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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  January 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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that you can get deliveries faster. thanks, grady. appreciate it. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'll see you on "the five." i think there's hijinx that we're getting up to today. bill hemmer, are you still live in georgia? >> yes, i am. is that a problem? is that okay? >> yeah, i can't see you. >> bill: i can see you and i'll see you at 5:00. thanks, dana. see you then. let's get rolling. good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer. political season unlike any other comes down to two seats. toss-ups in a state that has been red for 20 years. can republicans hold on or will democrats hold all the power in washington? four more hours of voting. we're tracking it from our set in downtown atlanta. quieter here this part of atlanta, these covid times. however, beautiful day, by the
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way, too. back in washington, different scene. president trump supporters holding a rally at the moment as congress gets set to count electoral votes tomorrow. some republicans say they plan to challenge the results that will be an interesting time. a packed hour ahead. matt finn on the vote counting in atlanta. alicia acuna is live in atlanta and rich edson at the protest in washington d.c. stand by, ya'll. want to go over to the big board. we'll show you a little bit on the board over here about the contest in georgia. we've been waiting for these now for 60 days going back to november 3. kelly loeffler is a republican. she's 50 years old. she was appointed to her position a year ago this january trying to win the seat back. fun facts she co-owns the atlanta dream team. she's in the ring up against raphael warnock, a pastor. he's 51 years old from savannah,
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georgia. he would be georgia's first black u.s. senator if he is able to beat kelly loeffler. that is in that corner. the other corner, david purdue, 71 years old from macon, georgia. he won office six years ago, sworn in in january of 2015. only fortune 500 ceo in the senate when he was elected six years ago. he was 71. jon ossoff, however, is 33 years old. he ran for office a few years ago. did not win that race. he would be the youngest u.s. senator if he were to defeat david purdue today here in georgia. so that's how the matchup is setup, this is how the state of georgia is aligned right now. this is purdue. had he gotten to 50%, he wouldn't be in this contest now. he was .3 show. this is atlanta. heavily blue. look for a lot of democratic votes to come pouring in throughout the day and evening
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hours. republicans really trying to make inroads and drove up numbers here in the rural south and also in the north where president trump made a late night visit last night in the city of dalton, georgia. we're in atlanta right here in fulton county. almost 70% for ossoff 60 days ago. matt finn is in an absentee ballot center. good afternoon. what are you seeing? >> good afternoon, bill. fulton county's top officials insist this election will be as safe as secure ago they feel the general election was in november. the secretary of state is reporting things are going smoothly here and statewide and the average wait time at polling locations is a minute. a minute less than the average wait time in november. the commissioner of fulton county said he's out visiting up to 50 polling locations pause he wants to personally observe.
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the spotlight is on fulton county after major allegations of fraud during the general election. in the leaked phone call, the president says he thinks he's lost georgia in part because up to 300,000 ballots mysteriously appeared here in fulton county. the fulton county commissioner challenges the president's claims saying fulton county earned an a plus for november's election and will likely get another a plus today. >> the naysayers that are out there who are alleging things about fulton county, georgia, we're the largest county in the state of georgia. most complex county in the state of georgia. we did it right. we set an example. >> as far as security and election integrity in fulton county, the elections director said there were all types of threats coming in, even a bomb threat. the gbi says this election is unprecedented. they've never monitored so many
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threats. federal agencies are assisting. there will be one officer at every polling location today. we're inside the georgia world congress center where hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots are being processed right now. we're told ballots are delivered in the back room. they come in boxes. they go through a signature match, with a top election official insists signatures were 99% accurate in november. the ballot is separated from that outer envelope and counted. fulton county says they mail out 183,000 and received 99,000 back. they hope to have them counted by midnight. they warn the counting may spill over into tomorrow. we'll keep you updated in fulton county. >> bill: thank you, matt finn, just across town in atlanta. back at the board here. one thing to point out to our viewers at home. this is fulton county. we'll pull it up. told you how democratic voters
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there are here. clearly with over 70% for biden. on this top bar you see, however, a population marker here. that tells you where the county ranks in the entire state. 10% of the state's population there fulton county. that's atlanta. one out of 159 counties. so you know where fulton county ranks. the change in the vote four years ago at the presidential level, sometimes at the senate level, this is the presidential level. democrats have a gain of more than three points. watch that get a little more added information throughout the night tonight. now we want to move from atlanta to the east. this is richmond county in georgia along the south carolina border here. the town of augusta is found there. that's where you find ranked number 10 of 159 democrats picked up three points going back four years. alicia acuna is there because two of the four candidates were there this week. alicia, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. yes, we are in richmond county.
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it's one of 13 counties that make up the city of augusta's entire area here. in terms of voting, this polling place here, it's been slow. we've seen a steady stream of folks. no big lines or anything here. we do want to give you a better idea of where we are. take a look at this. it is different from atlanta where you are. augusta is just over the south carolina state line. south of the city is home to one of two georgia nuclear power facilities. talk about the difference between the urban center and the suburbs. here it's a striking difference. in november, joe biden won richmond county nearly 68% to president trump's nearly 31%. but then you go to the bedroom community that includes columbia county and president trump beat biden there 62% to 36. turnout in both of these counties has been very high. heading into today, democrats here lead republicans in the early voting which reflects what we've seen around the state. again, the gop counting on their
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traditional election day in-person voting to get them over the finish line. kelly loeffler was here yesterday with her get out the vote message a as was her opponent, raphael warnock and jon ossoff running against david purdue. all candidates talking about issues that matter most to folks that live here. >> they're concerned about healthcare. they're concerned about transportation. the kitchen table issues that resonate across the state broadly are important to people here in augusta. keeping people employed, making sure that they have food on their tables. those are things that resonate. we have candidates that have been talking about those issues broadly. >> bill, you have much of the cyber security work for the nation that is done here. you also have fort gordon army base. it's one to watch tonight, bill. >> bill: thanks, alicia. we'll be back in touch. as for david purdue, where is he going looking for votes?
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where has the republicans gained votes in georgia over the past couple years? i got this map pulled up again here. go to the northwest. chatuga county. well over 13% of the vote there. that goes to the rural arguments of republicans and where they hope to gain votes tonight. come back to the set here. we'll move throughout the etching. we'll bring on brett and martha around 6:00 east coast time. we'll see where we are then. the polls close at 7:00. that is four hours from now. stand by for more on that. meantime, breaking news. fox news confirming republican senator ted cruz will object to arizona's certification of their electors tomorrow when congress meets to certify. several republicans say they will challenge the results. supporters of president trump taking part in a march to save america in washington. that's a live look now.
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the mayor of d.c. has requested the national guard to help control crowds. rich edson to you with a look at what you've seen today. >> good afternoon, bill. president trump has asked his supporters to show up in washington d.c. and they have arrived. this is the beginning of a few days of events where thousands of trump supporters are expected to come to washington d.c. this is freedom plaza in between the capitol and the white house along pennsylvania avenue. this is a meeting spot for protests. has been for quite some time. and you've had folks gathering throughout the morning. the events started at 1:00 p.m. and probably run until 9:00 later on tonight. you have other events and other locations throughout washington. they've been to the supreme court, to capitol hill. we expect more of that throughout the next couple days here in washington d.c. president trump has promised he will show up. we expect he will speak at an
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event tomorrow. tomorrow is the big day. it's the headline day. that's where the joint session of congress will meet about a mile from where we are here to officially count the electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election. there are concerns about protests and violence here. the mayor has called up the national guard. that is something that they're working open here as well. there's also no guns allowed in the district of columbia. so the protections are on here in washington d.c. bill, back to you. >> bill: something to watch. thanks, rich. we'll be in touch. tensions at senator josh hawley's house. did you see this now? [chanting]. >> bill: the senator says activists threatened his family.
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our panelists react on that. in georgia, voter turnout nearing record numbers. karl rove will join us. a big show ahead live in atlanta as we continue. >> i have to tell you that the stakes to this election could not be higher. your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the united states senate. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character.
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>> bill: back in atlanta. nice blue skies here in early january. today's run-off elections will set the tone whether sunny or cloudy for the legislative agenda for the next few years. peter doocy is live in atlanta and joins us with more. good afternoon. >> bill, good afternoon. we went to a polling place hand talked to jon ossoff about one of the republican closing arguments directed at him. something that your republican opponents are drawing a lot of attention to is a week's old comment from chuck schumer where he said now we take georgia, then we change america. is that something that you find particularly helpful because republicans are trying to use that against you and essentially say change america means we're going to be a socialist country. >> here's the kind of change
12:17 pm
that the people of georgia are crying out for. equal justice under the law. >> republican david purdue is in quarantine and appearing virtually. kelly loeffler has been campaigning for both of them hosting in-person events and reflecting on the run-off. >> we left it all on the field here in georgia. we've been crisscrossing the state for nine weeks. i know georgians are tired. we've been called to stay in the race a lot longer than the rest of the country. we're going to get it done. we left it all on the field and now it's up to georgia to hold the line against socialism. we need georgians to vote for kelly loeffler and david purdue. >> we do expect to see kelly loeffler in person at an election headquarters-style election night party. the democrats do not have anything in person set up this
12:18 pm
evening. bill? >> bill: peter, we're watching. thanks. talk to you throughout the evening. peter doocy here in atlanta. next from georgia to the nation's capitol. trump supporters are rallying against the election results. some republicans see a show down in congress tomorrow. we'll take you back to the billboard and show you how much of our nation's future hinges on these two races. and an epic panel today. we've got hahn, schlapp and homes on deck. our coverage continues live here in atlanta. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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>> bill: republican senator josh hawley out of missouri said a e antifa scumbags threatened his home. [chanting]. >> bill: police say the protesters were peaceful and left when officers told them to leave. they were breaking local picketing laws. hawley and other republican senators say they plan to challenge the president-elect's win today. that happens at a joint session of congress at 1:00 eastern. that will be interesting. matt schlapp is here with us. gentlemen, all three of you are ruthless. matt, what should the american people expect tomorrow in
12:24 pm
congress in. >> look, i think that it's going to be a chance for the american people to hear the trump concerns, the 73 million americans across this country about the illegal votes that are in the count. i spent a lot of time in nevada. we found over 100,000 examples of illegal votes in the count, which would flip the results in nevada. the same is true in georgia where i just came back and sat down with the lawyers there. we're going to have to get to a place where judges and stay legislators are too worried to intervene on illegal voting. republicans will never win close races of the presidency again. i for one thing that is something that can't stand in this republic. >> bill: wow. chris, what do you expect to hear? >> i expect some babies, some whiney losers to protest something that they have no
12:25 pm
evidence for. what matt just say is patently false. if it were true, he would have won in court. he would have won in court with judges appointed by donald trump. he lost in court because what he said is not factual. the american people deserve better. the senators who are acting sadiciously should know better. i expect a clown show in the house of representatives. the senate should rise above it. josh should agree with me on that. >> bill: i don't know, josh. do you? >> spoken like a true senate man, chris. no, look, i think to matt's point, there's a lot of things that should be looked at here and should be looked at on a judicial path and a legislative path. i'm not a fan of doing this during the electoral college. i'll tell you why. democrats are trying to undermine the electoral college for generations. the reason is simple.
12:26 pm
we've elected the last three republican presidents because of that. i worry a lot about the precedent of trying to undermine that. it has no chance of working. seems like at some point are we perpetuating this false hope for trump supporters that ultimately there's going to be a different outcome. >> bill: let see. on both of those points, matt, answer that. >> yeah, first of all, chris, we're friends. don't call me a liar. i'm telling you i saw the evidence. let's face it. there's no question that judges and politicians are concerned, including a lot of republicans, concerned to intervene on this question of what stacey abrams and a bunch of lawyers have done around this country, which is made nonregistered people legal to vote, which is quiet a breathtaking change and a radical change in our politics. we should be able to say that you should only be able to vote in this country if you're duly
12:27 pm
registered. that means if you lose because more registered voters voted and beat you, then we have to suck it up. that's not what happened. >> you lost, matt, because more registered voters voted and beat you. i'm -- >> bill: on all of that we'll hear the debates tomorrow. gentlemen, topic number 2. this is the what-if scenario here in georgia. the senate is so razor tight, like the house as well. technically speaking the senate stands at 51-48 with one vacancy. if ossoff beats purdue, that goes to 51-49. the warnock beats loeffler, it goes to 50/50 and if republicans take point, we go back to 52-48 where we started in the beginning. josh?
12:28 pm
>> if you're a republican, you feel like this has gone well. i've been doing senate races almost 20 years. there's absolutely never been a parallel experience in the republican side in terms of the amount of effort, ground game, resources and everything that has gone into two raises. the senatorial committee and others deserve credit. that said, it's a tight state. this will be a tight race tonight. all things being equal, i think both republicans will can come out on top. we may not know it until late this evening. >> bill: chris, what do you think? who wins? >> look, i think it's going to be a toss-up. it's a tight race. the history is on the side of the republicans. the early turnout vote has been very good for the democrats. it would be amazing if that jim crow era law that gave the -- required the 50% margin puts two democrats in to the senate including the first african american to represent georgia in the senate. so i am hopefully optimistic about this tonight.
12:29 pm
i'm cautiously optimistic about, this i think it's longer than just tonight and hopefully we'll have a senate. even if the democrats don't win, i think there will be a coalition of democrats and republicans that will want to get things done the next four years. this country is in a bad place and needs recovery. >> bill: got it. matt, i need a quick answer. what do you think? two races. what happens? >> this is going to be shocking. i agree with chris. i'm not a fan of the run-off and i think democrats have the edge because of their early vote. i'm not a political fan of stacey abrams but she's done a great job once again of racking up the early vote in the state of georgia. very hard for the republicans to overcome it. i just came from the ground there. there's a lot of people saying there could be a tight republican win in both races. a tight win is the best we can do but i'll take it. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. team georgia, matt, chris and
12:30 pm
josh. you now labelled. thank you. matt mentioned it, early voting topping three million, which is a million less than the presidential election. we'll show you why that could matter, which party that could favor. karl rove and all the numbers on the trends and the key counties to watch in g.a. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation.
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> bill: fox news alert. the feds releasing a statement about the massive cyber attack saying the hackers likely came from russia. the action is likely russian in origin and responsible for all the cyber compromises. the solar winds hack was and continues to be intelligence gathering efforts. more on that as we get it here. confirmation from washington in a moment. back in atlanta now, decision day in georgia. republicans hoping for a big turnout where president trump
12:35 pm
won in november. ocean blue skies here in the southeast today. this is where the president won. this is whitfield county. why you go there? david purdue racked up 70% of the vote 60 days ago. population 30 out of 100 in 59 counties. democrats inching up higher. up 4 points. mark meredith is watching things in dalton, georgia which is whitfield county with more. hi, mark. >> bill, good afternoon. this area of northwest georgia is considered to be staunchly conservative. there was a lot of talk about the possibility of low turnout. that's why the president came for the rally. thousands supporters braves cold temperatures. many had to be bussed in. this is a remote area. the president enjoyed the spotlight. here's what he had to say. >> this is a kelly rally and a david rally. i wouldn't do it unless i loved them both. i couldn't do it. one thing i know, if they win,
12:36 pm
i'll get no credit. if they lose they're going to blame trump. these people. >> while senator kelly loeffler was there with the president. republican senator david purdue was not after having to quarantine after coming in close contact with someone that tested positive for the coronavirus. jon ossoff said the president's rally exposed some problems. >> millions of people facing eviction or foreclosure. you would not have known that based on his remarks last night. he focused on trying to overturn election results. we need economic relief for the people. >> the unemployment rate here in northwest georgia is hovering close to 5%. businesses say they're open, but some are still struggling. as to whether or not that will impact turnout, we'll have to wait pa few more hours. we've been here all day. more than 200 people showing up to vote and an increasing stream all day long. could be good news for republicans.
12:37 pm
time will tell. bill? >> bill: mark meredith in dalton, georgia. the northern part of the state. turnout is what it's all about, as mark mentions. go back to the map here and show you what we may see here in georgia after 7:00 p.m. tonight. going to fill in the counties. we'll see a bunch of colors. around 7:30 eastern time. here's the advanced vote in georgia. three million which is 44% of registered voters. impressive. for the presidential race, you were at four million with 57% of registered voters. so the numbers are not as big, not clear, however, what that four million versus three million means. karl rove might. he's been heading some of the fund-raising efforts for republicans in today's run-off races. karl, what do you think? can you read much into three million versus four million and 60 days? >> well, it's about 77%, 75 to
12:38 pm
77% of what was voted in november. so down somewhat. the question is what is the size of the election day turnout. because we probably -- republicans are banking on that there are a number of people that said i'm not going to vote until election day because i don't trust mail-in voting. republicans have to get 900 to a middle to offset the expected democrat margin in the absentee mail-in ballots. >> bill: so when you watch numbers tonight, karl, you mentioned a million. tom price was with us earlier today. i brought out that number with him. he put it lower. he put it at 800,000. he thinks if you get 800,000 republicans to vote today, they'll win both races. do you see it that way? >> i think -- there's several
12:39 pm
models floating around. one suggests if the mail-in absentee ballot and early voting matches the pattern of the fall, 800 to 850,000, as long as the republicans get 62%, which is what the david purdue got november 3, 800 to 850,000 gives the republicans a win. if the bigger it gets, the better for republicans. we don't know exactly what that point is, but i think the lesson that the bigger the election day turnout, the better off the republicans are is absolutely correct. i think representative price, secretary price, is probably accurate that if 800 to 850,000 is the tipping point so if the republicans match the election day turnout, they're in good shape. some of the estimates are that the turnout may be bigger than that. if so, the republicans should have a very good night. >> bill: so you had african american turnout two months ago here in the state of georgia.
12:40 pm
a million plus. that's the first time that that has happened here in georgia. if that's the case, i don't know how that factors in tonight. how do you see these races turning? do you believe this is a flip of a coin as many others have suggested? >> i think it could be very close. what happen in run-offs is, the focus on mechanics of turnout. earlier you had in your panel a compliment by matt sclapp of stacey abrams. it's well deserved. she spent money and the three election cycles perfecting this machine. she was aided in this particular election by covid, which made the likelihood of mail-in votes more likely. yeah, it's going to be a close race. the election is going to be tight. the democrats are counting on big turnout as you've talked about in fulton and also in dekalb, clayton, chatham, which is savannah, muskogee.
12:41 pm
they're counting on large numbers in the major metropolitan area of atlanta. the republicans are hoping to have a strong turnout and looks like they are. there's been video of floating around the internet showing the lines in cherokee county, another suburban county in the atlanta area. republican strong hold. they're looking at hall, forsyth, coweta and then the northwest. this is really important. there was a reason why the president went to dalton. that is that the turnout in early and absentee voting in places like pickens and floyd was not as good as it was in other parts of the state. in fact, remember, there's 25,000 people that voted in the primaries in a variety of state legislative seats. there's no presidential primary this year for republicans. no statewide primary. in the selected primaries, like
12:42 pm
the 14th district, there were 25,000 people that didn't vote. the republicans know where they are and they're going after them. halston county is another place that the republicans are counting on getting a bigger turnout. that brings us in to what may decide the election. the democrats are likely to win cobb and gwinnett counties in the atlanta area. the question is by what margins. if the margin is less than it was at or less than it was in the november election, republicans are going to win sta statewide. if it's bigger, the republicans will have a good night. >> great stuff, karl. for our viewers at home, i would point -- here's cobb. the democrats are running up the score. up 11 points. this is dekalb. we talked about heavy blue there. this is gwinnett. quickly growing, too. democrats are taking a lead by 13 points. you mentioned savannah here.
12:43 pm
they clocked in late after the election two months ago. a real advantage here with almost 58% of the vote. you were talking about republicans. i'll find a few here. halston county you mentioned south of macon. very much relying on that. up here north in cherokee county, i've been watching this closely. you mentioned floyd as well. chatoga has done well for purdue, this is floyd county here. you can see how impressive the numbers can be for the red team on one side or the blue team on the other. the last comment as we zip through this map. >> it's a complex puzzle. each side has strength areas. the democrats are counting on the metro atlanta area and then macon, columbus and savannah. the republicans are counting on some of the suburbs in the atlanta area and running it up in the northwest and the southwest and the south central.
12:44 pm
it's along the 159 counties reporting in, it will be a long night. this count may go well past and wake up with the results not yet locked in. >> bill: here's what i would do, karl. put a blue bulls eye around the metro area and look here in the south for republican notes and the north as well. that's why you point out the president was there last night. thanks, karl. talk to you throughout the evening tonight. nice to see you. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: in a moment, the countdown continues. a few hours until the polls close in georgia. the race that will decide the balance of power in the senate. look back at the road to the run offs and how we ended up here. come open back. important news for veteran homeowners.
12:45 pm
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>> bill: back on a the board here. we have our panel here. welcome to the program, guys. it's finally here. believe it or not, waiting two months for this. happy new year to both of you. want to share one thing here. you can see this number with david purdue, 49.7. if he gets to 50%, he's not even in a run-off today. state law mandates that you have to hit that 50% threshold. nonetheless, libertarian candidate took him out. he's not in this race. how do you see this going down first of all? >> you're right. david purdue was a whisker away from not going through this. he ran better than donald trump
12:50 pm
in georgia in november. on the other hand, jon ossoff ran behind joe biden. he has room to grow. the early indications show that this will be razor thin, very close on both sides. as karl rove just said, we'll probably wake up and may not know the results for a day or even a week, may be in recount territory. i expect the races to go down to the wire. >> bill: kristin, how do you see it so far? >> i think it's incredibly close because you have polls that show this close. a lot of people are skeptical of the polls for very good reason, especially given that so few pollsters are engaged in this race publicly and it's a strange run-off happening during a pandemic. if you trust the polls at all, they show this race being incredibly tight. very few polls show either
12:51 pm
candidate in either run-off getting above 50% very often. just enough folks that say they're undecided. if you don't trust the polls and again, you're within your right to be very skeptical, there's data about who has voted. it shows that democrats have something of an advantage up till this point. that is to be expected. democrats have told their voters vote by mail. republicans are saying vote in person on election day. so you expect to see that imbalance. republicans need huge turnout. they need a number closer to the 5 million number that we saw in november versus just keeping it about the three million votes that have already been cast now. >> okay. numbers are your business, right, guys? you were both listening to karl a moment ago. he was talking about places like cherokee county. the growing suburban counties north of atlanta. over here in forsyth. a lot of republican votes there. in places like forsyth, look at
12:52 pm
the change in the democrats that have gone there. they're up 12 points. nonetheless, this is where you go now to find republican votes today. >> that's right. democrats get 2/3s to 3/4s of their vote in the atlanta metro area. now the collar counties around atlanta and republicans have to really turn out voters in the other parts of the state. you mentioned the northwest part of the state, the south central. that is what republicans are counting on. that's what donald trump was trying to do yesterday when he was down there. the question is whether they will get there or not. we won't know till tomorrow. if they're not able to get there, and again, just within a few thousand votes could make the difference in this race. >> bill: kristin, real quickly. final thought. >> when we're looking at the geography of georgia, the most interesting place is what i call the blue doughnut around atlanta. president trump did better in the very urban core.
12:53 pm
it was the suburbs that swung heavily blue. the question is that just a swing about president trump or a swing against the republican party more broadly? those are the voters that will be very interested in having divided government and make sure democrats don't have full control of washington. that's where i'm at tonight. >> bill: thanks, kristin and tom. before you go, keep a close eye here on coffee county, georgia and a close eye on bacon, county, georgia. we'll see how it breaks. thanks to you. talk to you soon. few hours ago, right now, the polls close in georgia. "fox and friends" spoke with voters about how they're feeling. will cane is on deck coming up. >> i try to encourage all to vote and let it go. if we lose the senate, we're toast. >> anyone that says they're not going to vote in this election because they're mad is not working for us. in order to save our values, we have to vote.
12:54 pm
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here's the major question going in to this election the two georgia senate races. are so republicans so distrustful that they'll sit this out? so i went to dalton before the president's rally. these are the most passionate trump supporters, the most skeptical, the must distrustful. what i found, bill, is an equal amount of passion from georgia republicans, president trump supporters to vote today in these two senate races. >> was there any hesitation saying hey, listen, i don't
12:59 pm
think biden won and therefore i don't trust the system. >> absolutely. you heard that. but you also heard that we see georgia as a fire wall against socialism. they see georgia as a fire wall against the progressive wish lists. that's animating for them. i did hear that skepticism that you talked about. it's going to be a tight election. i don't know if it's going to amount to enough to swing it, but the overwhelming majority had passion to vote. >> how would you rate it on the people you say? was it a big crowd, impressive to you or how did it strike you? >> i think it would be fair to say it blew me away. people sleeping on a tarmac ahead of time to hear the president speak. they had not eaten much so they could save their place in line. the passion -- i don't have a ton of experience with this. i have more experience talking about dallas cowboy's passion. these are people whose passion cannot be overstated. >> and they're going to vote.
1:00 pm
>> yes. >> bill: that's what they told you. >> yes. >> bill: we'll see you in the morning. you're up a little earlier than i am. >> a little bit. >> bill: will cane. see you in three hours when the polls close here in atlanta. here's neil on "your world." >> neil: all right. all eyes on georgia. looking live abe dunwoody, georgia waiting the results of this crucial senate run-off election. meant to set straight votes that started two months ago. we're on top of these developments and on top of market reaction. this is neil cavuto. this is "your world." i had so many colleagues and friends stumping when i was from charles payne and edward lawrence, martha maccallum. thank you all. i hurried back because i feared job security.


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