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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ryan? hi, ryan. stand up, ryan. doing a great job. [applause] you are feeling big shoes, ryan. acting secretary of the air force, matthew donovan. thank you very much. thank you, sir. acting secretary of the navy, thomas maudsley. thank you, thomas. army chief of staff, general mark milley. thank you, mark. congratulations to mark. coast guard commandant, admiral carl schultz. thank you, carl. marine corps commandant, general david burger. general, thank you very much. air force chief of staff, general david. thank you very much.
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and chief of naval operations, admiral john richardson. thank you all. thank you, admiral. over many decades and times of war and peace, mark esper has answered the call of duty. he has never failed. he hails from uniontown pennsylvania, the hometown of his personal hero. the legendary former secretary of defense, and great one, george marshall. he attended the united states military academy at west point, graduated in 1986, receiving a commission in the infantry. soon he earned his tab, his ranger tab, and fought with the famed 101st airborne division in the gulf war. he was awarded the bronze star, and the combat infantryman badge for a service. a brave guy. they all told me he's a brave
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guy. i knew that anyway. in total, mark served in our nation's military for 21 years. he completed his final act of duty active duty assignment right here in the pentagon and army staff and returned six years later as the deputy assistant secretary secretary of defense for negotiations policy. over his career, mark has advanced our national security in a variety of other government and private sector roles. he has worked in both houses of congress, advising. i can see he had some talent because he won -- what was it, 98 to what? no, you got 90, right? can you believe this? i don't believe it. i heard 90. 90-8, right? i don't know, i haven't heard that sound in a long time, mark. now i'm worried. [laughter]
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90-8. wow. he served as vice president of raytheon. along the way, he earned a masters degree at harvard's john f. kennedy school of government and a phd at george washington university. in 2017, mark was sworn in as secretary of the united states army, a position in which he earned universal admiration and respect. tremendous respect. at the department of defense, secretary esper will work with more than 2 million service members and hundreds of thousands of civilian employees, all dedicated to one critical mission. the defense of the nation, and of this great nation's people. i have absolute confidence that mark will ensure that our incredible military is fully prepared to deter conflict and defeat any foe.
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no enemy can match the awesome might of the american army, navy, air force, coast guard, and the united states marines. we had a budget approved when i first came in. billions and billions of dollars more than it was previously, in the previous administration. $700 billion. then i went to $716 billion. and i won't even tell you with this one is. i can only tell you it's even more. because we have rebuilt things that nobody ever even thought of rebuilding. we've added the greatest planes in the world, the greatest missiles in the world, we've upgraded our nuclear very powerfully. including new. we never want to have to use it. pray to god that we never have to use it, but we have the best in the world in every aspect of
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military. the site of american warriors brings solace into the hearts of our friends, and strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. our military today is more powerful, by far, than ever before. and three years ago, we could not have said that. could we, mark? we are giving our war fighters the tools they need to fight and when with overwhelming force. after years and years of budget cuts, and all the things that they've been doing, to set us back with our military, we have more than made up for all of it. we are building new tanks and ships and submarines and planes, missile systems, to ensure that our warriors operate with unrivaled capability and conflict. any battlefield will be a battlefield on which we when
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we have given our service members their longest pay raise in nearly a decade, and under this administration we have faced the challenge of our time with clear eyes, fresh thinking, and bold determination. our first priority is always the safety and sovereignty of our nation and our citizens. here at home we have deployed military forces to confront the grave national security crisis on our southern border. and i want to think all of the great military leaders for the help you've given us on our southern border. as you know, mexico has not deployed 21,000 troops. which is something we've never done before. and they've been a tremendous help. tremendous difference in the numbers. very rapidly. we want to think the think the country of
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mexico and the president. note nation can be safe or secure that feels to control its borders in syria and iraq, thinks of the review of our warriors and their allies, the price is territorial caliphate has been 100% and is absolutely destroyed. we did it in a very quick moment of time. as soon as i said, "i want to do it and i want to do it fast," our military kicked in and it happened very, very quickly. today we stand not far from where terrorists attacked the pentagon on 9/11, flaming 184 14 precious lives. we won't forget the immortal sacrifice of those american patriots. we vowed to do what it takes to protect our homeland, to safeguard our people from the threat of radical islamic terrorism, and to preserve american freedom.
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around the world, america faces new threats and strategic rivals. it seems like all the time. we have met this competition with unmatched confidence, purpose, and resolved. we talked to all of them, and they talk to us with great, great respect. they respect our country. so much more than they have, for many decades. right now they respect us more than they have in many, many years. it's only going to get more so. we are ensuring american dominance across every war-fighting domain. land, air, sea, cyber, and now space. that's why undersecretary esper's leadership we will, as mike and mark already said, but it's so exciting to say. whenever i make a speech, people start going wild.
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they stand up and they clap and i canceled them down and i say we are launching the united states space force. they go absolutely wild. that's where it's going to be a at. we are going to be there in every way that you can. as we aim ever higher, the minimum end of this department will never let up and never rest easy. we will fulfill our secret mission to protect the greatest nation in the history of the world. the united states of america. with unyielding strength we will defend our country, we will defend our people, and we will probably defend our great american flag. secretary esper, congratulations again to you and your family. this is an incredible day in the life and fabled history of the
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united states. secretary of defense. do you ever see that one? as i watch all these great men and women, you're going to do a great job. i have no doubt. absolutely no doubt. [applause] no doubt. we cannot wait to see all that you will achieve for our nation as the new secretary of defense. i want to think everybody for being here. very special. god bless you, god bless our military, and god bless america. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. >> harris: the president of the united states, congratulating and welcoming his new defense secretary, mark esper, in grand fashion. full colors at the pentagon. the "washington examiner" reporting that the first time all ceremonial stops have been pulled out for a new defense secretary in recent memory. a very special day, we heard from the incoming secretary of
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defense, mark s period and we heard from the present just then on the day in which the colors march up for the world to see, and we have been showing it to you here on fox news. we were thankful to be able to watch this part of our nation's history and future. we will move on i was. fox news alert, struggling with an ongoing split over impeachment today. i made fallout from yesterday's testimony, by former special counsel robert mueller. now a democratic senator is set to take to the senate floor to demand his house colleagues move forward on impeachment. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. syndicated radio host and contributor, as well, leslie marshall. in the center seat, james freeman. assistant editorial page editor for "the wall street journal." great to see you today.
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>> james: it's an honor, thank you. >> harris: let's get scooting. democrats are divided their next moves after muir's testimony. politico is reporting but in a closed-door meeting yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi rebuffed jerry nadler, who push to lodge impeachment proceedings. over in the senate, senator ed markey is expected to take to the floor this hour calling on his house colleagues to immediately begin impeachment proceedings. and pro-impeachment democratic congressman al green, who has been pushing for over a year, arguing that the time has come despite any new developments yesterday. or lack thereof. treating, "yesterday's testimony was evidence of analysis paralysis. we waited two years for the mueller report at three months for mr. mueller to testify. there was no moment because we have the report and watched or discussed the president's impeachable actions ad nauseam. #impeachnow. "and now, some 2020 democrats
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are doubling down on their impeachment calls. watch. >> of the responsibility the congress of the united states of america, when a president breaks the law, is to bring impeachment charges against that president. >> that report is enough of an indication that the house of representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president. >> harris: james, i was reading democrats, republicans, yesterday that it was lacking in a moment. >> james: i think the impeachment dream is dead. i understand a lot of the democrats who have drafted remarks before the hearings went ahead and give them any way pretending that there was new momentum, perhaps. but you are not seeing new members of the house in any big numbers jump on board here. >> harris: union among the democrats. >> james: the app. a lot of the time, they had a
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test vote, democrats overwhelmingly said no. they wanted to table it and not go forward to impeachment. ed markey is not going to pull a lot with him. for those following closely, this is aoc senate partner in drafting the green new deal. he's on the extreme left. not an influential member in terms of moderates. >> harris: a salient reminder. leslie, your party -- is it really as divided as it looks to the rest of the nation? >> leslie: no, it isn't. [laughter] >> katie: are you sure? >> leslie: i'm positive! we are 28 votes short right now. >> harris: of? >> leslie: of having democratic support. only two came on board after yesterday. nancy pelosi has always said two things -- it needs to be ironclad and it needs to be bipartisan. >> harris: was yesterday ironclad evidence? >> leslie: no. that's why she's not moving forward. member, what was in the report was in the report. >> harris: did you feel it was brought to life? >> leslie: >> leslie: no.
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>> harris: that's what adam schiff said! that it was going to feel like he was brought to life read by robert mueller. by the way, he wouldn't even read his own report. he said, "no, you can read it." >> leslie: yesterday i root for, that the 448 page report was the book. they don't like to read as much they like to go to the movies. robert mueller was the star. he didn't get the academy will tell my reward. >> harris: makes me wonder how those mock things went. eric swalwell wouldn't say who's playing in. but he said robert de niro wasn't. he was kind of funny and snarky about it. i wonder how it went. >> dagen: not how it clearly when yesterday. the democrats should be ashamed of themselves. they're craven, irrational blood lust for president trump led them to interrogate a man -- i think he's 7475 years of age, who was struggling with his comprehension, couldn't understand questions or couldn't hear questions.
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whispers, particularly after his statement made in late may about bob mueller, the whispers going on washington was that he did not have the faculties that he once did. but they insisted on calling him and putting him on public display in that way. you know what? it's disgraceful. >> leslie: the republicans were disgraceful in their behavior toward him. >> dagen: if they didn't call them. they didn't put him there. >> leslie: but they had a choice. both democrats and republicans in the first hearing -- >> harris: can i ask you a quick question before we go to katie? we even her deal we are david axelrod say that he seemed not to be the person the last time he testified of the lesson we signed six years ago. why do you think it is, when he was asked about future gps, his answer was that he didn't know what it was? >> leslie: i don't know. it bothered me, quite frankly, when i was watching what he was choosing how to answer. there was things that were privilege but things that were not.
9:17 am
he could have answered about the steele dossier. >> harris: but he didn't even know what fusion gps was. that makes you wonder if he had anything to do with it outside of the interview. >> katie: democrats call the run yesterday. they called robert mueller to the table to testify because their argument was the american people don't read 400 plus page reports, and robert mueller will be able to tell us what's in it. >> harris: did he? a speaker it's very obvious that i, having read the report twice, knew more about what was in the report that robert really did yesterday. and that's saying a lot. that brings into question, who was running the investigation? was he in charge of what was going on? it gives credence to president trump's argument that he's been making, that the team he built around him should be taken a look at. i think that is something that congressional republicans are going to look at moving forward. in terms of the fairness and how it was carried out. the idea that he wouldn't talk about the steele dossier, for example, which is in the report, while also claiming he would talk about what was in the report, it made him look very bad. also getting basic facts about
9:18 am
the investigation wrong. so there are serious questions about what his role was and whether he had control of the investigation. >> harris: we will move on. actress bette midler is taking heat today after accusing president trump of asking african-americans to stand behind them at rallies. paying them to do that. whether the media will give her a pass for those comments. it has to do with the words are used, too. we will get into. also, nancy pelosi meets face-to-face with congressman alexandria garcia cortez. that is set to take place tomorrow. peppercorn. president trump continues to make comments about the aoc plus three, as he called it. we'll democrats set aside their divisions? ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what??
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speak of the democrats lost so big today, their party is in shs right now. they've got the squad leading their party. they are a mess. take a look at so many of the people that were the most outspoken, and they say this was a devastating day for the democrats. >> katie: after after the muelr hearings, president trump going after democrats and the squad. this as a house speaker nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez are set to meet tomorrow to address the divisions within their caucus. since last month, pelosi has engaged in a public back and forth with oak garcia cortez and three other members of the squad. but both sides appear to call a truce after president trump weighed in on the feud with the controversial tweets. in a new fox poll matt, 88% of registered democrats and a third of republicans said president trump's go home to reach across the line. in another question, 60% of all voters saying that telling a person of color to "go back" is
9:24 am
racist. 20% say it's not, and 18% say it depends. among republicans, 21% feel it is racist. 45% say it's not, 30% saying it depends. leslie, you have the president jumping into this feud. but nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez have gone back and forth and gotten very personal. can you discuss what is happening? is the unity coming back to the democrats or are they going to try and distance themselves from the squad? >> leslie: unity is coming back and it has to come back. i have confidence that the person who can relisten, especially in this meeting, is speaker pelosi. she has done well negotiating with the president. i think she can negotiate with aoc. what i would do if i were -- >> james: i would hope so! >> leslie: i would say, "look, this is what's at stake. you want your green new deal and certain things on migration, you have a long political career ahead of you. i'm at the end of my career but i've been here long time. as one woman to another, let me think of you has younger sister
9:25 am
or daughter. listen to what i've learned. we need to enact together. this is what's at stake. we are going to lose if you keep doing this." >> harris: i've never seen you go down more fantasy! the whole time i've known you! [laughter] and you are a sweet friend! if my younger sister called me a racist, we'd have a problem. really, you think these we don't like women are going to meet you in the hallway? "i'll meet you in the ladies room?" you think it'll go down like that? >> leslie: i think she will be very diplomatic because aoc is very temperamental. >> harris: have you ever seen a freshman talk to a senior like that in high school? i'm just breaking it down. one has an effective past behind her, over her shoulder. one has a future ahead of her. we don't know what it brings but right now it doesn't bring governing. the only thing we've seen from aoc is the 14-page green new deal. premier party, senator durbin called, "what is this?" [laughter] >> leslie: think about it,
9:26 am
when you negotiate, the best negotiation, everybody leaves something of the table. >> harris: skin in the game. >> leslie: she needs to say, "look, what's more important to you? what you want to make let me help you get it." >> katie: on the governing side, because you cortez was criticized by a lot of democrats voting against the aid package to help with emergency funding emergency funding. humanitarian crisis there. it has -- pelosi has downplayed the power, saying they are twitter, only four votes, a glass of water could have one her district. so how do they close this gap? especially as polling shows the squad is toxic to independent voters and mainstream democratic voters? >> james: for that reason, that toxicity to the average moderate voter, i think it's the reason that unity is not in the interest of your party. i think unity is what donald trump wants because he
9:27 am
wants to be able to define your entire party with aoc plus three. what you were just describing, i think, is terrifying to the average voter. that pelosi and the squad work out a deal that we have this economy wrecking green new deals if they will just work with other members of the party. >> leslie: that's what politicians do. >> james: is what they do -- >> leslie: to work together to get somebody done for their parties and their constituents. >> james: but they have to win next do any of that. we have to talk more about your fox poll mark results. both aoc and nancy pelosi have a significant number of democrats not approving of them. they are controversial even within their own parties, if you have that argument between extreme liberalism and the kind of full on marxism of the squad, that doesn't leave a lot of room
9:28 am
for the average order. then if they come together i think that's even better. >> katie: speaking of polling, president trump's approval number is sadie. there's a lot of backlash over his tweets but people aren't factoring into the approval. >> dagen: and how people feel about the state of the economy, i think it's the highest it's been in about 20 years. one quick thing about nancy pelosi, she has to look at these four congresswoman and worry that their self-serving, "look at me, look at me!" the nonsense will only get worse from here. that's what we've seen. they've been throwing gasoline on this. you have alexandria ocasio-cortez, who voted against that $4.6 billion in mentoring aid, but went to the border and use the suffering of women and children for her own political gain. she doesn't want next year to be a referendum on those four women. she wants it to be about policy, not the idiot policy of these ways. >> katie: we will see if unity
9:29 am
comes. robert mueller testimony raising new questions about how much control he had over the russia investigation. some house republicans say it's clear that mueller's staff was actually in charge. ♪ om re are sof you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. i/p úmug< we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ speak of the fact that you ran it out two years means you perpetuated injustice. >> you managed to violate every principle in the most sacred of traditions about prosecutors not offering extra prosecutorial analysis about potential crimes that are in charge. maybe the reason why there are these discrepancies in what you focused on is -- >> the time of the gentleman has expired. >> harris: house republicans criticizing bob mueller yesterday as the former special counsel testimony now raises new questions over his control of his own investigation. some lawmakers also pressing mueller over whether he screened his staff for potential political biases. here's how mueller defended
9:34 am
himself. >> we strove to hire those individuals that could do the job. i've been in this business for almost 25 years, and in those 25 years i have not had occasion wants to ask somebody about their political affiliation. it's not done. the capability of the individual do the job. >> harris: not everyone was satisfied with that answer. republican congressman mark meadows treated this. "mueller still struggling to answer basic questions. he can't accurately remember facts, evidence, or even his own conclusion. folks, the guy didn't run the investigation. his team of resistant democrats did. and they use it as a weapon to targeted president they hated." james? >> james: this raises, again, the question do so at the start of this. why did he hire so many active partisan democrats? so many clinton and obama donors? when you have wanted apolitical people can make you look at that
9:35 am
list, aren't there competent lawyers who are not political partisans? if he is saying he didn't realize who he hired, i think that might be worse than saying, "i don't make judgments based on politics." >> harris: here's the note i wrote down while you were talking. are you at a point where there's a binary choice? i don't know. with the out of touch, or partisan? there's no way to know, because he says he doesn't even know who they were, really. in terms of their politics. >> james: that's hard to believe, isn't it? >> harris: how do they find out? katie? the president has been tweeting about it for months. >> katie: we know these people are. andrew weissmann was at hillary clinton's party the night of the election. based on what we know about the origins of this investigation and the fact that robert mueller had to fire peter strzok -- or, he didn't fire him, he moved him into a dominic different apartt over bias.
9:36 am
clearly buys matters in that instance, but why didn't it matter when it came to someone on the team going to a clinton victory party? he says it doesn't matter but political affiliation, he wants him to do the job paid for their varying degrees of bias. donating $200 to a political campaign is not the same thing is going to a victory party. in the sensitive situation this was, considering it was about a potential campaign. those things matters. when you talk to prosecutors -- i was talking to trey gowdy about this yesterday -- he says there is nothing that will kill your case faster than any kind of indicated bias, especially political bias. this is why jurors are screened for any knowledge about case, even the politically ideology. it matters in a court of law and it should have mattered here. >> you're presuming he did any of that. the criticism was just how involved was he not? >> dagen: the republicans need to move on because they've got the horowitz investigation, the
9:37 am
john durham inquiry, even lindsey graham and the intelligence committees looking into what bob mueller can't talk about won't talk about. the dossier, the abuse of power, the abuse of the fisa court, the evidentiary basis of the investigation to begin with. the very predicate. i just want to repeat something andy mccarthy said on this very sofa. this is why this is so important to get to the bottom of this. we have a norm in this country that is important to preserve against the use and abuse of surveillance laws to target political campaigns. i can tell you first hand, if we don't have these authorities we cannot protect the country. if the public doesn't think we hold people accountable who abuse these authorities, we will be demanding they cut back these powers. and we won't be able to protect the united states from terrorists, quite frankly. that's what the republicans need to focus on in the months ahead. >> harris: leslie? >> leslie: i'm concerned about the slippery slope i'm hearing
9:38 am
about. right now we cannot ask marital status, sexual orientation, religion, in an interview of a drop of any kind. we are going to sit down in any government entity, any investigation or administration, when you are visiting people. shouldn't they be the most qualified and shouldn't it not matter what their political -- with their politics are? if the politics matter, bob mueller is and has been a lifelong republican. and also a decorated war hero. >> harris: but how -- yes, of course. all of that. but how involved was he? if you do have partisan players, and you are not watching them and you are not there for most of those 500 interviews, and you are asked about the report but there are people who have read and can answer questions quicker or faster or with more efficacy than the person whose name is on it, the mueller report, or do you take all of that? is that okay with you? >> leslie: i'm not a physician. >> harris: a physician?
9:39 am
>> leslie: i saw a different man yesterday than i had seen speaking in the past, but -- >> harris: david axelrod. >> leslie: i don't think that was the same man at the helm of this investigation. b, when you have this many staff members, you are not involved -- you oversee, just like the president has briefings, because he -- >> harris: but it stops there. he might want to be to before you go for hearing. >> leslie: how would he memorize a command 440 positions. >> harris: what we saw was inconsistency in the facts. >> leslie: i had somebody who had trouble hearing and understanding. he won wow. no more mr. nice guy. a more aggressive joe biden taking on senator cory booker and other 2020 photos, whether this is a good strategy going forward for biden. cusco musical oh! oh! oh!
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♪ >> the fact of the matter is, this is not a continuation of our administration.
9:44 am
but the fact of the matter is, he's a close friend. i'm very proud to have served with him, and i might add, if you thought i was good enough, they did significant background check on me for months with ten people. i doubt he would have picked me if this accusation about my being wrong on civil rights is correct. >> dagen: that's former vice president joe biden defending his record yesterday. he has come under intense criticism from his 2020 rivals over his handling of recent issues. yesterday, senator cory booker going off the former vp again. booker saying that biden's latest criminal justice reform plan is not enough. >> for him to be an architect of mass incarceration, this is an adequate solution of what is reaching crisis in our country. for him to not have a more comprehensive bold plan to do with this is unacceptable to me. especially because he is partly responsible for the crisis that we have now.
9:45 am
>> dagen: responded questioning booker's own record as mayor of new newark, new jersey, . >> cory knows that's not true. number one. number two, if you look at the mayor's record in newark, one of the provisions i wrote in the crime bill had a practice of misbehavior. his police department was stopping and frisking people, mostly african-american men. we took action against them, held the police department accountable. he objected to federal interference. if you want to go back and talk about records, i'm happy to do that. but i would rather talk about the future. >> harris: is also taking aim at senator kamala harris, saying he's not going to be "as polite" this time when they show the debate stage again next week. leslie, what are they going to hit him on? are they going to keep hitting them on the issue of race? i want to point out recent cbs
9:46 am
poll, he has the most comfortable lead in south carolina for more than 60% of the electorate and the democratic primary. black voters there, first place, 39%. second place, sanders, 17%. all the attacks have done nothing. >> leslie: and in his home state of delaware, african-americans have come out and said, "he has done so much in our community over the years for affirmative action and civil rights." i have said it before and he has certainly set it, when you have the first african-american president pick the robin to his batman, it was joe biden he selected. he needs to go into the ring, if you will. fighting back. i don't think he was prepared. they're going to cover it. it's a smart lead. and he knows he's going to be attacked on these issues. but he has ways to attack, as well. kamala harris is very much not liked by african-americans, especially because of her record with incarceration in californi california. cory booker, when he was mayor,
9:47 am
look what happened there with crime and look what happened with incarceration among african-americans. of course, there are others. pete buttigieg. i think joe biden has a lot to fight back with. >> katie: to give cory booker a little bit of credit, we are hearing a lot about criminal justice reform, which is important. the vice president made it one of his top priorities and worked with democrats to get through. but i'm not hearing a lot from democrats on fighting crime, as well. when joe biden criticizes cory booker for the way they were handling crime in newark, the question is, crime is out of control and the city was trying to handle it. so what is the democrat solution to crime going up in these urban areas? chicago, newark, los angeles, new york city's crime has been down as the result of a number of different policies that have been put in place. what is their solution to that side of the coin, as well? you have to balance them both out. you have to have criminal justice reform to change the system that's been a place for 30 years. but you also want to be
9:48 am
sensitive of crime, as well. >> harris: i want to yield on my you do this on a daily basis. you look editorially at the political landscape, and i want to know what it senator harris, "i'm not going to be as polite this time." what, is he going to cuss her out peaked. he got .9% in iowa in, a lot of expectations, he's going to be the moderate and the race. he starts moving left. he also said, "i'm going to set a better town, take the high road the window.
9:49 am
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>> katie: it looks like another dose of liberal hypocrisy. bette midler facing backlash after suggesting that president trump paid african-american supporters to appear behind him at his rallies. the hollywood star and trump critic tweeting, "look, there are african-american men this shot! how much did he pay them to be in the black buy >> "i guess old what women like yourself get set aside how black people should believe and vote." shocking, i know. is she going to get a pass on this can make why do democrats assume minorities will for democrats? >> leslie: they don't. she might and some people do. first of all, we live in this bubble of politics, so we know. every campaign puts minorities
9:54 am
behind whoever is speaking. whether it's the president, a candidate for president. you will see minorities, it was the women, you certainly will see somebody in a hijab, someone who is evidently muslim. that's normal placement for the camera. what she said was racist, without question, and people on the left attacked or if you read the twitter feed and continue t to. rightfully so. >> james: very insulting, but i think it's also a fear among the leftists that they spend a lot of time instructing all of us of various groups, demographic groups, how much we really ought to hate the president. i think they are worried when you look at polling data. he seems to have a lot of people open to the idea. maybe they don't like everything he tweets but the result i've been pretty good. >> katie: what about policy? he has targeted groups with policies that will benefit certain peoples that republicans have criticized for leaving
9:55 am
behind. >> dagen: i will debate policy over personality but i want to say about bette midler, she is the worst kind of celebrity. one that isn't in the public eye as much anymore. but with an ego the size of alaska that seems to be set down mike said over and over again. where did they go? they go to the interwebs prey to social media. they have to wrap up the rhetoric and say more incendiary things to get those retweets and those likes. to quote norma desmond, "i am big, it's the pictures that got small!" [laughter] >> katie: with that we will let dagen have the last word. more "newsroom news vault" five in a moment. a veteran homeowner, taking care of your family and home takes a lot of money. the mortgage, the bills, credit cards, home improvements. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars to pay debts or put in the bank
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10:00 am
>> james: there will be chuckling. but no tickling. >> katie: none of that. >> dagen: thank you, leslie and katie. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern time. here now, the one and only harris faulkner. >> harris: thank you, dagen. fox news alert now, the fallout from former special counsel robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill continues. president trump claiming a victory, a big win, as democrats vowed not to at the brakes on the various investigations. this is "outnumbered overtime," and merrill faulkner taking a victory lap and calling mueller's hearing a devastating day for the democrats. after seven hours of grueling sessions across two committees of the formal special counsel, fell short of the bombshell testimony many democrats had expected. but they say mueller refuted some claims. key ones made by the president, as they vowed to move forward with their investigation. joining us now, first up, cut democrat gives us a lien is very outspoken when it comes to things


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