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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 28, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. coming up next from washington, d.c. have a great night, make it a ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so much going on right now in the news. new developments from every direction, much of it seems unrelated, a lot of it shocking. here's the way to understand it. in an election year, everything significant that happens is aboutap the election. all of these developments are in fact related and here's the core question in every election. who's up and who's down? as of tonight, the president is down double digits in the polls and there's not much question why that is. americans are miserable, they are stuck at home, they are
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fearful, millions of them don't have jobs. the percentage of americans who believe our country is heading the right direction has dropped off a cliff since the spring. not incidentally, that's when a strange new virus from china began to spread among our population. the rise of covid-19 in theis united states tracks almost precisely the decline of donald trump'sed approval numbes in the political lesson from this is clear. the more damage the wuhan coronavirus does to america, the harder it is for the president to get reelected. that's not speculation. it is the most certain fact in american politics. every democratic officeholder understands that. if the population remains terrified, democrats will have more power in january. the democratic party has every incentive to keep americans afraid and off-balance. for the next 97 days, big plans to do that. that is their entire campaign strategy. the only thing they are running on.
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yesterday the new site bright bark for most of of a group of positions about medical advances in the fight against covid. some of the news the doctors delivered is hopeful becauseve there is news to report. 17 million people saw that video, the president retweeted it. this enraged democrats. any scientific advancement as a threat to joe biden's campaign. they decided to pull that video off the internet. 15 years ago that would have been absurd, you couldn't have done it. this is america, you weren't allowed to ban a new story just because it might hurt the candidate's poll numbers. in any case, it was impossible. there were too many news outlets that nobody could control them all. that has changed. while the rest of us were sleeping or in the case of so many of our senators, taking payoffs from google, a tiny number of left-wing corporations took virtually complete control of all news and information in this country. now democrats want to erase a
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politically inconvenient new story before an election, they can do that. and they did do it. they pulled the video of doctors and lab coats talking about coronavirus research and they had that video from the republic. it's exactly what the chinese government so often does except one silicon valley erases their lecture you.y they got all the ruthlessness of the china's authoritarian but with double self-righteousness. thankfully none of this applies to us at fox news. if we happen to work from one of the very few mass media companies left in america that is not controlled by google or facebook. we can report the newsedco hone. big tech can't censor us, at least not right now. you're not allowed to watch these positions on youtube tonight, but we can show them to you here and we are going to. here's bob hamilton. >> i think it's important that all of us who are here today realize that our kids are not really the ones who are driving
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the infection, it is being driven by older an individuals. i think we can send the kids back without fear. we need to knocked out out of fear, we need to act out of science, we need to do it, we need to get itit done. >> tucker: what you just heard is not a crackpot theory. it is at the center of mainstream science. increasingly what you just heard represents the consensus among physicians and researchers around thehe world. children are not meaningful vectors for the coronavirus. worldwide there is not a single reported case of a student infecting a teacher with the virus, not one case.nt that's why so many nations around the world are reopening their schools this fall. but we are not. we've got a presidential election. children must suffer so that joe biden can win the election, that is the imperative, the political imperative, driving our so-called health policies. but you're not allowed to know that, so they pulled the video
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telling youha that. here's another physician from the same press t conference cald dr. stella emanuel. >> there is a cure for covid, it's called hydroxychloroquine. it's called zithromax and it's time for the grassroots to wake up. i say no, we're not going to take this any longer, we are not going to die. >> her claim is harder for us to endorse.ny it is hydroxychloroquine part of a cure for the coronavirus? we don't know the answer. we do know that many from my physicians around the world have prescribedro hydroxychloroquine and continue to prescribe it. we've interviewed some of them on the show. that's good news. the science of hydroxychloroquine is not settled either way. science warily is settled, that's why it's science and not for example radical feminist theory. science is constantly evolving as we test and retest our assumptions against reserve
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reality. that's the whole point of science. unfortunately, reality is not the point of politics. winning is the point of politics, so they scrubbed that video. here's more of it. >> my message to dr. anthony fauci's one is the last time you put a [inaudible] on a patient? when you start seeing patients on a a daily basis you willke understand the frustration that we feel. like we frontline doctors feel. need to start realizing that. they are listening to you, they are going to listen to you, you've got to give them a message of hope. >> tucker: that cliff enraged them because above all you mustn never mock the sainted anthony fauci. under no circumstances can you note that dr. fauci is in fact very often hypocritical buffoon who refuses to admit what he clearly doesn't know. if you say that out loud, they will cancel you. fauci is too useful to the biden
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campaign, so until november, his word must be law, even when it doesn't make sense. criticize fauci and you will disappear from the internet and so dr. emanuel disappeared from the internet and then google's countless toadies online did the cleanup work, the ugly stuff. "the daily beast" attacks dr. emanuel for the prime of -- crime of getting her medical degree in africa and then asked if she believes in witchcraft because you know africans do that, right? so political correctness is fine with "the daily beast" most of the year but this is election season so dr. emanuel must be destroyed. "the daily beast" was happy to help achieve that. so, by the way with the think tank libertarians, including some still posing as conservatives, people you read, people who work for places who probably sent money to. it.
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they didn't explain why that distinction matters to anyone, in fact censorship is always bad weather it's imposed by congress or monopolies that only exist because they receive special carve outs granted to them by congress, it doesn't matter. censorship is always wrong and censorship does not improve public health. in fact it threatens public health. if the authorities responsible for continuing this pandemic clearly have failed, we know that. some of them are decent people and are trying their best but despite their efforts they have frequently been wrong. we know that because it's on tape. so as we always do now especially in a crisis that can be solved by science is more voices in the conversation, not fewer. want proof? >> what the cdc has reaffirmed as they do not recommend the general public wear masks. wearing a mask improperly can
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actually increase your risk of getting the disease. >> tucker: oh, so masks are right. that wasn't very long ago. and the cops will nab you if you're not wearing one. what does this tell us? it tells us that scientific consensus changes. that's the point. as we learn more, our conclusions change. legitimate scientists understand that. that's called the scientific method. big tech companies don't care one way or the other because their goal is not the truth. their goal is to control the outcome of an election. it's not to protect public health. this isn't about a public healto and it's not about science. it never was. it's about power. no one in the history of the world has ever had more power then google and facebook has right now. people who have absolute power abuse it absolutely, as we
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learned. alex marlow for one did see it coming. he runs breitbart. we talked about this exact question more than a year ago. >> this is the battle. they are trying to win the 2020 election by shutting down and censorle the outlets that might give voices to the voiceless. the people disenfranchised. >> tucker: you really think you're going to get reelected president that no one can hear your message? >> they see this krista claire and that's why they are trying to shut down you and me. >> tucker: alex marlow rejoins us tonight. thanks so much for coming d on. you were just censored by the big tech companies, google, facebook and twitter, but you've done research into the specifics so i think anybody paying attentionhi realize this there - the google has been limiting your reach without telling you, dishonestly. give us an example of what you've learned they are doing to
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your >> thanks for having me. always a treat to be with you. and i will start with some breaking news that i can share on the show, which is that breitbart, we've done deprive research into our google traffic comparing it to the 2016 election and we picked that because we unearthed video a couple of years ago with our owe alan, who reported on the global vice president of google, ken walker, who said he is going to endeavor to make populism and nationalism a blip or a hiccup, so we naturally took him atr his word because if you understand the left, you understand it, l they don't then july. we started looking at our traffic and gradually since the 2016 election. google has been diminishing our search results and then all of a sudden in may of this year virtually lost all google traffic, all search traffic altogether. let me give you some specific pieces of. data. a visibility index, this is sort of like the nielsen score. that's when your content shows up on one of their right bart is down 99.7%.
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overall our google traffic is down nearly two-thirds. if you want to search for joe biden or biden, the chances of you getting a breitbart article are virtually zero. virtually no opportunity for you to get it unless of course you add the word breitbart, which explains the lack of google traffic. naturally we looked at other outlets to see if there's a pattern. of course we have more access to our own data but we compared the top 50 or so top publishers and we found that eight out of the bottom ten when it comes to google search our right of center outlets. that includes fox news and even "the daily caller," one of the two outlets that actually somehow performed worse than breitbart. >> tucker: this is not a small thing. google has a monopoly, it's allowed by congress by the shills who allowed this, senator leahy among others, really should be ashamed of b themselves, and they are there a for the gateway to all human information. if you don't exist on google, you don't exist. did they tell you that they were
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going to shut you down in ordero to get joe biden elected or did they just do it? >> they won't tell us specifically why. they only provide vague talking points about things that are way out of our control. i think your thesis is right on the money here. this is 100% about the 2020 election and controlling the narrative and controlling what people read. if outlets like breitbart cannot reach new voters via google, then that is going to be all the more people who are getting their news 100% from cnn, "the new york times," and the people who would do anything in their power to get joe biden to the white house. >> tucker: so maybe the congress should have done something about this before allowing a company that is not an american company, it is not in any sense an american company, to have total control over all of our news and information, maybe someone should have noticed. why didn't anybody do anything? >> that is the mystery that i -- it boggles the mind because i don't feel like the republican
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party feels the existential threat that you and i have been trying to convey to them. this is it. freedom of speech in the united states right now is controlled by google, controlled by facebook and it's controlled by twitter. remember google controls youtube. this is exactly why we saw these videos from the internet yesterday and guess what explanation we got from breitbart when they took down our videos? nothing specific, they wouldn't cite a specific piece of misinformation and now all of a sudden google, mark zuckerberg, et cetera, they apparently know more about hydroxychloroquine and the coronavirus than board-certifiedd doctors. >> tucker: and we should say we would rather talk to them and talk about them so we asked representatives from all three of those companies to come on tonight but of course they ducked the invitation. thanks so much. >> thank you, talker. >> tucker: suppositions are uniquely qualified to comment on science and medicine. we used to believe doctors had the right to say what they think about their medical practice, but you just saw the doctors in
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that video have their views censored, pulled off the internet. is that the best way to conduct science? whether you agree with their conclusions or not, joining a semi, dr. marc siegel, who saw the video. we are happy to have them. the doctor, good to see you. >> good to see you. first of all, facebook and twitter and social media and google and youtube, they are not doctors and they are not scientists. they should not be censoring physicians' opinions, so i want to start there. having said that, i want you to know, here's the key issue from a science point of view. follow the science. back in march we were very concerned about covid-19 exploding. you were among the first and we had to go with anecdotal information and we had a study out of china that showed hydroxychloroquine works. it seemed to work and we tried it and many physicians took it and many nurses took it and my father took it and to this day i think his life was saved because of it and then we set follow the
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science. well, tucker, thisth week, to go big studies came out. one out of brazil that was published in "the new england journal of medicine," the gold standard, double blinded prospective randomized trial of her 600 patients, another study, we've been following the minnesota study. both of them show that hydroxychloroquine does not seem to work early and hospitalization or before patients go in. that's where the sciences right now. more studies need to come. i think it is not the right time for anecdotal evidence for doctors to get there in white coastge ceremonies and say take it, take it, our patients got better, our patients got better. that's a month or two ago. now we're onto the scientific studies. does it mean they don't have a right to do it? no, this is free speech. they have every right to do it and have every right to express the medical opinion and facebook should be ashamed. the video should be posted, follow the science. the science right now is not,
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this week, behind hydroxychloroquine, tucker. >> tucker: thank you, dr. siegel, for that. really apprised from day want to stick to that standard. very quickly, i don't see any evidence -- have spread the coronavirus teachers. that's another thing they said in the video andhi that was puld off the internet. is there any justification for removing that statement? >> i wouldn't remove that either. young children are much less likely to spread this and there's no evidence that has spread in schools that wake up there h separately dominic carefully set up. i think they are overstating the schools. can children spread into adults, yes, they are much less likely to. >> tucker:th dr. siegel thank you for that, i appreciate it. >> tucker: honesty is the only answer in a moment like this. by the way, if you continue to lie, no one believes you and social trust evaporates and you can't respond to any crisis and
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that's pretty much where we are now. big tech, by the way didn't merely censor the physicians, they also went after anyone who showed the video. in fact, twitter just talk donald trump jr.'s son off-line. for the crime of sharing that. as if we need more evidence this is purely political, he joins us after the break. ♪ this isn't just a wifi upgrade.
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♪ >> tucker: big tech firms have sweeping power that authoritarian dictators once dreamed of somewhere in a very hot place, he drools and envy. tech companies can, in just seconds, censor videos, articles, news reports, they disappear like they never existed. government has placed no limits on his power so increasingly it's brazen, it's out in the open, they don't care. when donald trump jr. posted footage of doctors challenging the coronavirus story line and adding their own views on it, as they are entitled to asor physicians, twitter suspended his account and then deleted tweet. but even that wasn't enough for the goals at cnn. they complained that trump's account wasn't censored enough. >> from my understanding in terms of this twitter
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restriction of tweeting for don, jr., it's like 12 hours in the question is how many people saw this and believed thispe before action was taken? t talk about, if you understand, the politics been the president's son tweeting falsehoods despite twitter suspending his account and restricting his account. the cat is out of the bag, you can't change it. >> listen, it's disturbing. it makes a difference. you can argue it costs lives.nd >> tucker: those of us who have been in this business for a while never dreamed we would live to see journalists calling for more censorship, but that's where we are buried donald trump jr. is the author of the new book liberal provost, available for preorder, happy to have him join us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. i just if to ask you the blonde as possible question with respect, given the level of censorship imposed on you and anyone who supports the
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incumbent president, does the incumbent have a chance of gettingoe reelected? >> i've been saying this for a long time, i wrote my first book about just this, censorship coming f from the big tech gians from california. as homogenous group as you could possibly imagine and if they are censoring my account, they are censuring others. they've been trying to do this for a a while. the demonetization of people that have big social platforms that are preaching conservative values, because you have to note, this never happens to someone saying something that benefits the left. it only hurts conservatives. now, when i posted that video, i didn't say, well, this is the gospel. i said wow, this is a must type and watch because it seems very contrary to the narrative that they've been force-feeding us for a little while. twitter takes me down for that but twitter has no problem saying that coronavirus disinformation spread by the chinese government does not
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violate their rules. it was very nice watching the people from cnn or msnbc because jake tapper himself a few weeks ago posted study findsr hydroxychloroquine helps coronavirus patients survive better. why is jake tapper not spreading misinformation but i somehow am? again, i'm not a doctor, i didn't claim to be. i just want something out there that challenge the narrative and because i have a large platform i'm canceled. you know who else got thrown off whatever the same offense? sidney powell, who happens to be michael flynn's attorney and has been someone who's been speaking it to the left. so if they could jake at cnn, who no one is going to confuse as a conservative can put it but not be censored, not be questioned and certainly not be grilled by a panel of his peers on cnn, why is it that it's happening to me and other term conservatives and other conservatives in general?
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>> tucker: if i see another republican officeholder backed by google in the chamber of commerce lecture me that it's not really censorship because the government isn't doing it, just -- i'm going to go bananas. is there anybody in power who can step in to defend the basic -- most basic right of all of the markham people which is say what you think is true. >> josh hawley in the senate has done a very good job. kevin mccarthy in the house has done the same thing and that's the problem. like i said, i've been talking about this thing for three years. i see what happens to my twitter feed, i'm probably getting less than half theha retweets and i o enough of this but i know what i'm going to get before i hit send.. for doing what they can. i did a panel at cpac with josh and kevin mccarthy aboutos justice. they are aware. the real problem is that the vast majority of conservative legislators and republicans have no idea that this issue was eves going on and more importantly, they don't realize that it'sve probably a top two or three
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issue with their base. if you are religious, if you aru pro-life, if you're pro-second amendment, just look at your analytics and they've gone through the floor. it's just beenti a disaster andt happened systematically on purpose and it's going on for years. they have to wake up. >> tucker: before you go, i just cannot resist getting your view of this the attorney general was up on the hill. here's congressman jerry nadler responding to a concern about the violence, watch this. >> i would remind mr. jordan, mr. bacon mr. johnson to stop violating the rules of the committee, to stop violating the safety of the members of the committee. to stop holding themselves out as not caring by refusing to wear their masks. >> tucker: different clip, but equally nuts. what do you think of that? >> listen, this is typical democrat did "do as i say, not as i do."
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the same jerry nadler that yesterday on tv was denying that anything is even going on in portland as it relates to the violence that is decimating democrat-controlled cities buried 19 of the top 20 cities in this country are democrat-1, democrat mayors will point democrats across the board. in many cases the cities havey been run by democrats. for over a hundred years, yet magically it's donald trump's fault. it was donald trump's fault when he sends federal officersit to help and assist the portland pd, who by the way were under attacc every night for five weeks prior to those federal officers being there, but again, it's magically donald trump's fault, but that's the problem,m, tucker. the news that's getting disseminated to the average guy, we have to do this stuff all day long. we can see through it but if you're a hardworking man or woman, you're putting food on your table, consuming five, 10 minutes of news and it's that filtered and it's that biased, that is the lens by which you are getting your news.le
9:30 pm
it's hard to make an accurate opinion because you're being spoon-fed all these things. and that is their intention. >> tucker: so you wind up getting a health lecture from jerry nadler and nobody laughs. it's beyond belief. >> that would be one of the great ironies of all time. >> tucker: really unbelievabl unbelievable. like them trying to tell you to go being an. >> i start taking that advice i've got bigger problems., >> tucker: great to see you, thank you. as you heard neither also pertaining he was completely unaware of the violence around the country, might be even more remarkable that the city he represents in congress is falling apart because of crime. more on that next. ♪
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>> tucker: for the past nine weeks, violence has swept america's biggest cities. rioters have torched police precincts, kill people, one have started their own country inside seattle. this is going on for months.
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why? because we are allowing it to. you get what you put up with, one of the most basic laws in life. we are afraid to stop this. if tomorrow "the washington post" described the rioters as white nationalist, they would be done by friday because every single one of them would be in jail. we would support that. anybody burning down american cities ought to be in jail. you're not seeing big criminal conspiracy cases against these people. we are allowing it because we are too afraid to stop it. none of that came up today when bill barr went before the house judiciary committee to talken about a bunch of different topics. interestingly, the chairman of the committee, said he wasn't aware of the violence. >> if the protests had begun to wind down before you marched into confront the protesters. the protesters aren't mobs. their mothers and veterans at
9:37 pm
mayors. now you are projecting fear and violence nationwide in pursuit of obvious political objectives. shame on you, mr. barr. >> tucker: in case congressman nadler is watching tonight," we fervently hope that he is, here are some pictures of those mothers and veterans row testing [bleep] [inaudible] >> every night. [inaudible]
9:38 pm
>> tucker: it's an ongoing joe biden rally, it's gone on for months and it's working. congressman>> jim jordan addresd it pretty directly in his opening statement. >> i want to thank you for defending law enforcement. for putting out what a crazy idea that this defund the police policy, whatever you want to call it, is. standing up for the rule of law. and frankly we have a video we want to show that gets right to this point, can we play that video please? [inaudible] >> tucker: it would be interesting to know what jerry nadler thought of all of that but apparently he wasn't watching. he didn't even engage with jim jordan's argument. instead he just attacked him.
9:39 pm
>> well, i hope that mr. jordan will never complain about the length of my opening statement. >> tucker: at least is been consistent, he's ignored the looting on lawlessness and riding for quite some time. this was how he responded when he was asked about yesterday. >> [inaudible] about antifa that's happening in portland right now. >> that's a myth that's being spread only in washington, d.c. >> about antifa in portland? there's videos everywhere online, fires and riots. >> tucker: violence, like appendicitis, doesn't go away just because you ignore it. it tends to get much worse. is only one thing that stops it and that's policing, good policing. one unlikely success fo story aa great one is the city of somehow they've managed to keep a lid on violent protesters while allowing people to their first amendment right to
9:40 pm
demonstrate. rioters that have not looted or destroyed a single business in the city off detroit. at city of course famous for its devastating riots of 1957. so how did detroit do this and why is nobody talking about it? the police chief of the city, james cried, joins us tonight. chief, thanks so much for coming on. you've been coming on fairly regularly for the last couple of months, we've been watching detroit and detroit has this reputation going back 50 years of being a place where there are riots but you haven't really had any, so it's worth finding out why. >> you know, i appreciate that question, because i am just ecstatic over the men and women in the detroit police department. one thing i've learned from my time in los angeles, we don't retreat here in detroit. we just don't do it. you saw the images of streets where there was lawlessness, looting, burning, no sight of police officers. we weren't giving up ground, we just didn't do it. i saw it was like after rodney
9:41 pm
king in los angeles and so -- but not only just that, detroit is fed up with these radical protests -- i'm not talking about the peaceful protesters. i'm talking about these misguided radicals that have tried to incite violence ins our cities. they said we are not going to put up with that and so we've got a couple of things, a great police department, great leadership, but we have a community that stands with us and by us and says enough is enough. i want to share something with you. in the last two and a half weeks we fed three officer involved shootings and all three shootings, these violent suspects, in one case, fired shots at officers and the second two pointed a gun, try to kill our officers. and then a self-proclaimed misinformed, misguided leader of this radical french had the
9:42 pm
audacity to try and change the narrative. and i show the video. you made me aware. i put the video out had clearly depicted our officers who were faced with an imminent threat to their life. and this guy today, this same misinformed leader is calling for my resignation. detroiters will have nothing of that. h when you talk about what's different here, we have a city that has stood together and oh, by the way, and others a lot of conversation about the mayors and some of these big cities. our meristems with this police chief, stands with this police department that we are not going to tolerate this uptick in violence. that's key. that's real key. >> tucker: the conversation just made my night. chief craig, congratulations on your success, it is sogr heartening to point to detroit as a success story. good for you, i hope you come back. >> i appreciate it, i will always come back.
9:43 pm
>> tucker: amen, thank you. nick sandmann was a high school student at covington high school, not a very -- not living a very newsworthy life and in the media try to destroy him. hetr fought back. this week "the washington post" settled a quarter billion dollar defamation suit against them. that's not how the story was supposed to end, we will tell you what they wanted for him next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: he celebrated his 18th birthday by settling a quarter billion dollar defamation suit against "the washington post." the post, which is wholly owned by the richest man in the world, jeff bezos, teamed up with most of the creepy unhappy vicious hatemongers in the media to smear him with an edited video. it wasn't even clear what he did wrong. he stood and smiled as a crazy person screamed in his face, but they try to ruin his life anyway, that's how the media t works. they are political operatives. he wasn't supposed to fight back, but he did. he f wasn't supposed to win, but he did. and just to beo clear, it's not
9:49 pm
just about him or "the washington post" or cnn, which also settled, it's about the ability of the little guy to fight back against the bullies and once in a while win. so it's an inspiring story that all of us can take heart from. john wrote a piece about this for a website called the stream. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so in the story that you wrote about nick sandmann and his encounter with the national media, which just over the weekend a year ago turned on him with this kind of remarkable viciousness for no obvious reason, you pointed out that they really intended this kid harm. explain what you meant. >> yeah. i mean, you saw people saying -- journalists saying he had the most punishable face in america, fantasizing about violence against and under aged pro-life demonstrator who had the temerity to smile and standstill when radical black activists and
9:50 pm
american indian got in his face. he just didn't get out of theot way, he didn't cower, he didn't argue, he didn't insult them, he just stood there and they wanted to destroy him. there were other journalists saying we need to docks him, find out what colleges he isro applying to, whatever job he ever applies to, we have to make sure this guy can't get in college, can't get a job. basically they wanted to destroy him and what brought that home to me this weekend was that they did succeed in destroying someone else, a wonderful professor and writer, mike ada adams. he was a professor at unc. he had -- he had been a great writer, he was a conservative christian, second amendment advocate and those things were unforgivable sins in the witch hunt atmosphere, and ideological personalized hatred that is being created in this once free, once -- country of ours. it mike adams committed suicide a few days ago it looks like after havingde been driven out f his teaching job by an online
9:51 pm
mob that accused him falsely of racism. that's the charge. that is the charge that is going to be used. maybe the last remaining taboo in america and it's being thrown around recklessly and viciously when they want to destroy someone because he doesn't agree with their politics and i just thought, god bless nick sandmann. i'm glad he survived it. ike adams didn't and i think if nick sandmann, if that whole thing happened with the covington kids, i think of it happened today in this atmosphere, you would have seen the radical activists, they would have just attacked nick sandmann and his friends, they would have beaten them up. even if they were killed, it wouldn't be broadcast anywhere anymore than people are broadcasting bernard trammell, the black trump supporter in minneapolis -- was it minneapolis gimmick he was murdered. >> tucker: standing on the street and he was assassinated and nobody in milwaukee --
9:52 pm
>> milwaukee, i'm sorry. >> tucker: john, thanks so much for coming out tonight and for reminding us they are not getting, they are playing for keeps. >> thank you. >> tucker: from day one the coronavirus shutdown orders have been usedav by governors to rewd their friends and crushed our enemies. gavin newsom in the state of california is trying to track sn the church. the church is resisting and the pastor joins uss tonight. ♪
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>> tucker: the founders of this country had a keen understanding of the importance of religious freedom, so the protected exercise of governor newsom doesn't care, he's using his new coronavirus power to shut down churches that disagree with him. the episcopal church is fine,es they are fully on his team. but places like grace community church in los angeles are not and starting to shudder them. pastor john macarthur has run
9:58 pm
the church and has for a long time. thanks so much for coming on. give us a quick overview on why you think you should reopen given the coronavirus. >> first of all, and foremost, it's a first amendment right. ndthis is the united states of america and the government can't intrude in worship. we stand on that amendment. the second thing that makes this so sensible is in the state of california there are 40 million people. 8500 of them have died with covid. that is .002. in california, you have a 99.99% chance to survive covid. so why would you shut down the entire state and particularly when people are frightened and sometimes terrified that theys are going to die, shut down the church where most of the intense relationships in our society exist, in the life of a church? it's multigenerational pit we've
9:59 pm
had 21 weeks with no ministry to a thousand little children come up twouniversity students, high school students, i can't go to the hospital. i've had to go to the phone to talk to dying people in the hospital. and i started preaching in an empty auditorium. i did it two weeks, three weeks, the people without saying anything, started coming back. they didn't buy the narrative. they didn't buy it and they started coming back. by the way, we are the original protesters but we go back to 500 years to the protestant reformation. we are still processing lies and deception for the sake of the truth so they started coming back and they kept coming back and last sunday 3,000 of them came back. and they rejoiced and they hugged each other, they didn't wear masks, they sang songs, they understand the reality off it. i hadn't had to say anything. we finally put out a document which you probably read which
10:00 pm
were affirms why this is right and it's critical for our society. >> tucker: i hope our viewers would readou it. you are a brave man. i appreciate you coming on tonight. godspeed. >> thank you. >> tucker: out of time! sean hannity with "hannity" right now. >> sean: godspeed to you too. now with just 98 days until the biggest choice election in our lifetime, the new extreme rage filled socialist democrat party is more disconnected from reality than ever before. also breaking, moments before, the ap has captured joe biden's notes from earlier today. might've just revealed who his pick for vp is, or is it a head fake? my take coming up tonight. we witnessed yet another jerry nadler capitol hill circus. it was a complete embodiment of


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