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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thank you and i'm sorry for calling you the wrong name. >> dana: greg, can we catch you tomorrow? >> greg: no, i'm going to make gabby for making this for me. very nice christmas gift. there. >> dana: that's it for us. special election coverage with bret baier and martha maccallum begins right now. hey, bret and martha. >> the voters of georgia will determine which party runs every committee, right every piece of legislation. controls every single taxpayer dollar. we take georgia, we take the world. >> the democrats are going to change our country to the point you don't recognize it. >> a lot of the work that has to be done needs to come to championing policy. >> if we lose georgia,
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senator warren, senator bernie sanders are in charge. >> you will decide whether your children will grow up in a socialist country or whether they will grow up in a free country. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening and welcome to georgia, better known tonight as the center of the political universe. >> martha: we are less than one hour away from the polls closing for the state senate runoff or voters will either hand democrats complete control of the country's future or keep senator mcconnell's majority in check. >> bret: welcome to fox news special coverage of the georgia senate runoff's, i'm bret baier.
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>> martha: and i am martha maccallum. good evening, everybody. if georgians select both democrats, the tie-breaking vote will come into incoming vice president kamala harris so republicans will need at least one seat to go their way tonight. >> bret: countdown is on and we will have our first look where things stand, where the boat truly stands in less than one hour when the polls close. we are live on the ground both in republican headquarters and polling stations in locations around the state. correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight from here in atlanta. good evening, peter. speak a good evening, bret. i'm hearing from republican sources that text messages and phone calls going out right now and for the rest of the hour to urge georgia republicans to get in line because if they do, if you are in line by 7:00, you can vote. the latest from kelly loeffler and david purdue is a joint statement that says this, we are
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encouraged by reports of high voter turn out, but nick made no make no mistake, it could come down to the difference of just a few votes in a few precinct across the state. >> over 5 million people voted in november. if we get near that boat turned out today, we'll be in great shape. republicans notoriously wait till the last minute to wait till election day and today is no different and i'm very confident that they know what at stake and we will get this vote out. >> republicans believe that this race is going to be very tight but there is a huge gulf between what happens if they win and what happens if they lose based on the closing arguments. >> the future of the country is at the stake here in georgia today. the path of the american dream that i've been fighting for or socialism give.
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my opponent will bring socialism in the form of big government, taxes on every single georgian family, government health care, defunded police, green new deal. >> what i'm hearing from republican sources, they are encouraged based on what the turnout has been so far and the republicans are going to hope that in state election party this evening, democrats don't have any sort of event. >> bret: democrats remain cautiously optimistic that their strength in cities will help them this evening. >> martha: votes, numbers coming in from the rule area. steve harrigan at democrat headquarters is evening with a take from there. >> we are at a library polling place, no events planned for the democrats tonight, though celebrations come no events at all. if you look at the two democratic challengers, rubber read raphael warnock and jon
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ossoff, two men who have held office in a conservative church state traditionally come up they are projecting a sense of confidence where they have the numbers to win the state for the democrats. >> georgia voters have never had more power than you have today. that's the reason the whole world is watching us in georgia. that's the reason why everybody needs to get out to the polls and make their voices heard. >> sounds like you are ready to win and election! that's right. it's within reach. i just want to say thank you to all of our supporters who have been with us on this great journey. >> part of the reason for the projected confidence is turnout in some counties like this, the turnout has actually been higher today for the runoff elections than it was for the general
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election. that is simply unheard of in georgia political history. the ground game for the democrats has been disciplined and well-funded. volunteers and paid workers around the country coming in, they made 1.5 million phone calls today in the last week of election. these volunteers and paid workers have knocked on 100,000 doors on georgia each day. brett and martha bret and martha, back to you.>>f "fox news @ night" shannon bream is here to break it down with us. >> we are learning what motivated georgia voters in today's senate runoff using are you new innovative approach. this is our fox news voter analysis. the election survey of more than 4,000 georgians conducted by fox news by norc at the university of chicago and these runoffs decide which party controlled the senate so with that on the mind on peach state voters? you bet that was.
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6 of 10 said senate control is the single most factor in deciding their vote and can we get this, nearly 20-point difference between democrats and republicans here, about seven in ten republicans say party control was the biggest factor in their vote. for democrats, five in ten says the sai same. only 30% believe that votes were accurately counted in november. 70% say they don't think so. confidence off the charts with the winning team as 98% of democrats are very or somewhat confident. all georgia voters, 62% of a majority, saying the vote count was fair. out on the trail, the democratic candidates like to bring up allegations that republican incumbents kelly purdue david perdue andkelly loeffler n insider stock trading, while him all o all of those attacks
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committed any of them work? both voters see ossof and warnock too extreme in their political views for georgia area 56% of georgia voters are concerned about the purdue and little and alarge minority, four in ten think joe biden was not legitimately elected and when they can about their candidates, we are talking about all four of them, half the voters say that they all like honesty. we'll keep digging in the numbers and get back to you soon, martha and bret. >> bret: shannon, thank you. >> martha: let's bring in fox news analyst brit, let me start with you. your thoughts as we listen to shannon's voter analysis and what is on people's minds tonight as we wait for the numbers to come in in georgia?
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>> martha, i think tonight and tomorrow whether the results are final will find out if georgia is still georgia or whether the sands of time have made such a difference in that state. now prepared to elect one or two democratic senators, something that hasn't happened in that state for a long time, neither of whom were able to come out ahead in the race that ended on election day, but they had enough to force a runoff. so we'll find out. also find out about the future for donald trump. will it be determined with the end of all of this that donald trump is someone that the republicans end up they feel like they can win with or they cannot win without which would be the worst possible scenario pit whether donald trump is able to pull these publican candidates across the finish line will tell us something about that and where he stands with republican voters. we will learn a lot out of this. >> bret: chris, a lot has been
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made out of stacey abrams and the democratic ground game in georgia and reassuring voters. republicans told me they have the biggest ground game they ever had in one state, 4 million physical doors locked, 8 million phone calls made, 33 million pieces of mail, 32 million texts, and they are going to target 3.3 million voters, every one of those got more than ten touches. that's only during the time from november 3rd until tonight. >> one of the keys is going to be turned out turnout today, election day. the general feeling that stacey abrams of the democratic ground game has given democrats an advantage going in both between male in voting and early in person voting, the over-under number if you will come up like las vegas, is somewhere between 800,000 and a million. basically what both sides are saying is if turnout today, election day, in person voting,
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is below 800,000 giving the democratic lead coming into today, that's going to be very good for ossof and warnock. the higher it gets above 800,000 and especially if it's over a million today, that looks very good for leffler and purdue. the other key factor, i would look back at our fox news voter analysis on november 3rd, donald trump, we cannot overstate what a key factor he was. of the people who voted for trump on election day, november 3rd, 86% were voting for trump, 14% were voting against biden. the trump supporters were the ones you think would be voting for the republicans today, they were making an affirmative vote for donald trump and the republicans, for joe biden, it was pretty much 50/50, 50% for biden, 46% primary reason for voting biden, their opposition to donald trump. whoever wins tonight it's going
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to be because of donald trump either because they like donald trump or they don't like donald trump, but he's at the center of this debate in georgia tonight even though he's not on the ballot. >> martha: it so interesting because i think that is the biggest dynamic at work here, the longevity and coattails of president trump and the, brit, on the grass here trying to extend those coattails but there are some people in this state, a small sliver that karl rove talked about today who voted down ballot republicans that voted for joe biden and he says that's a sliver that he's going to be watching very closely. >> though such people could make the difference here because the question really is this. president trump in his reelection race had a lot of trouble with suburban voters, especially suburban women. a lot of these women in a place like georgia normally you would think would be disposed to vote republican. did not do so for president this time around. so the question arises, will these people who were nominally or normally republican be
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prepared to turn out and vote these publican senators back into office? we do not know exactly how many of these people are, but i think karl rove is right. this is a section of the vote to keep an eye on. >> bret: gentlemen, thank you. we will talk to you into little bit. >> martha: there are plenty of other headlines we want to get to when we come back. why people outside of the peach state are taking to the streets. . and that guy does, too. people cough in the country, at sea, and downtown. but don't worry, julie... robitussin shuts coughs down.
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>> donald trump is going to be reelected, he's going to be inaugurated january 20th. >> [crowd chanting "stop the steel"] martha: supporters of the supporterpresident prepare for g demonstration tomorrow. >> bret: the republican challenges to those numbers catching criticism from some in the g.o.p. and universal condemnation from democrats. let's set the seen washington with senior correspondent
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mike tobin. >> do we have any patriots out there? >> supporters of president trump flooding into d.c. to pressure the supreme court with names like "stop the steal," "rally for a viable," last challenge before the dedicated trump supporter still insist the election was stolen and the outcome can be changed. >> he's 100% confident like i am. it's all good. >> d.c. storefronts are boarding up, signs that firearms are not permitted in metro d.c. or within 1,000 feet of a first amendment event. d.c. mayor muriel are urging people in the capital to stay home. >> avoid people who are coming here to look for confrontation.
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>> josh hawley lays the trail in the senate opposing certification of the election, at least a thousand senators and 70 house numbers are part of the effort. demonstrate is marched outside the home with his wife and children inside. >> when democracy is under attack, what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> the senator blasted back on twitter accusing antifa members of vandalizing the neighborhood under the cover of darkness. meantime the leader of the right-wing group proud boys arrested shortly after arriving in d.c., initially arrested for disruption of property admitting publicly that he had a hand in the destruction of a black lives matter sign during protests last december, counterpart or is conflicted with each other, according to metro police. has a felony on his record had high-capacity magazines with him
3:20 pm
so he was also charged with possession of a high-capacity feeding device. entered a plea of not guilty and released with an order that he leave d.c. until his court date. president trump tweeted that these protests would be wild, what they have proven is they are wet and cold. there have been to go arrest resulting seven different charges resulting from firearms, even the charge of the illegal of fireworks. back to you. >> bret: the guy behind us was to give us your hat. i'm not sure. mike tobin live in washington. thank you. >> tomorrow's electoral college certification process, dana perino and one williams, cohost of "the five." this is a big story as we see these rallies on the streets of d.c. and this election process
3:21 pm
that a lot of republicans are supporting a reevaluation of an a noncertification of this vote, what do you think? >> there's obviously a lot of energy there and there's a huge movement that president trump has started and a lot of republicans focused on figuring out a way to preserve the policies of the trump administration hope a lot of the energy is being channeled into the senate runoff races happening tonight. as i said, i still think republicans will win both of those races by a whisker, although i would not be shocked if they lost. i thought bret's interview with josh hawley who unfortunately had that terrible incident happen to him and his wife and brand-new daughter happened last night, unacceptable, should never have anything happen to anybody regardless of your party affiliation but in the question of, do you think that any of these activities is actually going to change the outcome of
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the election and the answer is the reason that the biden team feel calm about this because they legally know, constitutionally though that that is not going to happen. all eyes are on the certification tomorrow for vice president mike pence but i believe at the end of it, it's going to turn out the way that we have known it's going to turn out for a long time. >> bret: juan, we know the president is going to preside over some of that tomorrow and we know that the president has not so subtly called out his vice president at this rally in dalton last night. take a listen. >> i hope mike pence comes through for us, i have to tell you. if he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much. >> bret: [laughs] injuries b5 fashion. your thoughts where we stand tomorrow? >> i think everyone is pretty
3:23 pm
straight on this, some republican senators, are going to object. looking at the lineup for the 2024 g.o.p. primaries who see some advantage. no realistic way their objection would lead to anything but joe biden being inaugurated as president of united states and so when i see the protesters out there, bret, i'm worried that they are being misled that something different is going to happen and somehow president trump will get a second term. that's just not realistic and it's not true. and you say, well, they are emotional about it. at some point you just have to say to people, you know, that's just not true, folks. >> martha: dana, what do you think about that? i see the vote for some of these senators as sort of understanding what these folks are talking about, what they are looking at committees irregularities that they are so
3:24 pm
frustrated by, the cases they say never made it to the court. we all know that all of these court cases were shot down by the supreme court. he could not have gone worse for them in that regard. they are recognizing the sentiment out there which really reminds me of the resistance we saw the last time around when hillary clinton lost. >> i think what the senators are trying to do is listen to their constituents and try to figure out a way, what can you legally can do to figure out a way to exhaust all these allegations, right? i also feel you look at senator tom cotton who is no shrinking violet when it comes to supporting president trump and he's had a different conclusion. many other senators have as well. i don't have the list in front of me. i'm understanding the sentiment and trying to take it as far as you possibly can, i get it from the senators. i understand it. i do think we all know because of the way it went in the
3:25 pm
courts, you have to have evidence to overturn something. you can't just have feelings, unfortunately for them. i'm sorry for that. >> bret: last thing, one juan, u mentioned it, if you are the biden team coming in, how are you going to unify this country that clearly is so divided heading into january 20th? >> bret, people have to work with each other. one side can compromise. you need to go. i hope at some point people think of you know what, america first. we really have to love each other because we really have to love america. >> martha: thank you very muc much. we'll see you guys later. >> bret: we are counting down the minutes until the polls close here in georgia and we start to get real early result in the senate runoff's. when we come back, a check of
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the other headlines. we've got bill hemmer at the billboard. first, an iconic look. the varsity in downtown atlanta is an institution. fast food all the way back to 1928. part of the whole thing is ordering inside. you order hot dogs, called a naked steak and a frosted orange. they go, "what do y'all have," covid has changed all that what you have a drive through, you place your order, and somebody runs the food out to you. the varsity has been doing it for more than 90 years. they had to change it because of covid-19, but they are still cooking. our special continues after th this.
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3:31 pm
guilty. 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse says he fired his weapon in self-defense. >> bret: in limiting individual 'his duty to retreat before using force. the measure expands the so-called "stand your ground right from an individual's place or house from an individual with a right to be. >> martha: upstate new york judge reviewing 29,000 ballots that could determine the winner of the nation's last undecided u.s. house race. republican former house member claudia tenney has a 29 vote lead. >> bret: we are 30 minutes from poll closing in georgia right now. let's bring in bill hemmer to look at some of the counties we will be focusing on tonight. bill? we have traveling bill. >> tsa loves this! it took us two months. but we needed to this season.
3:32 pm
good evening, guys, giving you a quick look right now. it's not a real apples-to-apples comparison but it's pretty darn close because david perdue and jon ossoff two months ago went head-to-head. the reason why he's back in this thing because he did not hit the 50%, missed it by three tenths of a point? what are you looking at in the math of georgia here? i would point to three things so our hot audience at home looks at this thing. put a bull's-eye around these counties around atlanta, i look at the southeast here and i look at the northern section of the northern border of georgia where the president was last night. a little taste of what we'll see, this is fulton county, the home of atlanta, it's where we are tonight. you see this data bar right here? a lot of information. we'll take you through the night on that. county population 10% of the entire state living in fulton county. 1 out of 159 counties, it is heavily blue, as you can see,
3:33 pm
how ossof just ticked below 30% in early november. the change in the vote since last time you had a senate race with david perdue, watch this number the night, gone up almost five points by democrats. you can go to different parts of the state and see different areas where republicans have an advantage and we will throughout the night. but, brett and martha, you got to watch coffee county and we are going to watch bacon county and we see how we'll do. hopefully we won't have coffee and bacon then. >> bret: talk about how the republican and democratic efforts to maximize turnout during today's voting, karl rove joins us with his own board, a white board, though. carl, good evening, what are you looking at? >> i'm going to be looking at several things when the results come in tonight. what is the absentee ballot and
3:34 pm
early voting? they won by a big margin, lost the in person voting by a narrow margin to republicans. but john also came out of the combined total of those two early in pursing and mail in absentee with 127,000 vote margin over david perdue and went out to lose because of the election day vote to trail him by 88,000. i'm looking at what the democratic margin is today in these two areas compared to what they were in november. i'm going to be looking at the drop off effect. let's remember, ossof right underneath biden on the ballot got 39,000 fewer votes than joe biden did but some people voted for biden and voted for purdue and some people said, i'm done, i'm finished voting. all i came to do is to vote out. i'm going home. how much of that effect is going to be seen tonight? election day turnout, 977 on
3:35 pm
november 3rd. the question for republicans is how big is it going to be? close to that were above that? going to get some indications that cherokee county which purports the numbers of people who have shown up to vote, going to get some indication that at least in this republican stronghold in the suburbs of atlanta that there are more people voting today that have voted in november. in fact, in chest and park which is in fulton county atlanta as bill talked about, chesterton 20 50 people voted in person on election day. not by the end voting but by this afternoon, 800 people have. are there more places like this? this may be in the anomaly, 200 people voted there, 250 on election day. we won't know how many voted in the runoff by mail or in person early until tomorrow or the next day, but there is some anecdotal information that is suggesting republicans might have a big
3:36 pm
election day turnout. is this electorate going to be more black or less black? stacey abrams has been attempting to drive up the percentage of the black vote. we will see later tonight if it's older or younger. she's been trying to get younger. it looks like the electorate is skewing a little bit older which isn't necessarily good for the democrats. >> martha: that's what i wanted to ask you about, the younger vote. it's interesting to me that in the presidential election, 27% of the vote was in that 18-29 bracket which you have to attribute to the get out the vote effort by stacey abrams and her folks. so she's worked very hard to translate that. every time she's been talking about it, carl, she indicates that there are number of new voters and voters has risen in this election. are you seeing that play out? >> you've got to be careful. the number she keeps tossing out there, some of those are newly
3:37 pm
registered voters who turned 18 after the election. but if you went in the polls and said are you still on one, two, three main street, no, i'm on 345 main street. you are a new voter. those are 65% of those 30 years or older. >> bret: will talk to you a little later. >> martha: a little break from politics to update you on what's going on with the coronavirus and this new strain and how it's forcing some major adjustments and rethinking. stay with us for that. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla.
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3:42 pm
around the world. correspondent phil keating has details. >> bret, the coronavirus is evolving, mutating, and creating new strain that some worry that the vaccines will not be as well-equipped to deal with. those vaccines, of course, include pfizer, astrazeneca, as the u.s. demand for any vaccine is far outpacing supply of vials and delivery of shots in the a arm. according to britain's secretary of health, this new south african strain is different from the u.k. coronavirus variant which is now been discovered today in georgia and previously in new york, california, colorado. much of the united kingdom is in lockdown right now with all but the essential shops closed. the british health secretary says he's concerned that this
3:43 pm
new strain is more easy to transit then u.k. strain. in the u.s., vaccine delivery continues to be a fraction of demand, not nearly the predicted pace by the end of december. the line of seniors in their car's lead to cities to allow the 1,000 people to come inside the stadium starting last night where than they basically slept in their cars all night waiting for their shots this morning. one in five florida residents is a senior citizen and last week the state started putting anyone over 65 up to the front of the vaccine line. >> florida's approach, i think is a better approach. if you have a 73-year-old pare parent, 73-year-old grandparent in the vast majority of states in this country, they are simply not eligible to be vaccinated and we do not believe that is right. we believe seniors have to be put first. >> the other states that have begun vaccinating general
3:44 pm
seniors are colorado, tennessee, and west virginia. the governor also said monday the 80% of all of the states allotment of vaccines have gone to hospitals. he warned that if hospitals do not get those vials off-the-shelf and the shots in the arm fast enough, future doses of the vaccine will instead go to other hospitals that are doing more things more rapidly and better. bret? >> bret: phil keating live in miami. >> martha: moments away from the polls close in here in georgia. up next we'll take a look at what to expect at this this night progresses and unfolds and some predictions. >> bret: first, what is driving some georgia voters to polls. >> i think if we get a little bit younger with some of the people in office, i think things in the future will be better. >> a lot of believe years in
3:45 pm
african-americans are taking a second look at how we vote. >> i just think we lose a lot of our freedoms if we go too far to the left. i'm in the center. >> martha: that's what voters in atlanta, georgia, are saying at the okay cafe. more of our coverage of fox news georgia senate runoff after th this. ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. good morning, mr. sun.
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>> bret: welcome back to our special fox news coverage of the senate runoff that will determine which party controls the senate chamber for the next two years. >> martha: senior correspondent mike emanuel has a preview of what we are looking at this evening. hello, mike. >> thank you, georgia! >> the first and that will likely be in pursing voting numbers which experts say could be a toss-up. favore>> sounds like you are reo win and election. >> once today's boats are released by county, those are favored to favor kell david pere
3:50 pm
and kelly loeffler. trump's presence in the state was meant to energize that g.o.p. presents today. >> you've got the swamp them. >> expert suggest that numbers could be blue with melon returns favoring the democrats. later in the evening, things could shift more red with more of today's votes coming in for the republicans. in terms of votes cast in person today, initial numbers will likely come from the fast accounting rule areas were purdue and loeffler should do well. that today vote should secure republicans of the got the turned out they need to win. >> as long as you are in line by 7:00 p.m. your vote will be counted. speak the democrats could pick up ground as results are likely to come in from the atlanta ar area. >> it's a new year and tomorrow could be a new day for atlanta, for georgia, and america!
3:51 pm
>> we could be in for a bit of a roller coaster and final results could slip into tomorrow morning or beyond. bret, martha? >> bret: mike, thank you. >> martha: just minutes away, we keep saying that, but we really are minutes away getting some real numbers from georgia so whatever happens here tonight, president-elect joe biden and his transition team are planning for an ambitious agenda during their first hundred days. at the same time, vice president elect kamala harris facing accusations of plagiarism. let's bring our next panel appearance bill >> bret: katie pavlich , and donna brazile, former interim chair of the democratic national committee. if either of these democrats win these two seats, they do get control, looking at potential many of bernie sanders, judiciary committee dick durbin, bob menendez, and the biggest is chuck schumer as majority lead
3:52 pm
leader. how much a difference is that making in washington if that happens? >> it makes a lot of difference. for starters, president-elect joe biden and vice president elect kamala harris will likely hit the ground running not only providing relief from this virus that we are now hearing is mutating around, but the sooner we get this virus under control, the quicker we can get back to rebuilding our economy. clearly they want to address some of the biggest concerns that the american people have, not just on the economy and the virus but also on making sure that we can get back, get our students back in school on infrastructure and they are so many things on the environment. they have a big agenda, a big task ahead. but in order to succeed they are going to have to continue to reach out to republicans because while the democrats might win control tonight, the margin will still be very, very slim. >> martha: katie pavlich, what
3:53 pm
goes with your mind when you hear that list of potential committee chairs including bernie sanders and dick durbin, very powerful positions that they would love to get their hands on. >> we always hear campaigns talk about the first hundred days and campaigning on issues they'd like to see in their agenda for the administration. at the bottom line is tonight will determine whether joe biden is capable of moving forward with a number of us cabinet nominations, still waiting on attorney general, cia director, also determine whether joe biden would be pushed from the left from both the house and senate on a number of these big projects which he claims not to be for on the campaign trail. long-term, you have to see think about judgeships that joe biden would have to put up for mitch mcconnell to recognize and determine whether they want to bring those people on the floor for a vote and in terms of the senate committees, chuck grassley is going to take over the senate judiciary committee
3:54 pm
sure the republicans keep the majority. let's not forget that chuck grassley had a lot of oversight when it comes to a democratic administration and you can bet that the hunter biden and the foreign business dealings of the biden family will not go away should joe biden have a republican majority in the senate. the difference here is very stark in terms of how much power joe biden will have to implement his agenda not just right away but for the next four years. >> bret: your thoughts? >> this is going to be a world of difference. a difference of having a gridlocked biden the administration on a number of different factors or as katie said, they'll be able to push ahead with a number of different elements here and i think that's why you saw that number mentioned earlier by shannon, in terms of voters in georgia supporting republican candidates, they very much had on their mind the control of the u.s. senate. they had those national policies in mind. it wasn't so much about purdue
3:55 pm
or loeffler, it was more about what democrats could do if they have a free hand. >> bret: see you in a bit. polls close in georgia minutes from now. speech results live from georgia tonight after this. >> martha: results live from georgia after this. ed by lexus. get 0.9% financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. get 0.9% financing on the 2021 rx 350. look at this human trying you know what he will get? muscle pain. give up, the couch is calling. i say, it's me, the couch, i'm calling. pain says you can't. advil says you can. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low
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dream every day. ♪ >> martha: it is 7:00 p.m. here in atlanta in the polls have now closed in the state of georgia in a pivotal pair of runoff elections that will determine the control of the united states senate. >> if either republican kelly loeffler or david perdue win their contest, republicans will hold onto their razor-thin senate majority. but if democrats raphael warnock or -- and, i should say, jon ossoff both managed to win their races, they'll complete a clean sweep of washington power. all indications that at this hour going to be a pair of very close races. more as we


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