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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the final bell is raining on wall street. it's been a mostly down day, all down throughout the day but not too bad, not too bad at all. neil cavuto has the best in business and the top of the news headlines, and that begins on fox news right now. >> neil: thank you, shepard very, very much. we have two events where following. on the left of your screen, detroit with the democratic presidential candidates will be meeting on day one of that event on the right of your screen, the u.s. federal reserve which will decide the course of interest rates and perhaps by tomorrow at this time the first cut in interest rates and the better part of a decade. we are waiting which is going to matter to you more. with john roberts at the white house following with the president thinks of the ongoing fed meeting. hillary vaughn in detroit. we begin with john. >> good afternoon to you. the fed expected to cut interest rates for the first time since the collapse of the late
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2000s. tomorrow, quarter-point drop was expected but the big question is will jerome powell continue to cut interest rates or will tomorrow's cut be it? the president has criticized powell and complained long and loud that he raised interest rates to quickly last year which has put the united states in a competitive disadvantage by causing an overvalued dollar. the president says the united states can weather the current environment but that he wants more cuts. listen here. >> fortunately i've made the economy so strong that nothing's going to stop us. the fed could have made it a lot easier. i would like to see a large cut and i'd like to see immediately the quantitative type being stopped. >> the quantitative tightening. saying that if powell had followed the same monetary
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policy is during the obama administration, the dow could be 10,000 points higher than it is right now which led to our blake burman task the president today whether it was a mistake to not leave fed chairman janet yellen in place. listen to the president. >> i don't talk about that. i'm very disappointed in the fed. i think they acted too quickly by far, and i think i've been proven right. people have said i was right. they were wrong. the fed is often wrong. the fed is often wrong. >> neil, quarter-point cut expected tomorrow. the big news will be made in jerome paul's accompanying statement. will he be leading towards more cuts in the future? that get the dow little bit of energy tomorrow. the white house pushing back hard against the new law signed by california governor gavin newsom today which will require presidential candidates to release five years of income tax returns in order to qualify for the 2020 california primary.
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in a statement today, the president's outside attorney jay sekulow stay in the state of california's attempt to circumvent the constitution will be answered in court. it's not just the president this could affect. some of the other candidates might not be able to release five years of tax returns either. with the work goes. >> neil: john roberts, thank you. to the men and women who want to make their way to the white house. one of the 20 debating over the next couple days hope to be that person. to hillary vaughn in detroit where night one of the debate kicks off. >> hey, neil. this debate stage, it will put prominent progressive senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren in a head-to-head matchup for the very first time. it will also put a target on their back over medicare for all. congressman tim ryan will be on that stage with them tonight. he already teed up an attack against the idea moments ago. >> i don't think you can square taking private insurance way.
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that's a big problem. you can be for universal coverage, public option, figure out how to make it happen but when you get into the business of taking people's private insurance away from them, it's bad policy because a lot of union members have already negotiated these contracts and gave up wages in order to get good health care. >> 2020 contenders have been running around detroit testing out debate lines with their staff and debate prep but also warming up talking points to target audiences. sanders yesterday took a break from debate prep to meet with rapper cardi b. sanders and cardi b had a 30 minute conversation at a nail bar in downtown detroit. warren arrived in detroit today and stopped by to check out the stage. other candidates claiming sanders and warren have a lot of -- a lot at stake. beto o'rourke spotted running around detroit earlier this morning. in a frank fund-raising email to
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supporters admits a lot is on the line for him writing "it can be a challenge to talk in 30-second snippets about issues that deserve a lot more time, a lot of eyes are going to be honest from the viewers in homes across the country to the reporters wondering how our campaign will fare in the months to come." also looking for momentum, mira pete buttigieg, facing trouble convincing black voters to support him. new quinnipiac poll has him pulling close to 0% among african-american voters but the president today weighing in on who he thinks actually has a shot at the nomination. >> i think right now it will be sleepy joe. i think. i feel he will limp across the line. >> neil, trump's bet for the nomination, former bike vp joe biden will be on the stage tomorrow. >> neil: what if i told you this other event in washington
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could have more of an influence on how this race is shaping up than any of those candidates talking either tonight or tomorrow night. in other words, if the betting is that the federal reserve cuts interest rates for the first time in a decade, does it grease the skids for the president or provide the environment he wanted, demanded from the federal reserve. these democratic candidates notwithstanding. let's go to david bernstein. bill mcgurn, republican strategist alexander wilkes. alexander, you could look the federal reserve likely cut tomorrow as helping donald trump. he's been demanding it for a long time and it could possibly deliver the goods. >> i hope the fed cuts interest rates might help the economy continues to grow. that's definitely something that will lead to the president's reelection in 2020. this is why democratic talking points and rhetoric are so dangerous, right, because it's difficult for the president may be to communicate with the average voter about the fed and their effect on the economy and
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how that's all shaping up in terms of hampering potential growth as opposed to democrats who say some guys are paying their fair share. were going to demand they pay their fair share and give it to you for free. i think the president is going to have to make a large argument that its free-market principles that are underpinning this enormous growth that were seeing. that's why americans should vote g.o.p. because democrats are looking to fundamentally change the way we operate in this country. >> neil: so you prefer the republican. as a g.o.p. strategist, that makes perfect sense. i'm trying to get a gauge, to cut rates at a time the economy is still fairly strong, it's unusual. i'm wondering how this plays ou out. >> if i understood the fed policy, i would be retired in bermuda somewhere living in a mansion. that's part of the problem. it's a little confusing. if you go back to december when they made their move to tighten, there were a lot more troubling signs for the economy then.
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the economy then is more troubling. today it looks. you raise in your loosen. it doesn't to me coherent. >> neil: on the part of the federal reserve. speaker of the president has a beef but it may not be the one he's voicing. all presidents like lower interest rates. >> neil: he says that a lot more often. >> more vociferously. especially if you're running for reelection. i'm not so sure the fed is communicating. shouldn't it be a much clearer measure? shouldn't we have almost no doubt what they're going to do? >> neil: i can see some of the logic. we are worried about interest rates. economies worldwide. i'm wondering, as someone who looks at the democratic party, if this gives the economy more oomph, that would be a detriment to all democratic candidates.
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>> everyone wants a strong economy. we've talked about this before. democrats -- >> neil: a little bit weaker. >> there's no question the president's reelection prospects very much count on this point. we've seen it in the polling. an economic downturn of any type would be the biggest obstacle for the president. i think more important than what outcome the election is this how the economy is actually doing. i do think democrats are proposing a different path forward, which might in the long -- in the short-term not create more stability but i think in the long term, it's the right way to go for many americans. i think there is a fundamental difference here and that's why we have elections. stephen indeed that is why. alexandra, what do you make of the president saying the federal reserve had it been the same during the barack obama administration, thousands of points higher. the economy would be putting in 5% plus gdp quarters.
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he mentioned that in the past. >> i can see its frustration. >> neil: but you don't agree with that. >> i think like bill, if i understood that policy -- >> neil: this is what the president said. >> even still, i think with the president is voicing as a political frustration with where the fed -- >> neil: has the fed not done any of this would be higher? >> i think it's possible. >> i don't know. the economy is pretty strong. those are some of the question marks that you just don't know. my understanding is the fed is supposed to be about stability and so forth. it seems all these other things are factoring in now. >> neil: do you think, normally a cut in rates, advises things are slowing down a tad and a lot of the democratic candidates have talked about the recovery in the bifurcation between the rich. the fact of the matter, most americans like the economy. most americans are impressed with the the -- with what's gog
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on. is it a risky argument for them to make? >> i think it is because it is not a clear, you know, what's going to be different. your see more talk about health care and other issues where there is still dissatisfaction. i don't think -- saying that the economy is good but it should be better. i happen to think that's true but that's not really a good argument to win votes on election day. >> i think where the president could really drive the argument home is continuing to contrast his policies with those of the squad and socialism and fundamentally redefining our country and her academic policies. that's what could really drive home the argument for continued -- >> neil: and don't get on the tangents. >> it's an opportunity for the so-called moderate democrats tomorrow night. part of the problem is some of the democrats -- >> neil: where are they? >> denying the economy, the growth. the last time you would've thought undocumented workers were the main constituency of the party. free health care.
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there's a chance i think for some of these people -- amy klobuchar, a xian on tomorrow or wednesday? they have to be willing to take the heat because it's not going to be popular but they needed if they're going to make it to september. >> neil: the president has been stomping on his own message by talking about other things that i've nothing to do with some of the economic prevents including for minorities, his ongoing battle with the elijah cummings is not settling down. we are talking to a lot of folks who are staying focused not so much on his words but his actions. for african-americans when it comes to those actions, he has delivered the goods. is that true? after this. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose?
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>> neil: you remember this? >> look how much african-american community have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose? by trying something new, like trump. what do you have to lose? >> neil: candidate donald trump telling african-american voters take a chance on him as president. that was his message in 2016. got a lot of votes for that. this is his message now. >> what i've done for african-americans into and a half years no president has been able to do anything like it. unemployment at the lowest level in the history of our country for african-americans. nobody can beat that. look at poverty levels. they are doing better than they've ever done before. >> neil: all right, so is he saying follow what i do, not
1:17 pm
necessarily what i say? fox news contributor, author of how conservative them can win back the americans, due out in november, good read, looking forward to having them on. general caldwell. the president is saying i have said some things that can take some people off but follow my actions, follow the record low unemployment for african-americans. follow it because that is something that proves i'm helping them out as a community. what do you say? >> let me say something that may be considered very controversial but very true. president donald trump from a policy perspective has done more for african-americans than barack obama, george h.w. bush, bill clinton, george w. bush, and just about anybody else combined. when you think about the fact that this president has jumped into do so much -- record low
1:18 pm
unemployment, we talk about the first step act, reauthorization of the second chance act. opportunity zones, pardons. when we talk about all the things his administration has delved into for the african-american community, it something we haven't seen before. this is what's in his first term. when you talk about what do you have to lose, the real question is what do you have to gain, and i think pointing to those many items i just mentioned. >> neil: one of the things the president's comments, go back and then adding in the fight with elijah cummings and by extension al sharpton. i don't need to put them in the same category but it's going to make people forget that, forget the gains you alluded to and forget what he's doing on the economic front. what do you think about? >> let's be very honest. tone does matter when we're having these conversations would you have the bully pulpit is the president and it means a great deal.
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at the same time, neil, i write about in my book, democrats -- liberals, democrats have failed us. we talk about on the southside of chicago where i'm from, any of these instances all the time, baltimore, chicago, detroit, wherever you want to mention in these urban centers, they've taken it for granted. these issues don't just appear. they didn't happen when trump got in office. they've been happening for decades and people have been pleading for help. you know it happens question record falls on deaf ears because the cycle that we've seen in these urban centers are democrats rule and if you get one out you're going to get another one and becomes the same cycle that reverberates throughout our lives. we are trapped in a systematic poverty and victimhood that never changes. now you've got a president who is using his bully pulpit for whatever reason, i don't have to go into whatever reason, whatever his narrative is, doesn't matter. so long as something changes
1:20 pm
because of what he saying, because it what he saying is in fact true. this isn't false narratives. it's reality and it's true for so many citizens across the country that have been hurt under democratic rule. >> neil: i have covered the president for decades since his business days. he might be a lot of things. he's not a particular fan of mine or his fans fans of mine but he might be a lot of things please not a racist. i think what's got so many apps that the words he chooses or that they are somehow coded to imply racism. you know some of the arguments. some of the things. >> can i tell you a political reality for people who look like me? there are people in communities across this country, even working poor white people who are forgetting about trying to make ends meet. they are putting two ends
1:21 pm
together and hoping the meat. this idea that things are so peachy and cream for people of communities of color, it's a false narrative, not reality. >> neil: what did you think? >> what he said was a false narrative. certainly not everyone is going to be happy in anyone situation but we've got record job openings, more job openings and their people to fill them. we talk about what's happening in the appalachian region. coal jobs, factory jobs, african-american unemployment would never be reduced. it will always be high. that's another lie. these are all false narratives that they are trying to combat, especially the presidential candidates. they are trying to combat the false narratives. we are going to raise taxes, $15 minimum wage. it's going to put people out of business when there's a lot of jobs out there that people can go get them. >> neil: you are your own man. you say the good and bad about the president, good and bad about democrats. look forward to the book. always a pleasure having you
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>> neil: oh, boy. capital one is in a world of hurt getting hit with a lawsuit after the massive data breach that affected more than 106 million customers. robert gray of the said to list with latest. >> it's already one of the biggest bank breaches ever so you knew the lawyers wouldn't be far behind. fbi complaints as a hacker got information including social security numbers and credit scores of about 140,000 people. this follows major hacks in recent years act credit reporting from equifax and at
1:26 pm
facebook which exposed data of some 200 million people. even if your data has been exposed in one of these hacks, experts say you are still at risk. >> it can be any combination of information. your name, date of birth, address. that gets pieced together and sold to the dark web in ways that can compromise your identity down the road. >> 33-year-old paige thompson allegedly access to bank data in march to the bank's faulty firewall. she was caught after bragging about it online. she's a former amazon web services employee. she identifies herself online as a hacker. capital one ceo richard fairbanks has in his statement "i sincerely apologize for the understandable wording this incident must be causing those affected, and i'm committed to making it right." first step, most of the involved data is submitted by customers and small businesses that applied for capital one credit cards going back to 2005,
1:27 pm
addresses, dates of birth, self-reported income. the nation's fifth-largest credit card issuer says will contact those affected by the hack and offer them free credit monitoring and identity protection. neil, lawyers jumping right in, slapping a capital one with the class action lawsuit accusing the firm of serious security failures and negligence after they've had multiple past security breaches and clearly have not cleaned up their act, according to these lawyers. >> neil: robert gray, thank you very, very much. it's interesting, david, i guess in capital ones case, a lot of this is uploaded to the cloud, amazon's cloud. not that that in and of itself is dangerous but a lot of banks avoid doing that for fear of something like this. is it going to give them even more pause going forward? >> a lot of companies are trying to shift towards the cloud
1:28 pm
because of the esa views. it can cause issues when you have ease-of-use and numerous configure something. it's traditionally not moved to the cloud because of security concerns and privacy concerns. we are seeing it be more and more common for the financial industry to start to leverage the cloud more and more. usually with less sensitive data. the fact that it's been out since 2005 and there's one over 106 million records, it's an alarming number. >> neil: when you say less sensitive data, credit reports, social security numbers or credit applications, cards or home equity loans. when that kind of stuff happens, that's pretty sensitive data right there. >> that is. normally what i'm talking about on the sensitive data, anything that's what we call person identifiable information or anything they could be related to you. credit card numbers, things like that that are related -- >> neil: stuff that people can
1:29 pm
steal and use. >> absolutely right. anything you can leverage. sales information might not be as sensitive. trading information that isn't relevant to specific individuals, those might be less sensitive. all of these are what we typically see the cloud being leverage for. when it comes to protecting your personal information, having encryption in place and having good controls is what we would consider best practices, especially in the finance industry. >> neil: the finance industry has a lot of stuff on a lot of people, whether you're investing through them, credit cards, mortgages, equity loans. how should they handle it? they've got a lot under their umbrella, particularly traditional banks that have merged with financial institutions or brokerage types. that's a lot more data that's at risk potentially, right? >> that's right. if you look at historically with equifax for example, substantial
1:30 pm
amount of information on individual people. same thing for the financial institutions. if you look at your social security number, it's going for sense, not multiple dollars. it's not relatable to the underground market but you put together financial information bank accounts, addresses, those pieces of data that can be sold for a pretty good yield and the underground market, those types of things are things that definitely need to be protected. social security numbers as well. less of a monetary value. encryption is something that's a proven science around trying to protect information. the fact that we have unencrypted data sitting in cloud infrastructure is for large periods of time is an alarming trend and needs to change. everybody needs to do a better job. i think i'm on a different credit monitoring services. it doesn't help me after the bridge. >> neil: if they go through to
1:31 pm
you, all bets are off. david kennedy, thank you very, very much. china and the u.s. are back talking. right now talking about trade. is the president saying today that there deliberately dragging their feet hoping that he's not reelected and they can deal with someone else? after this.
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>> neil: a lot of companies posting earnings. apple is one of the bigger ones. we look for some direction.
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>> i think if china had their wish, they would wait until after the election. they will. trump loses and then they will make a deal with a stiff. >> neil: the stiff could be sleepy joe. we have no idea. the present making it clear that maybe one explanation for china dragging its feet is that they hope he's not the guy. blake burman at the white house on how things are faring. >> we had an interesting start to the day because as steve mnuchin, and robert lighthizer were in shanghai, they were in direct talks. here at the white house, president trump was tweeting and he was heavily critical of china. the president writing at one point that china is not following through on a promise
1:36 pm
large-scale agriculture by and suggested that china might try to wait him out until november 2020. then he also had this morning. he wrote at one point: "the problem with them waiting, however, is that if and when i win, the deal that they get will be much tougher than what we are negotiating now or no deal at all." that begs the question, if the president thinks that china might be trying to wait him out until the election, does that mean there might not be a trade deal until november 2020 at the earliest? i put that question to the president. >> china would love to wait and hope. they would just love if i got defeated so they could deal with summary like elizabeth warren are sleepy joe biden. china is dying to make a deal with me. whether or not i will do it.
1:37 pm
it's up to me. it's not up to them. >> the president continued to highlight china's economy on several different occasions, noting that its last gdp reading was the lowest gdp reading that country has had and 27 years. the president said he thinks at least in part his tariffs are the reason why. >> neil: i'm wondering if you haven't nickname, what could it be? we can't call you sleepy blake burman. >> i am up too early for that. white house plate? >> neil: we will work on it. not going to do something. >> they call me business blake every now and again around here. >> neil: you're too young. thank you very much. getting reaction. james carr final joins us. if you'll indulge me on this china issue the president is taking the maybe china would prefer to deal with another president, not this one, and
1:38 pm
we'll just drag its feet until it has one. >> i have a slightly different read because i do agree china, north korea, iran, in many ways they're trying to run this out to see the results of the election but i see signs that they increasingly think trump is going to get reelected. what this means for the chinese is having to cut a deal and then trump is gone, it's no big deal but if they cut a deal and trump is still there, he's going to pressure them. he's been tough in the negotiations. they need to do a real deal and so they've got to fight hard for the deal because they will have to deal with it after the election. i think that is their calculus. >> neil: let me switch to north korea. what is that calculus with continuing to do these tests? technically not in violation of what they promised they wouldn't do but they are provocative and the course do know the
1:39 pm
relationship, kim jong un and president trump. i'm wondering what his strategy is with north korea. >> you have to remember this is based on not conjecture but based on an assessment of their external behavior. we don't have the intelligence. we don't know what they're really thinking but looking at putting it in the context of what they're doing. i think from the north korean perspective, what has changed question like the only thing that's really changed in the last decade that might make them willing to do a deal is trump. if trump is in there after 20, than i think they want to wait to see if trump is still around. having said that, you can't sit around and do nothing for 18 months. what the north koreans have been doing is kind of a very modest level of just provocation. they have cards to play and make people know. they're really not sending real science that the negotiating process is in danger or they are
1:40 pm
really interested in escalating. i think they are marking time to see if trump is coming back. >> neil: will watch closely. thank you. there was no new iphone announcement in the latest quarter for which apple is reporting much better than expected topline and bottom-line growth. on the revenue front and how much they are earning on the revenue. yet with all of that, iphones were selling off the charts. we had a record number of them going out the door, for the latest quarter, and science that bigger things could be coming because after hours the stock is up some more. a company that some say is a proxy on us and technology and retail all-in-one after this. and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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1:44 pm
disproportionate interest not only in financial communities but a lot of people during earnings season. this is like christmas time for charles payne. he loves earnings season. do not bother him. don't say you want to go on for lunch? no, no, no. crunching numbers. you've had a chance to look at the apple store. >> this is a really great quarter for apple in the sense that they've improved a couple things. these seals could be flat in china and they could do okay because they have other markets. they are more than just the iphone. the release that came out, they use superlatives. accelerated growth in wearables and strong performance in ipad and mac. >> neil: i built a career on that kind of stuff. >> iphone sales were down, like $4 billion. >> neil: year-over-year. >> the ipad surge in the wearables, people are finally -- $5.5 billion in wearables.
1:45 pm
this is through the roof and what apple is really doing well in his services. it's no longer move your one-trick pony. >> neil: what does it say about us, charles? off the tides covered this idea that this could tuber as been remarkable in the latest confidence >> third-best competence numbers since 2000. here's what's happening. our incomes aren't going up and so are our savings. we have become a different kind of consumer post great recession. i think you have to hearken back to the great depression. people no grandfathers, they called them misers. no, they were scarred. even though we are not scarred to that degree, we have a certain amount of discipline that i think is great because i think it's the underpinning to the stock market rally in its economy. when we spend, we spend on something like these apple products. we pick and choose. >> neil: the latest savings numbers. where are we now?
1:46 pm
>> december 2007, the month after the great resection began, it was 3.4% savings rate. now it's more than doubled. wages have surged since then, jobs have surged. we are not willy-nilly spending money. i think the american consumer have as been scarred and a good way. we moderate. were not getting over our skis. >> neil: this trade thing, it's a variable that can encourage and give americans pause. >> the headlines do. the same report of the prior month side's biggest monthly decline in 15 months. you go back to december, we had won the biggest surges ever in wages, one of the biggest declines ever and spending. i've put it all to headlines, headlines of recession. people saw them and started to react. almost became self-fulfilling. >> neil: one of the things
1:47 pm
we've also talked about is there's no real wage inflation. the federal reserve is poised to address that reality. you've been talking about this. long before the president was bemoaning the fed rate hikes that it was chasing a ghost that wasn't there. if they cut rates tomorrow by a quarter point, then what? >> i think wall street will be okay with it. people anticipate more. without a doubt, i think universally most people think that the rate hike in december was unnecessary. january 4 is when jerome powell had his epiphany and shared it with the world. most people weren't paying attention. he said wage inflation isn't the same as price inflation. we dashed in the past whenever wages started going up in the unemployment rate was low, the fed was start raising rates. he saw something and said i'm going to allow mainstreet to
1:48 pm
make money, wage increases that they haven't had in decades. without putting speed bumps in the way and it's been remarkabl remarkable. >> neil: which is more fun, earnings season or the fed decision tomorrow. >> tomorrow. i've got an all-star panel. a guy named neil cavuto's going to be there. >> neil: you need to get out. you need to have fun. >> you guys were talking about fishing. yet, i would rather crunching apples numbers. >> neil: remember what he was saying in december when the whole bottom up on the market falling out and ruining christmas and people are saying what are we going to do and he said it's a buying opportunity. if you listened to him then you probably would be watching now. it's okay. we move on. special coverage on the fed move starts tomorrow.
1:49 pm
we will take you through the whole hour. charts he digs up from the venetian times. more after this.
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1:52 pm
>> neil: the senate for -- >> the house of representatives has passed this last week and theres always concern here on capitol hill about bill sitting on for too long in getting stale. the political enzymes start to eat away. president trump has blown up some of these deals before. senate minority leader chuck schumer is very concerned. >> i believe we should do this today. it's the most important thing we can do. treasury secretary mnuchin has said there is a danger to the
1:53 pm
debt defaulting. let's get it done now. i ask speaker mcconnell, leader mcconnell on the floor today, let's get it done today. there would be no democratic hold up. >> some concerned the republicans are wary about the bill because there are no spending controls. john kennedy is the republican senator from louisiana. he said he is not a know he's a hell now. they might need democratic senators who are away at the debates to come back and vote. there's only 65 house republicans who voted for it last week. democrats in the house, 219. i talked to the senate appropriation committee chairman richard shelby in a he said if it doesn't pass, will have chaos. do i know it's going to pass? no. >> neil: did singer katy perry actually copy from a christian
1:54 pm
rap song? a jury apparently think so. we listen, then you decide. your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause)
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♪ >> neil: all right, you probably know that song from katy perry, but you know this one? ♪ doesn't sound a little too similar? well, the color for inured jury seems to think so what happens next? what happens now? they found it a little too similar for comfort. >> they did and they found that
1:58 pm
she, in fact did, was doing copyright infringement. so, the big question is, how much will this cost her? typically, when there is a music, or sounds, or book that you copy from, you do a licensing agreement. we are going to be in the clear. that didn't happen. in fact, it according to perry, she only heard it after the lawsuit was filed. >> neil: can you give me a ballpark of what that might be? >> it's a california jury. i mean, i would not be surprised if it was the high seven figure figures. yes, because think about the amount of money katy perry made from this. it shouldn't all go to joyful
1:59 pm
noise, because her celebrity, of course, propelled it. fundamental right in our american. big payouts, and i hope, for katy's sake. i hope that she doesn't have to personally write this huge chec check. >> neil: i guess that happens, but real quickly, as a lawyer, what do tell artists going forward? >> you have to come across your teas and dock your eyes. you have to do everything in your power to make sure this doesn't happen. she was so sure that she was going to make this happen.
2:00 pm
protect yourself on the front end, and protect your property. >> neil: i'll just leave it at that. all right, natalie. thank you very much. now, here comes the five. ♪ >> hello, i'm jesse watters, and this is the five. president trump is not backing out dominic down. he's also taking direct aim at al sharpton for trying to make his criticism about race. watch this. >> i pointed out that tremendous corruption has taken place in baltimore. people have called from baltimore thanking me so much, because all that money that's been spent over 20 years has


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