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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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nita springs in orlando over the weekend. it was appreciate to see everyone in person. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. >> watch the "after the show show". >> stay within yourself. >> bill: breaking overnight and more action this morning in a high-stakes stand-off with iran. new video inside that british oil tanker seized by the revolutionary guard. it raised the story to another level as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. i know you had a good weekend. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith, new images showing crew members held captive by iranian forces and the british navy tried to stop them. the british prime minister chairing an emergency security session and secretary of state mike pompeo reacting on fox a short time ago. >> this is the kind of behavior we've seen out of iran for 40
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years. the united states has a responsibility to do our part. the world has a big role to keep these ceilings open. the whole world is waking up to the fact this threat is real. not just a threat against america or israel. it's a threat against all of us. >> bill: lucas tomlinson tracking it from the pentagon. let's begin there. >> good morning. day four of an escalating hostage crisis between iran and great britain after iran seized a british tanker and 23 crew members. over the weekend iran released this video going onto the deck of the oil tanker seized friday night. earlier this month a royal navy warship blocked another gun point from doing it to another tanker. they couldn't stop the iranians are seizing another tanker. here is radio traffic from the encounter. >> you are ordered to change
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your course to 360, 360 degrees immediately. if you obey you will be safe. >> we are conducting. your passage must not be impaired, obstructed or hampered. please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board the ship. >> iranian forces ignored the british warship order and proceeded to take down the tanker. a british defense minister says the royal navy is too small to handle missions around the world. they have roughly half the number of warships it had during the 80s. british prime minister theresa may will resign wednesday. iran says its actions are retaliation for british commandos seizing an iranian tanker carrying oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions. the pentagon announced it would send more troops to saudi
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arabia including jets like these. they're 70,000 u.s. troops deployed to the middle east. one day before iran seized the british oil tanker the boxer passed through that same area and destroyed an iranian drone using this addition to the u.s. arsenal. iran denies the u.s. took down their drone. >> bill: extraordinary stuff. not backing down in any sense when you look at the stories. now you have iran saying it seized 17 people that it claims has ties to the u.s. government. what's the story there? >> that's right, bill. gets worse on monday. iran claims it took 17 iranian nationals they claims were working for the c.i.a. spying on iran military and nuclear sites. some sentenced to death and they continue to hold five americans captive. >> bill: lucas tomlinson watching all that. we'll get back to you at the pentagon. >> sandra: 48 hours from now must see tv when robert mueller
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testifies before two house committees. that happens wednesday morning. the former special counsel saying he will not speak outside the scope of his russia report. as democrats and republicans prepare their strategy for questioning him. >> this is a president who has violated the law six ways from sunday. if anyone else had been accused of what the report finds the president had done, they would have been indicted. >> any thought of impeachment is waning. they know that. the report said there were so collusion or obstruction. the democrats wanted to focus on obstruction. the mueller report is a one-sided report not questioned by the other side. this is our chance to do that. >> sandra: catherine herridge is live in washington as we are now two days away. good morning. >> good morning. based on our reporting the mueller testimony will feel somewhat scripted because house republicans and democrats are meeting behind closed doors to finalize their questions and carve out a strategy. chairman of the house judiciary
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committee jerry nadler are focusing on obstruction of justice allegations and will take key sections of this report. refer to it by page as the former special counsel to read it aloud and comment on it. >> well, we hope it won't end up -- we'll ask spifs i can questions about look at page 344, pair 2, please read it. does that describe obstruction of justice and did you find that the president did that, for example? >> five hours of testimony wednesday and it's being divided into two sections. house judiciary will look at allegations of obstruction of justice. and then later that day in the afternoon house intelligence is going to look on allegations of coordination between the russian government and the trump campaign. it is important to note that the special counsel found there was no conspiracy between the two parties. the chairman of the house intelligence committee wants to bring the report to life.
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listen. >> who better to bring them to life than the man who did the investigation himself? we want the people to hear it directly from him, not filtered through bill barr who had his own misleading characterization but the man who did the work himself. >> special counsel robert mueller was very clear in his public statement on the report in may that he would not go beyond the four corners of that report so the challenge for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will be to get mueller to answer their questions that go on the scope outside the scope of the actual report. the key question for democrats is going to be something called the office of legal counsel opinion or memo or olc memo. this is the memo that says a sitting president cannot be indicted for criminal charges. and there seems to be some daylight between what's written in the mueller report and what was stated under oath on capitol hill by the attorney general. the bottom line is that special
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counsel robert mueller if he says he felt like he was handcuffed throughout the investigation and could not bring charges against a sitting president puts more wind in the sails for democrats. if he says it was an evidence problem, which is what the attorney general maintained, that puts a stake in the heart of the whole russia collusion case, sandra. >> sandra: sets up for an interesting week. thank you. >> bill: bring in byron york for analysis. here is the headline from your piece today. democrats think they have a slam dunk obstruction case against trump. they don't end quote. explain that, byron. >> obstruction is really the whole ballgame here. if you remember before the mueller report was released a number of democrats hoped that mueller would prove that there had been a conspiracy or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to fix the 2016 election. instead, mueller said the evidence he concluded the evidence did not establish that that actually happened. so a lot of democrats made a
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very quick pivot to obstruction where mueller did not draw any conclusion but he gave a lot of evidence that democrats like to portray as obstruction. so what you are going to see at mueller's team before the house judiciary committee which will be the longer of his two appearances, is democrats trying to show that the president did in fact obstruct justice. what i did in this piece is went through a lot of their evidence showing it is more tenuous and subject to interpretation and more difficult to prove than they may think. >> bill: if they ask him to turn to page 221 and read it aloud you wonder if he will or is his lawyer steps in. the president is tweeting on this. but first here it is, okay. highly conflicted bob mueller should not be given another bite at the apple. it will be bad for him and the phony democrats in congress who have done nothing but waste time on this ridiculous witch
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hunt. while i have you the president is tweeting on the squad. i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country, he writes. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible, hateful things they have said. they are destroying the democrat party but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation. liz cheney on cbs and a heated back and forth with the host. >> i think the news media really wants to make this about race. you just did it. i would really like to see the media focused on the substance of what this wing of the democratic party is advocating. that is really dangerous for our country. i know you guys don't want to focus on the fact that there are substantive differences or also focus -- i let you ask me the question. this is about policy and it is -- that is about --
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>> bill: it's policy and substance that's the case she is making. you saw that piece. what did you think? >> we have seen one solid week of bad coverage and publicity for the trump white house over this thing. it had to end with the sunday shows. i think it is pretty clear the white house would like to move on and they have several days ago moved on from the president's original tweet telling members of the squad they should go back to where they came from. moved on to actually criticizing things that members of the squad have said about the united states or israel or other topics. they're trying to change the subject into what these members of congress have actually said. they're probably happier, oddly enough, we're now entering mueller week and maybe ending the tweet week. >> bill: that could be among the leadership. stephen miller with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" talked about it. >> these four conscious women detest america as it exists as
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it is currently constructed. they want it to be a socialist open borders country. if you as donald trump says want to destroy america with open borders you cannot say your love your country. if you attack border agents the way ocasio-cortez has it means you have a deep seated hatred of the nation as it exists. >> bill: that interview, quickly on that. >> the part about loving the country obviously democrats will completely reject. but if republicans and white house want to say democrats are for open borders or socialism those are the two main themes of this campaign as it is emerging. we'll see more of that. >> bill: stephen miller also said the people they're referring to in north carolina remember fayetteville. the people are tired of being talked down from the left. a lot of people in america would agree with that point. great to see you on a monday from washington thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> bill: more of these tweets coming up in a moment.
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mueller will be hot and heavy or maybe no. >> sandra: trying to cut the budget deal. talk to art laffer coming up. a big week. calls growing louder demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor. today a million people could take to the streets calling for him to step down after text messages with closest aides and allies. >> bill: alarming message from the pentagon claiming u.s. aircraft was aggressively shadowed by a fighter jet from venezuela. general jack keane on that and the breaking news on iran coming up. >> sandra: a tragic end to a trip for an american woman and her boyfriend who were found dead alongside a highway in canada. what police there are saying now about that investigation. >> this is not enough and there is a huge safety concern for
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>> bill: moments ago the president tweted on iran. bring in jack keane. good morning to you. don't know if you've seen this. here it is on screen from the president. the report of iran capturing c.i.a. spies, totally false. more lies and propaganda like their shot-down drone. they have no idea what to do. their economy is dead and will get much worse. iran is a total mess, end quote. general, it's ramping up by the day. where is it going? >> first of all our strategic offensive campaign politically,
6:17 am
diplomatically and isolating iran is succeeding. the president's words are right on the money. secondly we're conducting a defensive campaign, bill. why we're bringing the troops into the region to deter iran from taking actions against our bases and troops that are in there by the tens of thousands. and number two, we're attempting to stitch together with our allies tanker protection and surveillance in the persian gulf and straits of hormuz some iran's ability to interfere will be eliminated. that's a work in progress. >> bill: the foreign minister was in new york last week and now in venezuela. you have this -- these parallel stories between the iranian government and the maduro regime. the tweet from john bolton. something tells me they felt right at home in caracas as the
6:18 am
guest of -- >> fearing collapse of his b-team john bolton is -- only prudence and -- you marry that now to this report of a venezuelan jet trailing one of our fighter jets off the coast and what do you come up with? >> first of all, the iranian regime, they are acting desperately. impacting their judgment. this taking of a british tanker is in retaliation for the brits taking theirs and gibraltar court ruled they would hold onto it for 30 days. they failed to take a british tanker last week and one of their drones shot down. one of the reasons for taking this tanker is retaliation but they want to demonstrate to their own people they have resolve here and they've got strength and they don't want to
6:19 am
appear weak. they're doing it to our allies in the region. marrying up with maduro. >> bill: do you think these acts play well at home in iran. >> this particular one they've done it for their people. remember, this is a repressive regime. like north korea, like the chinese communists in china. they always demonstrate to their people the power of the regime because the psychological pressure that they want on their people is part of their ploy here. iran has been looking weak because of miss steps. that's part of the reason for seizing the british tanker as well. >> bill: back to the venezuela story. marco rubio sounded off on sunday saying venezuela only has three fighter jets that can fly. if they ever harmed any u.s. aircraft they would soon from zero, end tweet. after being aggressively shadowed by this fighter jet from venezuela. >> these things don't have much
6:20 am
military significance to them to be frank about it. clearly we're dependent on the skill of those pilots that are exceeding the bounds of international norms here but why are they doing this? they are also doing this to demonstrate to the allies in the region and also to their own people that they can stand up to the united states. that's why the russians do it on occasion all around the world with our ships and with our airplanes, too. the russians aren't intending to get into some kind of fight with us over this. they want to demonstrate also to their own people and to our allies that they can stand up to us. this is more about propaganda and public relations than it is about military significance. >> bill: good to see you on monday. thank you for going through all that. jack keen. thank you, general, for your time. >> sandra: fox news alert a million protestors could take to the streets today in puerto rico.
6:21 am
those protestors demanding the governor's resignation. details on the emails that have sparked outrage and how the governor is now responding. plus a scorcher in the northeast now the triple digits temperatures leading to a huge headache in new york and beyond. we'll explain what's happening next. >> i'm praying that light will come back. new align whole food probiotic.
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> bill: thousands across new york city slowly getting power back on. losing it on one of the hottest nights of the year. man, it was smoking this weekend. have a listen. >> it's terrible. the heat is terrible. >> my grandson has asthma and
6:25 am
my dog is inside suffocating. i can't even take him outside. i don't know, we are all stressed here. >> bill: 53,000 without power last night. this morning the number is down to 20,000. last week a major blackout. folks are getting through it across the east coast. i tell you, my apartment when i came home on sunday was so smoking stinking hot. you have no idea. you could have done hot yoga in there. had a whole class, steam on streets. >> sandra: it has been brutal. it is starting to get better. you find a pool. you dip in. body of water or something. >> bill: and stay there. >> sandra: fox news alert now. a million protestors could march in puerto rico calling for the resignation of their governor after leaked messages where he mocked women and victims of hurricane marie ya.
6:26 am
he won't step down but will not seek reelection. we're live in san juan with the latest. >> good morning. behind me you can see this is what demonstrators say it could be the largest demonstration in puerto rico's history. they're making their a way to one of the major intersections and express ways in puerto rico. they are upset. ricardo rossello the governor yesterday went on facebook live and said he is not resigning. instead he is not seeking reelection in 2020 and said he is resigning as president of his party. he also said he welcomes any kind of impeachment process that may be happening or investigation happening in the legislature. >> i must be respectful of the constitutional order. i welcome the process started by the legislative assembly which i will face with all truth, strength, and in a
6:27 am
responsible manner. >> that message did not sit well. we spoke to protestors who arrived at this demonstration at 4:00 a.m. they said yesterday's facebook live was a provocation and insult. take a listen. >> this is not just about a political party and why i'm here today. i wasn't going to come. when i heard that message i said no, i'm coming with her family. it was like an insult. >> we know that it was an insult of our intelligence. we didn't need to hear that. we need to hear i am out. that's it. >> it's all really started last saturday when 889 pages of text messages came out showing him speaking to 12 aides where he was not only insulting hurricane maria victims together in the group but making homophobic comments. you add that with the fact two
6:28 am
weeks ago two of his main deputies, the secretary of education and the head of the health insurance program were arrested by the f.b.i. for getting millions of dollars in the wrong hands. pressure from the mainland. presidential candidates are spaoeng out from joe biden, who is calling the comments shameful by rossello and others like gabbard who has shown up with the island with the protestors. you can see the protestors are really making their way. they are extremely upset. i'll tell you what, sandra, not just here. they're asking him to resign here and also asking him to resign in california, texas, florida, puerto ricans all over the mainland joining brothers and sisters on the islands. americans from the u.s. territories demanding that rossello step down. >> bill: 9:28 now. moments from now washington
6:29 am
honors the late justin john paul stevens. his casket arriving in the supreme court. we'll take you there live as the public gathers to pay their respects to a big, big life. >> sandra: a new report suggesting president trump plans on aggressive spending cuts in his second term if he wins one. how will that affect his reelection campaign? former reagan economics advisor art laffer will take that up. >> bill: baseball hall of fame here we go. how one player is making a lot of history. enter sandmann. if you live with, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time,
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priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) >> bill: show you this image from the steps of the u.s. supreme court. the casket of john paul stevens arriving in the great hall of the supreme court.
6:33 am
there we are. a private ceremony held to honor the nation's third longest serving supreme court justice in american history. he then lies in repose as the public gathers for respects. gary, what a moment this is. >> really is special and something significant that i want to point out. you can see the long line of folks standing on both sides of the steps as the casket makes its way to the great hall. those are the former law clerks of the late justice stevens. he served on the court for roughly 35 years. over that time roughly four law clerks a year, about 140 folks. you can see his service to the nation as he was here is his casket being there. honorary pal bearers. family, current and former supreme court justices and clerks are expected to attend. he will lie in repose the rest
6:34 am
of the day in the great hall as the public pays respects. the last time we saw that honored bestowed was after the death of scalia. stevens was nominated to the high court in 1975 by gerald ford. he was the leader of the court's liberal wing. it was the country that became more conservative. he will be remembered for his love of this country after graduating college stevens joined the navy just one day before the attack on pearl harbor. he earned a bronze star for his work as part of the famous code breakers stationed in hawaii. tomorrow a private funeral service will be held at arlington national cemetery where he will be buried next to his wife in section five, just below the grave of president john f. kennedy and eternal claim. very fitting spot for an icon
6:35 am
of the supreme court, bill. >> bill: thank you, gary tenney. we want to share that moment with our viewers and we'll observe from afar as it continues today. garrett tenney at the supreme court in washington >> sandra: new reports the president might look to make spending cuts if he is reelected. the "washington post" reporting president trump has asked aides to slash the federal budget if he wins a second term. art laffer, good morning to you. how does that play in 2020 if that's the case? >> i think that's the right thing for him to do. government spending is taxation, sandra. it is out of control. we've got to bring it back under control. with this contentious congress and political environment no way the president could bring spending under control in his first term. second term i expect he can
6:36 am
make huge headway on that. >> sandra: fair to say it would mark a big reversal from what we've seen so far? >> it is a big reversal. it should be done long ago. especially entitlements and some of the other programs are way out of control. a lot of other things are there, too. when you look at the tax program, when you look at some of the other revenue sources. i mean, it's amazing how much revenue we could raise if we wanted to. selling off camp pendelton would be $300 billion or something like that. why do we have all that gold sitting in fort knox when it could be used to reduce the debt? a federal tax amnesty program but most importantly is what the president says, we have to reduce government spending, total taxation. we have to stop paying people not to work and stop taxing if they do work. nothing works if we don't keep this prosperity going. >> sandra: we'll wait and see what the pat president has to
6:37 am
say. for now we're going off the "washington post" report. trump aims to cut spending after 2020. in the "washington post" piece beyond that reporting it says money matters, the president has not instructed aides as to how sweeping he wants those federal budget cuts to be in his second term. would he, art, do you believe, would he be open to significant cuts to medicare? would he touch that? >> i don't know what specifically programs. i haven't talked to the president about this at all. one thing the president does, he does try to handle problems completely and totally. not soft or squishy about that stuff. when you look at total spending you should look at every item whether it's medicare, whether food stamps, military, any of these programs, they should all be looked at very carefully to bring down spending and bring down spending by a lot. if you can't bring down spending during a boom you sure as heck can't do it during a
6:38 am
bust. if people are unemployed, unemployment, food stamps are necessities, not luxuries. the only time to make headway on cutting spending is when the economy is doing very well and what i shy he should do his next term. i don't think it's an if. i think in his second term -- but it's the right time right after he wins the election. it shouldn't be a political football. after the election is a perfect time to do that. >> sandra: another debt ceiling showdown. collins taking on pelosi in a pierce battle over the weekend on the sunday shows. >> the debt ceiling is something she will have to deal with and the budget caps deal. the question is do they want to destroy our military as they have done previously or do they want to build it up? they have to find a budget caps
6:39 am
deal so we don't shut down the government come september. >> sandra: the u.s. government could hit the debt ceiling in september. the president is making the case for it. what did you think of what you heard from doug collins on nancy pelosi? >> i think he is right and politically the wrong time. we should do this after the election. the debt ceiling shouldn't be the whole election issue frankly. i think president trump is completely correct on this to wait until after the election. but doug collins is correct on what we need to do. caps, we need to get entitlements and go after all these programs. >> sandra: always good to talk to you. we'll see where it all goes. thank you, sir. >> say hello to bill. >> bill: hey, art, come on back. a fresh crop of hall of famers. in cooperstown.
6:40 am
many entering baseball's hall of fame. cool moment. former yankee closer rivera made history. selected in a unanimous vote. something to hang your hat on. i tell you, cooperstown, have you been? >> sandra: i have not been. >> bill: cooperstown in july is as american as you can find. green grass, red, white and blue. if you haven't done it yet, do it when your kids are still at a young age where they would appreciate it. it's a great spot. check it out. >> sandra: onto this new fundraising numbers. a clear winner for the month of june. what it means for 2020. marc thiessen is joining us next to break down the numbers. >> bill: a pageant winner stripped of her crown. did she lose the title because she is a trump supporter? oh, new reaction on that coming up at the top of the hour on that story. >> there shouldn't just be diversity of skin color but of
6:41 am
diversity of thought and mindset and political affiliation. i'm glad to be the voice for this right now.
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>> sandra: sad news, a legendary district attorney has passed away. robert morgenthau spent more than three decades prosecuting high profile cases putting criminals from mob dealers to crooked politicians behind bars. he handled 100,000 cases a year stepping down in 2009 at the age of 89. he inspired a character on the long-running show law and order. he died sunday after a short illness. he was 99 years old. >> bill: republicans with a leg up over democrats when it comes to fundraising. rnc raised $20 million last month. that more than doubled the 8 1/2 million the dnc receives.
6:45 am
marc thiessen "washington post", co-host of what the hell is going on is a podcast, you came up with that, didn't you? >> i did. >> bill: all right, here we go. rnc and dnc. dnc has 9.3 million. you look at the burn rate. dnc june fundraising raised 8 1/2, spent 7 1/2. what do you make of it, marc? >> i make of it that republican enthusiasm is extremely high because the democratic party by embracing socialism is turning this election into a threat. medicare for all, green new deal, open borders, free college, free healthcare, free everything. they want to turn this country into venezuela. it would change fundamentally. it could change what it means to be american and what this country is all about. it is not surprising that people in favor of free enterprise and individual
6:46 am
liberty and opposed to socialism are enthusiastic and giving to the party to reelect the president who says he will stop that. >> bill: it does tell us a bit of a story line and interesting to watch. the trump campaign said a year ago they need to raise a billion dollars for 2020. extraordinary. two other stories interesting. cbs poll came out. even though you have 48 people on stage you are starting to winnow the field. poll shows biden 25, warren 20, harris 16 and sanders at 16% you make of that what? >> it is tightening after the last debate, which was to be expected. biden is still leading because he is perceived as being the most electable candidate. i think that's a myth that joe biden is the most electable candidate because look, his pitch is i can win back those voters who voted for me and obama twice. he is the last guy to be able
6:47 am
to do that. those people left obama/biden for a reason because they didn't get hope and change. they lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs and obama told them the jobs aren't coming back. guess what under trump in two years half a million are back. biden is not the most electable candidate but there is not -- he has an enthusiasm gap in the poll that is interesting with the other candidates. he isn't running on the program of democratic socialism that's animating the democratic party. >> bill: the enthusiasm gap. >> his numbers in terms of how many people are excited about him. other candidates their enthusiasm for the candidacy is much higher. he is winning the nomination right now because he is perceived at being more electable but running for obama's third term. that's considered too right wing in today's democratic party. they don't want obamacare, they
6:48 am
want medicare for all. they don't want green energy investment. they want a green new deal. biden is behind the curve of what democrats want. they are going for him because they think he is the guy that can beat trump and he really isn't. >> bill: did you see this story in the daily beast earlier today? top dem tank warrens party. losing immigration messaging war to trump. i don't know what you took from that piece. what i took is it's rule of law on one side versus open borders on the other and that's the way it is being framed. the author makes the point that's how it is being received and interpreted across americans. >> americans can see the democratic party is becoming the party of illegal immigration. in 2009 schumer said illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple. a democrat couldn't get away with saying those words today. if you look at that last debate when they asked are you for decriminalizing illegal border
6:49 am
crossings almost every hand went up. are you for giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants, almost every hand came up. open borders and socialism are a path to national suicide but a path to political suicide for the democratic party. >> bill: more to come on that. the themes continue. thank you, marc, nice to see you. have a great monday. marc thiessen in washington appreciate your time. >> sandra: first it was the dominican republic and now concerns for another tropical destinations. 19 people dead after drinking tainted alcohol. >> bill: a young couple traveling in canada found dead by the side of the road. were they targeted? how did it happen? a live report on that next. >> we were there to help them like almost like an ainge tlel to help them in a way. trying to be good and help them but yet that same day the complete opposite of humanity hurt them like that and killed them so tragically.
6:50 am
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>> costa rica, 19 deaths with alcohol tainted with ethanol. liquor sellers sometimes dilute the products with methanol. the government seizing 30,000 bottles from brands suspected of being tainted in that country. >> sandra: fox news alert. a 24-year-old american woman and her australian boyfriend found dead along a canadian highway. authorities suspect a double homicide now investigators are searching for clues. jonathan serrie is live. >> he is the son of an
6:54 am
australian police inspector. they sent two detectives to canada. it appears the two were fatally shot while traveling in a remote part of the canadian province of british columbia. the mother and brother say they want answers. >> i want this to be personal. this was someone's son, someone's daughter. >> this isn't enough. this is not enough and there is a huge safety concern for people traveling in canada around that area this summer and right now. and it's concerning. >> canadian authorities say homicides in this remote part of british columbia are highly unusual and down playing rumors the couple may have fallen to a serial killer. >> we have to nothing to
6:55 am
indicate their deaths are linked to any other ongoing investigations in the province or a heightened risk to public safety because of this. >> a week ago today officers with the royal canadian mounted police found the young victims's bodies on an alaska highway 12 miles south of hot springs. a blue minivan at the scene. investigators would like to speak with anyone who may have seen the van, rendered assistance or traveled the stretch of highway early last week and interested to talking to anyone who may have obtained dash kam video of that area at that time. >> sandra: a lot of unanswered questions. jonathan serrie. later in the show we'll be talking to the mother and brother of the dead woman. >> bill: the border crisis. president trump says he wants to meet with chuck schumer on the crisis at the border after
6:56 am
the senate minority leader made a tour of the detention center. a-team will react to that in a moment. bob mueller is on the hot seat. live public testimony on the hill. kellyanne conway is on the list for that. >> the report says the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu?
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6:59 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. president trump reaching out to
7:00 am
democrats seeking a solution to the growing crisis at our southern border. welcome to a brand-new hour monday morning in "america's newsroom." good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: do you like the sound of that monday? >> sandra: we have to like it. >> bill: it sounded good the way you said it. i'm bill hemmer. hope you had a great weekend. president trump calling for action saying he wants to meet with senate minority leader chuck schumer following schumer's tour of a texas den tension center. here is the late tweet yesterday. based on the comments made by senator schumer he must have seen how dangerous the border is. not a manufactured crisis as the fake news media and democratic partners try to portray. he said he wants to meet. i'll set up a meeting asap. griff jenkins might be there. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. see if i get invited. the president has been known to call meetings only to walk out of them promptly. no word yet on an official meeting. minority leader got the president's attention on that
7:01 am
visit to the detention facility in mcall en texas on friday where he decried inhumane conditions and blasted the president for characterizing those migrants as criminals. actually not all democrats visiting the same location on the same day saw it the same way. minnesota democrat congressman dean phillips witnessed the same horrible conditions but had a different take when it came to those who are battling on the front lines. listen. >> we also saw beautiful examples of humanity expressed by agents and officers at the border itself and in the facilities. yes, we have a problem. we have to at least acknowledge the thousands of hard working men and women that are working under the most difficult conditions and doing so with grace. >> this comes as mexico avoids a tariff threat deadline today after the administration gave mexico 45 days to help stem the
7:02 am
tied of migrants. pompeo met with the mexican foreign minister yesterday in mexico city and agreed not to negotiate about the safe third country. pompeo had this to say this morning. >> we made progress. signed an historic agreement in the beginning of june and we've seen real progress since then. numbers are down significantly. a long way to go. we have to make sure we maintain it. the mexican government has put thousands of soldiers on their southern border. >> that they have. 21,000 mexican national guard troops have been deployed so far this year and accepted nearly 20,000 migrants under the remain in mexico policy that began in january. now as far as our numbers go on our border for july we won't know until early august but sources tell me that they could be down as much as a third in critical areas. that would be part of a negotiation or any meetings that might happen. >> bill: griff jenkins in washington thank you, sir.
7:03 am
>> sandra: let's bring the a-team. mary anne marsh shall david avella and cheryl casone. >> sandra: start us off here. the president says he wants to meet with democrats on the border issue to get something done. do democrats want to meet him? >> from the rhetoric we got from schumer over the weekend that something needs to be done it is a crisis, oh look folks, it's a crisis. maybe the president won't walk out and tempers won't flair. the border needs funding. you can't fill the job of a border patrol agent now. they need more resources and help. congress and senate can do that. chuck schumer has the power. >> bill: name one thing that chuck schumer has done to help this crisis.
7:04 am
a couple of things here. this is what chuck schumer said. >> not like the old days where senator menendez and senator durbin and myself with senator mccain and senator graham and senator flake and senator rubio and came together. donald trump doesn't -- he makes the republicans afraid to come together with us. we're waiting for them to come together. >> pining for the good old days when border security was real i guess, david is what he is saying. >> it is good they are going to meet to discuss this. none of these conditions are completely surprising in that it was in 2016 under the obama administration when ice went to a judge and said this catch and release is going to overflood the system. here we are three years later and that's exactly what's happening. this isn't surprising. the conditions at the border are terrible. but the only way this issue
7:05 am
gets solved is if if conditions in south america get better. we have to address -- central america. we have to address the fact we have judges that are corrupt down there. they don't try to create jobs. leaders aren't trying to create jobs. there isn't a healthcare system down there. until we make the conditions down there better or force their leaders to make the conditions there is going to continue to be this influx of people trying to rush our border. >> the one thing that chuck schumer and all congress just did last month in june was to give donald trump $4.6 billion to address this problem. where they spend $755 per person per day to try to care for these people and look at the care they get. they don't. that's why there is chaos on the border. you can say. >> bill: they're overwhelmed. >> it is either a choice or incompetence. trump has all the resources he needs to address this problem. the problem is they're not addressing it well. when you look at the politics of it, here is why trump has
7:06 am
been successful. with all of this going on in the news, you see people in cages, kids dying and the other horrors distracts his base from a campaign promise he didn't keep. he didn't build the wall. >> bill: whether it's mexican policy or the central american countries or the fact that it's hot and this weather determines a lot of this migration flow and it happens every year. numbers right now are dropping. we can all agree that's a good thing. however, that does not stop many who suggest it's racism. here is a tweet number three. omar talks about president trump. you should end the charade and accept this racist president wants every black and brown president deported and muslims banned. his immigration policies say this. this is what steve miller said. >> why shouldn't someone see all of that as racist? >> i think the term racist, chris, has become a label that
7:07 am
is too often deployed by the left, democrats in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with. i fundamentally disagree with the view if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin it makes it a racial criticism. >> the squad is an outliar in their own party and disagreements with the president and nancy pelosi. they're out of step with her. you look at this upcoming budget fight. they want far more budget spending than pelosi wants. they wanted a vote on impeachment. they lost horribly on the impeachment vote. despite their differences with the president he is often saying what many middle class americans are saying. the views of the squad are so far out there. they fundamentally want to change the u.s. economy. they want to throw our allies in the middle east under the bus. that's not a direction america wants to go.
7:08 am
>> bill: he is arguing if you're a fan of open borders, the effect of that is on everyday americans. because they pay for it. >> well, no one on the democratic side supports open borders. that's simply not true. that is a fact. democrats do not support open borders. what is being supported here unfortunately and sadly to go back to the original quote is when we see people in cages and in fences who are people of color hold on. >> bill: you made a point they don't support open borders but the impression you grot that debate was pretty clear, cheryl. many if not most were okay with that. >> let's give illegal immigrants healthcare. that was the most stunning thing we saw. get ready for round two as it's coming up. the cost of this is something that no one wants to address. the problem is that we still don't have our healthcare system fixed. that's being debated whether or americans or illegals. the illegals rushing the
7:09 am
borders through arizona and texas and southern california are dragging down the healthcare system. so many other costs added to this immigration debate. it is not just about stopping the flow of traffic, the 11 million here right now. the costs -- but the debt debate don't get me started on that. >> sandra: the continued back and forth with the president and the four democratic congresswomen. liz cheney came out with some very, very strong feelings on what is happening in the democratic party, what's happening with the media, the focus on race rather than policy. here is liz cheney. >> i think the news media really wants to make this about race. you just did it. it is not about race, gender or religion. these members of the house of representatives more it is not just these four, it is also some of the candidates running for president on the democratic side, fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation. and as republicans we are going to fight against those even if
7:10 am
the mainstream media accuses us of racism when we do that. >> she was applauded by many in her own party. >> she should be. middle class americans in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, who are very concerned about if you put the views of the squad in place, particularly aoc's green new deal. it fundamentally changes the way this economy runs. it takes away energy jobs out of the american workforce. those are bad for america. they want to ultimately undermine one of our greatest allies in the middle east. go down issue after issue and where the squad is on issues is not where many americans, particularly those in the middle class and in suburban america are on what they view issues. >> donald trump is good at two things. he always accuses other people of things he is guilty of. the accusations he is making against these four congresswoman he has made a
7:11 am
career of, by condemning america and previous president. he did that for decades. i point you to his inaugural speech that laid it out as one example. secondly, the other thing he does is to change the media so they focus on things to distract from other stories. donald trump by using these racist claims, is distracting from the mueller testimony this week and the epstein story. he won the week last week because of that. >> bill: on david's point there. these people are tired of being beat up, looked down upon and tired of being talked down to by washington, d.c. isn't that a significant part of the story we've been missing so far? >> they're being hurt by economic policies and tariffs where people are losing jobs, the cost of the products going up, killing jobs, killing farms, and everyone is paying more as a result. >> wait a minute.
7:12 am
>> inflation is actually sitting very low right now. ask the federal reserve as they're about to meet. as far as wages grow there has been wage growth year-over-year and record low unmriement. you can get a job. not all the tariffs are in place right now and companies are still absorbing the cost of those tariffs as of now. if we do get -- my birthday wish was a chinese/u.s. trade deal and we just found out they will be talking next week face-to-face. these tariffs aren't even all on the table yet. >> sandra: the farmers are still supporting the president in his efforts short term pain but they do support him going after them. >> we'll see how long they're willing to go with the pain. you can see in the polls. >> hispanic homeownership is driving the market right now on the housing market. you've got unemployment in record numbers across the board amongst all demographic groups.
7:13 am
this is an economy and administration that is doing things to improve the economic conditions of all americans. >> bill: thank you, cheryl, nice to meet you. 2:00 a.m. still going strong. the week is in diapers. cheryl and david and mary anne, thank you. >> sandra: all right. reaction pouring in after a pageant winner is dethroned for what she says are her conservative viewpoints. 20-year-old kathy zhu was stripped of her crown after the pageant found social media posts they claim were offensive. we're following this from our chicago newsroom. he has the latest on this and what exactly happened here, matt? >> sandra, pageant officials stripped kathy of her new title because of some controversial tweets she made a few years ago about muslims and black on black crime. she says she is being discriminated against on her
7:14 am
opinion backed by fact. her tweets are being taken out of context. she said she was responding to someone else calling cops pigs who target black people. the tweet did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? fix problems within your own community before blaming others. >> i get one or two -- there are incidents happen. i was saying you shouldn't just label all cops as bad people. there should be i guess solutions within your own community to fix what are the problems you're having, too. >> she is also being criticized and lost her title for a tweet about muslims. she said at her college in florida she walked by a stand asking people to try on the hijab. there is a try-out booth on
7:15 am
campus. it is now just a fashion accessory? or getting used to getting women oppressed under islam. she stands by her tweets backed by facts and also acknowledges there is white on white crime in america and no violence is okay. she is a university of michigan student, president trump supporter and won't be going to vegas to compete in the miss world competition. >> sandra: very interesting. thank you. >> bill: bernie sanders putting his money where his mouth is promising a $15 an hour minimum wage for his staffers like he is pushing nationwide but it comes with a catch. the money man charles payne will break that down in a moment here. >> sandra: a must-see tv. special counsel robert mueller will be appearing before congress happening this wednesday. but will his testimony move the needle on impeachment? former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy is ready to go on all that and will join us next. >> president trump: you know what? at some point they have to stop
7:16 am
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7:19 am
>> we want to american people to hear directly from special counsel mueller what his investigation found.
7:20 am
the report presents substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to let mueller present those facts to the american people and then see where we go from there. the administration must be held accountable. no president can be above the law. >> sandra: that was house judiciary chair jerry nadler speaking ahead of wednesday's hearing. special counsel robert mueller set to appear before two house panels. former assistant district attorney andy mccarthy joins us now and fox news contributor. good morning to you. less than two days out now. 48 hours and counting. set this up for us. what do you expect when he speaks wednesday morning? >> well, i expect widespread disappointment actually. i think, sandra, the million dollar question that they want to be able to ask him and get a satisfactory answer, that is the democrats, is if it were not for the office of legal
7:21 am
counsel guidance that says a sitting president cannot be indicted, would you have indicted the president for obstruction of justice? that's the question they really want a yes answer to. they aren't going to get one. basically his prior statements and the report itself lock him into the position that that is not a condition -- that is not a question they ever confronted. they decided not to grapple with that. no matter how hard he gets pushed i don't think mueller will go outside the report on that. >> bill: jackie spire quoted to axios, when i get my five minutes i'll have him read certain excerpts from the report. would mueller allow that or defer, lawyer step in. do you have a case where you say turn to page 131 and read paragraph 4. will that happen >> you can do that. it seems like a waste of time.
7:22 am
if they wanted to do that they could simply read the report themselves. the reason he is there -- and i think he will be uncooperative in this regard -- they want to push him to go beyond the report because as far as they're concerned, the report, the bottom line is that the president was not charged with any criminal collusion conspiracy and not charged with obstruction of justice. what they would like to do is push him beyond that and say if you had your druthers would you charge him? if it's simply a matter of reading the report they can do that themselves. >> sandra: here is adam schiff on face the nation setting up wednesday morning. >> it has been clear from bob mueller that he felt and the justice department feels bound by the opinion that you can't indict a sitting president. but he is essentially an unindicted co-conspirator. i think the justice department
7:23 am
will have to consider reopening the case if that's what it requires and indicting him when he leaves office. >> sandra: that was adam schiff on face the nation over the weekend. you have a response to that, andy. >> an unindicted co-conspirator of what? you need a conspiracy. mueller didn't charge anyone. this isn't just a matter of the office of legal counsel guidance tying his hands with respect to the president. no one was charged with any conspiracy either to collude with russia or to obstruct justice. i would point out for all the people who say that his hands were tied on obstruction, president trump had a lot of people around him. nobody got charged with obstruction of justice in this case. nobody got charged with a conspiracy involving collusion with russia. you can't be an unindicted co-conspirator unless there is a conspiracy. >> bill: you said a moment ago
7:24 am
they could read the report aloud themselves. they could but wouldn't have the same impact if bob mueller does it. we'll see how mueller reacts on that. republicans want to know this. when did you know collusion -- when did you know there was no collusion conspiracy? at what point? name the date. why is that so important for republicans to nail down with bob mueller? >> i think for two reasons. number one it means the investigation, i think, probably knew by late 2017 that there was no collusion. and that's based simply on the indictments that mueller filed. what that would indicate is he continued to investigate for about a year and a half certainly over a year after that point and they have an argument to make if the incidences of obstruction are things that occurred during the period of time when the
7:25 am
investigation at least with president trump should have been shut down. >> sandra: you set it up for us and it will be happening two days from now and we'll all be watching it. thank you. >> bill: the place is buzzing. thank you, andy. talk to you real soon. police now issuing an urgent call for the public's health in the search for a young texas mother saying they believe she is in danger. >> sandra: growing tensions with iran after it claims to have busted up a c.i.a. spy ring. is tehran on a collision course with the west and how will the u.s. respond? kellyanne conway will be our guest next. we'll ask her about that and the latest on the back and forth with the president and the so-called squad. >> we don't want war with iran. we want them to behave like a normal nation. they understand that and i think the whole world waking up to the threat is real. it's a threat against all of us, not just against the u.s.
7:26 am
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>> bill: escalating tensions are iran new this morning. happened again over the weekend raising the stakes. tehran announcing earlier today the arrest of 17 iranians accusing them of spying for the c.i.a. mike pompeo a bit earlier today on "fox & friends" urging caution about those claims. let's start there. roll it. >> it's part of the nature of the ayatollah to lie to the world. i would take with a significant grain of salt any iranian assertions about actions they've taken. >> bill: mike pompeo earlier today. >> american has the capacity to respond. president made the decision he wanted to respond in a way that was restrained and prudent. i don't think iran took it as a green light. i've seen intelligence that would indicate that. >> bill: we have found here a situation almost day-by-day you have the tit-for-tat between the u.s. and iran and the
7:31 am
iranians are clearly provoking the u.s. and the brits and that oil tanker traffic that moves through the strait of hormuz. where this goes is anybody's question. the tension has not backed down. if anything it went hotter this weekend. >> sandra: this tweet by the iranian foreign minister zarif on john bolton is certainly getting a lot of attention this morning. he says having failed to lure president trump into war of the century and fearing collapse of his team ambassador bolton is turning his venom against the u.k. in hopes of drank it into a quagmire. kellyanne conway, good morning to you. the tensions with iran continue to escalate this morning. what's the latest with the president on that? >> he made very clear even in his tweets this morning how he feels about the developments. we also know that iran's malign behavior cannot continue and the president, secretary of state and others have made that very clear. iran has a history of lying and
7:32 am
the president flatly denies their claims that they disrupted a c.i.a. ring and i need to leave it at that. we can't comment further on intelligence matters. >> bill: what do you in a general sense make of the constant provocation, the back and forth as i just mentioned a moment ago? it seems like it goes higher by the day as opposed to backing away. your sense of that is what? >> let's back up and see this president won on and governed according to his explicit promise to pull this nation out of what he saw as a horrible iran nuclear deal. the last administration was much friendlier and accommodating toward iran and its malign behavior. from day one this president has been very clear and resolute in taking action and pulling us out of that nuclear deal and making very clear that we will defend our friends in the
7:33 am
region most explicitly our best ally, israel. that can't make iran happy that we are exporting energy around the world and can't make them happy they can't rely upon the cash and a bad deal. really a different administration as goes the iranian regime. and let me just again repeat i can't go further on intelligence matters but i point you to the comments of our commander-in-chief and secretary pompeo. they've talked about this issue. >> sandra: we heard a mike pompeo this morning. the president tweeted as well. want to move on to the back and forth with the so-called squad and president trump. this morning the president tweeted quote, i don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible, hateful things they have said. they are destroying the democrat party but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation.
7:34 am
does this behoove the president to continue to take on these four democratic congresswomen in such a direct way, kellyanne? >> i've been taking on these congresswomen for a while on policy and will continue to do so. i was one of the earliest and loudest voices calling out the four of them were the only four in the entire congress to vote against any type of humanitarian aid for the border. it was a disgrace, a wrong vote. every democrat voted for one form or the other of the humanitarian aid package. 95 only did not vote for the 4.6 million dollars working at the border. i was there last week. it's working and why we've been able to reduce the number of unaccompanied children. we've been able to have more space, many more needs met and accommodated for the unaccompanied children and fam laoels that are together. i witnessed it firsthand near mcallen, texas. i've been attacking them on policy. nobody fact checks then.
7:35 am
why is the adoring media so afraid of these women who have made anti-semitic comments. >> sandra: but the president -- >> that is the problem. >> sandra: the president is taking them on. as nancy pelosi said these are four members of congress and the president continues -- >> but sandra, we're all old enough to remember 10 days ago when the democrats were eating their own. when alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief of staff in a tweet that he has taken down likeened the democratic leadership to segregationist. she doubled down back at home going against the department of homeland security should be abolished. all quarter million employees, the people who keep us safe and secure including her, fema, secret service, ice, border protection. i'm going to speak out against that every day. last week's press conference omar said -- let me quote her,
7:36 am
nobody fact checks these people. they are four pinocchios walking around. president trump is pursuing agenda to allow millions of americans to die from a lack of healthcare? what is she talking about? not a single person called her out. they're tougher on presidential aides & associates than they are on members of congress whose sworn oath to the constitution. they want to fundamentally change the way this country is. green new deal, socialist economy, get rid of dhs and ice. don't allow sanctuary cities to share information about criminals. this is not america. we cannot be an open borders, anti-law enforcement country that is built on the rule of law. so i will challenge anybody on policy. they denied humanitarian aid and trying to abolish our law enforcement. >> bill: alexandria ocasio-cortez about the allegations of racism back and forth.
7:37 am
>> once you start telling american citizens to quote, go back to your own countries, this tells you that this president's policies are not about immigration. it is about ethnicity and racism. his biggest mistake was that he said the quiet part loud. that was his biggest mistake because we know that he has been thinking this the entire time. >> bill: want to get your reaction on that, kellyanne. >> she is the one who referred to nancy pelosi as a racist. she started that argument internally. sounds like she wants to call everybody that when she doesn't get her way. she got her way in denying the great people of new york city 25,000 or so amazon jobs. she got her way getting people to buy into this ridiculous green new deal when put to an actual vote in the senate got zero votes. that's zero votes. you saw those blind polls last week about her from democrats saying she is a joke and has no power. they don't know anything. people are tired of all the
7:38 am
star power and no substance. the not so blind quotes from the likes of representative meeks, and william clay. respected long-time serving members and members of the congressional black caucus pushing back at ocasio-cortez just 10 short days ago for saying that nancy pelosi was a racist. she was targeting them because they were women of color. by the way, people are saying oh, president trump wants these four to be the face of the democratic party. you know who else does? those four do. they're loving their time in the spotlight. and i can attack them on policy but they've been here for six months. i can't exactly pull what they said two years ago. they haven't been. i'm always going to defend the flag and law enforcement and defend our great country and men and women in uniform. those people vote against equipping the military with what they need, equipping
7:39 am
customs and border protection. these people are driving into the river to save other people's kids from peril. >> sandra: the attention is on them today. your thoughts robert mueller, less than 48 hours from now. how does that day change things? >> well, i want to taxpayers to see the way the democratic congress is spending their money day in and day out. a do over of the do over of the do over. mueller made clear in may his report is his testimony. i saw this yesterday, democratic congressmen quoted as saying i want mueller to read from his own report. ladies and gentlemen, taxpayers, you are paying for this nonsense. the same congress that won't fix asylum, won't fix the flores decision, won't fix the infrastructure, won't reduce drug prices and work with us across the aisle. won't put the usmca to a vote. they are spending your money.
7:40 am
they work for you. this is your money. you already paid for the mueller report and the mueller investigation. now they want to drag mueller before congress and have him read out loud. book on tape. they think you are stupid and can't read the report for yourselves. they want to drag him there trying to get more. yesterday the chairman of the judiciary committee to go on your network to say there is evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. not something that was in the report or what barr said or what will follow on wednesday. >> bill: i hope you come back soon. we'll see what happens on wednesday. kellyanne conway thank you from the north lawn. >> sandra: movement in washington right now. this fox news alert. president trump has just tweeted out that he and the first lady are headed to the u.s. supreme court to pay their respects to stevens. the public will pay tribute to
7:41 am
him ahead of tomorrow's private funeral and internment service at arlington national cemetery. he was appointed by gerald ford in 1975. he died on tuesday at the age of 99. the president and first lady will make their way there now. >> bill: we'll follow that. the mystery behind the murders of an american woman and her australian boyfriend deepens. we'll speak with the family of one of the victims to try to figure out what went wrong here. >> are cuts on the way if president trump wins reelection? charles payne will be here to weigh in. moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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7:46 am
representatives last week passed a $15 an hour minimum wage. >> sandra: bernie sanders there talking minimum wage in iowa. now after some complaints from union members he is making sure his own staffers make at least $15 an hour. but that comes with a catch. charles payne host of making money with charles payne on the fox business network every weekday at 2:00 p.m. the catch is some folks might have to lose their job. >> a maximum amount of time you can work. some people may lose their jobs. bernie blew a hole in his own $15 an hour minimum wage argument. if you didn't take in time and a half. some of these folks are working 60 hours at $13. that's more money than $15 at 40 hours. if you had time and half almost double the amount of money. needless to say, i think bernie first-hand learned a valuable
7:47 am
lesson. his campaign doesn't generate revenue. there is a whole lot more that businesses would have to deal with. more overhead, more insurance. imagine a real life business trying to sell a product. >> sandra: these union members were demanding the $15 wage the campaign responded and said we're paying competitive market rates. we're paying what other campaigns are paying. >> right. >> sandra: it sounds like a capitalist argument. >> what the market would bear. $15 -- by the way, because the house passed it doesn't mean oats a good idea or it would become law. we know $15 an hour is a serious burden and some parts of the country impossible burden and it will mean people lose their jobs. at a minimum million else of people lose their jobs. >> to keep your job on the campaign you have to cut back your hours. >> you won't get overtime and may not have a job. they may not be able to keep as
7:48 am
many staffers on. >> bill: anyone who works on a campaign are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week. the nature of the business. >> reality is you'll be working and not paid. >> bill: by his actions he disagrees with the policies he advocates. >> or he doesn't understand them. when you hear them talk about this, the economic argument is always in hindsight. always some sort of after fact that we have to put something together that makes us look good on paper. he believes more it is a moral argument not an economic argument. they try to create and coble that together afterwards. i don't think that he even thinks about this in terms of dollars and cents or profits or loss or just -- it is in his mind a fair thing to do. >> sandra: in fact, he took issue with those complaining about not making the $15
7:49 am
minimum wage and he says it bothers me people are going to the media. that is really not acceptable. it is really not what labor negotiations are about and it is improper. >> it is improper if they do him. not improper if he does it with everyone else. bernie learned a valuable lesson but it won't change anything. ultimately in his heart and mind i don't think it's about any sort of real true prosperity other than the fact that he thinks that this is what would be a fair society where everyone was making about the same thing. if you were lucky enough to write a best selling book maybe you would make a little more. >> bill: dan crenshaw republican congressman so does this fall under the hypocrisy? you can't make this stuff up. one more topic "washington post". the headline. trump tells aides to look for big spending cuts in second term. budget priorities. where is this? >> i don't know there is confusion. we'll get another blockbuster
7:50 am
deal on the debt ceiling perhaps and it will involve a lot of spending. we had a major spending thing. there is so much president trump can do. one of his top goals is to put the military back together and there was just no wiggle room for him to negotiate then. especially now. if he wants to have the kind of money he wants to bring back the fighting capabilities of our military he will have to make these compromises. it means a lot of frivolous spending or the things we really need to address that no one wants the third rail issues, social security and things like that. no politician ever successfully has been able to do. >> bill: tells me critics soon about the debt. that is significant. we have to run. i could talk to you for hours which i can't. >> i know. >> sandra: try it out sometime. charles payne, thank you. >> bill: the biggest civil trial in u.s. history set to
7:51 am
begin. drug companies dumped pain pills into several states. staggering numbers to get to. we'll get to that in a moment coming up next. thank you, charles. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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7:54 am
>> bill: the search for a missing texas mother getting more intense by the day. 29 from el paso vanished more
7:55 am
than a week ago. last seen on a date at a concert. casey stiegel is trying to track this down. what do we think we know? good morning. >> good morning. el paso police initially had said they do not suspect any type of foul play. that statement has since been walked back and they now describe this woman 29-year-old as being in danger. nobody has heard from her since last weekend when she went to a concert on a date. posting pictures and videos from the show where she was seen smiling appearing all was well. police have questioned the guy she was with. they're not naming him. he told them once the concert let out, he ordered her an uber ride home and they went separate ways. her family says they talked to her that night but now they're extremely worried saying she would never go this long without speaking to her 7-year-old son.
7:56 am
>> she texted me and told me can you send me a picture of my son? i went ahead and 9:30 was the last text i got. seven days, no mom, no nothing. he knows something is going on. it is heartbreaking to me it's a devastating week. >> that child's father is cooperating with police to search for clues. the search continues in texas. >> sandra: fox news alert out of washington president trump and the first lady are there to pay respects to the late justice stevens. the president arriving a short time ago. you'll see him and the first lady on the other side. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. you are looking live at the supreme court at this hour where the president and first lady will visit the united states supreme court to pay their respects to the late john paul stevens. the white house putting out a statement a short time ago letting the press know the president and first lady were on their way to the supreme court. they have since arrived and we'll see the president and possibly hear from him shortly. john paul stevens is lying in repose at the supreme court washington honoring a leading liberal voice on the high court. he was appointed by president gerald ford in 1975. he died tuesday at the age of 99. so the president and first lady
8:01 am
have arrived. we should see and hear from them shortly as they pay their respects to the supreme court justice. >> bill: at the time of his retirement he was the second oldest serving justice in the history of the u.s. supreme court. served in the navy during the second world war. signed up for the navy on december 6th, 1941. >> sandra: we should see the president, the former law clerks to the justice were serving as his honorary pallbearers has his casket arrived for viewing by the public. funeral and burial at the arlington national cemetery. we are awaiting comments from president trump when he meets with the pakistani prime minister an hour from now after his latest attacks on the so-called squad of four
8:02 am
democratic congresswomen. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> bill: how are you doing? stayed cool over the weekend? did you sweat through it like the rest of us? about to break. hang on, folks, the president is not letting up saying the four women should apologize to america and accusing them of destroying the democratic party. kellyanne conway said this. >> people are saying oh, president trump wants these four to be the face of the democratic party. you know who else does? those four do. they're loving their time in the spotlight and i can attack their policy but they've been here for six months. i can't pull what they said two years ago. they haven't been chairmen of committees. i'll defend the flag and our great country and law enforcement. >> sandra: john roberts is live with more from the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. we gain another week with the feud raging between the
8:03 am
president and four congresswomen of the squad. the president tweeted the squad is a racist group of troublemakers, pulling the once great democratic party far left. against aid at the border and against ice and homeland security. so bad for our country. sunday shows white house aides and members of congress taking shots at each other. white house chief policy advisor stephen miller keeping it to the policies of the four. >> these four congresswomen detest america as it exists, as it is currently constructed. they want to tear down the structure of our country. they want it to be a socialist open borders country. if you as donald trump says want to destroy america with opens borders you cannot say you love your country. if you attack border agents the way ocasio-cortez has it means you have a deep seated hatred of the nation as it exists. >> the house oversight
8:04 am
committee chairman cummings with a strong measure of support yesterday for members of his party who are considered widely as outliers, listen here. >> these are folks and women who love their country. and they work very hard and they want to move us to the more perfect union that our founding fathers talked about. and so when you disagree with the president suddenly you are a bad person. >> the white house argues it should be able to criticize people of color on policy and not have it be seen as racism. at a town hall over the weekend alexandria ocasio-cortez said the president's politics are all about ethnicity and racism. listen here. >> we know that he has been thinking this the entire time. but he has been keeping it in here and this week it went out here. when he started telling
8:05 am
american citizens where are we going to go? we are going to stay right here that's where we're going to go. we're not going anywhere. we're not going anywhere. >> the senate minority leader chuck schumer visited the border south of mcall en, texas saying he is willing to tackle the crisis on the southern border. listen here. >> we would like to work with the republicans. so far they've been intrance gent. president trump makes the republicans afraid to come together with us. we're waiting for them to come together with us and we hope and pray they will. >> the president saying senator chuck schumer has finally gone to the southern border with democratic senators, a great thing. he missed a large group of immigrants who wildly rushed the border and agents were badly injured. people hoping to meet with schumer sometime soon. we'll see if that happens. >> sandra: john roberts at the white house. >> bill: the president and
8:06 am
first lady paying their respects at the u.s. supreme court. >> bill: there is a chance we could get remarks from the president before he heads back down pennsylvania avenue so we just wanted to share this with our viewers and sandra, look at that beautiful portrait of justice paul stevens. that is something else.
8:07 am
back in 1970 president nixon appointed him. president ford nominated stevens to the high court to fill the vacancy of justice william douglas. some kind of history. >> sandra: he served in the supreme court until he retired at the age of 90 in 2010. passed away last week at the age of 99 years old. the president and first lady paying their respects there at the supreme court in washington >> bill: we saw his casket come in around 9:30 this morning. we're 90 minutes later as the public now will be able to pass by and pay their respects as the president and first lady file out. if there are remarks we'll bring them to you. we wanted to pause for a moment and share that american moment with you from washington all right. 11:07 on monday morning. >> sandra: the president's 2020 reelection strategy coming into focus. it may include a lot of what
8:08 am
worked for him back in 2016. plus attacks on that squad of four congresswomen playing a key role. joining us is katie pavlich, fox news contributor. good morning to you. we'll keep our eye on the president in case he makes any remarks. meanwhile, what is the strategy for the president 2020? we're inching ever so close here and we continue to watch this back and forth with these four democratic congresswomen and the president. >> according to the campaign the strategy is to tout the economic turnaround the president has been able to do especially in swing states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio and hold onto those districts that president trump was able to take back from barack obama. and it is also about making voters understand that there is a choice here. a choice down the path of socialism which the democratic party has completely embraced or one of free markets and continuing the economic prosperity that the president has built over the past two
8:09 am
years. and you look at the question of why the president is so focused on these four congresswomen and while nancy pelosi may say they only have four votes on capitol hill and in the house that may be true. however, the majority of the 2020 democratic campaign candidates have embraced her. embraced her policies in debates whether it's decriminalizing border crossings, getting rid of homeland security and ice and getting rid of healthcare insurance. they're driving not just the talk in washington, d.c., but the actions and the policy positions of democrats on the campaign trail. >> sandra: what you heard from liz cheney over the weekend on the sunday shows democrats want to make this about race. she says republicans want to focus on policy when it comes to running for 2020. here is cory booker backing up her point over the weekend calling the president a racist. >> the reality is this is a guy
8:10 am
who is worse than a racist. he is using racist tropes and racial language for political gain. he is trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. and this is somebody who is very similar to george wallace. to racists he is using the exact same language. >> sandra: in addition to that juan williams on trump's racial politics. trump fans the flames of white grievance. it is hard to tell where the white nationalist movement ends and trump's racial politics begin. supporters are willing to excuse the inexcusable when it is dives into identity politics. based on what we're seeing now. do democrats see it as a strategy that could work for for them? >> george wallace was a democrat than a republican. more in common with booker than president trump. on the point of race, under
8:11 am
president obama for eight years conservatives were constantly accused of racism for simply pointing out policy differences they had with president obama. obamacare is a good example of that. going back to the reagan administration democrats have used this smear against republicans running for office. it didn't work against president trump against hillary clinton. they are attacking not just president trump but the people who voted for him including democrats who voted for him. racial attacks are old and outdated and they need more to beat president trump on the ground in the states that really matter. >> bill: 11 past the hour. police are looking for clues. a young american woman and boyfriend found dead by the side of the road. her family will join us later this hour on what they're learning and hearing from investigators in the case.
8:12 am
>> sandra: everybody will be watching robert mueller testifying before two congressional committees wednesday morning. what can we really expect to learn from all this? governor john sununu will join us next on that. >> what we're expecting is another round of what we already know. i told people before. finding a book on the shelf that looks new and you begin to read it and you find out wait, i already read this before. when did you see the sign?
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> we want the american people to hear from mueller what his investigation found. the president and attorney general have lied to the american people about what the investigation found. they said that it found no collusion. that it found no obstruction. that it exonerated the president. all three of those statements are absolute lies. >> sandra: that's house judiciary chair jerry nadler on mueller's public testimony wednesday and he plans to ask specific questions to enlighten americans on the president's lies about the russia investigation. john sununu was former chief of staff to president bush. the strategies that are deployed. we're hearing about some of them. how do you think this all plays out? >> well, i think robert mueller goes into his testimony knowing
8:17 am
he has a reputation problem. the 9 1/2 minute presentation he made where it looked like he was reading what was prepared for him by andrew weissmann and maybe reading it for the first time embarrassed him. he had to be corrected by a letter from the justice department. and i think he understands in his heart, he should if he is smart, that letting the weissmann crowd write volume two. the frustrated democrats who found nothing about obstruction, letting them write it and tilt it any way they wanted was a serious mistake even to the point where a judge has admonished them for having misrepresented john doud's conversation with them in that section. there are so many misrepresentations there that i suspect in his heart he is beginning to understand he got set up by his own team. i think he has to decide
8:18 am
whether he is going to save his reputation or whether he is going to pander to the democrats. >> sandra: or if he is going to do what he originally promised, to stick to the scope of the report and that we wouldn't learn anything outside of what was published in that report. kellyanne conway counsel to the president was with bill and me last hour and she characterized wednesday like this. >> the same congress is spending your money, they work for you, your money. you already paid for the mueller report and the mueller investigation. they want to drag mueller before congress and have him read out loud. bob mueller book on tape courtesy of the taxpayer? >> sandra: it was a direct response to some democrats who said she wants to take up her five minutes hearing from robert mueller read the report himself thinking that would be -- have a very dramatic impact on the american people. >> i think the democrats are
8:19 am
misjudging what is going in heartland america. americans are tired of this. this is their last chance to resurrect what they were looking for. nadler himself actually lied on his comments on sunday. the report does say there was no collusion. and for jerry nadler to say that the report says there was collusion just shows you he is either stupid or dishonest or both. >> sandra: finally from doug collins the ranking republican on that committee. he does believe mueller will stick to the scope of his report as he promised. here the doug collins. >> we want to show this for what it is. a final episode of the mueller report and a final episode to hopefully put it behind so the president who has been leading with the economy and everything we've seen so far can get to governing. what we'll have is a comprehensive decision to say are you going to say anything new or stick to your report? >> sandra: without a doubt
8:20 am
makes it must-see tv as we anticipate wednesday morning. >> as i said before, mueller has to decide whether he sticks to the report and saves his reputation or whether he wanders where the democrats want him to go and panders to the democrats. it is his call. >> sandra: governor john sununu, thank you. good to see you. >> bill: in a moment here police swarming a juvenile detention center. what started the riot that lasted 24 hours. more on that in a moment. the latest dangerous stand-off with iran continuing by the day. commandos seizing a british oil tanker and iran now claims it arrested spies for the c.i.a. sentencing some of them to die. an expert will tell us what to understand. >> we don't want war with iran. we want them to behave like a normal nation. the whole world is waking up to the threat that this is real.
8:21 am
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see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ >> sandra: a riot at an australian juvenile detention center ending after 21 hours. 20 inmates arrested. several sent to the hospital after being stabbed. no word on what started the violence. >> a number of inmates have armed themselves with some makeshift weapons and gone about assaulting some other inmates within the center. from our initial inquiries it seems unprovoked incidents. >> inmates will face up to 15 years in prison who took part in the rioting. >> it's very serious. the tensions couldn't be higher. what the iranians did these past few days and n stopping
8:25 am
vessels in international waters. the downing of our drone. these are extremely dangerous situation that could explode. there could be a miscalculation which could lead to military conflict. >> bill: we have been warning about that for some time. senator ben cardin reacting to the latest move by iran. the regime saying it claimed 17 iranian nationals have been recruited by the c.i.a. and some will be sentenced to death. daniel hoffman, chief of station and greetings from london. how do you see this when you know there is no backdown day-by-day it seems to go to a new level. how do you analyze it, dan? >> first on the 17 purported spies. iran is not exactly known for practicing the rule of law in their own country. for all we know these are 17 political dissidents who iran wishes to tarnish for their own
8:26 am
domestic reasons to portray the united states as an aggressive, nefarious influence in the middle east and towards iran in particular. the president and secretary pompeo denied this. it is probably just another chapter of iran's propaganda frankly. >> bill: the president tweeted earlier today. the report of iran capturing c.i.a. spies is totally false. zero truth. just more lies and propaganda like their shot-down drone put out by a religious regime failing and don't know what to do. iran is a total mess. how do we bring down the temperature? is that iran's job to make sure somebody doesn't make a big mistake here? >> we're getting awfully close to a mistake being made. iran is practicing brinksmanship in the persian gulf trying to spike the price of oil and cause economic harm to our allies, great britain
8:27 am
among others. if iran can't ship oil no one should be allowed to ship oil. iran would like to receive the oil tanker which british royal marines seized on july 4th headed to syria in violation of european union sanctions. the longer term iran wants us to return to negotiations and eliminate the sanctions. three things we can do to drop the temperatures. one, clear rules of engagement. if they take certain steps if they were to attack a u.s. oil tanker or our military ships, there would be a price to pay. we don't have to be specific but say there would be a price to pay. and secondly as the deterrents we have with the fifth fleet and lastly as you correctly point out the ultimate negotiations iran doesn't seem to be quite ready for that. they were talking about imposing the toll for all maritime traffic that is anywhere close to their coastal
8:28 am
waters. that's a violation of maritime norms, rules and regulations and law, frankly. >> bill: you wonder, too, how much of this is for local consumption within the borders of iran on behalf of the leadership. mike pompeo fox and friends earlier today was asked about this. >> i think leadership in iran understands that america has the capacity to respond in ways to protect american interests around the world. president made the decision that he wanted to respond in a way that was restrained and prudent. i don't think iran took it as a green light. i've seen intelligence that would indicate that. they understand america is powerful. >> bill: they would tell you straight up they can't compete in a war on that. where does this go ultimately. >> you're right about domestic consumption. their economy is in free fall and iran would like to blame the united states and allies. they're well aware of protests inside their own country. the green movement threatened
8:29 am
to upend the government 10 years ago. where we go from here. we are oef in a tenuous place. we aren't reducing the sanctions and the question is whether iran will continue with the nuclear brinksmanship and enrich uranium to the 20% level. those will be discussions that are being held in the u.k. national security meetings chaired by may and in the united states. >> bill: great evaluation as always. dan hoffman, thank you from london. >> sandra: staggering numbers on the opioid crisis and charges that drug companies are turning a blind eye to overwhelming evidence of abuse. >> bill: also some massive protests in the streets of puerto rico. thousands demanding the resignation of the governor. where is this headed coming up. >> we have lost trust of puerto rico and he has to resign.
8:30 am
there is no option. this is a democracy. if he stays he will be a dictatorship.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> sandra: massive protests underway in san pawn, puerto rico. demonstrators calling for the rest i can nation of the governor. he won't step down but says he will not run again next year. we're live in san juan with the latest from there.
8:34 am
brian. >> good morning. there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of protestors right now on the expressway, the main highway in and out of san juan. organizers say by the end of today it could be one of the largest demonstrations in puerto rico's history. they're calling for governor ricardo rossello to resign. they're saying it over and over again. the governor went on facebook live last night saying he won't seek reelection next year. he will resign as president of his party and that he is welcoming any kind of impeachment investigation that is beginning in the legislature. this is part of what he had to say. >> i have made mistakes and i have apologized. i'm a man of good that has a great love for my island and everyone. the priorities should be the people of puerto rico. therefore, all my time should be destined to fulfill all the
8:35 am
responsibilities that i have as governor. >> moments ago there was a man on top of a flatbed truck. he was inside of those -- mentioned in terms of those -- homophobic messages sent. >> sandra: we are losing his shot. brian on the ground covering the massive protests and we'll get an update from him later. >> bill: shocking numbers in the opioid crisis, the biggest trial in u.s. history. revelations the drug company saturated with u.s. with 76 billion pain pills over a period of seven years. motions filed so far in federal court claim the companies turned a blind eye to overwhelming evidence of abuse. judge andrew napolitano, fox
8:36 am
news senior judicial analyst, welcome back to you, sir. we missed you last week. good morning to you. this is in ohio right? cuyahoga county starting it, cleveland and akron, northeastern corner of the state. you believe it's a bellwether. start there. >> the supreme court of the united states when confronted with mass litigation 20, 30, 40, 50, 10,000 cases against the same defendant decided to try an experiment called bellwether. a bellwether case is one typical plaintiff against one typical defendant in which all the grievances and expert testimony is aired and the jury makes findings of fact and the lawyers in the other cases waiting to be heard take guidance from this how to settle it. the chief justice of the united states designated this ohio federal judge to try this bellwether case as he did with an ongoing case in new jersey
8:37 am
starting today on tall couple powder. this one is on opioids. the defendants will say everything we made was approved by the food and drug administration. everything we sell goes to doctors, not the people who use it. doctors decide the strength and frequency. our hands are clean. plaintiffs will say you couldn't have cared less if people became addicted. you made it chief and available. you are responsible for to consequences. the plaintiffs are not human beings injured by being addicted to opioids. the plaintiffs are ohio counties, in the bellwether case ohio counties who say you depressed our income, you depressed our tax revenues, you added stress to our law enforcement resources, all because you got massive portions of the society in these counties addicted to these drugs. jury -- >> bill: let me set things up
8:38 am
for our viewers, 15 1/2 million doses in three pharmacies, parma, ohio near cleveland. let's drop down to the court filing from friday. this is what was said in part. their failure to identify suspicious order was their business order. they called themselves delivery men with no responsibility for what they delivered or to whom. >> that crystallizes nicely, bill, the principle allegation of the plaintiffs saying they harmed us by looking the other way. how could three pharmacies not have known that some physician was overprescribing and that many thousands of patients were over using. >> bill: "washington post" story that's this story. steve cochrane the vice president of sales for key source medical. this is one of the emails. keep them coming flying out of
8:39 am
there. people are addicted to these things or something. oh, wait, people are. the response, victor borelli, national account manager. like doritos, keep eating and we'll make more. end quote. is that proof of a level of negligence? >> it is and the jury will hear that and if the judge lets them hear it. it is very inflammatory. the issue here is what did they do wrong? they are supposed to be selling the product because again they're selling the product to a learned intermediary as we say in the law. fancy word for a physician. the physician examines the patient. decides what the patient gets how freeiently and how strong. that's the drug company's defense. plaintiffs are going to say these people were so addicted because it was so powerful they just kept coming back for more and more and more from the physician. >> bill: last question quickly. if the state wins i'm assuming the award is damages in some sort of monetary value.
8:40 am
>> right. >> who gets that money? >> we don't know. when the 50 states sued big tobacco they collectively received over $50 billion. very, very little of it went to those actually injured. most of it went to things states do. not to compensate people who were smokers. >> bill: fascinating. >> skeptical when governments are suing instead of the people actually injured. >> bill: you're watching this carefully. >> absolutely. this one starts in october. the one in new jersey starts this morning. >> sandra: paying up after a huge data breach. you'll remember it from two years ago that exposed the personal information of 150 million people. so how much will it cost the credit firm? we'll have that next. >> bill: a young american woman killed with her boyfriend traveling in canada. what is happening in this investigation.
8:41 am
we'll talk to members of that family affected coming up next live. >> we have nothing to indicate that their deaths are linked to any other active and ongoing investigations in that area of the province or that there is a heightened risk to public safety. consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> >> bill: federal trade commission says the credit firm will pay penalties, settle lawsuits and provide mon terg services for those affected t. breach exposed social security numbers and personal information on about 150 million people. >> sandra: fox news alert on the brutal murder of two young tourists in canada after police found an american woman and her australian boyfriend found dead alongside a highway in british columbia. joining us is the brother of
8:45 am
chynna deese. and her mother. thank you for coming on to tell your story. i can't imagine any of this is hard -- easy, i can only say sorry for your loss. sheila, how were you first made aware of your daughter's death? >> it was wednesday night after 11:00. and i had a knock at my door and i looked out and it was the police. they said open the door and i said i'm scared. and i let them in and they told me to sit down and just doing their job very matter of factly said your daughter, chynna, is deceased in canada and we have no details. they gave me a card with a phone number to call the canadian royal police. >> sandra: you did that and then what were you told?
8:46 am
>> very little details. not a lot. i wasn't even told at the time it was gunshots. i didn't know -- i didn't know if her companion was with her or not until i was able to speak to the canadian police and they said they were both deceased. >> sandra: tell us a little about your sister. she and her boyfriend, they traveled a lot. and they were traveling at this point, we know, in this van. the van was then found at the site of their shootings. what more have you been told about how they died? >> it's about the extent of it. there is really not a lot of information known. their plan was to travel through canada and visit all the national parks and essentially just do what they've always done around the world together.
8:47 am
but we don't know that much else other than these details. it has been very secrettive and there is an ongoing investigation. if chynna and lucas had a message to the world i imagine it would be something like you should travel the world and see it with your own eyes and make thousands of friends along the way, because that's what they did and that's what they died doing. something like this should have never happened. i would hope and pray to god that the canadian authorities and the u.s. government and even the president of the united states helps and makes sure that this person is caught and this never happens again. you should be able to go to canada in the summertime and visit national parks without fear of something like this happening. >> sandra: we were told this morning that two australian authorities have now gone up to this site in canada.
8:48 am
are they assisting in the investigation? >> they are. i was able to speak to lucas's father and family, and, you know, just to be honest, every night when i try to lay down it is a new feeling. what i'm dealing with today, you know, i'm shaking because i'm going to a place in my mind i haven't been before. i have not in my mind i haven't thought about what is going to happen when i see the face of the person that did this. and i've quit asking details. i didn't watch tv yesterday because nothing that i'm going to be told or shown is going to change the outcome at all. and i just want to say this. on my calendar it says chynna returns july 31st. so in my mind she is not
8:49 am
supposed to be here right now but she is coming home on the 31st. >> sandra: how is your family doing? >> taking it day-by-day right now. i mean, i woke up with panic attacks and heart rate 195 and stuff and night. it is your body is processing and grieving whether you want it to or not. new feelings every day and this is going to hurt the rest of our lives. and this is just the first few days in and it's just really the worst feeling in the world. >> sandra: our condolences to your family. no one ever wants to suffer the pain you are suffering right now. our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope the best for this investigation to
8:50 am
reveal more details and that those authorities are more transparent with your family. thank you for coming on with us and please update us on the progress of that investigation. >> bill: tough situation. prayers to them. there is this also. this is in a subway station. hundreds of attackers beating commuters just as protests were wrapping up. what witnesses say they saw during the riot. that's coming up in a moment.
8:51 am
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coming up on outnumbered, is all about policy and not race, or whose right. and should both sides be keeping up this battle? >> and this is going on this week too. former special counsel robert mueller is set to testify on wednesday. democrats are banking on him to make the case for impeachment for them. the g.o.p. plenty two after malfeasance and the rush of probe. will this put anything to rest? all of that with our hashtag one lucky guy at the top of the hour. >> a frightening scene at a subway station in hong kong. masked men dressing and white attacking commuters they are following a pro-democracy march. dozens were injured as the gang appeared to be targeting commuters wearing black. hong kong is bowing to find
8:55 am
those responsible for these attacks. >> back here at home, there's a massive air show set for this week in wisconsin. the experimental aircraft association is going to take place and you got just about everything out there including jeff flock who will see some kind of performance in oshkosh, wisconsin. how are you doing? >> i wish you were here to see this. for one week in july this is the busiest airport in the world. i just got off and of an airplane and what kind of airplane was that? >> rv 8a. >> this is about turning people onto airplanes. what were we doing up there in that aircraft? we were flipping upside down and you took me just to the edge of airsickness. >> absolutely. we were doing loops, clover loops, cloverleaf's.
8:56 am
pretty much did it all. then we did a g descending turn and a couple of straight passes. >> that was scary stuff, i have great respect for pilots. and this guy also. if you are in the air force 23 years? trojan thunder out here. >> we are part of the demonstration team call trojan thunder. we are six shapes, and about 12 minutes looking at a piece of history here. these were in planes that were in service -- >> and these were trainers? >> yes. >> i appreciate it. you just want to be here, it's fabulous. >> send them on up, we are waiting and watching. >> fox news alert. we are awaiting president trump's remarks as he awaits the prime minister of pakistan, which comes amid
8:57 am
prime minister from iran. and brand-new tweets from the president going after those four liberal congresswomen. we are alive at the white house, next. ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last.
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>> that's at. and monday. over it. >> and date it is. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: here is the what news we await the sour, and a top-tier agenda we were told for discussion will likely be tensions between the united states and pakistan over pakistan's support for the afghan taliban still. they could also talk counterterrorism as well as the long-standing nuclear standoff between pakistan and india. in just a few minutes, the two leaders will meet in the oval office and make remarks. of course, president trump could also make remarks on other news. perhaps comment on his ongoing feud with the so-called squad. keep watching.


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