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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. we'll be here atop this perch overlooking the white house for the next 102 days. martha maccallum debuting "the story" at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. starts right now. martha? >> martha: looking forward to more as the week progresses. thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. this is "the story." it's good to be with you in the sunlight over sixth avenue in new york city. so tomorrow, "the story" heads to washington d.c. where we will cover the inaugural of joseph r. biden as the 46th president of the united states. the city is under threat from american citizens in a way rarely seen in our history. biden faces the most complex and threatening period we've seen in some time. historians say the new president will walk into a white house dealing simultaneously with economic crisis not seen since fdr and civil unrest and division not felt in this
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country since lincoln. mike tobin is in the city now ringed in high fencing and barbed wire and people in the military could pose a threat and those that want to see a civil war in the united states. we'll speak with sarah carter investigating the politics of this moment and the dangerous nature of these groups and what they want. also with us today, stephanie carter overseeing the vastly changed inaugural festivities for the biden administration. first, we go to mike tobin. hi, mike. >> you can't make it a few blocks without running into some of this fencing. checkpoints, security personnel and the ubiquitous presence of the national guard. we saw platoon after platoon, squad after squad of the guard arriving. we're told the number of troops present in d.c. has gotten up to
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21,000. we're told the troop presence ultimately will exceed that 25,000 number reported yesterday. the secretary of the army confirms that with the help of the secret service, background checks are being done on troops to prevent an inside job. chris miller says there's no specific intel of a plot or an inside job. experts watching this say the overabundance of caution is a response in part to the criticism security forces were caught with their guard down on january 6. >> it's not surprising that our security forces, having seen that take place, are erring on the side of being overprepared and providing as much deterrence as they can for anybody coming to d.c. to interrupt the inauguration. >> the checkpoints have resulted in arrests. a man was picked up with a nongovernmental credential, weapon and ammo. he told our fox affiliate he was working as a security guard and he got lost in this maze of
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checkpoints and fencing. he was not part of a domestic terror plot. a woman was picked up for impersonating a police officer. she was referred to mental health. another man was referred with a sidearm and high capacity magazines. martha, back to you. >> martha: what a situation, mike. thanks very much. joining me now, sarah carter, reporter and fox news contributor. good to see you today. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: i see this as two parts to this story. one of them is this chilling suggestion that members of our own military might be involved in something like this. i think that that is a very -- it possible. we've seen it happen over history, of course, in isolated instances. listen to this sound bite that is stunning from steve cohen, a democrat from tennessee. watch this. >> the guard is 90 some odd percent male.
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about 20% of white males voted for biden. the other 75% are in the class that would be the large class of folks that might want to do something. >> martha: that's a shocking statement. he called 75% of the national guard white guys that might want to do something. what do you say about that, sarah? >> it absolutely did -- divisive. my husband is part of them. he gave the pledge in afghanistan. i covered the war in afghanistan. i saw young men of all colors, of all religions give their life up for this nation because they believe and love this country. as for the 21,000 national guard
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members that are in washington d.c., it important to remember that they are doing their job as well. they are not an enemy. many of them can't believe they're even there. with their ar-15s guarding the capitol before inauguration and open inauguration day to protect president-elect and president joe biden from possible threats within the nation. to say that these men and women that are there protecting our nation, that 75% of them pose a threat to our country because they had a different political party affiliation is absolutely un-american and wrong. >> martha: it amazing. >> the rhetoric -- >> martha: yeah. steve cohen, just to reiterate, the other 75%, talking about the national guard, are in the large class of fight that might want to do something. i find that stunning. as you point out, we have 21,000 people that are shocked as
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anyone else that there's a need for them to be there. as i said, we've all seen since the beginning of our history, we've had isolated incidents of people turning open the nation from within the military. it happens. of course you want to be eyes and ears. i'm sure all of those members of the national guard, if they see something in their own ranks, they're concerned about something, they're going to want to bring that to people's attention. the other side of this story are these groups that want a second civil war. i remember talking to bill barr a long time ago. he brought up one group that he was concerned about. this is a mother and son team that brought zip ties to the capitol. eric and lisa. so you have to question what is going on here and how widespread this movement is. what is your sense of that? >> we're going to see a continuing growing divide unless the rhetoric taps down.
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what we're seeing, things like earlier this week where we heard former deputy director andrew mccabe calling people that voted for president trump or trump supporters isis, i couldn't even believe it when i heard that. when you see these divisions, the threat is there and they're taking it seriously. there's groups in the country that we need to take notice of. our fbi is doing a good job of that and our justice department. for the lawmakers to take down the rhetoric so we don't end up in a worse situation than we've been in. >> martha: sarah carter, thanks very much. so a caravan of thousands of hondurans head for the united states border in hopes of being let in. the biden administration holds them off. more on biden's immigration dilemma after this. here's huge news for veteran homeowners who need cash.
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and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. so call now. (soft music) ♪ ♪ hello, colonial penn? >> martha: this hour, thousands of hondurans heading for the u.s. border believing they will be open to them. >> there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration. >> martha: the biden adviser said now is not the time to
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come. as reality clashes with campaign promises. charlie kirk and geraldo rivera. but first, william la jeunesse from los angeles. >> martha, you don't see a lot of patience in the pictures. the caravan overtook the border correction at honduras and guatemala friday. now thousands are battling with the military inside guatemala. the next stop could be mexico, which is effective at peeling people off, boarding buses, checking documents and deporting them by the hundreds. the fact is the migrant pipeline never really stops. ultimately the goal is to reach the u.s., claim asylum, temporary protected status or to enter illegally. >> we have lost everything in the hurricane. so we're going to ask for help for anyone that will take us in. >> i want to prosper, to own my home.
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there's no work. >> by using covid, president trump closed the border. critics say that is a hoax. president obama -- president-elect biden said help is on the way and told people to wait. that's not how it works. words matter. they rely on the promise to end deportations and provide free healthcare. reasons why president trump warned that biden's policy could bring chaos to the border. >> this will be an unmitigated calamity. it will destroy millions of jobs and claim thousands of innocent lives. >> border agents say biden's problem to legalize americans is encouraging others to get here now and get a job. >> when you have a vast number of essential workers that are undocumented, work in the meat packing, the farm workers, the grocery workers, our hope is
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they will be protected with economic relief but some sort of legal status. >> there's actually a video news conference scheduled for tomorrow from tijuana from these asylum seekers to bring pressure on the biden administration. of course, martha, this is something that we could see the next several weeks. back to you. >> martha: thanks, william. let's bring in charlie kirk. founder of turning point u.s.a. and geraldo rivera. great to have you here. geraldo, it's great to be compassionate and to extend a hand and say the policy will be different now. but it's very different in reality when you look at the situation of these thousands of people coming. we have a situation in this country, and comply where, you know, so many people are out of work. it's not like there's jobs available for these people even if they can make it across. >> the biden administration is about to, you know, deal with that harsh reality. they have great intentions but the reality is, you have in
12:15 pm
central america, 45 million people living in desperate poverty, the corruption, the gang and sexual violence and got whacked by the two hurricanes that william referred to, wiping out what little they had. these people are on the move, on the trek north to the united states. about 1,000 miles away in guatemala. you know, there's not any talk of tearing down the trump wall. this is a really difficult complicated problem. we have to balance, you know, the need, the economic needs of the united states with our desire to be compassionate and the harsh reality we can't take everybody in. i get it. we have to mitigate the language and be more thoughtful about how we deal with these people. >> martha: charlie, the truth is the sections of the wall that were rebuild are much stronger. a lot of them were falling down. i went down to yuma and saw the
12:16 pm
building of this with all. i can't imagine that he will take it down. but look at what joe biden said in 2006. you know, supporting the secure fence act. he said folks, i voted for a fence. you won't like it but i voted for 700 miles of phelps. there's a bit of conflict here. where to you think this is going? >> yeah, this is going to be one of the top crises that we'll be facing with the biden administration starting immediately with the caravans coming. they're posing to have a compassionate view but it's going to be chaos. thousands of people want to come here. but in the midst of a global pandemic with tens of millions of americans out of work, there's limits to that. there's a process. but it seems as if the biden administration is signalling to allow the border to become more porous, more open. the president made this a
12:17 pm
primary agenda item for him. i don't think he ever got the credit that he quite deserves for it. not just building the wall but really battling in the courts in regards to catch and release, working cooperatively with other central american allies to try to have them make sure that caravans do not go unrestricted to these countries and working with mexico as well. not to mention the successful renegotiation of a trade deal that resulted in less border crossings in our country. >> martha: there's so much rhetoric how mean the wall is and all the discussion around it. what is necessary is an orderly session where you have ports of entry, areas where people can apply to come in. i think that that cut down on the number of people being hurt. it's and arduous, dangerous process. >> you know, everyone has the
12:18 pm
same problem. every administration will face it. i remember when barack obama was called the deporter in chief. he hated that nickname. he was deporting so many people. i supported the wall when the trump administration made it clear that they would -- a wall but with big doors. welcoming doors. if people followed the process. what has to happen, we have to have a process that makes sense. it's a difficult situation, hard to solve. >> martha: the biden administration says it's one of the first finks that they go to a comprehensive policy. we'll see. i've been waiting my lifetime. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: president-elect biden calling for 100 days of mask watering to combat covid-19. alex harrington says there's need to ups about that next. so . the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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>> martha: there's one thing that the trump and biden teams agree on, vladimir putin needs to release his freedom fighting nemesis now. alexa alovny was poisoned with a nerve agent and survived that attack. he was swarmed by reporters on his return flight and when he landed back in moscow, he said russia is my home and he will never be afraid to return there. he was then as some expected me might be immediately arrested, tried in a police station of all places, not a courtroom and now being held again for 30 days. we'll watch that story. the fbi investigating whether a woman from pennsylvania tried to sell speaker pelosi's laptop to
12:24 pm
russia. riley williams stole the device in the capitol hill riot but the deal to sell it to russia fell through. china, where the covid-19 pandemic began, is the only developed nation to report economic growth year over year despite the shut down. that's according to the "wall street journal" and based on numbers from beijing. the world bank said the united states economy shrank 2%. and youtube has suspended president trump's account but they're not blocks those facing charges in the capitol hill riot. john hill said he was there to document the violence but the feds say he was cheering on the rioters when it happened. youtube has not released a
12:25 pm
comment. >> he's been totally irresponsible the way in which he handled the social distancing and people wearing masks, encouraging them not to. he's a fool on this. >> martha: remember that? quite a night. >> the covid response will soon be the measure of yet of u.s. president and the president-elect plans to enact a mask mandate by executive order and will call for a mandate on federal property and interstate travel. he says the mask debate is stupid. >> it's a partisan issue but what a stupid thing to happen. >> martha: so let's bring in alex harrington, unreported truths about covid-19 and the lock down. alex, thanks for being here. you heard from the president-elect. he thinks everybody should be wearing masks and he will enact that with his ability to do so. your thoughts.
12:26 pm
>> yeah, so i mean what color is the sky in joe biden's world? everybody is wearing masks. i'm out all the time. i fly. i go to walmart. i'm in new york city. everybody is wearing masks inside all the time all over this country. even in the few places where it's not mandatory. most people wearing them outside. there's absolutely zero difference. we just had the third wave of -- of positive tests and cases and hospitalizations. looks like it peaked january 6. it looks like it's down, hospitalizations are down nationally 5% since then. nothing to do with masks. masks don't protect wearers. maybe n-95 does do something. standard masks don't. it's clear from the epidemiology. "the new york times" wrote a story that said you should wear two masks. maybe we should wear ten of them. >> martha: i don't mean to laugh but it's so --
12:27 pm
>> they do nothing. it's comical. and the masks are a little comical because you know what? the side effects are minimal. you make people exercising wear them and it's not a great thing. for people with disabilities it can be frightening and hard to hear. the lock downs, the school closures is not comical and it's serious. and i think we're -- you know, we will see what happens when biden takes office. the people he's appointed to sort of head his covid response do not give me any comfort because they're all lock-down lovers and all what i call panic pointers. they've been talking about the worst possible outcomes. >> martha: anyone that doubts what you say, look no further than california. right? they've had the worst experience and now they are back in to lockdowns. they never opened their school, never opened sports, they never opened anything. you know, mask wearing is
12:28 pm
mandated and yet they have a huge problem on their hands. nobody wishes that on anybody. it goes to the issue of whether or not we're doing is working. i want to ask you about your thoughts on the vaccine. you know, i'm in the camp where if somebody asks me to wear one tomorrow, i'd say thank you and take it. you say there's reasons to look at the different vaccines coming out differently. >> that's correct. people say "the vaccine". the two vaccines approved in the united states so far are called mnra vaccines. the company leading the way on this had a hard time getting their vaccines out of basic human testing. so my point open the vaccine is this is way more complicated than it's been made out to be. for people that are older, significantly older, the risk
12:29 pm
benefit analysis looks clear. for people that are younger it's not clear. that's not the way it's pitched to people. >> martha: thanks, alex. good to see you today. so will the biden -- what will president-elect biden signal on impeachment in the senate in the coming weeks? is healing a priority or trying to block another trump run? south carolina congresswoman nancy mays a new voice on rebuilding the gop, which will be a huge challenge for the party and refocusing congress next.
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12:34 pm
democrats do go for it in the senate. >> what you've done here is you impeach the president without a witness being called and not even without a lawyer. that is dangerous to the presidency. it was a bad rushed emotional move that puts the presidency at risk or require to call for further division in the country. >> martha: joining me now, nancy mays from south carolina. she won her election in this november. did you ever -- thank you, first of all for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> martha: did you ever think in your first couple of months in this office that you would be dealing with the impeachment of a president, a vote on whether or not you were going to stand by the certification of the electoral college and you split your vote on those two things? >> i did. the first 100 hours were hell. i couldn't imagine being in this situation in my lifetime. it was gravely disappointing, it
12:35 pm
was heart breaking and made me really angry. i have spoken out strongly against the president and my own colleagues that we have a constitution as our guide. the vote to certify the electoral college is in our constitution. that was a ceremonial vote to certify all 50 states that were legally certified. when it came to impeachment, the left rushed it. they did not allow due process, no investigation, no hearing. on the house floor, we debated it for a few hours in one afternoon. we by passed the judiciary committee process. so for anyone, that sets a very scary constitutional precedent. it's not something that should be rushed. now it goes to the senate. we think i might get to the senate this week. we have biden swearing in. there's constitutional questions about whether or not you can impeach a president, remove him from office when he's already
12:36 pm
out of office. he's going to be gone. >> martha: here's al dan dershowitz, well known attorney on that issue. >> republicans came up with a terrific candidate, say not donald trump to are up against president biden in 2024. the democrats can impeach can s not a sitting president, there's no limits to the power of the congress to try ordinary citizens. it's unconstitutional and the senate should not proceed. >> martha: what is your sense, congresswoman, what will happen on the senate side? >> it's hard to say. we're getting mixed signals from leadership whether to pursue impeachment or not. in that regard, there's grave constitutional questions. i think we'll see that debated if and when the articles of impeachment are sent over to the u.s. senate. i have not seen the timeline for when the house sends them over.
12:37 pm
there's questions whether they're doing is constitutional, even having a trial and impeaching him when he was out of office. these are questions that from a constitutional perspective for the same reason that we voted to certify the electoral college, the same reason why we should not proceed with our rushed impeachment for constitutional reasons. you can't throw away due process. it's basically shredding the constitution. we have to be consistent in how we apply the constitution across the board. and further it will sow seeds of division. we're already divided as a nation that will throw gasoline on the fire. >> martha: when you see the energy behind some of these groups and we saw the destructive nature of that by the select individuals that are fortunately being rounded up now by the fbi, you have to run every two years. are you concerned about being primaried, are you concerned about being -- how president trump will use the popularity that he still has against people like you that did not vote to --
12:38 pm
who voted to certify that election? >> right. i don't base my decisions based on who i think will primary me or what my next election will look like. i'm a constitutional conservative. i base my decisions on what does the constitution say, how does it apply here. at the end of the day, i can look myself in the mirror and say i'll be on the right side of history. this is a deeply traumatic event. i brought my kids up for my swearing in. i was excited. i'm a single mom. you saw their backpacks were full with school work. they can't go back to school yet. but they were supposed to be with me that day. because of the rhetoric i saw from the colleagues, the president, the calls in our office, i felt like violence was the outcome. i put my kids on the first plane home monday morning. if they were there, i would have been devastated. it's personal for me. >> martha: your radar was better
12:39 pm
than a lot of people's. this investigation is ongoing. thanks, congressman. >> good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, "the story" with stephanie carter, former obama campaign manager and now the co executive producer of joe biden's inauguration on whether the president-elect will speak in the speech to those 74 million americans that voted for president trump. we'll talk to her about what to expect over the course of the week. casey mcfarland on bridging the great american divide and the farewell message just in from melania trump. we'll show you that coming up. we for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>> martha: on wednesday, at noon, joe biden will be sworn in at the 46th president under the
12:44 pm
umbrella america united. but 43% of americans continue to approve of the job president trump has done. that number is unchanged since 2017. striking a cord with 74 million trump voters is the task at hand for the incoming administration that seeks to unify. here's a preview. >> to all of you that voted for president trump, i understand the dispointment. i lost a couple times myself. but now, let's give each other a chance. >> i'll be president for all americans. i'll work just as hard for those of you that didn't vote for me as i will for those of you that did. >> martha: here now exclusively, stephanie carter. the co executive producer of the biden-harris inauguration, which will be a virtual show. the likes of which we've seen --
12:45 pm
i'm sure it will be extraordinary. we've seen a lot of virtual shows. so everything is a bit different. thanks very much for being here. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: a lot of what we heard on the campaign trail is what we expect we will hear and the agenda will match up. i think the more challenging part of this is the part of bringing the country together. we've seen just an extraordinarily divisive gut wrenching couple months. what will we look for the incoming president to those 74 million? >> well, look, i want the speech to speak for itself. the same themes that president-elect biden has said through the course of the election including after he won the presidency, that he will be a president for all americans and this is a time particularly with multiple crises to come together, heal the nation, have
12:46 pm
a fresh start to work together to get things done. it's those messages that he's been communicating since the moment he get in that we're likely to hear. >> i think that is a message that i hear on both sides. you know, everybody wants the nation to come together. it's been, as i said a gut wrenching time. when you look at the specifics, think about not the people that rioted on capitol hill, but the people that rallied, the people that believed that the election, some of them believe it was stolen, some believe obviously it didn't go their way. how do you reach out to them and say i hear all of you, and i want to be your president at well. how will you get through to even some portion of those people? >> well, look, i think that you have to try. i think that will be a very different tactic than what we've seen the past four years. to try to bring people into the tent, to try to bring people
12:47 pm
together and not divide them. yes, we have seen over the past several months very extremely divisive behavior including what culminated two weeks ago on capitol hill. i'm pleased to hear you say that everybody is now saying that both sides want to come together. i think that actions speak more loudly than words. i think you can expect to see those actions from a president biden. >> martha: that is what i'm wondering what it will look like. just one example that i think will be difficult for post side is the xl pipeline. you say you're not going to do that. you have labor groups that want that project to go through that were elated about that project to have native american groups that supported that project. using that as one example. it's easier said than done. how do you reach out to those groups that joe biden has
12:48 pm
throughout his whole career identified with when that is something that comes out of the gate? >> well, listen, for what i'm here to talk about today, the inauguration, we can talk about that. for policies like the keystone pipeline, it was the policy of the obama-biden administration to not allow that pipeline to go through. >> martha: absolutely. i remember. >> so it's no surprise that that is what president biden is going to pursue. now we haven't seen what he's doing on how he's doing it. if there's one thing that i know that president biden can do is to reach out to labor. those are his roots, those are his supporters. so i wouldn't worry too much about that. he will do what is right for working people, but also in a way that protects our environment. the best decisions to protect our environment and move our economy forward. that is the whole heart of this climate plan. to create these jobs. and take action to preserve our
12:49 pm
planet and protect our public health. i don't want to -- >> martha: you are not overseeing it all but i'm looking for what themes we'll hear and how you reach out to those people. that's why i asked you that question. give us a sense of what to expect in what you have produced for wednesday, stephanie? >> we'll have a traditional swearing in on the west front of the capitol. it will be a remarkable ceremony. we have lady gaga singing the national anthem, jennifer lopez performing. an announcement that garth brooks will be performing. some really touching moments. i think more americans than ever before will be tuning in. beyond that we'll go to arlington national cemetery with former presidents bush, clinton and obama. there will be a military
12:50 pm
procession to deliver the new president to the white house, which is traditional. it been happening since george washington. then we'll have a parade across america. tens of thousands of people usually line the streets of pennsylvania avenue to see the inaugural parade. we can't do that this year. we're going across the country virtually. we have hundreds of pieces of entertainment from every state. >> martha: you have a lot on your plate orchestrating that. we'll be covering it live throughout the day and we appreciate you being here today, stephanie. thanks. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: good to see you. here with more on this, casey mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser for the trump administration and heather hagans, ceo of independent women's voice. good to have you with us today. heather, we haven't had a chance to talk. let's start with you. what are you looking for in terms of a unifying message here and is it possible at this
12:51 pm
moment given how divided the nation is? >> the problem is we have a couple of different definitions of unity and unifying that seem to be going around. we all know that unity i think really requires people that give other people the benefit of the doubt and to judge them by what they say, not by what they hear or imagines that they have heard. the other definition of unify, which is being touted now a lot is basically accept your guilt, shut up and comply. that's not unity. that's not a recipe for unity. that is a recipe for coercion and will increase the division, not help with come together. >> martha: casey, what do you think? >> joe biden can't just talk about unity. say fluffy things. he needs to show how we're going to do it. maybe not right away but how does he come out and say that i
12:52 pm
don't believe half of this country should be censored. i don't believe that social media or the media has a right to censor. i don't believe in black lists. half of the country that didn't vote for me, i'm going to show you why i'm a legitimate president and why i have your interests at heart. here's how i'm going to do it. right now we're in a lot different place than two weeks ago. we have black lists, censorship, media censorship. we're not talking act losses. impeachment? what is impeachment? getting rid of a guy that is in office. donald trump won't be in office by the time this goes forward. so i think joe biden's really got to reach out not just to people like me but he has to reach his own people and stand up to them and say, no more witch hunts. >> martha: that is a great point. heather, impeachment and witch hunts are two things that would i think go a long way. i think people -- i remember joe biden saying in one of the
12:53 pm
debates, when some question about bernie sanders' policy was put to them. he says i'm the leader of the party now. tim head of the democrat party. he has a strong moment to do the things that casey mentioned if he chooses to. >> yes, absolutely. the question is what is he going to choose to do. >> right. >> if he were like you and the way you talk martha throughout this show today has been nuanced and thoughtful. trying to differentiate between the behavior of the right or in the capitol and the people there to protest and concerns that they wanted to have heard. their right to protest. making that very important distinction that we're losing. if he were serious about wanting to unify, he would take impeachment off the table. it also would be a very cagey political thing for him to do from the perspective of the left because it keeps trump in play
12:54 pm
for four years down the road and it will certainly help the narrative of the left that they need to be worried about trump. they also will have -- they heard themselves with this second impeachment. the first one was bad enough. the second one was so clearly outside of due process, outside of waiting for there to be any sort of normal trial or finding of fact that would lead to an impeachment by the house. they have undercut their own credibility and might hurt to have one in the second term. >> martha: real quick, this message from the first lady. >> be passionate in everything you do but always remember that violence is never the answer. it will never be justified. >> martha: casey, quick thought on that statement from melania trump. >> i think she's spoke for a lot of us, especially for you and the points that you've been
12:55 pm
making, martha. violence is not the answer. peaceful protests, you have every right but no violence. >> a big difference though. a big difference between saying no riots and saying you shouldn't protest or because somebody was there protesting that they were enabling violence or inciting violence. that is the sliding that is happening in definition and very toxic. >> martha: thanks, heather a k.t. mcfarland. more of "the story" after this. with mortgage rates at their lowest in history, it's time to refi.
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>> martha: thanks for joining us on our first earlier shore. that is "the story" of january, 18, 2021. tomorrow we'll be live from washington d.c. as we gear up for the inauguration of president-elect biden. special coverage wednesday with me and bret at 11:00. see you there. >> neil: all right. all eyes right now on the president-elect and what he plans to do. we're hearing now within hours of his swearing in on wednesday. can you say executive orders? donald trump used quite a few of them. now we're hearing joe biden will use quite a few to undo them. among the things we're hearing is executive order to rejoin the paris climate accord. another to repeal the president trump ban on u.s. entry for citizens coming from from muslim countries. another to extend the moratorium on foreclosures against americans.


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