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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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losing career jobs, many of them six figures, and then the callousness of carrie and biden and buttigieg, it makes my blood boil. we need your help day and night. a lawyer ingram takes it away. >> laura: you and i came from blue-collar working-class backgrounds, and so we never really forgot that. that's where we came from. not that you have to come from that to understand it, trumped agent, but he understood that. those people are the backbone of society. if they work hard, they deserve to be paid a decent wage, and they don't deserve to have theio livelihoods ripped out from under them, which is happening right now. fantastic.g >> sean: they need their jobs back, give them their jobs back. >> laura: we will have to fight for those jobs, we will do that. thanks sean, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a big lineup for
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senator josh hawley, he's been in the news. he's here for the cancellation of conservatism has become something far more nefarious. senator lindsey graham on how biden's headed to the message has collapsed just like the impeachment posts. it's hilarious. why are the media ditching m the fact-checkers in the biden? raymond arroyo has at all and seen and unseen. first, the real extremists. that's the focus of tonight's angle. today, joe biden made it i official, mr. unity will heal the wounds of the divided america by using the power of the entire federal government to harass and investigate his political adversaries. from our bloated intel agencies to the doj and fbi, he and f f kamala harris will spy on americans they don't trust and
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they don't much like. the department of homeland insecurity sent out a scary looking bulletin today which read, information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with the objection to the presidential transition has perceived grievances field by false narratives could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence. now, pay close attention to that language. objections to governmental authority, other perceived grievances, false narratives could immobilize -- could commit violence. sounds obscenely fake and hypothetical, right? it then hear the accompanying press release, it they admit the truth, they've got nothing. dhs does not have any information to indicate its specific incredible plots. once again, it's ominously
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citing the possibility that they remain concerned due to grievances, ideological causes and false narratives. this is in the first times democrats have tried to justify what ultimately be an attempt to roll back your civil liberties. remember back in 2009, obama's dhs secretary warned about radicalized returning veterans and the right to wing extremism in general. she defined it as mainly antigovernment. it may include groups and hndividuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration. while the biden bulletin does make a vague reference to blm and nt folk without naming them it specifically lumps antilock down protesters into the same category as the capital riotersi the fbi apparently has put them at the top of their most wanted list. >> the enormity of this investigation -- is going to take a lot of work and effort. it's not going to be solved in
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the coming months. it will be a long-term investigation. >> the brutality american people watched on the sixth will not be tolerated by the fbi. we will leave no stone unturned in this investigation. >> laura: we want all of the criminals locked up, period. by the way, that u.s. attorney interesting to note is the same one was more than happy to drop charges against dozens of blm and antifa rioters over the summer. just like keeping thousands of national guard troops in washington until the spring is a choreographed set up a piece to justify the leftist campaign to intimidate, punish, and to
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silence ultimately their political opponents. this effort, it's not just immoral, it's illegal. it's un-american. in court, in practice, it should be declared unconstitutional. democrats are making a grave error, here. republicans are going to eventually get back into power and when they do, they will leave no stone unturned to investigate all of this, and then the tables are going to be turned on the agencies and to the individuals that ended up profiling and tracking innocent americans. until then, until the courts step in, they are going to try to scare you into silentwa submission. watch those emails you are sending. if you are a vet who attends an anti-lockdown protest, if you'vl done sidewalk counseling at abortion centers, you fly a thin blue line flag, or post on facebook against mail-in ballots, you could be seen as a potential domestic terrorist who could be incited to violence or commit violence similar to what we saw on january 6th.
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let's be clear, he repaired these cheap efforts are soep transparent, the intimidation is not going to work. it's certainly not going to deter us from fighting for what we know to be true. as the declaration of independence makes clear, our rights are unalienable. our freedom comes from god. we are never going to give it up for biden or harris or the media palace. conservatives and president trump have repeatedly and properly condemned all violence, no matter who is committing it. they've urged the biden folks to work with us on a bunch of issues. aoc and her radicals as well to work with the to find common ground to break up big tech. this a lot we can do together. they've decided, throw that out the window and go scorched-earth.
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spread lies about tens of millions of innocent americans. if they think that's the way to stop populism, by attempting to criminalize it, they are sorely mistaken. today's announcement confirmed trump was right all along. washington is a swamp, it's run by shadowy figures who work on amassing power for themselves rewarding their friends, and robbing the working classs blinds. that's what they meant when they said joe biden would get back to regular order if he was elected. effected they regular order. they proved criticism to correct, the more pushback they will see. they should've learned that lesson in 2016, they may have to learn it again in 2024. let there be no confusion here are populist movement is loyal to this country and its political system. we don't have any desire too
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engage in violence or to undermine our system of government. we are not going to be silenced. the american people stood up to the nazis, we stood up to the soviet union. we came so far, we addressed past wrongs. we are now going to back down to joe biden and kamala harris for goodness' sakes. that's the angle. joining me now is missouri senator josh hawley, member of the senate judiciary committee. the idea of canceling conservatives, it sounds like a cliche now. it's evolved into something quite sinister in the early days of the biden administration. you have been in their target zone. >> i certainly have, laura. it's a privilege to be so because i'm just doing my job representing the people of missouri. i can tell you right now, i'm not going to back down and bow down before the woke leftist mob. i i'm not quite to be canceled, i refused to cower and live in fear. c i'm going to call out their lives when they tell them, which
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is a lot these days. i'm going to keep doing my job to represent the people of missouri. >> laura: a former cia chief john brennan is totally -- it would shock you to hear tonight on board with targeting americans. >> this threat from domestic violence extremists is much more challenging, i believe, that it was in terms of going after foreign terrorists. going after al qaeda or the types of terrorist groups, their numbers written a single digits and dozens. it was finding needles in a haystack. here, there are a lot of haystacks with a lot of needles in them. >> laura: your reaction that tonight? >> frightening, very, very frightening. the remarks that individual has made, the hysterical ranting he does on a regular a basis extremely frightening. the idea he was ever in charge of intelligence assets of any kind in this country is deeply
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troubling. let me say something about this dhs bulletin. if they have specific, credible actionable intelligence they should act on it. this is just some attempt to amass power and go after the civil liberties of law abiding citizens, we're going to have a big problem. it is a department under biden dhs has a lot of questions to answer. congress needs to perform an oversight role here. this is very, very troubling. >> laura: disgraced fbi agent peter strzok, he wants you to believe that men and women in uniform at the core really can't be trusted. >> you need to understand what has happened to radicalize various people, particularly -- not only in our society, but specifically within law enforcement and the military. they skew conservative, they arg strong on law and order, and
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they're going to fall victim to the fantasies or rather extremist ideas including taking up violence. >> laura: senator hawley peter strzok, the font of all that is moral and right. >> he ought to be president. he has violated multiple etinvestigations and he lied unr oath repeatedly. it this is somebody who lied too the fisa court to get wiretaps during the presidential campaign. the fact that he was in charge of the fbi investigation, he and a small group at the fbi that targeted the former president targeted their associates, the greatest abuse of fbi power in my lifetime. now these people are givingg lectures. they got to stop and take a stand for the first >> laura: senator, i want to get into specifically what the fbi couldd be doing tonight givn this *edex. okay? does that mean anyone who posted on facebook about mail in ballots and getting together with other like-minded citizens
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because they were concerned about it, election integrity are they potential domestic terrorists? they said it before, pro-life people, radicalized on single-issue voters. that's what janet napolitano said all those years ago. this opens up a potential domestic spying operation on the social media posts, emails texts of innocent americans. they admit they have no evidence. they admit it! >> we've seen this movie before laura. we've seen law enforcement use these kind of vague threats as an excuse on several liberties. if there is specific and credible actionable intelligence, they should take a specific action. we need to justify what they are doing here. i think we've got to be wary of targeting law abiding citizens punishing political viewpoints. this is scary stuff. it's not unity.
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it joe biden talks about unity this isn't unity. it's a joke, it's an attempt to silence opposition. >> laura: hakeem jeffriesou good pal of yours in the house has spoken out on you and younu are supposed enroll on january 6th saying you are the ring your reaction to him tonight? >> i haven't seen his comments. it doesn't surprise me the hysteria and the lies coming from the left. let's call them what they are they are lies. the idea that leading a i democratic debate on election integrity on the floor of thee senate is akin to violence that's a it saying the attempt to overturn an election, that's a lie. saying it's an incitement of violence, that's a lie. those are all deliberate lies the people telling them know they are lies, and they are doing them to silence political opponents. it is unconstitutional, and i'm
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not going to stand for it. >> laura: and i saw your donations are actually picking up quite a bit. some corporations might've stepped aside, it looks like small donors stepped in. a big story tonight about that that we saw. that's not making your opponents happy tonight, either. >> we've seen since these attacks and attempts to silence conservatives, we've seen a huge surge of support from ordinary folks, saying, i don't want to be i'm going to support them. it's the one they have common sense. thanks for being with us tonight. from the targeting of americans to the trashing of the economy i give you biden's great economic surrender. that's the focus of the angle part two. during the trump presidency, the country didn't just receive unprecedented wealth and prosperity, we also became the
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world producer of natural gas. team biden has decided to throw it all away with a slew of executive orders. >> this executive order swc is the white house office ofdo domestic climate policy, it directs everyone who works for the president to use every tool available at our disposal to solve the climate crisis. >> he makes climate central to foreign policy planning, tube diplomacy, and to national security preparedness. >> laura: translation, these people are spitting in the face of hundreds of thousands of americans with good paying jobs in the oil and gas industry. they are cruelly raising the price of energy for the rest of us, especially the working class and the poor who will feel it the remember gina mccarthy?d it's the same person who inflicted endless suffering under the coal industry under obama. she was just warming up. if you are a fossil fuel worker worried about saving your family, have no fear, according to climates czar john kerry
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it's all in your best interest. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, they have alternatives, that they are the people who go to work to make the solar panels. >> laura: because none of those solar panels are going to be made in china, right? workers are not a resource. you can't take an entire industry and shift its manpower to a different industry like that.if just because they're both in the energy sector, it's insanity. plus, we've tried this all before. how did that work out? biden's picked you had the energy department may even be less confident at picking winners.ic a governor of michigan, he pumped millions into failed green energy companies including one registered to the address of a single wide trailer and run by
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a convicted embezzler who was sent back to prison after appearing on stage with granholm back in 2010. even the climate cloud they realize cutting all of our missions would have zero impact on so-called, global warming. >> paris alone is not enough. not when almost 90% of all of the planets and missions, global emissions come from outside of u.s. borders. z we couldro go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn't solved. >> laura: it takes your breath away. at the world's biggest emitter is china. was the biden plan for dealing with the ccp? and keeping their ambitions at global domination in check? >> obviously we have serious differences in china. the issues of intellectual
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property and access to market those issues will never be traded for anything that has to do with climate. that's not going to happen. climate is a critical stand-alone issue. >> laura: he's looking younger by the day. in other words, china can cheat lie, and steal all they want. don't you love how he tossed of those off? just as long as they make some fake pledge to cut emissions sometime in the distant future. gotpe it. now, climate kerry is not the one to give it away to china. our so-called partners in europe, the allies that biden is going to work with, they are falling right in line behind beijing, now. >> the chinese president spoke yesterday, he and i agree on we see a need for more -- the building of blocks, this is not my understanding of how things ought to be. >> laura: so much for the
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allies. even they see the writing on the walls. they can't just reflectively count on european support. if biden hoped his presence heri would mean closer e.u. and u.s. ties, he should think again. is this what people voted for? a new world order when china's in charge as the world superpower? it may be what the elites and wall street want, a lot of money for them. i doubted any working americans wanted to see this happen. it that's what we are getting with biden.y he's only eight days into this presidency, doesn't it already seem like eight years? he's already setting us up for decades of failure. that's the angle, part two.
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coming up, former trump covid advisors appearance on her show last night created such a buzz we had to bring him back. he's going to respond to dr. fauci's latest cheap shot plus his warning about the biden teams lurched toward a more lockdowns. stay there.
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>> laura: the biden administration on the ground floor, you feel it. a totally locked down 2021?
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the idea of getting back to a sense of normality as pouch he likes to say just a pipe dream? you all should be paying attention to the coordinated messaging, that's why we are here. in the past few days, the biden team has come out in favor of double masking. if you think your kids are assured of school this fall think again. both biden and his chief of staff had said the unions aren't fenton students, they are trying to make the schools safer. they are actively looking at mandating covid test for all domestic air travel. those aren't the only examples of shifting goalpost spirit and listen to these warnings from biden covid advisors from michael osterholm, pay special attention to the date. >> the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of thehe entire pandemic.
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>> i worry that the next 6-14 weeks are the darkest week of the pandemic. >> laura: [laughs] it's clear now that we are always going to be heading into the darkest hour under biden. never going to get better. the pandemic will never end, and they are going to use it to maintain total control over you. of course, the same people moving the goalpost will vehemently deny doing so once they are called out. that's what dr. fauci did on this very channel earlier today. >> the goalposts keep moving. we know california is having problems, we are talking about additional strains, we all wear our masks, we hope most people are wearing their masks, but now we hear we have to wear too? >> the discussion is changing not the goalposts. >> laura: we are t really stupid, dr. atlas, because it was a discussion all along. it wasn't actually objective metrics.
11:27 pm
i host a youth tv show, i'm running out of words to describe what we are seeing here. i will let you take it away. >> may be too masks is better than the goggles that dr. fauci said we use to need. there are some data here we should be talking about. we shouldn't be talking about these hypotheticals anymore. we are almost a year into this. the schools should be open that's been known by the data since march.. it's one of the lowest risk environments. i would rather hang out in a grade school than anywhere else because children are not susceptible to the disease. they don't even significantly transmit.e it's a low risk environment. the schools should be open period. i don't know what's going on
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these people are all over the map. what i find interesting, the people, dr. birx and the other people are somehow distancingon themselves from the policies and the performance under the trump administration. their policies, their recommendations were the ones that were used by everyone in the country save a couple of states. in fact, the reports that went out from the task force to the governors was written by dr. birx without any editing. the governors did what they did and they did exactly what dr. birx and how she recommended, which is these lock downs, school closures, business closures, mask mandates -- if you don't like the results of the policy, i don't know who they are criticizing. they are criticizing own results. m >> laura: it's dr. atlas fauci called you out by name and an interview with the atlantic today. he said, he brings in scott atlas as a pandemic advisor, who is a complete foil to poor debbie birx. i felt so bad for her, because he completely undermined her. he didn't undermined me because i didn't give a f about i didn't care what he said.
11:29 pm
i thought this was supposed tobo be a collaborative environment. i thought that's what liberals and he's a liberal, they all want more voices, it's good let's bat around ideas -- but he wanted his seat untouched. >> i'm very naive to washington. i'm not somebody who sat there for 30 years and a bureaucratic government position. i've been out working in clinical medicine and academic medicine and health policy for 15 or so years. i'm used to being challenged. these people are sitting here they're not used to being challenged. there's a lot of smart people in the hoover institution, if you don't know what you're talking about, you will be made a fool
11:30 pm
of. they were sitting there unchallenged for eight months.en i walked in and august, i said what about these studies? what about this? i brought in famous epidemiologist and infectious disease scientists to meet with the president. the response was, she just decided she didn't want to show up. this is not the way to develop the best policy. the american people should be very thankful that other people from outside came in instead ofa leaving everything to people who've been in bureaucratic positions for three decades. >> laura: can i say, they are insulated from the real world. the fact that people have to put food on the table, their kids are getting into depression they're not learning anything. we are talking about opening the schools on the the show. we were trashed for in march. aa i saw what was happening -- it was cleared these weren't super-spreader places grade we went into germany, france sweden, we went over the data their worst a few objects, but they were all handled. they didn't care. this is what i'm sane, you'rets being way too polite, that's why we love you, but they didn't care. now it's a double masks, triplew masks, now they are saying triple masks.
11:31 pm
let's play. let's watch. >> experts say you can double up with a tight fabric mask for added protection. now, virginia tech researchers found doubling up these cloth the masks increases the efficacy from 50 to 75%. a three layer mask could block up to 90% of the particles. >> laura: are they not wearing masks in california where you have all of the cases? they're not wearing masks in new york? were they not wearing masks in michigan? it seems like everyone i know are wearing i guess they're pretty good. >> when you look at the data from all the surveys whether it's gallup, americans have been wearing masks for months. this isn't the issue. i'm fine, people can wear as many masks as they want. as long as we open up -- there
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should be choices. this is a free country. i think what's destructive really is not so much the masks but we know is killing people is keeping businesses closed schools closed, keeping people isolated, suicides, child abuse domestic -- >> laura: i don't want to interrupt, and how to get this in. vaccinations as a percentage of population. okay? we've heard about she complained about this. here's our percentage of, vaccinations per population. 11.3%. okay? 11.3, usa 7.1, canada's 2.4 france is 1.8. only a few other countries have better percentages than we have. i think uae is really good, but they were handed a really good
11:33 pm
situation with the vaccines. now they are trying to say, we were handed a disaster. that's untrue. they have to be held to accountt for that smear of the trump administration. close it out. >> it's inarguable, really, that operation warp speed was really a tremendous success. a we are thrilled -- as people, a regular person should be thrilled that they developed drugs and vaccines in that kind of record time without cutting safety corners. you know, it's not a political issue.e.d i don't even know why everything has to be political. i went to washington very naive. i had nothing to do with politics, these people are political animals, and their interest in their own image rather than the facts. you're supposed to be doing the
11:34 pm
best for the american people. enough trashing -- it's challenging to get the vaccines let's get them to the people who are at risk for dying. that's a good strategy. >> laura: as far as i can tell looking at what the *dutch if just followed the trump plan, we would be by three or four months would be in good shape. they can't leave it at that. dr. atlas, thanks for coming on. fantastic appearance last night as well. biden unveils his green jobs plan paired we understand the green, but where are the jobs? why are media ditching their fact-checker? raymond arroyo has it all on "seen and unseen," next. s s
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>> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen segment where we reveal the stories behind the headlines. for that, we go to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. we've been reporting, biden unveiled his big climate initiative today. >> it wasn't only about climate regulations, it was about jobs! >> today is climate day at the white house, which means that today is a job stay at the white house. were not going to lose jobs, we are going to create jobs.
11:40 pm
prevailing ways to tap those over 1 million wells. these aren't pie-in-the-sky dreams, these are concrete actionable solutions. we know how to do this. the obama-biden administration rescued the auto industry and helped them retool. >> he was right the first time. the obama biden administration did reduce the auto industry. if they spent $23 billion on a united auto workers bailout. this was a sweetheart taxpayer funded deal to shield their union friends from taking pay cuts during the auto bankruptcies, the biggest joke of today was banning of new gas and oil
11:41 pm
leases is going to create more jobs. he says, they can close those abandoned wells. under biden's plan, there will be many, many more abandoned it's like me saying, my policies are going to create tons of going out of business sign makers. that's not good. >> laura: wait a second, back in the radio days tracking biden's promises about green jobs, i think it was 2009? >> more green jobs means more money in your pocket at the end of the month. >> the money landed in someone else's pocket, lori. it wasn't the taxpayers. obama and biden promised 5 million green jobs as part of that $787 billion stimulus package. the only thing green was the piles of cash spent on this. they never hit their goal, and to remember, they counted janitors, cleaners, and to bus drivers jobs. this was a boondoggle from a start to finish. >> laura: when they go back and they keep saying, it will all be solar, solar has some great jobs. i'm sure there will be some h jobs, but what's going to stop the solar panel manufacturers without trump's tariffs and other trade protections in place for moving over to asia, whether
11:42 pm
it's china or vietnam or india they will all move overseas. we will be left with no oil and gas jobs, and no solar panel jobs. >> china will -- which is why it was astounding that after years of ruthlessly fact-checking trump y "the washington post" has announced they are backing off of biden and to discontinuing their lie tracker. we have no plans to start a biden false or misleading claimt tracker, just as we had no plans at this point to start a trump tracker. the constant tweeting of falsehoods forced our hands, but we will have an open mind. >> laura: jim acosta at cnn he believes the fact-checkers
11:43 pm
should not be packed away just yet. >> we need to devote in our news organizations some resources to fact-checking these fringe ideas that are going to continue to exist on the far right in this country. this is not a time to put away our fact-checkers and some sort of box on the shelf. r they are going to be needed to fact-check this movement which is not going away. trump may be going away, but -- >> it's the movement, laura!it the bad man at mar-a-lago, he needs to be fact-checked, not theac guy spending billions or executive -- issuing executive orders like they are candy at halloween. i've never seen anything like it. if you're not, laura.or the "los angeles times" is stepping into the gap. they have launched a new project called, covering kamala harris which they say is dedicated to her historic rise to the white house -- or at least the naval observatory.
11:44 pm
i guess they don't realize the vice president doesn't live at. the white house. >> laura: let's look at some of the penetrating coverage it's pretty tough from the "los angeles times." this is from their instagram account. okay. it's just a reposting of her own social media propaganda. with absolutely no comment. >> since when is hugging a spouse news? there are some important reports. here's one, how kamala harris's' decision to join a sorority helped her become vice president. my favorite, my grandmother is named, kamala, and now the vice president's. this is like teen beat. >> laura: this is a tiger beat of politics. trump's gone, trump's gone trump isn't. does he not understand that he'a just proving to everyone that he's an ideologue on the left who hates populist conservatives. okay, then be *abundant. don't stand there with their tie on and be some objective journalist, you look like a fool.
11:45 pm
>> these politicians need to be held accountable by the media that's our job. >> laura: absolutely read howow did the unity message devolve into a dystopian nightmare? a shocking poll with interesting findings about trump's standings right now. senator lindsey graham right here, on next. s s trump's standings
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♪ ♪ >> laura: here now, senator lindsey >> laura: here now senator lindsey graham of the senate judiciary chairman. senator graham, i am just -- i'm not surprised, but with all of the negative news that's persisted, of course the second impeachment push just out, a new morning console poll is showing that 50% of republican voters want trump to play a major role in the party that's up 9% since the capital riot, and it's being driven by a 15-point surge in support from g.o.p. women. i goes on to say, i think it's 81% have a positive view of president trump. that's up from 76% before thet impeachment vote. he's off twitter, he's not commenting on every news item has the absence made the heart
11:51 pm
grow fonder? >> i talked to him twice, so -- absolutely. what have we learned? trump policies are universally thought to be good by every corner of the republican party. if you are in a reagan national security guy, trump delivered. if you are a pro-life person he's the best pro-life person in my lifetime, really. if you wanted to order instead of chaos at the border, he delivered. if you want your taxes cut, he did.n there's a respect for what hehe did, and there's a backlash brewing. this effort to destroy him for four years plus, to impeach him when he's in florida, has created a backlash not just among republicans -- i make a prediction. if he chose outcome up plays golf, gets involved, by june of 2021, his numbers are going to be up all over the place.
11:52 pm
>> laura: he will be more popular out of office, perhapser than when he was in office. it is not partly because people are seeing that in many ways he was just a proxy for the american people. tim acosta said trump is gone but trump is still here. we need to fact-check the domestic terrorists. people are saying this, it's becoming clear without trump necessarily commenting on it every day. >> the reason people turn to trump are even more noticeable after he left. it closed what's going on at the border. they are unraveling the security he put in place. caravans are forming. they are declaring war on fossil fuels, making us less energy independent. you have to buy from people who hate your guts and think you're
11:53 pm
crazy. that's all been rolled back. i think we'll come back strong in 2022. it to my republican colleagues there's no way and we're going to retake the house and senate without president trump's help. if you don't understand that you are missing a lot. the one by the way, liz cheney's vote to impeach trump -- a new poll. this is a save america packed. it sounds pretty accurate to me disapprove 69%. approved, 29%. they are not happy with this vote to impeach the president. it's not like they don't like liz cheney, they like the fact that donald trump bought for the middle energy prices -- he thought. you worked on this. mcconnell got all of these great judges in. people like the policies.wo that they might not of liked some of the other things, they love to the policies, and they know trump in the end was ath
11:54 pm
great president for the middle class. they know that. >> yes, he was. he was very strong on national security. i agree with them most of the time on national security. to name a president better for the military them president trump. the problem with how impeachment occurred without a witness being called within 50 hours in the president didn't have a lawyer. if you're looking for a reason to stop this impeachment and to dismiss it as soon as possible don't legitimize basically and impeachment of the president where you get more rights for the parking ticket than you do in this impeachment. >> laura: thank you so much f things are being here tonight. up next, the last bite. from russia, with love. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> laura: for most americans, the russia hoax was debunked long ago. not for and rachel maddow.
12:00 am
>> a weird thing about the previous president and russia. every time he spoke with russian president vladimir putin, we would learn about them having a conversation from the kremlin. that's what it's been like the last four years. but hello, new president. >> laura: hello. is russia her white whale? shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" take it all from here. shannon? shannon: it is a busy night, thank you very much. breaking tonight president biden texas to that could be for packing the supreme court with progressive justices. how real is the threat and what would it mean. the supreme court is the last bastion of conservative control and the 3 federal branches, republican appointed justices, mister biden sounded like he was against the idea of packing the supreme court during the democratic debate in 2019.


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