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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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jillian: the market opens just hours from now as training at robin hood said it would reopen game stop, the latest on the david versus goliath story turning the finance world upside down. todd: one week, 40 executive actions, the biden administration saying it is damage control from the trump administration but even the new york times has taken note saying come on, man, ease up, joe.
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jillian: oh man, it is good for free but the act of kindness was so much more. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ ♪♪ you want it ♪♪ you want it ♪♪ you got it ♪♪ you want it ♪♪ you got it ♪♪ todd: i have no connection to this song. what is more difficult? explaining the game stop story or saying game stop stock? jillian: i thought you were going to say what is harder to do, explain that story or nail a free like that kid did? or bust a move. todd: all three very different. you are watching "fox and friends first" is friday morning, we made it. jillian: thanks for joining us. in a few hours, trading at robin hood will reopen game stop stock
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purchases after they were restricted on platform. todd: she nailed it. it is your turn, ashley strum i'll -- ashley strohmeyer as they are facing lawsuits. >> reporter: the company said starting today they plan to, quote, allow securities and monitor and make adjustments as they safe it. and they will clarify what happened saying, quote, risk and management decisions not made under direction of the market makers. this as it was hit with lawsuits last night. the ag is involved in reviewing the company's decision to restrict training of stocks. the ag said, quote, we are aware of concerns regarding activity on the robin hood apps including trading in game stocks talk. this comes after two separate lawsuits filed against robin
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hood, manipulated its platform, the ceo of the trading apps defended that move. >> to protect our customers we had to limit these stocks. we did this proactively, thousands of other securities remain tradable on the platform. jillian: people protesting thursday during the chaos, people could be heard yelling shame, eat the rich and asking people at the stock exchange how much money they make. ted cruz and aoc agreed there needs to be more information on the apps decision to block trading. leon cooperman lashed out at that situation. >> people -- their fair share and the concept is a way of attacking wealthy people. it is an appropriate. we have to work together and pull together.
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>> reporter: there needs to be an investigation. >> i think it is criminal, there has to be an investigation and people have to go to jail. whether that happens i don't know but i have never been more convinced about market manipulation, the hedge fund's control in the game than today. >> reporter: he will join us on "fox and friends" to discuss his thoughts on the situation with robin hood. todd: that cooperman statement very telling. he will have a lot to say about that. ashley strohmeyer, thanks. jillian: readit users revealed how rick to the system is because the rich and powerful change the rule so they always win. >> hedge fund managers bet money a specific stock would decline in value, that is shortselling. shortselling has no obvious value to the american economy. shortselling exists to enrich the people who do it.
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shortselling hurts companies obviously, hurts investors, hurts employees, hurts our country itself we as it continues. what happens on wall street is so clearly awful and obviously -- who is going to fight back against it? as it turns out a bunch of guys on readit, it felt of them to push back against short sellers. the investment apps robin hood used by independent investors to buy and sell stock and its users from trading game stock shares and several other company shares. no one even knew that was legal. maybe it isn't that robin hood did it anyway under pressure from the hedge fund who they really work for. so much for the free market, there is nothing free about it. that turned out to be a lie. what wall street really hates is outsider trading, people from outside their world might be getting rich. that is the one thing they can't abide. jillian: brian brennan berg and
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cheryl casone joined us live as the story continues to develop. todd: the white house defending president biden's use of executive orders. jillian: responding to criticism over his 40 order saying he is undoing the damage done by donald trump. todd: fox news learns president biden is delaying new orders on immigration. >> reporter: biden has been busy, a record avalanche of action in the first 10 days with 25 executive orders. compared to previous presidents trump had 6, george w. bush and bill clinton two, h w bush only one. it is drawing criticism from the new york times editorial board, the headline reads ease up on executive actions, joe. they right inside, president biden is right not to let his agenda be held hostage but legislating through congress is a better half. at the white house president biden defended his actions.
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>> about to sign two executive orders to undo the damage trump has done. >> reporter: those two orders were aimed at healthcare, access to abortions, meanwhile republicans like senator ron johnson are blasting what they see as an overuse of executive power. >> he is using his pen and phone, flooding the zone and satisfying every desire of the radical left wing of his party. >> reporter: some of these actions are drawing a lawsuit over deportation moratorium, legislation in congress biting back against the ban on oil and gas leases. as for those immigration orders that are being pushed into next week the president was expected to sign several of them today, they rollbacks trump era policies, would reunite migrant
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families and increase refugee admissions. we will see when they get signed. no explanation from the white house for the delay. todd: the capital riot or who wore face paint is willing to testify as donald trump's impeachment trial. the attorney for jacob chansy that he was driven to storm the capital by, quote, a request of the president that all patriots come to dc january 6th. the attorney said he and others feel betrayed by donald trump because he didn't pardon them. jillian: a standoff over in person learning accolades in chicago with parents threatening to sue a teachers union member strike talking about the classroom fell apart this month this teachers union clashes with city officials over coronavirus prevention efforts in schools. parents are stepping in hoping teachers come back to the table,
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it is expected to stretch into the weekend. todd: frustrated parents speaking across the country, one dad speaking to fox news, absolutely going off on a virginia school board. >> you think you're some sort of martyrs because the decisions you're making when statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from the virus. jillian: brandon telling tucker carlson elected officials must step aside if they are not going to lead. >> we have gone for months to the school board meetings and as parents our voice wasn't being heard. what you didn't see in that video was my 5-year-old at 8-year-old speaking and after they spoke there was no acknowledgment of that. school board members were trying to move onto the next thing. what happened was when i got up there my blood started boiling a little bit and as i began speaking i said i want them to hear me and pay attention and we
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got some acknowledgment from that. todd: we show the more fired up part of that yesterday. the school district has not resumed in person learning since the pandemic started. jillian: he was so fired up in that clip, i'm sure you have seen but in that one clip in a few seconds so many people across the country felt that exact frustration because they have been feeling it for an entire year. todd: all sides of the political spectrum want kids to go back no matter where they live. jillian: it is 10 minutes after the hour. a nurse, a veteran and educator going to the super bowl. the important role they will play before kickoff. todd: the story we are talking about, the money wall street versus everyday american. business and economics professor says something to learn from the robin hood game stop debacle next. ♪♪ come on take the money and run ♪♪ come on take the money and run
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>> we are not done yet.
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this is the door opening to bipartisan investigation. there needs to be an investigation to this governor. he needs to be put on a stand to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. this is something that is bigger than all of us. jillian: fox news senior meteorologist janice dean reacting to the report about coronavirus nursing home deaths being much higher than previously reported. dennis lost her in-laws to covid-19 at a new york nursing home. todd: that picture gets me every time. an additional 3800 people should be counted under the tally of nursing home deaths even though they passed away at the hospital. that bring the total to 13,000 deaths. governor cuomo facing bipartisan backlash over the new report as bill deblasio calls for the full truth. 14 minutes after the hour.
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the robin hood apps reversing course after their decision to restrict daytraders from buying game stop stock, igniting a firestorm beyond the finance world. jillian: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle vowing to investigate how much damage has been done? joining us is professor of business and economics at kings college, brian brennan berg. we were talking about this earlier, this is one story i don't know. a lot of the country too. unless you are in this you don't fully understand what is going on or the ramifications of it. what can we expect this morning when markets open? >> if you want to understand the story a lot of big investors have been betting against game stop, they thought its business was going down the tubes and they were short selling it, you borrowed stock, sell that stock and buy it back when it goes
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down and make a difference but a bunch of individual investors said wait a second, we don't think that is right, we don't think this story is over, we want to push back against that and they have been doing that on platforms like robin hood, organizing in areas like redit and made a difference. whose voice gets to prevail? for so long people felt hedge funds call the shots, big investors call the shots but we are watching the little guy make a contrarian bet and move the market and a lot of people feel like it is about time for individual investors to have that we see and they don't want to see the big guys, platforms shutdown that voice and that is what it looked like robin hood was doing. robin hood said you could buy the stock again, get back into this but the story is not over. today will tell a lot. todd: you can buy stock for any reason you want. it doesn't have to be the
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fundamentals of game stop are that great. i haven't purchased a videogame there in 25 years. if you want to invest that money or property that is your way unless robin hood tells you it is not. at the end of the day game stop stock plummeted but when the market was about to open i did a "fox and friends" at 7:30 on this story and checked my phone it was approaching 500 points at one point. by 9:56, restricting trading, by 10 am it started to nosedive, 1:26 or thereabouts. let's focus on robin hood. do you view them as having any consequences moving forward in the legal realm, the realm of public pr, could it get worse than it has over the past 24 hours, what do you think?
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>> reporter: on the legal side we have to find why they restricted trading. were they responding to pressure from the hedge funds? were they responding to pressure from that side of the business? they lock -- make a lot of money sending orders to marketmakers. they make money providing information what is happening on their platform. was in the hedge funds? was at the marketmakers? that is question number one. on the reputation front there is a potential huge hit here. people look to platforms like robin hood to lift up the little guy, give voice to the little guy. what we saw yesterday was exactly the opposite. people who use that platform are very mad about it. they want the real story and are not going to be satisfied that robin hood is protecting them. at this point in america people
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are saying let me have my voice, let me live with the consequences. if robin hood can't do that you will see a lot of people move away from the robin hood platform. jillian: it is one thing to say we are protecting you as the little guy but to show it is another thing and yesterday, people were frustrated. >> reporter: one of the ways you protect the little guys given voice, let them speak and that is a big debate in america which is why this is a big deal. todd: what happens today? we ran out of time. thanks for explaining this to us, we appreciate it. jillian: a literal dumpster fire, the explosion outside a nice building. two years ago, jennifer dulos disappeared. >> an expert tells us what he saw next. ill runs marathons, ri? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm. -just like that. -wow. so sudden.
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e2 it has been nearly one year since fotis dulos took his own life, jennifer dulos has been missing for two years and investigators are still searching for answers. police brought in a man known as the bone finder to pinpoint locations on the 5-acre property where the body of the mother of 5 could be buried. the cemetery geophysics expert joins me to discuss. what did you discover when you went to that property? >> i arrived on site at 11:00 in the morning and at that point i met with the authority state police, they discussed the project, the areas they would like to have scanned and procedures to the outside of the house in the back area where there's woods and a swampy area
2:24 am
and they indicated three of four locations they would like to have scanned and i set up my gear, stopped probing the ground and found out everything was swampy down there. i began scanning and check the first location and scanned the first location. we cleared it and i found one area that was pretty soft but it had rocks all around it but in the center of it was a clearing about the size of the grave so i scanned that area and found nothing, sounds disturbed soil but there were no anomalies in the disturbed soil. we moved to the second location and then the third location. that location had rocks around
2:25 am
it and the rocks were situated in a peculiar way. so they moved all the rocks out of the way and i stood in that area and disturbed soil but there was nothing, no anomalies in the ground indicated anything buried there. after that -- todd: did you find an anomaly? >> the only anomaly i found was inside the house. there were no anomalies in the ground. radar and water don't mix. it got to the deck i can't recognize any anomaly in the ground but the areas in the swampy area were heavy with water, cleaned everything out, you could see the water sitting on top, freed it all up and turned the tide into a fool that was probably 6 feet by 6 feet.
2:26 am
todd: the fact that you were brought in, is that a good indicator that the investigators believe jennifer dulos's body is at this location? >> that is what i was told was the reason they brought me in. i was requested by the mother who knows of me and what i do and talked to the state police and state police contacted me and wanted me to work there. as far as knowing what we are doing in that particular area, after we scanned the area they ended up doing, these officers were digging in that location and then brought in backhoes. todd: we appreciate your time this morning, this is a tough
2:27 am
story, appreciate your insight. thank you very much. jillian: still ahead nancy pelosi taking aim at armed lawmakers. >> we will need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives. jillian: congressman ralph norman react to that next. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. the holidays weren't exactly smooth sledding that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. this year, eh santa? no, but we came through smelling of mistletoe. the now platform lets us identify problems before they became problems. if only it could identify where my ball went.
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>> facebook shuts down the trading group. todd: cheryl casone joins us with more. >> this put wall street into a tailspin. they were removed from the platform. stock traders, with a notice it violated policies on adult
2:31 am
sexual exploitation. the founder of the group, we were first on the tree to be on cut off on our free platform. a space woman told reuters this was removed from filing community standards. unrelated to the stock frenzy. as for robin hood it plans to reopen game stop trading today, raised $1 billion in funding overnight as they face demand, cashing out the position. with game stock robin hood could not cover those positions and all this on the heels of a lawsuit for taking stock off of its platform. speaking of cashing out, $3,200, ten game stock shares, it was a holiday gift, 5200% increase,
2:32 am
looking at this stock, robin hood opening up today and restrictions as well. at this point it closed at $193.60, the stock is up in the free market. it will open up higher again. trading opens at 9:30. todd: shortselling and all this stuff, i didn't know that about robin hood. i thought it was a pass-through entity but to figure out how they get free trades, they are acting like a bank. >> none of this is good, none of this is good for the markets, hurting faith in our market and
2:33 am
it is a great place to make money but not like this. todd: another institution, thank you. democrats want more security on capitol hill as speaker pelosi calls on republican members of congress the enemy within. >> we will need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives. members of congress want to bring guns on the floor and threatened violence on other members of congress. >> congressman ralph norman, thank you for being here. the enemy is in the house of representatives? >> that is outrageous. from the speaker of the house who never spoke up, riots all across the country, she never spoke up for the businesses that were looted, vandalized and here
2:34 am
she is saying the enemy is within the house, she set up stations where we had to go through to see if we had guns. it is ludicrous and she can't point -- an apology to the nation, this is the speaker on her watch that had law enforcement, the national guard on the concrete floor in the basement do we park our cars so she has no standing and is so hypocritical what she is saying and doing. todd: we want you to be safe and sound but when i hear those calls from pelosi and other democrats, when the rest of us try to defend our families we are met with defund the police, walls don't work and guns are bad? >> offenses don't work why is there a fence around the capital? why wasn't she taken to the business owners torn up across the country, their lives were lost, equities gone.
2:35 am
to say they want the taxpayers to pay more security for them when they don't do it for anybody else it is hypocrisy at its highest but this is the pattern and what they are doing. when we were in the chambers and they were breaking down the doors there was no defund the police then and they were running for their lives like all of us were. >> let's talk about this. you are seeking approval for officers sicknick. why are you doing this? >> this is such an important time to do this. only the fifth person they have been able to do this other than dignitaries. it is something i call the mother of officers sicknick who
2:36 am
is a 12 year veteran, he died protecting politicians, it is 48 hours, asking 3 hours, so they can have memorial service and needs to be buried in arlington. i hope we will introduce thursday, didn't get unanimous consent, tim scott, leading the way in the senate, should probably have it because of support, on monday when she gavels for pro forma session, unanimous consent to do this for family and law enforcement which capitol hill police support fully and can't think of any reason we should not be able to do this. >> can't imagine a congressperson voting no on this, have a great weekend. time is 36 minutes after the
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todd: resource telling fox news cases stemming from the capital riot may have a social media connection and working with federal officials. jillian: what is the latest? >> reporter: big tech companies are complying with federal law enforcement requests to preserve evidence on their platform. federal law enforcement officials told me the government has been in communication with companies like facebook, twitter, google, apple and parlor, telling me a majority of the cases which stem from the capital writer earlier this
2:41 am
month have a social media connection and in some cases individuals posted items related to the violence and unrest on social media and tried to delete them after investigations were open. every company so far has helped to recover those posts which a facebook of any spokesperson telling fox news they worked quickly to provide responses to valid legal requests and twitter telling fox news they are continuing to work closely with the fbi, dhs and other government agencies to mitigate potential risks. the company collaborated extensively with federal agencies throughout the 2020 election. jillian: the white house firing back, criticizing joe biden as historic blitz of executive orders. todd: carley shimkus, look like there is a problem in the feedback loop.
2:42 am
carley: they issued late criticism of president biden, the editorial board and op-ed wrote ease up on the executive actions, joe. they say by design such actions are more limited in what they can achieve, presidents to overreach invite intervention by the courts. white house communications director shot back in a sweet saying during the primary they encouraged voters to consider what a president can accomplish through executive action. my question is which actions the president took to reverse donald trump's executive orders with a have liked to see him not pursue. the first dust up between the biden administration and media. todd: they are allowed to go. i would like to apologize to all the chickens, pigs and rats i have offended. carley: the animals are up in arms over this.
2:43 am
petasking everyone not to use animal names as insults. instead of chickens they say, say coward, rat, snitch, instead of snake call someone a jerk, pig, repulsive, sloth, they are lazy. peta says using animal names as insults is supremacist language. how do people react on social media? jeff says i can't tell if this is real or you are making fun of your selves. the pig thing is not going to work. i went to denny's and ate like a repulsive. i don't know. then there are the vegans and vegetarians saying peta makes us look bad. todd: do they ever want to get a job? jillian: we should be allowed to
2:44 am
call people jerks. how about we not insult anybody? raise up those who have done so much for us including frontline healthcare workers. >> everyone will see 3 people on the field during the coin toss who are not players, they have been named honorary super bowl captains for their work during the coronavirus pandemic, one of them is a los angeles teacher, susie dormer is a nurse manager in tampa, james martin is a veteran who works with the wounded warriors project. great way to give back to people who have given so much of themselves to others. todd: without them we would have gone down without all their efforts. thanks, see you guys. we will be right back. ato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore.
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todd: back with extreme weather, powerful winter storms, heavy rain and snow in california, one woman hurt trying to escape during the mudslide. crews wrestling this woman trapped in her car by the mud and floodwaters. jillian: a 14-year-old was rescued from under 5 feet of snow that slid off the roof. janice dean tracking the storm. that photo is unbelievable. >> up amounts of rain and snow, we call this an atmospheric river, the jetstream is focusing specific moisture on the west bringing rainfall totals up to 10 inches along the coast, feet and feet of feet of snow. we get a break this weekend and
2:49 am
early next week. a pounding of rain and snow over this region, flash flood warnings in effect, blizzard warnings in effect and more rain and mountain snow across this area. long-term this is great for the drought, short-term flash flooding, mudslides, rockslides and avalanche danger as well. so far the west is the only place we are seeing a lot of action but i will tell you the cold air has arrived across the great lakes, the midwest and northeast and that is going to set us up for some snow next week. here is what we can expect, new york city, philadelphia towards boston, 5 to 7 inches we think but we will fine tune the forecast and bring the latest into the weekend but that is fun if you like the snow maybe maybe not. jillian: i don't get mad, i like snow. i like winter.
2:50 am
i like snow. thanks. >> janice: didn't i tell you a couple weeks ago this would be possible? jillian: los angeles mayor eric our city getting the first coronavirus vaccine dose despite saying in december he would not be jumping the queue. 's decision to get the vaccine. >> it is important when people get that medical device to say yes, not to be an example because you're an elected official but when it comes, people know you should say yes and should feel good about this vaccine being safe and i wanted to make sure we did that as well. jillian: california vaccine guidelines says it should only be offered to those over 65. sentencing day for the former fbi lawyer who pleaded guilty as part of the durham probe a judge will decide of kevin kleinsmith will face prison time for lying
2:51 am
on a document to continue spying on carter page. the former aides targeted during the russia probe, expected to speak at the hearing. >> the moment an explosion goes off in portland caught on camera. video showing federal agents in right gear even urging when fireworks explode next to a burning dumpster, literally a dumpster fire. protesters were throwing rocks. no member of law enforcement, one member was charged with attempted arson. police funding divergent as crime spike in austin. the multimillion dollar purchase made for the homeless instead coming up next.
2:52 am
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. .
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♪ jillian: farng, welcome back. the city of austin, texas, is buying a multi-million-dollar hotel to help the homeless and some of the money for that is coming from the police budget. todd: chelsea bolton with us to discuss the reallocation of funds and tell us if it is a good idea. keith ellison, thank you for -- kelsey thank youfor joiningg themselves up for a lose, lose here. >> debate whether cities buying hotels for millions of dollars that are only going to realistically house somewhere around 70 homeless individuals is going to make a dent in the root causes of homelessness. but separate from that, the question is should these city
2:56 am
officials be purchasing these hotels at the expense of public safety. the way austin was able to do that in this case is by defunding the police. the defund the police movement is very real. it has happened in multiple cities across the country. and you have residents who live next to these hotels that were not consulted, were not asked their opinions about housing the homeless population right next door to them. their number one concern, according to reports, is public safety. and now the police are stripped of their resources to provide that extra layer of security if this is the way the city wants to go about addressing the homeless population. jillian: let's go ahead and take a look at the break down of some of the numbers here and the costs of this. $150 million have been reallocating from the police one year. cost 6.7 million. that's the price of this homeless hotel. 1. of million per year to operate the hotel, which we are told is paid for from divert the
2:57 am
police funds. you just wonder if you are a respect in this area how you go about perhaps getting change in your area because you know gore you look at some of the crime rates increased in 2020. 64.9% total increase in total homicides. this is last summer at the height of everything when everything was happening and 28% in aggravated assaults. what would you say to the residents there? >> unfortunately, this increase in crime rates is not unique. this is happening across the country. we know that the protests which spiraled out of control into riot for the past seven month cost between 1 and $2 million in damages. they also took the lives of at least 30 americans. so defund the police at a time where public safety is very much a serious concern, it is, you know, protests and riots are costing families entire livelihoods. businesses they spent their
2:58 am
entire lives building up. it's reckless and deeply irresponsible. todd: along those lines, kelsey switch to portland. believe the city's core is no long are safe and these numbers are extremely concerning. the question was asked: how does your business view public safety in downtown portland a whopping 62% you a not say. 5'%s of businesses reported a decline in revenue from the last two years. and of that 34 expect it's going to take at least three years to recover. i see those numbers and say we are close, if not there, hitting a breaking point where the defund the police movement is going to have to stop all these protests and riots are going to have to be controlled you do you think we have reached that breaking point yet or see numbers go higher with riots like you see on the screen and key funding the police in the
2:59 am
next couple of years? these business owners impossible for them to operate where law enforcement have said they too not have the adequate resources in order to address the ongoing riots. there is a reason that a lot of americans are fleeing these blue states which are defunding the police. they are moving into a lot of these red state which is why i think you are seeing these movements also move into those states. but, certainly this is a serious issue. it's eye rope nic to look at images of the capital which is a military zone right now. so the left is okay with using police to protect themselves from, you know, what they say is a bunch of trump supporters but not okay with police in their own cities protecting small businesses. >> jillian: makes you wonder why anyone would want to have their businesses in some of these big
3:00 am
cities now adays. kelsey, thank you, appreciate your time. jillian: so much going on in these big cities. todd: scan the qr code on your screen. jillian: set your dvr 4:00 a.m. eastern every morning. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> a rift between wall street hedge funds and day traders becoming the latest populist flash point. >> the elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of users have figured out how to make themselves millionaires. >> new report has found new york state undercounted nursing home covid death. >> the number is as much as 50% higher. >> this is a massive corruption scandal at the highest level. >> figure it out or get off the podium. >> when i got up there, my blood started boiling a little bit. if you are not going to lead, take a stone to the side and let other people step into that void. >> president biden r


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