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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 31, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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framers would be repulsed. and media they protected, it was to protect us from what is takes place today, instead they are the mouth pieces. see you time on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ steve: welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton. the home of popular you -- pour investigation continues, more evidence about true origins of coronavirus pandemic. as we stated last week we're not accusing anyone of intentionally creating and unleashing the virus on the world, but we have two million dead over 400,000 here in america, economic and social catastrophe not seen for hundreds of years, is there a possibility it started in a lab
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from work commissioned by our own different, work that as far as we we know could still be going on, don't you think we could be investigating it in a top priority. and we have new evidence that comes from our own national institution of health, any person would conclude that pandemic originated in wuhan lab and result that was originated and funded by our own government, it seems like a near certainty. tuesday, vice president kamala harris took her second dose of vaccine at the national institutions of health. she was introduced by nih director with dr.anthony fauci, head of one of those institutes in front row, here is part of what she said.
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>> growing up my mother would go -- we knew mommy was going to the place call --y. she was coming here on nih, and biochem call study section, he was a reviewer. >> that how nih research grants are made -- there was' change in one year, december of 2017, a new policy put in place that required research involving potential pandemic pathojens to go through a separate panel, they approved two viral -- experiments, they said they
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would work to improve transparency, but why the secrets in the first place. they championed just a few years ago, they described the research as risk worth taking, they said important information and insight come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory. in 2015, obama administration placed a moratorium exciting resenate -- and to be clear, it was not just a ban on new experiments carried out by government scientists. it was a ban on funding them anywhere, that ban was announced in october of 2014 with a request that existing projects be paused. but niaid carried on funding this research, regardless,
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666,000 dollars in may 2014, before the ban. 630,000 in 2015. 611,000 in 2016, after the ban, 597,000 in 2017, after the ban. the ban was lifted in december of 2017 but 3 payments were made by the institute totaling over 1.8 million, while the ban was in place. they were crucial years, the grant money was according to echo health alliance. at wuhan institute of viral -- -- viral gee, they wanted to know where next one would come from. animals infecting humans but
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could be passed from human to human through the air, that is what the project contracted to peter's was designed to find out, then subcontracted to lee in the wuhan institute. she was busy, and 2012, in 13, her team made visits to mine. where 6 miners who were cleaning up mine by shovels bat feceses me came sick of a sars like illness of which 3 died, they found 152 different bat coronavirus in the mine. they checked, one. here it is. that time, our own niaid was
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paying wuhan institute to answer this question, could a pat bat coronavirus could be so co be -- contagious it could be passed from human-to-human. remember the miners were there separately, the wuhan institute this natural bat virus, infection humans at high doses, could cause a sars like illness that could be fatal and not --trans missable between humansa perfect match for the grant figure to explore the emergence potential, they needed use viral gain of function research used in the grant. use reverse genetics to see what changes would make it capable of infecting human cells in the
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lab, that is what they did. well, as is case, cover-up can illiminate the truth, last year wuhan institute published a paper saying that pandemic virus was similar to one they had in their library. they just found the it they said. but, if you run that sequence to a genetic database, there is one, 100% match. the virus they found years before. the one from the mine, only one out of 152, that related to a new strain of sars, why didn't they reveal that? why did they change the name? the closest known bat viewer to us the pandemic virus, the variations almost entirely in two places. the places that affect how
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contagious it is and how effectively it can enter human cells in the respiratory system, they are the places in viral sequence. with it would be applied, you are funded to research back coronavirus to explore spillover potential that work was described in the progress report we showed you last week, tied to the grant. analyzed bat, coronavirus and sequences genetic information they built various -- geneticallyy engineers viruses in the lab, and infected human cells with them in the lab, and they could duplicate, the question is, were they doing it with the virus they found in the mine. that cause the sars like illness, that match between that virus and work commissioned by
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niaid isy is perfect. we know worker in wuhan lab got covid in fall of 2019, the first identified cases of the outbreak. those directly implicated here, chinese regime, and peter -- only u.s. representative on the w.h.o. investigation, they push a natural origin theory to swallow that you have to believe in a laughable set of coincidences. they would have to have inspect infection each other and traveled a thousand miles without infecting anyone until they got to wuhan, the virus in first incarnation would have been 10 to 20 times more infectious,. and the infected animal or human would have chosen to make that
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trek to only place in all of china with a lab that for years had been working on the virus. that it was already infected with. in february last year, chinese reveal replaced the head of wa a -- wuhan institute, ands every was destroyed. >> cbs news confirms a wuhan institute of virology database with 27,000 entries may it was taken down last spring, a senior lab official said it was removed for security reasons. steve: for a year, chinese regime has blocked investigations. but they are not only government engaged in a cover-up. for two weeks we have been reaching out to respond to the story, we broadcast. friday, nih did respond with
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this statement: we asked them to comment on this project. commissions in 2014. on screen now you see the project number. and the key sentence, specifying gain of function research, the statement said: >> here the project their statement links to, a different project. with a different number. they are right to say this project does not include gain of function research, but that is not the one we asked bthe one we asked, does include gain of function research. and worse. still, in their statement, nih said:
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>> we did that, look what we found. 6 payments, to the wuhan institution of viewerrology. -- vir ol. >> i, and the project number. listed against those payments. the one that unquestion abily includes gain of function research, and same project, i.d., listed in the progress report that describes gain of function experiment they used to do what nih denied they did in their statement. statement we received from nih is deceptive. top of their statement, this is to nhl generally not a specific individual, that is not good enough. we talking about origins of a pandemic that has killed 2 million people, and devastated the world.
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did the head of the nih approve this statement before it went out. will he stand behind it now, will dr.anthony fauci stand behind it, you can blame china for the lab accident, the leak, but they happen. once leak happened. and virus was circulating in wuhan, you could blame chinese regime for their cover-up, but origin? the reason is exists, it is so contagious and infectious, the responsibility is clear. these two men, 2 decided to ignore the obama administration's ban on research, they said, was a risk worth taking.
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of course, dr. collins or dr. fauci did no create the pandemic on purpose. there is little doubt that one of their weapon of choice in the fight did lead to this pandemic. that was not an unthinkable accident and complete surprise, they were warned it could happen, not only warned but asked by obama administration to stop this research. to stop doing it stop funding it. they did it anyway. for that, they must be arkan ac. joe biden banned to research. or the administration for which he was vice president, but collins and fauci ignored that ban. why is not joe biden furious
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about that, why are they not being asked 'this, are we still funding this stuff, is it still happening, why is nih putting out the deceptive statements about their role. is the pandemic not bad enough without funding the next one? we'll post all documents we featured tonight. you can see the evidence for yourself. follow us. what should we do about all this? miranda devine and congressman guy reschenthaler joinings in, he has an important announcement, don't go away. (dad vo) life doesn't give you many second chances.
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steve: more new on the origins of the pandemic, i am to focus on what actions we need to take, i am joined by miranda devine, and pennsylvania congressman guy reschenthaler. great to see you, you have been following this. for many months. you have an announcement for us, i think people will be very interested in.
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>> i do. thank you. i have been working on this issue since april or may last year, i did, on thursday, i introduced a bill that defund echo health alliance, and call for a report to see how much money echo health alliance sent to the institute of virology in wuhan. i am announcing live on your show for the first time. steve: just -- can you give us a sense of what might happen. i was trying to make sure it should not be a partisan issue, we're not blames any particular administration. we're just' to get to the bottom of this. and stop it. you think this is something that will happen, you will get cross party support? what will happen to your bill? >> well, i i am pessimistic what
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democrat would do with the bill. they will not hold china accountable for anything. especially the virus. however, i still think it is important that we find out how much money was going to echo health alliance. and how much money was then funneled to institute of virology in wuhan, and to see how dr.anthony fauci circumvented the of the obama administration when it put a moratorium on funding for the gain of function research. he got money that circumvented that is wrong, we need to draw attention to fact that echo health alliance had they known, is likely day did that institute
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of virology had safety issues, they are partially culpable for what occurred for if and when the virus escaped from the institute of virology in wuhan. steve: very well put, it was going around the will of what obama administration did. it started just before the ban on new funding came in. in that announcement from obama administration they asked people to voluntarily stop, they do not. miranda, one question that i have been asked all week, is why isn't this the lead story everywhere? is it such a giant issue, you have done fantastic work on reporting. why isn't the media, getting behind the need to get this the bottom of this huge issue?
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>> hi, steve, thank you, and you know, what a fantastic report you have just given as well as last week, i think partly because it is complicated there are a lot of unknowns, many i think what is happened is that virologists in the world have been loathe to add their voices to lab leak high are afraid their funding will dry up it is wrong of them to do that, we need to know if this did come as it seems, a lot of scientists are saying it looks likely, it did come from the leak in the wuhan institute of virology, which was doing a very dangerous -- -- style genetic engineering
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on the coronavirus. which made them trans to human, i do not understand why, your question, your reasonable question to the nih and their off chutes that dr. fauci is in charge of. it came bako defectively, and i don't understand why peter is also going out of his way to -- as a conspiracy theory it is wrong, they should have a open mind it is ridiculous, he has' conflict of interest. now in wuhan, out of quarantine for over 3 days, they have not gone anywhere near the institute of virology. steve: no plans to do so.
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miranda. you just mentioned it, we were stunned we got that response from the nih, we looked into it it was so obviously deceptive. what do you make of that? in middle of a pandemic, national institute of health putting out such a deceptive statement about the origins of the pandemic. >> there are only two possible reasons, one is they made a genuine error, and some low level person did not look at your question properly. they answered the question on a different research proposal. other alternative, which is sinister and terrifying, that someone is trying to engage in a cover-up, we expect, we know there is a cover-up in china,
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the doctors and whistleblowers have been disappeared and journalists who asked question are jailed. that is what you expect. but we don't expect that in this country, we are expecting fran transparency and honesty, and why these esteemed experts go around the obama administration the spirit of law banning gain in function research, -- that ban of put in place for safety reasons. it could have potentially created a virus that you could cause a pandemic that would kill millions of people in the world. they have gone instead, around backdoor to a chinese lab, which had worse safety protocols, and lab leaks happen everywhere all
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of the time. we are human, i think we need to know particularly it is important, this gain of function research, i think that everyone in world should be have the ability to say we don't want this any morning, that includes the chinese people, next time it will be worse. and that is pretty bad now. steve: thank you miranda. congressman, i am afraid we're out of time, i appreciate your work on this i would love to, you know for you to join us, and making a fuss about this come back, next week or soon. to give us an update on what your managing to push forward thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you. steve: all right. >> coming up, how the company like robin hood, and hedge funds
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steve: there has been a lot of talk about gamestop gram ahedge funds and robin hood, and latest
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example of populous revolution sweeps america, that is true, but not enough attention has been paid to how elites rig the rules in their favor, look at team robin hood put together, chief legal officer a former sec commissioner, and head of regulation former sec chief of staff, they employee executives and lobbyists and house banking committee, stuffed with former regulators. citadel, a multinational hedge fund, an investor in another hedge fund that started gamestop. for years as fed chair, yellen made policy critical for finance industry, then she goeses to work for them, now he is back regulating them, that is called the resolving door -- revolving door, it might as well be logo
9:33 pm
of biden administration. saagar enjeti is joining me now, this is such you know, people talk about political donation and corruption this revolving door i think this is the heart of it imagine if you are regulating an industry, and you know that once you leave, you will get a cushy well paid job with the companies you regulated. that has to affect your behavior, while you are a regulator? >> of course it does, thank you. i have seen this play out time again. we have former sec chairman, some presided dorf the dot-com bubble in 2000, when is last time they investigated why a stock went up, reason why they are investigating, is because
9:34 pm
this is one of few times where stock goes up at the expects of the billionaire class, and of hedge fund industry in particular who made strag i strc donations year after year, they prepared for this moment, for whenever there is a natural check in the system, against them, they can use their power in tech in media and in government to shut the threat down. steve: so what do we do about this? it seems that you know on the one hand there is an argument good to have people in government who know what they are talking about. but when it is as corrupt as it washington swamp revolving door. that just feeds the populism that we're seeing. >> steve, you are right. that saying that people who work in city cannot serve, i think that is ridiculous but we need more stringent standards about our public life and scrutiny on people, did we have any
9:35 pm
conversation about janet yellen's wall street speeches while she was confirmed, no, and anything any biden's deputy chief of staff. who cofounded a lobbying firm with his brother, now his brother heprepresents almosts -- represents almost every fortune500 company in america. they need to highlight about how this impacts real policy in your and my lives. steve: part of this, those same people who host the shows, on cnn, they go out to swamp dinner parties. on zoom or whatever that social circle. of everyone all in it together, ruling elite that drives this you are right, thank you so much we will see you later. >> thank you. steve: all right coming up we
9:36 pm
fact check biden's vaccine roll out claim, we'll tell you what it is next.
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steve: this week president joe biden vowed to speed up the distribution of coronavirus vaccine, saying his actions will allow, quote millions of more americans to be vaccinated sooner than anticipated. that is not true, the increase was already expected thanked to contract already signed, by the trump administration. biden administration said it would use defense productive act to increase vaccine supply, "new york times" pointed out that president trump already did that, agreeing it would make a difference until april. joining me now, tammy bruce, great to see you. i don't know, they keep spinning
9:41 pm
and spinning, i think people are starting to figure it out, that actually, president trump did an amazing job with vaccine biden coming in, he is slowing it down. now we have this spin. >> yes, we saw this also during the campaign every time he was pressed for some details about his plan to get rid of covid, he assault say things that -- high would say things that had already been done, it began there but joe biden and plans people around him seem to have a plagiarism problem, they are copying other people's work, attempt to take credit for it. trying to erase the trump administration in general, they showed people the failures of
9:42 pm
the large government. and now, look, we had a great president, economically, and dealing with the virus, foreign policy, and there is going to be attempt to cry try -- to try to co-op this, but this is life and death, biden administration does not know where 20 million doses are. what has been reported jabbed into people's arms is 20 million doses fewer than what we know the hhs has announced been distributed, they are already behind the 8 ball, they don't know what is where. these are the keeps of -- kind of things that democrat bring you, incompetence, stuck in a bubble, unclear on what to do about the issues, all they know is spin, and hyperbole. steve: thing i would add is centralization, it seems this president trump got it right in
9:43 pm
terms of american approach, federal government does what it should, sends it the state, and states take responsibility. and biden administration says, we have to centralize it, okay then you open it. your idea will get a severe test now. >> because no state is the same. right. is this is the argument regarding masks and lockdowns, every state is different, they have different concerned. you say, this is the mandate for each state, and each state, if trump did that, he would have been called for the millioning on time a dictator. right, if a governor is incompetent like in california and screwing it up, there can be a recall, and some other part of state or people running state can ask for federal help, admit they don't know what they are
9:44 pm
doing and people of that state should require and request that assistant. steve: right, great analysis, thank you tammy, we'll see you later on. >> looking forward to it. steve: all right coming up latest you need to know from big tech, with tulsi gabbard who joining us next to break it joining us next to break it these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale
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steve: welcome back, our next guest has been out with incresting observations on what going on, we're delighted to welcome. tulsi gabbard, aloha, great to see you. >> aloha, steve, good to talk. steve: you just been so interesting, let's start with whole big tech censorship story. you had strong words about that. >> this is a danger to every american and our constitutional rights and freedom of speech, with the big tech companies and oligarchs created a virtual town square, they have invited to us come in be a part of the town square, then made billions from our private information and our attention, and now are seeing we'll pick and choose which one
9:49 pm
of you get to have a voice, and which do not, they are able to do this through a legal immunity provided to them under section 230, that undermines our constitutional rights and free speech. steve: a lot of people, say, you know, the first amendment does not apply to private companies, you have these organizations, they are private monopolies, a very different story, right? >> it is not only a different story, because you have a monopoly but also, there is precedent, legal precedent. to ruling supreme court made in past in regard to public squiree type situations, whether physical or virtual our first
9:50 pm
amendment rights still stands that that corporation does not get to stand who speaks on their soapbox -- their town square who does not. steve: in your presidential campaign, peace was such a stlal central part, you see opposite in president joe biden's cabinet picks. >> that sun fortunate, i -- that is unfortunate, i heard you talk about revolving door, we see the same revolving doors in his nominees and secretary of state, because in this position, he supposed to be our country chief diplomat to negotiate and broker peace, he is someone in tony blinken, he has a long history of reform of regime change wars, wore -- and common theme
9:51 pm
throughout each of these, even looking back, he is not that i have seen expressed regret or learned. he has said, you know, what in libya and in syria, we should have done more. the problem was that we didn't do enough. war? in order to what come out with an outcome that is different from failed state. that that we're see nothing with the people there suffering and terrorists having a large stronghold there, furthering increase threat to our national security this say big concern, it remains to be seen whether -- whose policy will come forward. steve: very -- your voice is so important on this, we appreciate it, i hope you can come back, i saw you said something interesting about our conflict culture, such a deep part of what is going wrong, for the moment, tulsi gabbard thank you.
9:52 pm
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>> welcome back everyone. let's go back to the lead story, the orange and of the pandemic. to me, i just want to get your take -- the origin of the pandemic. many thought the report last week and i see it in the reaction on twitter, why isn't all of the meat up on top of the story? -- media on top of the story? is there anything more important? it is important, one of the most important things but today's media is not serious. they are beholden to a certain kind of politics, they are beholden to click send money
9:57 pm
from certain sources, certain politicians, and when you look into a story like that, it gets complicated. miranda noted that this is a complicated issue and what a horrible time we are in where media doesn't have the wherewithal or the ability or the interest in moving into a complicated thing, plus i have to say, with everything else, these are frightening issues. these are issues that would disrupt everything that we know and many people would just prefer ignorance and bliss, but smart people know we can't go on that way, and eventually the truth will have to come out. >> and i think there's a real establishment versus the outsider thing going on here because you've got some of the medical experts circling the wagons and you can't say a word against the nih, doctor ouchi and others, they are
9:58 pm
heroes, we've gone out of our way to say no one is accusing anyone of doing anything intentionally but if this was the result of work by our own government and then of course the chinese government, it's on them to leak any cover-up, we've got to get to the bottom of this. >> of course you do. i'm so glad you pointed that out. look, the nih is one of the largest granting institution in america, especially in science. if you're in science, there are questions that may make them look bad and those are questions you may not want to bring to the surface. that's why we have a media in the first place. they asked the top questions. the truth is answering and asking these questions would require them to number one, paint doctor fauci in a somewhat critical light which they are unable to do and they
9:59 pm
decided who the villain was chemically decided it was the truman administration. the only reason why we are where we are today, and anything that puts a threat to that is a narrative violation that they will use all their establishment power in order to keep out the contemporary discourse. >> narrative violation, that's exactly right. tammy, let's just be honest, how are we going to break through? it seems to me, forget politics and anything else. are we still funding this dangerous research? our tax dollars going into this? we have to find out. we have to move this forward. >> you know it has moved forward, the most important stories in the country we can use watergate also as an example our whistleblowers. people who are willing to come forward knowing that there are platforms where they can speak, where we can get the data, people like lynn ringwald and other
10:00 pm
whistleblowers like edward snowden. this is one of the points, how threatening a whistleblower really is. people coming in from the shadows. >> great point. le ♪♪ >> the peace and quiet the langford family have always known in mexico was taken from them on a cold winter morning in early november 2019, when nine woman and children from this mormon family were massacred. >> it was a nightmare that i wish we'd wake up from [sighs] [voice breaking] and it never happened. these women were innocent, and these children were innocent. >> when grandfather kenny miller rushed to the scene to find his family, he said he couldn't have imagined what was waiting. >> [ crying ] ♪♪


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