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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 24, 2021 2:00pm-4:00pm PST

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♪ ♪. arthel: i want to wish my uncle aaron neville happy birthday he turns 80 today happy birthday uncle aaron. i love you. eric: joe biden's first week in office about to begin, we are keeping an eye on that as well as riots interrupting on the west coast in reaction to them. i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: president biden speaking friday with canadian prime minister and mexican president, the mexican leader saying biden
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committed to sending $4 billion to central american nations where widespread poverty and gang violence are among the motivators spiking massive caravans headed for the us-mexico border. mark meredith has more from the white house. >> good evening it is going to be another busy week reports that there's going to be new travel restrictions imposed for europe as well as entered south africa with citizens coming into the country, this is something the outgoing trump a administration wanted to see happen allowing more travel to happen but it appears the biden administration is not going down that direction. the administration already ordering a pause of most deportations for the next three months acting homeland security secretary says the pause will allow the department to focus on resources where they are needed most. the president picked to lead the homeland security department in a holding pattern as republicans question about his plans to implement biden's porter under border policies free we know the president spoke with the president of mexico by phone on
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friday, they discussed migratiol is mexico's president saying he was told the u.s. plans to spend billions of dollars to help central american countries. the president has 30 had calls with some of the countries closest allies including the leaders of great britain and the leader of france who will be expected to see more of these calls as the president settles into his job. all this happening is the president is expected to take action to reverse a trump era policy that placed restrictions on transgender men and women serving in the military i newly confirmed defense secretary lloyd austin told congress he's in favor of ripping up those restrictions. >> i support the president's plan to overturn the ban that if you're fit and qualified to serve and you can maintain the standards, you should be allowed to serve. >> tomorrow the senate expected to consider for the last time
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the nominees for the secretary of the state and treasury department both are expected to pass, congress considers $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package this is something that the biden administration says congress should pass because the meat is so great with the pandemic but we heard from a number of republicans that are concerned about the price tag, lawmakers approved a stimulus package december so a lot of questions about how much money may be needed right now and is this the right approach and the president insisted deal can be reached and one that should happen. jon: mark where it is at the white house. thank you. the arizona republican party voting to center fellow republicans who went against the effort to overturn president biden's election when including john mccain's widow cindy mccain. it is largely symbolic but suggest a split within the party, david spunt has more from washington. >> there is an internal war and the arizona republican party.
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there is a donald trump faction in the john mccain faction. the mccain is made up of cindy mccain, jeff flake and governor doug ducey. all were censured by the arizona gop last night. but the center is nearly a symbolic step, should the state republican party and its official capacity is more the party of trump than mccain. the party nominee for president 12 years ago arizona gop chairwoman kelli ward was narrowly reelected last night, governor ducey has an interesting storyline as he was close with president trump but he believed governor ducey did not do enough to help them win arizona after he lost the state to president biden. the widow of the late senator john mccain cindy mccain tweeted it is a high honor to be included in a group of arizonans who have served our state and nation so well and who like my late husband john have been censured by the arizona gop. i will wear this as a badge of honor former senator jeff flake posted a picture of he,
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mrs. mccain and governor ducey at the inauguration last week all censured by the arizona republican party he wrote simply, the caption good company. utah seven or mitt romney with chris wallace said he believes there will be a shift in the cog months and years the longer former president trump is out of office. >> i think her party is going to return to more fundamental principles which is fiscal responsibility believing in the importance of character, standing with our allies and pushing back against people like kim jong-un and vladimir putin. >> president biden beat president trump in arizona by ten and a half thousand votes. jon: david spunt in washington. thank you. a crackdown on crime in seattle with that city's interim police chief same violence has gone on for too long, more than 600 protesters and writers have been arrested since unrest broke out last summer, alex hogan is live in new york city with more on
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the story. >> the chief announcing that there will be harsher legal consequences for anyone who incites or causes violence at any rally or protest. adrian telling people that they will no longer be able to get away with vandalizing private property. authorities say on wednesday the day of the inauguration group vandalized several buildings the protesters smashing the windows of an amazon store and a starbucks in seattle's market. police arresting three people on charges of burglary, assault and property damage. >> the events of breaking windows at five different locations with no meaning, there was no discussion about what they were fighting for, what social justice message, that cannot happen. >> diaz going on to argue that violence and city damage at
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protest will only continue if people don't think that they will get in trouble, seattle police arrested 600 people since the spring but many of those people have not been prosecuted yet. since the death of george floyd seattle like many cities around the country saw massive protest. the movement creating valleys, peaceful marches or standouts with police and even a creation of the thomas zone. the chief called for an end of violence during three marches for the sake of been business owners who have been hard-hit during the pandemic and lockdown say the property damage will push back their potential recovery moving forward. mayor bill de blasio is defending the nypd for making arrest and protesting city hall last week, he cited because of the increase sensitivity of what happened in the nation's capital giving because for some of those arrests. jon: alex hogan in new york city. thank you. >> in portland, oregon dozens of protesters gathered outside an
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ice facility last night the crowd chanting no borders, no nations, abolish deportation. police declared the gathering unlawful around 10:00 p.m. the protesters who did not disperse were met with tear gas and grenades in the street. let's bring in sean duffy former republican congressman of wisconsin and a fox news contributor as well. thank you for being with us. the riots in portland go on, how do you see the biden administration handling them? >> to think back to the campaign, joe biden was asked about antifa and antifa were doing the rioting not only on wednesday night but last night and biden pretended like he did not know who antifa was he said this is just an idea. he would not even name antifa in the violence of their causing not just in portland and seattle but in washington, d.c. and new york city. if you can't name the groups that are causing the violence in the upper, i think of a hard time defeating it, i look at
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this and if you met this kind of violence in writing like you met the rioters at the capital with overwhelming force you identify people, rest and prosecute, however, if you let this go on for months on end and people get away with it and they can attack, they can burn, they can throw molotov cocktails on police and buildings, it will continue. we cannot have two standards, one for republicans and one for democrats if it's a one standard for all political violence and met with overwhelming force and it should be crushed and people should be held accountable under the law no matter what your political persuasion is because a lot of people thought if the trump of initiation were to leave office then all of the protesting that is because so much damage in portland and seattle in cities like that all of that wood and but it seems to continue. >> there's a conversation about domestic terror, i don't think there's a need for special division in the federal
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government to address domestic terror but no doubt they are domestic terror group they want to overthrow the system that we have a place in our government and we should not allow or stand for it. the problem with this, and a republican and democrat standing together alike. remember last summer when donald trump sent an federal law enforcement officers in the attack on ice facility, nancy pelosi called them storm troopers. she cannot stand with law enforcement to say this is unacceptable in any american city. we need everybody of all political to stand against this and i think it will end if we get that kind of bipartisanship. jon: when i first moved to new york city in the late '80s they found it about 10% of the criminals were causing 90% of the crime. so you crackdown on the few criminals and things got pretty well cleaned up in the city. portland and seattle your saint to do the same kind of thing? >> i think you have to go for
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the leaders as well, we cannot have the leaders organizing different movements and do it with impunity, you have to go after them as well for the organization and the violence in the property damage, if you do that i think you will see very quickly in seattle and in portland. i look at what happened at the u.s. capitol, republicans and democrats stood together, no one stands for political violence, we were outraged even those were some trump supporters and i'm a trump supporter, i don't stand with those people, i call it out for what it is. it's unacceptable. democrats have to have the same heart and passion but again something is wrong in america if there's one political standard for people being right in a different political standard for people who lean left, you will get more political violence if you have two different standards under the law for different political groups or people to retreat from the political system and again, that's a bad result as well. let's treat everybody equally and use the same laws in the same force for anybody who
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engages in political violence across the country. jon: you mention what happened at the capital on january 6. we now learn there going to be 5000 national guard troops at least remaining on capitol hill supposedly to protect us or to protect the building from further violence. senator tom cotton was on sunday morning futures and talked about the reasoning behind that. >> i'm not aware of current reporting that suggest we need the 7000 troops and razor wire around the capital. the inauguration is behind us, these troops did a great job, i respect their service, they deployed on short notice but it is time to send home the troops. if there is threats, if the threat reporting warranted, we can bring troops back but we don't need to turn people's house, the center of our republic into an armed camp. jon: for those who don't know he is an army veteran and saints and the national guard home.
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what is the motivation behind keeping those soldiers, troops there. is it for protection or for dramatic effects? >> i thought it was appropriate to bring in the national guard after you have the rights of the capital to lock it down into make sure there is a presence and heir of security but right now, i agree with senator cotton i don't think there's a great threat to the u.s. capital and i think this is not about democrats trying to show were frightened for security, praying for our safety and there's a movement of force that wants to overthrow the u.s. government, not true at all. send them home. if you have them in the capital, treat with them with respect, give them a place to sleep and use the restroom. don't put them in a parking garage coming up 5000 people in one bathroom and one outlet. have more respect for the men and women who serve this country. you cannot respect them when the cameras are on and look like it's for show, respect them all the time. if you don't need them and put
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them in a parking garage, you probably don't need them at the capital. let them go back to the family, jobs and work. if you have a threat, keep in there but from what i've heard from my colleagues on the hill in a former member of congress i have not heard any information that there is credible threat to the u.s. capital right now where you would need 5000 troops on the ground. jon: roughly the same number of troops that we have on the ground in iraq and afghanistan that we have on capitol hill. sean duffy former member of congress. jon: the u.s. topping more than 25 million coronavirus cases according to john hopkins university. some states are putting pressure on the biden administration to speed up the vaccine distribution process. charles watson live in atlanta with more on that. >> public health officials are trying to contain the coronavirus variances they believe to be much more contagious than the original stream but they're having a very difficult time getting their hands on more vaccine doses
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across the country hospitalizations are flattening at nearly every state is reporting a decline in new infections. public health officials warn that can be upended as a nation faces a shortage of vaccines. >> we are in a race against the variance, the virus will change it it's up to us to adapt and make sure were staying ahead. >> for now some states are scaling back plans to expand access to the public in new york city officials were forced to cancel more than 20000 appointments this week as supplies reach critically low level statewide. a letter to the biden administration ohio governor says he will welcome mass distribution sites run by the federal government but only if that means ohio it's more doses of the vaccine and a letter to the biden administration he
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writes a most different thing you can do is get us more vaccines, we can deal with most of the other challenges surrounding the distribution but the need for more is imperative in a month and a half into the vaccine rollout in cdc data shows only about one person of america has been vaccinated this far so a long road ahead as beating the pandemic. jon: charles watson in atlanta, thank you. more ahead on the "fox report", russia's opposition leader calling for another round of protest after thousands were arrested and marches across the country yesterday. why his supporters are refusing to back down. ♪ best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: other headlines from around the globe. israel closing international airport to nearly all flights. that country has one of the world's highest coronavirus rates of infection. orthodox jewish protesters fighting with israeli police officers try to close schools that are violating lockdown orders. in the netherlands a protest against lockdown attending the violence, rioters setting fires and throwing rocks at police at least 30 people arrested there. in brazil a second straight day of protest as thousands call for the impeachment of president. he is under fire for the countries coronavirus response,
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the pandemic has killed more than 200,000 brazilians. and at the vatican pope francis is urging to pray for the homeless who have been hit hard by the pandemic. this after a man froze to death a few feet from st. peter's square. meanwhile in russia officials are accusing the united states of meddling en masse protests across the regime, demanded the release of kremlin alexei navalny, the kremlin downplaying the skill administration were at least 3000 people have been arrested. trey yingst has the latest from jerusalem. >> good evening protest erected across russia this weekend and support of opposition leader alexei navalny. the numbers are staggering in moscow alone an estimated 40000 people participated in the demonstration as many class with police across the country at least 3000 people were arrested.
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including navalny's wife. a spokesperson for vladimir putin is accusing the united states of meddling in their internal affairs. on saturday the u.s. state department put out a statement calling for navalny's release saying the united states will stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies and partners in defense of human rights. whether in russia or wherever they come under threat. this follows a move by president biden on thursday asking his director of national intelligence to probe russia's use of a chemical weapon against the country top opposition leader navalny traveled to russia after spending months in germany recovering from being poisoned, he was arrested immediately upon arrival, to give you a sense of how dedicated these protesters are it was negative 58 degrees in one russian city and that did not stop people from taking to the streets in support of navalny. jon: trey yingst from jerusalem. that is a look at stories from around the globe. still ahead "fox report" new concerns in california over when regional shutdown orders expire.
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i'd call my grandfather as a result of the research that i've started to do on ancestry. having ancestry to fill in the gaps with documents, with photographs, connecting in real time means that we're having conversations that are richer. i have now a closer relationship with my grandfather. i can't think of a better gift to give to my daughter and the generations that come after her. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report", it is the bottom of our if you're just joining here's a look at the top stories. park county nevada will reportedly reopen schools due to a rise in student suicide. the district will bring
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elementary age students back to the classroom, the paper says 18 clark county students have taken their own lives since lockdown began in march. the fbi is investigating a suspected bomb blast in church in almonte california near los angeles police were called to the baptist church around 1:00 a.m. and saw smoke pouring out of smash windows the church have been the center of recent protest after his pastor condemned same-sex marriage. belgian chocolate maker will close down all of its brick-and-mortar stores in north america. the company says it will close 128 cafés and shops by the spring saying the pandemic is kept people away from shopping and person. more on these and other stories download the fox news app you can scan the qr code on the screen or go to apps. california leaders under fire for not releasing key data a run of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, state official states
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because the data is confusing and can mislead the public. critics are calling out the lack of transparency and that is causing big political trouble for the governor. christina coleman live in los angeles with more on that. >> you have organizers trying to recall the governor a whole host of reasons why they want him out of office including the state out of control homelessness crisis and now you have the new complaints, this over transparency in the state he koba data even though it did not look like any of the states current stay-at-home orders would be lifted based on capacity the state announced that restrictions would be lifted for the greater sacramento area last week. leaving some critics demanding more from answers, however, the ap reported that a spokeswoman for the department of public health said in an e-mail to the associated press that at the moment projections are not being shared publicly. state health officials say it would possibly confuse or mislead the public but critics
2:30 pm
argue that not releasing this information will lead to more public uncertainty. and that this could add momentum to the latest recall effort, support for the recall effort surged after newsom went to the ill-advised dinner in the middle of this pandemic. >> he tells us not to go to dinner but he goes to indoor dinner for our lobbyist and does not wear a mask. we have a speaker from san francisco as well, speaker pelosi tells people they cannot get their hair done she can. >> the petitioner say they already have 70% of the valid signatures needed to trigger a special election the deadline to submit all of the signatures is march 17.. jon: christina coleman in los angeles. as she mentioned governor gavin newsom is facing a recall effort over his handling of the pandemic, now he's under fire for not disclosing key data that
2:31 pm
will help determine when stay-at-home orders are lifted. fox news medical contributor doctor marc siegel joins us now. you have taken a look doctor siegel at the numbers in california and you are not impressed with the way they are handling this pandemic. even though they have some of the strictest lockdown orders in the country. >> i'm actually questioning that. those lockdown orders they started with closing outdoor restaurant when there was no evidence of spread and outdoor restaurants whatsoever they should've looked at where the spread was occurring and targeted that. instead they shut down and as you pointed out, there is a lot of evidence in california has tremendous cost of that. and a great deal of suffering and mental health issues that occur. look at the actual numbers that they are ignoring, they've a situation where there's 23000 new cases a day in california that is down 35% from two weeks ago and hospitalizations are at 19000 which is down 10% from two
2:32 pm
weeks ago, clearly the numbers are going in the right direction and another thing is a regional issue, san francisco the numbers are way way less in sacramento way less then los angeles county, why not target los angeles county in terms of public health compliance. why put it across the board and all the other regions which are doing a lot better. jon: isn't the case that california has received about 4 million doses of the vaccine and has administered less than half of them? >> that is another thing that governor newsom is getting great criticism four. top official of the former hhs said to me they had plenty of meetings with the governors of different states, some were paying attention and some were not, there are some states like west virginia, north dakota, connecticut where there's been an incredible distribution and administration whereas in california you just pointed out over 4 million doses have been
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distributed which is what they asked for in only 1.6 million have been administered, obviously the plan of giving the pharmacies in the independent the regular pharmacies involved in clinics and hospitals involved did not occur at the rate it should have, we definitely need as much as administration as possible of the doses that are out there. jon: you mentioned west virginia, north dakota, connecticut as having done a good job, what is it that they're doing that california is not? >> in north dakota they told me i spoke to a top health official in north dakota and he said they are using the little pharmacies, the independent pharmacies, and connecticut it has to do with the public health response where everything is core needed, if you're in a state where the state has been working at compliance and communicating well with the citizens and health officials you're more likely to get a positive result. obviously it's easier in a smaller state or state would less population but messaging
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has been a huge problem in california. jon: is just about a year since all of this began in the united states. prior to that in china, senator tom cotton was remembering the horrible anniversary when he spoke with maria bartiromo earlier today. listen. >> a year ago this month i was trying to ring the alarm about this virus that was creating an unknown kind of ammonia. i think all the evidence, circumstantial to all the evidence continues to point to the institute of biology of wuhan and not some food market in wuhan, china is covering enough like they covered it up for weeks have deadly this viruswas and what could've beena local health challenge in wuhan turned into the deadliest pandemic in a century. jon: the world health organization has traveled to china to try to get to the bottom on what happened. what do you think their chances are? >> i think it's very hard for them to do it a year later in
2:35 pm
their initial reports, we think public health measures should've been in place way earlier but that is pretty obvious in terms of the specifics of the wuhan institute of biology shocking facts came out before the turnover to president biden's new state department. apparently in the fall of 2019 several scientist at the wuhan institute of biology according to the state department got sick with covid type symptoms. we know there was a coronavirus in that lab that is 96% similar to the stars virus of covid-19 were also hearing reports of scientist traveling to batcave to look for samples of coronavirus because that's probably where they started with a horseshoe batna batcave, they were apparently bitten. there's a lot of possibilities of wuhan institute could've been involved in terms of somebody accidentally getting infected and spreading it beyond the lab. i think that's where the money may be in there has not been
2:36 pm
enough investigation. jon: a story that china put out starting in a fish market in wuhan, you don't buy that? >> is a possibility but let's remember how many things we were told from china that turned out not to be the case including when the started there is a lot of information that this may have started in advance they were clearly trying to suppress information, that lab is only 2f town, i don't think there's any evidence whatsoever this was a bioengineered virus but i think there is some suspicion it could've been in the slab, i think that's a possibility. jon: now that we have a couple of vaccines up and running in the distribution is proving to be a problem but for those people who have had the vaccine and received it, what is your assessment about its effectiveness. >> i think it's very effective. i spoke to david kessler the new head of operation warp speed for fda commissioner and he said
2:37 pm
there looking over the safety data of those who have had it now in the incoming new a administration. he said the safety data in the effectiveness of the data of those who receive this is extraordinary. i think it works, i think it works the way that we thought it did from the studies but i would just caution people this is not the time to take your mascot and go back to normal even if you had the vaccine because we still need to get the blood test out there that proves immunity. we do not have that but for sure, i who have got the vaccine definitely feel much less at risk than before. jon: what do you say to people, as i mentioned the distribution has been a nightmare and varies from state to state obviously but what do you say to people who might be immunocompromised or in age where they ought to be getting the vaccine or in a line of work where they ought to be getting the vaccine but have not been able to get it yet. >> i'm very concerned about this
2:38 pm
and kessler told me they're going to try to simple by the distribution and focus on people who are going out and not at home and who are immunocompromised and those over 65. i think part of the problem up until now is a complex distribution plan where it was like reading a ouija board and if you did not sit where you're supposed to they ended up discarding shots, all of that has to go away and i would also tell people out there i think you're going to see over the next month or two pharmacies, front and center, that's work for the last ten years people have been getting their vaccines in pharmacies, pharmacies are quick to this they know how to give out vaccines, that is what were going to see, i think it's good to be a matter of weeks, one more thing, the johnson & johnson vaccine is approved two weeks from now which i am expecting that's going to be a game changer, that is going to be more and more vaccines out there. the production of these vaccines is difficult, as kessler told me, it's not like building a car, these are very, very difficult vaccines to make that's why there has been a slow
2:39 pm
down in the production side. once we get them, we can get them into people's arms going forward. jon: johnson & johnson will simply add to the number that is available and make it more prevalent throughout the country. >> it is one-shot and it doesn't have to be kept frozen and we can get into poor neighborhoods. that vaccine even if it's 70 or 80% effective maybe not quite as much as a moderna or the pfizer that will be a game changer, three vaccines and we can ramp up close to 100 million doses of each by the late spring or summer we will have a lot of people vaccinated. jon: cannot come soon enough. doctor marc siegel, thank you. >> knew details emerging about america's newest billionaire as we learn the winning of the mega millions ticket was bought in michigan at a grocery store just one ticket matched the six numbers for the billion dollar jackpot and jo we don't know the
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jon: in washington republican senator shelley more capital when we introduce a bill that would maintain the supreme court at nine justices pre-this in response to democrat calls to expand the bench after gop election your confirmation of justice amy coney barrett. but democrat congressman tom swansea says the record should remain as is. >> i always thought that was the case, nine supreme court justices has always been good we
2:45 pm
managed to work on my voice been supportive of that, i don't like the idea of increasing the supreme court, i never have. jon: president biden says he does not support expanding the high court but has pledged to a similar group of scholars to examine the issue. president biden takes office with a number of challenges on his plate and many overseas rich edson has more from the state department. >> biden administration appointees are gradually staffing the state department washington headquarters the one nominee is missing secretary anthony blinken is still waiting for his senate confirmation vote. when he does arise he will face a series of foreign policy decisions especially on china. >> president trump was right in taking a tougher approach to china. >> lincoln agreed with the trump administration accusing china of genocide and blocking chinese products made with slave labor from the u.s. although the biden administration quickly moved to reverse president trump's decision to leave the world health organization as analyst
2:46 pm
day the w.h.o. last year publicly applauded china as a chinese government was refusing to share information to help contain the virus. >> how are we going to hold the w.h.o. accountable in the taxpayer-funded for the w.h.o. to make sure does not become a path for china. >> on inauguration day china announced sanctions on more than two dozen former trump administration officials. including outgoing secretary of state mike pompeo, former senior trump administration at tells fox news the previous state department staff prepared sanctions on senior chinese government officials. to give the biden administration immediate options to retaliate, current state department spokesperson says china sanctions are counterproductive and u.s. officials will work with american allies on china related issues, it's also unclear whether the biden administration will maintain the trump campaign against chinese telecom companies, tariffs on imports and penalties for increasing repression and hong
2:47 pm
kong. >> abiding a administration is moving on russia proposing to extend for five years, the last remaining nuclear arms treaty between the u.s. and russia. the kremlin says it welcomes offer on a new start treaty though it says it's waiting for more details from the u.s. before officially signing off. at the state department rich edson fox news. jon: the coronavirus that originated in china has hit other nations hard none hard in the united states, more people are dying from covid-19, some families cannot. their loved ones, the funeral home say they are simply running out of room, hunter davis is an oxidant texas with an inside look. >> a grieving family first question when they call a funeral should not be do you guys have room. >> but it is, before the covid-19 pandemic the funeral home in los angeles says they
2:48 pm
were hosting about 35 funerals in a month and as of december, that number has more than tripled. >> the last month of december totaled 150 cases. >> the funeral home has turned array 25 families a day and in some cases started a waiting list for those who need services. >> the reason is the mortality rates right now if hospitals and ics are completely packed the morgues are packed, our morgues are packed. >> california bringing in refrigerated semi trucks for bodies, texas is doing the same. >> we are used to doing between the three anywhere from 50 funerals a month now were looking at 80, 90, sometimes 100. >> the funeral operates in three different areas. in the last six months the caseload has gone up 300%. >> a funeral home in west texas has been 90% covid-19 related
2:49 pm
castings, here in the hill country i would say about 30 - 40% have been covid related passing. >> funeral home staff are working 12 - 16 hour days to meet the demand at the same time dealing with their own loss and waiting to catch a break. >> my grandma passed away from covid-19 it is no joke, you want to tell people to wear their masks, stay at home and let's ride this out together. >> hospitals like this one in texas aim to provide some sort of relief during the covid-19 surge, still this funeral home directors i spoke to say at this pace they don't know how much longer they can last. in austin fox news. jon: coming up on the "fox report" winter storms can bring rain, storms and dangerous conditions across much of the
2:50 pm
u.s. beginning tonight, adam klotz has a full forecast next. ♪
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jon: a rare winter storm bring snow to malibu. malibu, california, there are images to prove it from the los angeles county sheriff's department. parts of our nation are bringing enter bracing for more winter weather it can be nasty.
2:54 pm
adam klotz here to explain. >> widespread winter weather cross this sunday leading into the next couple of days currently we are tracking the leading-edge of what will be working in ways across the country, this is running at the mid-atlanta, there is a little bit more energy to the west and creating bigger weather and winter storms in the next couple of days. you see the rain over portions of west texas, that will be energy that lifts into the planes whole lot of snow the next couple of days and we continue to get round after round of rain and wintry weather in the pacific northwest that will also be an issue as we start off the north country workweek in the next couple of days. winter storm watches and warnings not typically do see them stretch from southern california all the way across the plains and up into the midwest, chicago, milwaukee so you're running right around lake michigan a winter storm track in its way across the country on monday and tuesday with the
2:55 pm
upcoming work week who's gonna see rain and who's good to see snow there is warmer weather in the southeast you are seen mostly heavy rain maybe freezing rain at times but everything along that frontal boundary into the north becomes heavy snow and you will see that across the plains in some cases over afoot, heavy winter weather shifting his way toward chicago and even snow across portions of southern california, this aligns with where temperatures are. here's your future radar you see the rain on the leading edge of the system and the backside of the system that is where the heavy snowfall we will track this mostly on monday and tuesday so i wintry start to the workweek. jon: meteorologist adam klotz, thank you. 22000 fans will get to attend the super bowl lv at raymond james stadium in tampa florida. those include 7500 vaccinated healthcare workers who received free tickets to the game as a thank you from the league to those on the pandemic front
2:56 pm
line. the nfl says masks and social distancing will be mandatory, super bowl lv kicks off february 7. in colorado they celebrate the 25th annual great fruitcake toss. here's a look at the event in munich to springs participants are judged by the distance, accuracy, balance and speed, participants can buy a 1 pound fruitcake or bring their own or recycle the one that you received for christmas. it's probably still sitting on a shelf. on "the next revolution", steve hilton takes a deep dive into the origins of covid-19. the investigation will raise serious questions about everything we've heard about the virus and how it started. don't miss "the next revolution" tonight at nine eastern on fox news channel about three hours from now. that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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where i needed it. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ jon: president biden reaching out to two key allies as he prepares for what is expected to be a consequential first full week in office. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is our special second hour of "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: president biden holding his first phone calls with foreign leaders friday with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and mexican president lopez obrador. the mexican leader saying biden committed to sending $4 billion to central american nations where widespread poverty has sparked massive caravans heading for the u.s./mexico border. mark meredith has more. >> reporter: good evening, jon.
3:01 pm
another busy week for president biden and his staff. the focus tomorrow expected to be on the economy and while critics are talking about his immigration policies, the administration also doing all it can, it says, to get the pandemic under control. there are reports there are going to be new travel restrictions imposed onion-u.s. citizens trying to come in from europe and elsewhere, reuters reporting south africa going to be added to that list. the president has spent much of this last few days talking to world leaders by phone, in addition to mexico's president, with we know he's spoken to the leaders of canada, u.k. and france. no foreign trips on the calendar as of yet due to the pandemic. the president continuing to urge congress to approve a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package. the white house reached out to a bipartisan group of lawmakers today talking about what was going on in this package, what may need to be taken out, but some republicans have made it clear they are concerned about the price tag. >> the total figure is pretty
3:02 pm
shocking, if you will, and the idea that we need a stimulus is a little hard to understand because i'm one of those that's convinced if you want to see this economy get going, we've got to get beyond covid. >> reporter: as for the president, we did catch a glimpse of him on a sunday morning, he was leaving church in georgetown. he topped by holy trinity catholic church, unclear if that's going to be his new church or simply one of his first stops as he gets his new address and figures out where he's going to be going in d.c. it was also interesting that the motorcade stopped for a moment so that his son hunter could stop at a d.c. deli and get some food. as for the president's cabinet, jon, the senate working to confirm the nominees for the state and treasury department tomorrow, and there is still a lot of talk about what the schedule's going to look like going forward because we have that second impeachment trial coming up for former president trump. jon? jon: mark meredith at the white house, thank you. in arizona republicans vote to
3:03 pm
censure several prominent party members who were at odds with former president trump. including senator john mccain's widow, cindy mccain. members also reelected staunch trump supporter kelly ward as the state's gop chairwoman. all the time that the former president's power in the gop remains very strong. david spunt has more from washington. >> reporter: there is an internal war in the arizona republican party. there is the donald trump faction and the john mccain faction. the mccain faction is made up of cindy mccain, jeff flake and governor doug ducey. all three were censured by the arizona gop last night, but the censure is merely just a symbolic step. it shows the state republican party in its official capacity is more the party of trump than mccain. the party nominee for president just 1 the years ago. arizona gop chairwoman kelly ward was narrowly reelected last
3:04 pm
night. governor ducey was close with president trump, but the former president believed the governor did not do enough to help him win arizona after he lost the state to president biden. the widow of the late senator john mccain tweeted: it is a high honor to be included in a group of arizonans who have served our state and nation so well and who, like my late his john, have been censured by the arizona gop. i'll wear this as a badge of honor. jeff flake posted a picture of he, mrs. mccain and governor ducey at the inauguration last week, all censured by the republican party. he wrote simply the caption, good company. senator mitt romney on "fox news sunday" says he believes there will be a shift in the coming years the longer president trump is out of office. >> i think our party is going to return to some of our more fundamental principles, fiscal responsibility, believing in the importance of character and pushing back against people like
3:05 pm
kim jong un and vladimir putin. >> reporter: president biden beat former president trump in arizona by 10,500 votes. jon? jon: david spunt in washington. david, thank you. so ooh here to talk about president biden's first days in office, republican senator from tennessee, marsha blackburn. she is a member of the senate judiciary committee. senator, i want to start with something just hot off the presses, our john roberts tells us, this is a direct quote from trump adviser jason miller, he writes: the president -- now former president -- has made clear his goal is to win back the house and senate for republicans in 2022. there is nothing that is actively being planned regarding efforts outside of that. but it's completely up to republican senators if this is something that becomes more serious. in other words, no plans for the
3:06 pm
president to begin a third party in this country. your reaction. >> president donald trump is going to continue to be a very important voice in the republican party and for conservatives. and, you know, jon, you look at the policies and what he put in place, what he accomplished over four years, and tennesseans talk to me every single day, and they are just so grateful that he put the emphasis during his time in office on what i call the big five; feint, family -- faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity. and they expect that that is going to happen, and i will tell you also after president biden's first week in office i've heard from some individuals who are really not happy with some of these executive orders and the way this administration has said, oh, we're all for unity. but what they're really wanting is for you to submit and conform
3:07 pm
to an agenda that is the agenda of the left. jon: the jobs, 11,000 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs. it took money off the economies in some of these rural areas where the pipeline was going. it did damage to our biggest trading partner, canada. and what does it do? when you look at keystone, it puts china in the driver's seat. when you look at the paris climate accords, china is cheering because it means that we're going to be submitting to the will of other countries, and china is the biggest polluter that is out there. so these are not good for the u.s. economy. they're going to drive up your cost of electric power, they're going to drive up your cost of
3:08 pm
getting in your car, getting to work. all of this is being done while people are trying to get back on their feet and get back to work because of this china pandemic that we have been through with covid-19. jon: what about fracking? it has not received a lot of attention. >> yeah. jon: the president, now-president on the campaign trail said, no, i don't want to ban fracking. and yet one of his first acts as president is to ban fracking, at least -- >> yeah, you're right about that. and also to end the oil and gas releases on public lands -- leases on public lands. so what he is doing is disadvantaging anything that has to do with hydrocarbon. and, of course, we know that what the left wants is to move toward renewable energy, wind and solar primarily, but not nuclear which is, of course, the most efficient and cost
3:09 pm
effective. so this is the old playbook that they have tried before. they tried it in the energy policy act of 2007 that barack obama tried it, and look at the money that they put into solyndra and some of
3:10 pm
>> by robust, respectful political debate. but the left does not want that. they want the cancel culture. they want you to submit to the agenda of the left. they want you to conform to their way of doing things. look at these executive orders. whether it is covid, whether it is energy, whether it is amnesty, opening up our border. and look at the steps that they are taking. they are quickly trying to erase the gains that our nation made during president trump's term,
3:11 pm
and they are trying to put the agenda of the left. so you can talk all day long about unity, but if you're governing from the left, you're not inviting the other side to have a conversation and to go through that process of respectful debate and arrive at a consensus that is going to be the best for all americans. jon: but as a senator, joe biden was said to be somebody who could reach across the aisle and work with republicans. >> yeah. jon: it's sort of traditional among presidents to include a member of the other party even in your cabinet. it might be a more minor position, but it's often done. where does that stand? >> at this point i've not heard of anyone who is a republican that is being considered for a position in the bidening administration. biden administration. and we'll see what continues to happen with that. what we do know is these
3:12 pm
executive orders, these 25 executive orders that he has exercised are things that have pulled the policy of this administration far to the left. as i said, when you look at opening the border, stopping the construction of the border wall, when you look at what is happening with the energy sector, hydrocarbons, disadvantaging our biggest trading partner, look at what happened with girls' sports. i have to tell you, i was just shocked that they took that step to allow boys into girls' sports if they identify as a girl. and we've worked so hard to open these doors for young girls in high schools and college. so that was a tremendous disappointment. jon: and it's hard to believe that that is seen at 1600 pennsylvania avenue as one of the most pressing needs of the nation in this incredibly difficult time.
3:13 pm
>> you're exactly right. people want to get back to work, they want to get children back to school, and they want to see a return to normalcy. and, jon, i have to tell you, i thought it was so interesting when he did his covid executive orders. he said, you know, we want to do 100 vaccinations -- 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. but the last day of president trump's administration, 1 million americans were vaccinated. so basically, what president biden is doing is erasing donald j. trump and putting in joe biden and moving forward with some of the same policies, more or less plagiarizing the policies that had been put in place, calling out the national guard which tennessee has already done to help with the vaccine distribution. bringing in our emergency
3:14 pm
management plan into that which we have already done. jon: yeah. the numbers are not dramatically different from what -- >> that's right. jon: -- they would have been under a second trump administration. >> that's right. jon: republican senator from tennessee march march a -- marsha blackburn, thank you. >> good to see you. jon: experts warn the coronavirus pandemic could get worse as the biden administration faces pressure to speed up the distribution process of vaccines. charles watson live in atlanta with that. charles. >> reporter: hi, jon. the vaccine rollout is growing more confusing by the day werefelt officials around the country who are -- for health officials around the country. new shipments are shrinking by the thousands forcing states like colorado and oregon to hold back on plans to expand access to the public. in new york city, officials were forced to cancel more than 20,000 appointments this week as supplies reached critically low
3:15 pm
levels statewide with only about 1% of americans having been vaccinated. health officials fear the situation could worsen as more contagious variants of covid-19 make their way across the country. >> need to assume now that what has been circulating dominantly are in the u.k. does have a certain degree of increase in what we call virulence, namely the power of the virus to cause more damage including death. >> reporter: ohio governor mike dewine is pleading for federal help. in a letter to the biden administration he writes, quote: the most important thing you can do is get us more vaccines. we can deal with most of the other challenges surrounding its distribution, but the need for more is imperative. the biden administration, which is calling for 100 million vaccinations in its first 100 days, says it's working to correct supply issues. >> we know that from the
3:16 pm
conversations with companies that the supply will increase over the coming months as they bring more and more production online. >> reporter: and, jon, more vaccines could be on the market soon. johnson & johnson is expected to seek fda approval for its vaccine candidate, and astrazeneca is right behind them. jon? jon: good news. charles watson in atlanta. charles, thank you. well, california governor gavin newsom coming under fire because the state's not releasing some key coronavirus data. critics say that information could shed light on the impact of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. christina coleman is live in los angeles to explain. >> reporter: jon, the effort to boot gavin newsom out of office is gaining steam. critics say he's not being transparent about some important covid data. even though it didn't look like any of the current regional stay at home orders would be lifted based on icu capacity, the state announced last week that restrictions would be lifted for
3:17 pm
the greater sacramento area leading some critics -- leaving some critics demanding answers. a spokeswoman for the department of public health told the associated press that at the moment projections are not being shared publicly. state the health officials say data would possibly confuse or mislead the public, but critics argue that not releasing this information will actually lead to public uncertainty. frustration over this could add momentum to the latest recall effort to get newsom out of office. though former california governor gray davis, who was recalled in 2003, remains optimistic. >> he's had more crises, none of which are of his making, on his plate than governor can possibly imagine. the last poll in october showed him at a 58% approval rating. i do not think the recall will qualify, and if it does, i don't think it will be successful. >> reporter: but the list of complaints is getting longer. california was the first state to implement a statewide
3:18 pm
lockdown. we've had lots of covid restrictions, yet covid cases are raging in parts of the state. and is just last week california was ranked dead last among states in the percentage of covid vaccines administered according to bloomberg's vaccine tracker. and keep in mind support for the recall already skyrocketed after the governor went to that lavish dinner at the french laundry restaurant in the middle of the pandemic while so many people are struggling financially and abiding by the state's strict covid guidelines. >> he tells us not to go to dinner, but he goes to indoor dinner for a lobbyist and doesn't wear a mask. we got a speaker from san francisco as well, speaker pelosi, she tells people they can't get their hair done, but she can. >> reporter: petitioners say they already have about 70% of the valid signatures needed to trigger a special election. the deadline to submit all of them is march 17th. jon? jon: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you. well, seattle is stepping up
3:19 pm
efforts to fight back as rioters cause fresh chaos in that city. what seattle is doing, next. ♪ ♪ (vo) ready to break free? it's time to get away to a place where we can finally be free. ♪“i've got to break free”♪ plan your future getaway with norwegian. sail safe. feel free. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike.
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jon: a new round of violence in portland, oregon. dozens of protesters amassed outside an i.c.e. facility last
3:23 pm
night. demonstrators chanted no borders, no nations. police declared the demonstrations unlawful and used tear gags. seattle's interim police chief says he'll crack down on rioters and vandals. anti-biden rioters took to the streets and destroyed the city's original starbucks coffee shop. alex hogan is live in new york city with the latest. alex. >> reporter: good evening, jon. the seattle police chief saying that most of the demonstrations are so peaceful, that police don't even need to respond. but now the city is announcing some of these swift legal resources that will follow if some of these demonstrations take a turn. chief adrian diaz announcing they'll focus on vandalism and violence at these protests. the city will get tougher on anyone who destroys or damages property. police arresting 600 people at
3:24 pm
demonstrations since last spring, but many of the misdemeanors have not been prosecuted. the chief says after these new adjustments, those cases will get much more attention. >> i have been in conversations with city attorney's office, and he will be prosecuting those cases from now on. we, he has actually allowed us to have support of his staff to assist us in reviewing those cases as they occur so we can make sure that they're prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> reporter: this new announcement coming days after a protest on wednesday. a group of anti-biden protesters marched through the city on inauguration day breaking windows and damaging property. the rioters smashing the storefronts of an amazon go store and a starbucks in the city's pike place market. police say there was no real message of what cause they were fighting for but condemned the violence. officers arrested three people on charges of burglary, assault
3:25 pm
and property damage. >> they aren't hurting anybody but us, the small business owners. >> they need to arrest these people. when people think they can get away with this without any consequences, they're going to keep doing it. >> reporter: the chief says that he doesn't believe it makes a difference who is in the white house because if individuals want to incite violence, he says, they will find a way. but that chief again reminding resident es that moving forward they will be held more accountable. jon? jon: alex hogan in new york city, thank you. coming up all week this week, maria bartiromo will host the new program "fox news prime time" covering everything from breaking news to informed opinions. guests this week include former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell, ohio congressman jim jordan and former secretary of state mike pompeo. "fox news prime time" kicks off monday, 7 p.m. eastern, here on
3:26 pm
fox news. well, democrats launching a push for new domestic terror laws after the capitol hill riots. the chilling effect it might have on free speech rights. jonathan turley straight ahead to discuss. ♪ ♪upbeat music♪
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♪ ♪ jon: scott, and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. if you're just joining us, here's a look at our top stories. clark county, nevada, will reportedly reopen some schools because of a rise in student suicides. "the new york times" reports the district will bring elementary-aged students back to the classroom. the paper says 18 clark county students have taken their own lives since lockdowns began in march. the fbi is investigating a suspected bomb blast in a church overnight near los angeles. police were called out to first works baptist church around one a.m. and saw smoke pouring out smashed-out windows. the church had been the center of recent protests after its
3:31 pm
pastor condemned same-sex marriage. and belgian chocolate maker godiva will close down all of its brick and mortar stores in america, 128 cafés and shops by the spring saying the pandemic has kept people away from shopping in the person. for more on these stories, download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to dozens of house democrats accused several republican colleagues of giving capitol hill rioters tours ahead of the deadly protests. but lawmakers like colorado representative are pushing back. chad pergram explains. >> reporter: there's a big difference between a reconnaissance mission, scoping out the capitol for a riot, and a family tour led by a freshman member of congress. colorado republican lauren bo bert says she was just leading a tour for her family. she denies democratic
3:32 pm
allegations that she helped the rioters. >> it's just absolutely disgusting and baseless. it just shows -- [inaudible] >> reporter: nancy pelosi insinuated some republicans may be guilty of sedition. she leaned on the constitution's definition of treason. >> there is no question that they were members in this body who gave aid and comfort to those with the idea that they were embracing a lie. >> reporter: fox pressed pelosi if she could back up democratic charges of a gop plot with the rioters. >> everything has to be based on evidence, and that remains to be seen. >> reporter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy echoed the speaker. >> i do not know of any member that had done that. >> reporter: democrats may criticize republicans for yelling stop the steal, but the left suspects a conspiracy. the former sergeant at arms says
3:33 pm
if you're going to allege something nefarious, have your facts straight. >> it's a fully-loaded charge to accuse a different member of an act of treachery of that sort. it is a day that most of them celebrate, so it wouldn't be all that unusual for people to be giving a relatively informal tour of the building on a day like that. >> reporter: he says if lawmakers were up to no good, officials can find out. they can track people walking through the capitol via closed circuit television. the capitol is lined with security cameras. >> they're all over the place. there's a lot of way to tie together photographs and video of what's going on in the building. >> reporter: the national guard reports no incidents with demonstrators on inauguration day, and many troops are now headed home. but it's unclear what sort of security is needed here at the capitol for president trump's second impeachment trial. on capitol hill, chad pergram, fox news. jon: in response to the january 6 capitol riot, some lawmakers
3:34 pm
are considering a number of measures that would expand law enforcement's role in fighting domestic terrorism including surveilling americans they consider extremists. critics say this could be used to undermine civil liberties in this country. jonathan thursdayly joins me now. he's -- turley joins me now. he's a law professor at george washington university and a fox news contributor. thanks very much for joining us. it's georgetown university, do i have that right? >> george washington. jon: forgive me, all right. so let's talk about the prospects of more surveillance laws directed at americans. give us your take off the top of your head. >> well, like many in the civil liberties community, i'm very concerned about these proposals. this is a pattern we've seen before. after 9/11 it was determined that that attack the or those attacks could have been avoided with existing laws and resources. a series of acts of negligence
3:35 pm
on the part of the government allowed those attacks. but the result was that the very same agencies had massively expanded budgets and power. so here again we have what was clear negligence in allowing these rioters to gain access to the capitol, but the response of congress again is to radically expand the powers of the government. and the cost is almost always paid in civil liberties. we haven't even had a full investigation of how these rioters got such relatively easy and access to the capitol -- and fast access. congress wants to increase the power of the government. jon: also interesting, i mean, it was a violent summer especially on the west coast, places like portland, the federal building was under attack and nobody, the federal courthouse i'm talking about, and is nobody was suggesting that there should be new laws
3:36 pm
passed as a result of what was happening there. sudden it got lawmakers' attention. >> that's right. just a couple days ago we had a city hall in a smaller town taken over, and the mayor had to flee. now, that wasn't an insurrection, it was a riot. but the point is that you have people like the story you just ranch in seattle they're actually going to prosecute people who do property damage. when did that epiphany occur? it's rather belatedded. we see various cities not prosecuting folks who engage in violence and destruction. they have prosecuted some, but there now seems to be this general acceptance that they have to enforce those laws. we have laws to enforce which they haven't been enforced. they've got resources to use, they haven't been used. so before we start to take a hatchet to civil liberties and potentially free speech, maybe
3:37 pm
we should figure out what actually happened on capitol hill, how they got access and focus on those problems. jon: former democrat congresswoman tulsi gabbard is sending up a warning flag about all of this. she says, you know, if you're going after -- you might be going after people of religion, you might be going after libertarians, and they could be considered, you know, dangerous because they hold views that might be seen as unpopular in some circles. >> that's right. and what's particularly unnerving is that you have these scurrilous claiming being put out there against members of congress that they conducted, quote, reconnaissance tours including a member who was just showing her family capitol hill. these are attacks that would normally be the subject of condemnation by the speaker, and yet the speaker responded by making another accusation that republicans have actually
3:38 pm
committed what constitutes treason. and so when you have that the same body, those same leaders calling for expanded government powers, it is concerning for anyone who values civil liberties and free speech. jon: and as happened after the 9/11 attacks, isn't it the case that the law is already there there to prosecute people who may engage in acts like we saw at the capitol building on january 6th? >> there are more than ample laws that could have avoided that. most of us were shocked at the ease of which these rioters gained access to capitol hill and to congress. in fact, it seemed like some of the rioters were shocked they got in so early. but we need to find out why. it's clear that many people on the hill are not interested in closing our -- [inaudible] as much as capitalizing on it. and that's a very dangerous thing. we're a powder keg of a night right now. we're divided right down the middle, and we really need
3:39 pm
leadership to try to heal this. and that includes president biden. he has made some very important and useful statements about uniting the country. he needs to be more clear and hold back members of his own party, say enough. we've got to have mature nat nate now in -- dominate now in congress. jon: another journalist, glenn greenwald, is also signing -- sounding the warning alarm about this prospect. here's what he said on "sunday morning futures." >> there's clearly a new war on terror that several key parts of both parties want to unite in order to launch domestically led by people like adam schiff and liz cheney that will be incredibly repressive. fortunately, there's no opposition on the left, and i hope that house republicans and senate republicans concerned about civil liberties will work with them to stop what will be
3:40 pm
an incredibly dangerous effort to replicate the war on terror but this time aimed at u.s. citizens. jon: he mentioned adam schiff and liz cheney. when you get those two together, i mean, polar opposites on most things on capitol hill. when you get the two of them together on an issue like that, does that mean it's going to have broad support and does that frighten you? >> it does because members of congress are wanting to be seen as doing something, and the cost is civil liberty. congress has never been a particular protector of civil liberties. they expand the government, support crackdowns and turn a blind eye to the rollback of constitutional rights. and at this moment there's real political advantage in keeping this level of aggressive legislation going. and it takes citizens to say, wait, we want to make sure that you are not doing something that
3:41 pm
will cost us in civil liberties without fully understanding what actually occurred. because i have to tell you with, we've not had this level of calls of sedition since the presidency of john add also. this is -- adams. this is a very dangerous level of rhetoric. and the most, the greatest danger can be seen in our civil liberties and particularly free speech. free speech is under assault in this country by private companies and by a coalition that includes the media, universities and others who normally would be defenders of free speech if you add increased government authority to that mix, we could be at a point of no return in terms of this very defining right of free speech in the united states. jon: something we should all think about and value very highly. jonathan turley, george washington university -- [laughter] >> thank you.
3:42 pm
jon: russia accuses the united states of meddling after thousands were arrested in a series of opposition protests across that nation yesterday. the latest on that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk
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♪ ♪ jon: here are some other headlines from around the globe. israel closing its international airport to nearly all flights. the country has one of the world's highest coronavirus rates of infection. meanwhile, orthodox jewish protesters fighting with israeli police there as officers try to close schools that are violating lockdown orders. in the netherlandses, protests against lockdowns descending into violence are rioters setting fires and throwing rocks at police. at least 30 people arrested there. >> in brazil, thousands call for the impeachment of the president. he's under fire for the country's coronavirus response. the pandemic has killed more than 200,000 brazilians sphwroo. and at the vatican, pope francis is urging the faithful to pray for the homeless hit hard by the pandemic. this man after a man froze to just a few feet from st. peter's square. in russia, officials accusing the u.s. of meddling in
3:48 pm
mass protests in cities across that country, demanding the release of jailed kremlin critic alexei navalny. the kremlin also is downplaying the scale of the demonstrations where at least 3,000 people are under arrest. trey yingst has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: jon, good evening. protests erupted across russia this weekend in support of jailed opposition leader alexei navalny. the numbers are staggering. in moscow alone are, an estimated 40,000 people participated in the demonstrations as many clashed with police. across the country at least 3,000 people arrested in total including navalny's wife. a spokesperson for russian president vladimir putin today is accusing the united states of meddling in their internal affairs. on saturday the u.s. state department did put out a statement calling for navalny's release saying, quote: the united states will stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies and partners in the defense of human rights whether in russia or wherever they come
3:49 pm
under threat. this follows a move by president biden on thursday asking his director of national intelligence to probe russia's use of a chemical weapon against the country's top opposition leader. navalny traveled to russia last week after spending months in germany recovering from being poisoned. to give you a sense of just how dedicated some of these protesters are, it was -58 degrees in one russian city, and that didn't stop people taking to the streets. jon: trey yingst from jerusalem, thank you. that is a looked at some satisfactories from around the -- satisfactories from around the -- stories from around the globe. snow in malibu? believe it. where and how much. adam klotz has the forecast next. ♪ this is hal's heart. it's been broken. and put back together. this is hal's relief, knowing he's covered
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3:54 pm
developing currently farther off towards the west, and i can back you out here a little bit, and you're seeing energy off portions of wen texas. that is going to -- western texas. that is going to become a big snowmaker and another round coming off the west coast, that in areas that have just seen a lot of that across portions of the northwest. these are winter storm watches and warnings, and they take you from the pacific northwest all the way down to around los angeles and then lifting up across the plains, getting up towards chicago and around lake michigan. this is going to be a large area that we're talking about winter weather here over the next couple of days, probably taking you into tuesday. now, where is the snow and where is the rain? temperatures are warmer out in front, so across the southeast, mostly a rain event, but it is cooler farther up to north. so from chicago stretching back across the plains, some of these areas getting over a foot of snow and back across much of the west, these are all areas where we're going to be seeing snow, in some cases freezing rain, ice, could be a real mess.
3:55 pm
here's your future forecast. again, really soggy out in front of this and at times very heavy rain across the ohio river valley, but then the heaviest snow on monday evening into tuesday, jon. and as i said, we could see a couple feet of snow. jon: meteorologist adam klotz, thanks. some history on the field in green bay today as the packers hosted tom brady and tampa bay with a trip to the super bowl on the line. highlights from a thrilling nfc title game next. ♪ defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. want to sell the best burger in every zip code? add an employee. or ten... then easily and automatically pay your team and file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less
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call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. >> well, it might be a new team but same old tom brady, throwing 3 touchdown passes to lead tampa bay to the super bowl, they beat the green bay packers on road, they face winner of tonight's match up between buffalo and kansas city. brady's record tenth super bowl appearance, it will be first super bowl ever where the host team will compete for the lombardi trophy. >> on next revolution, steve hilton dives into origins of covid-19, investigation raises questions about everything we heard about the virus, where it originated and how it spread, the next revolution with steve hilton, 9 eastern here on fox news channel. >> and that is how "fox reports"
4:00 pm
this sunday, january 24, 2021, i am scott, thanks for watching see you again next week. and ths my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. a packed show and lineup you won't want to miss so let's go right to my open. welcome to the biden administration. home to the new slogan, america last. a closed inauguration needs open borders. america first ideas are censored, but those who suppress them are rewarded. 10 million americans are out of work and 11 million are offered a pathway to citizenship. a pandemic rag


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