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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 1, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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are all glad that it's a new year. that's it for us. happy new year, everyone. we will see you back here on monday. have a great night. >> mike: good evening. welcome to washington. i mike emanuel in for bret baier. senate runoffs in georgia coming down to the wire. for the first time in his president c, the senate overrides a trunk veto. the china challenge facing the new u.s. administration and the new year. this is "special report." ♪ we are just four days away from election day in georgia. four candidates, two races, who will determine who controls the united states senate and the direction of the incoming biden administration. a record for early voting turnout, national interest in fund-raising dollars have all
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eyes on the peach state. one republican candidate is sidelined in covid quarantine. another took the day off. the democratic challenger was busy. his democratic counterpart ran into some nasty weather. correspondent peter doocy joins us from athens, georgia, with more on all of this. good evening, peter. >> good evening, mike. today it wasn't clouds of controversy but rain clouds that were enough to wash out jon ossoff's only scheduled event of the day and keep democratic candidate raphael warnock moving quickly when we tried to get in position at his first event to ask him a question. >> reverent warnock. early voting is done in 3 billion people have already cast ballots. >> if you have voted already, thank you very much. i've got news for you. don't be too self-congratulatory. your job is not done. >> warnock return to the trail. republican david perdue finishes
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his second day in quarantine. >> my wife and i are doing fine. >> purdue tested negative for covid-19 and insist that he was masked while in close contact with an infected staffer. >> it's terrible timing that we are not going to miss a step. we are going to participate in all these events. >> who's who of high wattage names will be here. donald trump, joe biden, kamala harris, mike pence. one invitation undergrad student center bernie sanders. sticker do they asked me to go to georgia? no. >> accusations are flying about coziness with china. produces this. >> they hired him and he worked for two years for this propaganda company. he hid it from the people of georgia during his primary. >> ossoff says this. >> senator perdue spent his entire career outsourcing jobs to china. the same senator who refuses even to debate me. >> a profile in "the new york times" includes this detail.
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he became an expert in outsourcing. i spent most of my career doing that, he would later say in a deposition. but david. he was accusing ossoff of dodging this question. >> are you concerned that through a payment to a well-known young democrat somebody linked to china or the chinese through another company could be trying to influence you? >> come on, man. you're a serious reporter. >> he didn't answer peter's question. i asked him that the debate and he didn't answer. he has not answered it yet. >> tomorrow jon ossoff is going to ask plaintiff volunteers how socially distant canvassing works. meet voters outside their homes. he's going to make a few stops including here in athens, home of the university of georgia. because most of the students are home for winter break, it's quiet tonight even though the hometown dogs went to atlanta and won the peach bowl.
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mike. >> mike: peter doocy leading us off tonight in athens, georgia. peter, many thanks. an eventful new year's day and capitol hill for once where it seems this senate was mostly in agreement. senators voted to override president trump's veto of the national defense bill. correspondent rich edson has this story and more from the white house. >> congress had sidelined president trump's demands and instead offered this. >> the bill on reconsideration is passed. >> first veto override of the trump administration. the senate voted this afternoon 81-13 to override president trump's veto of a massive defense policy bill. >> it's our chance to ensure we keep pace with competitors like russia and china. it's our chance to remind service members and their families that we have their backs with facilities, resources and support, benefiting the finest fighting forces in the world. >> $740 billion national defense authorization act for naval
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national security spending. the president vetoed it to protect the names of confederate officers on u.s. military installations and over the bills limits on his ability to withdraw certain troops from overseas. the president also wanted congress to change a nonrelated law that gives tech companies liability protection. congress delivered none of that and then there are those covid relief payments. >> we have progressive democrats, conservative republicans, the president himself and not to mention of course the majority, the vast majority of the american people sinking from the same songbook in support of these checks. >> a significant number of republicans say the half trillion dollar cost of the request increasing the checks from $600 to $2,000 is just too much. the likely blocking the larger payments. >> it's a shotgun approach. >> the president tweeting that south dakota governor kristi noem should challenge thune."
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kristi noem said that she is friends with him and declined the challenge. the senator laughed it off and saying "finally an attack tweet. what took so long. i'm not sure what i did to be deserving of all that that's fine. the politics of larger checks on the election results are dividing republicans out of a joint session of congress next week. republican senator josh hawley, he says he will object a certified state presidential electors. joining house republicans, forcing a debate and abode. >> if you're going to retry the case in the senate, it's already been tried in the federal courts it would be hard for me to basically take over the federal courts. >> on a call senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pressed hawley about his plans which requires republicans to take a difficult vote. hawley missed the call. vice president mike pence will preside over wednesday's session where congress formally counts the electoral college votes. several republicans are suing to
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give pence the authority to discount biden electors. though pence and the department of justice are requesting the judge dismissed that petition keep the vice president's role ceremonial. mike. >> mike: rich edson life, thanks a lot. violent protests that rocked portland, oregon, for much of 2020 returned on new year's eve when a crowd of about 100 people started throwing fireworks, bricks and frozen water bottles of police officers. that prompted officials to declare a riot and police began arresting demonstrators. law enforcement officers reported injuries and businesses were damaged. the crowd was mostly dispersed by 2:00 a.m. local time. criticism and frustration continues to rise over the rollout of covid-19 vaccines. this is california continues to crack under the strain of a growing surge of cases.
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subdued new year's celebrations. a senior correspondent claudia cowan takes a look at where we stand in the fight against the pandemic. >> is the final minutes of 2020 to doorway, celebrations around the globe reflected the various responses to pandemic that defined the year. in new york's mostly empty time squared, performers entertain a small crowd of mask wearing essential workers. other major cities canceled or scaled back celebrations to discourage crowds the revelers did gather in piccadilly circus. police in london fighting people for defying health orders. after months of serving as a role model in the fight against covid-19, california has seen infections race out of control for weeks and remains the nation's epicenter of the current surge, with people 30 to 49 years old driving the spread of the virus. los angeles county for than doubled its own record of one-day deaths in just a week. 290 new deaths were reported on
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new year's eve. prompting the health department to launch a grim public awareness campaign about the rate of death, tweeting "every 10 minutes, the description of someone who could die next." >> it's meant to help us honor the people who have passed away and serve as a reminder that each of us has the responsibility and opportunity to save lives as we enter into the new year. >> it's kind of like a mob scene of senior citizens. >> a long, chaotic way for senior citizens in florida this week after governor ron desantis and anyone 65 or older could get a vaccine on a first term, first serve basis. the country falling far short of the 20 million vaccinations the administration hoped to get into americans' arms by the end of the year with just 25% of available doses actually being administered. meantime more cases of the more contagious british strain of covid-19, three men in san diego hood no known contact with each other. a florida man in his 20s with
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no recent travel history. the cdc has joined the investigation into how the mutant strain got into this country where experts say it is likely spreading. happy new year, mike. >> mike: happy new year. claudia cowan live in los angeles. thanks. joining us to discuss the struggles ahead in the fight against covid's fox news medical conservator dr. marty makary. happy new year and welcome. >> you too. >> mike: how dangerous is this new strain believed to be from the u.k. that has arrived and at least several u.s. states? >> first of all, about 6 out of 10 infections in the u.k. have this new the 117 mutated strain. that's generally recognized to be 60 or 70% more contagious but i think even though it's not been sold as a mutation that's more deadly, if you think about it, when more people get the infection, the mortality count is higher. it is dangerous and it is concerning. he could allow it to rip through the united states a lot faster.
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it's a mathematical certainty that it's at large, be on these cases that have been diagnosed. >> mike: is the priority list for who gets the vaccine correct? what about teachers? >> as you know, there's been a big debate whether or not to give it to those who are high risk first or those by their job. the cdc wrestled with this decision and came out with the vote on december 20th. ironically, two weeks after the vaccine was announced and said that it should be a hybrid approach. many of us have argued that we should use the european model of giving it to those who are high risk first. if you look at nursing homes, not many folks in u.s. nursing homes have gotten a vaccine. they have gotten hammered. we have lost 10% of the u.s. nursing home population from covid-19. there were 60,000 cases last week. the mortality rate is about 20% in nursing homes. so we need to prioritize those who are most vulnerable and that's my many of us have taken a pledge not to get the vaccine until every high-risk american
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has received it or been offered at first. >> it's a political show. the vaccine got caught up in election-year politics. how critical is it for americans to take the vaccine when they are given the opportunity? >> we need about 20% to 30% of the u.s. population to get vaccinated by the end of february to really start hitting some herd immunity levels. you might say why just 20% to 30%? about 15% of the country will have natural immunity from previous infection or exposure. we are hitting record high numbers. that's actually one the reasons you're seeing a slowing right now in the midwest and the east and west coast is rising. because of those with previous infection. they have got some natural immunity. >> mike: dr. marty makary. healthy and happy new year. >> you too. >> mike: next, tensions with china one of the many foreign policy hot spots facing president-elect biden. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 57 in lexington, kentucky,
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where new year's eve celebrations were disrupted for about three hours when police evacuated a six block area due to a possible bomb threat. the action started when the police officer in k-9 unit alerted authorities to a suspicious rv but no explosives were found. fox 5 in new york city. a new train hub in manhattan opens. moynihan train hall, former postal building, now complete with a 92-foot high skylight featuring more than an acre of glass. it offers commuters and tourists a spacious alternative from across the street where penn station sits with its subterranean network of windowless hallways and concourses. this is a live look at orlando, florida, from fox 35. the big story there tonight is actually about 250 miles above the earth, as the crew aboard the international space station rating in the new year with a zero gravity lobe float, nasa's alternative to the traditional times square ball drop.
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♪ >> mike: is the new year begins, experts agree china may become the biggest foreign policy threat to the united states for 2021. there are worrying signs coming from beijing. correspondent benjamin hall shows us from london tonight. >> china's leaders are marching into 2021 and planning dominance. they raise the flag and tenement square this morning, they did so in the knowledge covid had brought much of the world to a standstill. in wuhan, the city in which coronavirus originated, thousands celebrated the new year's openly on the streets. president xi rubbed salt in the wound by praising china's pandemic boom. a reminder that china profited while others suffered. >> china is the first major economy in the world to achieve positive growth during the pandemic.
3:19 pm
>> china is growing bolder by the day of their unconfirmed reports china may have offered a bounty to kill american troops in afghanistan. u.s. officials are working to declassify the intelligence. analysts say the relationship must change. >> i don't think we should be maintaining relations with any regime that wants to kill americans. >> fears are growing the china plant a military incursion against taiwan this year. after repeated provocations last year. the prime minister of taiwan night urged china to stand down. >> translator: it's not only a blur to relations but a danger to peace and stability. >> chinese state media announced that unless the u.s. starts a cold war with them, they will soon become the world's largest economy. the chinese continue to crackdown on freedoms in hong kong while keeping millions of uighur muslims enforce detention camps. china released tens of thousands of pigeons to celebrate the new year. such freedom is something the chinese regime rarely allows.
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last month the director of national intelligence called china america's biggest threat. how that relationship plays out in 2021 under a biden administration is unclear. mike. >> mike: benjamin hall, thank you. as benjamin reported, president-elect biden will have his hands full with china but is just one of the many hot spots facing the incoming administration. allies around the world want to know how mr. biden will handle them. the amount of overlap between the president-elect and the president's approach might surprise you. correspondent hillary vaughn has that story. >> america first has meant america alone. >> biden's policy slogan is different than president trump but some of the substance is similar and different than biden's own views in the past. biden last year downplayed china as competition and now he's embracing a crackdown to hold them accountable for trade abuses, human rights violations,
3:21 pm
and intellectual property theft. biden isn't going to take away terms tariffs right away or rip up trumps phase one deal with beijing to buy more u.s. goods. >> are democratic partners we more than double our economic leverage. >> biden's approach to russia has evolved from friend to foe. >> governor romney is mired in a cold war mind-set. >> biden sees russia as a top threat. on his day one agenda, get to the bottom of the massive solar wind tax targeting seven several u.s. agencies and take action. >> this attack constitutes a great risk to our national security. >> biden takes office with a looming deadline. the nuclear arms pact between the u.s. and russia set to expire february 5th. biden's incoming secretary of state tony blinken says he will start with a five-year extension of the treaty. >> the seeds of danger replanted by donald trump himself. the day the president tore up the nuclear deal. >> biden is starting his
3:22 pm
presidency with fresh tensions between the u.s. and iran. after u.s. military officials said the u.s. detected signs iran was prepping for possible attacks on u.s. targets in the middle east. biden wants to de-escalate. his first avenue, get back to the status quo. in september biden wanted to welcome them back to the iran deal with open arms, but this december, biden was asked if he still stands by that and he told "the new york times" "it's going to be hard, but yeah. close with the iranians are hoping for that too put some doubt it's going to happen. >> would risk causing a lot of problems within resident elect biden's own caucus. >> a top commander in iran's military says they are prepared to respond to any military pressure from the united states. two days ago the u.s. sent b-52 bombers and a nuclear severing to the persian gulf to prepare for the possibility of an attack on the anniversary of the top iranian general qassem soleimani's death, just one year
3:23 pm
ago on sunday. a u.s. drone strike took soleimani out. mike. >> mike: a lot of tension in the middle east heading into that anniversary. thank you very much. next, new laws across the country. we'll take a look at some highlights. beyond our borders tonight. in eastern europe, serbia ringing in the new year by opening its sector of a new gas pipeline from russia to europe. serbia's president attended the ceremony joined by the russian ambassador and called it a "great day for our country." north korea's dear leader has sent new year's day cards expressing thanks to his people. kim jong un thanked the public for their trust and support in the difficult times and wish them happiness and good health and sending the cards out for the first time in his nine year rule. from taiwan, good news for taipei's stray cat population. the cities midnight project launched in september is a network of 45 small wooden houses painted by taiwanese
3:24 pm
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3:28 pm
2020. laura ingle takes a look at some of the changes in store for 2021. >> the biggest news of 2020 has helped shape some of the biggest changes and new laws that we will see go into effect today, including the death of george floyd and the coronavirus pandemic. george floyd who died at the hands of a minneapolis police officer while in custody in may sparked widespread protests and demonstrations around the world, calling for police reform. states including california, delaware, iowa, new york, and utah passed bans on police choke holds. in georgia, two new antibias loss are in effect. one imposing more penalties for hate crimes while the other protects police from biased motivated acts of violence. meanwhile, voters in arizona, montana new jersey and south dakota approving measures to legalize recreational marijuana. many hope this will bring some
3:29 pm
much-needed revenue to state economies reeling from covid. >> there are enough people that are already using it doing it illegally. it's better if the state gets tax revenue from it. >> some of the coronavirus related laws going into effect include those offering to help his workers and bolstering unemployment benefits and requiring time off for sick employees. the state of alabama passed a resolution to encourage fist bumps over handshakes to help stop the spread. lawmakers on both sides and they are planning to work on legislation in 2021 are focusing on pandemic response. including issues ranging from school re-openings to the governor. mike. >> mike: laura ingle, thanks very much. families affected by violence in los angeles gathered for a candlelit vigil. they say many new laws george gascon has enacted only benefit defendants. correspondent william la jeunesse has more on
3:30 pm
some of the new laws and how some prosecutors are pushing back. >> you're going to tell me that you just murdered someone and you're going to get seven years. that's not fair. speak with the man accused of killing someone is a career cri. l.a.'s new d.a. stepped in. trying to cut a deal. >> the court said no. >> cannot be in the interest of justice to the dismissed the allegations >> the gang and gun charges sparked a revolt insides office. prosecutors sought a restraining order claiming with a been ordered to do is unethical and illegal. >> talking about serious and violent crimes. >> one directive requires prosecutors to drop some charges against repeat felons, violating the state three strikes law which says in every case in which a defendant has one or more series or violent felony convictions, the prosecuting
3:31 pm
attorney shall plead and prove each prior conviction. gascon claims the law is illegal and ordered prosecutors to ignore it. >> my office will cease filing not just getting allegations but all enhancements and three strike allegations. >> his lawyer states contrary to law, their oath and duties as prosecutors. black lives matter, the "l.a. times" and governor newsom believe gascon is on the right track. >> it's a signal that he's willing to at least listen to communities. >> in the neighboring county the d.a. mocked gascon saying "for you criminals, that means the new l.a. d.a. is literally willing to break the law to ensure you don't face the punishment you deserve." the lawsuit continues with a hearing scheduled february 2nd. in los angeles, william la jeunesse. fox news. >> mike: next, our all-stars on china concerns, winners and losers in the senate showdown in
3:32 pm
georgia. >> this is an aggressive, aggressive liberal plan that some dangerous, that's what we are fighting against. >> i am sick and tired of folk who would get rid of health care and put people with pre-existing conditions in the middle of a pandemic. i am sick and tired of waiting nine months for ordinary people to receive covid relief. abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores.
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♪ >> we have a chance, a chance at the end of this painful year and at the beginning of a new one to give americans a reason for hope in 2021. let's have a vote. pass this bill. >> this proposal is a shotgun approach, shotgun approach where a rifle makes a lot more sense. >> and we have differences of opinion, we should be doing is debating the bill. all that i am asking is a simple
3:37 pm
request. bring the bill to the floor. >> i do not object. in fact i enthusiastically support the measures that senator sanders is trying to bring to the floor and i would vote for them both if we were given the opportunity. >> mike: $2,000 stimulus checks got stuck in this congress put a new congress starts on the sow could be back as early sometime next week. fascinating politics when you have bernie sanders and josh hawley on the same side. let's bring the panel. byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner." marshall, democratic strategist. matthew continetti. happy new year to all. byron, your thoughts on the state of play in terms of $2,000 stimulus and could it make a comeback? >> in addition to that we saw congress override the president's veto, the first time that's ever happened in his presidency.
3:38 pm
it looks like mitch mcconnell is just not going to let this $2,000 thing go forward. there's a big policy argument to be had. i think there is a reasonable point that the $600 that was passed just wasn't enough. there's also a reasonable point that the $2,000 plan is very untargeted. the biggest thing we are seeing here is the president's influence and clout are leaking away daily, by the hour. he's not going to be president anymore in 19 days and all the members of congress know that. his threats and his ability to persuade our going down as we speak. >> mike: lastly, your thoughts. >> i want to thank senator mitch mcconnell, leader mcconnell for helping democrats come out and bring out so many democrats in the state of georgia. it's really clear not just in georgia but americans are looking at republicans, not all of them, but leader mcconnell
3:39 pm
and some republicans as being the obstacle to their being able to feed their families, pay their rent, pay their mortgage. it's problematic for the american people first and foremost. it's problematic for the g.o.p. unless mitch mcconnell really doesn't want to keep his job and maybe wants to go into retirement which is looking like, he certainly not helping his party and certainly not when all eyes are on georgia in the election next tuesday. >> mike: $2,000 stimulus checks, matthew. >> mcconnell's memoir is called "the long game." it's because he's not just looking at the current news cycle or even at one or two special election runoff that we have next week. he's preventing this vote, trying to link it to the other two measures president trump supports because he doesn't want to divide his party. if he is for unity, whereas trump and hawley are actively dividing on the eve of the elections in georgia and it will
3:40 pm
hurt the republicans in the runoff elections. >> mike: speaking of georgia, here are some of the back-and-forth. >> i know i'm at church but it wasn't a miracle. it was the result of hard work. come january 5th, we are going to seal the deal. when you send me and my brother from another mother, jon ossoff, to the u.s. senate. >> we are going to get our vote out on tuesday and win because people in georgia know this is the last line of defense against this radical socialist agenda. >> mike: byron, i've been hearing from a lot of nervous republicans. your thoughts. >> they should be nervous. they have reason to be. poles such as they are show really, really small leads for the democrats, ossoff and warnock, in those two races.
3:41 pm
what's kind of fascinating, the question is what kind of electorate are we going to have? is it going to be the same electorate that turned out in georgia on november 3rd and very varro narrowly chose joe biden? or will it revert to the older georgia, more red electorate. the 3 million people have voted. if this time before the general election about 3.65 million people had voted. it's a different group of people. who they are is going to determine the outcome. >> mike: leslie, how do you read the massive early voting turnout? >> you've got to break it down. quite frankly not just because i'm a democrat but looking at the raw data. if you look at atlanta and the suburbs around atlanta which definitely are votes that went to biden, they are more blue democrat voters. those numbers are exceeding what we saw in the general election. but in the rural areas the just really came out for
3:42 pm
president trump in the general election, we are not seeing those types of numbers or enthusiasm in those areas. i would say it's very tight. republicans definitely have a need to worry. georgia has changed. the voters have changed. the democrat demographics of gee changed. that's why joe biden narrowly won that we might have two democrats flipping two republican seats. >> mike: let's get to winners and losers. byron. >> my winner is dave portnoy, the cofounder of barstool sports who has raised nearly $17 million for small businesses that have hurt. if only congress would act with such focus and speed. the loser is hilaria baldwin. she has claimed to be spanish. she's not. for in and raised in boston.
3:43 pm
she was known as hillary. the whole spanish thing fell apart to their great embarrassment last week. >> mike: leslie, winners and losers. >> winner, the first female chaplain in the house and to speaker pelosi for putting her in that position. my loser is any politician, i'm talking to you, senator marco rubio, who rolled up their sleeves when they are not older they are not a health care worker they should get in line for health care workers or the elderly. >> my winner is prime minister boris johnson of the united kingdom who got brexit done as promised and he's also having a speedy approval of vaccines which is crucial to fighting covid. my loser is california governor gavin newsom whose draconian lockdown measures have not bent the curve. they are fueling a growing challenge to his authority.
3:44 pm
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♪ >> mike: it is new year's day. happy new year to all of you.
3:48 pm
a great time for some predictions and of course new year's resolutions. perhaps you've made some of your own. back with the panel. byron, leslie and matthew, happy new year again. byron, lead us off with your predictions. >> well, the newscast has been filled with news about china and the elections and all that but i'm going to stick with the really important stuff and predict that the university of alabama football team will not only win the game today, the rose bowl, which is a pretty good bet, but also that it will win the national championship over clemson on january 11. >> mike: byron, i don't know anything about a football game. we are here and we are doing "special report." lastly, your predictions. >> i'm not going to do sports. you will thank me for that. the united nations has claimed that next year, will be a year
3:49 pm
of peace and trust, and that's my prediction. out of so much hatred and lack of trust and separation, that our country hopefully post covid will come together in my prediction will be unity and peace and trust of our fellow man and fellow americans once again. >> mike: hopeful, optimistic. i like it. matthew. >> since woodrow wilson, president have made a point to deliver the state of the union in person. there's only been a couple exceptions. i predict joe biden will become the first president to deliver a virtual state of the union address sometime next february. >> mike: fascinating. we have asked the panelists to make resolutions for politicians, since "special report" is the political show. byron, what's your resolution for a politician? go.
3:50 pm
>> my resolution is for democratic representative eric swalwell, who should probably resolve to stay away from foreign spies in 2021. and he also might want to make plans to join another house committee in the event that he does not stay on the intelligence committee, certainly as republicans hope happens. >> mike: huge uproar about his contact with an alleged chinese spy and being on the intelligence panel. we will see where that goes in the new year. lastly, your resolution? >> you know, president-elect joe biden, when he was running, talked about how he didn't hate republicans, didn't view them as his enemy, likes republicans and looks forward to working with republicans. i hope he keeps that working with republicans whether democrats or republicans have majority in the senate because i think americans are tired of the gridlock and they want to see a leader as they have seen leaders
3:51 pm
in the past work with both parties to hold their hands across the aisle, give the olive branch and work together for the best interests of the american people. >> mike: leslie, he's not done naming cabinet members. do you expect a republican cabinet member, perhaps a senator mitt romney to be appointed to the biden cabinet? >> i thought from his tweets that's what senator mitt romney was gunning for, like stacey abrams was gunning for the vp position. i'm surprised he hasn't named john kasich yet to be honest. he has done ads for him. he was the first to step away from the republicans and endorsed joe biden. i wouldn't be surprised if he has someone who is a republican on board. >> my resolution is also for president-elect biden, it's the opposite of leslie's. he can work with republicans but more portly needs to stay away from the woke social justice warriors and his party and online. it would be good for the country
3:52 pm
if he doesn't l listen to them d also i think it would be good for his presidency if he just ignores the loud voices on twitter pushing for social justice. >> mike: looking at perhaps a 50/50 senate or certainly a very slight majority and also a very narrow majority in the house. how are they going to get things done? >> they won't. i think no matter how georgia goes, we are looking for very little to be done in washington over the next two years. maybe another covid bill. maybe an infrastructure plan. the truth is after all the tumult in the nation and in the capital for the last 20 years, two years is nothing much happening might be exactly what the doctor ordered. >> mike: byron, let me bring you in on that question. looking at perhaps a 50/50 split and a narrow majority for democrats in the house. how are things going to work over the next couple years question what do you predict gridlock? >> absolutely and that means the
3:53 pm
death of all these progressive, woke ideas that have been discussed before the election, like stacking the supreme court, adding a bunch of democrats to the supreme court, like making puerto rico and the district of columbia estate, like passing medicare for all or universal health coverage, all of which would have depended on killing the filibuster in the senate which would have certainly depended on the democratic majority so even if it's a 50/50 senate with vice president kamala harris breaking the tie, none of that is going to happen. all of the talk didn't amount to anything. >> mike: leslie, your thought thoughts. >> of course it didn't amount to anything. radical ideas like $15 an hour minimum wage in the red state of florida. no. joe biden is not a democratic socialist, neither are the majority of democrats in the house, the senate, or the
3:54 pm
united states. >> mike: thank you. when we come back, notable quotables. clearly, nothing melts like velveeta. ♪ clearly, nothing melts it's just a cold.a. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. choose coricidin hbp. the brand with a heart. for powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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>> finally, tonight is friday. is time for 2021's inaugural notable quotable's. >> they said it would take a medical miracle, and that's exactly what it is. >> i would not want to be the leader of a party that was rubber-stamped lockstep. that's called republicans. >> object. >> need to go to $2,000. >> you don't get everything you want even if you're president of the united states. >> there's only one way to end the suffering caused by these lockdowns and that is to end them. >> all the penalties that were served were dismissed out of hand. >> hearing a guy tell me to turn around and that's what got me to see my kids and my wife on
3:59 pm
christmas. >> let me take this opportunity to address directly the fox audience. >> i needed to call five friends, family members, coworkers. >> need to make sure that nothing is lost in the handoff between administrations. >> 74 million americans have concerns about election integrity and we are supposed to sit down and shut up? >> don jr. is suggesting alec baldwin play alec baldwin in any "snl" skit. >> there can be no question that last year was a horrible year. >> the best is yet to come. >> programming note, i'm back sunday afternoon for coverage of the new congress and the latest news, tune in this sunday as bret baier anchors "fox news sunday" live from atlanta and will have an exclusive interview with senator kelly loeffler and later read 10:00 a.m. sunday, don't miss the one hour special coverage of the georgia senate runoffs and tuesday, martha and
4:00 pm
brett will lead our special coverage as the results are coming in. going to be a very busy few days in american politics. thank you for inviting us into your home. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. ♪ >> it was the dawn of a new era as the country's 45th president donald j. trump was inaugurated on january 20th, 2017 with promises to upend the political establishment and put america first. >> we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and giving it back to you, the people. >> this former billionaire real estate billionaire was facing massive resistance of the washington establishment and the media and the entrenched government inside.


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