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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 1, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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all sorts of retail shops and they want
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speak with the president is uncompromising when it comes to the speed that we need to act out to address this crisis. >> the white house press secretary, how should we view the secretary 's meeting between the ten republican senators? is this going to be aligned by negotiation where is this something much more broad and general? jen psaki said to look at this as a conversation come a chance for these two sides to sit down and hear each other out. we will see what they come up with when this meeting takes place at 5:00 this afternoon on a very snowy day at the white house. >> conversations may go nowhere when it comes and kristin fisher
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live in the white house, thanks. >> harris: let's bring in former national economic director. larry, we were so exciting. and welcome to the fox news family. >> thank you, john, great to be here. >> so you know the way things work on the white house. we have this big meeting coming up this afternoon. republicans making it clear they want a smaller, targeted, relief plan. democrats say not going big enough. could there possibly be compromise here? >> in theory, there could be. i've been to a lot of meetings like that. let me say a couple of things here. i think that targeted approach, ultra targeted approach to is vastly better just throwing another couple of trillion dollars. you know, we've had $4 trillion, $3 trillion, we've already had
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about $5 trillion of assistance going back to last march. we don't know what has been spent. that is so important here. how can you negotiate another $2 trillion? when you don't know what has already been spent, what has gotten to home. furthermore, the economy is not in a crisis, and they should be looking at those economic conditions. and they should assess that in relation to spending. another point, you can't have a minimum wage here. if you have a federal minimum wage, you will knock out jobs for minority groups, african-americans, hispanics and so forth. it is a dreadful idea. it will have to come out as a democratic wish list. republicans will never buy into it. one other thing here to my friend john roberts. you know, i'm reading about a real bonehead play. apparently vice president harris did local tv in west virginia
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and arizona to try to put pressure on to comoderate democrat joe manchin? that is going to backfire. and that tells me that at the end of the day, the biden crowd is not going to compromise. so we will see how it goes. my last point here is don't deal with money aggregates, okay? look at the policy. helping covid to covid, helping vaccinations, helping school safety, fine. throwing checks at people, not fine. more and more unemployment assistance. we just had a big bill in november. that is not fine. and so those are the things that troubled me. we will see how it goes, but i kind of doubt it. >> so folks at home know what we are talking about the g.o.p. proposal is roughly $600 billion and include six -- 600 billion
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for vaccine distribution testing, $4 billion with substance abuse and economic impact to be determined and more personal paycheck protection and idle economic injury disaster loans, funding for school, child care and they do tend senators say that billions remained unspent for president trump before christmas was willing to go really big. so why not go really big? >> well, you know, i must confess, my admiration to president trump's policies does not extend to all of the spending that he briefly talked about. look, again emma we just had $900 billion. can you tell me where that has gone? can you assess it? i'm all for helping to vaccines. i'm all for helping school
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safety, testing, masking, distancing, yes, yes, yes. we've already done a lot of that. some has to have a cost-benefit analysis before we jump into that. >> sandra: larry come i heard you talking about that this morning. i put in a request to find out about the unspent covid funding. i was shocked who dove into it for the committee with responsible budget for crv. i was shocked when i went by the demise list of just how much, how many of those funds have not been allocated or spent. that is amazing to me. i heard you talking about this this morning. larry, i also heard you chomping at the bent to weigh in on something that i would love you to dig in more peer that is the training at the stocks that has been run up by the retail investors. you touched on it this morning, but then when i dug into the analysis of something you suggested that a lot of the stimulus money that people received was thrown at the stock
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market? and there are these aggregate companies collecting data on that, and this is cited in a bloomberg article, trading stocks the most common uses for the government stimulus checks every income bracket? that is amazing. >> come on, look, i'm not opposed to millennials and young people going into the stock market with their eyes open, but that is not what we intended for the stimulus check. come on. and so when i see senator cassidy and others talk about really targeting any additional assistance to the lowest end, 30, 40, $50,000, they have a good point there. but again, we don't know how much is still out there peer that is the weirdest thing. you are piling stuff on and it looks a lot like a democratic wish list. all of this government spending is ultimately a attack on the economy and more regulations on
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the economy. and at the same time, we do not have an economic crisis. there is a v-shaped recovery that no one wants to talk about but the data is clear. the jobs will improve and we will have reopening spirit of the covid is hooking down across the board. same vaccinations going out. we should not panic. and just stop throwing money regulations already attacking away at the energy sector. and longer policy. and there is unity and unity but sometimes there is no unity. so let's see how these talks go. all for them, but a little bit skeptical right now. >> john: in a tweet if you minutes ago the president said he's calling on congress to immediately pass his rescue plan. he didn't say anything about compromise with republicans. earlier he tweeted on the stimulus package "we are facing
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an economic crisis and need urgent action to combat both. my plan will dig us out of the crises and put our nation to build back better." the congressional budget office and a new study said the gdp will recover rapidly and will reach its previous peak immediately to 2021 and the labor force to prepandemic levels in 2022, unemployment will fall 5.3% in 2021. those figures, that analysis assumes no stimulus. >> right. see, john, i'm so proud of you. my tutorial with you has taken over. i'm so absolutely proud of you on that. but the ceo is correct. there is going to be strong growth in 2021. look, nobody talks about this. after the 33% rebound in '24 that is a big number. a lot of analyst fiber 6% real g
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gdp is possible in 2021. the unemployment rate is coming down. employment is going up. i want, by the way, a minimum wage and a maximum wage. i want everybody to have maximum wages and salaries. but the way to do that is to grow the economy unencumbered by huge tax and regulatory threats. in this spending is going to backfire appearance of these ar. but once in a while, i am with the cbo on this. it is like why not wait. it is great to see. >> sandra: and i just wonder -- >> but when they are right, i have to come and they are right. >> sandra: fair enough. >> i have to tell you this, the kudlow v-shaped recovery is echoed by the cbo several times. there is still a v-shaped recovery. i know we don't have sufficient time to talk about it but maybe
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we will with an economic palace. a v-shaped recovery in manufacturing, housing is booming, and trucking, railcar loading. they are ignoring all this good news. by the way, they shouldn't be so darn pessimistic because it sounds to me like democratic pessimism is the roots, a trojan horse, if you will for piling on more democratic wish list and policies that didn't work in the past and will not work in the future. i have an open mind in the meetings today. just call me skeptical. >> sandra: larry, super final question on that. let v-shaped recovery, you know at the end of 2021, if we have a hot economy that the current administration will take credit for that. is that going to be the kudlow/trump administration economy and boom or the pipe and administration be able to take credit for that? >> look, number one, president,
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bill mike trump prepandemic and post pandemic. if the economy is growing and people are prospering, i am thrilled. i don't care who takes credit for it. i want folks to go back to work. i want small businesses to reopen, the stock market, there is a boom coming out. americans are always happier when prosperous. when prosperous at home we have stronger leadership abroad. i don't care who takes the credit. i just want to see the economy flourish. and i don't want to see job destroying activities like attacking energy, no more fracking and fossil fuels. and minimum wages and so forth. that is nuts. those are job killers. i want job creators. let's keep taxes and regulations low. the trump formula is working. let it work for him. >> john: larry, it is great to
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have you as a colleague after being a little bit of a foil to each other in the white house for a few years. welcome to the fox family. >> sandra: i'm interested in more of that tutorial. >> john, you are always way ahead of them because of the energy. it is wonderful to be on. it is wonderful to be a part of the family. i'm completely energized and excited about this. it is a great opportunity. thank you, folks. >> sandra: thank you, larry. >> john: we will season. gavin newsom facing a growing amount of pushback from members of his own party. this is the republican-led effort to recall gavin newsom and continues to go forward. william la jeunesse, hi, buddy. >> many are angry the vaccine is the worse 70% inoculated. infection rates soaring when other states did not appear at school still closed and restaurants not fully open and the messaging on lock down
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orders head spinning. gavin newsom put himself on tv every day owns it. ironically the recall you mentioned actually started before the pandemic with mostly republicans unhappy about state spending, homelessness, or a crime and lack of affordable housing. now add the virus response compared with other states and you have other independents and democrats jumping on board. >> we have small businesses that are literally being crushed. our kids have not gone to school. they were not involved in activities. now the vaccine distribution is an absolute mismanagement. if gavin newsom ahead of the major corporation, he would have been fired months ago. >> john: the recall drive 1.5 million valid signatures before march 17th to make the ballot. organizers say they are on track but california, lots of red tape before election date is set. so who could run? who you just saw, lost to gavin newsom in 2018 and they are
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kevin faulconer said he has raised seven figures. and also silicon valley billionaire who may jump in promising taxes and higher teacher pay. and that is how we cut republican arnold schwarzenegger and democrats had a nine-point advantage in party registration, john, now 22%. a huge advantage and of course the recall data election could actually be sometime in the summer. things might be arguably better by then, back to you. >> we will see and watch closely, william la jeunesse and later on the panel later on. >> sandra: looking forward to that. a major storm hammering the northeast as we speak with heavy snow, powerful wind gusts, white out conditions. look at new york city. we are on the ground here just ahead. plus, between chicago public schools in the teachers union, a
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>> sandra: chicago public schools, defunding and pursing learning at least until tomorrow, as the teachers union failed to reach a deal. lori lightfoot says leadership has been negotiating additional items not related to the safety of teachers returning to the classroom. mike tobin is live in chicago for us. k through eight teachers had
10:23 am
been scheduled to return today, but that did not happen. >> intensive thousands of chicago parents for reasons so many of you can understand so well wanted to get to their kids back in class for in person learning. and they learned yesterday they will have to wait a while longer. the in person learning was scheduled to resume today, but absent an agreement on safety protocols, that chicago public school district said that they could not guarantee that teachers would show up, so class was canceled. as they hang on the brink of a teacher strike. the chicago public school said that if teachers don't show up today, their access to google suites that they use for remote teaching will be cut off, and that could trigger a strike. >> we have been closed for almost a year now, and as a school system, we are starting to see some of the effects of schools being closed, many of the students are not logging on, we are seeing african-american and latinx students in
10:24 am
particular being hard-hit. >> they have gone beyond cdc recommendations, $100 million spent on ventilation and face masks, lori lightfoot says the unions continued to add items that don't go his safety. a city negotiator sat on a zoom call and union representatives stood them up. among the demands from the teachers are special consideration for anyone caring taking care of an elderly or at risk person. one of the vice presidents of the union dismissed the notion of the strike saying that the only s word they are considering a safety. >> sandra: what a story, we will continue to follow. thank you. >> john: sandra, for more on this let's bring in sarah station, a mother with three children. great to talk to you today. his standing in front of what looks like a school there. mayor lori lightfoot is frustrated with the teachers union and the fact that students are not back in school with
10:25 am
three children at home doing remote learning, where you with all of this? >> i am sharing her frustration. i believe that to the schools have been open, they have them ready and receiving students and now they are closed again. for reasons of fear and panic, and the ctu has cultivated among their members, and when did chicago become a city, that did not believe in science? the data and the cdc and the plan suggest that it is working. >> john: you are saying that parents are afraid to speak out because of potential pressure from the union? >> yes, there is social media backlash from when parents speak out and are mislabeled and are bullied, and businesses in places of work are contacted. but i will continue, yes, i will
10:26 am
continue to speak out because i am not afraid to advocate for my job. >> john: the teachers union as mike tobin pointed out did not show up, prompting tweets between the school of the union. the cbs bargaining team was instructed not to attend negotiations today unless the teachers et cetera were prepared to make major concessions. chicago public schools firing back, the marketing team was told by ctu leadership they were unavailable till they could develop a response. they've been standing by all day. both sides are playing games with each other, where does that leave you and other parents of children. >> at this point i would have to ask for contact from the ctu what they have been complaining, because i cannot stress when leadership says one thing to their members and then goes on vacation to the grocery store,
10:27 am
vacation homes, it is a little bit do as i say, not as i do. >> john: great for you to join us in front of the school today in chicago. we hope that maybe they will get together and schools will be back open again. and you and other parents across the country are desperate to get your kids back. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> john: you can hear the frustration in her voice and so many other parents, hundreds of thousands and millions across the country in the same vote as she is. >> sandra: as a parent you look around the country and you see kids getting back in the classroom safely, and why not here? we will continue down that story. new york governor andrew cuomo facing calls to resign. following a report that he undercounted covid related nursing home deaths in the thousands. why republicans are urging the justice department step in, plus
10:28 am
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and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. >> john: back to the winter storm we are watching on the east coast. a live look at new york city. aunt sandra, you folks are getting hammered out there. we have snow enough to keep the kids out of school, but nothing like what you are getting. >> sandra: that is out my window, not that scene, but looking at the same snowfall, it has been coming down like that for hours overnight. inches at continue to accumulate. i saw a truck overturned this morning on my commute in. really dangerous stuff. a lot of cars involved in the wreck. so be careful. >> john: it has intensified as it got towards you. check in with the storm is doing on the ground.
10:33 am
look at you, covered in snow. >> good afternoon to you guys. yeah, it is what sandra was saying, it has not stopped. the big fluffy snowflakes that are coming down. it is really kind of hard to watch these folks shoveling the snow, because as soon as they are finished shoveling they have to do it all over again. we see about 2-3 inches fall every hour. 2,000 snow plows across the city. only essential travel is allowed because new york city and much of the state is under a state of emergency as they brace for 18-24 inches of snow. so all in person classes have been canceled today and tomorrow. covid vaccine appointments, the city run sites have been canceled today and tomorrow. outdoor dining has been canceled. at the path train that connects new jersey to manhattan will be suspended a little bit later. and also an outdoor subway, they
10:34 am
could also be suspended. here is the governor explaining. >> so if you are planning on getting home by one of those roadways, i would leave as soon as possible. it is only going to get worse. the roads are dangerous all across the metropolitan area. the roads even in manhattan are dangerous and impassable at points. a lot of people are getting stuck already. >> air travel is a big mess too. flights out of laguardia have been suspended about 83% of flights out of jfk have been canceled in the last remaining flights out of newark are also expected to be canceled. and all the snow. we have not seen this much snow in new york city since 2016. can you believe it? >> john: we are looking at the disney big screen and some of the video behind you. they should be playing "frozen" on a loop.
10:35 am
>> that would be perfect. >> john: stay warm or snow lists, or whatever. sandra. >> sandra: thanks to her reporting out there, republicans calling for the new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after the state attorney general released a report claiming that new york undercounted its nursing home coronavirus deaths by as much as 50%. congresswoman alisa sonic is accusing the governor of being involved in a cover-up. >> i am calling on the democratic state senators as well as the republican state senators to initial a subpoena and the department of justice as well. also calling on president biden to publicly state that there will be an independent investigation and not play politics with this. >> sandra: mike waller, new york state assemblyman, thank you for being here this afternoon, just tragic what happened here to learn of the
10:36 am
many nursing home deaths that went uncounted in the process. the new york governor is not taking responsibility paired we all saw the news conference last week. shouldn't we all be demanding more answers and have the doj look into this further? >> absolutely. thank you for having me, sandra. last week the governor said incompetent government kills people. and this confirmed it. and what we have seen here is a governor who says one thing and does another. he said when he asked for and received full unilateral control of the pandemic response in new york that we should blame him if something goes wrong. and now when it is revealed that something did in fact go wrong and people are blaming him, he instead wants to blame everybody else. he wants to blame the federal government. he wants to blame the hospitals. he wants to blame the nursing homes and law enforcement and nursing home residents, many of whom unfortunately died as a result of his directives that he
10:37 am
issued on march 25th of last year mandating that nursing homes take covid positive patients and house them in their nursing homes and at the attorney general's report showed it resulted in thousand more patients being infected and ultimately unfortunately dying and what is clear is that the governor and his administration spent months trying to cover this up and hide the true total numbers of covid positive patients and death counts from the nursing homes. >> sandra: it is horrific and we have heard him it in his own words dismissing what we all learned without report last week. here's the briefing. listen. >> when i say experts in air quotes, it sounds like i am saying i don't really trust the experts. because i don't. because i don't.
10:38 am
>> sandra: so in addition to the republican congresswoman from new york speaking out against this, lee zeldin, another new york congressman is not just calling it a cover-up, he is saying it is criminal what happened. >> this is a cover-up, and it is a cover-up of a policy that ended up resulting in that grandmother, grandfather losing their lives. who is involved and covering up the numbers as the timeline moves forward in the weeks and the months, not just more information and transparency, but they want accountability. this is criminal. >> sandra: how far do you see it going ultimately? >> you know, many years ago the governor said i am the government. so he has nobody to blame here but himself. as i said, he asked for and received unilateral control in response to the pandemic. i am calling on the speaker and majority leader to immediately revoke those emergency packs
10:39 am
that this governor was granted and to join their colleagues on the other side of the aisle in demanding joint hearing and investigation so that we can get to the bottom of this and we should be subpoenaing the commissioner of health, we should subpoena his executive staff and ultimately the governor needs to be held accountable for the decisions that he has made during this pandemic. >> sandra: you have heard firsthand from so many families of those loved ones demanding answers and they want to know why this happened. thanks for joining us. because no question, thank you. >> john: some of donald trump's biggest media critics expected to cover his upcoming impeachment trial while the wall. but it coverage given that he is likely to be acquitted again? howie kurtz will weigh in. plus this. violence against lawmakers is wrong and neighbors went to jail
10:40 am
for eight months. we should be allowed to punish the president who stands to overthrow the government. >> john: is "saturday night live" already going easy on biden after years of attacking donald trump. howie kurtz weighs in on what some folks say is a double standard. that's next. ♪ ♪ with home values high and mortgage rates at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it.
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10:45 am
way. i'm outside on a rooftop with some heaters appear, but that is an open door behind me and it is snowing in 30 degrees. so a little spicy food right now would be okay. >> sandra: i feel like the chicken nuggets have a cult following. people absolutely love the chicken nugget spread i'm sure they will try it. >> john: if somebody wants to send some to the rooftop we would all appreciate it. the media expected to saturate the airwaves recovery of former president from second impeachment trial, but is it warranted given that it is almost certain that it will end in acquittal. host of media buzz howard kurtz. how we, if the vote on the rand paul measure a week ago was any indication, 45 republican senators voted that the trial was unconstitutional, that's an indication that they will probably vote to acquit president trump. so it's going to have to be wall-to-wall coverage, but is it warranted? >> it will be theater where we all know what happens in the
10:46 am
last half and it will get the saturation coverage, because the media are going to withdrawal over the trump show. at the same time, your child that stems from the awful violence of the ransacking of the capitol is important story. i think that the media will use the trial to try to convict donald trump in the court of public opinion. and shouting back and forth about the constitutionality, what was his responsibility, but the bizarre backdrop of the democrats trying to convict someone who has already left office. >> john: he was feeling some of the coverage himself because he had the legal team put together and then he wanted to make the argument that the election was stolen from him as far as the trial being unconstitutional, so they quit. now he has a new legal team. he is driving some of the common coverage. >> and he will again as joe biden tries to focus on the opening act of his
10:47 am
administration, the trump show will be back. and there is no question it will be on every screen. >> john: "saturday night live," the first show of the season, the covid vaccine, game at game stop talking about the capital rise. but nothing on joe biden. some people are finding that curious. >> so joe biden didn't do anything that "snl" could possibly make fun of after four years of alec baldwin vilifying donald trump. will he now get a pass because he is too boring? what about this guy who just passed the lifeline after jim carrey got to play him. getting rid of the unemployment checks, going after conservatives, not like the old days with bill clinton and al gore. >> john: always great to see you. look forward to your show this sunday as well. >> sandra: the cofounder of the anti-trump republican group
10:48 am
"the lincoln project" accused of online harassment. by nearly two dozen men. how the organization is now reacting to that. that's next. ♪ ♪ -yes. -the answer is no. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope. -co-ee-noah. -no. -joaquin. -no. it just takes practice. give it a shot. [ grunts, exhales deeply ] -did you hear that? -yeah. it's a constant battle. we're gonna open a pdf. who's next? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. no fussin', no cussin', and no -- ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? and nutrients to that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced
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>> john: the black lives matter movement has been
10:52 am
nominated for the nobel peace prize, writing that to the blm force countries outside of the united states to confront racial injustice within their own societies and that it was able to mobilize people from various ethnic groups. created in 2013 in response to the acquittal of trayvon martin's acquittal. also nominated for a mobile priest price -- nobel peace prize -- >> sandra: the lincoln project is distancing themselves from their cofounder. detailing the history of alleged predatory behavior. live in washington for us. when did this alleged behavior happen? >> according to the 21 men interviewed by "the new york times" that happened years ago. many years ago in certain instances. although those cofounders of the lincoln project who used to work with john weaver said that they did not know about it until recently. they were appalled and released a statement. as you mention, made up of
10:53 am
republican veterans who spend millions of dollars taking very public shots at former president donald trump and some of his political supporters online and on television, john weaver, 61 years old, he is a veteran of the campaign trail that worked on the john mccain and k-6 campaign and serious trouble after they did an interview and told the times he sent sexually explicit text messages and in some cases promised jobs and other political access in exchange for sex. one of the boys was 14 years old at the time of the text messages. the texting did not lead to physical encounters except in one consensual case. at the lincoln project releasing the statement that john weaver led a secret life that was built on the foundation of deception at every level. he is a predator, a liar, and an abuser. we extend our deepest sympathies to those who were targeted by his deplorable and predatory
10:54 am
behavior. we are disgusted and outraged that someone in a position of power and trust would do this for these means. george conway, husband to a former trump counselor kellyanne conway, today he said simply he is speechless about the allegations. listen. >> it is terrible and awful and appalling and unfathomable. it is just terrible. and i -- it leaves me speechless, frankly. >> in a statement to the times he said that he is disheartened and apologized as of now he is not facing any criminal charges. sandra. >> sandra: from washington, thank you. john. >> john: snow coming down hard in the northeast, and sent to various cities under the biggest snowfall in years. more on the forecast in moments, but first we will head to capitol hill for the latest on what republicans are proposing in their alternative coronavirus relief bill and what we are
10:55 am
hearing about their set with president biden just a couple of hours from now. stay with us. ♪ ♪
10:56 am
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10:59 am
>> john: the pentagon says it is causing plans to give vaccines to guantanamo bay, including that the biden administration was prioritizing terror suspects over law-abiding americans. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with details on this. big controversy. >> john, the about-face from the pentagon was swift after news leaked that the defense department had plans to begin vaccinating all the u.s. troops and guards at guantanamo bay as well as the 40 prisoners. many are alleged to be plotters and masterminds of 9/11. sean kirby issued the following tweet this weekend no guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. we are pausing the plan to move forward as we review protection
11:00 am
protocols. we remain committed to our obligation to keep our troops safe. it was this tweet from republican lawmaker elise stefanik of new york that went viral and caught people's attention suggesting that top al qaeda leader was slated to get a vaccine and a head of americans. >> of all people to be in line before our seniors, it is just ridiculous and insulting. i want the pentagon to put those vaccines on a plane and get them 100 miles north up to florida and get them in the arms of the seniors who have been waiting on vaccine production. it's just ridiculous. we need answers. >> earlier this month, medical workers at the base it started vaccinating the 6,000 residents including 1500 american personnel assigned to the prison. the u.s. spent an estimated $161.5 million since 2003.
11:01 am
president obama unsuccessfully attempted to empty the detention center and try all the prisoners through the federal court system, but was blocked by republican lawmakers. the u.s. spends nearly $13 million to house each prisoner per year compared to $78,000 per inmate at the super max prison in colorado. concern about covid spread at gitmo has delayed military court hearings they are. back to you. >> john: jennifer, thank you for the update, appreciate it. a fox news alert now to start the new hour, president biden set to meet with the g.o.p. on the next round of covid relief after warning that democrats would be willing to go it alone. good afternoon from snowy washington, d.c., i am john roberts. hi, sandra. >> sandra: as we kick off a brand-new week i am sandra smith. set to meet with president biden this afternoon just hours from now. and last hour the white house did say that the president
11:02 am
believes a bipartisan bill is possible. but with democrats controlling the house in the senate, pushing back nearly $2 trillion plans over the president's desk without republican support is not off the table. jacqui heinrich reporting live from capitol hill with the latest. >> hey, sandra, hi, john. it is hard to understate just how far apart the two sides are on this. the ten senate republicans meeting with president biden tonight $618 billion proposal that is less than a third of the $1.9 trillion plan that the president put forward. and provides for a $150 billion in vaccine development and distribution back to the one area where the two sides see eye to eye. but they diverge on direct payments to americans and unemployment benefits. pitching $1,000 checks down from the $1400 proposal. republicans also keeping weekly unemployment at $300 and joe biden wanted to raise it to 400. he also sends no money to state
11:03 am
and local government that will be a big sticking point for democrats. >> what this meeting is not as a form for the president to make or accept an offer. the risk is not that it is too big, the package come at the risk is that it is too small. >> the argument from republicans is that there is a lot of money left over in the last package past, the $900 billion proposal, so mount that money has not been implemented. speak of the unemployment insurance, they have a program that can take until september, we don't know what the economy will look like between now and september, most economists believe that next year will be significant growth over 4% growth. so let's target that a little bit more and make sure that it is tied somewhat to the economic conditions. >> democrats need it ten republican votes to overcome a filibuster, so it is possible that democrats would not be forced to look at pushing the bill through budget reconciliation that would allow
11:04 am
them to pass without any g.o.p. support. republicans say that that tactic slides in the face of joe biden's own calls for unity at his inaugural address. but democrats are prepared to move forward with a g.o.p. support if they have to. it is the same tool that president obama and trump use for their signature plan on health care and tax cuts respectively. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich in washington, thank you. >> john: let's bring the panel, david avella, and lese marshall a fox news contributor. you heard what jacqui heinrich was saying about the potential to ram this through one of reconciliation process with regards to simple majority. the national journal has this headline today. biden is not living up to his bipartisan promises, saying good things about working with republicans, but the early action suggest he is more interested in pandering to progressives. is he? >> no, not at all. i'm going to flip the question, are republican serious about
11:05 am
working in a bipartisanship manner if they are proposing less than a third of what was originally there? that is not a no negotiation or a starting point. the zero money for state and local aid, there are governors who are republicans who are angry with democrats. and i say bipartisan outrage that the republicans won't work with the democrats in best interest to the american people and not just looking at the financial responsibilities first. >> john: republicans make the argument that there is a lot of money from the last coronavirus relief bill that goes out the door, so why do you need to spend another $1.9 trillion in the broader broadening base, why not target toward certain things? >> it's an outstanding strategy and one that we will see quickly, how much biden wants to be bipartisan and how much he pursues it. but as former president democrat, the only thing new in the world is the history that you don't know.
11:06 am
and jamming through reconciliation, big legislation that we need. so right now this is not about whether republicans can come to a compromise with joe biden, this is as joe manchin of west virginia, the democrat giving the most concern about the fiscal impact of this new budget that biden is putting together for covid, is he going to be for it? because if he is not for it, biden needs republicans. if he can get joe manchin, they will jam it through with reconciliation and not think two days about it. >> john: senator rick scott of florida was asked about this on fox. here's what he said. >> bringing in the ten days of the administration now already saying that he does not care to work with republicans? he is going to try to get this done with bernie sanders which is 50 democrat votes, that does not make any sense. >> john: bernie sanders said if republicans want to work with us, they have better ideas, that's great. but to be honest with you i've not heard that yet.
11:07 am
the way that this is shaping up looks like the democrats are going to say we are happy to work with the republicans, they put forward a proposal and the democrats say that is off the table and then they pass it on reconciliation. >> we have seen that happen as we just heard from the report with republicans and democrats, and it's interesting that he brings up joe manchin from west virginia, because as a republican, he does not like what they are proposing with less than the third two president biden today. let's keep in mind working in a bipartisan manner or unity does not mean lying down like the welcome mat at a front door and given the other side everything they want. you can be united and still have individuals on party lines disagree. where we need to agree is what is best for the american people and as we are hearing across the board what the ten republicans were proposing today just is not enough, especially zero state and local help for the states.
11:08 am
>> john: gavin newsom, governor of california with that competition, but also facing opposition from democrats who are upset with the vaccine policy and the regional stay-at-home orders, poor communications, david, he is getting in on both sides here. is he really in jeopardy in terms of his tenure? >> it so bad for gavin newsom. i'm hoping leslie will vote against him on the recall vote no doubt about to happen. who what do you expect with a guy who gets to get fresh laundry, but is trying to get progressives to believe that he works for them and understands their goals and what they are trying to do. no wonder he is getting it from both sides. you can throw in governor cuomo of new york as well, and it is interesting that joe biden did not pick either one of them to get rid of a political issue for him in 2022 in that gavin newsom puts california more in play and as governor andrew cuomo's
11:09 am
numbers go down, new york could be in play for the governor. >> john: we are going to talk about governor cuomo later this hour, do you think he will face a recall? the petition is very close, 1.3 million signatures so far and only need another 1.9 million and they have until march 17th to do it. >> no, because quite frankly i live through the last recall in the state and it was ridiculous. we ended up with arnold schwarzenegger, zero political experience, left worse than if they had left him in the position. i would say if it was a republican nominee, this is not the time to be doing it. >> john: maybe it is not the time, but will it happen? >> i don't believe it will, i don't believe they will get the signatures, because in california, things are starting to open. if we have people that want to rock access to vaccinations like we saw at dodger stadium. i don't think that governor newsom currently is in
11:10 am
danger. >> john: we will loop back around and see how you did in your prediction. thanks so much. >> sandra: there is a heck of a snowstorm in the east coast creating disruptions, airlines canceling flights nationwide. bryan llenas is live in brooklyn for us. this afternoon, brian, you have been getting hit hard out there all day. the snow slowed just a bit at this moment, but more is on the way. what are you seeing they are? >> easy for you to say, sandra, not in studio. it is pretty bad out here. we are saying about wind gusts 30-40 miles an hour, some people actually still walking in the sidewalks and you see the cars. the plows have been good in the city, but they are telling people to please stay off of the road. and the reason why is that today are seeing an inch to 3 inches of snow fall per hour. that's the accumulation. you can see right now they're pretty much lists no drip, this is huge amounts of snow here in brooklyn right outside of the
11:11 am
apartment here. new york is under a state of emergency, and that means that public transportation has been affected. we are talking about outdoor subways have closed. 18-24 inches of snow in parts of new jersey and pennsylvania up to two feet expected in new york city. that is the most amount of snow we have seen since pretty much 2016. january of 2016. so this is definitely a wall of a storm. we are also dealing with the fact that vaccinations have been canceled here in new york city for not only today, but also tomorrow, take a listen. >> it will be treacherous. we do not want seniors especially out in those conditions, so we are going to have vaccinations offered today and tomorrow, come back strong on wednesday. we will be able to catch up quickly. >> that's right, so vaccinations will hopefully be rescheduled, as for flights out of laguardia, completely suspended.
11:12 am
jfk, same thing because of an electrical issue from the storm. you can see the wind whipping up here. and also in terms of what we are seeing in terms of power outages, surprisingly only about 5,000 power outages here in the new jersey and in new york. so about 4,000 new jersey, less than 1,008 new york, expecting that number to go up as with the plows and the street crews are out there trying to make those roads clear for only essential workers who are expected to only be on the road, but the wind gusts picking up. the snow is expected until tuesday morning. >> sandra: be careful out there. i cannot believe how much snow has accumulated, but really getting a sense looking at your live shot the wind picking up. >> yeah, yeah. it's bad. >> sandra: we will let you go warm up before your next live shot. please stay safe, thanks for the report. >> john: here in washington, d.c., they are
11:13 am
queuing up the music for boris karloff, because people in washington are not going to be able to sled on capitol grounds this year. u.s. capitol police say it's because of security concerns, covid-19 restrictions in the cleanup from the inauguration. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton had been pushing for sledding in the area. she says folks deserve a break during an extremely challenging year, but the grinch will not be allowing sledding this year in d.c. at the capitol. >> sandra: that a something. okay, first the government with coronavirus to tell business owners they had to shut down to slow the spread. so now the pandemic at least has a new target. we will tell you the new order to turn off television, and right before tvs biggest day, super bowl sunday, what is happening there? but larry kudlow on covid relief and the unintended consequences speaking about the treating that
11:14 am
took game stop stock through the roof at the expense of some of those long-term traders. and how a handout from d.c. helped make that happen. morehead. ♪ ♪ >> john is making great sides. you are always way ahead of them because of our interviews. ♪ ♪
11:15 am
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11:18 am
>> i'm not opposed to trading stocks. i'm not opposed to millennials in young people going into the stock market with their eyes open. but that is not what we intended for the stimulus checks. i mean, come on! >> john: larry kudlow sounding off on the game stocks tanaka saga ripping through markets.
11:19 am
live in new york city with the latest. larry kudlow is suggesting that some people are day trading using their stimulus checks to fund their trading. is that what is going on? >> it could very well be, but there are several factors. low interest rates from the fed, you have everybody stuck in their homes are now so that they are able to focus on the stock movements. you have trading apps like robin hood and td ameritrade that are free to make it a lot easier for the average joe to get into the game. and throwing in those stimulus checks that you talk about. but what we are seeing with robin hood in the trading acts is that they are a gateway into the stock market for millions of traders. however, even today a lot of these traders are still restricted on the number of shares they can buy. for example, game stop, amsi, blackberry, nokia have all seen violent swings in the course of the past week or so. so that's why you have robin hood saying that they put restrictions on there because of market volatility. but this has raised some
11:20 am
eyebrows from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle even asking for a broader preview from the securities administration. >> we need a market that is transparent that is level and that is open to individual investors. it is time for the sec to get off their duffs and do their job. >> and the hedge funds are obviously rushing to do their jobs as well. these are the funds that did bets docs would fall. so since january 1st, it is said that they have lost nearly $6 billion on the is extremely volatile stocks because they actually went up instead of falling. and i will end with this, john, it's not only about gamestop anymore. it's not only about amc. the next squeeze seems to be silver. it seems like a lot of investors have moved their investments into a silver mining companies, etfs, even the commodity itself. but it is risky. we don't know who is exactly behind the movement. this is still a possibly the
11:21 am
smaller retail investors versus the hedge funds. but if anything, this could mean a lot of risk. and we could lose a lot of money in the interim. back to you. >> john: something to keep watching, christina person as -- kristina partsinevelos. >> sandra: let's bring in dennis, i think you are an important voice to bring into all of this. we had a pretty interesting conversation with robert wolf, former head of upf america also a staunch democrat on the program last friday. and charles payne on sat with me as well. and obviously the was taken the side of the little guy. they showed 100% be able to get in there and drive up the price of this stock in the way that they want to. they need to be able to get involved. and we hear and understand that side. but there is a lot of different aspects to this story. what is missing from it? what do you want to add to it? >> what is missing is the need for capital on firms such as robin hood who have capital
11:22 am
requirements that they must meet both the s cc and to their clearing firms with the clearing corporations. if you are allowing somebody to buy stock without any limitation whatsoever or more importantly to buy options, the options dealer that sells you that option has to hedge that position without getting two extra cherries. >> sandra: let me tell you what charles payne said back-to-back it, because we had this discussion. and he said, robin hood raised the necessary money the next day. he said that they could have done that in the same day that all of this was going on in order to not have to tell those retail investors that they had to sell or just get out of their positions altogether and stop trading. you say what? >> i say that the one side of the trade says that there is for every long in the market option, there is a short. and as of the market prices were going higher, on along the options in the stock immediately
11:23 am
with the clearing corporation from the short side immediately, and that money was probably not available for 24 hours. so therefore a suspension of trading, a breath to be taking as well as was required prayed and i think that the exchange and to the robin hood and the brokerage firms did exactly what they should have done under the circumstances. this is not unusual. these sorts of things have happened before. and i think that robin hood did the right thing. they did not suspend trading permanently. he merely told everybody to take a deep breath and we will reopen trading either in an hour, two hours, or the next day. so the trading going on right now, nothing much has happened. nothing untoward has happened. and i have known charles for a long time, but i think that he was on the wrong side. >> sandra: dennis, i know that you are all for the american people being able to participate in market rallies. i know that you are a big advocate of people being able to at any income level take advantage of a market rally. i know that you are not against that, but you have
11:24 am
elizabeth warren stepping in and saying that the scc needs to get off their you know what and do their job. what does the scc not approve of a broker-dealer or robin hood if they would expect collusion at any level stepping in? wouldn't scc take issue with that and robin hood get in front of that? >> robin hood was required to meet capital requirements almost immediately. the sec requiring the -- corporation requiring it, and it would be if they did not read them and meet those requirements, they would've been found to not meet them in the short-term bankruptcy. and in that instance, it might've been several weeks before somebody who was long could've gotten out and the trading would've been suspended completely at that point. they suspended trading for a short period of time. i'm a believer in free markets, no question. and you had to have an adult come into the room, and that's what happened on friday. thursday, friday.
11:25 am
>> sandra: really quick, we are running out of time with you and i wanted to get to a lot with you. but really quick, because we asked a larry kudlow about it, what about the money that is going into the market because of stimulus checks getting to people who weren't necessarily struggling and using it in the markets, there is obviously -- is that really what is happening? >> it is happening. there's no question about this. i brought it up six months ago that this was going to be a problem. no question, when people are segregated at home, nothing else to do, used to bet on sports, and that the stimulus check has made its way into the market, a million people here, a million people there with $1,000 they are, $1,000 they are and you are talking about real money, so yes i think that stimulus checks have gone into the market. should they have? it's their right. it was their money given to them by the government. free markets allow free extension of wherever it wishes
11:26 am
to go. >> sandra: i have to leave it there, but the data company said that people are between 35000-75000 a year trade in stock, about 90% more the week prior to receiving their stimulus checks. so there is some hard data backing up that that has been going on. dennis, thank you for the discussion. we appreciate it. >> thanks, sandra. good to seo. >> john: interesting. the latest coronavirus trend, here's something else paired travelers trying to get into other countries apparently by buying fake covid test results. the warning from officials, plus officials in california now coming for some restaurants television sets? where they are being banned next. ♪ ♪ brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar drink, play, and win big in the powered by protein challenge! how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it...
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11:31 am
employees of the hotel say some people in the group were armed with hatchets and knives. police say at least one employee was injured. >> sandra: and the new drone video showing damage to california highway 1 after the storm caused part of it to collapse into the ocean. remarkable wins and working to assess the damage still, crews are. we continue to look at that. >> john: big union law enforcement agency warning of a rise in false coronavirus test results. they say i'm a get this, criminals are selling negative results to travelers for as much is $360. for more on the gas and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code, or go to >> sandra: john, this just into a fox, dustin diamond best known for his role as screech in the 90s sitcom "saved by the bell" has died.
11:32 am
a rep for the actor confirming that just moments ago. diagnosing him with stage four lung cancer just weeks ago. saying that dustin was a humorous high spirited individual that greatest passion was to make others laugh. dustin diamond has passed away at the age of 44. >> john: new york governor andrew cuomo caught up in multiple controversies over his handling of the coronavirus and now a new report says that he is also facing an exodus of his top health officials. nine of them quitting so far claiming morale in the department it is at an all-time low. joe borelli, this report in "the new york times" says that among the people who departed, the deputy commissioner of public health, disease control, the medical director of epidemiology, the state epidemiologist all saying that they were sidelined and disrespected by the governor and his policies. what's going on here? >> if this is not the siren song
11:33 am
for my fellow new yorkers, i don't know what is. and in my opinion the governor needs to think about stepping aside. look at the totality. we had this nursing home order exposes by the attorney general and the cover-up was exposed. now the evidence that he sidelined his own health department of the vaccine rollout in favor of the greater new york hospital association. in one of albany's biggest lobbying groups and his biggest donor group. and the totality, all of this wall whether it is vaccines or deaths or the states funded deficit. at the unemployment. this is a governor who has led the worst response in the united states of america. i think it is time for them to really think about heading down the fairway one final time. >> john: another in "the new york times" story, this idea of governor cuomo not using state department health vaccination plants that he went his own way on this on friday in the press conference, he said that he does not trust that
11:34 am
experts revising guidelines without consulting the health department. did the governor no more than the health department did? >> no, and it is insane to think about that. even early on when we started the vaccine rollouts, we heard from you know, counting executives, from eva mayor de blasio and a bunch of health leaders that said they had worked long and hard on plants with the state department of health on vaccine rollout. it went to pot. it did not go very well. i know we find out that the governor actually sidelined his own people. these are the kind of things that really need accountability. and in my opinion, the state legislature has to immediately convene some hearings and get to the bottom of it. >> john: on the other front he is facing a lot of criticism over the nursing homes and putting patients who were covid positive back into nursing homes that were not equipped to handle them. in new york congresswoman alicia's saying that there should be a doj investigation. to listen to what she said. >> i am calling on the democratic state senators as well as the republican state
11:35 am
senators to issue the subpoenas and the department of justice to issue those subpoenas. also president biden to publicly state that there will be an independent investigation and not play politics with this. >> john: what do you think? does there need to be at least a congressional investigation here if not a criminal investigation? >> sure, the congresswoman is totally right. and it was the state's democratic attorney general's who really through the floodgates open on this. new yorkers and anyone are really willing to give a leeway to a governor who act in the best interest and may be made some mistakes. that's not what we had in new york. we had a governor making bad policy, bad policy that killed many people and then he tried to deliberately avoid sharing that evidence with new yorkers and the world world for months. there is an unforgivable offense at this point. it's not just bad policy, it's a bad person. >> john: as you know, joe, our own janice dean lost both of her
11:36 am
in-laws to coronavirus and nursing home spread here's what she said. >> i want to fold bipartisan investigation with subpoena power. i believe this could be criminal and we need to see the governor and his health commissioner in the court of law to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> john: the governor insisted he was following cdc guidelines, but both alex azar, the former secretary of health and his deputy said that is not true. he was not following the guidelines to the left. >> yes, it seems to be that the first indicator of a policy or a series of policies where he did not listen to the health experts. it is tough to ignore the fact that if this was donald trump or when it was donald trump and he was being criticized for not following advice, the media piled on them. if the media new york's wombs over this governor, he is a teenage pop idols. and it has been almost sickening at some points. but i'm glad that finally whether it is the "times" or
11:37 am
other news outlets are picking up that this guy is not what he seems. >> john: we will see where it goes, joe borelli, new york city councilman, great to see you today. >> sandra: thank you, los angeles county allowing outdoor dining again. but there will not be television. health officials say that they want to prevent overcrowding for sporting events like the super bowl. outside of the irish pub in santa monica. jonathan, that is ahead scratcher, what do you think? >> well, you know, the bars and restaurants here were thrilled to be allowed to reopen for outdoor dining this weekend. and they were packed, so much so that a lot of them are building on extra parts of patios and et cetera that outside like at o'briens, but they are not going to get the super bowl prophets boom that they would like. it's just not happening good at least not legally in l.a. county where the new guidance reads
11:38 am
"tables to receive position at least 8 feet apart and televisions or other screens must be turned off." it is a rule aimed at avoiding fans cramming into restaurants and patios doing what sports fans do, screaming and shouting, according to the medical experts to spread covid-19. l.a. county's public health director saying "we can't repeat the mistakes of the past. it will be tragic if the super bowl becomes a super-spreader of coronavirus." restaurant owners as they have said quite frequently during this whole pandemic situation here in l.a., they say the rules don't make sense. listen here. >> you should look at the bigger picture. if 500 people are allowed to go into walmart and shop next to each other, why can't i have 30 people inside watching the super bowl? >> and customers are pretty mad about it too. listen again.
11:39 am
>> i love football, i love basketball, i love all sports. i'm so happy to be here, actually did not even think about the tvs until he mention something. >> i think it is a little ridiculous. we are going to be here, people are going to congregate anyways, people should be able to watch tv and have fun. >> now county officials say we should all stay home to watch the super bowl. no parties, don't even invite any friends. so here in l.a. at least watching tom brady this coming sunday might be a rather deflating experience. >> sandra: i know that those restaurants are happy they can finally serve their food and drinks outside. but if you are a true sports fan, aren't you seated the whole time watching the game? it's probably a better way to keep everybody in their chairs. just saying, john, john. >> you are screaming and shouting, that is the big danger when we expel over 19 particles. >> sandra: jonathan hunt on that story for us.
11:40 am
thank you. >> john: i am wondering what else to do to these poor restaurant owners in los angeles? and walmart, best buy, costco, are they going to tell them to turn off the tvs they have on display? because god forbid people congregate. >> sandra: i will never forget after that woman went viral after the hollywood movie scene was able to go on outside and she couldn't. and she went viral. and add dr. admiral on the next day, and he said, i don't understand this. there is no science that says that you can't safely serve people food at restaurants outside. and that was a really big deal. but thankfully now they are able to at least do that again. >> john: some people seem to know better than the health experts. not sure why, but they do. how comfortable would you feel getting on a plane with a rusty pilot russian mark wait until you hear some of the mistakes that pilots have apparently been making because they have been home quarantining. plus a former high school football coach fired from his
11:41 am
job for preying on the field. trying to get his job back, coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> man: what's my safelite story? [ engine revs ] my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> sandra: five years ago a public high school football coach was fired for praying on the field. and till this day he is fighting back in court to get his job back. joining us now joe kennedy, former coach at birmingham high school in washington state. and his attorney. coach kennedy, to you first, welcome. i think when we tell the story, everyone remember several years ago when this happened to you we were following it closely. and now here you are five years later still without your job and fighting to get it back. what is the case that you are making? >> first of all the first amendment means a lot to me. it is really charitable today in america that somebody can be fired for expressing their
11:46 am
faith. so i am just fighting so that no one else ever has to go through this and does not have to choose between their job and their faith. >> sandra: coach kennedy, remind everyone what happened? what led to you eventually as the coach of this high school football team to be sidelined? >> so i started out praying by myself early in coaching, and then as time went on, the kids started joining, and then the school seem to complement saying you can't be praying with the kids anymore. so i started praying backed by myself and it ended up being a silent prayer by myself on the 50 and they let me go for that. >> sandra: and you said at the time as a proud retired u.s. marine, something inside me sturdy. he wrote that in a recent piece. explain. >> every time i took the oath it meant something to me. a supporting and defending the
11:47 am
constitution makes my hair stand up just today even saying it. and i am a fighter. i have always been a fighter. that's why i joined the marines. i wanted to be a part of that fighting force. and i can also serve here in doing this battle right now. so the marina me just wanted to fight. it's a long battle, but i am here for it. >> sandra: your students love you. they are still fighting for you we are told. and you are fighting for them in court, how do you plan to get the coach reinstated back? >> thanks, sandra, hopefully the court will simply apply the u.s. constitution and the first amendment, right? we still believe in the free exercise of religion. if there is something we should all be able to agree on it is that the government should never be able to put anybody in a situation of having to choose between their faith and their job just as coach said. and our argument is really
11:48 am
simple come the government should not be able to do that to americans. and when they do it violates the constitution and the federal law called title vii of the civil rights act. and hopefully the ninth circuit court of appeals we just had a moral argument in this case, they will rule in coach's favor and get it back on the sidelines coaching as soon as possible, but if they rule against us, we are prepared to take it to the u.s. supreme court if we have to. >> sandra: stay in touch, we will keep in touch with you, and coach kennedy, we appreciate you being here this afternoon. a lot of people will continue to follow this. our best to you. thanks for your service as well. thank you. >> john: president biden's move to cancel the keystone pipeline, putting thousands of americans out of work. a look at how the decision is affecting the small town in nebraska. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ attention veteran homeowners: record low mortgage rates have dropped even lower. at newday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and
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>> sandra: a new report says some pilots are getting rusty on the job due to the pandemic because, well, there's fewer planes to fly. ashley webster from fox business is live from palm coast, florida. ashley, practice makes perfect. your skills might get rusty if you're not flying as much. >> you're slightly right,
11:53 am
sandra. you know what it's like when you haven't driven a car awhile. takes time to get back up to speed. apparently the same for airline pilots. the stakes are much higher. a report by the los angeles times highlights some piloted grounded for months by the pandemic have seen their skills and proficiency suffer. for instance, one pilot or the got to disengage a parking break damaging a tow truck. another case, the pilot forgot to turn on the anti-icing mechanism. other reports include lining up the wrong runway for landing. to counter rustiness, the faa stops pilots from flying a commercial jet unless they performed three takeoffs in the
11:54 am
previous 90 days. as one former pilot told us, there's no substitute for the real thing. >> in a prolonged period without flying an airliner, you have to return to the simulator. it's not the same as in an actual airplane like a normal pilot would do. >> the faa has given pilots suspended grace periods. but there's no imminent danger. commercial jets fly with a pilot and co-pilot to reduce the odds of pilot error. the longer a pilot is grounded, the longer he or she needs to pay attention to the details. back to you. >> sandra: good details. we hope for the best. everything will be okay. thanks, ashley.
11:55 am
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>> sandra: john, the snow keeps falling. turning to rain in new york city. look at the pictures here. midtown manhattan. it was a white-out earlier. it's quite a scene. a lot of snow has come down. >> john: we have pictures of philadelphia as well. the snow is blowing around in philadelphia. not white-out conditions, not quit a blizzard. when the snow is coming down, it's very pretty. but you give it a day in new york city and it turns into this black goo, which is horrible. here in washington, we have about 3, 4 inches total. a little still floating in the air right now. nothing in particular serious. i grew up in canada where we
12:00 pm
used to scrape more ice off of a hockey rink every hour. nice to see. >> sandra: perspective is everything. a chicago girl here. >> john: you know what it's like to be cold, too. thanks for joining us on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks. good to be back. good afternoon. welcome to "the story." as they were just talking about, we have a monster snowstorm slamming a large part of the country. millions are in a state of emergency. we have fox team coverage. we'll go outside and let you know where it's headed next. also breaking this afternoon, a blizzard hitting the white house. ten republican senators are about to head over to the white house that a $1.9 trillion covid relief plan is overboard by about a trillion dollars. that as cases of covid


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