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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 31, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> sandra: good stuff. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" begins now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, the white house going on the offensive today as they dispatch a top cabinet member to baltimore. amid the presidents explosive debate with democratic house oversight chair elijah cummings, over the handling of his district. you are watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. a contributor as well, jessica tarlov. in the center seat, fox news contributor stephen hayes is here. "outnumbered," fresh back from a life-changing sabbatical in spain. welcome home. >> steve: it was awesome. >> harris: we held all the news just for you. [laughter] let's hit it. housing and urban development secretary ben carson is backing president trump today during a surprise visit to baltimore amid the firestorm over the president's criticism of
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democrat elijah cummings. carson, who worked as a surgeon in baltimore for more than three decades, says he is working with the president to address conditions in that city. watch. >> i talked to the president over the last couple of days about what we can do for baltimore. he is very willing to work with people here in baltimore, including with elijah cummings. but the president's emphasis is on the people. >> harris: this, as president trump is pushing back against democrats who claimed that his criticisms of cummings and baltimore were racist. >> i think the word has really gone down a long way. because everybody is called a recess now. her own party called nancy pelosi a racist two weeks ago. the word is so overused, it's such a disgrace. i can tell you, i'm the least racist person there is in the world. in some cases there are true, there are people who are racist.
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bad people. with me, they have a hard time getting away with it. and they don't get away with it. >> harris: the president denied reports that criticism of chairman cummings is part of a campaign strategy. watch. >> there is no strategy. i have no strategy. there is zero strategy. all it is is i'm pointing out facts. >> harris: but democrats still are not backing down. senator chris van hollen best of the president on the senate floor. >> we have a duty to speak out when the president of the united states of america engages in conduct that brings us on a disgrace to the office of the presidency. that's what we witnessed once again over the weekend when president trump unleashed a torrent of personal, nasty, and racist attacks on congressman elijah cummings and the city of baltimore. >> harris: and 2020 democratic
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presidential candidate amy klobuchar brought up the controversy at last night's debate. >> well, first of all, there are both people that followed dominic voted for a donald trump or ford that are not racist. they just wanted a better shake in the economy. so i appeal to them. but i don't think anyone can justify what this president is doing. little kids literally woke up this weekend, turned on the tv, and saw their president calling their city, the town of baltimore, nothing more than a home for rats. >> harris: how the story has moved forward and have a secretary on the ground in baltimore. your reaction? >> steve: i think this is backwards. the thing you want to do if you want to solve the problem is send ben carson in advance, to try and have a constructive dialogue with your opponents, and do something about the problem. unfortunately the president attacked first. he went after elijah cummings. he would say because elijah cummings has been attacking him because he's been investigating him, the administration. >> harris: it's also his
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district. >> steve: but it's unlikely this will result in a positive outcome for anybody because of the way that the attack -- >> harris: that's interesting. could an argument be made -- i will double done with you -- good an argument be made for the people of baltimore? even dr. carson said today there are a lot of bright spots there. he said the agency has been concentrating on that area for very long time and that he sees hope there. but now we are talking resources pouring in, potentially. that actually would be a good thing. >> steve: if you live in baltimore and you want to fix the problems in it, of course there are major problems in the city. people have been writing about and talking about it and giving speeches about it, highlighting it for literally years. no one denies there are problems with the city. if you want to solve the problems, and you are the president of the united states, you start by claiming that elijah cummings may have stolen money? or that the finances were mismanaged, the way that president trump did? i don't think you do.
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i think you start by reaching out and doing something productive. >> harris: lisa? >> lisa: obviously he was trying to be intentionally provocative, which he does often to try and change the narrative and draw attention to things he wants attention drawn to. he does successfully. you can criticize the tactic but at least it's successful in trying to draw attention to it. if people say we should deport president trump, and bernie sanders is racist for calling baltimore a third world country, i think the bigger problem is that president trump is right in a sense -- the word "racist" has become so devalued, because the left has long weaponized it as a political tactic against their opponents. >> harris: that even people in their own party. >> lisa: john mccain told a woman during the 2008 election, who called president or at then-candidate and arab, no. that it's not right. representative john lewis still compares them to george wallace, a known segregationist, and says
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he was fostering an environment of hate. so this is marie's been this is where we've been for long time. we devalue these words and use them as a weapon, and they lose their meaning. >> harris: i want to pop up this quinnipiac poll. asking whether they believe the president is racist. can we put that up? so we can actually see it? okay, 86% of democrats say so, but only 8% of republicans agree with that. >> dagen: here's the problem paid all those people you mention, lisa, they're not running for reelection next yea year. the people that you mention, that he has two -- president trump is -- >> lisa: he is running for reelection. >> dagen: i said president. you crack me once, you were right, let's move on. he is the teflon don. he was when he was running three
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years ago. we can insult anyone, say anything, and he got away with it. and he still got elected president. the danger is at some point he won't. he's giving in to with the democrats want. to paraphrase "the wall street journal" editorial page, the democrats want this to be a referendum on his character. they are begging for that. here's the problem, also. 4.4 million voters who came out for barack obama in 2012 stayed at home in 2016. more than one-third of those voters were black. that's an issue. he needs to pay attention to it, because he might get to the point -- and you will never know when it will happen -- he can say whatever he wants, outrageous, offensive, repugnant, and at some point it might hurt him. again, we turn to debating personality and not policy that has benefited black americans, latino americans. >> lisa: but on the policy front president trump could respond to that and say, "the economy has been a record for
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african-americans." he can move forward with the first step act, which drastically impacted african-american men more than any population. he can make these arguments, as well. >> jessica: he could make those arguments but it won't change the fact that he is a racist. that he does racist things. this -- >> harris: those are two different things. >> lisa: talk about weaponizing words. >> jessica: a periphery means you are a racist. telling women of color who are congressional representative to go back to where they came from, when three of them are american from birth, one a refugee who is not a citizen, a racist. thinking the central park five he is guilty even though they've been exonerated, it's racist. hold on. elijah cummings' district contains parts of baltimore. it's also part of the suburbs. it's in the 61st percentile for median income in this country. above mick mulvaney's district, and its 78th percentile in
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poverty. i'm sure president trump loves that because his voters are there. >> harris: i want to step in for a couple seconds. steve, i want you to comment on jessica calling the president racist. based on things that he has -- >> jessica: racist things. >> harris: you can agree people will say something and not actually have the name calling. we've been talking about -- you didn't like it when aoc and a staff member did it for speaker pelosi. it's a loaded word. >> jessica: you think nancy pelosi and donald trump are in the same conversation when it comes to that? i have sat on this couch and been badgered and -- >> harris: that's why i don't like the name calling. it doesn't get us anywhere. >> jessica: that ilhan omar said anti-semitic things, or aoc, rashida tilly. people need to be honest about what he's doing. >> harris: do you think the name-calling helps? >> jessica: i think -- >> harris: call them out on what they say. >> jessica: pc culture -- >> harris: right now we are seeing something that only after the riots did we see underpass
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administrations. >> jessica: that's not fair, though. you want to talk about -- >> harris: it may not be fair, but it's a fact. i want to get feedback on the couch. i can give you facts, too. the poverty level has hovered above 26% for many, many years in baltimore. it has come down recently but it's still unacceptable that it's at 22 plus percent. baltimore has -- >> jessica: why talk about it as a place that no human would want to leave? he doesn't -- >> lisa: that's what bernie sanders said as well there that it was a third world country. >> jessica: this is insane. >> lisa: you're playing a semitic skin. >> jessica: oh, my god, guys. i will remember this the next time we see "it's all about the benjamins," and you want me to sit here and talk about louis farrakhan. >> lisa: you work for a party that -- >> jessica: i don't work for a party. >> lisa: your part of the party, as a democrat, who calls president trump a racist and kisses the ring of al sharpton, who was there during the race riots in crown heights, "no
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justice no peace." you're in a party where alexandria ocasio-cortez points at nancy pelosi and says she's racist. the congressional black caucus caucus -- >> jessica: no human want to live there. >> harris: i appreciate the passion, and i know we will go back and forth, but it's a conversation. okay? when you put your hands in the air and you roll your eyes and be kind of go back and forth, it feels less like a conversation. but that's what we need to be. stephen? >> steve: well, i see i've missed a lot. [laughter] >> harris: you have! >> lisa: welcome back. >> steve: i would say lisa is right when she points out democrats have used the charge of racism against republicans going back years, including the people who didn't observed to be called racist at all. i think jessica is right when she lists a number of things that donald trump has said that art, at the very least, racist comments. i think the attack on judge curiel, from indiana,
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where the implication was that he could decide fairly because he was born of mexican hispanic descent, that's a racist thing to say. if you string those things together, i think that's why you have 51% of americans saying they think he is racist. the problem here is this is what our political debates have devolved into. it's counterpoint, counter attack, counter attack. i don't mean to sound like a pollyanna and say come by all, should we all just get along. >> harris: i sound like that, too. >> steve: at the same time you want to have some positive outcome come out of this. i think it's highly unlikely. >> harris: if we really want to see parts of america grow in those urban development zones at all of that, you're sending a secretary end, i think we can at least look at the fact that there is some tough, stubborn, immutable things, category and statistically, helping in baltimore. it could be a cauldron at times. it's not the entire city.
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it's not everybody. >> dagen: i will add -- >> harris: we can attack it. we can go in and maybe we should of already done that. they again? we do flow should have already done that. >> dagen: and paraphrasing charles payne from the box fox business that were, who's a colleague and the friend prayed lost in all the scum of the the bickering debating, lost in all of it, is the suffering of people in these communities. and not just in baltimore. in chicago and across country. >> harris: will move on. president trump contra voter i.d. laws as democrats tear into senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for blocking election security bills. he says it's about partisan politics. we will debate it. and senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders forced to go on the defensive over there far left policies as moderate democrats pushed back last night. this, as the trump campaign is rolling out its first ad, hitting dems over pushing free health care for illegal immigrants.
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♪ >> if you want a system which gives you freedom of choice with regard to doctor or hospital, which is a system which will not be encrypt you, the answer is to get rid of the profiteering of the drug companies and the insurance companies and move to medicare. >> but now he's talking about a different issue. what i'm talking about is really simple -- we should deal with the tragedy to get everyone's health care right. but why do have to be the party of taking something away from people? >> no one is -- >> that's what they are running
9:19 am
on. they are running on telling half the country they are health insurance is illegal. it says it right in the bill. >> dagen: the growing divide among democrats taking focus during last night's second debate. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders forced to defend their far left policies like medicare for all, as normal modern deponents warned that they could doom the party's chances in 2020. but sanders and warren uniting to defend their position. watch this. >> when i talk about health care, a human right. that applies to all people in this country. under medicare for all, a single-payer system, we could do that. >> this plan be offered by senator warren and senator sanders will tell those union members who gave wages in order to get good health care that they are going to lose their health care because washington is going to come in and tell them they've got a better plan. >> i think democrats win when he run on new solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are
9:20 am
workable, not ferry to. >> there is a lot at stake, and people are scared. but we can't choose a candidate that we don't believe in just because we are too scared to do anything else. >> you are playing into donald trump's hand. the challenge isn't that it's a criminal offense to cross the border. the challenge is that donald trump is president, and using this to rip families apart. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. >> it's time to stop worrying about what the republicans will say. >> if it's true that if we embrace a far left agenda they are going to say we are a bunch of crazy socialists, if we embrace the conservative agenda, you know what they are going to do? they are going to say we are a bunch of greedy socialists. >> the green new deal, make sure americans are guaranteed the government job they want. that's a disaster the ballot
9:21 am
box. you might as well fed ex the election to donald trump. >> i'm getting a little bit tired of democrats afraid of big ideas. republicans are not afraid of big ideas. >> dagen: also last night the candidates looking to make the case that they can be to president trump. take a look. >> this platform is about new solutions, not impossible promises that can beat trump and govern. >> i can do this. i am from the midwest. i run every race, every place come every time. i will govern with integrity. >> i will work to be president trump and -- >> what trump is doing with his racism and xenophobia is demonizing a group of people. as president, i will end that demonization. >> dagen: steve, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders might win on that stage, saying, "you are not far left enough, you are not shooting for the stars."
9:22 am
but if one has to face off against donald trump, they have to defend taking away health insurance, private insurance, from 180 million people. >> steve: very different. it was interesting to hear bernie sanders that he would demonize groups of people after what he said about insurance companies and drug companies and what have you. >> lisa: good point. >> steve: this really was a battle for the soul of the democratic party. we've had so much focus over the past 15 years on the divide among republicans, between ideological conservatives and their more moderate counterparts. we hadn't seen that as much of democrats. largely because barack obama was in office. i think jessica and i would probably disagree about where he fits in the democratic side of things. i think he was pretty far left. but we haven't seen this and it's fascinating to watch it explode out in the open this way. four of the first five democrats who made statements last night went after bernie sanders on elizabeth warren, fairy tale economics, whatever you want to call it. it's very clear though -- and i
9:23 am
think this dates back to the previous election -- the democratic parties on the far left. there is a reason bernie sanders wasn't as competitive as he was in 2016. not just because hillary clinton was a horrible candidate, which she was. >> jessica: something else we disagree about. [laughter] >> steve: you think she was a good candidate? >> jessica: we will talk on the break, but you are. i have some pretty good reasons paid [laughter] >> steve: if you look where that democratic voting basis is today, it's to the far left of the democratic party, and that puts them out of step with mainstream americans. i agree with governor bullock about this would be a gift to donald trump of democrats nominated somebody like elizabeth warren or sanders. >> harris: i talked with a former dnc chair yesterday and governor ed rendell, a somewhat former chief of staff for barack obama and then-mayor of chicago rahm emanuel said. they were saying things along the lines of -- there is more ground to sow by not going far
9:24 am
left in these debates and not attacking each other, but actually coming up with ideas and policy. you know, it may make people -- they didn't say this, but my question is, it may make people sound more wonky come of this is where americans live. they want answers to some of the things happening in their lives. it can get more in the weeds. but that's okay because we have another health care enrollment n november. when you fill out those forms, you are in the weeds. you are trying to make what you have in front of you for your life. how do you think they did on that? >> steve: i think it was a mixed record. probably, as a nets, it was good for the democrats to have that fight to take place. even though it exposes these fissures because you've heard a lot from the left wing, but hey, there are some moderate democrats. this is argument they're making. the balance probably helps democrats, but you listen to some of the things elizabeth warren was saying, the case that bernie sanders was
9:25 am
making when he talked about ending profiteering drug companies and insurance companies. he's not very far away from saying ending drug companies and insurance companies. >> harris: john delaney -- he says you don't understand the business. >> dagen: his bill, for the most part, on medicare for all, it rips that medicare as we know it and it does outlaw private insurance in this country. 70% of americans who get their insurance through their employer are satisfied. they are satisfied with it. so who the heck is he talking to any toxic people in this country with an unemployment rate lowest in 50 years? "corporations don't give a damn about workers?" >> jessica: as an elf into the room and that elephant will be on stage tech. running on the modern platform of the gains of us on the obama administration. i was thrilled to see governor bullock on the stage last night, winning in a trump stage.
9:26 am
montana was 25 and 26 plus for trump. he got into the race late because he was overseeing a medicaid expansion that he got republicans of it with him on. i thought he was the best centrist voice there. he was calm, but he was forcefu forceful. he was saying that these are not the things we can do if we want to win the whole country. the primary is very different than the general election, but i do want to say -- and i thought this going in -- that warren and sandor standing next to each other, you are going see who was the better prepared. >> harris: who was it? >> jessica: it was elizabeth warren for me, hands down. she looks like a happy warrior. he saw her when she went like this one john delaney said he made that money, and she expense policy better than anybody. >> dagen: i thought she has worked on her voice. seriously, i'm not joking. it sounds like -- >> jessica: i have a terrible voice. >> harris: no, you don't! >> jessica: oh, okay! >> dagen: she's very well i've been rehearsed. >> lisa: dagen, i think steve hits the nail on the head.
9:27 am
we saw in 2010, i was at the nrcc, democrats lost singularly for one reason. it was obamacare. if you take away people with private insurance that you take away their health care, it freaks people out and they show up at the ballot box. so i do think that's the danger of democrats if they move forward with bernie sanders' medicare for all. i'm not necessarily saying that a democratic candidate can't win with some of the 6 policy positions. ultimately what would happen if a candidate like that wins is the policy positions will be normalized by the democratic party, they will then be normalized by the media, and then those policy positions will no longer seem so out of sync with mainstream america. >> harris: that's an interesting observation. >> dagen: speaking mainstream america from a lesson of the president during his first campaign ad during the debate. he's a snippet >> raise your hand if your plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> they are all the same. they are giving immigrants free health care at our expense. spending taxpayer dollars
9:28 am
covering illegal immigrants preconference socialized medicine, destroying health care as we know it, and putting immigrants before hardworking americans. the democrats -- radical, reckless, socialist. >> harris: politico reporting that trump campaign team believes you're acting like this to democrats' proposals will actually grow the president's base. an expert reading this -- "trump campaign is targeting working-class voters and union members who declined to support trump in rust belt states he won in 2016. if the theory is right, the advisor said trump can sit back, relax, and watch his base grow." and the communications director for 2020 says "having the democrats openly display policies that will be detrimental to americans will make the choice clear for the base, for independent voters, and everyone else." last night, trump campaign with this, "seem radical democrats
9:29 am
steve? >> steve: i think the ad makes a point. that's a radical position. that all illegal immigrants should get taxpayer-funded health care in the united states. it is not a position that will play well in the midwest. it's not a position that will play well in the rust belt. it's not a position that's going to play well anywhere. i think the president's team is smart to take advantage of that and to drive that point home. see you when you saw pete buttigieg kind of struggle. you're giving him a binary choice, he is kind of talking around the edges of it. >> steve: what do you say? they've already embraced the position. >> harris: and he's in indiana, that's midwest. >> dagen: pete buttigieg's comment seemed like he was debating president trump and all the other democrats on the stage. that he was trying to come out as the best choice. i was sitting at home going, "you got to take on all these people on the stage with you tonight and the people the next night." >> jessica: i thought mayor pete had a stronger debate
9:30 am
night last night. >> harris: he had more talking time. >> jessica: i thought that it will work to better, as well. when you look at where the polling stands, and support from key groups, jim messina pointed out that pete buttigieg has no african work and support. there is no route to the nomination on the democratic side without black support. we have to go. i'm hearing it in my ear. >> dagen: i will give you two words. >> lisa: i don't think anyone -- >> jessica: we are already done! >> lisa: thanks, jess. keeping me honest. i don't think anyone on the stage when it being the democratic nominee. tonight, yes. >> harris: that was close to two words! [laughter] >> dagen: we'll talk about all those voters that trump wants later on. the pressure is on for joe biden when he takes center stage tonight. how higher the stakes as he seeks to rebound from his dismal performance in the first debate? plus, california requiring the president to submit his tax returns in order to be on the primary ballot. what we can expect next, in this
9:31 am
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♪ >> lisa: new in the showdown between president trump and democrats over the presidents taxes. california governor gavin newsom signing a law requiring presidential candidates to release five years of their tax returns before they can be listed on the state primary ballot. the law all but guarantees a legal battle. president trump's lawyer, jay sekulow, already firing off a terse statement saying the state of california's attempt to circumvent the constitution will be answered in court. all this as a federal judge on monday ordering lawyers to try and come up with a compromise in a fight over the president's new york state tax returns. the lawyers for all sides saying in a joint statement, notwithstanding their best efforts, the parties are unable to reach an agreement. pretty straightforward there. [laughter]
9:36 am
steve, the california state law, the president trump campaign charges it's unconstitutional. is it? v6 are not an expert, i don't know the legal ins and outs of this. i just came back from spain! [laughter] i think the president should have to release his tax returns. i was disappointed he didn't do it in 2016. i would love to see them, i think we learn something. we might not learn everything the democrats have theorized her in his tax returns. but i think it's a general practice in the interest of transparency. we should know where our presidents are involved and it would be good to have them out. >> lisa: but should that be up to the voters to decide? if they turn out to support president trump, should that be up -- >> harris: haven't they already voiced it? haven't they already said what they think by the way they vote? >> steve: you can argue that because he won its irrelevant end a past issue. i still think as a matter of principle you should be able to see the finances of the people you have a running country. >> lisa: one thing i thought was interesting is that governor jerry brown in 2017 vetoed similar legislation from
9:37 am
the california state. he said it concerns it was not constitutional. also, a slippery slope arguments that other states could do it. so why did newsom sign this? be for he's a different governor than jerry brown. jerry brown was a wonderful governor -- >> lisa: but are they not relevant? >> jessica: they are relevant for me. i'm not a fan, i think the president should have released them. there's no proof he was under audit. every other president has done it. i think richard neal needs up his game, the chairman of the house ways and means midi. they're the ones who have to "shall furnish" the tax returns too. and c motion would hand them over. there are states controlled by republican governors, that this is the threshold and its interest. he should absolutely turn them over and pay the market people deserve to know who he owes money to, who owns all that debt. we know that the chinese on the lobby. the stories about deutsche bank. it's relevant. >> lisa: dagen, the "los angeles times" editorial board also took aim at this california law saying it's only
9:38 am
going to deepen the partisan divide that already exist in the country. do you agree with that? 's people to absolutely. my question is, what is given newsom up to? what national office does he want to run for? when he governs a state that's incredible beautiful, that is experiencing diseases and homeless encampments that you don't see in developed countries, like typhus. what is he doing? it goes back to the local versus national. why don't we focus on fixing your beautiful state that is awash in riches right now? they have a budget surplus based on his new budget, and he can't fix these problems? and said he's going after president tax return? >> lisa: harris, real quick, before we have to go? >> harris: i thought when he went down to guatemala and he was trying to insert himself in the border crisis conversation -- which would be amazing if you would come up with anything that can actually solve a problem -- but he comes home and it does seem that it's it's a start stp
9:39 am
to someone else. i don't know if it's to nowhere, or what it is with him. if you block a segment of the population from seeing somebody on a ballot over an issue that voters have already technically decided on, it makes me wonder what the real cause is here. and is a slippery slope for a whole host of different reasons? i know we've got to go. >> lisa: has a perfect summation. we believe it there. tonight and were democrats will take the stage in detroit. former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris will be front and center. will the gloves come off, as biden vows to be not so polite. this time? stay with us. tary family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪
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♪ >> jessica: tonight marks around two of the second democratic presidential debates, and all eyes are on front runner joe biden. the former vp will have senator kemal area standing to his left. it will be their first face-to-face encounter since that tense exchange on race and busing during last month's debate. axios reports of a candidates plan to come out guns blazing,
9:44 am
writing, "kirsten gillibrand seems to be adopting a killed biden strategy that appears popular among democrats for the second debates in detroit. they want to boost their own fortunes as harris did when she had biden on desegregation in the first debate. julian castro and senator booker have also criticized biden recently on issues from immigration to criminal justice reform. steve, it seems like they are previewing a little bit of what happened last night, where everyone was "kilburn, kill elizabeth warren." you think it will be successful at strategy? >> steve: it's interesting, because you have these democrats who many of them need a break at moment. they are wallowing in single digits, many of them. joe biden is the average taken on. a lot of them are relatively more moderate. they are not bernie sanders, they're not elizabeth warren. so do they have them on obamacare? health care? where did they go to make those attacks? maybe it's not those other issues you are suggesting, racial politics, immigration,
9:45 am
things like that. but he certainly has to be prepared to be attacked. but he can't be as listless as he was last time. i think it would be a mistake. if he looks like he thinks he's in the driver's seat and he doesn't have to fight for the nomination, i don't think that's going to work. >> lisa: i don't think it's necessarily about the issues in sticking a specific line of attack. i think it's more about joe biden, making him look unelectable, like he's not ready to be president. that is not prepared to take on president trump. i think that's what did the most damage to an and kamala harris because he was caught flat-footed, he couldn't defend himself, he seemed weak and feeble. that's what's more damaging for him, and that's is what should be the broader concern for his supporters tonight with incoming from cory booker and kamala harris. >> jessica: harris, biden support, counter to what people thought, has increased since the first debate and gotten even more solid with african and oregon voters that are his base. what do you think that can beat your beauty to? what do you think could be a breakout moment for somebody?
9:46 am
>> harris: you mean the support among african-americans? he's been writing there for a while, "i'm obama's sidekick and you can keep your health care." that the card he was willing to play and he doesn't need the former president. he said it both ways. we'll have to see how that shakes out among black voters. overall, joe biden has raised the stakes on how nasty it's going to get tonight, right? didn't he say he was going to be polite anymore? i don't even know what that means. i can't imagine him cussing kamala harris out but i can imagine them going more of the attack. >> steve: they've got to be careful. >> harris: i agree whew. not because he has to look like a nice guy. but if you go too far from, "my time is up, i don't really know," to hands in the face, ire, and if nothing else, people will think you are bifurcated. that you don't have a linda standen to me, not being authentic is the worst thing you can be. this is his third bite at the
9:47 am
apple running for president of the united states. the very least he can be as authentic. >> dagen: beto tried that at the airport. >> jessica: biden is in the ridiculous shape. >> dagen: maybe strength to do a vulcan mind meld they go after him on things that are petty and they look like they're picking on the older gu guy. >> harris: i think it comes to the two of them. >> dagen: he needs discipline, he better be prepared. he's known for being undisciplined. >> jessica: top senate democrats taking aim at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell after he blocks election security bills from advancing on the senate floor. now president trump is weighing in on the debate. how he wants to update our elections out of 2020. stay tuned. ♪ with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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for wifi with super powers, get xfinity xfi. and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. august 2. ♪ >> it's just for the benefit of amazon. "the washington post" is for canoes. they actually said that, that mitch mcconnell is an asset of russia? they ought to be ashamed of themselves and not to apologize. >> harris: president trump there yesterday after "washington post" ran an op-ed calling senator mcconnell a "russian asset" for blocking election security bills. mcconnell is also pushing back
9:52 am
against critics calling him a victim of "modern-day mccarthyism." the senate majority leader argues congress and the trump administration are already doing enough, and the bills are democrats putting politics. but one senator and presidential candidate says mcconnell is doing just that. >> totally aligned with the president. the president, i think, once chaos of the election. stop those bills in their tracks. he's doing it, and that's why he's doing it. because it protects their party. i think it's not patriotism. i think it's pure partisanship. >> harris: steve? >> steve: that's nonsense. mitch mcconnell's not trying to help the russians metal in in the 2020 elections. it's really insulting for amy klobuchar or anyone else to say that. he has a long history of being tough on the russians, he laid out in a speech on the senate for the other day. i think it's an absurd attack. i think donald trump is wrong to say "the washington post"'s fake news. it's one of the best newspapers in the country, one of the few that i make a point to read
9:53 am
every single day. >> harris: bases on this point that they are wrong, which is also -- >> steve: i'm not sure he was that specific. he said it was big news. >> jessica: he called a russian asset, the paper. >> steve: he calls mainstream and solid news organizations fake news all the time. one is this about the president or mitch mcconnell >> steve: democrats want to make this about the two of them together. as amy klobuchar just tried to. i think it's more about the president that it is about mitch mcconnell. >> harris: lisa? >> lisa: president trump did that -- wasn't at "the washington post" that ran a column saying mitch mcconnell was -- >> steve: correct. >> lisa: that's a retort, saying "you are" and turning it around on them. there are policy disagreement with the bills in question that mitch mcconnell blocked. for instance, it should be regulated by the states and other federal government. i think mitch mcconnell has points on substance to not move forward with that. >> jessica: was complicated, and i think the argument democrats need to continue to
9:54 am
make, and part of the ad that tom steyer released after bob knew his testimony, where he said the russians are interfering and they are doing t as we say right now. and then the report that they tried to interfere in all 50 states. that they didn't change any of those with a tentative to, and they're doing it now, and soon to be former dni dan coats has said that. christopher wray has said so. we have the visual of mitch mcconnell not even wanting to take up these bills, and -- >> lisa: he supported aid for federal election -- >> harris: let's get back into the policy. again, i know you can dig into that. you can talk about optics. i want to know what the bills actually say. >> dagen: he opposes making it a national system. this is his long-held position. "the wall street journal" even wrote an editorial about it, because a national system, duh, it would be easier to hack than a system in all 50 states. to a point, he supported the
9:55 am
bipartisan senate intelligence committee investigation into the russian hacking. he supported the magnitsky act of sanctions on russia. nobody bothers to look into the history. they just like to cast aspersions. >> harris: steve, how does it work? and all your time on the hill. could mitch mcconnell say, "i don't like any of these, send me something else and we will work on it?" >> steve: the objections democrats are raising our largely procedural. as lisa suggests, mitch mcconnell has long history of advertising advocats and pray there's a lot more they can do, can do, should do, and should make it urgent. >> harris: we'll be right back. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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10:00 am
>> steve: or particularly good day! >> jessica: welcome back! >> dagen: be hope it's the same intensity in the democratic debate tonight. thank you all. we are back tomorrow. noon eastern time. right now, it is all harris. >> harris: thank you, dagen. fox news alert, president trump declaring the witch hunt over after a judge tossed out a dnc lawsuit against his 2016 campaign. the news, it's "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president celebrated a federal judge's decision to dismiss a dnc lawsuit accusing the trump team of conspiring with the russians during the 2016 election. the president tweeted, "it's a vindication and exoneration," and declared "witch hunt ends." he treated more this morning. "such a great victory in court yesterday on the russian hoax. the greatest political scam in the history of our country. treason. hopefully the attorney general
10:01 am
of the united statesll


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