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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 25, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> james: there will be chuckling. but no tickling. >> katie: none of that. >> dagen: thank you, leslie and katie. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern time. here now, the one and only harris faulkner. >> harris: thank you, dagen. fox news alert now, the fallout from former special counsel robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill continues. president trump claiming a victory, a big win, as democrats vowed not to at the brakes on the various investigations. this is "outnumbered overtime," and merrill faulkner taking a victory lap and calling mueller's hearing a devastating day for the democrats. after seven hours of grueling sessions across two committees of the formal special counsel, fell short of the bombshell testimony many democrats had expected. but they say mueller refuted some claims. key ones made by the president, as they vowed to move forward with their investigation. joining us now, first up, cut democrat gives us a lien is very outspoken when it comes to things
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like impeachment. thank you for being the program. first fall, one of the people to push for impeachment of the house. congressman al green has said there were no moments. it wasn't what you had hoped for. did you really think bob mueller would talk outside the confines of the report? he didn't. >> i don't think anybody should have expected to speak outside the confines. i certainly didn't. what he did say is that his investigation began because there was a broad and systematic attack on our democracy by the russians. but it was not a witch hunt, not a hoax, and he did not exonerate the president. then he walked through ten specific instances of obstruction of justice. the president tried to have him fired by directing don mcgahn to fire him, the president reaching out to corey lewandowski and trying to get them to tell the attorney general to limit the special counsel investigation. it's what i expected, he walked the american people for that. i think people were expecting some explosive moment don't know
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him. >> harris: i think we believed him when he stood up at the lectern that day, that he was announcing his moving on and resignation. that's exactly what was going to happen. people could read the report. that's what we saw yesterday. but we also saw -- years david axelrod, formerly of the obama administration, saying he wasn't used to be six years ago. the last tyrese i'm speak like this publicly. lost a step in some regards. what happened yesterday? he was asked several questions over and over. didn't even know what fusion gps was. >> the reality is there should be more focused on the content of the report the results of the investigation. >> harris: you didn't need him to get that, that was my point. that was a man that was put up there. you can argue whether it was preparation, you can't argue participation, congressman. he even shared with us as a public, he was barely part of that report. >> i disagree.
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i think mr. mueller competed a very thorough investigation. i think he relayed the important information to the american people yesterday. i think we should not get lost on style and really focus on the substance of his findings. the report contains damning and frankly overwhelming evidence of misconduct by the president. he was the first witness to come before the committee and walk us through it. he reports in the future, from others who have firsthand knowledge. i think he was a serious witness, i was a criminal defense lawyer. i've seen prosecutors, they are people with very few words. hence the questions and confirm -- >> harris: i don't think anyone doubted he was serious. but he was conflicting even what was written in the report, about collusion and conspiracy and the usage of those words. whether one equaled the other. what he said and we could go back and read didn't match up. we had a former member of the doj due on the couch with us yesterday as this was breaking and reacting. don't just take my word for it. we've talked with experts. senator graham add this to say
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after the meal hearings. they want to get your reaction. >> donald trump is stronger tonight than any time in his presidency. it's a greater need today than it was before. it's clear bob knew it was not in charge of this investigation. like every american who cares about the rule of law, we have to find out how this started and white went on so long. >> harris: congressman celine, you hear from senator graham there. we know from people in your own party that there was not a moment. when you take all of it, why are a lot of? >> we can all agree that preserving our democracy from a foreign attack is our collective responsibility. we were attacked by the russians in a broad and systematic way. we have to make sure that doesn't happen again. the president proceeds to try and obstruct the investigation of that. we heard ten specific examples of serious misconduct by this president. so there's a number who have said that the time is come to open a formal impeachment inquiry to make a determination
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as to whether or not articles of impeachment should be filed. we have a responsibility called the rule of law in this country. no one is above the law, including the president of the united states. >> harris: what will you do about nancy pelosi connection might not agree with you in that way. real quickly. >> we will continue to engage in discussions about what is the best path forward, and i think it will continue to reflect the consensus of the democratic caucus. >> harris: will be watching. great to see it from rhode island. >> thank you. >> harris: kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, joins me on the white house lawn. thank you for being with me today. i don't know what you could hear their of david sicilian. >> i heard it all. frankly, i've heard it all. they're trying to do acrobatics to pretend this is about election protection. that they needed bob mueller there to amplify the report. you correctly called him out. they can't make up their mind. they want to work on every investigation, every fantastical, phony -- there will never be taken. every impeachment measure, and
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not fought dominic 60 some laws, drug price-fixing, health care. we have so much to do in this country. were sitting for a sitting member of commerce do not admit whatever but he so happened yesterday, this was seen by most americans as a political exercise, not legal exercise. i saw him as somebody being used and abused like people by people like that comes when you can't move on with the business of american. they can't get over the 2016 election. they haven't a clue how to beat him in 2020. when they aren't losing impeachment resolutions, 323-95 last week, they are stirring up trouble with bob mueller. harris, we've seen the polling. very few americans admit to having read the report and we know that includes bob mueller. he hasn't read it. >> harris: there were some points of fact when it comes to how much he was president, and
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he gave those to us. not all of this is everybody looking at it and seeing what they see when he said he didn't participate in many or most of those 500 interviews on a report that has his name on it. that is something that journalists really need to press in on. however, we were also focused in on a couple of other things, and that was that this had a mock trial-like rehearsal, representative eric swalwell wouldn't give any details on that, but it happened. yesterday, it didn't seem like there have been much rehearsal. jerry nadler's cross examination of him off the top maybe a little bit. but to seem to not be able to answer basic questions -- what are republicans -- not republicans necessarily, but what you people watching this, what do they think about the mueller report and the credibility of it? >> very little, because it's clear to many people that those investigators whom the president has correctly called out, as some have a partisan bend
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dominic bench from beginning, one of the top investigators was that hillary clinton's not-so not-so-victorious victory party on election night. while we were celebrating mr. trump's victory. that's more important now in my view, because i think some are using bob mueller to imbue this investigation and the ultimate report with his credibility and legitimacy. and he wasn't having any of it yesterday. while we are investigating the investigators, while america has that right to know how this all goes started the place, peter strzok and lisa page and mccabe and the rest of them, we should know by the process behind scenes of the mill investigation. remember, we were all told on this network and others, we were all led to believe that mueller works in quiet. he's not a camera hog, he's not going to speak for the camera. as all top-secret. but we know he's going to come out with an indictment and an impeachment referral. it turns out maybe he was working in secret because others were working secretively and furtively with him there in the front. he saw that. >> harris: there are questions about how engaged he really was.
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>> he went from 0%, had to drop out of the phony presidential race to being on both committees, and i will tell you, when they were doing their hearing, i took my son to see the rolling stones in philadelphia. that's how i prepared for mueller, because what is there to prepare? we knew he wasn't going to indict the president. >> harris: i want to get to one of the members of the four progressive congresswomen who have been called "the squad tree" taking fresh and with the president. congresswoman ilhan omar wrote a "new york times" op-ed, "the president of the united states is using the influence of our highest office to mount racist tax on community's across the land. we must affirmatively confront racist policies." that's omar. all this is a new fox poll shows a huge partisan divide when it comes to whether the president's tweets about the squad have crossed the line. 33% of republicans surveyed felt that he had crossed the line. your comments on all of it? >> i think it's very
10:10 am
disappointing that "the new york times," their headline about mueller makes it sound like it was a good day for the mueller investigators and the democrats who want to do everything up on capitol hill except for harass the president of the people closest to him. it's such an overly anti-semitic member of congress. just last week, she pulled another stunt with her anti-bds. the boycott, divest, and sanction, to not help israel to, to punish israel. that field 398-17. cnn called it divisive. it sounds like decisive come must have been a spell check and was after their impeachment folly failed, and they are giving a person a platform and never fact-checking her. just ten days ago, harris, and that silly press conference were none of the democratic leadership would stand with them, by the way, ilhan omar lied many times. nobody is out there
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fact-checking. where is the fact-checkers where they say people are drinking toilet water connect falls. where the fact-checkers where she says, "because of health care policy, millions of americans are dying." nobody fact-checked her. i want to jump in on one fact and pop that up. about a third, 33% come of republicans are also saying that the president went over the line. what do you say about that? does it look like going forward? more importantly. >> the president's point is that americans and certainly people who swear an oath to office should love this country and stop attacking this country and the customs and border protection, and i.c.e. these four women in the so-called "squad," they voted against humanitarian aid, the package. they are the only four to do that. that's not just frustrating, that's outrageous. they voted against a billion dollars of aid that is already helping those families. they have lot come they
10:12 am
have lost complete moral authority. >> harris: republicans against a thing of the president does is a big number. >> they may not like the tweets, but the love the fact is president is presiding over the greatest economy, that he stands up for the flag, the military, the veterans. i was just with him as they were swearing in the new secretary of defense. a beautiful, full honor ceremony. people, men and women are uniform, or happy this president is their commander in chief. >> harris: as a formal military brat on the record, it was beautiful and we carried it. let me move on. the house oversight committee postponed whether to hold you in contempt with not supplying dell not comply with a subpoena to testify last week. where did those negotiations stand at this point? >> chairman cummings but that message out so i will let it speak for itself. i can't comment further on that. >> harris: he says it's to see how you move forward. speak about the positive step, in my view. >> harris: kellyanne conway, thank you. i appreciate the time.
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>> thank you. >> harris: nancy pelosi in alexandria because sue cortez have to admit face to face tomorrow amid an ongoing public feud. i just heard from counselor to the president kellyanne conway, talking about the division. will it be enough? this meeting with the two women among the screen, to ease party divisions. keep watching. ♪ one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family,
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>> harris: puerto rico's embattled governor, ricardo >> come stepped out over public outcry over messages deemed misogynistic and homophobic. they erupted into cheers when hearing of his resignation after days of massive demonstration that at times left san juan paralyzed. i want to bring in now movies were to know , a former governor of puerto rico.
10:18 am
could have been the program. >> is my pleasure. >> have you ever seen anything like this in part to be good? >> it is certainly a first, and actually people from all walks of life. both sides of the aisle. every religion. they joined, in this effort. certainly. people weren't just disgusted, and disillusioned, but felt the need to speak up and let their voices be heard. >> harris: i want to talk about this from two perspectives. you got the cultural, offensive-type messages that were really the reason why rossello left with people in the streets. you also have corruption. questions about investigations coming up. tell me what's happening with the latest on that. what kind of money are we talking about post-maria that people didn't see? >> of course. we have a significant effort,
10:19 am
actually, for the reconstruction of the island. there is a concern, even though what has surfaced thus far does not actually include any of those funds. it is enough for people to be concerned that those funds won't go on the right direction. again, it's tens of billions of dollars that will be invested in the next years and people demand accountability. they demand the funds be used properly and they demand full transparency, as well. >> harris: what happens -- it's interesting to see what you're saying, because i had read about the amount of money coming from congress next. the concern is, as it arrives, is taken care of that? who will be taken care of it? with the transition of government in puerto rico right now going to look like? >> of course. first of all, fema had an important rule important rule. >> harris: but they are not running puerto rico. >> exactly. on top of that, there is a state
10:20 am
agency that has to handle this. there's got to be a transition period august 2nd, which is next friday, is the date for that as our state constitution provides. normally, the secretary of state would take over, but he also resigned. at the state it will be the attorney general, unless the leaders of the state legislature can agree on someone that actually could pass muster between now and then and become the new secretary of state. and take over when the current governor resigns. when the resignation is official. >> harris: will the country stay calm between now and then? >> the u.s. territory has always been calm. the last time -- in my lifetime, i've never seen anything like this before. my parents were telling me. most of the protests were not just pacific and calm, but there was festivity all throughout. >> harris: former governor
10:21 am
governor luis fortuno. i appreciate time, we will watch what's happening. attorney general william barr direction the federal government to reinstate the death penalty for the first time in nearly two decades. we will get into it. stay close. ♪ you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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>> harris: fox news alert, attorney general william barr has announced the department of justice will resume capital punishment for the first time and more than 15 years. moving forward with plans to execute five inmates currently on death row. david spent with the news in washington. david? >> harris, this is significant because this would bring back the death penalty to a federal level. right now it's done on a state-by-state basis, but that will soon change according to an announcement from the department of justice in the last few hours. the last federal execution took place in 2003. there have been 37 carried out since 1927. one of those being oklahoma city bonner don't like bomber timothy. they
10:26 am
announced all by lethal injection. five men will be put to death. they were convicted of raping, killing, and to be using either the elderly or the children. it will be executed starting in december in terre haute, indiana, at a federal prison there. only three below died from federal executions since the government restore the practice in 1988. the last one was louis johnson 2003. you see them right there. he was convicted of kidnapping, raping, and killing a young female soldier named tracy mcbride. she was just 19 years old. general barr said in a statement released today that the justice department upholds the rule of law and we owe it to the victims and their families to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system. these five are just the beginning, according to the doj. they will be more. right now there are 62 inmates on death row, 61 men and when women
10:27 am
don't like woman. >> harris: thank you very much >> how many of the proximally 500 interviews conducted by the special conference did you attend personally? >> very few. >> you wrote a letter to the attorney general essentially complaining about the media coverage of your report. did you write that? >> i can't get into who wrote it. the internal deliberation. >> but you signed it. did you authorize the letters released to the media, or was it leaked? >> i have no knowledge on either. >> harris: hours of testimony from robert mueller, raising big questions about how involved he actually was as special counsel in his two year long investigation. republican congressman mark meadows treated this. "you are still struggling to answer even basic questions. he can't accurately remember facts, evidence, or his own conclusion. folks, this guy didn't run the investigation. his team of resistant democrats
10:28 am
did and they used it as a weapon to target a president they hated." the power panel now. alex wilkes, executive director for america rising back. brad gerstman, former consultant to eliot spitzer. both attorneys. alex, i will start with you. republicans looking back on this yesterday, how would you encapsulate it? >> i've got to be on this i looked at that hearing yesterday and i see a set up. i see a guy who is objectively served his country. whether it's in the marine corps, as fbi director, he has clearly had a storied career. all of the sudden he's of the he is a before capitol hill and unable to answer the most basic of questions about an investigation that bears his name. that so much was riding on. i have to think it was andrew weissmann and the group of democrats that were involved with the investigation that were the ones behind the leaks. that were driving the narrative,
10:29 am
and driving, quite frankly, part two of the investigation which focused on the obstruction >> harris: wow. it was sad to watch. i don't know, for democrats, how they come back from al green and others today saying, "there were no moments." those are the purveyors of impeachment in the party. >> there are two parts to what you're asking. i don't think it was sad. >> harris: watching him struggle wasn't sad? >> james: if anyone understands -- i'm a former prosecutor, anyone who knows what a prosecutor does, the lead prosecutor in a vast, wide-raging investigation, you stand on top of this thing and you aren't in the weeds. they are asking questions that put him into the weeds. yes, he was the person who signed off on the report. >> harris: it was pretty basic though, brad. collusion and conspiracy -- >> he did a great job of referring to the report and he wanted them to understand he's relying on the report. >> harris: i will hit with this -- she was confused by questioning many times. even saying at one point, "if
10:30 am
it's in the report, i believe it." then why did he contradict it talking about collusion and conspiracy? what is up with that? >> i didn't have a report memorized sitting there. there is some leeway this man has staff. >> harris: you know what i know about you? something has your name on it, brad gerstman is coming to play. that's what i know. >> it's complicated, there are a lot of interviews. they weren't as extinct questions as they could have been. it's got to give the guy a little leeway. the point is -- first of all, there's the political point. should the democrats be pursuing this? the second point -- >> harris: should they? >> no. any democrat i speak to who is worth their salt says, "let's get forward, we want to hear what these candidates have to say. we want to get off this." it's not doing them any good. they won't go to impeachment anyway, so just drop it. you know what? merely did a good job of playing -- we said one thing, basically. "just read my report."
10:31 am
>> harris: that's what he said he was going to say. why did they think -- had come alex. >> he didn't just say "read my report." at times he said, "if what you are saying is true and it's in the report, that's what i believe, too." but they were coming as if this thing was the holy bible, waiting for jesus christ himself to explain what was going on. they did not get the religious awakening they are hoping for. >> i don't disagree. the democrats made a bet that they were going to do something tremendous by getting him to elaborate on the report. >> harris: adam schiff, house intel chair, said he would bring it to life. did he? >> no. >> harris: we'll move on. good to see you both. thank you. nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez are set to meet face-to-face and iron out their differences. are we bringing the iron? will they forge a new alliance, or is this just an effort to
10:32 am
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>> harris: this is breaking, the u.s. marine corps has said now 16 marines at camp pendleton have been arrested for alleged involvement in various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses. an additional eight marines were taken aside to be questioned on their involvement in the alleged drug offenses unrelated to today's arrest. we are told none of the marines arrested or detained for questioning served in the operation along our southern border with mexico. we will continue to follow this breaking story, bring you the developments as they come into our newsroom. the u.s. is confirming north korea launched two short t range and nestles earlier today, the first such test since president trump and kim jong un kim jong un's historic meeting at the dmz last month. the north fired those missiles from the eastern city, in the sea of japan. in a move seen as a tactic to pressure washington as it works
10:37 am
to get nuclear talks back on track. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. jennifer? >> harris, it's notable that when the president was here at the pentagon that neither he, the vice president, nor the defense secretary mentioned north korea at all. a defense official who reviewed latest intelligence of today's lunch is that they fired a new type of short range ballistic missile. the first missile flew 270 miles early thursday morning, but the second one fired later as the one they are most concerned about. it flew roughly four to 30 miles, putting all of south korea in its range. >> the missiles are considered to be first strike weapons. clearly, south korea has got to be concerned. >> u.s. officials say that thee similar to ones fired in may,
10:38 am
but the missiles lodges morning appear more powerful. the first since early may. in the first since president trump met north korean leader kim jong un at the dmz last month. the missile launches come two days after kim jong un was photographed at a north korean ship yard where a new type of submarine is being constructed. the launch took place as president trump's national security advisor john bolton wrapped up a visit to seoul, south korea. >> there are many challenges out there, some in this part of the world and some in others, but i'm confident that our okay and the u.s. will work very closely to solve them. speak of the cameras you must turn to drive a wedge between the president and bolton, who ty called a warmonger and human defect, following comments he made in may after north korea's last missile test. >> harris: jennifer, thank you very much. house speaker nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez are set to meet face to face tomorrow in
10:39 am
an effort to mend recent divisions within the democratic party. this comes nearly one month after a dispute over an emergency border spending bill set off a war of words between pelosi and those four progressive members in congress. you see their pictures there. i want to bring in a congressional reporter for politico. melanie, as we look at this, is this really for mending inside the party or is this for a public show that they are not so slick? >> there is a desire within the democratic caucus to squash this. pelosi has been at odds with these four progressive women. she's been trying to sideline them. we even saw the democratic caucus put out a treat if you weeks ago, they went out and deleted it. as will the joint statement of unity. as it is either , and i think it will be the last step in the process of healing these wins. but there is a risk of the tensions flaring up again.
10:40 am
i think that's because of the impeachment question. you have these progressive women who are pushing for impeachment, including aoc, but speaker pelosi really remains unmoved. she just said this effort is premature but they still have court cases that they need to hear from before they make a decision on impeachment. so yes, while the tensions of cooled, they have the risk of flaring up again in the coming months. >> harris: i want to talk about something i think is the bigger issue in all of this with regard to the 2020 democratic candidates. the president of the united states, and we had kellyanne conway on earlier, we talked about these four progressive congresswomen, as well. politically, for him, this has been victorious. because he's able to force democrats to get behind people who are much more, perhaps, politically radical in their socialism and their platform, so on and so forth. some of the incendiary comments from the four women, as well. he forces democrats into a box, with the argument across the
10:41 am
aisle from the right. what does nancy pelosi hope to do to defuse that? that's a big issue. that's an overarching issue. >> you are exactly right. on the one hand, there is a benefit to having a united democratic caucus heading into 2020. democrats say they want to really unite around the common goal of defeating the president at the ballot box. on the other hand, there is that risk of the centrist democrats being tied to the aoc wing of the party. not every modern democrat here in the house wants to be associated with these women. they don't want to be pegged as socialists or far left liberals. i think that makes it difficult for them to do that, when you have pelosi hugging these women tightly, rallying around the squad. he won all you have to do is look at recent polling that shows that if president trump goes against somebody with the word "socialist" next to their name, generically he wins by as much as six points. this is really pragmatic now. it might not even be politically
10:42 am
warring for the party platform. last question, you talked about the aoc wing of the party. what kind of numbers are reporting on that? nancy pelosi says there are only four votes. is that growing? >> right now it is just these four women in the squad, but there's the progressive caucus which does support many of the same ideas that they've pushed, whether it's the green new deal or medicare for all. so it'll be interesting, especially in these debates coming up, to see how many candidates are embracing similar policies. >> harris: congressional reporter for politico today on the program, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: billionaire and a convicted sexual predator jeffrey epstein reportedly find don ike found inserted injured in his jail cell. his attorneys fight continuously for his release on bail. ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm julie banderas info dana perino today. the top republican the now says it's time to put the impeachment talk to bed. we are going to be talking to chris wallace after what comes after me was testimony. plus, officials for e-cigarette giant jool are on the hill today. it's all about vaping and your kids. it's after teenagers told
10:47 am
lawmakers that jool sent a rep to the classroom and said that e-cigarettes are totally safe. they said it happened when they were in the ninth grade pay that's coming up on "the daily briefing." i'll see you at 2:00. >> harris: out to this news, a federal judge in california has blocked the trump administrations new asylum restrictions regarding most migrants who plan the first country they reach. this, after a judge in washington decided to let the policy stand while lawsuits play out in court. william la jeunesse in los angeles, looking at this. what does this mean? >> this was maybe the president's last best shot to slow down the surge of central american migrants, harris. remember, the president tried to deny entry to asylum-seekers who entered illegally and that san francisco judge shut that down. yesterday the same judge will against the new policy that denied entry to migrants who failed to apply for asylum in country they traveled through before reaching the u.s. they set the rules contrary to
10:48 am
congressional intent and left the asylum-seekers vulnerable. lawyers from the aclu praised his decision. >> they are doing a run around what congress enacted. congress made clear that merely going through another country was not a basis to deny someone asylum. if this rumor upheld it would essentially be the end of asylum at the southern border. >> viewed administration argued the rule would discourage so-called asylum or country shopping. the second federal judge, as you mentioned, appointed by president trump, agreed to his ruling the policy for a brief moment on wednesday president trump claimed a rare judicial victory. >> that was tremendous ruling today. we appreciate it. we respect the courts very much. that helps us very much at the border. >> about five hours later, the second ruling came in. so the supreme court could be asked to deny the conflict, but
10:49 am
in the meantime the california star judge's injunction remain in effect while they appeal it, which means they could still consider the asylum claims about how many countries they came to to get here or how they cross the border. >> harris: thank you very much. i want to give you an update on jeffrey epstein, convicted sexual predator, disgrace billionaire, accused now of child sex trafficking. according to a new report, he was found nearly unconscious in his jail cell in new york city. it was a possible suicide, or an assault. we don't know. rick leventhal live in lower manhattan. what have you learned? >> harris, it is still not clear exactly what happened to epstein inside his cell here at the metropolitan correctional center. the u.s. marshal service did confirm to fox only that there was an incident and it's being investigated. epstein, a 66-year-old convicted sex trafficker, is being held
10:50 am
without bail while he awaits trial. multiple news outlets are reporting a possible suicide attempt, saying he was found injured, possibly blue in the face, either sprawled out or in a fetal position with marks on his neck. he reportedly either tried to hang himself or could have been attacked by another inmate. there's also the chance this was simply a point to try and get a transfer since he reportedly complained about the conditions here. he could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted on the federal charges of exploiting dozens of underage girls that has 70 million w new york city mansion and his estate in palm beach. he was denied bail even though they offered his half billion dollar fortune as collateral. they said he was a flight risk since he has his own plane and multiple other residences, including his own island in the u.s. virgin islands. we got a statement from the federal bureau of prisons which said that he is currently housed at mcc new york and not in a local hospital as had been reported, as with all inmates we
10:51 am
do not share information on an inmate's medical status or their conditions of confinement. harris, earlier this week epstein's attorneys appealed the nobel decision but were still waiting for judge's ruling on that. he is back in his cell here at mcc. >> harris: a suicide attempt or possible assault, we will have to see how they what they decide. two canadian teenagers thought to be involved in the murder of an american woman and two others are on the run. as one of the suspects about stress dads is now warning his son plans to go out in a blaze of glory. ♪ e and you could lower your monthly payments right away by calling newday now. you can refinance at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points and save over 1,000 dollars a year. lower rates means lower payments. get the most of your va mortgage benefits.
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> my baby's home! >> harris: my baby's home. look at that. emotions running high in savannah georgia when a soldier surprised this mom on the job after returning home from
10:56 am
afghanistan. she works as a driver on a sight seeing trolley. you can see from her elation, the two shared a hug in the parking lot. he was deployed in afghanistan for seven months with the georgia national guard. welcome home. the search expanded in the search for the killings of an american woman, an australian boyfriend and canadian ban. investigators have been searching for these two teenage suspects since last week. one has a dad speaking out saying he believes his son plans to go out in, quote, a blaze of glory. >> basically, he's gonna be dead today or tomorrow. i know that.
10:57 am
>> harris: i want to bring in the former fbi deputy assistant director. danny, good to see you. these young men they are looking for are 19 and 18 years old. where is the investigation right now? >> well, i'm sure they are following leads. these things, harris, are generally solved by private citizens. the media plays a huge role in these cases. i have done a lot of manhunts and by broadcasting the situation, with photographs and descriptions, it really raises the awareness of our citizen rate. this is probably the most dangerous thing that we see in the criminal justice system where individuals are on the run. they've already committed murders. they're looking for a place to hide, hijack a car. generally the contact with law enforcement is unexpected on the part of law enforcement. they stumble into them.
10:58 am
generally a fire fight ensues. it's a very dangerous situation for the police and our citizens. >> harris: i'm reading here the charges have forced the canada wide warrant to be issued. any reason to believe they would cross the border into the united states? >> likely not. they could. depends on what time they did the crossing. we have pretty good security at our borders, especially canada. there's an alert on the border, i promise you. i did a lot of work in canada with the law enforcement there. remember, canada is a vast country, lot of places to hide. they don't need to come here. they can run around there. >> harris: what sort of thing does this drive? a young american woman, north carolina she's from, killed in a foreign country. does our fbi get involved at this point, or is it the royal canadian mountain police department that continues to drive the ship on this
10:59 am
investigation? >> you have to remember the mrcp are really good. they are at the level of our law enforcement. i don't see there's a need. unless there's some lead in the united states that will be helpful. canadians will do this. these guys are gonna get caught. they're tired. they're worn out. they're scared. adrenaline subsides and they start making mistakes. we hope the mistakes don't lead to some confrontation or kidnapping of some private individual. that's the danger here, their mindset of being fearful of apprehension. i know they said they want to go out in a blaze of glory. most don't. some do. >> harris: real quickly, that interview with the dad. you talk about getting out there in the media. his words, do they play a part in helping capture these guys? >> not really, no, it doesn't. they're gonna get caught based on the actions of the suspects. >> harris: he thinks they're going to get killed.
11:00 am
>> i think they may. i hope not. what i hope is that some innocent citizen or police officer doesn't get killed. that's my concern. >> reporter: thank you for your expertise on this story. we'll continue to follow it. i'm harris. here "the daily briefing." >> julie: democrats beating the drum for impeachment after robert mueller said the report did not exonerate president trump. i'm julie banderas in for dana perino. senator ed markey coming out today calling on house democrats to begin impeachment proceedings immediately against the president, while republicans are saying case close. >> why would you ever even bring up peachment after yesterday's hearing? that should be put to bed. that is over. we watched it. we heard it. we've read it. what more can they make up? >> julie: but


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