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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 20, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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ago as the 46th president of the united states. >> we'll be back again at 3:00 p.m. for more coverage of this historic day, including a virtual parade. >> sandra smith, john roberts in washington, take over now. >> sandra: thank you, bret, martha. we'll take it from here. joe biden is officially the 46th president of the united states, an inauguration day that looked unlike any other in american history. a beautiful moment indeed, john roberts, as we went through this day on capitol hill and beyond. america is watching. a remarkable day in this country's history. i'm sandra smith. what a day, john. >> john: yeah. good afternoon. i'm john roberts. as we watched joe biden, the 46th president of the united states, get into that suv for what will be a short parade. typically we have a long parade here that goes down constitution avenue then turns up
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pennsylvania avenue and comes in front of the white house. the president traditionally will get out of the limousine to a reviewing stand and then spend about the next three, four hours there as every marching band from every military branch and high school across america goes by in front of that reviewing stand. there you see hillary clinton. bill clinton coming out front there. that will not happen this year. they had the reviewing stand set up. took it down when it became clear that coronavirus was not going to allow that parade to transpire. sandra, i spent two years on a flat bed truck that was leading the procession of that parade. it is quite amazing, as we see former president obama and michelle obama come out. really is extraordinary to have that perspective, as the president makes his way up president avenue with throngs of cheering crowd, none of which
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will happen this year. >> sandra: chief justice john roberts doing the swearing in. we watch many of the former presidents and former first ladies depart. president biden delivered his inaugural address. it will be talked about for years, decades to come, john. all of this is happening against the back drop of this heavily guarded capital. capital like you have never seen, washington, d.c. like you have never seen it before. just an intense amount of security across our nation's capital as this goes on. >> john: it really is quite extraordinary when you consider just how broad the security coordination is. i was at five previous to this one. obviously, you have a security coordination that circled the mall, points of entry for the tens of thousands of people who
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would come in to observe the inauguration, so they would go through there and be checked for any prohibited items. there will be throngs on the national mall. really there is no one on the national mall, save for a few people. there are thousands of flags which look very pretty when you look down the mall. given the absence of people. the security portion would only be for a couple of blocks around the national mall. this year the security cordon goes back almost two-thirds of a mile, all the way to the potomac river. i have never seen, a, this level of security, involving the national guard. there's 25,000 members of the national guard as well. and then the size of the security cordon as well. i'll tell you one thing. hardly anybody in washington, d.c. out in the streets today.
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so all of the unrest that was feared that might take on this day seems to have, thankfully, not appeared, which is a good thing. it does look like an armed camp as opposed to an inauguration. so far things have been extraordinarily peaceful. >> sandra: as we watch them depart, just a heads up what we are about to see at the top of the hour. president biden and vice president harris will be joined by presidents clinton, bush and obama. there will be an event at arlington national cemetery. top of the hour, we will have that for our audience as well, john. >> john: sandra, one thing we've been talking about is when joe biden goes to the white house for the first time as president of the united states, obviously he's been there many times as the vice president of the united states. he'll go to the oval office, like many presidents do. the first thing presidents do, and this goes back to ronald reagan. they sit behind the desk and they take a moment just to let
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the weight of the office settle in on them. you know? you've got the campaign. you've got election night. you've got transition, inauguration. once you get behind that desk, and more times than not it's the resolute desk. you open the desk and you find the letter the previous president has left for you. you know president trump left one for president biden. we don't know what it says. here's what president bush wrote to president obama in 2009. he said there would be trying moments, that his critics would rage, his friends would disappoint, but he will have an almighty god to comfort you, a family who loves you and a country who is pulling for you, including me. one day, sandra, we may find out the content of the letter president trump has left. for a moment, it is a secret. >> sandra: biden plans to get right to work. we know the 17 executive actions, he is going to reverse
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a lot of president trump's policies and restore the obama era programs. all on this first day of his presidency. biden offered a message of healing, promising to be a president for all americans. >> this is our historic moment of crisis and challenge. unity is the path forward. we must meet this moment as the united states of america. if we do that, i guarantee you we will not fail. i will be a president for all americans, all americans. >> sandra: all of that just a short moment ago. chris wallace standing by with inauguration reaction. rich edson has a look at the security happening across washington. we begin with peter doocy live from the north lawn this afternoon. hello, peter. >> reporter: sandra, good afternoon. you talk about biden sitting down at the resolute desk.
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that is also going to be a nice flat surface to sign those 17 executive orders for requests that federal agencies address certain issues. chief among them, rejoining the paris climate accord which president trump left because he didn't think the terms were fair to the united states. stopping border wall construction, which was the thing that president trump talked about more than anything else on his way to the oval office himself. and then getting rid of that travel ban on people coming into this country from majority muslim countries. as the biden white house announces that they are going to undo these trump priorities, trump administration outgoing as an hour an seven minutes ago are watching and preparing to offer a rebuttal. i just heard from steven miller, former top adviser to trump, who says the way they see it, intel authorities said because those countries that they banned
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travel from refused to cooperate with u.s. authorities, they could not safely screen everybody. they think scrapping that ban is going to jeopardize american lives for no public benefit. but biden's inaugural address was light on details about what he is going to do for the rest of the week and the rest of his term. he did, though, stress unity. like this -- >> we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. >> reporter: even though the review on pennsylvania avenue was deconstructed and there is basically nobody here except for law enforcement and press, they were blasting some proceedings from down the street, from down pennsylvania avenue, which was an interesting thing to hear. normally there would be a lot of applause, people cheering and
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waving signs, and there was none of that. sandra? >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. john? >> john: today's events taking place against the back drop of a heightened security presence in the nation's capital. the fbi vetting more than 25,000 national guard troops, which resulted in 12 service members being removed from inauguration duty. rich edson has more from it. he's live in washington as well. hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. we're just a couple of blocks from the capital complex, north of just where the president has given his inaugural remarks. what you've got is a number of check points here surrounding the capitol building and a scene that is repeated all throughout the national mall and downtown washington, d.c. 25,000 national guard troops are here. they're manning those security check points. also got federal police
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officers, u.s. capitol police with a security perimeter that has not been seen for an inauguration. now, a couple blocks from the capital, we do have a few supporters in town, different folks who have come down close to the capitol building. you've got some mostly pro biden folks, but there are a few protesting against the new president and some other folks protesting different causes. mostly what you've got down here is plenty of media covering all of this. but it is absolutely peaceful thus far. nothing near the scene that you would normally see for an inauguration. certainly not anywhere close to the numbers we get in washington, d.c. now, the rest of the national guard force, you just mentioned about 12 of them, a dozen of them, had been taken off duty here. two for posting or sending inappropriate texts or remarks. there was constant vetting, according to officials, of those national guard members because of any type of concern or
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potential to prevent against a potential insider threat. the acting defense secretary at the time said there was no specific insider threat, but this is something they do to make sure any time you have an event with the president of the united states involved, that you make sure you've got people and are vetting them constantly. washington, d.c. largely is shut down. you can't get cars really in or out near this area, all throughout downtown and across the river to virginia. bridges are closed. you've got more than a dozen metro stations closed to a part of this. that's expected to be through today and tomorrow. massive security perimeter, seven foot tall fences and barbed wire. federal government in the city today, if you are a federal employee, this is a holiday for you. you can stay home. also got plenty of businesses that are closed as par of this. we've been seeing a couple of pizza places around the perimeter here and national
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guard members walking out with gigantic boxes of pizza, so they're doing pretty well. >> john: there are a lot of businesses pitching in to help the people helping guard the capital. such a difference from the first obama inauguration in 2009. there were so many people crowding the mall, you could not get transportation out. i ended up walking from the capitol building to our hotel in north georgetown. it was about a four and a half mile walk. rich edson, thanks so much. sandra? >> sandra: thank you, john. let's bring in fox sunday anchor chris wallace. we've heard your voice throughout the day. now into the afternoon hours, we're told in just moments we will see the signing ceremony take place. president joe biden, first lady, will join former presidents and first ladies at the top of the next hour at arlington national cemetery. your thoughts on the moment and what we have seen and heard so
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far. >> sandra, i thought it was an enormously powerful inauguration. i have been watching them since 1960. i have been attending them since 1977. jimmy carter. obviously, this event is colored by the event from two weeks ago. it was just 14 days ago that on that inaugural stand we saw insurrectionists storming the capitol, trying to prevent our leaders from performing their constitutional duties. the fact that just 14 days later, we were able to hold a peaceful transition of power, speaks to the power, the durability of our institution. the congress, the military, all coming together, the supreme court, the executive branch, all coming together to preserve our striving for a more perfect union. i thought it was an effective speech by joe biden. there's not going to be great
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lines that will be recited 50 years from now, although i think his line about we must end this uncivil war has a certain resonance to it. watching our leaders, they didn't look like they wanted to leave. former presidents bush, obama and clinton. it struck me. they, like the rest of us, have been pretty cooped up because of covid. they haven't been able to see each other. they haven't seen some of their colleagues of either party. i think they were thoroughly enjoying the fact that they had an opportunity to pivot for a few minutes. we're going to have kind of a different and slightly odd ceremony in a few moments in the rotunda. normally after the inauguration, they have a big inauguration lunch in statuary hall. all of the leaders of congress are there, the new president and his team are there.
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they present them with china bowls and pictures of the inauguration. they are going to be doing that, but doing it in a socially distanced basis in the rotunda because now covid changes everything. one point i want to make then we'll have a discussion, since the president's speech about unity. i don't think unity means that the new president has to be politically neutered. there was an election. 81 million people voted for joe biden, as barack obama said, elections have consequences and the winner does get to pursue his policies. the question, i think, is how you do it, and can it be done in a civil fashion? can it be done with normal disagreement but not disunion? that was the contrast that joe biden was drawing today. i think that's the key. we're going to have political differences on issues. that's part of the beauty of our democracy. the key is can we disagree
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agreeably and constructively and all work together for the good of the country, even though there are going to be sharp differences in what the good of the country means. >> sandra: you say there's a lot of discussion about that, chris. it's worth noting that a lot of discussion was sparked by these 15 executive orders, two directives to agencies. his team is boasting that the number of executive actions that he's signing surpasses his four predecessors on their first days in office. so this is a president who says he wants to heal the divide. okay. chris, what he said earlier, i know forces that divide us are deep and real, but not new. our history has been a constant struggle between the ideal that we are all created equal.
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you got that sense that he is setting out to try to heal the divide that we are seeing in this country, to talk about these executive actions. what message does this send? >> it sends that he won. it's as simple as that. maybe 17 is more than donald trump signed or barack obama signed. i do remember barack obama quite briefly signing on his very first afternoon, maybe it was the second day, an executive order to shut down guantanamo bay. the last time i checked, guantanamo bay is still operating as a prison for terrorists. just because you sign an executive order doesn't mean it's going to become reality. winners do get to pursue their policies. i don't think that joe biden or
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anybody would say that unity means that we just put aside all our differences because our differences are there. we had an election about those differences. that doesn't have to go anywhere near what we saw two weeks ago when you see insurrectionists storming the capitol and trying to prevent our elected officials from fulfilling their duties. open, honest debate about important issues? absolutely. anything that goes beyond that and becomes threats of violence or insurrection, absolutely not. >> sandra: really important stuff issuing a nationwide mandate, termination of the so-called muslim van, halting construction of the border wall and, as we've been talking, the president's press secretary just tweeted from her new account, in the building and ready to get to work. we'll see that signing ceremony in a moment. i couldn't help but think when
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you were talking about the former presidents and first lady, they all got live entertainment. we haven't seen live performances. wow, j. lo, lady gaga, garth brooks, they are amazing entertainers. >> they are outstanding. just were american voices at their best. >> sandra: here is the president and first lady just arrived for the signing ceremony. chris wallace, thank you so much for joining us. as the day continue, we expect to see the president at this signing ceremony. >> john: this takes place at a place called the president's room. it is for the new president to sign memoranda, executive order, proclamations in the presence of the leadership on capitol hill. then there will be a ceremony afterwards which will be conducted by roy blunt, chairman
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of the joint chairman on inaugural ceremonies plus senator klobuchar. he and his wife, jill biden, will be presented with some presents. amy klobuchar will be presenting him with a couple of lennox vases as well. it's another ceremonial aspect of all of this. eventually, the new president will leave the capitol building, get into the beast, as everyone knows it's called, the big limousine, and make the trip to the white house behind me where he will officially get under way. >> sandra: i can't help but point out also just what a remarkably beautiful day it is in washington for this. >> john: you know, it was interesting. it started snowing for awhile. it was reminiscent to me for a second there of january 2009,
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again, president obama's first inauguration. i think the temperature was 10 degree, and with the wind chill it was down to about 0. we were sitting out there with snow suits and electric blankets and it was still freezing, freezing cold. nice to see president biden had a nice day for his inauguration. >> sandra: indeed. >> john: one of joe biden's first acts as president will be sweeping immigration legislation. it includes an eight year path to citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants. that's cut down from 13 years average. the plan does include enhanced technology at the border for security, biden has promised he will not build another foot of president trump's border wall. the former acting secretary of homeland security joins me now. so, former secretary, this path to citizenship that would be for
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everyone who is in this country illegally prior to january 1st. it's not sweeping amnesty that ronald reagan had when he was president. so some people might describe it that way. what do you see as being the net effect of it? clearly there needs to be some solution for all of the people who are in the country illegally. but then again, does it serve as an enticement for those outside the country to try to get here? >> absolutely, john. it certainly incentivizes individuals to come to the country. let me first say i think president biden is doing the right thing. he is proposing this to congress which is where these types of decisions should be made. we don't like another daca like program by executive order. it will incentivize individuals to come to the border. it's a mixed message. you're telling folks that if you get here at some period of time, some date certain, you will have a path way to citizenship. as we know, once these proposals
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go to congress, congress begins to tinker with them, tinker with dates. i know his proposal says january 1st. that's not to say that date will stick. absolutely. this type of amnesty is a concern. >> john: can i interrupt you for just a second while we see the president there, the signing ceremony in the president's room in the capitol.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> john: press being led out of the room after the president signed a number of documents, memoranda, etc. let's get back to secretary of homeland security chad wolf. one of the thins president biden is going to do, he is going to reverse the travel ban for muslim companies that are hot bed force terror activities. what are the potential dangers of doing that? >> well, unfortunately, it's very disappointing. i'd hope his team would come in and taken a look at what the department has done. when we talk about travel ban, there is not a muslim ban. instead, what the department has done is spelled out very specific criteria that these countries need to meet. we're up front with them about how to meet that. in the process, we are getting
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more information today, more travel information, known suspected travel patterns today because of this process than we ever have. to come in and to reverse that without a thoughtful process is very concerning and at the end of the day, it will make the american people less safe. >> john: one of the other things that president biden said he is going to do is not build another foot of border wall. his nominee for your position was asked about that yesterday in a confirmation hearing. let's listen to what he said about not building any more barrier along the border. >> it's not a monolithic challenge at the border. the border is varied, depending on the geography, on the specific venue an depending on the conduct of individuals around it. we don't need, nor should we have, a monolithic answer.
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>> john: chad wolf, seems that there wasn't a monolithic answer. everyone acknowledged there were places where you didn't need border wall everywhere. what do you believe would be the effect of stopping the construction and much of it has been replacement of broken down border fencing that really wasn't stopping anybody from getting through? >> well, i certainly agree with ali's description. that's sort of the same answer we've had over the last three years. we have said repeatedly we don't need a border wall system at every inch of that border. we have prioritized that. at the end of the day, john, this is what the operators on the ground say they need to have effective border security. what president trump did, what the department did is listened to our operators on the ground. my concern is, you're fulfilling
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a campaign pledge, which i understand politics, but you are making the country less safe. you are making the operators' jobs, who are there every day, much more harder to do. that's concerning. i have heard him talk about technology. i welcome more technology. they need that impedance. i hope they look at that hard and long. there's some difficult areas of the border that need that infrastructure. i hope they reconsider that decision. >> john: one of the other executive orders that the president is going to under take today to preserve and fortify daca. president trump was trying to cancel that program. in canceling it, he was trying to turn it over to congress, which he thought was the appropriate body to be handling this. if this program stays at the white house as it did under president obama, what are the potential implications long-term
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for that? >> that's certainly problematic. i know there's a couple lawsuits on the daca program. congress is the right body to determine the future of this population. i encourage them to do that. i'm sure that will be part of whatever immigration bill that the president's team pushes to capitol hill. so i encourage them to do it there. what we saw under president obama and the creation of daca. we also had another program struck down by the courts. very problematic to confer these type of benefits to a population that congress has not done affirmatively. congress is in the right area, the right body i should say, to make these decisions about a daca program long term. >> john: one other thing, just before we wrap up here, mr. secretary, that the president is going to do is reverse the interior enforcement executive order that president trump put in place. to the best of my knowledge, that was predominantly used to
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remove criminal illegal aliens. getting rid of that, what could the potential effect of that be? >> you've got two issues there, john. not only anywhere from 85% to 89% of the individuals that are deported by ice are criminals or have final orders of removal. those individuals that have been heard by an immigration judge and have a final order of removal. what it also does, it sends a signal that if you are able to get into the country, you're able to get into the interior of the country, that you will be safe from any type of enforcement action. we know effective border security does not work without an effective enforcement regime behind it. again, i would be very concerned about the long term security of not only the border, but also communities inside the country, away from the border, and what we are going to see as a result
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of this. >> john: all right. former acting secretary of dhs, chad wolf. a lot to talk about in the days and weeks ahead. we will see a lot of you, i'm sure, on "america reports." appreciate you coming in today. >> all right. thank you. >> john: sandra? >> sandra: john, beautiful pictures coming out of washington right now, as the ceremonies continue there. a bit from the earlier inaugural address from president biden. we spoke about it with chris wallace for a moment. here's just a bit of what we heard from now president biden about healing the divide. let's listen. >> i know the forces that divide us are deep and they are real. but i also know they are not new. our history has been a constant struggle between the american ideal that we all are created equal. >> sandra: that seems to be a lot of the headlines emerging from that inaugural address,
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john. i look at the "wall street journal" biden calls on nation to start afresh, pointing out his word, this is democracy's day. what were your thoughts as you listened to that? >> john: i mean, obviously they are inspirational words. it is one thing for an american president to come in with a positive message like that about unity and bringing the country together. one of the big questions is how will democrats and republicans get along? don't forget, we've got a closely divided house, an evenly divided senate. yesterday chuck shumer and mitch mcconnell got together to try to meet to lay down some sort of rules and cooperation, as we saw back in the early 2000's when there was an early split. they came to no agreement, with the sticking point being the filibuster. then you have the democratic
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party. who is going to expert more pressure and how will that reflect on republican colleagues across the aisle? will there be a cooperative spirit or a vindictive spirit? i think that it remains to be seen how congress will cooperate with each other. we've come to know here in washington, d.c. that politics is a zero sum game. somebody can't win without somebody else losing. is that going to continue or will this idea of this grand spirit of unity take hold. people will cooperate as they did back in the 1990s to try to get something done for the country. >> sandra: great point. as i read that headline from the wall street journal, right below it is the editorial board, they question, how will president biden govern? that we are about to learn in the coming hours and days. john, you look at these executive actions. the interview with chad wolf there, and the change he is going to enact on day 1 of his presidency, john.
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>> john: even joe biden, much to his credit, has said that he can't undo everything president trump -- like it or not, whatever president trump did in the past four years on immigration. you can't undo it all at once. president biden acknowledged that if you were to do that, you'd have 2 million people on your southern border knocking on the door to get in. if he's going to strip this back, he has to strip it back slowly and carefully so he doesn't provoke another migrant crisis son the southern border. >> sandra: very interesting. chris, quite a day in washington. at the moment i believe we'll see congressional leaders. they will present gifts. possibly hear from them a moment from now. you hear about some of these executive orders. extending the student loan pause, reversing the muslim travel ban, mask mandate on all
10:34 am
federal lands, extending restrictions of evictions and foreclosures and, of course, rolling back some of president trump's environmental actions. he's going to be busy. press secretary saying from the office, we're getting to work now. >> i fully expect that. whether or not he even won the senate, looks like he does have the senate for certain, there was a number of executive orders and the ability for joe biden to govern via executive order was already laid out. president trump followed president obama down that path. president biden brought together the obama heat. what they are able to achieve on masks, covid, economy, is unbelievable with executive order. i would start to look for that very quickly. >> sandra: minority leader mcconnell there on the front of your screen as we just saw kevin
10:35 am
mccarthy. there's chuck shumer and others. that is going to be the big question. editorial board of the "wall street journal" said, okay, now the inauguration is over. how will president biden govern? we are left wondering, after calls for unity today, how he will try to bring republicans and democrats together as he promised to do during his campaign. >> i don't hold out very much hope that democrats are interested in unity as the message has been today. i was somewhat wondering if that was going to be the case after this last week where we have seen everyone from the president of the united states down to some of his followers silenced by massive tech companies without a blip, competing companies that provided a source of information and expression for conservatives and trump supporters shut down without any kind of process, a violation of the american dream, if you want something you can build it.
10:36 am
promise of executive orders, promise of further crackdown on covid and the speech about the 25,000 national guardsmen to an empty mall, i'm not buying the speech, although it was a nice one. >> sandra: chris, live pictures as you see the first lady and the new president. there he is, joe biden opinion they are approaching now, as this remarkable day continues. john roberts with us. john, you look at these images and think, the day is finally here after quite a few years for this country. now this moment. >> john: yeah. i think particularly given the tumul we have seen over the last 60 some odd days here, not only in washington, d.c., but across the country as well, the challenges to the elections were mounted and the rancor on both
10:37 am
sides, cultivating with what we saw in the capitol building back on january 6th. let's listen in here. >> we have a lunch and probably no personal wives -- no person alive has attended more of those lunches than president biden has. it is time to bond between the executive and the legislative branch of the government. probably don't need as much bonding because we already have that natural bonding with you and the traditions here. by those traditions, usually there's a painting at the front of that event that the chairman picks. this time, not knowing we were going to have an event, what we were going to have an event until late, i asked dr. biden to help pick the painting. this is the one she recommended. the painting is landscape with rainbow. rainbow always a good sign. loaned to us today from the
10:38 am
smithsonian american art museum. the artist, robert sheldon dunkenson, he was the best known african-american painter in the year surrounding the civil war. he was based in cincinnati, encouraged by abolitionists to do some studying in europe. this is a painting he painted in 1859. i think sort of the classic america as a paradise painting that a lot of painters were doing then. but for him, a black artist painting this so much like an american utopia on the verge of a war that we would fight over slavery makes all of that, i think, even more interesting. while he faced lots of
10:39 am
challenges, obviously was optimistic even in 1859 about america. and so dr. biden, thank for helping select this painting and glad to have all four of you here, as we move on to my good friend senator klobuchar. the rainbow is always a good sign. let's hope so. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> mr. president, first lady, madam vice president and our very first second gentleman, on behalf of the american people, it is our honor to present these custom made crystal vases commemorating your historic inauguration. lennox, which we know is a great company, american company, has
10:40 am
handcrafted these gifts for the past nine presidential inaugurations. it is a good thing i don't have to hand them to you personally. they each weigh with the base 32 pounds. jill, i know, is very strong and could probably take them both. the lennox company is actually based in bristol, pennsylvania, is a mere 132 miles from scranton, since we know today all roads lead to scranton. the team at lennox has worked for months to capture the spirit of this inauguration and your incoming administration. mr. president, your vase features the white house and vice president harris' features the u.s. capitol. the gifts represent the hope and the faith the american people have placed in you to move our country forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> well, mr. president, madam vice president, while the pandemic has sadly limited our usual hospitalities that others have mentioned, i'm very glad we still carry on some of our favorite inaugural traditions. it's my honor and privilege to help present these flags of our nation that were flown over today's event here at the capital. i have to make one point of privilege, on behalf of the senate, with all due respect to our distinguished speaker and our colleagues from the house, i
10:42 am
have to note, not only did we just swear in a son and daughter of the senate to these houses, but indeed both these former senators skipped the house altogether. the star spangled banner is our greatest symbol of our endurance of the american idea. it flies over this building on triumphant days and on tragic ones, over all factions and all parties. and today this flag flew over our former colleague's inauguration as the first female vice president of the united states, so to our very distinguished former colleague, madam vice president, please accept this flag with the highest compliments and congratulations of the united states senate. [ applause ]
10:43 am
>> the distinguished leader of the senate pointed out that he has hosted this lunch for members of the senate who have become president and vice president. but i have the privilege of giving a flag to the president of the united states, the flag that had flown when you were sworn in, mr. president. this flag, may it reflect all that is said about your inauguration. america united. now, may it be a symbol of the hope, the healing and just all of the enthusiasm you have for our country. and as we heard the beautiful national anthem, when we are at the stadium and they say, is our
10:44 am
flag still there, you say play ball, right there. play ball. we're gonna get ready to play ball. we're ready to go with the inspiration of our flag flying. but again, on behalf of the house of representatives, it is my privilege to extend to you the flag that was flown the moment, the early moment that you were sworn in as president of the united states. thank you, mr. president. thank you, dr. biden. thank you. if we had the lunch, we would have had california wine, is that not right, madam vice president? congratulations. liberty and justice for all. [ applause ]
10:45 am
>> president biden, vice president harris, dr. biden, congratulations. very proud of you both. when president washington was sworn in as the first president of the united states, only a handful of people saw the ceremony or heard the famous first inaugural address. today the inauguration is seen around the nation and the world. the task facing the nation is no
10:46 am
less momentous than it was in washington's time. i listened to your speech today. you talked about dedicating ourselves to the values that all americans share together. modern technology just a few minutes ago captured in these pictures. history in the making for all the world to see. this picture should serve as a reminder of that task that we have before us. very proud son of california, it is my honor to present very daughter of california as well. today, vice president harris made history and all of america should celebrate that. but we should also remember that this is not the end, but just the beginning. as leaders, we are judged not by our words, but by our actions.
10:47 am
so let's go forth from here together, accomplish great things for the american people. and every time you look at this photo, remember the beginning of the job we have to do. congratulations. [ applause ] >> madam vice president, dr. emhoff, dr. biden, mr. president. no, joe, you're mr. president. we are so proud of that. dr. biden, he makes you call him mr. president? marriage is about to get rocky. on behalf of the joint commission, i, too, am proud, more than that, i'm ecstatic to present the two of you this picture a testament to
10:48 am
technology, a testament to history. mr. president in your speech, you talked about faith. you talked about tribulations. but you talked about victory. the johnson brothers wrote a great hymn. you know it well, mr. president. today we have a new day. that hymn came out of faith and deep trouble into hope. they said facing the rising sun of our new day begun, let us march on until victory's won. that's what your speech was about. that's why we are so proud and ready to march with you, president biden. god bless.
10:49 am
[ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> thank you, everyone. [ applause ] >> john: well, sandra, that is a photograph that president biden has been working to get. his 1987, third time's the charm here. the photo finally presented to him. i don't know about you, sandra, but i have been using shutterfly to get my photos done. i think i'm going to use the capitol photographer. they turned that beautiful frame
10:50 am
and photo around in 90 minutes. what a lovely scene. regardless of what your politics are, that whole ceremony there at the capitol is another example of what keeps this nation so great, and that is the cooperative and peaceful transition of power. >> sandra: and beautiful lennox vases presented to the president and vice president from the american people, lennox company, those engraved crystal vases. a beautiful part of this day, the traditional exchanging of the gifts there that we just saw. as the day continues, we will see the new president and the first lady, along with former presidents and first ladies at the top of the hour for that ceremony at arlington national cemetery. so we will move on, as the afternoon rolls on. >> john: yeah. all there really now is left at the capitol building is passage review, then the president and first lady will get into the limousine and head over to arlington cemetery. then probably about 40 minute
10:51 am
ors so, they will be on their way to the white house, where president biden will begin the business of the day. let's go to former speech writer for president georgew. bush and fox news contributor. bill, all of the right things are being said today, but in just a little while, president biden is going to get down to business. not saying it's going to happen today, but at some point, particularly given the close margin to the house and senate, we're going to get down to bare knuckle politics here. how do you think it's going to go? >> well, i mean, that's what we'll be looking for. the president, rightly, hit the right note, calling for unity. didn't mention donald trump's name, which i think was probably a wise decision. the irony is that right now i think things are very divisive because a lot of donald trump's 74 million voters are bitter
10:52 am
what happened to them and bitter as far as being accused of being white supremacists and insurrectionists and represented by that guy with the horns. i think the real acrimony is going to start when the president tries to legislate. that's where the progressive wing comes in. and this isn't unique to joe biden. within parties, there's internal dispute between someone who's 75% with you but disagrees on that 25%. the differences between those two sides are normally often more bitter than the difference between someone who's a polar opposite on agendas. and the progressives are serious. aoc has already come out and said that his spending bill was far too little, the stimulus. so i think we're going to see a lot more of that because they are very serious about their agenda. that will be the tough thing for
10:53 am
joe biden to do. his instinct is to make a deal, i think. in other words, if he wants one of these big bill, to give republicans something. that's his instinct as a senator, but i'm not sure is shared by the progressive part of his party. >> john: and, bill, as we've mentioned a number of times, senator schumer and mcconnell got together to try to work out some kind of power sharing agreement. they got stuck on the idea of a filibuster. here's what congress woman omar said about keeping the filibuster. she said, quote, democratic majority with the wants and needs of the republican minority are priorities sound insane. republicans would never negotiate their way out of governing power, why are we doing this? there's a blip in the democratic party you were talking about. >> right. yeah, exactly. and, look, again, joe biden has long experience in the senate. he tried to be a deal maker. if you're a president and you
10:54 am
want to push your country forward in your direction, you almost always have to make deals, especially when the house and senate are so divided. and sometimes you're more vulnerable with the one seat majority than you are with a one seat minority because the other side, minority, is trying to pick off people, get people who are scared. it's a very tricky thing. we're going to see how joe biden handles that. again, i think it's instinct. this is one thing the progressives fear, is to try to make a deal, to try to get something passed and be willing to give something for getting it. there's a lot in this party that don't want that. >> john: bill, all of this talk of unity from president biden in his inaugural speech saying, my whole soul is in uniting this nation. tucker carlson, on his program last night, was wondering how democrats are going to treat republicans going forward? one of the things he said no one in the democratic party seems
10:55 am
happy. instead of taking victory laps they are plotting revenge against the people they just beat. thinking of new ways to injure, degrade their political opponents, make it impossible for them to work, throw them in jail and destroy their live. how do you expect democratic lawmakers are going to comport themselves when it comes to their republican colleagues for the next two years? >> well, i think in some ways the common -- i didn't see what he said. i think trump supporters who see themselves being deplatformed. lot of this ugliness doesn't come from cooks on the extreme left. you listen to mrs. pelosi and mrs. clinton's podcast this week where they're talking about traitor, cult members and stuff. the language is really incendiary. as i said before, at some point if president biden wants to make his words real and wants to be
10:56 am
remembered for actually uniting and healing the country, he's going to have to take on those people, too. he doesn't have to humiliate them, but has to say, call off the dogs, we have an agenda, we don't want to be distracted by old battles with donald trump. >> john: thank you for joining us. sandra, brings up the idea of an impeachment trial, is the first thing you are going to do with chuck shumer taking over as the majority leader, go down the road of a trial for president trump or are you going to focus all of your efforts on trying to get your confirmations done for president biden? >> sandra: as far as policy is concerned and how he's going to choose to govern and try to bring the country together, we will soon see in the coming ours and days, john. some of the headlines i read from the wall street journal earlier. headline in "the atlantic" biden
10:57 am
should go big, fast and simple, john. this new president must not repeat obama's mistakes and goes on to encourage the new president to aim to make sure his policies are stupidly straight forward instead of threading the needle with neutrality as his predecessor did. it will be really interesting to see how he chooses to move forward with so many promises made during the campaign, john, how he will move forward in the coming days. >> john: as we know, sandra, he's got that $1.9 trillion covid relief bill, which is a pretty big hole plugger, if you will. now coming out of the capitol, we see the president and first lady, joe biden. one short pass in review there, as he's being directed by the military down the steps into the limousine, then it will be off to arlington national cemetery.
10:58 am
let's listen in here as the president and first lady descend the stairs. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
10:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
11:04 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra, that was an interesting moment there because even though you have big burly secret service agents holding the door for you, the president went over and held the door for his wife and then walked back around to the other side of the beast and put himself in the car. i've not seen that before. >> sandra: that's really something. they will now make their way to arlington national cemetery where another ceremony will take place, the laying of the reef, the newly sworn in president.
11:05 am
the 46 president of the night states along with the first lady, kamala harris and the second gentleman, her husband dog. we will see that a short time from now as they make their way over to arlington national. >> bill: if this will be the first of many trips. it always takes a day or two to get the timing right. this is the first of many trips that president biden will make over to arlington, of course he will go over them every day and every veterans day as well to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. it's an extraordinarily solemn ceremony that every president takes with the utmost seriousness and depreciates of doing so as a way of saying thanks and paying tribute to those who give their lives, the last measure of devotion and defense of their country. it is really truly one of those american things that everyone
11:06 am
should pause and give thanks that so many people were willing to lay down their lives and sacrifice of freedoms. that's many places in this world. >> sandra: is an amazingly beautiful day there in washington and you have to point out the fact that this is on inauguration day like no other. number 46 on the plate there. as all of the twitter and website accounts have all been changed, and that's an unprecedented level of security with the nation's capital. we are in the middle of the pandemic, and at times it was hard to recognize some of our nations top leaders as they walked into the inauguration there. but those former presidents that
11:07 am
have gathered are unmistakable. >> bill: i still have trouble recognizing some of our colleagues when they are wearing masks. i've been to five of these previously and it's usually a huge party and washington, d.c. there is a small group of us on the patio in front of our hotel last night, socially distance under heater is having a bite to eat and thinking, we are probably the biggest gathering in washington, d.c., typically you have people spilling out of bars and restaurants but there was none of that. it was very weird yesterday. >> sandra: as are the times. john, take a brief moment to bring in kristin fisher who begins our coverage of the top of the new hour now. christine, good afternoon to you. it's a chilly day but a sunny day for this inauguration. >> good afternoon sandra. president joe biden is going to be arriving here at the white house for the very first
11:08 am
time as president shortly after this trip to arlington national cemetery. when he gets here, one of the very first things he will do is go inside the oval office and sign 17 executive actions, effectively undoing many of his predecessor's key policies. things like stopping construction on the border wall. ending the travel ban from many muslim majority countries and rejoining the paris climate agreement and the world health organization. president biden is immediately doing things that will likely frustrate the 74 million americans who voted for now former president donald trump. and at the same time you have president joe biden during his inaugural address stressing unity and during his nearly 20 minute long remarks, president biden said he wants to be president for all americans. he urged americans who disagree with him to hear him out and he asked everyone to lower the temperature all while speaking
11:09 am
from those steps on the u.s. capitol that were stormed by that mob is just two weeks ago. >> president biden: we must and at this uncivil war that pits red against blue. rural versus urban. conservative versus liberal. we can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. if we show a little tolerance and humility. >> went president biden arrives in the oval office to issue these executive actions he will be signing them on the very desk where former president trump has left a note for him, the contents of which are still confidential at least for now. we knew the white house press secretary is in the building and preparing for her very first briefing which is set for 7:00 p.m. tonight. as you guys were saying that
11:10 am
social media accounts have now been transferred so that really makes it official, guys. the peaceful transfer of power is now complete. >> sandra: kristin fisher, live from washington for us. thank you. >> bill: at the peaceful transfer of social media accounts of the very least. let's bring in karl rove. let me play just a little bit of president biden's speech and get your reaction on the other side. let's listen here. >> president biden: today on this january day, my whole soul is in this, bringing america together and uniting our people, uniting our nation. i know speaking of unity can sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days. i know the forces that divide us are deep and they are real but i also know they are not new. >> bill: i should qualify that
11:11 am
by saying what you went through three of the is an unofficial capacity. but what did you make of the president's speech today hitting the notes about unity? >> i thought it was interesting that we really do now mark but by having control the social media accounts, it's a sign of our country, isn't it? i thought the speech by and large was very authentic. you could hear his tone if you could hear his voice, the common man touch was there and he talked about, at one point he talked about folks and at another point he talked about his dad laying there in bed looking at the ceiling and trying to figure out how he would take care of his family. it was a heartfelt appeal for unity and also a bit of optimism, a sense that we can overcome these great challenges
11:12 am
and belief in america and a belief that them moment called for boldness. i thought they were well said and wells spoken and from the heart. the footage you just ran, then goes on to say that what divides us as a country, the forces that are dividing us are a belief in the american ideals versus racism and nativism and fear. frankly, look. i think americans are by and large united against racism and nativism and we have real disagreements as conservatives and liberals, rural and urban, those are the things that divide us. it struck me that that was at one point where we came very close to saying, if you weren't part of the 81 million who voted for me you are believing in nativism and racism and fear and i thought that was a bad moment in the speech. and i hope it's not where he's coming from.
11:13 am
>> bill: it also feeds into what we've been hearing from some democrats saying that president trump should be deprogrammed. >> sandra: something that stuck out to me, i was listening to art laffer on the fox business network this morning. and he had a vote of confidence that was a really interesting perspective on the economy of what we are about to see for this president. i thought he was terrific and i still do. i think biden has the potential of being as good as clinton. biden has been in the senates a long time and he gets along really well with the republicans in the senate and well and has been moderate. you know biden voted for the 86 tax act and touted his attributes really widely. at biden i don't think has a chip on his shoulder and i think he can do a great job.
11:14 am
>> art laffer has been a big supporter of donald trump's policies specifically with the economy and it's an interesting perspective there. what do you think? >> i hope he's right and i would come in it at a a slightly different way. he voted for the 86 tax cut and why? it was popular and democrats got involved with pat woods. in the 1990s he was a big proponent of the things that a more moderate democrat, after the democrats lost to mondale and dukakis come along came the new centrist bill clinton and suddenly he was a favorite of those kind of policies and voted for that. i worry though, and he's a a fan of that. what i worry about is a center to thought that says, i stand for these things, not simply what is the rage for my party
11:15 am
right now. and i do worry about that. but if you step back what does the president need to do to unify? if you find something where you can work with both parties to bring them together. george w. bush, his first priority was education reform which involved ted kennedy and the ranking democrat on education, george miller working with two republicans in the bush administration which is a note that you are left behind. where is that provided? >> the smithsonian's institutions, that is coming up to the tidal basin and we will keep following this. carl, stick around because there's a lot more to add to this. and that's a slew of executive orders aimed at reversing trump
11:16 am
policies. we will talk about his calls for unity more, and what lies ahead for perhaps president trump and the republican party, when we come back. stay with us. plus get cash for security today or retirement tomorrow that's me. refiplus. only from newday usa.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: inauguration day continues as we await the wreath laying ceremony at arlington national where the president and first lady should be arriving just a short time from now. john roberts and sandra smith. i'm in new york and john is in d.c. we've been covering this all week as we've been anticipating the swearing in that have been just a short time ago as we look at these beautiful pictures in washington. we are kicking it all in together and karl rove joins us as well. carl, your thoughts on this day? >> is a remarkable day.
11:21 am
not too many countries in the world can have the record of the united states, since 1789 we have peacefully transferred power every four years, 58 times before today, today is the 59th inauguration. it's an amazing day. it celebrates the best of our democracy. if we can fight like cats and dogs in an election and someone wins, they then take power and we transfer it, even if it is from a sworn enemy. there's pictures from 1933, herbert hoover apparently and writing to the capital, you can see his grim face and there is fdr to the crowd within gigantic magnetic smile in his face. hoover apparently never said a word to his successor as they drove to the united states capitol for the inauguration of franklin roosevelt at the height of the depression. yet that's what we are capable of doing, taking power from one party and giving it to the other party, transferring it from one
11:22 am
individual to another individual. and that's a testament to our american democracy. the one that was amplified this year with president trump leaving washington, d.c., and saying "we will be back in some form. there's been talk that president trump will seek to create a third party, something called the patriot party. what are your thoughts about the former president trump? >> he does and, if he wants to do what he said, and he will basically be coming after people who didn't support him or had opposed him in a way. i think his son said you can either get to be a zero or hero, and that will be a destructive
11:23 am
force. he's powerful inside the party and if he were to seek the nomination in 2024 he would likely win the nomination. if he didn't win in 2020, it could be very problematic. >> sandra: karl, the ceremony has begun at arlington national, let's listen. [gunshot] [gunshot]
11:24 am
[gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot]
11:25 am
[gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot]
11:26 am
>> bill: a a salute there at arlington national cemetery ahead of the president and the vice president's arrival which is a reminder that joe biden now is the new commander in chief. carl, if memory serves correct back in the early 2000s, it this was the chairman of this senate relations committee. what do you think his relationship with the military will be like? >> his son served in the
11:27 am
military and i know from his public comments that president biden takes great pride in his sons achievements there. during the obama years he was often seen visiting american troops abroad and, you heard him today, i thought it was a very welcome sign that he ask for a blessing on our military at the close of his speech. i think the president at least from the relationship that he has, at least from the military as a commander in chief, is going to have a good one. my question is will he give them the support to get that done? one of the great advantages are great achievements of the trump presidency was rebuilding the american military. we live in a dangerous world and we need to have a strong military, we need to have what it takes to be ready for what might happen and that will be the ultimate test.
11:28 am
>> sandra: hot taking in this moment at arlington national cemetery, we are about to say the president and the first lady at the tomb of the unknown soul of michael soldier to honor our men and women in uniform. so as we await that carl, your thoughts on this day in washington as we look to a new day tomorrow and we will see how this president plans to govern. >> first of all he should be commended for doing this, every president that does this on veterans day, i think it's a sign of his respect and that he wanted to do this today. he asked former presidents to join him in giving this mark of respect for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and he should be commended for that. he's off to a heck of a start today, going back to the white house where he will sign 15 executive orders and he is
11:29 am
sending a bill to congress for immigration reform which i think it's a little bit premature. the emphasis is mainly on one element of what has traditionally been considered a reform package and he has emphasized the pathway to citizenship for people who are already here illegally. there are other attempts to get this done and also recognized we needed to do something about guest workers and reforming the immigration system with a special emphasis on security. my sense is this hasn't properly been done up on the hill and hasn't been discussed with republicans and democrats. a basis has not been laid for it to have much chance of success and you don't want to make the first thing that you do out-of-the-box be something that doesn't come to fruition but that is maybe what they've done with this. >> bill: you know, karl, arlington national cemetery is such a solemn and majestic place and anyone who comes to visit washington, d.c., you should just go there to look and walk
11:30 am
and see the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation. i know that you went to arlington many times with president bush back in the early 2000s for wreath laying. describe to us and the folks at home who are watching, what is it like to be there for a wreath laying ceremony? >> it solemn. the officers and military personnel, and the unit, the guards at the arlington cemetery in the tomb of the unknown are the best of the best. you saw it in the artillery unit and you see it in those who stand watch over the tomb. it is very emotional. i went to every wreath laying ceremony on veterans day while i was at the white house and i never stopped being overcome by emotion. you see veterans day or, the warriors who are still alive and
11:31 am
you see the widows and their children, it's a magnificent ceremony. i commit president biden for starting his term in office by taking the oath and it going to arlington. it speaks volumes about his respect for the military. >> sandra: and in attendance, in addition to obviously the president and the first lady, the president and the new vice president kamala harris, dr. joe biden in attendance, doug emhoff in attendance and also the former president obama and michelle obama are there, george w. bush and laura bush, bill clinton and hillary clinton. we are about to see many of those past presidents that were there for the inauguration ceremony. but karl, pointing out that donald trump was not part of this day. he was not in attendance. he got on that plane and flew down to florida.
11:32 am
>> bill: if tradition were to hold, president trump probably would have left from the east front of the capital. of course, the order of the day is different from what it typically would be. so potentially if you decided to attend the celebration he would have come as well but i did notice that former vice president pence is not on the list here. it's likely that he would have left from the east end of the capital to joint base andrews but you never know the way that these things are planned and the way that the president's refusal to attend the inauguration changed the planning and then the fact that covid-19 has changed with the parade, typically they go from the capital on a flatbed truck and then the president sits in a
11:33 am
reviewing stand along with the first lady, the vice president, the vice president spouse and all the members of the family for three or four hours while all of these marching bands parade in front of the white house down pennsylvania avenue. i don't know if president trump would have been invited to come to this or not but it's a moot point because he decided not to. >> just a bigger picture, not part of the inauguration today. i have to point out that that does break precedent to not have him there. >> we had four presidents that did not attend the inauguration may be did mean a lack of respect for thomas jefferson but the only stage they got him to baltimore left at 4:00 a.m. that morning. he left jefferson to leave the conrad and munn boardinghouse at new jersey and c street
11:34 am
southeast and walk 500 yards to the capital for his swearing-in, accompanied by some formats, interested washingtonians and a few members of congress and conveyed by the marshal for the state of maryland, the u.s. federal marshal for maryland with his export. john q. adams similarly decided not to attend the inaugural of his successor andrew jackson in large part because there had been a little bit of a contracts. his wife was not in good health and jackson said why don't you stay at the white house until it's comfortable for you to move but then later said i need you out by the night of the nr girl because i'm going to have a big party. and so john q. adams said, i'm not going. the last one was andrew johnson in 1869 and grant said he wasn't going to meet with him and he said he wasn't going out of its way to consult with him and it literally, johnson made the decision, literally the morning of the inaugural he's signing
11:35 am
the final papers and documents that congress sent him and the income secretary of state seward who said aren't we getting ready to go to the capital? johnson says i'm not going. and gideon welles, he said how thrilled he was about not going to the capital. this was well considered by president trump and announced a while ago. so we shouldn't have been surprised. >> bill: you know more about history, that's all i can say. >> president biden: it was remarkable to see the past presidents gathered there with the former first lady as we await the president and vice president. barack obama tweeted this with the picture, congratulations to my friend president joe biden.
11:36 am
>> it's a comment on our democracy. particularly i thought it was touching to me with the relationship between george w. bush and bill clinton. may i tell you a quick story about the relationship between the two of them? the two men were very close. >> bill: we may need to cut you off if he shows up. >> when 41 past, we sat in his library and said nobody wants my books, do you want a book? and i said sure. he said i want to think about it. one week after he passed, and i got a package and it was a book published the year george w. bush was published. a terrible book but a wonderful momento. the inscription from president clinton to president bush is clearly one of two very close friends and it's amazing that the man who
11:37 am
defeated him became such a close friend of president bush 41. >> bill: you are talking about the house republican leader and minority leader kevin mccarthy in a statement saying, congratulations to president joe biden and vice president, harris. now we must get to work to solve the challenges facing our country and together we will succeed as we have for more than 230 years. so again, and effort on the part of the republicans to say, perhaps acknowledging what's going on for the last 60 days here in the nation. senator amy klobuchar and she also presented those lenexa
11:38 am
basis to the president and first lady. senator klobuchar as we await president biden and joe biden, the first lady and kamala harris and the second husband to attend, your thoughts of being right up there on the platform at the west front of the capital is all of this unfolded. >> it was an extraordinary day. and that was exactly where the mob had come in. and even though the workers had diligently replaced all the windows. and we had former president bush and laura bush there, it was exactly the kind of the moment that our country needed. and that was something our country needed to be able to hear. don't heal. >> we saw so much of you
11:39 am
earlier, you've been with the president throughout the day. what stuck out to me is not only talking about what happened at the capital last weekend and your speech there on the steps but you also talked about democracy picking itself up, and what are you about to see the presidency? >> i think you saw some of it on the stage. the president went out of his way to talk to leader mcconnell went out of his way to talk to vice president pence. if he wants to give you a chance to vote for him, and you have to improve the way that vaccine is getting out and you have to expand the number of vaccines, they are very practical things. i think it was a plainspoken speech, it was a beautiful speech but it was really about reaching out and that's exactly what we need right now.
11:40 am
and having also spent the day with senator mcconnell as well as senator schumer, i would say that it was a very positive feeling about the ceremony, people who genuinely liked what the speakers were saying from the poet to the priest on down. >> bill: it was recently painted over from that riot on january 6th but it illuminates the fact that the president is taking over from the political division unprecedented in modern times. how can he bring the nation together as we see him walking up here? actually, let's pause for a second if you would on that.
11:41 am
11:42 am
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>> present arms! [drumming] ♪ ♪ [taps playing]
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>> bill: he's been there several times as vice president of the united states but first
11:48 am
time as president of the united states. president biden and first lady jill biden leading former presidents up from arlington national cemetery after leaving a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. now it will be to get into the motorcade and off to the white house and into the oval office and the resolute desk where i'm sure that the president will take a moment to sit behind that desk for the very first time. clearly he's been in that office a number of times but he will sit behind that desk for the very first time as president and say, wow. it happened. i'm the guy in charge for the next four years. let me tell you sandra, i talked to former presidents about that moment and they have all said it was something extraordinary. >> sandra: it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. as we seen the vice president and president pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
11:49 am
on this inauguration day 2021. let's listen. and that concludes the ceremony there at arlington national cemetery. bill hemmer is in lafayette park there. bill, we saw your coverage this morning, what a day that has been and what it before moment that just was at arlington national. >> good afternoon to you and john, that was quite an awesome moment they are at arlington. that is the stop for now but in a matter of moments the next biggest stop will be here along pennsylvania avenue, but now president joe biden and president kamala harris will take a few blog you could say.
11:50 am
listen, normally this holster you behind us will be filled with bands from all over the country, they come here we can advance in the would be playing their songs and curing their banners, none of that is happening this year. around the 3:00 hour we shall see what's called a virtual prorating, not a ton of detail around it but they will try to pull in different elements across the country and we will see this as it unfolds. any don't come any inaugural planners, and they had a message and we will expect more of that today. the winds have calmed down here sandra and the city of washington has as well. >> sandra: except warmed up a bit, too, you looked cold this morning. >> you want to know the truth?
11:51 am
we were on the west side of the the capital, not just our crew but, the supreme court justices came out in the robes, no coats, and they were out there for more than an hour and i don't know if it was the smartest move i've seen, -- >> sandra: the coats could have been on under the robes. >> may be, it's him look like it to me. if they were smart they would have layered up but it didn't appear that way. coming up next hour, to getting more flavor about what's happening, what i try to do, to find yourself in a position where you can watch the teleprompter along with the speaker. the speech was very well written and the delivery we could
11:52 am
debate, and there was a line where joe biden was about to thank his predecessors and those behind him. in this giant teleprompter, the next three lines were, president clinton, president obama and president bush. he declined it to read those lines and he skipped to the bottom line and that prompter catches up, so that was a decision he made in real time and why he did that i'm not sure. that's a question we may get later today, we will find out. i wonder around 10:00 a.m., maybe that had an influence on his decision. there was a lot in that speech that was loaded toward the five past four years and i grant you that. but those three lines were omitted in real time, sandra. >> sandra: and now he faces an
11:53 am
enormous task, he was put in place to do a big job and made a lot of promises, we will see what the hours and days hold for this country. more from you in a bit, thank you. >> john: you know sandra, i was exactly where bill is four years ago and every military marching band and every marching band from every high school and organization from an organization across the country, i am glad to hear that they will get out and take at least a one block walk because it's tradition in president trump and the first lady did it four years ago, and that's not going to be the crowds there that there was four years ago, and we have howie kurtz on board with this, sandra. that's a host of media buzz, and
11:54 am
as we look to order the first presidential press briefing tonight with the new press secretary, this is the first time i remember there being an evening press briefing. what do you think the tone of the coverage for president biden will be compared to the coverage of the last four years for president trump? >> i will say it's a little bit softer but it's not going to be about pageantry or bipartisanship, they are in the product process, so he's already getting down to business. i think over the coming weeks and months jen psaki will have some tough times with the press as the new president now takes ownership of the pandemic, the economy and some of these controversial issues like immigration. >> john: a president trump did not get a honeymoon period, not
11:55 am
that he wanted one but also initiated a honeymoon. himself when he sent sean spicer out. sean spicer came out saturday for his briefing on the first thing he did was excoriated the press for lying about the number of people who were at the inauguration, so there was no honeymoon. are there. do you expect that president biden will get some sort of a honeymoon. here, a chance to try to get some business done or will the critics begin to leap on him from the very beginning? >> he certainly got the honeymoon today, there's been some outright gushing about joe biden. that's in part because plenty of journalists know him and like him, biden has been around forever and many wanted him to win. i think also in part there's a palpable sense of relief just two weeks after months of debate over the unproven charges and amidst the surging pandemic. but eventually, you get into battles, controversies,
11:56 am
legislation, and it may be that biden and mitch mcconnell will have a better relationship since they know him from the senate. i also think that many pundits today john have been ungracious and kicking president trump on his way out the door. given the extort in a circumstance of him blowing off the inauguration and having his own farewell speech this morning, cnn for example said he had pathetic tiny little crowded. so we are seeing a journalistic celebration of trump's departure as much as biden taken the oath. i think governing is harder than giving speeches and i think we will see a little bit tougher coverage in the days and weeks to come. >> john: i remember that bill clinton had a pretty long honeymoon when he first came in and it went south pretty quickly, then by the end of his administration you could just see, you could see the purple rage begin to rise like a thermometer. lots to talk about on the media buzz this weekend, looking forward to it.
11:57 am
>> sandra: thank you. karl rove is still with us and we will get your thoughts as we wrap this two hours of coverage on the fox news channel on inauguration day 2021, the 46th president has been sworn in. >> i must admit i'm thinking very personally because i remember this day in 2001 and how we left the reviewing stand and i had walked into my office in the west wing for the first time and the president walked into the oval office for the first time and shortly thereafter was visited by his father who had spent four years there as president and eight years in and out of that office as ronald reagan's vice president. for all who work in the west wing and the old executive office building, regardless of party, they have my respect. they are about ready to begin a great journey and i hope they keep pictures and mementos so they will remember these times and be able to recall them more easily. at the beginning of the new administration is always an exciting moment and it may, as how he said it, turned south
11:58 am
with the press pretty quickly or it may not but you get the enormity of the jobs that we invest this office with and the people who surround the president with, they got great responsibilities, big challenges and the goodwill of the country needs to carry them along. >> sandra: it appears they get right to work from these executive actions and as john just mentioned with the first prospecting of this presidency, it's already happening today. >> you know, the desire to put all 15 of these executive orders out today is just sort of, it does rub a little bit against the unity message because every one of these executive orders is designed to undo something that the previous administration did. i wish they had found a new more positive note to begin on but this was clearly satisfy the democratic base but won't add much to the unity message. we will see how they handle that tonight in the press briefing. >> sandra: karl, great to have
11:59 am
you join us for our coverage this afternoon, i appreciate the historical knowledge and we always enjoy talking to you. >> john: what karl was mentioning was something i was thinking about. if you have an election, and elections to have consequences. president trump got 47% of the boat and joe biden got the rest, enough obviously to put him over the top but then you have a big call for unity in his speech at the capitol and then at the same time, just a couple hours later undoing many, many things that president trump did. some republicans, some of them home or in the administration had sent to me, where is the move to the middle by president biden? where is reaching out to the other side? he's only been president for a couple of hours so we will see if over the days, weeks, months and years ahead that he does make some moves in those directions but for the moment as karl pointed out, he seems to be on doing a lot of the things that president trump did, and where do we go from here?
12:00 pm
>> sandra: absolutely. this beautiful day continues in washington. john, we will see you in the days and hours to come. great to be with you for coverage of the newly elected president, john. >> john: we have got a lot to talk about. now, let's turn it over to bret baier and martha maccallum to continue our inaugural coverage. >> welcome back to our special coverage of the inauguration of joseph r. biden in the nation's capitol. the next time we see him, he will be walking into the white house. he and his vice president will take place in the parade across america. then he will take action to reverse several important trump actions. the actions are not seen as unifying. we'll cover it all. i'm martha maccallum. >> and i'm bret baier.


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