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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 5, 2021 3:00am-6:01am PST

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hillary clinton, that refuse to say hey, let's get the facts out there. jillian: congressman lance gooden, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. have a good day. polls up at 7 a.m. and close at it will 7:00 p.m. we have coverage for you. it. >> polls open for one of the most high stakes elections of our lifetime. >> if you don't fight to save your country with everything you have, you're not going to have a country left. >> i'm asking you to give everything you have got. you can change america. >> the senate seats are truly the last line of defense. the power is literal will in your hands. >> i have an announcement, georgia, on january 6th, i will object to the electoral college vote. [cheers and applause] >> this is something that the american people demand right now. there are huge irregularities. they need to be investigated. >> the growing carl rove over changes in the house of
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representatives concerning gender neutral terms. >> removing references to mothers and fathers. mind blowing. because it shows just out of touch people in congress are. >> are our values would he have to vote. >> if we lose the senate, we are toast. >> we have nothing to protect us anymore. >> go out and vote so we can save our democracy and save our country. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is decision day down in georgia. in just one hour the polls are going to open up in the state's crucial senate runoff races. voters in the peach state will cast their ballots to determine which party will control the senate. are. brian: i heard about this. president trump and president-elect biden held dueling rallies in the state during respect respective candidates. steve: this morning we have live team coverage from georgia. "fox & friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth and will cain are in atlanta. we start with griff jenkins is dalton, georgia where the president rallied last night and
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it was quite a show. griff, good morning to you. griff: it was indeed, steve, ainsley, brian good morning to you. in levies than an hour the control of the senate the fate of the control of the senate in the hands of georgia voters. they need a strong republicans need a strong turnout here in north georgia in the dalton area. that's why the president came here driving home just how high the stakes really are. walch. >> your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. that's why i'm here. i don't want to do rallies for other people. i told you. i'm here because of that. because of david and kelly. griff: the candidates made their closing arguments telling the voters it's up to them now. >> are you ready to show america that georgia is a red state? georgia, we have to hold the line. >> this is the last line of defense against this radical socialist agenda. you heard joe biden just today say that this is a generational
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election. what does he mean by that? well, it's exactly what chuck schumer said. take georgia and change america. many. griff: complicating the message the president's fight with georgia election officials who spent the day yesterday blasting the president wants phone call with the secretary of state. now, the president also railed against georgia's g.o.p. leaders. >> your governor, your governor and yourselves they are petrified of stacey abrams. what's that all about? they say they are republicans. i really don't think they are. they can't be. >> now, only time will tell if the distraction from the core message will affect turnout. meanwhile president-elect biden was in atlanta to shore up support and slam president trump. >> politicians cannot assert, take, or seize power. power is given. granted by the american people
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alone. griff: american officials say at the end of the day they will have honest results. we may not have them by the end of the night because these races are so close. i'm standing in front of city hall in dalton. i will try to take us in here a little bit later this morning and take a look at those voters casting their ballots. ainsley, steve, and brian. ainsley: thank you some, griff. let's bring in "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain and pete hegseth. good morning, guys, they are in atlanta. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: thank you a big day. we heard karl rove say yesterday the bigger the turnout the better it is for republicans. that's what it is all about in person voting on election day. pete: absolutely, ainsley, and good morning to all of you. and that's what the president has been very good at doing his track record over the last four years very good at helping candidates, some of them not so great pulling them across the finish line as a result of his enthusiasm. and i think last night that was the ton of his speech. listen, we are all frustrated with what happened in november
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and that's where our heart is but our minds need to be in going to the ballot box and doing the right thing if we want to save the country. will: this is a race for two georgia senate seats i will tell you i have had texts from buddies in texas, in tennessee, in new york. it's a national election. everyone knows how much is on the line not just for georgia but for the united states of america. in fact, take a lock at the cover of "the new york post." pete: i have a printout because don't get "the new york post." this is my highly pixilated. nation holds breath as georgia runoffs decides our future. all eyes on georgia today. oh, this it is. i finally know which camera. you have would think i would know television at this point. here is a, to of what the op-ed says from the "new york post." it says republicans need to win at least one race to keep control of the senate. and so serve as a vital check on the democrat party that's cratering on the far left. the democrat senate would spell the end of president trump's tax cuts southern border. increase and job killing green
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new deal becomes a new possibility to say nothing of the way united democrat front would impose identity politics on the nation and cancel offenders any way they can. will, we have talked about this. it's not just rabid trump supports that are texting you. it's across of the spectrum of people saying we have been awoken of the left reality who they are these races really matter. will: keep hearing over and over this is the last line of defense. what happens in georgia is the difference between essentially socialism in the united states, across this country. 50 states from coast to coast or some final wall, some final protection against capitalism, freedom, democracy and all the values so many hold deer dear. brian: will travels a lot. he goes to school in california. lives in texas. came to connecticut. i have just a few friends in massapequa that's all i got. a couple of things. what i love about this is the rhetoric sounds like rhetoric. it sound like a cartoon.
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the country will change. everything is extreme. it's actually accurate. and when joe biden says it, he is being accurate and when the president says it he is being accurate. when you have the green new deal -- nancy pelosi yesterday has already made maneuvers to make d.c. a state which by the way the founding fathers had a little problem with you about don't let them get in your way. the question i had for you i watched for 90 minutes and there was a fear among republicans that the president was only going to talk about his race. i think he did. he talked about his race, obviously. i think he knocked it out of the park for both candidates. he gave the reasons why, pete. he gave the stakes. he let everybody know what this means to him. he also said i'm coming back in a year and a half to make sure this governor, secretary of state are out. and also indicated he wants to flip the house to kevin mccarthy so it shows that there will be another day after january 6th. after january 20th. pete: it's true. friends on long island are even he hard core each a few count
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more than most others. at. will: double friends. pete: you are right. felt sincere. you watched the president last night he was earnestly talking about the need to win it. you can also feel it in the crowd. the biggest applause lanes came when he talked about feeling like the election was stolen from him. then he would pivot and say but that doesn't change the fact that chuck schumer said we pin georgia we change america. he said we need to save it by winning. will. will: you talked about it sounding cartoonish. politics can be hyperbolic. you tonight have to take our words. listen to chuck schumer, first we take georgia, then we change america. joe biden echoed those same words yesterday. time to change america. that's not cartoon language. that's reality. are. steve: well, tomorrow the reality is that there will be 100 house members and about a baker's done, 13 or so u.s. senators who are going to be
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expected to object to at least one of the states across the united states as they try to certify in congress the electoral college vote. in the senate, the republicans are led by ted cruz. they are still discussing which states, if any, to object to. they don't have any conclusions yet. meanwhile, it looks like josh hawley, who has started this whole movement, he says his constituents told him they have major concerns about fairness and they expect him to stand up and raise those concerns. and tomorrow is the only forum. what's interesting is yesterday both kelly loeffler and david perdue made it very clear they, too, support objection to the vote. here they are yesterday. >> >> i have an announcement, georgia. on january 6th i will object to the electoral college vote. [cheers and applause] ing that's right. thank you.
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we're going to get this done. >> i won't be certified until this election is certified some week to 10 days after the election when we win on tuesday. but i'm encouraging my colleagues to object. this is something that the american people demand right now. steve: so there may be a portion of the country that, you know, they feel that it was rigged because the president has said that so many times that it was stolen. in fact, the president made it very clear last night that that's exactly how he feels. in fact, going into the event in dalton, his aides had made it very clear, your simple message should be that people need to show up and vote tomorrow in georgia, ainsley, to protect his legacy but, nonetheless, the first thing out of his mouth was there is no way we lost georgia. that was a rigged rejection. ainsley: he goes on to say if the president says if democrats take control this is reality. america will become venezuela. raise taxes, gut the military, manufacturing will surrender to
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china. open borders. joe biden, his rally he said if democrats win states will get resources they need to get vaccines distributed and they will bring unity to the country. what message do you think will resonate with the are voters in georgia there, guys. pete: steve, you mentioned a portion of voters feel like something walls off. amongst trump supporters it's a massive portion. it's 80, 85%. so when he is speaking to that feeling that something wasn't right and when you see perdue and loeffler both say we are going to object. these are people up for election whose finger are closest to it pulls of the electorate who truly feel like the election was stolen. last chance to bring an audit or debate at a forum that triggers even more conversation whether it overturns an election is a whole other thing. but they certainly feel like that kind of debate is due in the senate, will. will: we were talking last night. brian, sometimes pete and i pretend to be friends on television. we are friends sometimes off camera as well. we were having a steak last
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night talking about this. this is how i feel. i think americans, republicans, conservatives, can be forgiven for their skepticism. because whether or not an election was rigged, it certainly feels like society is rigged right now from the complete sketching of dissent on college campuses, inside the media institutions to being lied about the hunter biden story, to watching president trump impeached, every step of the way watching president trump undermine his legitimacy question. when you deal with that for not just four years but decades, you start to think if not an election, the entire society is rigged against people who hold my values. and at some point, steve, ainsley, and brian, you begin to understand that kind of skepticism. pete: especially at the end no, you can't question it. there will be no questioning at the end. the more you are told not to question, the more you are told not to challenge the more people feel like nah, something is not right here. brian: think about all the challenges. remember barbara boxer and congressman woman tubbs last time and john kerry had a
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problem in '04 and 2,000 everybody weighed on that. everybody said george bush was illegitimate and never accepted him a process to analyze if there is any nonpartisans out there to take questions about state objections to a neutral party. because as you see, i think the most important thing is for people to trust in the election. i think both sides can agree on that. steve, i would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye unless have you any final thoughts. steve: it's not really goodbye. we will see them throughout the program. britain brian do you want to say goodbye, ainsley. ainsley: i have enjoyed watching y'all's great coverage. you have have great permanents. a lot of energy and permanent from kelly loeffler? is will how about her speech. the president said i'm so glad i brought you up on staining. we haven't seen that much energy out of her. she does a great jobs in many aspects. last night she did well. and vawnk was up on stage and
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guys we will have senator david perdue life in 47 minutes at 7:00 a.m. so y'all stay tuned for that. guys, we will check back in with you throughout the show. steve: one thing, after the president's phone call was released by "the atlanta journal constitution" and "the washington post" yesterday, the republican in georgia gabriel sterling the state's republican voting system manager had a press conference and urged people to go to the polls despite anything you had heard earlier from the president because one of the things the president said, essentially was that when he was talking to raffensperger that he felt that brad raffensperger was going to tamp down the election because so many people felt that it was rigged. and it was stolen from him. but, mr. sterling went point by point through everything the president and his team had brought up and they made it very clear the election did not inflate the vote count. it did not shred absentee
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ballots. they did not allow ineligible voter to vote. there was a small number of double voting, but that, ainsley and brian, is currently under investigation. brian: that's what is up to the president's legal team to say no, that's where you are wrong. steve: and all we need is the evidence. we haven't seen the evidence. brian brian you are served. rudy giuliani. ainsley: we have had a lot of affidavits and certain states changing election rules. steve: in every court from the little court to the big court they have thrown every challenge out. ainsley: people still don't trust the election. i'm not speaking for ainsley. i'm speaking for a lot of republicans that voted for trump, 75 million of them. let's talk about the house approving these gender neutral terms. that was act 1. tulsi gabbard did not agree with this. we will get to her soundbite in u.s. is just a minute. she said this is what you are going to focus on? this is your first act not coronavirus when you have all these elderly people dying? this is what they are going to do. they are going to change mother and father to interpa. aunt and you think to parents
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siblings. niece and nephew to siblings child. tulsi gabbard is a republican congresswoman pg. brian: democrat. >> ainsley: she is democrat. she is not siding with nancy pelosi. she is from hawaii. this is what shea had to say on tucker's show last night. >> it's mind-blowing. it shows how you out of touch with relation and the struggles of every day americans people in congress are. but, also, it shows that, you know, their first act as this new congress could have been to make sure that elderly americans are able to get the covid vaccine but instead of doing something that could actually help save people's lives, they are choosing, instead, to say well, you can't say mother or father in any of this congressional language. it's astounding. ainsley: be abby: gail schrier. this is the title sorry, pelosi,
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eliminating mother isn't inclusive. it's waging war on women. that he was tulsi gabbard's point how does this empower women. she goes on to write firemen changed to firewall. and mailman to carrier. changing mother. mother is a found mental if a kneelial reality that captures the impeccable bond between a baby and the woman who bore her in her womb. proud to be a mother. brian: where does this stuff come from and how could this be the first thing on your agenda. other thing on agenda is exactly the fear everyone worries about what happens in georgia. going to try to make d.c. a state. okay. let's do gender neutral terms. make d.c. a state. oh, there is a pandemic, vaccines are having trouble getting out of the hopper. we got two more that got to be approved. we have a situation where you have an emerging china? i have go over 25 other things that should should even be mentioned this shouldn't be
3:18 am
considered. whose agenda is this? if i asked nancy pelosi this 10 years ago? do you think -- she would have said where did that come from? we don't care about that. who is pushing this stuff? ainsley: she is saying ombudsman change to up buds don't add the man. my question yesterday does that mean congresswoman needs to change to congress. is she congress pelosi now. presidential will. steve: congress member. already members of congress you just reverse that. every time there is a new congress, they get to set the rules. she gets to set the rules. going forward, testimony. brian: scary. steve: in midterm election in two years if kevin mccarthy is swept into the speakership job do you think that's one of the things he is going to change back? is. brian: i would imagine so. judging by his speech yesterday. all right. meanwhile. will it's 18 minutes after the hour. still ahead on our show, a lot. today's runoff setting the stage
3:19 am
for another potential showdown in georgia. a rematch between stacey abrams and brian kemp. what this means for the future of republicans hold in the south next. plus, she got national attention for taking on beto o'rourke antigun agenda. new congressman taking capitol hill by storm. her viral second amendment pledge coming up exclamation point. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ inflammation in your eye might be to, looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes
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steve: all eyes are on the senate are up off today the political futures of georgia
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brother brian kemp and his former opponent stacey abrams also hang in the balance with a rematch likely for the two next year. abrams is hoping joe biden's slim 12,000 vote victory in georgia is just the beginning for her. >> i'm excited about the fact that georgia is a competitive state. that this is a nail biter. my hope is that democrats will show up and demonstrate that november is the beginning of a pattern. but, if it's not, then it's going to further demonstrate that we are a force to be reckoned with and will continue to fight. steve: what precedent will today's race set for politics in the peach state? joining us right now is speak georgia co-founder janel king. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: it's good to have you. i mentioned stacey abrams and what it would essentially say for her regarding the outcome today because many people see her taking on brian kemp, the current governor next time there's a governor's election down there in georgia.
3:25 am
>> yeah. so i was a deputy state director during the georgia g.o.p. during the last race and so i had a front row seat at what was happening during that race and i definitely think that she, you know, took all the information during that time and gearing up for this one. what i mean by that is what we saw is that we knew she wasn't going to win in rural georgia. i think during these last few years she just took time to kind of increase the residency and increase voter registration in the metro area and now she is focusing there. steve: what do you see happening? there has been a lot of early voting, i think 2 million in person. there is only about a million absentee ballots that they are going to have to count which should speed things up today. do you think we'll know 2 had hours from right now who the winners are in these runoffs? >> i sure hope so. and i think we will. i think we will. we definitely should looking at the numbers. i know turnout is actually down
3:26 am
by about 23% from the november election. so i think that's a huge thing to look at. and i understand that right now the rural districts. the congressional district in rural georgia is what we are counting on and who we are counting on to turn out the wrote n republicans. that's a good position to be in. if it comes down to turnout you know there is nothing else you have to do. steve: i quoted gabriel sterile, he is the state's republican voting system manager. he is the guy who had the press conference yesterday after the president's call was released by "the atlanta journal constitution" and "the washington post." regarding where he was talking to the secretary of state. and mr. sterling said, you know, because there are a number of people who feel that the election was stolen from president trump are othat it was rigged because he has said that so many times. but mr. sterling said yesterday if you believe in your heart of hearts, there was fraud, the best thing for you to do is to turn out and vote and make it
3:27 am
much harder for them to steal. that's the powerful message coming from the top republican in charge of that. >> yes, it is. you know, right now the most important thing is to make sure that we restore confidence in the american people and in the voters here in georgia and across the nation. this is not a bipartisan issue. it's a nonpartisan issue. you know, having election integrity it something that is extremely important. that's exactly what he wanted to do is make sure that people felt safe to go vote and felt like their votes will count. i'm glad that he said that i'm looking forward to seeing what the turnout will be. and i'm excited to see our republicans show up and show the world what we do. steve: well, it's all about turnout today for both parties. let's see what happens. janel king, do founder of speak georgia inc. thank you for joining us. a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you some for having me. steve: straight ahead on this tuesday, a mother of four taking
3:28 am
d.c. by storm pledging to carry her glock in to the capitol when she starts her job as a congresswoman. congresswoman elect laura boebert joins us with her second amendment mission coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. ainsley: newly sworn in congresswoman going viral with an ad explaining why she is carrying her gun to her new job on capitol hill. >> even though i now work in one of the most liberal cities in america, i refuse to give up my rights. i will carry my firearm in d.c. and in congress. brian: that congresswoman will lauren boebert of colorado joins us right now.
3:33 am
congresswoman have you surprised by the uproar of your to carry this gun to the capitol. >> very interesting that here in the united states of america that there is so much controversy over our second amendment rights. it's right there in our constitution. it's an amendment to our constitution. and there is an absolute uproar over people wanting to defend myself. come on i'm 50, 100 pounds. i'm in now one of the most dangerous cities in america. the violent crime rate here is 158% times higher than the national average. i will be walking alone a lot. just like i say in my ad, being a member of congress is pretty basic. i don't go to work in an armored vehicle. i don't have personal police escorts. i am my own security here. and my most basic right is the right to defend myself. steve: surely. and while d.c. may have a violence problem, no doubt about it, they also have a lot, as you
3:34 am
know, congresswoman, very strict gun laws on the books there. and yesterday, the metro police chief robert cantey had an observation about you wanting to take your gun to work. listen to this. >> we plan to reach out to the congresswoman's office to make sure that she is aware of what the laws of the district of columbia are. what the restrictions are. and be that congresswoman, whoever it is, i guess it was from colorado, you know, will be subjected to the same penalties or anyone else that's caught on the strict of columbia street carrying a firearm. steve: okay. as i understand it, members of congress are allowed to carry their guns on the capitol campus but they cannot have them on the floor. but, when you are outside of the congressional campus, when you are in had d.c., that is when the chief says you are going to have some problem with him. >>s i think that's very interesting.
3:35 am
yesterday was the enoughly appointed chief of police very first day on the job. he was just appointed on saturday. and that's his first order of business is to come after a 34-year-old woman who wants to protect her in this dangerous city here in our nation's capitol. i have gone through the conceal carry courses that washington, d.c. requires to obtain a conceal carry permit. and i think it's very interesting that he wants to ensure that and i washington, d.c.'s firearm laws. maybe i should make a individual announcing that i plan to drive a car in washington, d.c. and then the chief of police will say that he is going to inform me washington, d.c.'s traffic laws. is this what he does to everyone who comes into the district of columbia, inform each and every person of the laws? i don't think so. steve: will you apply for -- will you talk to the chief and see if you can get a conceal carry permit for d.c.? >> this is already being processed. this is a shall issue permit and
3:36 am
this is something that there is no question that i will have and be able to carry here in washington, d.c. so this is something that i am well ahead on. ainsley: i wanted to ask you about a topic we just covered in the last block or two blocks ago about nancy pelosi. you talked about the chief of police that was his first agenda. her first agenda was changing the -- changing some of the words to gender neutral words. gender neutral terms like mother. you are a mother. you said you are a mother of four. >> a proud mother. ainsley: we called you a congresswoman. prl should we call you a congresswoman or congress member? >> i'm very proud to be a congresswoman. even nancy pelosi referred to herself as a mother on the house floor just a couple of days ago. so in at thi typical speaker nay pelosi fashion she is not adhering to her own rules. brian: yeah. by the way, just to show up there people listening on the radio it is absolutely comical but it's your new reality you don't say mother or father or
3:37 am
aunt or uncle. you have to make everything gender neutral so that's her focus. if. >> we can say amen and a woman even though amen has nothing to do with gender it means so be it. what about children? where are the children in this? aren't they included? brian: i don't think so. we will work on be this a little bit later. let's talk about something else that's going to be happening tomorrow. that is you are going to join over 100 congress people, congress members. >> congressman. brian: men and women, and you are going to object to the electoral college results. is that colorado's results are othe overall total? >> i am rejecting to certain states that did not behave properly that did not follow their own state con be substitutions and article 2 section 1 clause 2 in the federal constitution lines out that many follow their own state constitutions.
3:38 am
we have rogue secretaries of state, attorneys generals. governors who have gone against the republican state legislatures, democrats just went around the state legislatures and changed these states' laws. there are certain states that i will object to. and that is my obligation. i swore an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states, so when we count these electoral votes, i will not be accepting the counting of states that did not follow their state constitution, which, in turn, made it unconstitutional in total. steve: which states are those? >> there are several. there are at least six that i am objecting to. steve: on okay. >> we are looking at georgia, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, arizona, nevada. at least. steve: we will be watching for that tomorrow. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks so much for having me god bless america. brian: with we should cover that
3:39 am
life. that will be a little explosive. steve: this is a big news week we are covering everything live. and in 22 minutes the polls are going to open in georgia with voters there set to decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate in d.c. former rnc chairman haley barbour calling this the most important election of his life. haley is going to stakeout what's at stake coming up next. and from our friends at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app. and play the run off game for a chance to win 10,000 pucks. pick 6 possible outcomes and watch fox news tonight to see how it all unfolds. so download the fox bet super 6 app. right now and you can get started and we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪
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ainsley: this is a live look at atlanta, georgia. today is crucial with the senate runoff elections in that state. it is election day, everyone. we have been talking about this for a while. and it is here. let's bring in "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain and pete hegseth. hey, guys. will: good morning. pete: good morning. he. ainsley: i know y'all have been talking to the voters on the ground. pete we went to you last time this time let's go to will. what are they saying? will: the frustrations over the election results in november in the election election, will the frustrations over voter integrity election integrity bleed over into this election today? in short will republicans in georgia sit out the senatorial elections pause they are upset about the results in november? i went to dalton yesterday. i went to the donald trump -- president donald trump rally. i talked to rally goers and i asked them that exact question. here was their answer. watch. >> a lot of people have concerns.
3:45 am
they are frustrated. they are worried about election integrity. do you have a lot of friend in georgia who might sit out this election because of those concerns? >> i have tried to encourage all of them to get out and vote and let that go. if we lose the senate, we are toast. >> the necessity to keep the senate, that's what is what is motivating the georgians that i know. >> anyone who says they are not going to vote in this election because they are mad i feel like it is not working for us, nor to save our values we have to vote in this election. >> these two senators perdue and loeffler, they are our last line of defense against the democrats. >> take the senate? georgia then they took congress, house of representatives, the senate, we have nothing to protect under the circumstances anymore. >> go out and vote so we can save our democracy and save our country. will: i can't say it was 100 percent of the people i talked to who said oh, absolutely. weigh will be at the polls. but the overwhelming majority said we're more motivated to vote in this election. but, listen, hey, answersly, steve, brian, in a tight
3:46 am
election, if it's not 100 percent of people who are motivated to go to the polls, it could affect the outcome. if there are some frustrated people out there who will sit it out, it could of course a the outcome ever the election. steve: absolutely. brian? brian: about 30,000 people. pete: i will say. brian: go ahead, pete. pete: go ahead, please. brian: '0,000 people set out in the suburbs republicans. set out in atlanta. they decided they didn't want to participate in november 3rd we need them to come out. if we find out 3 million already voted and there is thousands that are voting for the first time, if we get over the million mark with the walk-up, it's going to spell good news for republicans. and, pete, don't you think it's a little insulting to think that anybody who likes the president will think a god way to support the president will be to not vote? pete: yeah, of course. listen, but you can't discount the level of frustration. i think what we're dealing with
3:47 am
here is a scenario fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me. a lot of that pertains to the way they felt about the election. take big tech, for example. the campaign donations were recently revealed for jon ossoff one of the candidates here in georgia. guess where a lot of the donations are coming from. i think we have something to put on the screen. steve: we do. pete: gool, microsoft, amazon. the same silicon valley that was all in for joe biden in november. willing to change algorithms, suppress stories, knock down legitimate stories about hunter biden. and when you take that reality of those donations, which can easily translate into what they do with their social media platforms to influence the vote in georgia. who they show ads to who they don't. this other piece of information from the media research center becomes even more stark. because, remember this? one in six voters would not have voted for biden will if aware of the scandals that were concealed.
3:48 am
so, you have got a lot of republicans going to the ballot box this morning and i believe they will, who are holding their nose skeptically saying i don't trust the system. i don't trust the overlords that are trying to prevent me from seeing information. but i love my republic but i will go vote. fool me twice and you will have serious problems. we will see what happens today. i think based on what will saw on the ground turnout will be strong. we will see. will. ainsley: mark levin said to all the georgia voters go to the polls, do it for the rest of the country because y'all are the only ones who have a voice in the election. check back in back in with you in a little while. pete: thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. polls open at the top of the hour so about 12 more minutes. of the senate runoff candidates wasted no time making their final pitches to the peach state. watch this. >> i want you to know, georgia, i'm ready. i'm ready to be your are next state senator. >> the eyes on the nation are on georgia right now. the eyes of the world are on
3:49 am
georgia right now. >> tomorrow is not unlike what we saw in november. if we have a strong republican turnout, we will win again. >> are you ready to show america that georgia is a red state? >> former mississippi governor and rocket-propelled grenade chairman volt the for any will will conservative moderate many who doesn't vote today. who chooses not to vote, it's like slitting your own wrist. this election is incredibly consequential because if the democrats get control of the senate, which means they have to win both seat and then the vice president elect break the ties, they will be able to do away with the filibuster so that anything can pass the senate by a majority vote just like the
3:50 am
house. they will have washington, d.c. as a state, puerto rico as a state, because give them four more democratic senators. you can go through the new green plan and that calls for doing away with carbon in our economy, oil, gas. , coal. america does better at reducing environmental emissions any other country in the world and has done better for the last 15 years and yet they want to have a carbon free economy. they literally as chuck schumer has said on tv first we win georgia and then we have america. that's what the stakes are. this is not, you know, bush vs. gore or nixon vs. kennedy this
3:51 am
is is the most difference we have ever seen between the democratic party that has lurched so far to the left and clearly you have got two of those running for senator democrats in georgia. and the republicans do not want socialism. we want a market economy. we think america is, has been, and should be the greatest country in the history of the world. but they want to change that. ainsley: the president last night was talking about that exact thing. they said they are going to turn america into venezuela. i know you were the former white house political director for ronald reagan. i'm curious, what's your opinion about that. what would he say if he were alive today. of because i know he got into politics to fight against what was seeping into hollywood at the time, which was the socialist agenda. >> president reagan would say today what he said then, freedom
3:52 am
and democracy are one generation away from being lost and we cannot ever let that be our generation that loses the greatest country in the history of the world. the most free tom. the most wealth. that is what this is all about. and the left -- they are not timid about saying what they want to do. look at ossoff and warnock warnock, the way he talks about police you would think it's the police that ought to be in prison. that's what we are up against. i will say this. if republicans turn out in just regular high numbers, we will win and we will win both races. i want to get you ready, in the early voting, the democrats are going to be ahead because their
3:53 am
game plan many people put them on the bus and take them to the polls and vote. so they will start out ahead. but what matters is republicans, independents, conservatives voting today and if you don't do that, if you are a trump fan, a trump supporter like i am. today you can kick a way a lot of trump's legacy because you watch the biden people, they have already set up a commission to 'roll back the regular gla tore reform that president trump has done. and it will be the 2017 tax cuts will, the stakes are incredibly high here. we need everybody to vote andable sure and call your cousin and your brother-in-law, and your preacher and the folks that your children go to school with and that you do business.
3:54 am
and urge them to vote. ainsley: while i'm listening to you it really is hitting me the impact today has. i have known that throughout the process but what a good reminder. today is so important. our country goes in one direction or another and it all happens in the next 24 hours. governor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. remind everybody to vote. >> my good faith efforts at deescalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scornl from radical antifa and anarchists. lawlessness and anarchy come at great expense. and with great risk to the future of our community. it's time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community. brian: really? that is governor ted wheeler -- excuse me mayor ted wheeler of portland calling out antifa because they destroy stuff. tens of thousands of dollars over 200 days of protest. he used to praise them, ehe
3:55 am
assuaged them and now he condemns them. too late. let's bring in jason rantz saw a series of riots in seattle. this is another example of pandering to anarchists. what does it get you, jason? >> it gets you the position that ted wheeler finds himself in. he realized he created these monsters. he acquiesced to them for so long. he realized that maybe, just maybe, that was the wrong were strategy to take and now he has decided hey maybe i need to step it back. we saw leaders all across the country, not just in portland and ceilings but we saw it in new york, los angeles, minneapolis, and kenosha. we saw people deciding hey, maybe for political purposes we were going to allow this chaos to continue because hey, it might help us defeat donald trump in the national election. they like this kind of chaos. so they decided that they were going to pretend that antifa was a myth, that this kind of rioting wasn't actually happening. it was peaceful protest.
3:56 am
and now they realize oh, yes, we have created a are the so of issue that is now not ending. in fact, it only empowered these antifa terrorists. and so now they have to do something. it's great that they are speaking, but they have to do something a little bit more to put this jeanne back in the bottle. it's going to have to be a little bit more than words. brian: ted wheeler got four more words because he was running against someone from antifa. it's time for the people of portland and seattle to it do better. they deserve better so so many hardworking people like you there. jason, thank you for speaking up and speaking out. >> thank you. brian: coming up next hour amongst our guests senator david perdue one of the people of the hour. look at those others. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me.
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do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: migraine hits hard. hit back with ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ainsley: it is decision day down in georgia. griff: fate of the senate? the hand of voters. >> run of the important run off elections in the history of our country. >> one state chart the course not just for the next four years but for the next generation. >> roughly 140 house members reportedly vow to object to the rules come wednesday new york congresswoman elise stefanik saying in a statement i am asking to protect our democratic process. >> the united kingdom goes back on lockdown as the nation combat a new coronavirus strain. >> between 50 and 70% more transmissible. >> even though i now work in one
4:01 am
of the most liberal cities in america. i refuse to give up my rights. come on i'm 50, 100 pounds. i am my own security here and my most basic right is the right to defend myself. >> greeting senator david perdue and senator kelly loeffler to get in the way of the radical left's agenda in washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] brian: it's decision day in georgia. polls are opening right now across the state for the crucial senate runoff. it is finally here. voter will decide the balance of power in washington. republicans need one win. democrats need two. steve: in the senate. meanwhile, president trump and president-elect joe biden threwr support behind candidates at dueling rallies yesterday. ainsley: we have live team coverage this morning down in georgia. "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth and will cain are in atlanta. but we're going to start with griff jenkins.
4:02 am
he is in dalton, georgia, are with the president had that rally last night. hey, griff. griff: hey, ainsley, brian, and steve. the polls did just open in dalton, georgia. the first voter named sylvia smith just went in to vote. we asked her if she wanted to talk to us and tell us how she is voting she didn't. we will try to get you in there in just a little while. meanwhile the republicans hoping for a massive turnout here in north georgia. got that visit from the president who tried to fire up the base last night. watch. >> your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. that's why i'm here. i don't want to do rallies for other people. i told you. i'm here because of that because of david and kelly. griff: complicating matters the president's very public feud with georgia's governor and secretary of state who blasted the president's phone call yesterday and disputed his claims of fraud. the president last night also highlighting that.
4:03 am
>> the only way to combat the democrat fraud is to flood your polling places with a historic tidal wave of republican voters tomorrow. [cheers and applause] because at a certain point the machines are going to explode. griff: meanwhile as you mentioned it was a day of dueling rallies, will president-elect was down in atlanta to show support. >> the power, the power is literally in your hands, unlike any time in my career. one state, one state can chart the course, not just for the next four years, but for the next generation. griff: now we wait to see what the peach state voters have to say and how they will vote. the election officials say they expect at the end of the day honest and accurate results but because races are so close we may not know by the end of tonight or even tomorrow morning. one thing i can confirm for you guys is that southern you hospitality is alive and well in
4:04 am
georgia because joey jones, the hero that he is, is going to be on with you guys in about 30 minutes, and he brought me and my cameraman brian chicken business cuts and sweet tea from chick-fil-a. steve: it is a beautiful thing. very nice. ainsley: finally got them in new york. are. brian: bret baier never does that for you when you are up early in d.c. see if it changes now that you are together in atlanta. thanks, griff, be with you in a little while. bring in co-host of "fox & friends weekend," will cain and pete hegseth. last night they had the dueling rallies. the one message i thought was interesting that joe biden has you elect these two senators everyone gets $2,000. and he is kind of right, will: will: yeah. let's see. two more democratic senators, that gives the democrats the majority in the senate. they can all then pass the $2,000 checks that's already passed the house. joe biden will endorse that he's right, brian. if this happens, $2,000 could be
4:05 am
headed everyone's way toward their pocket. you are absolutely right. steve: you know, pete, the president -- according to the "the washington post" this morning, it's interesting. the president has complained that he does not think he will get credit if loeffler and perdue win. but will be blamed if they actually lose. and there are some republicans down in georgia where you are sitting in morning that say if loeffler and perdue win it's going to undermine the president's complaint that the election was rigged. and, of course, so far we haven't seen any real hard evidence about that any way. pete: they won't give him credit no matter what, steve. that's the reality he has dealt with are to the last four years. yet, we have seem time and time again where he showed up into races, thrown his political capital and energy behind candidates who otherwise were struggling and wouldn't have gotten across the finish line and they did. and, steve, what's going to happen tomorrow in congress is a
4:06 am
reflection of the way so many people feel. and you saw it in the president's speech last night. i have thought he did it effectively. it's a head and heart thing. people's heads are here in new jersey saying we have got to vote for loeffler and purdue because as will said the democrats want to break the gridlock in d.c. to make structural reform. we can make sweeping claims about no evidence of fraud. i think there is still plenty of evidence that there was. including before hand. but their hearts are in the fact that it was a rigged election before, during, and after and it's never gotten a fair hearing and they are hoping there will at least be voice and debate to it on wednesday in congress whether or not be it changes the outcome, will. will: he got in late night. you will have to forgive him for saying here in new jersey. pete: did i say new jersey? will: yeah. pete: holy cow. ainsley: you were on prime time last night and 3:00 this morning. we forgive you.
4:07 am
pete: atlanta. ainsley: josh hawley said the reason he is doing it it's vital that we are heard and we have a chance to debate this. let's just debate it. he said it's impair tia that we look at irregularity make people feel better about going to the polls in the next election or even in georgia today. we had congresswoman, enoughly elected congresswoman lauren boebert from colorado. this is why she is supporting objecting to the electoral college certification. listen to this. >> we have rogue secretaries of state. attorneys generals, governors, who have gone against the republican state legislatures. democrats have just went around the state legislatures and changed these is state's laws. there are certain states that i will object to. and that is my obligation. i swore an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states. when we count these electoral votes i will not be accepting
4:08 am
the counting of state that did not follow their state constitution which in turn made it unconstitutional in total. brian: all right. guys, we will check with you again in a little while. is that okay? will: yeah, we will hang out. were. pete: i will figure out what state i'm in in the meantime. steve: we will check with will in atlanta and pete in new jersey a little bit. britain brian look like they are together. ainsley: you have just enough time to go get chick-fil-a. brian: absolutely. it's all good for you. bring in one of the people front and center in this country and around the world g.o.p. senator david perdue who is -- you still quarantined, right? >> i am another day, yeah. we have tested negative repeatedly. we are following guidelines and we have one more day of quarantine. brian: unlike some members of the house who insist on getting nancy pelosi across the finish line you are actually doing the responsible thing. must have been frustrating to watch the president last night.
4:09 am
it's pretty clear that the president got the message that the message is about you and senator loeffler getting across the finish line. what about what steve brought up that the "the washington post" wrote about that many people will not give the president the credit if he do you goes win? would he deserve the credit? >> of course. i mean, what's at stake here is we want to hold the line against this radical socialist agenda. that's why the president came down. also, to protect what we have accomplished in the last four years. look, this is the greatest economic turn around in u.s. history before covid in the last four years. after 8 years of the lowest economic output, under the biden obama administration. we forget that, how bad our economy was in those years. and president trump gets no credit for turning this country around. also, for helping pull 6 and a half million people out of poverty. we pulled back on regulations. we passed a tax bill that helped those people in poverty. we became energy-independent and we'll saved our community banks which helped us in this covid
4:10 am
crisis. so, nothing the man does is he going to get fairly treated by the liberal press. but he came to georgia last night because he knows the future of the country is on the line here. this is the last line of defense for our way of life. really. steve: the president also assured of the crowd last night, i'm sure you heard, senator, that you and kelly loeffler have fought for him unlike some other republicans and he mentioned brian kemp the governor of your state who he said he would campaign against next time around. i wanted to ask you about a story i saw this morning. i'm sure you are familiar with it. apparently down in georgia there are a number of polling places on guard because apparently some city employees, some county employees have received some threats, in particular in cherokee county. and the fbi and the gbi georgia bureau of investigation are on the case. but it sounds like somebody is putting out some threats maybe to try to tamp down voter turnout today.
4:11 am
>> well, look, we had plenty of irregularities that have not been answered in the november election. that's what the president is talking about. that's what i have been talking about. kelly loeffler and i have stood with him to get answers here in georgia. i can't speak to any other state. i can speak to this state. and, yes, there are going to be attempts. the democrat you can see in the press are trying to confuse people about what's at stake here. as we go down to the last day here. lack, republicans are in about the same position we were in november. and i won my race by 2 points in an area area of the state i won i would already be reelected actually if you include the libertarian vote 52.5 fayeens rejected the democrat agenda. that he was the best poll. over 5 million people voted in november. if we get anywhere near that vote turnout today, we will be in great shape. republicans notoriously wait to the last minute to vote on election day. and today is no different. and i'm very confident that they know what's at stake and we're
4:12 am
going to get this vote out. ainsley: you are running against jon ossoff and when you look at his campaign donation list, pretty long. and most of the money the top dollars are coming from silicon valley, that is i looked it up on my phone it's 2600 miles away. will they are pouring money in to georgia. i'm from the south. i know southerners don't like it when new yorkers or californians or, you know, people who have a different agenda spend money and tell that state, the southern state how to vote, what to do, and have influence on the folks who live there and grew up there. what do georgians think about this? >> >> well, most of them don't know about that. we have been talking about it throughout the race that most of this my opponent's money is coming from big tech in california. he raised twice as much money in california as he did in the state of georgia. in fact, in the general election, over 80% of his money came from new york and california primarily. so, this is a trust fund baby that never created one american job who has really scandalous
4:13 am
ties with the chinese communist party and a al jazeera for that matter. he wants to go to the united states senate and i was erves concerns really whether he can get a security clearance in the senate because of his background. so the people in georgia do not like people in california and new york coming down here trying to tell us how to run our state. look, they are both failed states as far as i can say california and new york. georgia is growing. our economy is the best in the uncountry and best place to do business. georgiaens know that i believe they will show up today. i will make this plea, if you voted in november, whatever you feel about the efficacy about this election process in georgia and it does have some problems and we will get that fixed. >> he would can'wecan't do muchs election, unfortunately. if you voted in november, please get out and vote. your children and grand children are going to look back on this day and remember how we handled ourselves today. brian: so, senator, i understand when people wonder how did
4:14 am
senator perdue do better than the president in georgia? how did he win by that margin while the president lost apparently by about 11,000 votes? and one of the reasons they go back to in a local story is what you and your, i guess your cousin, sunny perdue did after hurricane michael. and you saw how the farmers were devastated and you just sprung into action. they didn't be forget that in the rural communities they came out for you and they actually didn't come out for other members of the party. can you explain what happened? >> well, i can't. i have to give president trump credit too he broke through the logjam himself after democratic -- they delayed us over puerto rico and he want kept us for a full year from getting that money applied to that disaster area in georgia. sunny perdue and i too fought like trojans alongside the president. we finally broke through the logjam and got that aid. what i saw in that crisis president trump is fighting for
4:15 am
america. he fought for all of us. and that's what we're trying to do right now. the president and i got about the same number of vote 2.5 million. that's what he is talking about here. if you look at the irregularities here across 5 million people, would he both are just a few thousand votes short. i'm a few thousand votes short of the 50% plus one rule. and that's why i'm in a runoff even though i got more votes in the runoff in the general. the president is only a few thousand votes short of biden be with you will a the questions we have around that. what the president said last night even if you are upset about all of that you have got to stand up with us and fight. the only way we can fight is by voting today. we will look back on this day if we don't vote and really roux the day that we turned the keys to the kingdom over to the democrats because as you heard joe biden say just yesterday in atlanta and by the way i think he had about 25 people at a car drive-in for his rally compared to what the president had. what he said was was this is generational.
4:16 am
that's what i have been saying. the future of the country depend on these two seats holding the line on what these democrats want to perpetrate on our spree and open society. steve: senator, last week, jon ossoff was on fox news and during live tv and directly spoke to the fox viewer. today he obviously sees value in the fox news viewer because he has written op-ed that's on and before you go, we wanted to get your take on what he had to say about you. he said senator perdue is not for working people. he is for guys like him who got rich sending our jobs to mexico and china. perdue is a dime a dozen politician up to his neck in the corruption that taints both political parties whose bank accounts are stacked with corporate cash. i assure you perdue would never admit that. what's your message. go ahead and speak directly to jon ossoff, senator. what do you have to say about that many. brian: or admit it. >> i don't care about jon ossoff. i care about the people of
4:17 am
georgia. trust fund baby who never created an american job who has questionable ties to the chinese communist party. whose father bottom him if a little business last nine years largest client al jazeera. man won't answer questions about his own background and all he does is sly about everybody else's background. what i have been looking at is this. what the american people want and what the people of georgia want is people owho work for them. you mention the disaster relief. we have the port deepened here. we rebuilt our military in the state of georgia. this kid, this young man wants to tell people that he works for them when most of his money comes from big tech out in california. you better bet he is going to be in their keep pocket as we turn around and try to hold big tech accountable for their vagaries over the last 10 years and also when we stand up to china ask this young man what he is going to do people put mope in his last two years and he lied about it and hid it from the people of georgia during his primary. my plea to the people in georgia is don't get confused by all the
4:18 am
nonsense, my mom and dad were school tea parties. i was raised on a were if a. i promise you my cad not buy me a its about. i worked my way through edge college like my wife did. this is the american dream. this is what i want for my grand kids. if democrats get control, they will not have that opportunity. that's what imauto fighting for in this election. ainsley: all right. senator. we wish you the best. thanks for joining us. i know you have a busy day. probably a lot of interviews. i know you are in quarantine. we wish every all the best. sorry you had to experience the last few days of the campaign in quarantine. glad you tested negative. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: thank you. hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: good morning. begin be with this. overnight senator josh halfly says antifa vandalized his home in d.c. and threatened his family. around a dozen people showed up and reportedly demanded the republican drop his effort in contesting the 2020 presidential election results hawley tweeting, quote: tonight while i was in missouri antifa scum bags came to my place in d.c. threatened my wife and newborn daughter who can't travel. they screamed threats, vandalized and tried to pound
4:19 am
open our door. let me be clear, my family and i will not be intim at a timed by left wing violence. california congressman devin nunes is awarded the presidential medal of freedom. the president honoring the former house intelligence chairman during a closed ceremony. the white house relieving a statement saying in part, quote nunez's courageous actions help thwart a plot to take down a sitting president and pursued the russia hoax at great personal risk and never stopped standing up for the truth. congressman nunes will join us live in the next hour. stay tuned for that also following. this the barstool fund raises more than 18 million collars for dozens of struggling small business owners amid pandemic shutdowns. >> no. >> yes. >> oh my god. is this really seriously happening right now? >> very much so. jillian: really unbleange. the fund is getting more support. kid rock pledging to donate
4:20 am
$100,000 writing on twitter saying, quote: i only post this in hopes others as blessed as me may be moved to help out. that is a look at your headlines. i can't help but watch all of these videos as they post and the emotion from the business owners is just incredible. steve: guy fieri teamed up with will barstool he will be joining us in an hour and 20 minutes. we will are trying to get kid rock on the show tomorrow. stay tuned. brian: go get them. elks coming up next i will go right to the point, joey jones. o on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit
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4:25 am
ainsley: good morning. what are your predictions? what is going to happen? we are in a fork in the road. it's either going to go right or left. >> yeah. this is a bill deal. i'm from here in dalton, georgia. so to have the president come to my hometown, there was no way i was going to miss it. i made it to the rally last
4:26 am
night. those people were very excited. don jr. had the best speech of the night. i don't know how many people sitting at home got to see it. but really hit the point and drove the point home. thinking if you arthink if you f sitting this election out you are only hurting yourself and president trump and opportunities moving forward as he challenges the election. at the end of the day, people have to show up and vote today as far as republicans go, people here in georgia believe they have the keys to safe the senate and i think they will show up and do it. ainsley: senator perdue as you know is in quarantine. he tested negative thank goodness. he is in quarantine and can't go out there and serve the people and tell them what his message is. last night kelly koepfler on stage with the president. called him out short speech but she was on fire. what was your reaction to that? >> i will be honest with you, i haven't been wowed by her in her on camera appear' appear cam ap.
4:27 am
first time i have seen it. glad i got to see it in person. gave me a different point of view. i hope a lot of georgiaens got to see her at a rally and see that side of her. i think it's absolutely necessary that georgians feel like they are represented by whomever gets elected today. i have said multiple times this felt like a fight between two sides of atlanta not two political ideologies of georgia. last night it seemed to all connect. people that were at that rally felt it. ing. ainsley: what are your friends saying? are they going to turn out. karl rove is reit ratings this. the bigger the turnout the better chance it is for the republican party. >> yeah, you know, my friends here in georgia they are hunters and second amendment people. work hard for a living. blue collar people. salt of the earth people. they are republicans. and they will show up and vote today. i only know one or two out of dozens that actually early voted. the election day vote will show up. i have no clue who is going to win. i don't do do polls and people who do don't do them well. but i believe the republicans in georgia are as energized today as they were in november.
4:28 am
ainsley: we interviewed congresswoman laure lauren boeb. she is a new congresswoman from colorado. violent will restaurant. got her carry license. carries a gun and plans to carry that glock into congress on capitol hill. here she is. listen to this. >> absolute uproar over people wanting to defend myself. come on i'm 50, hundred pounds. i'm now in one of the most dangerous cities in america. i don't go to work in an armored vehicle. i don't have personal police escorts. i am my own security here. and my most basic right is the right to defend myself. ainsley: what's your reaction? >> you know, i worked on capitol hill. and i have prosthetic legs i can't run away from a tacker. i felt the exact same way. i never felt safe in d.c. there was, you know, elected official that usersed to be an army ranger that's a democrat and he kind of clap will on twitter. how can you tell someone that fought for their rights that
4:29 am
they are disrespecting capitol police by carrying a weapon to protect themselves? i support what she is doing. more than anything, it's good to see people elected into congress that are willing to actually take a step forward and act out the things they say. not just rejudge at a time talking points. i appreciate her for that i'm glad she is carrying a glock. that gun was made right here in georgia. ainsley: really? that's great. >> absolutely. ainsley: 21 democrats want to change the rule now you can carry inside congress. three days later 8 republicans and she was included. i think she might have originally written a letter. 82 republicans have signed it saying no, we do not want you to change that you will radio. so we will continue to follow that story. joey, thank you for your service. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up, congress is set to meet tomorrow to certify joe biden's win, but republicans ramping up a new bid to fight it, including congresswoman elise stefanik. and she joins us next ♪ thunder, thunder,
4:30 am
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4:34 am
steve: the polls have been open for 34 minutes fight to keep the seats in runoffs. while democrats are are looking to take total control of washington white house, house and senate. david perdue and kelly loeffler, congresswoman elise stefanik recently visited georgia. helped get out the vote and today elise, is the big answer. how many people are going to actually be persuaded that the election was not rigid despite what they had heard and they are going to go ahead and vote? >> well, steve, first of all, it was a true honor to go to
4:35 am
georgia last week on behalf of senators loeffler and perdue. it is all on the line in georgia. this race is going to be determined by turnout. and i think the president did a great job last night on the rally. really underscoring how important it is. the senate is at play here. and we know how far left the house has been under speaker pelosi's leadership. we cannot lose the senate and allow chuck schumer to become the majority leader. so if you are in georgia, make sure you turn out to vote today. issues like the constitution, making sure we have low taxes, standing up for second amendment rights. those issues are on the ballot. and i was excited when i was down there to feel the energy and enthusiasm, but make sure they get out to vote. steve: because it really is a binary choice. i mean, the -- it will come down to if there is unified democratic control of the house, the senate, and the white house as well, it would be much easier to get things done whereas if there is a lintle gridlock, where people have to negotiate with the republicans in the senate, you know, joe biden's
4:36 am
entire agenda doesn't just sweep through. >> >> it's right that this is a clear choice. this is a choice between higher taxes which raphael warnock and jon ossoff off support or lower taxes. this is a choice between standing up for the constitution, which david perdue and kelly loeffler have a record of, versus shedding the constitution in terms of not it supporting second amendment rights, not standing up for states' rights. this is also an issue of healthcare. whether we want to move in a direction when i don't believe my constituency nor georgians want a progressive takeover on healthcare government run, versus quality healthcare. and making sure that you can continue to keep your healthcare plan. so, these issues are at stake. and it's really, really important for all republicans to turn out to vote. steve: okay. so today is the vote down in georgia. and we -- it would be great if we would know the answer tomorrow. but tomorrow is when over 100 house republicans and about a dozen u.s. senators are expected to object to the certification
4:37 am
of the results of the electoral college. you were one of the people who is going to object. tell us a little bit about why you think that the results from at least one state, not fair? >> well, i did not go into this decision lightly. i spent a lot of time listening to my constituents. i spent a lot of time listening to patriotic americans across the country. i believe that this debate and discussion is owed to the american people. you have tens of millions of americans who really have questions about the ballot integrity and election security. i also have serious questions about the constitutionality of unilateral changes that were made in multiple states by unelected bureaucrats, secretaries of state, who circumvented state legislatures in many state they did not follow their own state's election law. so americans deserve to hear this debate. i will be objecting and my constituents support me in that objection. it's not only about this election, steve.
4:38 am
this is also about the free, fair, and safe elections that are based upon the constitution in the future. steve: you know, and congresswoman. the reason some states did change the rules is because there is a global pandemic. and, you know, they were trying to figure a way to get the election, you know, to execute the election fairly. and they changed some rules. no doubt about it. but, the big thing and the reason that courts from lower courts right up to the supreme court have rejected the president's argument that things were not fair is there has not been any evidence. does the lack of evidence he not bother you? >> i think there is ample evidence that laws weren't followed. and that there were numerous actions taken by state governors, by secretaries of state that did not follow the letter of the law. even if a pandemic, steve, the constitution applies. and i do not think that we
4:39 am
should allow unilateral authority to circumvent state legislatures. as an elected official i know people. state elected officials in the legislatures and assemblies are to the people. they are responsible fo writing state's electric laws. they were ignored. the american people deserve this discussion. what has been frustrating is the media is somewhat covering this as it's an aberration to have this discussion. this has happened. democrats are objected to presidentials in 88, 2,000, 2004 and 2016. steve: absolutely. and it will be a great debate and we will watch it tomorrow. and you are going to be part of it. elise stefanik of the great state of new york. elise, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: all right. still ahead, on this tuesday, he has backed everything from the green new deal to government run healthcare, so, what would happen if bernie sanders got to right write the senate's next budget. a breakdown of what is at stake
4:40 am
in georgia coming up. and from our friends at fox bet, if you are not doing anything right now, how about downloading the fox bet super 6 app. to play the georgia senate run off game for a chance to win $10,000. pick six possible outcomes and watch tomorrow night -- watch tonight, that is it to say to see how it all unfolds. download the fox bet surf 6 app. now and you could be on your way to 10,000 bucks. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. you know a lot of folks think of a potato,
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4:45 am
will take over key posts in congress and republicans will lose their checks and balances, bribe. brain brian fox news weekend co-host will cain and pete hegseth in atlanta. and the thought was keep your incorporators crossed, the president is going to come out and speak about what needs to be done for the senate races and not necessarily all about november, his november electioning. i seem to be under -- all agree, wii, that he did do that. told his supporters you are mobilized. will: yes. he told his supporters what exactly is at stake in these two georgia senate runoff races. you know, when we talk about what's at stake. i this i we talk about it on be two primary levels. schematically, philosophically is this the wyler between america as we know it and socialism. and they talk about specific issues. raising taxes, immigration. here is one more way to look at it. that is literally who holds the mechanisms of power.
4:46 am
think about this. if democrats controlled the senate. what does that do to the various committees on the senate that really start the law making process? let me give you two examples. first, here is the senate budget committee. right now the ranking member is lindsey graham. if democrats took control of the senate, are it promises to be a look at that we talk about socialism, it's a socialist. pete: it could be a little bit different. will: senator bernie sanders. here is another one important senate judiciary committee. right now the ranking member is john cornyn of texas. if democrats take control of the senate it is senator dick durbin who would be in line of the ranking committee member. now, dick durbin in october told cnn that he was open to the idea of packing the court to rebalance the court. these are the kind of things that are at stake and literally, pete, how they switch hands. pete: it's a very good clarifying lens. the actual people and their prerogative. dick durbin also look at how amy coney barrett was tweeted, kavanaugh was treated.
4:47 am
that gives you a preview of the time of view they would have of the judiciary. foreign affairs side of things veterans same issues apply. when it comes to the senate armed services committee look what senator james inhofe and president trump have done to rebuild the military. talk to anyone in uniform they recognize the fact that the coffers have been refilled and the military has been rebuilt. the democrats, while jack reed is seep as a serious armed services foreign policy guy who is the democrat. the armed services committee will be used as a piggy bank to fund the other domestic priorities. there just won't be the same amount of money there to fund our obligations to keep our troops safe around the felony. i will use one in particular. i don't know if we have a full screen for this or not. the department of veterans affairs something i worked on very, are very closely. followed very closely for many years. on paper you might say jon tester from montana, how different is he from jerry more ran and approach to vets. everybody loves vets. if you understand the issue they look at how services are delivered to vets in fundamentally different ways. is it top down government
4:48 am
bureaucracy as democrats want. or should veterans be liberated to choose and the best services follow them as a result of that. that's what the president did. democrats would completely undo that. and that's the stakes. who controls the gavel controls the prerogatives of those committees. if you don't have the gavel, nothing you believe in ever reaches the senate floor let alone becomes law. that's why this is so significant, guys. steve: it really is significant going forward. what will happen in the u.s. senate if leadership does change hands be? all right: will and pete, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, guys. steve: we will see you a in a little bit. ainsley: 48 minutes after the top of the hour. straight ahead the vaccine rollout hitting a snag? states across our country. what is the holdup and when can americans expect to receive it?
4:49 am
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4:52 am
brian: alarming new numbers as states roll out the covid-19 vaccine. the cdc says some of the 15. be 4 million vaccines distributed across the country only 4.6 million doses have been given out. what is the hold up or is this expected here to react is dr. mark sealing. dr. siegel, this is a mix of public and private sector. the federal government gives the vaccine to maybe walgreen's,
4:53 am
cvs, and rite-aid and then they get it to the other locations. how is it going so far? >> well, you just mentioned the pharmacies, brian. that is starting to enter the picture. that's going to help. cvs, walgreen's, costco. the problem has been at the state level. there is a lot of variation. states like connecticut and maine are doing well. other states are not too long so well. here in new york there is a lot of political anger and posturing. governor cuomo, first he is saying that he is going to fine you if you are not supposed to get the shot and you are a healthcare worker and you do. then he says he is going to fine the hospitals if they don't give you the shot which then mayor de blasio comes out against. all this political anger and posturing in the same governor, governor cuomo had to take a second look at the vaccine. the pfizer vaccine before he decided it was okay to take. that stuff slows things down. that's why you are seeing not as much people getting it as vaccines are out there. distribution is better than administration. in wisconsin, brian, we're not seeing the heck workers get it that are supposed to.
4:54 am
in florida, seniors are lining up overnight but governor desantis said yesterday, hey, i'm going to hire more workers. i'm going to put up more vaccine clinics. that's a step in the right direction. brian: right. so so vaccines about 4 million, not the 20 million that have been handed out. we promised 20 million by january 1st. hasn't happened. so initially we had the average of 250,000 a day. over the last 72 hours, it's now up to around 500,000 a day. my hope is, dr. siegel, it's like pulling the rubber band back: once we get it all lined up and we start to figure it out, is it like letting go of that rubber band? will we catch up? >> want yeah. we're going to do it in january. we're going to do it throughout this month. but, i must point out we really need to target the elderly with this vaccine. and nursing homes have to all get it. healthcare workers with for sure; nursing home and elderly 80% of the deaths in covid-19 are in the elderly. i'm looking carefully at that
4:55 am
states like florida and texas are saying let's give it to the elderly. other states are saying well, let's give it to essential workers. misogyny of those essential workers as we have talked, about brian, congressional aides, i'm questioning why they are getting it. media, lawyers, you know, i really wanted to get to the people who are most at risk. brian: absolutely. the other big question is about the second shot. i always thought if the fda green lights you you have to do it exactly like the study. are you saying you are allowed to go to ad-lib off the study where they say within three weeks get that second shot shot? now they are saying why not just give everyone one shot? how do you feel about that as a doctor? >> dr. brian, you just gave my answer out. i am not -- i'm against that. in fact, stephen hahn and the fda came out yesterday and agreed with me. you can't just give one shot the way the united kingdom is doing and hope that the second shot magically appears because that's how it was tested. if you want to get to 995% immunity you give the two shots. when i got my first shot and i
4:56 am
did it on the air here, they immediately scheduled me for my second shot. that's the only way we are going to ensure that people get properly immunized. you give one shot. the immunity might wear off to some extent. the best way to do it is the way the fda said yesterday two shots. brian: astrazeneca in the u.s. u.s.? how soon? >> well, that's going to be about another three weeks. because our regulators look very carefully at what happened with the problem with coasting. but we will get the astrazeneca shot another two or three weeks. brian: johnson and johnson could be a few weeks after that. people should be a little bit patient and stop pointing fingers and starting to put all hands on deck. dr. seale, thanks so much. >> we will get everybody vaccinated. thank you, prototype. brian: you got it. amongst our guests, governor kristi noem and so many more. ♪ nothing and me ♪ go hand in hand ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪ ..
4:57 am
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5:00 am
high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ainsley: it is decision day in georgia. brian: voters -- >> each of you was going to vote in one of the most important runoff elections in the history of our country. >> one staple chart the course for the next four years and the next generation. >> house members found to object, the results come wednesday. in a statement, i am acting to protect our democratic process. >> the united kingdom goes back on lockdown as the nation combats a new coronavirus strain.
5:01 am
>> 50% to 70% more strands missile. >> i work in one of the most liberal cities in america but i refuse to give up my rights. i am my own security and why post basic right is the right to defend myself. >> senator david purdue and senator kelly leffler to get in the way of the radical left's agenda in washington dc. brian: looking live in atlanta, georgia. on georgia is sunny with highs in the 60s which makes it a perfect day to go out and vote. polls open in one hour through early tonight. it is all about that crucial senate runoff. across the street, will decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate in washington dc.
5:02 am
ainsley: donald trump and president-elect biden through their support behind candidates at the rally last night. >> we have live coverage in georgia. pete texas will gather, they are getting along for a change but we start with griff jenkins in georgia where donald trump held his rally. did they leave the script behind? it was a big crowd. >> a big crowd for sure. good morning. the president knows how high the stakes are and that is how he fired of folks in north georgia where republicans hope for a massive turnout. here is a little bit of what he had to say. listen. >> your vote tomorrow will decide which party controls the united states senate. the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate
5:03 am
seats so they can wield unchecked unrestrained absolute power over every aspect of your life. >> reporter: complicating matters, he was trying to turn up support for leffler and purdue and continued his public feud with georgia's governor brian kemp and secretary of state to see if that impacts the turn out. in atlanta president-elect biden was trying to shore up support in urban areas. listen. >> you may not have that but we have a steady stream of voters coming in. carly is the precinct manager here. is that correct? what do you expect in terms of turnout? >> the same turnout as the presidential. it has been pretty steady.
5:04 am
400, 500 voters. >> it will be heavier. the president was a few miles away trying to get voters whether you support him or dislike him he made turnout a lot more voters. >> for a runoff this is going to be a big turnout for a runoff. the last one had 30 voters. we will have more than that this time. >> reporter: a lot of concern about election integrity. what do you say? >> we are trained really well and we do 3 or 4 trainings a year to make sure it is done correctly, we check signatures and ballots. i don't have any issues with election integrity. >> lastly there's been a lot of talk about threats made against polling locations. have you been given any warning? are you concerned about threats? >> i'm not concerned about violence or threats was more concerned with kim jong un for going around is that's why we do everything possible but i want
5:05 am
to keep my voters safe and 5 pull off as a second sanitize, using gloves, masks and everything to keep everybody safe. that's my biggest concern today. >> reporter: think you. the polls are open until 7:00 tonight. one voted democrat, he says he wants one party in power in dc, the other one voted republican straight down the ticket because he says he's worried about socialism in the impact of democrat policies on his home's finances. >> everybody has a different reason for the way they vote. thank you, great report from dalton. meanwhile not far from there in atlanta we have will kane and pete hegseth, weekend "fox and friends" cohosts. >> very angry. >> we keep hearing one of the reasons they need to get out and vote and they expect heavy
5:06 am
turnout it is all about the balance of power. lastly the president appeared in dalton, georgia. it was clear going in make your message simple to voters. turn out to protect the legacy of donald trump. >> for sure and he did both. it is a great point and these are going to be a tectonic 48 hours, you happen in washington dc tomorrow in the house of congress was challenging the electoral college, 100 congressman and senators is on the minds of a lot of trump supporters. a huge majority in the state but when it comes to tomorrow or today the president was very clear last night in saying this change america versus save america. this is similar to november. you want capitalism or socialism or borders or open borders, law and order were lawlessness, that is on the ballot and the
5:07 am
president struck both tones. >> the passion they have but what is on the line in georgia. you wrote of tectonic shifts and what needs to happen in terms of turnout. a lot of people mailed and ballots, a lot of people early voted and that generally favors democrats. putting so much pressure on people who will turn out today at the polls. are they motivated? are they impassioned to do so? everyone i talked to yesterday understand what is at stake. david purdue was on with you earlier talking about what he believes is at stake today at the polls. listen. >> i believe republicans will show up but i will make this plea. if you voted in november whatever you feel about the efficacy of this election process in georgia please get
5:08 am
out and vote. your children, grandchildren welcome back on this day and remember how we handled ourselves today. you've got to stand up with us and fight and the only way we can fight is by voting today. we will look back on this day if we don't voted through the day we turned accused of the kingdom to the democrats, the future of the country depends on these two seats holding the line against what these democrats want to perpetrate on our free and open society. >> everyone understand what is at stake. will that motivate them to offset the record number of mail in balloting? we will see. >> the fundamental transformation of america barack obama talked about a decade ago, change the democrat party and radical ways and that is on the ballot today. >> so important the direction will be determined today so we will continue to check back in
5:09 am
with you guys, thank you for being there in georgia and bringing to our viewers what the voters down there are thinking. let's bring in the governor of south dakota. you were in georgia campaigning for kelly (david purdue, the president was down that, he warned of the high-stakes and that if republicans lose both these here is what will happen. we will get your reaction. >> they want to turn the democrats -- america, into venezuela with no jobs, no prosperity, no rights, no freedom, they will raise your taxes on the middle class to pay for socialism. the democrats will surrender the entire us manufacturing industry to china. they will immediately -- you know what is going to.
5:10 am
open american borders and allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country from every corner of the globe. >> the better the turnout the better for republicans. what are you expecting today? >> that is true and i expect republicans to show up and make sure they are a to defend this country. i was in georgia when kelly debated war to the knock and it astounded me to watch the debate and the theme she specifically asked him did announce socialism can't specifically asked him to denounce marxism and he refused and that should have told the story about the choice we have today for this country going forward. my hope is everybody understands the consequences, leadership does have consequences, when you
5:11 am
give the ability to go to dc and represent you make sure they are experienced, that they've been in public office before, that they've run businesses, they have followed far from their shoulders. >> when people are on the ground you've been on the ground in georgia and i heard going into this runoff the number one issue for voters for republicans is defund the police especially with the military community and when you see what a 70 in portland with anarchists by left-wing mayor, the same thing in seattle. with that the one issue? what issues do georgians care about? >> several issues came up. one of the issues was there is no mother that wants to raise her children on the streets of portland today and was we see in democrat cities could happen coast-to-coast in this country if we let democrats run every branch of washington dc. they've not stood by law enforcement officers. they've not enforced the law in this country and we've seen that, what is going on the last
5:12 am
several months. kelly and david love law enforcement, they recognize we have one enforcement for a reason and they should be enforced and there should be consequences. that is an important discussion but i recognize people understand the marxism, the communism, socialism discussion and what their life looks like 6 months from now if their expenses go up and they have less money in their pocket because democrats raise taxes. we could in a year and a half or two years see $4 to $5 gasoline as a result a democrat policy. it is not just a country 10 years from now, but what does your family's opportunities look like if we let democrats do what they've been campaigning about. todd: we had an hour and a half ago a woman by the name of lauren bogert from colorado, now a member of the house of
5:13 am
representatives, has the distinction, people have been reading about the incoming member of commerce who will carry her gun to the jobbing capitol hill, she's the one. here she is defending her right as we should point out it is in the law that you can carry on the campus of congress. she will needed in washington dc. listen. >> very interesting that in the united states of america there is so much controversy over second amendment rights. there's an uproar over people wanting to defend myself. i am in one of the most dangerous cities in america. the violent crime rate is 158 times higher than the national average. i will be walking alone a lot. i don't go to work in an armored vehicle or have police escort. i am my own security here and my most basic right is the right to
5:14 am
defend myself. >> i understand that but my immediate family, knocked on the streets of washington dc in the last year. i understand her concern. yesterday the incoming chief of police said i have to talk to her and explained to her the laws of washington. that was his number one thing on his number one day that he told the press yesterday. >> it is surprising to me going forward. i know her very well and she will do a fantastic job for her state but listen. people have carried on the campus, on the floor. when i was there members of commerce were carrying and nobody knew or talked about it. it is a constitutional right
5:15 am
that should be honored and washington dc has gotten a lot more dangerous in 2020 and going forward in 21 than it was before. i would encourage all law enforcement officers to do their jobs but also people who support them, keeping people safe rather than talking to someone who wants to exercise the rights she has under the constitution. ainsley: the applications are set in south dakota and everywhere in the country. we will talk to you later. left-handed to jillian with headlines for you. >> reporter: let's begin with the story. overnight senator josh holly said antifa vandalized his home in dc and threatened his family. a dozen people showed up and reportedly demanded the republican drop his effort in contesting the 2020 presidential election results. holly tweeted tonight, antifa scumbags came to our place in dc and threatened my wife and newborn daughter who can't travel. they scream threats, vandalized and try to pound open our door. let me be clear, my family and i will not be intimidated by left-wing violence.
5:16 am
tensions rising in the middle east after iran's revolutionary guard sees the south korean tanker. the regime stopping the vessel for polluting waters as iran is set to unleash billions of dollars iranian assets, also comes as iran begins enriching uranium up to 20% and conduct a large-scale military drill featuring hundreds of drones. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is and ruling out challenging senator chuck schumer for his senate seat next year. an interview with principal news, she said it is hard to say if she thinks schumer is doing a good job also saying she wonders about a run for the senate. schumer will be up for reelection in 2022. alex rebecca offers words of wisdom in one of his final episodes of jeopardy. watch this. >> open your hand into your
5:17 am
heart to those still suffering because of covid-19. people who are suffering through no fault of their own. we are trying to build a gentler, kinder society. if we reach out a little bit we will get there. >> reporter: trebek died in november of pancreatic cancer. deputy is airing his final episodes. >> i can't believe he looks so good in the final weeks. coming up congress is set to meet tomorrow to certify joe biden's wing, republicans ramping up a new bid to fight including congressman matt gates who joins us with his plan. ♪ ss oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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5:22 am
regarding the handling and processing of benzyl -- ballots in urban areas. in detroit, michigan there are a number of affidavits regarding chain of custody of ballots, duplication of ballots and even
5:23 am
the re-scanning of ballots. these claims didn't get a full and fair hearing in any court. there was not an opportunity to present evidence and 5 witnesses and article 3 courts failed, there's a constitutional process contemplated where in article 1 the congress would play some role in third and finally there are places around the country where when we looked under the hood, when we looked at her messages being spit out by the software systems it was very concerning and at a higher frequency than we are used to another elections was there may be perfectly good explanations for why there were decimal points in votes and transmittal of fractal votes with those questions deserve to be answered. that is why we are going to do it. >> i've seen it i don't every channel since november 4th. what they look like on the floor, mike pence has the gavel, he's the sitting vice president, joe biden haddad, joe biden had to gamble down the uproar when they wanted hillary clinton's
5:24 am
case heard. 's mike pence going to quiet you down if he feels you are going overboard or if it lasts to too long? >> there's a key difference and that is we have supportive members of the senate. in 2000 every member of the congressional black caucus objected to the electors from the state of florida when george bush beat how gore. there the objections were offered, they were not accepted by al gore who was presiding and they rolled on but here the objection will meet constitutional muster, the house and senate will retire to the respective chambers, pelosi will preside over the house, pence will preside over the senate and one question remaining is whether nancy pelosi will allow the 2 hours of constitutionally authorized db on these questions but when you have tens of thousands of people marching in the streets of washington dc tomorrow i think it would be a bad look for the people's house
5:25 am
not to entertain debate if we have a constitutionally acceptable objection signed by house member and senator and we will clear that hurdle. >> do you expect donald trump to take office january 20th? >> i believe there will be a second term of donald trump. don't know if it will be in 2021 or 2025. i don't prejudge these events i recognize the head went we face with democrat control in the house of representatives but criticism can make elections better. i'm from florida, we used to be the laughing stock of the country, now we are a model for america because there was critique, because we did 6 our system and this will be a good day for the country to expose the fraud and i hope it will lead to cleaner better elections going forward. >> he will be a married man, you got engaged at mara lago over the break. >> i did. i'm betrothed and i met my fiancé at mara lago. maga love.
5:26 am
>> grab your hat and attends. that will be smooth sailing, we will see some turbulence tomorrow. congratulations and we will be televising it live, we will not be televising the wedding, we can't afford those rights. >> appreciate it. coming up straightahead nancy pelosi says it's time to get rid of gendered family terms and house rules so why is she identifying as a mom and grandmother her twitter bio. tammy bruce says feminists should be outraged, she explains next. this is the sound of an asthma attack...
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5:31 am
>> the democrat led house kicks off the 100 seventeenth congress with new rules removing gender, terms like mother, father, aunt and uncle will be replaced with parent and parent sibling but nancy pelosi who announced this resolution still has mother and grandmother in her twitter bio. why is the left so intent on changing the meaning of words? the presence of that organization tammy bruce, good morning to you. i know you have a good heart and respect other people no matter what they choose to be as it comes to gender and you respect others but you agree with making these changes?
5:32 am
>> know and specifically for the reasons you are saying. i respect everyone. this is another example of democrats completely stomping on the people they supposedly represent. they say this is about efficiency, changing these words to honor every one that exists. this is about ideology and let me suggest this is really not about efficiency at all. this is about eliminating any word that refers to the concept of biological sex and reduces all of us, a lemonades the value of the individual and our uniqueness has individual, you have to do that because the strikes to the notion of what family is which is different for everyone watching this program. once you do that you illuminate the value of family by eliminating the idea of biological sex and individuality and it affects the nature of faith and to find the family together allowing more power for
5:33 am
the centralized state. let's not think this is some passive thing. some might say radical. i say birx the marxist. as an example trains people are not fighting effectively with looking at the supermajority who are not. they would still be your brother or your sister. this is the key. also a deconstruction of what it means to be female. the word mother means something. every woman was not watching knows it, every kid knows that mother is a specific identity, as is father and that is important as well. when you illuminate this you are wiping away key elements of our identity. that's the reason for this. this is a test and why would only applies to the rules
5:34 am
effectively, this is a statement that this is how you honor people and they expect this to move through legislation and other things written in the house. >> what if you disagree? are you canceled? >> that is it. then you're a bad person, homophobe or transferable. that idea itself is an insult. is a gay woman it is an insult to me. i love being a woman. that is part of my life. it is how i identify. trans people have worked very hard to become either a man or a woman. they didn't work hard and change their entire being to not be identified as anything. this is a radical effort to change, once you control language you control the future. this is what the left, this is the key, something every one who cares about all people across the spectrum must stand up
5:35 am
against especially gay people and trains people and binary people, non-binary people who feel this is for them their existence is even more heightened and available and recognized as unique individuals. nobody i know feels everybody else has to be wiped out as the excuse to recognize everyone else. that is a leftist framework, it is an excuse, it is not true and it is a lie to create larger bigger government within which especially minorities suffer. >> tulsi gabbard brought up a good point, she's a democrat who didn't agree with nancy pelosi on tucker last night she said by manning the college with a we are women we are not empowered as a sex. women have worked so hard to get to the top, to break the glass ceiling and by not acknowledging we are woman what does that do in the future to our 6?
5:36 am
>> it eliminates recognizing our accomplishments because it has been accomplishment. the fact is there is sexism, there is racism, there is homophobia. if you illuminate the framework of our identity that we work hard to overcome and to succeed by especially as women, that is the deconstruction aspect, the e-reader of the impact in the scene, you cannot argue your feminist and care about the future of women if we eliminating the ability to identify as who we are and the importance of our contribution in society, it is idiotic and must be recognized as such. everyone should step against this. it is not normal, it is not progressive, is not liberal and not american. >> thank you for joining us. straightahead donald trump awards the medal of freedom to a
5:37 am
lawmaker famous for taking on the so-called deep state and russia probe. congressman devon nunez will join us next. and buying your dream home, we'll be there to make it happen. we'll be there when you want better rates too. or to get money for retirement. we'll be there because we work only with veteran families like yours to help you get the most life out of a home for the life of your family
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>> it is a beautiful day in atlanta, highs in the 60s and today is day there's a bunch of voting going on. our cohosts will cain and pete hegseth join us from atlanta. something i wanted to ask about we touched on in the news, josh holly tweeted out yesterday tonight when i was in missouri antifa scumbags threatened my wife and newborn daughter who can't travel. extreme threats, tried to pound
5:42 am
open a door. my family and i will not be intimidated by left-wing violence. what do you make of this? steve: anyone who would go to someone's house and written political violence against their wife and kid is exactly what josh holly called them and it is because he has been willing to be unafraid politically. he has been unafraid to lead, the first to step out and say i will challenge what is having in the electoral college, that takes courage. he's been unafraid of fighting big tech when no one else was talking about what they've done to silence voices of conservatives, this is a guy who went to washington to challenge status quo thinking like donald trump has an they go to his house and threaten his family which tells you what you need to know about the left today. >> think about the sliding scale of measures the left is embraced to silence those who disagree
5:43 am
and the increasing tolerance polite society has offered these unacceptable motives and methods that have been embraced, take your character, lie about what you said, cancel you from polite society, take away your job and confront your wife and children in their home. this is beyond the pale. this goes to every political party, every ideology. republicans have dealt with death threats in georgia but this is largely coming from one side of the aisle and it is unacceptable. >> you wonder when the condemnation will come. mayor wheeler in portland had to admit antifa is a problem in his attempt to push them back sound week. will democrats recognize this problem and call it what it is? take leadership to stop things like this. we haven't seen it yet. we have had fun doing our martha impression. >> very good.
5:44 am
ainsley: let's bring in devon nunez of the house until, good morning to you, good to have you one. what is your reaction 2070 in georgia and the implications it has for the country? >> this is a big day. our republicans across the country, conservatives counting on people in georgia to get out and vote. we need a big turnout election day and hopefully that will him efficacious was the ramifications of a loss are multiple. this will justify the election and use this against donald trump and say there was no voter fraud and secondly the balance of power in the senate, 52 seats controlling the gavel, everything i worked on the last four years to expose malfeasance and corruption in the city we won't have senator ron johnson or grassley able to subpoena people and think how bad this will be how they could cover
5:45 am
this up if they get rid of the durham investigation. steve: a lot of republicans, 100 plus and on the senate side a dozen, ted cruz, want a 10 day pause to examine what happened in certain battleground state but a lot of allies of the president not on board, senator tom cotten, senator braun, senator portman, senator lee of utah who helped the president during impeachment. this should be a formality. >> when i leave here i will walk to the capital and all the republicans are getting together in the house to get on the same page, we have a 2 to 3 hour
5:46 am
meeting. don't know if it is possible because republicans are independent thinking, people on all sides of this issue. makes a lot of sense to answer these questions, these ballots, and we sit and count ballots. mail ballots to everyone. i've never seen ballots brought out in suitcases run through the machine. there was a lot to do with the supposedly phone call, bombshells, this is watergate. the secretary of state from georgia couldn't answer the president as he was asking where those ballots come from, those are the questions, they want to know those answers and we should
5:47 am
all wants to have free and fair elections and the institutions will survive so people respect the outcomes. ainsley: the president presented you with the presidential medal of freedom for pursuing the russia hoax at great personal risk. it is not been easy for you. >> we had a nice ceremony, the constituents receive this award. there was a staff, on this russia team, republican members of the intel committee it takes a group and a team to expose the biggest political scandal in american history that we haven't seen that justice has been served yet.
5:48 am
ainsley: congratulations. 47 after the top of the hour and still had the mayor teams up with barstool sports, we speak with guy peary. on the push to small businesses. >> decision day, brad reference burger will talk about what he is doing to ensure fair and safe election day and what is at stake in the country, they will object to the electoral vote results. it is a busy morning. joined bill hammer and to me live from america's newsroom. ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪
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ainsley: the barstool fund has raised $18 million helping dozens of small business owners crippled by covid-19 restrictions. >> you can't make this up.
5:53 am
be changed totally needs the business. >> this is going to help so much. >> i don't know what to say. >> you are amazing. steve: the barstool fund is going full throttle with the help of celebrity chef guy fieri. good morning. >> it is awesome you are giving us much-deserved exposure because the barstool team just rocking it. ainsley: you were with us in march when you launched the restaurant employee relief fund, you raised $22 million and barstool is on the verge of $19 million, why did you team up with barstool?
5:54 am
>> dave has it. getting money directly to the employees or needed it at that time and the next level of this, small businesses that were successful in doing good at operating and taking care of the community, the second or third round, not just a one time thing but a program where once the barstool fund gets involved they continue to support this business and help them get back on their feet. i am telling you the response is amazing, 140,000 people were involved in this to support it and some big names bringing in money, tom brady, kid rock, frank little, a lot of people getting in on this and recognizing small business is the fabric of our community.
5:55 am
todd: with this fund it is small business. when you watch those videos where a family member knows they are about to get the money and they post it, it pools at your heartstrings. >> it really does. these are all the people that we know. the pest control business, although small businesses, a lot of people have two jobs, three jobs at a time. all the smaller businesses, not the big ones keep everybody going. when you look at them falling off, they don't have the finances to make it through a month or two month and if they did it is gone by now. this large school fund, every donation, is
5:56 am
the place to go. where do i get 10 bucks? that is for someone who doesn't have 10 bucks. that is a lot of money. a great program, 18 and a half and counting and it will continue to grow and support. ainsley: it is a way of changing lives. you have been great. thank you for being a friend of the show. see you later. we will be right back. actually anyone 50 or over is at increased risk for shingles. the pain, the burning! my husband had to do everything for weeks. and the thing is, there's nothing you can do about it! well, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. frank! they have shingles vaccines! whaaat? that's what i said. we're taking you to the doctor. not going through that again. you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older get vaccinated for shingles now.
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>> make sure you download the fox news app. open your camera, scan the qr code on the bottom of the screen. everyone have a good day. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. >> sandra: here we go. all eyes on georgia today as voters head to the polls as we speak in two crucial senate runoff elections that will decide the balance of power in washington and these races could not be tighter. the front page of today's "new york post" calls it war and peach. good morning, i'm sandra smith. bill, good morning to you. >> bill: how are you doing? nice to see you today. it feels like that novel war and peace. nice to be back with you, we'll figure how to do this


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