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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  January 6, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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case and you convince people to vote for your side. we are not what we are seeing today, this better stop, leaders at all levels need to condemn this action. >> dana: adam kinzinger, thank you and stay safe. i believe bill hemmer is taking over here. >> bill: good afternoon, everybodiry from atlanta. it's 3:00 where it's all gone sideways. you're watching the capitol building on lockdown. supporters of president trump flooding the building. reports that protesters are in the senate chamber. there's some photos online of some protesters on the dias with their fests in the air shouting "trump won the election." one of the most critical times in government, when congress is
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certifying a new president and we get this. mike johnson, a republican from louisiana on the telephone. sir, do you want to identify your location at the capitol? >> bill, no, i shouldn't do that. i'm with a number of house members. we're in a secure location on the house complex. obviously it's a very sensitive thing right now. >> what have you seen and what have you heard? >> well, i was in the middle of the proceedings in the house chamber down at the table. we were presenting our thoughtful arguments and thoughts about this whole process, electoral college. it's a very important process for our nation. happens every four years. we're going through the methodical steps. there's many objections over the years. we're going through the process. there's chaos and members get alarmed. we get multiple orders by the capitol police and then they evacuate. it's a really sad thing.
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>> our nation's capitol gets massive rallies every year, all the time. how did this happen? >> you know, it's a great question. the whole nation is a tinder box right now of emotion, you know, vitreal. i'm here as one of the advocates on the republican side, stating our concerns about this election, the allegations of fraud and the irregularity and all that. but i don't see my colleagues making an argument as an enemy. we're all american. we have to remember the positive things, the foundational principles, the things that unite us. we can debate, argue and go back and forth about policy and elections and the rest. the end of the day, we're one family. if we forget that, we lose that value. our republic is in peril. we have to remember. you and i know this. this is an experiment in self-governance. there's never been a republic
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like we have. we're the greatest nation in the history of the world. if we lose the rule of law, we lose who we are as a nation. it's a very dangerous thing. >> bill: what concerns me is when night comes. we've seen washington d.c. it's been a mess for months. some of the violence after dark is unacceptable. is there any way two hours, three hours away from sunset to get control of what is happening here and to make sure that everyone gets out safely? >> well, look, i have a great confidence in the capitol police. they're the greatest men and women in america serve in that force. they've done a great job. they have proven their merit and bravery with the assassination attempt on steve scalise. so the members here are in good hands. we have -- the members ourselves are, you know, there's not a lot of fear here. just a lot of sadness, be honest
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with you. we feel like we crossed a rubicon in some way. it's bigger than our politics, the culture itself. we have to get back again to those things that unite us. if we don't, we're in trouble. >> we heard a compete from the commander-in-chief. support law enforcement and capitol police. they're on the side of our country. stay peaceful. does he need to say more? >> that's a good start. i do believe, you know, i'm a supporter of the president. but this is a time for the commander-in-chief, the leader of the country, he still is that, to step up and call for calm. speak in these same tones. to pull us together. it's fun to have rallies. it's fun to stand for our cause. it's fun to get together and do all of these things. everybody can do it, whatever their political persuasion is. we have free speech. it's got to be peaceful. we have to do it in the confines
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of the boundaries, the rule of law, the things that hold all of this together. we don't have a king. when we broke away from great britain, we said we're going to be self-governing. lincoln said it's a government of, by and for the people. we govern ourself. we have to get together to do that. if we can't talk to one another, if we can't cross the street without shouting epithets at someone orletting a fist fly, we're in trouble. we have to get back to basics. i hope in the days and weeks and the months to come, no matter the outcome of the election, that we can get back to the foundational ideals. if we don't, again, you know, we're going to see more of this in the days ahead. >> bill: well-stated, sir. mike johnson, you stay safe with your colleagues. we'll track your progress and make sure that things end as best as they can. thank you, mike johnson, republican from louisiana. in a moment we're going to be
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joined by kevin mccarthy. we'll get a sense as to what his situation is and what can be forecasted the next hour or two. kevin mccarthy, bell hemmer, live on the air. sir, where are you, what do you see around you? what do you want us to understand? >> first of all, this is so un-american. i condemn any of this violence. i could not be disappointed the way our country looks at this very moment. people are getting hurt. anyone involved in this, if you're hearing me, loud and clear, this is not the american way. this is not protected by the first amendment. this must stop now. as a nation, we have to come together. this is so unacceptable. what i see happening at this very moment. we can disagree, but we don't take it to this level. we don't do what is happening right now.
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>> bill: there's reports that protesters inside the capitol are clashing with police. have you seen that? have you heard that? >> i have watched it. i cannot thank the capitol police enough for the job that they have to do right now. these are people inside a u.s. capitol, things that are happening that i probably shouldn't say right now. this is unacceptable. we can have differences of opinion. people can protest. you don't do what is happening right now. people are being hurt. people are being -- people are being hurt, there's been shots, this is unacceptable. >> bill: you can confirm that shots have been fired inside the capitol or outside? >> i'm with capitol police. i heard on the radio "shots fired." >> bill: how long ago was that?
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>> 10-15 minutes ago. >> did they say how many? >> no. probably won't let me listen more. >> bill: so that is the only report that you've heard, to be clear, correct? >> correct. >> do you know if the shots came from someone that came to washington or from capitol police? >> i don't know anything. i just heard on the radio. but i watched what is happening inside the building. people have to be locked down, members have to be locked down. this is the people's house. this is a house that people come in and watch us debate. in a normal team, people are in the galleries and watch a vote and accept it. this is un-american what is going on. this has to stop. >> bill: i understand the point you're making. the security, should it have been better when you receive tens of thousands of people from all over the country?
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>> i watched barriers be broken. i watched people breaking windows. i watch people running into a building. this is not the direction we should go. listen, i know people -- capitol police coming in all different directions trying to help individuals. we have people that work for us, people that are young. i have been in this capitol more than ten years. i've never seen anything like this. >> bill: would you personally reach out to the president for more support? >> i have already talked to the president. i called him. i think we need to make a statement. make sure that we can calm individuals down. now, i don't know who these people are. remember, when you have a big crowd, people who can get in to a crowd, i don't know who they are, i don't have any reports. this part is -- whatever is
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happening is unacceptable. there's came here to protest peacefully. they could be hurt. what is happening right now is unacceptable. >> bill: what did the president say to you when you called him? >> he put out a tweet as well. for people to stay safe and people to not do this. i explained what was going on. >> bill: that was that? >> yes. >> bill: okay. you had mentioned in your answer there that you would expect perhaps a bigger statement other than just a tweet. did he give you an expectation that that would come or not? >> he's getting reports of what is happening. he did not accept people doing this type of the behavior. i know he's getting reports as well. i wanted to give him a first hand report. >> bill: understand. sir, can you give us an idea -- based on your location with capitol police, is the situation
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subsiding or is it still escalating? can you characterize that? >> i can't tell from where i see it. i feel very safe with the capitol police. >> bill: what will you do next, sir? >> well, i hope we bring some order and we get the country back together and we reunite. there's things that divide us but we're all americans. this is not who we are. people have taken this too far, to personal to one another. we can disagree with people. we can have differences of opinion. we can debate the hardest things there are. at the end of the day, we're supposed to be the way how democracy works. >> bill: sir, should we expect
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to see the president on camera this afternoon? >> i would think so. >> bill: i'm sorry. again. what was that? >> i don't know. i would think so. i think that would be appropriate. >> bill: okay. sir, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> bill: we're losing a signal here. it sounds loud behind you. thank you for your time. rich edson is on the ground there, chad pergram. let's go to chad first and get a sense for -- >> good afternoon, bill. >> bill: okay. we are rich edson, chad pergram. hang on a second here. griff jenkins is out on the street. bret baier has new information. what do you have now, bret. >> bill, listen, the -- i just got off the phone. nancy pelosi and mayor bowser with d.c. have requested the national guard be deployed to
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get -- to clear the protesters, specifically the request comes from mayor bowser in d.c. through the capitol police. that is being analyzed right now, i'm being told by the department of defense officials and they're considering that. they do not want the images of uniformed troops on the capitol. so they're considering an option, hasn't been decided to back fill more police and have a bigger police presence to try to get rid of the protesters. this is an incredibly dangerous situation as we see it right now. there are protesters not only on the house floor but the senate floor and you heard the house majority leader there -- we haven't heard from the president on that mode to get the president involved. you remember in the uprising, the looting in different cities, he was very quick to say the
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governors and the mayors should call the national guard and it would be cleared out in a minute. he has the power to do the same thing after this request has beneficially made from the d.c. mayor and the capitol police. that decision has not been made as of yet from the defense department. what we're watching here is a moment in history. bill, you're getting that news from the house majority leader about shot fired. there are a lot of people inside the capitol that are concerned about safety and a number of different things happening. >> bill: bret, thank you get more information and come back. i want to get to our reporters. i'm sitting here in atlanta and staring at a board that we used last night. we don't need to show it, guys. two months ago. you have a u.s. senate race that is too close to call because it's separated by .4 percentage point. if it stays there, you're going
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to get a recount here to decide who controls the u.s. senate. then we move to the morning hours today and the president came out about 11:45, spoke for about 1 1/2 hours. he was fired up. his supporters there had flown in last night from all over the country to gather there. he beckoned them to come to washington d.c. after that, we went to the floor of the senate, the floor of the house and listened to mitch mcconnell make a case. we listened to ted cruz make his case about arizona. things were starting to roll in what we expected to be an hour's long proceeding in congress that would eventually move toward a point where they would certify the electoral college. january 6, 2021. a moment we watched. chad pergram with us. not sure where you are.
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we haven't spoken in 3 to minutes what dow now? >> i want to be clear about something. this is the most significant breach of an american government institution since august 24, 1814 when the british came and burned the capitol and also burned the white house. we have never had an instance of an incursion to this degree in the u.s. capitol building since that time. let's be clear. the mop upended american democracy as they try to count the electoral college. you have people taking over the house chamber, the senate chamber, gunshots on capitol hill and utter breakdown of the constitutional process. bedlam. now, the question is, what did they do to get this back on pace? the house and senate, they have recessed subject to the call of the chair. they were debating the arizona late of electoral votes. at some point they have to complete that process and can vote. under the electoral count act of
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1887, you can recess for a certain period of time. once you start the joint session, which is what started with vice president mike pence at 1:00, you have to conclude this process within five days. you basically have until the january 11th. so it possible that they could, if they believe the u.s. capitol is unsafe to continue with this process, nowhere does it say in the constitution or in the house or senate rules that you have to meet here or do this process here. i remember when we had the earthquake in washington d.c. in 2011, the senate was scheduled to have a brief session and they met down the street at the post office. you know, the scenes today of american democracy, of officials from the sergeant at arms office with guns drawn inside the house chamber. we haven't had an incident with firearms in the house claimer since you had puerto rican nationals shoot members of congress. this is remarkable.
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the question is -- >> bill: you're right on that. a few more hours of daylight, too. stand by, chad. so our viewers know the first images of guns drawn inside the capitol building. i don't know in it's the house side or the senate side. looks like the house side. yeah. okay. so that happened a short time ago. and this just came out a moment ago. the president sent another tweet just as kevin mccarthy predicted, you could say. here it reads. our asking for everyone at the u.s. capitol to remain peaceful. no violence. remember, we're the party of law and order. respect the law and our great men and women in blue. thank you. that came out four minutes ago. we'll see if there's more messages and we shall see whether or not we see the president on camera as kevin mccarthy alluded to perhaps a moment ago. to our reporters in a moment here. martha maccallum is with me, juan williams, bret is with us. andy mccarthy.
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let's go around the horn and try to digest what we're watching and understand what point the capitol is relieved of the pressure that it's now facing. martha, you first. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. we're witnessing something that is just beyond our comprehension as americans. one of the people on the street said this is the people's house. it is. but it's not a place where you can break windows and storm hallways and overwhelm police officers. the images that you just showed are so stark and so disturbing of guns drawn inside the chamber. that is inside the chamber. you can see the windows have been broken and the guns are aimed at other -- at people on the other side who are trying to get in. there's also images of a person who has been shot. we heard the reports of shots fired. we're waiting for more details on that.
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kevin mccarthy said he heard as well that someone had been shot. those images are starting to surface. this is an unsettling astonishing day. i continue to hear from people inside the building who very much want the president to speak in a much more forceful way, to get this to stop and to reign this in. i also would go back to the misconception that people had. they came here because they believed that vice president mike pence would not certify the election. he announced yesterday that he indeed was going to. look at this image. people spread eagle on the ground, terrified that something is going to happen. it's an extraordinary image that we're seeing from the hallways of congress. you can get a pass, you can visit the capitol building any time you want. there's a process for doing that. this is absolutely
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extraordinary. you can see members with their masks on for covid and then reaching for gas masks as well to protect themselves in the chamber. a lot of the younger staff members left early on. some of them are still there. very devastating for them to see the united states capitol in this situation as well. so this has to stop. control has to be maintained. i want to say one more thing about the dod. look at these images. there was a story that said that the doj had -- the dod, department of defense, had refused to give any national guard support. that has been -- that story is not true, not verified according to jennifer griffin. there's a lot of discussion at the department of defense. people said will you get involved if there's not a peaceful transition of power? there's hesitancy to stand that line, to let the capitol police deal with the situation. if it becomes worse, there's
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going to be a very difficult decision to make for the department of defense though. >> bill: martha, thank you. we'll get to our reporters here in a minute. juan williams watching this as well. juan, it seems to have settled in to a moment here where there are hundreds perhaps thousands gathered on the capitol steps. i don't know what happened inside. the report are not good. your observations as we watch this together now. >> you know, i heard kevin mccarthy and others who were inside the building, bill say there's more sadness than fear. that is the way i feel about this. i can't believe this is our america. it is just tragic. this shouldn't be going on. you look at it and you should see the capitol police would be sufficient in number and able to do this. apparently they didn't anticipate the severity of mob action. so they didn't have either the
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numbers or the precautions in place. they've now had backup from the city police here, the metropolitan police department. as you heard from others, nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house along with mayor bowser from the district of columbia have asked for additional support and i think that there's going to be some action, especially as bill, you were right on target. the night fall will present another set of very troubling dynamics, not only if the mob remained in place but in terms of trying to get them to peacefully move on. you know, you hear -- i want to be clear. you hear republican leadership, kevin mccarthy, the minority leader of the house say this is so un-american. this is not who we are. and again, you think that respect for police, you know, the blue lives matter and all that, you would think that law
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and order would carry the day here. but obviously the passions have run over. they have run over in such a way that it pains me to say to you that there's gun fire inside our capitol? this is really the brink of anarchy and you have to ask where is the president and why is he attacking the vice president and saying the vice president, his vice president, lacks courage. that is just not -- you know, this is way beyond politics, way beyond politics at this juncture. we need to understand that calm is of the essence and that people should respect each other and respect the idea of a constitutional transition, which is what was going on. there was debate about accepting the electoral college vote. that is totally within the realm of possibility even though it was a formality at this
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juncture. but this has etch stopped that. this has been a breach of our constitutional process. it's that serious. >> bill: juan, there was -- the sunsets at 5:01 in washington. the reason i make that point is when we were in washington for the republican convention, pseudoas it was given the covid times and the dnc and the rnc, there were thousands of supporters of the president at the south lawn of the white house. when they emerged from the south lawn, they worked into the darkness of a washington d.c. night and so many were surrounded by protesters that lying in wait. rand paul was a great example. there was pushing and shoving and followed. it was an ugly scene. when night falls in washington, that is a time that could be serious. a couple updates. chad pergram regarding that capitol police are trying to regain control of the building from the inside.
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we'll see how that get. bret is confirming that the request for the -- from the d.c. mayor has been considered by the department of defense for national guard. they don't want troops in uniform on the capitol. they want the backup police to give them the ability shore up forces. it has not beneficially decided. so stand by for more news on that. do we have rich? we have rich edson. let's go to him on the capitol. rich, you got me? >> good afternoon, bill. i do have you. what we have is people are starting to leave the capitol. but this is nowhere near over. take a look at what we have here. this is the exterior of the capitol. people started about 1 1/2 hours ago streaming up the side, finally breaking through and getting to those areas there on the west front of the capitol where they're not supposed to
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be. this is a good mile, 1 1/2 miles from where they were listening to president trump speak awhile ago. they began moving east towards the capitol. it started as something where it was a protest, but then there were plenty of people in the crowd that were set on breaching this place. it was president just the capitol. it was the office buildings. off to the right, the house side, we had lock downs, people streaming up the other side of the capitol, on the senate side. this is something that capitol hill police were trying to control early on. shortly thereafter you had plenty of other police officers from washington d.c., metro police, come up to this area, begin to assist, running up in riot gear, coming in buses. people are angry, people are upset. people have been just congregating here and moving throughout the area.
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it has been just a mess of protesters and police officers and a place that really has beena level of chaos for quite some time. in fact, when you finally had protesters reach that top part there, you heard just a roar come up from the crowd to egg them on, to continue on. that's when your heard flash bangs from the capitol police and tear gas. shortly thereafter, we had people coming from us that had been affected by the tear gas. so a lot of movement on going here. there's people leaving, still people coming here. the bulk of this and what you're seeing here on capitol hill, that has been on going for some time. you've gotten the reports from chad and what is going on on the inside. people have breached and gotten in there. there's people everywhere around here. the mayor of d.c. wants people off the streets by 6:00 p.m. a lot of people to get off the street in just that matter of
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time, bill. >> bill: just give me a short answer. do you see any security personnel where you are? >> i'm sorry? >> bill: do you see any security personnel, any capitol police, anyo anyone? >> by us, no. when we have by us is basically protesters and a few other folks milling around here. the police activity -- we'll get this way. this is constitution avenue. this is where the senate buildings are. a lot of police activity up there. they are joined by washington d.c. police. they have been streaming up in that area to try to assist on this. all of that policeman power has been to congregate towards those buildings. that is the russell office
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building, one of the primary buildings and then the cap italian complex. it's a mirror image on the other side of the capitol. you have police officers that are congregating to the building because that is where the breach is, that is where the issue is. where we're standing at right here, we have plenty of police vehicles and ambulances and plenty of other emergency vehicles out here. very little -- no security presince where we are because the action and where they're trying to get people out of and prevent other people from going in is all within the capitol building. you know, frankly, whenever you come around this area, if we were here let's say a week ago, there's plenty of capitol hill police officers watching the perimeter of the capitol complex. it's a massive complex. you do see some -- there's some police officers close to prevent people from get up that side of constitution.
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the plaza here where you see all of these people, that's just packed and packed with protesters. that is really all you have, bill. >> rich edson, thanks. eyes on the ground. we can confirm, fox news has learned that a shooting victim was transported from the u.s. capitol about 35 minutes ago. no other detail. that timeline would sync up with the conversation with kevin mccarthy around 3:00 east coast time when he heard a call of capitol hill police on the road that shots had been fired inside and now the victim has been taken to the local hospital. # as we watch that, i want to bring any chris wallace that was watching as well. chris, we've got 90 minutes till sun down. i don't know what they do with the national guard. we'll wait on that. but for the time being, you need to secure this place. you need to get it done now.
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>> i couldn't agree more, bill. there's pictures that are out that indicate that at least in the case of the senate that protesters did get into the senate chamber. there's a picture, you can see there, of a protester that was sitting just to give you context, that is the chair where the presiding officer sits during debate in the senate. that is the chair that vice president pence was sitting in at one point during the debate in the senate. there was a protester that got in, took the chair of the presiding officer of senate and said "trump won that election." that shot was taken by a pool producer before they shut down the senate chamber. one of the other questions that keeps coming up is what will president trump perhaps -- you can see them now. they've been able to breach some windows and climbing in to the
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capitol that way. some members, top republicans, are talking about what the president can do to stop this. mick mulvaney, the previous chief of staff, said the president's tweet is not enough. he can stop this now and need to do exactly that. tell these folks to go home. the president has said stop the violence. but he hasn't said to go home. the former white house communications director, before she left to become a spokesperson said condemn this now, donald trump. you're the only one they will listen to for our country. and there's been a whole host of tweets from republicans. adam kinsinger, sometimes a trump critic, a republican from illinois. this is a coup attempt. tom cotton, very conservative senator from arkansas, violence and anarchy are unacceptable.
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we're a nation of laws. this needs to end now. so the breach has actually gotten to the senate floor. you can see a number of republicans calling on president trump to do more. this assault on the capitol took place after he spoke for an hour. the crowds and urged them to head to the capitol. not saying he urged them to commit this violence. a lot of people saying these are your supporters, sir. the only one that can get them to stand down and leave is you. >> bill: thank you. we want to go to the capitol building. we believe it's the capitol. welcome to our ongoing coverage, chrissy houlihan. can you tell us where you are? >> sure. thank you for having me. i'm safe and inside one of the several office buildings.
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i'm in the longworth building. >> bill: what have you heard so far? >> so i happen to be a former member of the air force, a veteran. i'm part of a group of new members or actually sophomore members who are also veterans and we have a group text message. we've been exchanging various messages to make sure each and every one of us are safe and secure and exchange information. what i'm seeing on the news is what you're all seeing. i walked by the capitol steps around 1:00 and saw people who had breached the walls of the capitol building. incredibly worrisome and very dangerous. i've been watching as you have probably as somebody shot in the capitol, we're literally praying on the capitol floor, members of
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congress. this is what i've been hearing. i'm sure you've been seeing that unfold on the television and radio as well. >> bill: were you inside the chamber when the speaker came on and the announcement said due to an external security threat nobody could leave? do you recall that moment? >> no, sir. i'm from pennsylvania as you mentioned. i had anticipated that later in the evening the election results of pennsylvania might be disputed. so i and the pennsylvania deligation were working on our speeches together as a group. so i had just arrived having just finished that up to my office and was preparing to head to the floor for what i anticipated would be a conversation about the state of arizona. i arrived by walking into my office building. my office is to the left of what you're looking add. i passed by the protesters and sounded like cannon shots. might have been a crowd
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disbursement tactic, which was quite alarming. >> bill: thanks for your time. stay safe. chrissy houlihan, democrat from pennsylvania. thank you. brad parscal, former campaign manager who was relieved of his duties said this is not maga. we're not antifa and the left. we should do it the correct way. leave the capitol and stop. the world is laughing at us. live to fight for our elections in the future. save our country by growing our base and winning elections. rip, what are you seeing? >> hey, bill. we're here at third street. you can see the capitol behind me. a lot of people, as we see, are leaving, i have to tell you, in talking to the folks here about what isaing, i said, you know, is this okay? they said this is the people's
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house but it gotten violence. people are getting hurt. one person believed to be shot. they said are you going to go home? the d.c. mayor has asked for a 6:00 p.m. curfew. they said they're not going home. the steady stream here looking at are people that came down, they were where the president told them that we're not giving this election open and he won and now they all went down to the capitol and a lot of them are starting to leave, starting to stream out where we are. the sign that we saw the most is "trump won." when i was at the president's speech, the chant we kept hearing is "fight for trump, fight for trump." clearly it was a call to action that we've seen unfold here in the streets. i've been covering protests since way back in 2003, 2004,
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the anti-war protests -- thanks very much. as you can see, as soon as you start and start your report, they can get going. we're going to keep move along. doesn't appear this situation is calming down any time soon, bill. >> bill: griff, do you get a sense or can you tell us whether or not the people you're with are aware of what is going on at the capitol? is it their intention to go to the capitol? >> i think so. are you aware of what is happening in the capitol? are you okay with the violent situation? >> excuse me. what are you talking about? >> we're talking about the situation in the capitol. so you know, it's a mixed bag on how people feel about the election and why they came out here.
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and then the situation that you're seeing, which is a different level of violence than what is happening out here where we're we're being heckled. there's a lot of -- this gentleman is yelling at me saying fake news, bill. if you listen to the president's speech today, he began that speech by going after the media. he ended it by going after the media and he talked about the media all the way through it. now that message from the president clearly is being reiterated by many of the supporters out here as we walk in the streets and try to tell their story, bill. >> bill: thank you, griff. griff jenkins on the walk there. going to get to mike tobin coming up. andy mccarthy has been waiting patiently. you have a brilliant legal mind. you have a way with words that frankly is a gift from above. i wondered what you're observer now as you watch this and a make
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sense of where this goes. >> bill, it's tragic to watch this. i can't help but watch it with the knowledge that what we're seeing before our eyes is what i prosecuted terrorists in the 1990s for conspiring to do. to attack our capitol and other installations of the government. it's mind boggling to watch. in terms of practically speaking, you know, police can maintain order as long as we are in a peace time law and order situation. if we lose order, the police are not numerous enough or equipped enough to re-establish order. i just don't understand why
12:42 pm
they're so worried about the optics of what they need to bring in to restore order. this is not going to get better as night falls. the idea that you would wait for something more catastrophic to happen before taking action is utterly irresponsible. the other thing i can't help but notice or mention is that, you know, look, the president incited this. it's his obligation with to try to mitigate it to the extent that at this point i can be mitigated, which means it's not enough to say stay peaceful. he needs to tell people to go home and stand down. >> bill: thank you, andy. more reaction now from ivanka trump on twitter. no, she writes. peaceful protest is patriotic. violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. donald trump jr. a moment ago.
12:43 pm
this is wrong and not who we are. be peaceful and use your first amendment rights but do act like the other side. we have a country to save and this doesn't help anyone. to mike tobin. where are you and what are you seeing from there? >> where i am now is on the east side. i would consider this the front of the capitol. i can show over my shoulder what you have, all the people on the front steps of the capitol. they chant, they say "fight for trump" and shout from time to time. we can show the steps on the southeast side of the capitol. what i can tell you, we've seen a couple of squads of police. i wouldn't call it heavy riot gear heading for the southeast side of the capitol. people went after them. i can't tell you where they were going and what they were doing if they entered into that part of the capitol. as far as talking to people, as far as what they have done, what has been accomplished, i did get the demonstrators to say what is happening here is sad. what they see here is sad.
12:44 pm
they say sad that it had to happen. they say this is a revolution. that this is a message to them. who are them? both republicans and democrats, particularly they say those republicans that did not get on board with president trump. as far as storming the capitol, stopping the proceeding today, one of the demonstrators i talked to called it a victory and said that it went too far. as far as the scene out here, it cold, brisk. people are walking around, have their flags at the ready. mostly people milling about. one of the points they're making, this is difference from what we've seen with the blm type demonstrations because aside from some of the things that were broke and getting into the capitol and disregarding the reports of the woman that was shot, but decide those things getting broken, they say there's no vandalism taking place. this is people sending a mess e message. i'm reflecting their viewpoints and what people said to me out
12:45 pm
here, bill. >> mike, i know we're looking at a picture here of people standing on steps. but it is the u.s. capitol. we have been watching this for several hours now. so at what point does someone come in and move these people out of there and get some semblance of what we consider to be order? >> that is always a difficult call for the local police force and the capitol police and really the police at anyone of these riots. once they form a line, that is the line where the conflict takes place. ultimately you'll see the bottles thrown over the top and the pepper spray. a lot of people show up at an event like this and some people showed up today looking for a conflict. so the police generally will try to stand down, be as low profile as possible to avoid any friction. that moment that they show up and the moment that they show up in force, the people that showed up looking for a fight, get that fight and you get the bad images
12:46 pm
that get splashed all over everything from the internet to cable news. >> bill: unfortunately mike, you have too much experience watching protests around the country and around the world and your previous time in the middle east. thanks shg, mike tobin. mike pence said this attack on our capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted. and ken buck from colorado on the phone. sir, what is your situation? >> we've been evacuated from the house floor. now in a secure location. i'm were my staff. they're safe. with another member and his staff. watching what's going on in the capitol. we're not the capitol. >> bill: would you describe how
12:47 pm
far away you are? you take the tunnels that seem to be more security? >> we are nearby. the focal point of the protest is the capitol. so we're nearby. i would just ask americans for their players that police officers don't get hurt and protesters come to their senses and leave the capitol building and don't get hurt either. it terrible. >> fox news confirming one person has been shot about 45 minutes ago, taken to a local hospital. do you have any information at all about the victim or how that happened for came about? >> i don't. i was on the house floor. the house floor had been breached. we were moving heavy opens like credenzas in front of the doors to assist the police. they had drawn down their weapons and were evacuating the house floor when i was there. after we evacuated -- it was hard to tell. there were shots, sounded like
12:48 pm
tear gas. there were shots. as the windows were breaking on the doors of the house floor, sounded like a firearm. so it was hard to tell whether there was any firearms being used in the immediate vicinity of the house floor. >> bill: understood. that can be confusing. can you see fox news? >> i'm watching fox news right now. a handsome guy in the lower right-hand corner. >> bill: noted. well, this is brand new video from the floor of the senate, which shows half a dozen protesters inside. can you explain under any conditions of the security on the u.s. capitol could allow this to happen? >> yeah, i can. i think the security -- i think the officers were told not to use lethal force unless they saw an armed person or lethal force was being used against them.
12:49 pm
so when they're overwhelmed by tens of thousands of protesters, coming through the u.s. capitol, the decision not to use lethal force was a wise decision. we can repair the damage to the u.s. capitol. we're not going to bring back lives. i commend the police for their restraint and just hope that the protesters disband soon. >> ken buck, thank you. republican from colorado. we'll be back in touch with you and to your colleagues. men and women there in the u.s. capitol building, be safe. back to bret baier. we were talking about the national guard. i don't know if you've been able to advance that or not. welcome back. >> good afternoon. i've been back on the phone. it's in the process. it not an easy process. it takes time. but the it is coming.
12:50 pm
the white house says the nation national guard is on the i what. officials had a big meeting before this happened. the local police, the capitol police and they said do you need anything else? any backup? they said no. if we do, we'll let you know. now they let them know. and the official request has come in and the national guard will mobilize. they have secured the senate side. not the house side. gruesome video of this woman being shot. it quite something. it probably going to get a lot of attention. >> bill: bret. thank you. we want to get in touch with everybody that has been with us the past few hours. once we get more images, we'll
12:51 pm
describe to our viewers. we're seeing the senate floor with half a dozen people come inside without an escort is just -- it's a phenomenal site. to martha maccallum as we continue to gauge reaction. what are you picking up now? >> you know, vice president pence has tweeted again, the violence and destruction taking place at the u.s. capitol must stop and must stop now. anyone involved must respect law enforcement and immediately leave the building. i'm struck by the images as we all are. look at this. incredible. these members of the house crouching down for safety. the place is overrun. it's unbelievable. people inside these offices and inside this chamber are quite clear. i would imagine that these people will be arrested as soon as they leave the building. they're easily identifiable. they have threatened the peace
12:52 pm
and safety of the united states capitol which is obviously breaking the law. these are just absolutely images that i never thought i would see in my lifetime, bill. we've all seen a lot covering a lot of stories over the past decades. i never thought that i would see anything quite like this. it's very striking that we have not seen the president yet. it also -- tweets do not seem to do the trick at this moment. we need to see the president, i think he needs to speak to the country and being in front of the camera that might bring this message home at this very unstable time. >> martha, as soon as you said that, we have a new image to share. here's a protester sitting in the office of the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. there's other images out there with protesters that have reached the dais of the u.s. senate standing up in and empty
12:53 pm
chamber with fists raised and shouting "trump were on the election." this person, we don't have an identity. he made his way to the speaker's lobby, found his way to nancy pelosi's office. this image -- here it is on the screen now. this is where you would find mitch mcconnell and others on the dais of the u.s. senate. that was the image from about 60 minutes ago. to chad pergram trying to find whether or not we can restore order. an hour and ten minutes from sun down in our nation's capitol. do you see any semblance of that order? >> so far this is not. this is the balancing act the capitol police have to walk in. they're used to the demonstrations and things. we just had a statement from nancy pelosi and from shuck schumer. they are calling on president trump to demand that all protesters leave the u.s. capitol and the capitol grounds
12:54 pm
immediately. you know, they try to have these debates above the frey. once you have the frey getting in the building, you can protest outside, you can call your members' office but you can write letters and e-mails and things. what has happened here is you have had a breach here. the idea that someone was shot inside the capitol, we've had those types of instances before. there were puerto rican nationals that shot up the house chamber in 1954, wounding a couple members. members diving under the desks. there's still a bullet hole in the upper gallery, the press gallery in the public viewing gallery where some of the pictures were from earlier. that still existed from the shootout in the house chamber. remarkable images of people being brought down the house steps. we haven't seep anything like that since 1954. you had two officers shot and killed. you had a crazed man that tried to come in, what is called the
12:55 pm
memorial door now and killed two capitol polices and one on the detail to the then senate -- excuse me, congressman tom delay, who was in leadership at the time. you had capitol police having to shoot a woman after a wild car chase during the government shut down of 2013 that started at the white house, came down to other end of pennsylvania avenue. they shot and killed her at the dirkson and hart senate buildings. we've had this before but not an incursion of mass groups of people in to this building since the british burned the capitol in august of 1814. no american government on u.s. soil has anything like that happen, you know, in 206 years that demonstrates just how severe this is. the question, of course, they still have to certified the
12:56 pm
electoral college. that i were in the middle hoff debating the arizona slate. this protest, does this get some of these folks, republicans and the house and senate that were objecting to arizona and a few other states, will they back off of that and do this in a pro forma session. that's unclear. under the law, they can meet somewhere and do this. that is allowed in the constitution, the house rules and the senate rules. they have to get this done by the 11th, bill. >> okay, chad. we're seeing images now. these are live, right, guys? these are live images of police officers moving in. we're told they're from the state of maryland. is that right? is this group from maryland? whether they are or not, this is what we're seeing. we're seeing a show of force. this is the first time it's happened in three hours. i come back to the question, why? what would take so long?
12:57 pm
>> well, this is the balancing act that i talk about before. you know, there was quite a moment a couple years ago when they finally confirmed brett kavanaugh. you remember in october of 18 just the invective and how volatile things were here. mike pence decided to go down the senate steps. there was a big crowd out there. there were barricades. one capitol security official said, what would we have done had that group decided to forge across the barricade? there were officers there. but either you deploy violent or lethal force or you let them mob the vice president. there was serious concern about that back in october of 18. here, you know, they just got overrun. this is an utter failure on behalf of u.s. capitol police and u.s. capitol security forces. >> bill: no doubt. clearly. >> upended democracy on a very important day. >> bill: noted. thank you, chad. david spunt reporting from the fbi.
12:58 pm
"the fib has been deployed to assist u.s. capitol police parters as requested and protection of federal property and public safety." that is happening now, a lot moving. we're trying to keep a pace of it as best as possible. as you can see from the last three hours, this has been quite a remarkable afternoon already. back to bret baier with more. what do you have? >> our pentagon team confirming the defense department has mobilized the u.s. national guard, 1,800 troops. the army secretary, ron mccarthy, is setting up a headquarters at the fbi. you heard from david spunt that the fbi is sending troops to the capitol to re-establish. they believe that as we said, the senate side is starting to get cleared out. they have to set up a barrier around the capitol. this will take three or four hours to do to clear out people from there and then you're going to see a lockdown like you
12:59 pm
haven't seen before of the united states capitol. these are not at the request of the d.c. mayor, not federalized troops. they didn't deny any request ever. just to make clear, they were in the process of filling them to be able to back up the police officers on the ground. i think what we have to be clear is see the timing here. that the march down the mall happened and the capitol police were prepared for that. when the huge crowd went through four different preaches, they were overwhelmed. then they tried to get lawmakers and the safety of lawmakers first including the vice president to safety. >> bill: thank you, bret. atf officers currently inside the capitol building searching for protesters. we spoke with a few officers
1:00 pm
confirming that force. chad pergram confirmed capitol police staff continue to do the following. it's a long list. move inside your office, take emergency equipment. state away from doors and windows. if you're in a public place, seek cover, remain quiet and silence electronics. the list goes on. i don't know what you've been doing, laura or hearing, this is the first time i've had the opportunity to talk to you and get your reaction to the last three hours or so. >> bill, i've been on the phone with many of the maga satellite groups that came in to town to support this really and support the president and his wishes for a fair election. obviously the support for not recognizing the


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