributor joe concha slamming those celebrities. take a listen. >> that is the thing. when you have boatloads of money it becomes very convenient to say keystone pipeline is gone but not even think about those people who lost their job during a pandemic when it is not feasible to go out and find another job. shannon: aaron rodgers and his new fiancé reportedly signed that letter.
1:44 am
whitley was arrested during a protest at the pipeline in 2016. jillian: we been working from home for a year and haven't seen the use videos until recently but people are just having a hard time with it now. >> we remember this moment from yesterday. now minnesota congressman tom ever had a zoom issue of his own. watch this. >> the nation's all proprietors, the smallest of small businesses -- >> will be gentleman suspends, i am sorry, mister aaron, are you okay? >> i am.
1:45 am
jillian: are you okay like there's something physically wrong, he eventually fixed to the issue but i don't know. there must be something in the water this week. you have been doing this for a year and everybody just can't work zoom this week. >> we did the final show on zoom. >> i have a question. is he a cat? i just wanted to get that, he should have stated that at the outset. from our friends at fox, download the super 6 for a chance to win 10,$000. i you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the super6 quiz show. it is free to play, download the super 6 apps now. still ahead of principle going above and beyond for his students by busing them to school himself. that educator says kids are thriving in classrooms now next. ♪♪ here i go again on my own ♪♪ not the only road i am alone ♪♪
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shannon: president biden makes his first call with chinese president xi jinping since taking office lying on a prescription for us china relations. >> biden addresses core concerns over china's abuses. >> good morning rob and jillian, the first us/china face off of the new biden administration at least on the phone, joe biden has met xi jinping as vice president, now as president. literally calling outside's unfair economic practices. also cited humanitarian concerns, beijing's treatment of its minoritys in hong kong democracy activist.
1:50 am
according to a white house readout president biden committed to pursuing practical results-oriented engagement when in advance of the interest of the american people and those of our allies. earlier on wednesday, china's military threat was in focus like incursions where us ships have been active as well. china was a main country mentioned in president biden's first speech at the pentagon, take a listen. >> i was briefed on a new dod china task force, so standing up to look at our strategy and operational concepts, technology and posture and so much more. the task force will work quickly drawing on civilian and military experience across the department so that we can charge forward on china related matters. >> china's handle covid-19 got some attention from the white house as well.
1:51 am
after a fairly friendly report by a world health organization team which is just departed china one who member fired up a tweet and skeptical white house, the last line, trust, then verify. some good old new watchwords for our relationship with our new adversary, china. >> the number one thing we will be watching, thank you very much. >> no to this. and electrical principle going the extra mile, due to a shortage of south carolina bus drivers he's hopping behind the wheel and making sure his students get to class on time. >> that same one joined me now. what drove you to take a step? >> good morning. our district, we lost some bus
1:52 am
drivers to other district and some people were sick as well. they called me and said can you drive a school bus? absolutely. started around the nineteenth of december and still going strong. the wheels on the bus go around and around. shannon: waking up at 5 am to drive this bus from your home to the school district stopping along the way, picking up 32 kids from their homes. what has been a reaction from kids and parents? i am sure they are also grateful? >> my own children, they don't have a choice. they were quite happy to see me driving the bus. and parents are just -- what was happening with some of our parents couldn't go to work and the buses had to double up so kids were in our late coming to school and narrowly going home
1:53 am
and since then, no problems, have enjoyed it. todd: on the screen we showed some scenes from facebook and other social media sort of a but, rather you have at that school. seems like an amazing place for the kids but i have to ask this question. i the kids better behaved on the bus because you are driving it versus how they would be if say i was driving it? >> depends you drive. i want to say i'm from ireland but on the correct side of the road so all of them are behaving. the kids are fantastic. i always say we have a trifecta, great kids, great parents and great teachers. that happened in the morning so that is good. shannon: you look at the notes people are posting, they love you and are thinking you, you
1:54 am
are impacting so many lives by doing this. how his this impacted your life in a way you didn't imagine? >> i think it has made me realize how important bus drivers are. they are the first line of defense. a lot of responsibility driving a 40 foot bus. they bring the school safety, bring them home safe. accommodations, teachers as well realize educators all over, we never had to do before, go virtual, some teachers are virtual and face-to-face. todd: we've done a lot of stories the last few weeks of tough times in schools. what a pleasure it was this morning to talk to you on a story that put a smile and everybody's face if for no other reason than these kids are doing well and that is what is important. jillian: they are in school and learning.
1:55 am
todd: have a great day, 6 minutes to wake up. get going. awesome guy. uc berkeley extending of storm water with tougher restrictions, the school banning outdoor exercise. kick off those running shoes, students have to stay in their doors except for emergencies, food and medical reasons, extra security officers have been put in place to catch anyone breaking the rules. the quarantine is going to last through monday. >> what favor outdoors? >> it is outdoors. called down. >> coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first," as the movement spread some kids are being allowed on the court. >> so excited especially for lacrosse. i was ecstatic. >> not wearing a mask.
1:56 am
>> brian kilmeade will join us live with his tour of the school safely returning to competition. >> 14 state attorney general urging the president to restore the keystone xl project. a g leslie rutledge signed a letter standing up for frontline the workers. ♪♪
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>> fox news alert. more mayhem in portland, breaking down the door the police association as protesters ramp back up the chaos playing out in the streets. >> trump ran house of nonviolent options. >> this attack never would have happened but for donald trump.


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