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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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being handed the show 15 seconds early, the great sean hannity. >> sean: nobody's technically counting here. great show as always. yes, be with the ones you love. thanks tucker. you have to buckle up for this hannity. in the last hour we have gotten in so much information, the deep states, everything we told you unawares. a lot of ground to cover. breaking just moments ago, the doj finally released the meal or witch hunt. of it, on the dirty unverifiable russian dossier. they knew it was russian disinformation. they knew months before they did the discharge letter. in other words, they gave the marching orders based on this knowing ahead of time that it was all a ball. they knew it was a lie. it's that bad. i did just moments, we will list
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the allegation including many false claims that have absolutely russian collusion. yeah, you are all in trouble tonight. we will also bring you breaking new developments out of texas. one salon owner given jail time in $87,000 fine by a liberal dallas judge for merely trying to work and feed her family. her boyfriend will join us exclusively and also the governor of the great state of texas. a new bombshell investigation, they are literally staging fake news. and they got caught. we've got that video. and in moments, we will show you that footage. plus, more disturbing news out of new york. of an, governor, now sending out bill to out-of-state health care workers that rushed into the mie
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of a pandemic to help save the lives of new yorkers in the search of covid-19 patients. they risk their lives. and the governor is charging them, taxing them for the work they did helping new york take care of sick patients. wow, thanks a lot. it later we will have a hannity investigation into joe biden's lifelong trouble with the truth that the mob and the media won't tell you about. elizabeth warren seems to believe the pandemic and economic crisis was caused by racism. how many years did she claim to be a native american? let's start tonight with an observation. these are very troubling times. at this is not a game anymore. as i survey the landscape, this is the broader picture as we get into the details tonight. what i am seeing are democrats and the media mob pretty much almost all of them. they are liars and truth deniers. the level of hypocrisy is like
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this groupthink psychotic madness. and it's real, and it's dangerous. these people are just beyond repulsive. you can't even describe the things that they do. the law is the truth to them. and the truth is a lie. they would simply rather see the president failed to protect americans. help americans that are sick in the middle of a pandemic. they rather watch the economy collapsed then put aside differences for the good of the country, even during a national emergency. why? it's all about power. it's all about this radical, leftist, statist agenda. defeating donald trump it seems to be their soul obsessive compulsive focus. exhibit a, the thing about all this, big picture here. there's nothing that donald trump has done, they can't ever pay attention, ever say a good thing about what
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donald trump has done for the country. nothing. everything is horrible. you have two people completely utterly incompetent, unprepared making the dumbest decisions by forcing nursing homes, which were saying to them we are not prepared to deal with covid-19 patients, into the nursing hom homes. 30% of new york deaths are because of this insane executive nursing home mandate. it's an epic fail that cost lives. but because the democrats, they are not being held accountable. it's even worse as they had ample access to the hospital beds at the javits center and the president built them, the president stopped him, hardly
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any of those buds were used. a thousand at the javits center out of 3,000. now can you imagine if trump forced covid-19 patients into nursing homes and said "get your own ppe?" and he had beds available that were covert 19 prepared, and didn't use them. the democrats, the media mob, doubt is up, down is down, green is purple. psychotic, pathological rage. they impeached donald trump over an alleged quit pro quote that didn't happen. they had a real quit and a pro" there. it only matters if they think it's donald trump. also, that never happened. they care not at all about the case of hillary clinton's dirty, russian, bought and paid for,
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disinformation, dossier. remember when the mueller report came out? the attorney general said he didn't. it only matters if it's donald trump. again, that didn't happen with donald trump. hillary's emails, they ignore that. no i believe when it's a biden accuser with witnesses and corroboration that was said in existence in the covenantal case. they say they care about civil liberties, but a candidate, he got spied on as a candidate based off of a dirty russian dossier. nobody in the mob or the media cares. they have ignored the story almost completely. the silence is deafening.
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the 33 year veteran gets set up, they say nothing. where in th is the media? where are the democrats? why wouldn't they stand up to this? because they will stop at nothing to defeat donald trump. even destroy the life of a in a military hero. that's how sick this has gotten. said so before the case. did they get a new trial? no, no impartial jury. and they will destroy all of the fundamental protections of our constitutional government to regain power and destroy president trump. what if this was all happening to them? what if these predawn raids were processed crimes? the mob, democratic parties, they are silent. they don't care.
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what about x both too the mater? again, they don't care. shall i keep going? clearly for them, the only thing that matters is that in at 181 days, they want power. and defeating donald trump. and they will clearly be willing to destroy every single constitutional right we have. that's it. they will take on breathtaking hypocrisy. they will lie and abandoned to achieve their goal of socialism. and then 181 days, the future of this republic hangs in the balance. that's how serious it is. simply stated, they have shredded the truth. they have shredded the rule of law. they are shredding the constitution. in ways that undermine this great republic. we will lose the america we kn know. law, order, and truth are disintegrating before your very
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eyes. and it is unlike anything we've ever had a challenge in this country. and their minds, no matter what they do the ends justify the means for their agenda. one thing they can't do is show off the record. president trump calls them do nothing democrats for a reason. now we turn to the new developments tonight. moments ago, they have just released a previously classified a version of the 2017 -- this is the scope memo, the dates matter here. now this is the scope, marching orders of ul, to go out on his witch hunt. not just fake collusion, but also investigating michael flynn for nonexistent loca logan act violation. and to investigate papadopoulos
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for being an agent of israel. the timeline is key. when this memo was written of august and 2017, they already knew that the steel dossier was the bunk. they already knew. they knew it in january of that year. now, there's only one source for the dirty dossier. and that was christopher steel. by august of 2017, they have long known that this was all russian disinformation. in fact, they do this by the winter of 2017. because we now know from the ig advisor report that the primary report question the reliability of the report. when the bureau talked to the primary sub source, again, january 2017. this order goes out in august of that year. the source told them that the eight dossier was full of and misinformation and lies. and misstated or exaggerated the
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primary su sub sources statemen. they had reason to know that there was no good faith to ever move forward. and here we are eight months later, and they are still using the dirty dossier. and don't forget the fbi had no derogatory information on flynn. they were ready to close that investigation and december of 2016. i sent them and, of course, i wouldn't do it and another administration. rosenstein had access to all of this information. he signed the fourth and final application. he's in trouble too in my humble opinion. but he still gave mueller the okay to go on the witch hunt after they knew and had all the information that it was false. and comey and rosenstein signed off. again, with the bulk of
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information being hillary clinton's bought and paid for unverifiable russian disinformation dossier. you can't write this in a novel. and look at this memo again. is there anything about loan applications in here? everything we have been telling you about the deep states of abuse of power is now as clear as it has ever been. now, the good news i am told and i have confidence in, a deep state day of reckoning is very close. everything we told you was right. everything the mob and the media told you and adam shift -- by the way, not going to be a good day tomorrow. just guessing. earlier today, rick riddle called on the congenital compromiser to release secret transcripts that the committee had already agreed to make public back in 2018. what do i know, i'm just a
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talk show host? could be the day that they are completely exposed. that needs to be probed deeply. by the way, the office "all of the transcripts can be released to the public with any concerns of disclosing classified material, adding that if adam am schiff, this is what training the swamp looks like it's taken this long. this is what holding adam schiff accountable for their lies. their abuse of power. their corruption, there shredding of the rule of law. also, sources telling me tonight that there is much more to come. buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride for the next 12-14 days. director ray, i hope you're taking notice.
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a lot of people don't like you tonight. and don't trust you. are you going to show them you are committed to cleaning up the department of the fbi? the premier law enforcement agency of the world? other words, would you restore that? would you call on the mob and the deep state? by the way, statements from devin nunes on this. this information was rejected until now for one single reason. to hide the fact that the false allegations from the dossier were included in mueller's skull being memo. in other words, a bunch of lies from the democrats to drag the president, the trump administration, through the mud for years. he came close to bringing this country to the brink of a constitutional crisis. also breaking tonight, senator lindsey graham has released more declassified materials relating to the abuse
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investigation. joining us now to break down all of this, south carolina senator lindsey graham. there's a lot to decipher here. can i ask a question on this first memo? i would like to know why this, i assume this came from the fbi? i assume director wray saw this. this letter to foreign intelligence court. this is july of 2018 lindsay. they are justifying the use of this dossier when it was a year and a half earlier that they debunked it? >> you nailed it. there's two things important tonight. the legal foundation for mueller's appointment is crumbling. the memo to mueller was given to me fully unredacted. so now we know that the scope of the investigation was to look at carter page, flynn, as to whether or not they were working
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with the russians. now this is in august of 2017. you nailed it. in july of -- excuse me january of 2017. the sub source disavowed the dossier. and without the dossier, there is no warrant. so they knew that the carter page thing was a fraud. they wanted to close the case against flynn. we have him on record denying working with the russians. a saint to do so would be treason. so the foundation for the mueller investigation is crumbling. now and -- >> sean: slow down a second pit i want to stay on the timeline here. this memo, this is august of 2017. rod rosenstein. now we are up to the fourth
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application. now let's stay on the dates for one second. the only source for this had to be steel. by august of 2017, for the scope memo, and the final renewal or third renewal fourth warrant. by that time, they knew back in february of 2017 that it was russian disinformation. and the source was steel. they knew it was b.s. months earlier. so now the question, senator, is what the hell went on here? >> well, the legal foundation in my view does not exist. that's what this memo is so important. they name for people. rosenstein tells mueller to look aat four people. carter page before. you just said it better than anybody. in january, eight months before the sub source disavowed the
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dossier, there was no legal justification to suspect carter page of being a russian agent because it all depended on the dossier. and that crumbled in january. flynn's case was looked out by the field office in washington, january the 4th of 2017. they said there's no reason to believe he is doing anything wrong. he shouldn't be part of a crossfire hurricane. papadopoulos in 2016 denying working with the russians, saying to do so would be treason. so there is no legitimate reason to believe any of these four were working with the russians on august 2nd 2017. therefore, the entire piece of was a legitimate to begin with. that's very important. >> it's not only a legitimate, e are talking about a shredding of
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every bit of constitutional law that we would ever have, and they are doing it from the very beginning, never verifiable to stop somebody from winning election. and when they win the election, they are trying everything they can to use false information to basically take this guy down. and they knew what they were doing, they had all the evidence that they were doing it, and they did it anyway. celestia slow down for a second. i wish a democrat would take this seriously. >> sean: don't hold your breath, you will drop dead. >> now i know. now i know why mueller didn't find anything. >> sean: they knew, this proves they knew! they knew. before it even started, they knew. >> okay, number two. the department of justice is writing to the court in 2018.
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this is 2018. in 2018, january of 2018, devin nunes writes a memo critical of the application. the memo is very critical of the carter page application. here's what the court is told by the fbi and the department of justice in july of 2018. they say in the letter to the court know, the application is good. it's solid, it sounds. a few technical irregularities. they repeat the lie that the sub source was truthful and cooperative. in other words, telling the court that the sub source validated the dossier rather than shredded it. they are actually repeating that lie again in 2018. only until horowitz came along. why couldn't they have found what horowitz found. they have a memo for everybody to see indicating that the sub source, the russian sub source, said the dossier was a bunch of garbage. it was hearsay, bartok.
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>> sean: senator, all of these people wrote the law, didn't they? >> i'm telling you, this is j. edgar hoover stuff. >> sean: i agree with you. where's director wray? i have a lot of people yelling at me tonight he's not doing his job. >> in july 2018, how could you possibly tell the court that the sub source was truthful and cooperative when the memo in the file says he undercut the dossier? they are repeating the lie to the court that horowitz found. that's telling me the fbi's not taking it seriously. and as late as july of 2018. beyond any doubt. >> sean: senator, this is an attempted coup. this is shredding the constitution. we are getting to the bottom of it. all right, when we come back.
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they put this poor woman in dallas and jail because she is trying to feed her family. we will talk to the boyfriend of that salon owner. dennis miller is back. also, much more big breaking news tonight. we will fit it all. straight ahead, people fighting back in big ways. we will tell you all the details. america's oldest lighthouse has weathered many storms. seeing the break in the clouds before anyone else. together, we'll weather this storm.
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♪ >> sean: we have a disturbing story out of the great state of texas tonight. a local salon owner, her name is shelley luther. she was given a seven day jail sentence. find $7,000. all because she opened the doors to her business and spite of local lockdown orders. the district judge, eric, is a self-described democrat. maybe a guy that needs to be defeated. he gave a lecture that was repugnant. posting an image of himself with prominent democrats. during the sentence, he demanded that she stop conducting business and apologize to government elected officials for her being selfish. and defying countywide restrictions. shelley luther refused. because she said it feeding her
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children was more important. watch this. >> put in your own interests ahead of those of the community in which you live. disrespecting the executive orders of the state. the orders of the county. >> i'd have t to disagree with u when you say that i'm selfish. because it feeding my is not selfish. i have people going hungry because they'd rather feed their kids. so if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then go ahead with your decision. but i'm not going to shut the salon. >> sean: she remains in jail. they are all calling for her to be released immediately. the governor will join us in just a minute. but first, here with much more is shelley's boyfriend, tim. tim, first of all i'm sorry.
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you apologize to your government, or i'm sending you to jail. i'm finding you $7,000. pretty tough girl friend you have come up good for her. >> yeah, i knew when the judge said the word selfish she was not going to back down. >> sean: yeah. in a weird way, it's not quite the same thing, but remember the scene in "braveheart"? the prisoner want to say a word. remember that, the end of the movie? mel gibson. what does he scream out? freedom at the top of his lungs. and it's like, where's the proportionality here? and have you talked to her, how is she doing? >> i did get a chance to talk with her. she's actually doing very well. her spirits are good. the jail that she is and, everybody is in isolation because there actually is a covert outbreak in the jail. but she's being --
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>> sean: good grief. >> yeah. she's a little scared, but overall she's ready to fight. she's going to come out with a chip on her shoulder. it's going to be interesting what happens. >> sean: if this remains, i will gladly pay for the fine for you and your girlfriend. i think it's unfair. >> thank you. thank you. it's interesting, lieutenant dan patrick actually paid the fine today. we've received letters asking the judge to, you know, change his mind. and have a relief. as of this evening, we haven't heard any news. and so our attorney has filed a habeas corpus with the appeals court. we are hoping tomorrow we will have a better solution or some better action. >> sean: i'm very sorry. this shouldn't have bee happen
6:30 pm
america. pretty compelling. i will say this, i'm very serious, i'm here at the epicenter. i know that your girlfriend was wearing masks. i know the clients were wearing masks. i know they were trying to be careful. all of that is crucial to a successful preopening. one of her and also of this country reopening. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: all right, here with more, governor. governor, i will say this. i was very dubious of governor kemp. i'm not exactly a big governor kemp fan. nobody listens to me. my own kids don't listen to me. but i was skeptical when he was going to open salons. and then i saw how they were doing it. they had the plexiglass, they had everybody more distant than usual. i had people put their hands, manicured hands, through this little hole.
6:31 pm
and the person doing the manicure thing was in gloves and a mask. and i'm thinking, based on what i learned in new york, they didn't get sick. and they were around tons of people. this seems to be a -- protecting the most vulnerable, there seems to be a balance we need to strike here. >> there is, sean. and that is why we are now in texas opening up things like hair salons and barbershops. sean, you need to know this. the problem we are dealing with is far worse than what you've articulated. in dallas county, the dallas county district attorney announced a policy that he is not going to prosecute any thief who steals things valued at less than $750. at the same time, authorities in dallas are talking about releasing inmates from prison or jail because of the possibility
6:32 pm
of contracting covid-19. >> and then they have a woman who is wearing a mask and practicing a safe -- jail and a $7,000 fine? that's not the taxes i know. >> that's why this is so outrageous. and houston, they were issuing funds and potential jail time for anybody to eat who refused to wear a mask. now, as you pointed out, wearing a mask is the best practice. however, nobody should forfeit their liberty and be sent to jail for not wearing a mask. and that's why my last executive order, i made abundantly clear wearing a mask is important. but you cannot be sent to jail for wearing a mask. i mean for not wearing a mask. >> sean: i'm urging people to wear the mask. look, i'm a healthy guy, i think i'd be fine. but if i ever got the stupid thing, i could infect other people that are vulnerable.
6:33 pm
for the sake of grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, i would urge people to wear the mask. it's a short period of time. let's open the country safely. >> you got it, exactly right. >> sean: all right, thanks for standing up for this woman. and of the eight lieutenant governor and ag down there, unbelievable. a center to a jail where there is a covert breakout. unbelievable. an investigation proved joe biden has been lighting through his teeth for decades. this is truly disgusting. health care workers who volunteered to help in new york, risking their lives, going into hospitals during the pandemic, como is going to force them to pay income taxes to new york. gee, thanks a lot. all of that state of head
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and let the experts help you repair it. woman: they were able to restore my good name. vo: visit or call 1-877-866-8555. ♪ >> sean: tonight, even more evidence of how joe biden has had a lot of trouble with truth. for decades. just listen to this unearthed clip from his disastrous white house bed. 1998, 1988, talking about his law school record.
6:38 pm
he also let's see, plagiarized, rim of the problem he had a take a look. >> i went to law school on a full academic scholarship. the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship. the first year in law school, i decided i didn't want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds of my class. and then decided i wanted to stay, went back to law school, and ended up in the top of my class. i was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year. i graduated with a 3 degrees and 165 credits. and i'd be delighted to sit down and compare my iq to yours if you'd like, craig. >> sean: problem with all of that? lies. he doesn't have 3 degrees. he was not named outstanding political science student. and how did biden justify those lies? he told reporters "i exaggerate." when i'm angry. he didn't even look angry. of course, line, delusion, and
6:39 pm
the mob and the media supports them. which brings us to new york. and their massive failure. because despite collecting more in taxes than anywhere else in america, yelp, new york state, new york city, they are going broke. and i have the governor, the mayor, they would all like the rest of america to balance their bloated budgets. so it's no wonder that he is also squeezing health care workers. the people who came to new york in the middle of this pandemic who rest their lives to give emergency service help. and go into the hospitals where people desperately needed support. if cuomo gets his way, those heroes are all going to have to pay new york state income tax. which is, of course, one of the highest in the nation. now perfectly clear, democrats, media mob, they don't trust the american people. they want to control your money, your decisions, your life. in fact, they seem to love and
6:40 pm
fear god given rights and freedoms. he is just one example. >> there is a prim -- our country founded on slavery. we are so afraid of the government coming for us, that we are blind. to other types of threats, whether it's a virus, whether it's bank malfeasance, climate change, what have you. >> sean: guilty. i am a smelly trumped supporting walmart shopper. i like walmart. i am a deplorable, yeah, i believe in god. i believe in the second amendment. and religion. i cling to it. and yeah, am freedom obsessed. former white house press secretary along with trump campaign official. i begin with you. joe biden has a trouble with the
6:41 pm
truth. also a trouble with plagiarism. now he's having a problem remembering anything that he says. that's a big problem. >> and don't forget he got arrested in south africa protesting when he was over there, didn't he? he hasn't explained that one. although there was a debate. they didn't ask him a single question about that lie. i think it raises questions about tara reade. joe biden can lie that easily, why should everybody rest comfortably that his denial was an accurate denial? it's hard to know, because nobody's digging in on the other networks. nobody's putting tara reade on the air to hear her side of the story. the hypocrisy that protects joe biden's candidacy from much of the media is just -- it drives somebody like me income and wants to be a traditionalist, into such a corner against the media. they don't offer fairness. >> sean: look at what we have been through here. look at the development's we
6:42 pm
have as it relates to -- they knew the dossier was false. and then they still used it repeatedly. repeatedly. they knew it was false, they knew it was russian disinformation. this is law enforcement. at the top levels. they care about quit and pro." but only if it's trumped. they care about obstruction, but not hillary. there is breathtaking hypocrisy. i believe, only if it's against the conservative or republican, it's not joe. this is now a party and the media that is committed to any lie, any hypocrisy to get their power back. this is dangerous. >> absolutely. when you see the former editor who was one of the founders come out and say "we don't need an investigation, we need a coronation." it's incredibly troubling. because they are so obsessed --
6:43 pm
their hatred is so blinded, blinding to donald trump. they don't care if they bring on board and support a very flawed corrupt, career politician. to become the democrat nominee. and so it just shows you that the media, that many in the media and the democrat party, are very much in line. they are not willing to investigate. you have these women, women senators, women journalists, saint "you know what, we believe joe. we are not going to talk about tara reade. not look at it to allegations" yet when it was cavanaugh it was all about how to destroy him. let me tell you, joe biden has a -- it's not only a pattern of lying, a pattern of flip-flops that i think really weakens his
6:44 pm
candidacy. you look at the travel restrictions where the president talked about putting travel restrictions on china. >> sean: well, no. he flipped on it three days later. >> that's right. >> sean: is this done thanks? march 2nd, go out on the town. here are my recommendations. march 10th he was saying every things fine. march, they said we are prepar prepared. "we're not like these other countries." then the executive order. they sent cobit patience to nursing homes and not the ones that trump built. now they want to tax people that came in and volunteered to put themselves in harm's way for new york. now they are going to tax you. what a nice way to say thank y thank you. >> i want to see more about what the origin of that story is about the taxes. but new york has known them. if you come in and to spend a
6:45 pm
week, month, working in new york they try to get you. if they do it for the emergency workers that come in to save lives? that's unconscionable. i can't imagine they're going to do it. >> i don't know how either of you live in new york. >> sean: cuomo defended it. he said they can't afford to give them a break. a break? a break. next time, my advice is stay away. why bother helping new york? they will stab you in the back and twist it and take the gold out of your teeth before you leave town. they are leaving in droves. by the way, watch the real estate in new york. it's going to go down. but why do i know? i'm just a talk show host. i don't know much. coming back, staged news on ta
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on apple podcast or wherever podcasts are found. dennis, how are you question my good to see you? >> sean. i'm just watching the real housewives of chris cuomo. he had a pretty good show today. he made some ramen and then he almost a sort of kind of cried while watching young sheldon. it's put it aside. we don't have much time here, i can hear the music coming on here to play me off. feed me some topics. >> sean: i want to know, adam schiff was holding documents. it's not going to be a good day for adam schiff tomorrow. it's going to be a shift show for him. >> he's going nowhere. he has to be our leader because he wouldn't trust him with anything else in your life. you know, when you first see him you say what's with the 6-foot who doubt? that's why us to do whatever they want him to do if they want
6:52 pm
him to impeach three times a week, he will do it because he has to stay in power. or is just another baffled mentalist doing a mind reader act in a bad las vegas lounge. [laughter] >> sean: oh, man. all right. you have to see the tape we ran earlier. joe is a big liar. he plagiarized back in the day, now he's lying about college. now, i'm not sure if he remembers anything to read he might not have an excuse. >> the kid who sat next to him and scolded him plagiarized. yet again, it was another stellar week for aqua long. he signed a treaty and that piggybacks last week when haley don't like hillary him the endo. she is all in on biden at this
6:53 pm
point. and the bite entering continues to pick up speed. but what they don't realize is joe has fallen asleep on the locomotive. and nobody wants to crawl up to save them because they have to go through the coal car and then lose their democratic environmental bona fide. so he stuck up there right now. i think, pretty soon hillary might do him. i don't think he will see it coming. i think is going to be like joe pesci in the rec room in "goodfellas." i think hillary is going to do him. i think he's going to end up back working the door at the nfl concussion protocol tent. >> sean: you need a dictionary and thesaurus to stick up with him. i've offered to buy her designer ice cream. >> you know why pelosi wants go back to where? she forgot how to use the gavel. people remember when you shut her down, it's a long weekend to reboot her. plus, i think they were running
6:54 pm
terrorists in the void between her ears this week. she had to drop the hanky to start the race. that's why pelosi is bac not ban d.c. >> sean: dennis miller, the country needs you more than ever. i need endorphins, i need the dopamine. cbs were caught red-handed staging fake news. see for yourself, straight ahead. ...we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> sean: turned down a brand-new project. it james o'keefe organization, and what were about to show you will let you would decide for yourself. according to investigators, you can hear the interviews, cbs segment featuring michigan health care facility, grand rapids, appeared to stayed long lines of coronavirus testing sites. they wanted it to be worse than it really is. to take a look. >> "cbs news" corporation, national, staged ace they faked the news. they faked the reality, and broadcasted that to all of their audience last friday on cbs. >> absolutely. >> apparently they wanted more people in the line. >> well we knew they were coming. we didn't know that we are going
7:00 pm
to have to -- >> that in the story they gave turned out to be false. they took them out of the hospital. hannity doubt, we got a great mother's day gift for you. laura. >> laura: why would people need to push panic? we are in the middle of a pandemic. i think people have kind of seen it, they know the tragedies, they understand the cost and the damages. it's bad. i don't think they need to make it any more bad for america. i think we get it. >> sean: the interviews they did with hospital workers -- >> laura: i saw. >> sean: yeah, they're saying if they were taken away from their jobs to go be on the line of so they could have a better staging a fake news shot. >> laura: it's this is -- is they are kind of moving -- there like the cardboard cutout of the academy awards, when people have to go to the bathroom.