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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 20, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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hunter biden's laptop, we'll find about his story. that's all coming up tomorrow, we are independent, not the media mob, we will keep our eye on the biden administration. laura ingraham, that you have a good day today? >> laura: i'm looking on what's going on in seattle and portland, they must not have gotten the unity memo. >> sean: it was going to be peaceful, everything in the country would change today at noon. >> laura: isn't it funny how things are a little bit more complicated than the hallmark greeting card approach to governance. it sounds nice. up to speed to the democrats are in charge. >> laura: it will be a challenging but you and i always do pretty well in the resistance, i'm looking forward to it. excellent show, you finally got hunter. >> sean: jim acosta refers to
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president trump in exile, i won't argue with him. >> laura: we'll see how long they can stop the fixation on donald trump, it will last about an hour. >> sean: never appeared >> laura: great show, great to see you. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington, the biden inaugural just wrapping up tonight and we are here to break down everything you saw or you avoided. at victor davis hanson, dinesh d'souza, and shelby steele are all here, plus raymond arroyo is here with all the seen and unseen moments from the day. as biden is pledging unity on one side of the country as i referenced with sean, antifa lunatics are destroying cities on the other side. we have a live report on the ground in not so peaceful and unified portland. but first, liberty over unity, that's the focus of tonight's
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angle. today you might have heard is a day of firsts, first woman of color as vice president, first socially distanced inauguration, first time a sitting president left washington before a new president was sworn in. >> i think we should take this moment just to realize how historic this is. >> such a historic day, especially for a historic do well. >> true historic first day in the white house. >> the first female vice president, the first black, south asian dissent -- this is a very big deal as we are watching her walk down pennsylvania avenue. >> laura: there was another important first that was largely overlooked by politicos in the media. china's top news agency celebrating trump leaving offense, good riddance donald trump! china couldn't care less about
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historic firsts or diversity or lady gaga or her song performance but they do know with trump out of the white house, well they are poised to soar past the u.s. in wealth, military might, and global influence. the 2020s will probably be known as the decade where china became the most powerful country on earth. the ccp is giddy because it knows the american democratic party especially one led by an aging globalist like biden is not really willing or able to stand up to them or for that matter to stand up for freedom around the world. social justice activists and other radicals who supported biden, they don't care about china's rise or even the american jobs shipped overseas, they care about little people, they don't care about the uighurs are the internment camps and if they do we haven't heard those concerns. in their warped worldview, the g.o.p. is far more dangerous
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than the ccp. they want republicans to be bedded, surveilled, shamed, and the platform to. that is the agenda that the ccp can certainly get behind. according to our state media here -- excuse me, the mainstream press, none of you should worry about the coming triumph of the ccp or the american elites who hope to make money off of it because now that the democrats are back in power, president biden wants us all to just get along. >> the push to vaccinate americans against the coronavirus hitting a roadblock in many states as they say they are running out of vaccines while ramping up their distribution efforts. >> laura: it's a nice sentiment but how is a nation supposed to unite when one side is essentially calling the other side systemically racist and evil? >> america has been through a civil war, world wars, great depression, pandemics,
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mccarthyism, now a trump is and white nationalist insurrection. >> the truth is, president trump spent his presidency inflating kate, anti-semitism and violence. >> root out white supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacist in chief. >> laura: let's be clear, i don't think biden believes the united states is a racist country dominated by white supremacists -- he spent his whole career working with many americans of different backgrounds including republicans. he knows those charges from the left is simply aren't true, in fact he keeps telling us that americans are good people. sadly he's too weak to stand up to the marxists in his own party. the reason why they are stopping the border wall is that they want more cheap labor to flood into the u.s. and give the border crashers amnesty. it helps their effort to change america demographically and they hope politically.
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the reason they are doing climate change, it's because they think america needs to be restrained and our policies harmonized with other climate policies around the world. if this afternoon, president biden seemed exhilarated by his executive order rejoining the paris accord. it was another huge gift to china. biden's mask mandate is another prime example of superfluous idiocy masquerading as virtue. 95% of americans are already wearing masks. if his order represents just another way to do what? to control the people? if you believe it's only going to be for a hundred days, you really are naive. meanwhile, things that would benefit working-class americans like good paying jobs and affordable energy, as of today they are no longer a priority. for example, biden is canceling the keystone pipeline, why is he doing that? because at the bottom, climate change is the left's new
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religion which means they want to stop all use of oil and natural gas. they don't like the idea of you americans having your independence from other countries for your energy. jimmy carter wasn't at the inauguration today due to poor health and age, but i bet he was pretty happy that the party that he has been a member of for so many decades is closer than ever to his legacy of long gas liens. and if so china power will continue to grow and ours will continue to shrink. while china continues to dominate a lot of critical industries such as rare earth materials and develop space weaponry, biden's administration will be busy with its own important work like reinstituting the noxious critical race theory and all federal agencies. the biden team believes the white patriarchy is the biggest threat right now to the united states.
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>> a raging virus growing in in-equity, the sting of systemic racism, ugly reality of racism, fear, demonization have long torn us apart. a rise of political extremism, white supremacy. >> laura: it's amazing anyone wants to come here. biden wants us to unite behind the idea that america is a racist country. no way. what makes america the most incredible country on earth is not unity or diversity -- there's nothing wrong with that, but the animating principle of america is liberty, freedom. over the next four years, the 74 million americans who voted for donald trump will be reenergized and re-committed to protecting and defending the american values that we love. we are going to stand up without
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fear and of course without violence but with passion, resolve, and good cheer knowing the facts are on our side even if john legend and tom hanks aren't. over time as the ruinous and divisive policies and sentiments of the biden administration sweep across the nation, i predict that millions more will join the america first movement. after all, biden did say he wanted unity. on our side, we'll have it and that's the angle. joining me now, dinesh d'souza, host of the new daily dinesh d'souza podcast, then diminish cofounder of "the federalist" and victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. what the top of your list? >> i remember biden 30 years ago
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destroying the second african-american nominee to the supreme court clarence thomas. in five occasions he called the president of the united states a racist, that call for unity has to be masked by deeds, maybe he should make a call to jim comey -- don't say the republican party should be burned down or maybe he should call stan mcchrystal and don't compare him directly to his supporters to al qaeda, one by eugene robinson that suggests republicans mostly white needed to be deprogrammed, you ran another one by max booth saying fox news should be deep platform, let's not do that here at he can make another call to mark zuckerberg and say don't you guys just to stop the monopolies, he's not going to do that but what is going to happen is a donald trump is a ghost now, he is gone, he can't even tweet and now rasmussen says he
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is 51% leaves office with popularity because they are overdoing it and they're stomping on a ghost and now they are going after the supporters and we've got a new bogeyman, white supremacist under every bed in america and people are going to get tired because they are nihilistic no, no, where is the yes-yes? cancel this, cancel this, cancel this. >> laura: i thought it was very negative, everyone said it was so positive, come together -- was this a positive presentation of what america is? that you find that in this speech? >> no, absolutely not. i was not just hearing the speech, i was also looking at everything going on around it with all those anthropological interests. i have never seen washington, d.c., so militarized. i've never seen so many soldiers, so many guns, so many
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cops, so many national guardsmen, apparently biden had his own security police and i've never seen so many fences and so many walls. the first thing to observe is that trump didn't have any of this if you could opec 2060 and gumbo drunk didn't have this militarized presence and made america look like it's some sort of third world country where the politicians have to be protected from the people, nor did trump have these tall fences even though there were riots, antifa, there was all this burning going on is smashing a blast -- nevertheless trump didn't do it. what i see happening in washington, d.c., the left likes walls. they like guns and they like a military presence, they just don't want to put it around the country. they don't want to put it to protect the american people, they want to put it to protect the political class and that message, a giant "up yours" to the american people, i don't think will be lost in any
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intelligent observer. >> laura: it was quite something after months of republicans hearing that their choice to be reelected was donald trump, you're a racist, you're intolerant, you're a nativist, you demonize people, you're probably stupid, you probably believe in this crazy thing called jesus christ. then we are told we have to unite, if you don't unite your anti-american -- about this idea about uniting behind what we've heard over the past several months? >> you're not going to see a lot of unity and practice even this week. you're going to see taxpayer-funded abortions nationally, you are seeing already as you referenced in your opening these dramatic moves to the left when it comes to various areas of policy and i think you're not going to see any kind of real olive branches offered by president biden. on the flip side, the scene that you had today i think americans
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have to reflect on whether it displays weakness or strength. is it a strong regime, a strong center of power that needs this type of military presence, or is it one that's weak? is at one that is frail and old? looking at our leadership today, it's a bunch of octogenarians, a bunch of people who are white knuckling onto holding on to power as generations fade away, if you look at joe biden and nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell, none of them were born after 1950. at some point you have to have a transition of power within the country and it's not a just to say this, these people have been in power for so long that they allowed for the rise of donald trump because he was the one person who was calling them on the joke, he was calling out what the swamp really represents. ultimately the swamp drained him in a lot of ways, he wasn't able to achieve what he wanted to do
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in those four years but i do think his overall critique was one that americans responded to an it's not going to be glossed over with some kind of pablum about unity. this was basically a "come on man, let's unify" message and nothing offered in terms of anything tangible, he couldn't even bring himself to complement vice president pence who was there for the work that he did on operation warp speed which every american should be proud of, considering the kind of thing that was achieved there, he couldn't even do that. >> laura: they were antiscience in the trump administration, they had jokes -- none of it serious and there was an anecdote in politico that caught my eye -- i would never say this aghast at the prepared remarks he was reviewing, where did you get this from? the eight explained he had just set it in a public speech a couple weeks earlier. he did a pretty good job today
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of reading the teleprompter which wasn't all that easy to do, it's skill but what kind of leader will he be and what kind of leader will we see? >> he's going to have cognitive challenges but his party destroyed all the institutions, you don't promiscuously use the 25th amendment to gain political points by calling the president crazy -- now we do do that. we don't try to impeach a first-term president especially in one day without evidence without a special counsel, is he going to be looking that in 2022 if information comes out about biden or his taxes? we don't fund 22 months, $40 million on the basis of a hoax. are we going to do that with the biden family? he and the democrats took a lot of institutions that are bipartisan, the short term at
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efficacy of getting rid of donald trump i don't think he wants to sleep on the bed the maid. >> the traditions and the songs -- within hours of taking office, the newly minted president biden issuing executive orders to radically change the country. does he have a historical mandate that he thinks he does? join them and i was craig shirley, reagan biographer extraordinaire, there is a danger in what he's doing, is there not? >> there always is a danger when a president overreaches. if you remember when john adams passed the alien and sedition acts that basically put competitors in jail for criticizing u.s. government. lincoln did the same during the civil war, woodrow wilson did
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the same on sedition acts that were passed in 1917 and 1918 and george bush with the patriot act, there is always a tendency on the part of the president to overreach and grab for too much power, most times that will come back and bite him. >> laura: there was a bevy of presidential historians on television today, this is from nbc news historian. >> this is going to be the view of history. for four years, history was hijacked by donald trump, but the three words the speech will be known for our "democracy has prevailed." >> laura: democracy has prevailed. >> democracy has prevailed since george washington was selected president, 240 years ago. democracy always prevails, it's
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not a profound statement for him to say that and i might add also wall so that his today was among the most mundane, uninteresting speeches i can recall in a long time. it did not have the soaring rhetoric of john kennedy, it didn't have the sparkle of ronald reagan in 1981, it didn't have any money lines. "ask not who your country will work for -- your country for you" in 1981, if no one is capable of governing ourselves, then who among us is capable of governing anybody else? there are no sparkling lines and they will quickly be forgotten. >> laura: a couple historians on trump's legacy over on cnn, watch. >> when you look at the death toll as it grows every day, you can feel donald trump is implicated. >> he has surpassed in
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awfulness, president spears, buchanan, johnson, and richard nixon. >> laura: he has surpassed in awfulness -- when i think of presidential historians, i think he has surpassed an awfulness. i'm sorry, maybe they are nice people but it's abominably bad analysis and they are not even trying. >> i agree, this is the laziest analysis. it took 150 years for a decent biography to be written about andrew jackson and it won't take 150 years but in the relatively short amount of time and it depends on how biden does too. in a relatively short amount of time, people are going to look at the trump presidency and the separate out the personality and a focus on the remarkable accomplishments of four years and they will regard the four years of donald trump as being a
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pretty good presidency for four years, a lot of things were turned around and a lot of things were gotten done, that will not be done by historians who are tied to liberal establishment but there are historians out there who are willing to look deeply into the administration of donald trump. >> laura: who doesn't want their entire life to be looked at in the full sweep of their life? and everything that you've done? that's what i thought we were supposed to do as historians but these people embarrass themselves, they fell over themselves to embarrass themselves today. thank you so much, great to see you. president biden called for confronting white nationalism others are the guys of unity. shelby steele says this will only increase divisiveness, he's going to tell us why next.
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>> rise of political extremism come out white supremacy, domestic terrorism, that we must confront and we will defeat. to overcome these challenges, to restore the soul and to secure the future of america requires so much more than words.
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>> laura: what more than words is he talking about? democrats taking actions against domestic terrorism accuse their colleagues of sedition, then they turned the military into props and they bet the military to make sure they are all copacetic. what is it surprising is this dark line completely took hold of the media. >> i heard a declaration of war against white supremacy and against the lies that brought our democracy to the brink. >> white supremacy, racism, these awful things that exploded onto the scene can be put back into their corners. >> trying to do what lincoln did, trying it again and we are going to take a second shot at trying to end this civil war in america that feels that some people are captors and some are
7:28 pm
captives, and america that grant believed him. >> laura: joined me now is shelby steele, documentary filmmaker and author of "shame" how america's past sins have polarized our country. there is something deeply divisive and negative about this biden message cloaked in unity. >> yes. it's the same message that liberalism has been using in one form or another since the 60s. to oversimplify just a bit, it's white guilt. what the left did, what biden did was associate conservatism with america's history of racism. and to position himself as a
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redeemer. such that moral authority redounds to him, what he can do with the american people as he leads is he's selling innocence of that past. that is enormous political power in today's america, innocence of the racist past, that's the word they call everybody, racists. you are aligned with american evil. i am innocent, i will fight white supremacy, i will fight all of these things and therefore he won, he didn't win by much but it still works. old and tired and bedraggled white guilt, still an animating force in american life and it won't ever, we won't ever get beyond it until white america begins to lose its insecurity
7:30 pm
around race. yes, we did horrible things but today america is remarkably free of racism. if you're a black person in america today, your life is not going to be stunted by racial persecution. when whites accept that truth about themselves i think the election might have gone the other way. >> laura: here's what biden hopes to accomplish with his calls for unity. >> to fight the photos we face, anger, resentment and hatred, extremism, lawlessness, violence, disease, joblessness and hopelessness with unity, we can do great things, important things. >> laura: that is a real pick me up -- my god! they said trump's inaugural was dystopian -- i found this to be a depressing story of a great
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country. >> what is interesting is he talks about unity which is a rather worn-out banality but he talks about unity covering up the fact that he is practicing racism himself when he picked his vice presidential candidate. he picked her solely because she was black and she was a woman, no other reason. he dehumanized her to those qualities such that she could represent innocence to the american people. she could identify with a white male who embraces a black female, that gives him innocence and that was again as we saw, that was the secret of his power. conservatives are at a disadvantage, it's very
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difficult for them to offer that same kind of illusions, always an illusion of innocence. >> laura: it's wonderful to see you, thank you for joining us tonight. >> let the toxic left wing propaganda, we are launching a new pro america lesson plan called the 1776 plan. we will teach our children the greatness and glory of america. >> laura: until today, that's because president trump -- president biden issued an executive order ending the really offensive 7076 commission. apparently siding who believe the real story of america's founding starts in 1619. joining me now is matthew spalding, former executive director of the 1776 commission. the biden team says your commission attempts to erase america's history of racial injustice, your response.
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>> good to be with you, i was both shocked and honored by being at the top of the chopping block today, shocked because i can't imagine any president actually adding rid of it commission to celebrate 1776 as our history, those of the unifying principles we should be turning to right now of all times but i think the report struck a nerve, it defended those principles on martin luther king day in the name of martin luther king but also lincoln and the founders themselves as claims of truths and defended those truths against challengers abroad in the form of fascism and communism which clearly denied human rights but also at home, especially in those cases where individual rights have been in favor of group rights. john c calhoun did that in his way to defend slavery which was denounced by abraham lincoln.
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there are others who turn to group rights in the form of identity politics and recalled that out as well. i think that argument, that claim of equal whites that goes back to our founders that we always turned back to his now divisive within liberalism and the fact that he had to get rid of this at the immediate moment of his new presidency. unfortunately tells us a lot about where liberalism is right now and turning away from those great liberating and unifying principles of the american founding. >> laura: i would say they are antiscience in many cases or antihistory. the media would shock you -- to find out that the media took those universal issue with the commission. >> you look at that 1776 garbage he put out yesterday, these aren't the attempts to bring america together. >> there's a lot of dog
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whistling and a lot of using of the racial bullhorn. >> a new version of history, slavery was fine, don't say mean things about our founders. >> laura: first of all, jim acosta, can he spew more tired bromides in one report -- did you claim slavery was okay dr. spalding? >> the problem with most modern revisionist history as they see all negative, it's all flaws and it's a bad country from the beginning, the claim of systemic racism. that's not actually history, that's ideology meant to manipulate the minds rather than to educate them. real history, good history, honest history looks at everything that happened, the record, the facts, warts and all and looks at it honestly and what we see are -- is a nation based on a claim of principles that all men are created equal and then aspiring to live up to those principles.
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it's imperfect, we are a flawed people as all people are but we are a nation that has done a great job trying to live up to those principles a great nation and a noble nation. >> laura: great to see you. hollywood glitz and glamour on full display but there was some telling moments that i know you missed. raymond arroyo has them all, he washed so you didn't have to -- seen and unseen next.
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>> laura: it's time for the seen and unseen segment examining the cultural impact of the inauguration -- for that we turn to raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. what were your general impressions of the inauguration? >> like you, i've covered five of these inaugurations, i've never seen anything like we witnessed today -- before the big event, wolf blitzer at cnn took this shot at president trump. >> what a difference four years
7:42 pm
makes, he had an impressive huge crowd of his inauguration, a tiny little crowd at joint base andrews where he's going to say goodbye. >> why that pettiness on a day when unity is being stressed and trump is already out the door? this is a shot of the biden inauguration -- that's not a puny crowd? as i watched i thought that this could be the first vip elite inauguration history, just credentialed in and lots of celebrities. it contradicts president biden's message of coming together and frankly there is no reason thousands of americans couldn't have socially distanced at least watch the parade and the security measures were way overblown in capitals across the country. >> laura: apparently they are taking the fencing down around the capitol building now and offering up on ebay just to get rid of it because they are certainly not going to send it down to the border -- they just
7:43 pm
put out the order to stop all deportations starting on friday -- that just crossed the wires. speaking of the elites now, let's talk about these performances, lady gaga, she sang the national anthem. >> she did and she's a great vocalist but the theatrics here were all about her. she wore a dove first of all, this brooch that was so big, it could've been a reused tree topper and of the performance this ava perrone air. ♪♪ that our flag was still there ♪♪ >> there was a very hunger games vibe about this whole thing. somewhere there's a pumpkin chariot looking for a passenger but the choice of gaga was a little tone-deaf if unity is the theme. remember that video she released before the election trying to appeal to those rural swing
7:44 pm
voters, she ended up mocking them -- not a good look. >> laura: garth brooks was at the inauguration to sing "amazing grace"? wow. >> this was the red state booking, they wanted this for red states. >> laura: he could've perhaps used a pitch pipe. ♪♪ "amazing grace," how sweet the sound ♪♪ >> laura: how many grammies did he win? he is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. >> at least he got his steps in, he took off up the steps -- i don't know if the secret service -- >> laura: i thought it was the price is right. what was that? >> than he has the sing-along and that helps keep everybody awake except for bill clinton who i noticed grabbed a little
7:45 pm
shut eye during the biden speech and my senses he wasn't wasn't alone. >> laura: wise move. you and i talked earlier about the religious narrative created around joe biden the second catholic president. >> the religious talk is striking, this is the media and a delaware rabbi who compared biden to -- >> moses freeing us from 400 years of backbreaking egyptian slavery at the hands of an autocratic rule pharaoh, in many ways, dear joe, you are our moses. >> it's a god-given gift of this country and a relief to this country that he arrives today. >> he's very comfortable being in a church, speaking in a church as faith is really central to who he is. >> you are our moses and vice president-elect kamala harris is our aaron. >> laura: oh, my god! >> this is really something,
7:46 pm
messiahs in the biblical sense, this is something. there is this disconnect between biden's talk of faith and what he actually plans to do. as a roman catholic, he is in conflict with his own bishops. they have already written a letter to him saying we are worried, you're about to step into moral evils with your policy, we'll and see where this goes but if you're going to talk the faith you better walk the walk otherwise just don't affiliate with that religion, that's fine. this is like muslims eating pork chops on the weekend, they aren't a part of the faith if you violate these tenants and joe biden has to be held to the same standard everybody else is. >> laura: raymond, next time we have "amazing grace" on, could we have a gospel singer singing? i'm sorry, i still can't get over garth brooks and i'm actually a big garth brooks fan. let's bring a gospel singer in. >> will make that for your inaugural.
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>> laura: thank you. as a joe biden promises, a new chapter called unity, thugs on the other side of the country are smashing and burning their way through portland tonight to celebrate biden. life on the ground moments away.
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>> laura: peace and unity are breaking out all over tonight on the west coast. president biden's call for harmony fell on deaf ears when antifa and other radical leftists are concerned, look no further to what they did in oregon, the democratic party's office in portland tonight. [shouting] >> laura: joining me now from that scene, senior writer. were they celebrating with exuberance biden's installation as president? >> it is the myth that keeps on giving in portland, basically the crowd was wandering around aimlessly, they were marching through the streets and they ended up here at the democratic
7:53 pm
office building and initially they were beating on the windows, they were chanting they didn't like biden, and people started to break windows and i can't say the portland police just released a statement saying eight people have been arrested in connection with this destruction. it remains to be seen whether or not the charges will stick. >> laura: we saw a moment ago, the sign that said "we don't want biden, we want revenge." there it is. what does that mean? what form does that take? >> we saw a little bit of that vengeance take place here, there are other stuff blinding to take place in portland and seattle. one thing is for sure, the antifa groups here don't like biden, they view him as one in the same, they want a
7:54 pm
revolution. they just hate america in general. >> laura: did you get the sense that the portland mayor is now going to do something about this? they were able to track down the folks in the capital on january 6 but they don't seem to have much luck tracking down a lot of these folks. >> it remains to be seen because after there was a riot in the federal courthouse in portland, the mayor called out and said they weren't going to take all the writing -- it remains to be seen whether or not the city will take any harsh action against these groups. >> laura: some things never change, thanks so much. be glad you weren't watching this cringe that was a celebration tonight at the inaugural, we'll have the low lights next.
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>> laura: if the goal was to make the bite and inaugural entirely unwatchable, mission accomplished. >> let's celebrate america. ♪ ♪
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>> once-in-a-lifetime, justice can rise up. and hope and history rhyme. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ love, love, love ♪♪ >> laura: that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" team takes it from here. shannon. >> shannon: we are going to sing this entire broadcaster so you know. good to see you. so much. >> laura: i'll be watching. >> shannon: after a peaceful transition of power, violence erupted tonight in portland rated rioters blocking streets, attacking democratic party offices. seattle and denver too. a live report on the unrest straight ahead. day of the biden administration


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