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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 24, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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greg: we are out of time. thanks♪♪♪] jesse: welcome a "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. what lies beneath? ronald reagan barely survived an as nation attempt in his first term. a bullet came within an inch of his heart and it took a lot out of him. in his second term he was carefully scripted and his press availability was limited. the way ronald reagan was managed in the end is the way
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joe is being managed now. joe requires a lot of protection. after joe's inaugural address wednesday he was clearly exhausted. the president needed note cards. >> some of the executive actions i will be signing today will help change the course of a covid crisis and combat climate change in a way we haven't done so far. we'll rebuild our economy and these are all just starting points. from the process of rebuilding the economy, i'll do what i said throughout the campaign. jesse: moments later he struggled to explain the executive order he was signing. >> the one i'm signing there is the support for under served communities. and we have to make sure we have
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to some bedrock equity, equality as it relates to how we treat people in healthcare and other things. jesse: i have no idea what that means. do you? biden doesn't seem to know what it means. this was a knock on joe from the front. he campaigned from his basement and he had help. the media spun this as strategy during the campaign. but today it looks like a necessity. axios admitted there is the biden protection plan. biden heeds guidance about staying on task with speeches and no longer worries a gaffe our two will cost him an election. this guiden protective bubble
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will only toughen in the months ahead. one democrat says the linkerring question is can a nearly 80-year-old person process the issues like the pandemic, a sagging economy and china and russia. the biden white house will use the cover of coronavirus for cautions to greatly curtail his freelance moments and access to him. thursday the biden protection plan went poof and biden was left alone with the press who challenged his 100-day vaccine goal. >> isn't that where the u.s. is right now? >> when i announced it you all said it wasn't possible. come on, give me a break, man.
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jesse: that's joe's tell. when he snaps and can't communicate effectively. "politico" reports that democrats have been caught flat footed out of the gate. contrary to two years ago when the party took the house and leaders articulated a plan on guns and equality. no clear agenda has been presented by president biden. joe never showed leadership or management skills needed to be president. this shouldn't sprays anyone who follows politics. joe is a lucky guy who was swept into office by an act of god. a once in a hundred-year pandemic. not to mention a record flood of
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mail ballots. but he's the president now. and we wish him good health and our country good fortune. unfortunately the corporate media isn't objective. they are corrupt. because the media works with the democrat party to help him get elected. they will participate in the biden protection plan. that hurts the american people who deserve the truth. not a political agenda. we should be told what's happening instead of the democrat media matrix what they want to happen. if the media wants to regain trust they will have to do some uncomfortable reporting about joe biden. how much rest does he need? is he making decisions or is he delegating them? we have a right to know these
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things since joe himself acknowledged he's a place holder, a one-termer, a transitional leader. there there is someone being groomed for power. the american people should demand to know what's going on inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i don't expect joe to be scrutinized. you will be scrutinized instead. part of the protection plan requires an enemy. that enemy is the populist wing of the republican party. whoever wrote joe biden's inaugural address understands that and declared war on maga. >> to mess particular terrorism
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we must confront and we'll defeat. to overcome these challenges, restore the soul and secure the future of america requires so much more than words, requires the most illusive of all things in a democracy. unity. we must end this uncivil war. and we must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured. jesse: biden's speech recklessly overreached. he's trying to resurrect the civil war era. a country split down the middle over race. comparing himself to lincoln. he's promising to save the union by ending this uncivil war stoked by lies. it's kinds of a stretch.
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the country isn't divided by race. race was not a top issue for voters it was jobs, the virus and healthcare. falsely claiming half the country is racist leads me to believe joe has no interest in dividing the country. his call to unity is a call to unite against the populist right. the left wing is out for blood. shots have been fired in the cancel culture war. now moves are being meald to unleash the national security state against the movement. >> the members of the bide be team are moving in laser-like fashion to try to up cover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements we have seen overseas. they germinate in different parts of the country, they gain strength and it brings together
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an even holy alliance of racists, bigots, nativists and libertarians. >> there are millions of americans, almost all white, almost all republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed. >> it will take many years to detox the misinformation, the lies and the hate that has been spread. half of the american population has been radicalized over what happened the last four years. there is work to be done to deal with the broader issues. jesse: we saw them use the national security state against the trump campaign. now they are itching to turn it against all trump voters. 200 criminals entered the capitol building out of 70 million trump voters. think it doesn't make trump
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votessers an accessory to a crime or part of a conspiracy. during the war on terror the democrats stuck up for the innocent muslims who had nothing do with jihad? why aren't they sticking up for innocent trump supporters. because they need to intimidate you into silence and split the republican base. disgraced former fbi director james comey admits it. the republican party needs to be burned down or changed. something is shifting and i'm hoping it's the fault breaking apart. a break between the trumpists and those people who want to build a responsible conservative party because everybody should know we need one. who would want to be part of an organization who at its core is built on lies and racism and no
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nothingism. it's not a healthy political organization. that fbi director joined with hillary to launch the first attack on trump. now he's trying to finish off his supporters. meanwhile they consolidate power behind a man clearly incapable of leading. joe wasn't even capable of writing his own inaugural address. we caught him plagiarizing bill clinton. >> people the world over have always been more impressed by the power of example rather than the example of our power. >> we'll lead not merely by the example of our power. but the power of our example. jesse: "watters' world" will cover joe biden honestly. we'll be watching him closely and we'll always tell you the truth about what we see. joining me now to react, fox
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news contributor, miranda devine. what was your reaction to watters words? >> they were very wise words. we wish joe biden the best and we would love it if he could unify the country. but every action he has taken since he was sworn in was a spit in the eye to normal americans not pro teghted by wealth or protected jobs. they are exposed to policies such as dismantling border protect. sending in super spreader events coming over the border from our south. and things like killing jobs with killing off the keystone pipeline. those things are not unifying.
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at the same time they now have chosen a new acronym. it's called dve. domestic violence extremism. that's what you just played us from president biden's inaugural speech. he went after what he called white supremacists and domestic terrorists. the political extremists who are all targeted to trump supporters. the irony is for the last few months, the violence and political extremism has come from the left. it's from antifa. we just saw that in the last couple of dmais portland where they smashed up none other than the democratic party headquarters. there is a problem with violent extremism in this country. but it was encouraged by the
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democratic party including kamala harris who actually donated money to bail those people out of jail. jesse: i couldn't agree more. and everybody needs to pay attention to what's going on right now. if they use the justification of being suspicious about an election to slap a label on you like a domestic terrorist. that could have serious long-term consequences for every single american in this country. thank you very much, miranda, always enjoy having you on "watters' world." we saw the democrats use the national guard as a political prop. we were told there would be armed anti-biden protesters all over the capitol for the inauguration. then we were told there would be armed protesters in all 50 state capitols. thankfully that never
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materialized. only antifa rioted, but the media doesn't cover that. there was no need to bring in 25,000 national guard. beef up security, absolutely. but 25,000? you could invade a small country with those numbers. it was a political show of force. they were used by props by democrats to inflate the threat by trump supporters to justify a political trackdown. then just like that, they were discarded. it was all just part of the narrative. joining me with more, former congresswoman from hawaii, tulsi gabbard. we saw some disgusting pictures of brave men and women who traveled across the country to protect the capitol, sleeping in parking garages on cement, not having anywhere to go to the
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bathroom. did they need to be there in that large number? >> first of all, it made me sow angry to see all these different images coming from national guard soldiers, posting the reality of the situation they were in, being shoved into the parking garage, freezing cold, all strewn about lying on the ground. being discarded as they don't even matter. 200 came from hawaii. they went to washington, d.c. to serve like everybody else. only to be mistreated in this way. no, to answer your question, the militarization of our nation's capitol was not only unnecessary -- yes, we need to make sure the transition of power happens peacefully and safely. but to send that message both to the american people and the world that somehow our nation's capitol is under attack and
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threat of a siege of taking over, i just don't think that's the message we want to send to the american people and the world, especially as we conduct this peaceful transition of power. jesse: everybody wanted beefed up security. we are not saying they didn't need security. but -- 25,000? that's a lot of boots on the ground. and for what? even the department of defense said there was no intelligence indicating an imminent attack. the fact that some of these politicians taking selfies with these guys. and an hour later they are sleeping on the pavement in the freezing cold. what the hell is that all about? >> it's outrageous. to see the note -- the photo-op.
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then walk away. i have seen it in some of my deployments. we have troops deployed, lives on the line in danger. puff politicians drop in and shake a few hands and take pictures but don't do anything to address the issue, why are our troops deployed overseas. are we taking care of them when they come home. and are we honoring the great service they and their family members are pro striding our country. i read something i think everyone would find disturbing. not only were 25,000 deployed on inauguration day. but even as half of that number are heading home, the officials in washington say they plan to keep an enduring presence of thousands of national guard troops in our nation's capital. i haven't seen the justification
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of that. but it re-enforces my concern, what is the message they are sending to the american people by creating an enduring presence. it sounds like a lot of the stuff we see happen overseas. jesse: i think you are right about that. er in exacerbating -- they are exacerbating a crisis in order to use the fear and trauma and make people intimidated and scared about their fellow americans. congresswoman, thank you very much. and thank you for your service, and thanks for coming on "watters' world." it's always about honor and respect. we'll >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
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jesse: biden wasting no time targeting trump's legacy. on the first day in office he signed 17 executive orders aimed at reversing trump's policies. he revoked the keystone pipeline permit which will raise oil prices and kill jobs. he reengaged with the w.h.o. wh. rrp which is controlled by china. biden halted border wall construction even after 750 miles of border wall is completed and 350 more is already paid for. in the end the move could cost taxpayers billions of dollars. he paused deportation, and a second caravan is mobilizing in shown -- in honduras days after
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the deportation was stopped. biden is weakening border security and illegals feel like this is their chance. joining me now, former advisor to president trump, stephen miller. you have seen what he has done already. what is the impact of the hatchet job he has done on the former president's immigration deals. >> let me say first, you points out brilliantly earlier in your show that the central line about the inaugural was plagiarized from bill clinton. i only wish joe biden would plagiarize something else from bill clinton, which is how to reach out to middle america. does anybody think the top pry
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north this country is too make sure we don't deport criminal illegal aliens who committed criminal offenses against americans. or to destroy every job on the keystone pipeline. or join the paris climate accord and shut down u.s. factories, drilling, mining, shale. whose priorities are these? they are the priorities of far left special interests who have jobs and wealth and security who look down on every day citizens who just want to live a healthier, safer life. jesse: that doesn't square what he ran on. his mandate is covid and that's about it. to open the borders to people who haven't tested neglect advertised to covid-19. they don't wear masks. they are from countries with not modernized healthcare systems.
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to think the border patrol is going to swab these individuals then wait for a negative test and then let them through. you can't have open borders and fight covid at the same time. >> biden -- you raised such an important point. border agents, because of what he has done, stopping the border wall construction, have to come into physical contact with migrants. before when they hit the border wall, they would be stopped. now border agents have to physically apprehend these migrants who have covid. masks are not big with coyotes and smugglers. you can imagine the public health dangers he's imposing on
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border agents. he said he was going to answer to the career experts. what about the career experts wearing badges and carrying guns? what about them? i.c.e. agents and border agents patriots all. the acting secretary of homeland security. the fact thate signed a memo block the deportation of criminal aliens and gang members. he should have resigned instead of taking the order to sign that memo. that shame will live with him for the rest of his life. he will not be able to erase the shame of putting innocent americans in harm's way to serve this radical agenda. let's be clear. joe biden doesn't know what's going on. he's reading letters on a
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monitor that are larger than the hollywood sign up on that mountain. the orders are coming from 23-year-old berkeley grads who majored in cultural marxist studies. do you think joe biden read the order? do anyone think that joe biden those because of his so order an ms-13 member today can't be removed from the country? it's madness. jesse: it's madness and he will never be asked about it. the mainstream media is in on the biden protection plan. it's a shame, it's corrupt, and the only thing we can do about it is speak the truth. new rules for antifa now thahaha
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. . . . oronavirus,
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he was 87 years old. i'm jon scott. now back to "watters' world." jesse: antifa anarchy returns to liberal cities as joe biden takes office. the media said we would see violent pro trump protests on inauguration day. but instead we saw antifa saying we don't wand biden, we want revenge. when it's the far left, they get off easy. charges against one guy charged with assaulting police just dropped. police confiscated molotov cocktails, chemical stray, crow bars, seattle windows smashed. and property destroyed.
2:34 am
in denver rioters burned american flags. looks like they didn't get the unity memo. biden has not condemned the violence yet. still waiting. here to react, seattle talk show host, jason rantz. they told us it would be a pro trump mob sweeping 50 capitols across the country. it turns out it was an antifa mob and places in the northwest. what are people saying? >> they are saying nothing. the council of seattle. the mayor in portland and washington state really aren't saying anything. there is a tendency to completely ignore antifa violence. after all it is a myth created by the right wing. and the people who do acknowledge it simply call it an
2:35 am
idea. but that idea ends up destroying lots of businesses and hurting lots of people. there is a movement on the ground with not just the activists in the community. and progressives who live in portland and seattle pushing back saying there wasn't a riot. what are you talking about? they are saying people are trying to take attention away from the real issues which of course is white nationalists and other right wing militia groups that are the real threat here. it's pretty predictable. jesse: when we saw protests like this in the trump administration, we were told trump was instigating these violent clashes and the police were doing more harm than good. and when trump left none of this would happen anymore. that's obviously not the case.
2:36 am
how long do you continue this to last? >> this is going to last until there are politicians who get serious about not just condemning this kind of violence. all political violence figured this out. but you have to allow police to do their jobs and get people in positions to prosecute. every single time you have one of these cases where cops probably can do their jobs and make arrests, the charges end up going nowhere. jesse: all of these d.a.s are allies of the democrat party. a lot of them are soros funded. they want to deincarcerate. stay safe, and make sure starbucks you go into isn't torched. good luck with that.
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jesse: the corrupt media already
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>> what a great love story between jill bide and joe biden. we haven't had a love story in the white house in four years. >> there was not one part of that that wasn't just medicine in the wound. >> he's the better angel president. joe biden is eternally optimistic. he's not cynical. >> those lights shooting out from the lincoln memorial along the reflecting pool. it's almost extensions of joe biden's arms embracing america. jesse: that's the media showing their love and affection for president biden's every move
2:41 am
this week. trust in the media is at an all-time low according to a new poll. joining me to discuss, publisher at the federalist ben domenech and host of "the next revolution," steve hilton. this is joe biden. he's been around. we know this guy. for the media to slobber over him like a political god. i don't see how they can ever regain credibility slobbering like that. >> i think these things are connected. you can't expect the media at this point to be serious in any way when evaluating joe biden. everything will be look how awesome you are. one of the most impressive first lady performances from melania
2:42 am
trump. but she doesn't get any magazine covers. but they are trying so hard to make kamala and joe celebrity figures. i'm a fan of the twitter act comfortably smug. they read multiple tweets from journalists. and one of them is a democrat operative. it's almost impossible to tell the difference. you listen to the crazy things people are saying about the bidens, and it's is this someone coming from their party or a non-biased fair journalist. i think the american people see through this. after four years of seeing the way they treated donald trump, they won't believe any of these people going forward. jesse: it's whiplash for the public to see the treatment like
2:43 am
that. i mentioned this at the top of the show. the democrats were helped by the media to help joe biden. and they admit there is a biden protection plan, and the media is complicit in that biden protection plan. and the american people aren't going to get the truth about what's going on at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. steve: exactly right. they don't ask serious questions, they don't want to know. there aren't enough vomit emojis in the world to capture how hilarious this is. you watch all day long it's like that. the serious point, there will be no accountability. you watch the way they for four years we have a president who could do no right, and now a
2:44 am
president who can do no wrong. that means the administration won't be held accountable. we don't even need aoc's plan for state-run media. we already have got it withouting into do anything. it's a complete connection between the establishment, the ruling class, and the media. and it's dangerous for democracy. what it gets to is the complete obsession in the media and the ruling elite with style over substance. just as they got completely up in arms about every single aspect of donald trump's style and ignored the substance of what he was doing. all they care about is whether joe biden says the right words, ignores what he actually does. jesse: that's how he got elected. if people had known he wanted to emulate california and open the borders, they never would have voted for him. he ran on style and got lucky
2:45 am
with the covid thing. and he ran on not being trump. the more the media looks away from the policies these people are implementing. the easier it is for them to jam it down our throats. steve and ben. thank you very much. twitter slapped with a massive twitter slapped with a massive child porn lawsuit.
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jesse: president trump and many conservatives banned from twitter. now twitter is being sued for refusing to remove child porn because it didn't violate policies. a minor in california filed a suit saying he sent graphic images to somebody blackmailing him. the lawsuit alleges twitter refused to take them down because an investigation didn't find a violation of the company's policy. the pictures were eventually taken down, but only after the
2:50 am
department of homeland security got involved. twitter has yet to respond to a "watters' world." but they said they have policies that prohibit child exploitation. the lawsuit was filed jointly with the national center against child exploitation. you can post a meme and get nuked off twitter. but you can put child porn up and that doesn't violate twitter's policy. >> it's pretty stunning. we were shocked when we first saw the allegations. verified them and investigated them, and they are have much what happened to this young boy.
2:51 am
his life was turned upside down. jesse: do you see any possible reason why twitter would investigate it, and if you investigate you see it's child pornography. what reason could there possibly be for them to say it doesn't violate company policy? >> i don't think there is a reason. it's clear in the company policy that anything that would violate a child should be banned and taken down. we see people with republican views being band. people that are aaffiliated with the president of the united states being banned. countless people banned without any explanation. and when a child shows his age and visuals depicting his sexual
2:52 am
abuse, that isn't a violation. this is stunning. but we found this is not isolated. there has been a thorough investigation done on what is on twitter's platform and it's rampant with child pornography. as the case progresses we are confident that information will come out and we'll continue to see how this progresses. jesse: my heart goes out to your client. twitter needs to get its act together. they have their priorities in the wrong place. nothing is more importantntntntt
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[♪♪♪] jesse: it is do as i say, not as i do. our new president breaking his
2:56 am
own rules. bide and his family are maskless hours after he said everyone must wear masks while on federal land. today peter doocy confronted the press secretary. >> why weren't all the bind family members masked on federal lands last night. >> at the inaugural. >> memorial, yes. >> i think he was celebrating an evening -- an historic day in our country. >> was that a good example for people watch hog may not pay attention normally. >> i think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time. jesse: nose were big issues during the last administration. now i don't care that much about this. but we wanted to show it to you.
2:57 am
the mask shaming. i guess it depends on who you are. that's it for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next.
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♪. pete: welcome to "fox & friends." it is january 24th, 2021, year of our lord. welcome to the four hour tour all morning long. i will announce a few of them. today is national compliment day. if i say, will, you made a fantastic addition to our team. glad you're here. will: you're hair is looking nice today. pete: thank


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